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Monthly Newsletter of the Wairarapa Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand April 2020

Greetings to all Wairarapa Members, I was going to write and explain why we had decided to call off all activities for the next two to three months, but Jacinda Ardern has beaten me to it with her complete lockdown of the country. These are historic times for all of us. I know that a few of our older members will remember the constraints of wartime, but for most of us, those are tales from our parents (and in some cases, grandparents). For the next four weeks at least, we are entering a new way of living and interacting. We have some great memories to carry us through. Phill and Sue Halligan gave us a fascinating insight into life in the army in challenging overseas deployments and they illustrated their talk with some amazing photographs and videos. For myself, I could have listened all night and I am sure I was not the only one. Thank you both. The most enjoyable and successful Rex Porter Rally organised by Chris Giles with help from John Clark, Kevin Ball, Hugh Hunter, Simon O’Hara, Francis Elwin and others on the committee was topped off by an excellent meal at the Wairarapa Services Club. And to think that was only 10 days ago! Of course, we will have to postpone our Club Captain’s run and cancel our April Club


Night. It is prudent that we postpone our planned activities for May too, unless a miracle happens and the country is declared free of the virus by then. At the moment, looking ahead to June and the AGM, I think it is too soon to make a call on that. We will keep you informed of the Committee’s decision. I will close by wishing you all the best of this grim time. Every cloud, they say, has a silver lining and I am hoping that my silver lining will be the garden. Keep safe and well - I am looking forward to seeing you all again on the other side of this crisis. - Tina Goodin Club Captains Report What remarkable times we live in: People fighting in supermarket aisles over toilet paper, the very old virtually locked in their homes, panic buying in the shops. And, we are told, the worst is yet to come. The effect on the Vintage Car Club has been dramatic. The Government has asked that all 70-year-olds – and that includes many of our members – should self-isolate, and with no, or little, live sport to watch on telly we are reduced to polishing brass (for the fortunate ones who own Veterans) or reruns of The Sound of Music etc. For me two pet projects have been put on hold. They are the garage raids that were to be our April outing and this month’s club night, for whom we had engaged Wellington Free Ambulance for instruction of CPR and the use of automatic defibrillators. If they sound very technical, relax: They talk you through the process, and they are well distributed in many of the areas we drive to. Both sessions will be rescheduled. In the past month there have been two major events. We hosted the Wolseley club’s annual Sightseeing Tour .I missed most of the fun having taken a backwards dive off a chair onto the concrete floor of the club basement. Thanks to ambos, hospital staff etc, I'm now much recovered. The good news was that we made a profit of over $500. Well done, Val and her team of supporters. The other big event was the Rex Porter, an event that lived up to its promotion, which included three quarter-page adverts donated by Ray Lester. We put together three adverts focused on the Wolseley function, the Rex Porter and vintage rallying in general. They came out well, and special thanks to Ray for his generosity. The Times-Age asked for a special report on the Rex Porter, which included results, but then either forgot or otherwise failed to publish it. But you can read it in our newsletter - see below Chris Giles did a magnificent job organising the Rex Porter, with support from John Clark, and was rewarded by an entry of 25 vehicles. Overall winners of the main trophy and navigator’s plate were Tony and Myrna Lane, in their Post-60 Mercedes Benz 350 SL. The Vintage trophy went to Sharin Wolssenholme and Mary Buick in the Austin 16/6. PostVintage went to Mike D’Alton and Jim Barr in the 3.5 Bentley and Post-War went to Iain Hamilton and Alec O’Hara in Ian’s MGTC. Earl and Tina Goodin won the Commercial division in their 1974 Chrysler ute. Finally, an apology to Rienk Asscher for my spectacular miss-spelling of both his names in an earlier report. Happy motoring all, and watch out for that Covid 19 bug. – Kevin Ball


Recent Events Rex Porter Memorial Rally 2020

The sexy Saxon got a headache, one driver got lost and ended up at the beach and a dog won the raffle … all part of the fun at the Vintage Car Club’s annual Rex Porter Memorial Rally on Saturday. Graham and Joy Hodder’s 106-year-old Saxon, which was to have been the only Veteran entered, developed mechanical problems on the day. She made it to the start line, on a trailer, before being replaced by a 1930 Ford Model A Phaeton. Eighty-nine-year-old Doug Curtis, from Wellington, with his dog Hayley as navigator in their 1945 Chevrolet truck, lost their way and finished up at Riversdale, far off course. Hayley made up for her navigation failure by winning a raffle prize of a “coronavirus prevention kit” donated by Pat Dutton. The rally was won by a bemused Tony and Myrna Lane in their 1973 MercedesBenz 350SL convertible Mathilde. The bemusement resulted from their calculation that they had no chance of winning. Twenty-five cars took part in the rally, organised by a team led by Chris Giles and covering around 100 miles of Wairarapa roads. - Kevin Ball

Results Vintage: Sharin Wolssenholm and Mary Buick, 1928 Austin16/6. Post-vintage: Mike D’Alton and Jim Barr, 1934 Bentley 3.5. Post-war: Ian Hamilton and Alec O’Hara, 1948 MGTC. Post-60: Tony and Myrna Lane, 1973 Mercedes-Benz 350SL. Commercial: Earl and Tina Goodin, 1975 Chrysler ute. Overall winners Tony and Myrna Lane. Navigator’s Plate: Myrna Lane.

Rally winners Myrna and Tony Lane with their Mercedes.


Mike D'Alton and Jim Barr in the Bentley.

Ian Hamilton and Alec O'Hara in their 1948 MGTC outside Tauweru Church, the lunch stop.

Cars queued at the Tauweru checkpoint


Hosting the Wolseley Rally A very successful BBQ dinner hosted in the clubrooms for more than 50 people, with many positive comments from the Wolseley people. Huge credit to organiser Val Ball and the team of helpers from our club.

A line up of Wolseleys

Chefs Simon and Graham in action

Upcoming Rallies and Events Because of the Covid-19 crisis, all club activities for April and May have been put on hold or postponed. The committee will review the situation in May and keep you all advised

Welcome to New Members Recent new members: John Perry, Kevin & Marilyn Healy, and Iain Hamilton & Rosemary Whewall A big welcome, we look forward to you joining us in the various activities of the club. If you have not received a name badge please contact Carolyn Colquhoun to arrange this. The cost of the badge is $15.50 each.


Other Notices and Events Most VCC events scheduled in the next few months have been postponed or cancelled. Updates are on the VCCNZ website: http://vcc.org.nz/branch-responses-to-covid-19/ Mangatainoka Motors Events On the last Sunday of each month from March to November, the Tui Brewery host these events. Our club has been asked to host the "Vintage Car" event this year November 2020. At this stage still on, but watch this space: https://www.tuihq.co.nz/mangatainokamotors/

Market Place - Buy, Sell or Swap If you want to advertise something here, send an email to: editorwaivcc@gmail.com Wanted 2 x 19” split rims for Dodge Brothers wooden spoke wheels. Will take whole wheel if required. Call Simon Ph: 021 141 2332 The Spare Parts Department is closed for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis

PLEASE NOTE To access other club newsletters go to www.vcc.org.nz. Scroll to ‘news from our branches”. Hard copies of newsletters are no longer mailed out.

Wairarapa Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Clubrooms: A&P Showgrounds, Chester Road, Clareville Postal Address: PO Box 7, Masterton 5840 Branch Website: www.sporty.co.nz/wairarapavcc Club Night: First Monday of the month (except January) and June (second Monday) at 7.30pm. Spare Parts: Open each Tuesday morning following club night and the 3rd Sunday in the month 9.30am -12 noon. Committee meet: Second Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm


2019/20 Committee and Office Holders Chairperson - Tina Goodin - tina.goodin@hotmail.com - 0204 109 9552 Secretary - Carolyn Colquhoun - cacolquhoun@xtra.co.nz - 06 378 0306 Treasurer - Graham Hodder - g_jhodder@xtra.co.nz - 06 308 9087 Club Captain - Kevin Ball - wtakevin@xtra.co.nz - 06 377 1236 Committee John Clark - john@clark.net.nz - 06 378 0380 Chris Giles - chris.giles64@gmail.co.nz - 021 433 995 Willie James - jwilliej600@gmail.com - 06 372 4890 Simon O'Hara - simonsandieohara@gmail.com - 021 141 2332 Beth Taylor - bethpk@xtra.co.nz - 06 379 6040 Hugh Hunter - j.h.hunter@xtra.co.nz - 06 306 9847 Frank Lipinski - 06 379 7167 Social Convener - Val Ball - wtakevin@xtra.co.nz - 06 377 1236 Custodian - Earl Goodin - tina.goodin@hotmail.com - 0204 062 4986 Beaded Wheels Scribe - Kevin Ball - wtakevin@xtra.co.nz - 06 377 1236 Librarian - Pat Dutton - betyjo29@gmail.com - 06 379 7918 Spares Frank Lipinski - 06 379 7167 Tom Mitchelmore - tomjean@xtra.co.nz - 06 379 7573 Barry Wells - ljandbjwells@gmail.com - 06 377 1152 Jeff Percy - j.percy@xtra.co.nz - 06 377 4622 Vehicle Inspectors Francis Pointon - pointonmotors@xtra.co.nz - 06 378 6710 Graham Reidy - g-a.reidy@xtra.co.nz - 06 372 7855 Hugh Hunter - j.h.hunter@xtra.co.nz - 06 306 9847 Š 2020 Wairarapa Branch Vintage Car Club


Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Wairarapa VCC - April 2020  

Wairarapa VCC - April 2020