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Newsletter May 2019

COVER PHOTO Winner of the Club Captains run, Ian Lambess in his Morris Cowley. Ian had suffered from a slipping clutch all day and persevered in true motoring fashion to complete the day. WELL DONE!! - Editor Closing Date for Wairarapa Zenith: 15th of each month. Contributions should be emailed to the Editor— or posted to: PO Box 7, Masterton, 5840.

Wairarapa Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Clubrooms Postal Address Branch Website Club Night Spare Parts Committee Meet

A&P Showgrounds, Chester Road, Clareville PO Box 7, Masterton, 5840 First Monday of the month (except January— none) and June (second Monday) at 7.30pm. Open each Tuesday morning following club night. Second Tuesday of each month at 7.30 pm

Call and see

Trevor Kenavan

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150 Main Street, Greytown Phone: 06 379-8008 Fax: 06 304-9004 2

Your Committee 2018/19 Chairman:

Willie James

Vice Chairman: Tina Goodin Treasurer:

Tina Goodin


Beth Taylor

372 4890 02041099552

06 3796040 Club Captain: Francis Pointon 06 3786710 Committee: John Clark 378 0380 Pat Dutton 06 3797918 Simon O’Hara 0211412332 Kevin Ball 06 3771236 Barry Wells 06 3771152 Frank Lipinski 379 7167 Custodian: Neville Taylor 0272391202 Librarian: Pat Dutton 379 7918 Beaded Wheels Reporter: Kevin Ball 377 1236 Social Convenor: Val Ball 377 1236 Spare Parts: Frank Lipinski 379 7167 Tom Mitchelmore 379 7573 Barry Wells 377 1152 Jeff Percy 377 4622 Magazine Editor: Alec O’Hara 0277750417 Vehicle Inspectors: Francis Pointon 378 6710 Graham Reidy 372 7855 Hugh Hunter 306 9847 3

What’s on locally…

May Sat/Sun 4th/5th

Motorcycle Reliability Run

Monday 6th

Club Night—A night of rally experiences

Saturday 11th

Garage raid/Car run

June Monday 10th


NAME BADGES A reminder from the committee Could all members please remember to wear your club name badges to all club events.

May Car Run / Garage Raid Saturday May 11th. **** NOTE: Change of Day / Date **** Meet at the VCC Clubrooms from 9.30 a.m.

Cup of tea / coffee before the Briefing, then cars away at 10.a.m.

Visiting 3 sites around Masterton Expected Finish between 1 and 1.30 p.m. (Home for a late lunch).


Chairman’s chatters Hi to you all . Our hearts go out to the Warren family with the passing of Neville. A large contingent of members attended his funeral and thoroughly enjoyed his sons stories about his life and thank you to Howard Sims for saying a few words on our behalf. AGM.. Please note that nomination forms for club positions will be enclosed in the Zenith so please fill them if you would like to help run your club. The Club Captains has been and gone and I gather a good days motoring was enjoyed by all whom attended. Also on the same weekend several of the motorcycle members participated in the 37th Whanganui Autumn Trial which covered just over a hundred miles up the Turakina and Whangaehu valleys via the famous Burma road with slips and rock falls to contend with you had to be on your metal. Lunch was provided by the Mangamahu School committee and then on to Fields Track which is now sealed and back down the Para Para road to Whanganui. The Wairarapa boys were in the money when the results were announced with David Henwood in the post war section riding a 1952 B33 BSA won and Simon Byrne on another 1949 ridged B31 BSA coming second in the same class. Simon also won a cup for the most Desirable Bike on the day. The overall Winner was David Henwood so congratulations to you both on a fun filled weekend. My times were ten minutes to fast over the timed event. Must have been when the throttle jammed on!! At a recent VCC executive meeting it was voted that the Wairarapa Branch Host the National Motorcycle Rally for the year 2021. To that end a Rally committee has been set up to get the ball rolling with a date fixed for the 12-14th March 2021 with after rally runs 15-18th March. This all involves a 6

vast amount of work and will involve you all as members so I ask you all to support this when called upon. Have you got your entries in for the Motorcycle Reliability Trial in May? The Vero International Rally being held in New Plymouth on the 17th-22nd January. 2021 To find out more log onto www. for accommodation etc. You will not be seeing Sharyn and I on the road for a while in the old MG Magnette as its time for some TLC to make it road worthy

Stay turned to the road. Willie

Right: Rally Winners, Dave Henwood and Simon Byrne

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS A big welcome to all of the new members to the club. We look forward to you joining us in the various activities of the club. If you have not received a name badge, please contact Beth on 021732832 to arrange this. 7

Club Captains Report I’m sorry to report the passing of Neville Warren on 31st March. Neville was a true motorcycle & car enthusiast and a VCC member for many years. He helped a lot of people with their vintage vehicles and will be sorely missed. Our condolences to the family and Janet. For April Club night we had Diane Suisted speaking about her many trips to India. A very enjoyable evening. I hope she gave Willie a few pointers before he leaves on his motorcycle tour over there! The Club Captains Run was advertised as suiting older vehicles, and attracted 9 entries with 5 of them being true vintage, plus we had 2 apologies. Thanks folks I’m sure we all enjoyed the day. The Rex Porter Trophy for the Club Captains Run was awarded to Ian Lambess in his Bullnose Morris Cowley who drove in the vintage spirit as intended by Rex. Coming up for May Club night, members will be talking about their Rally experiences. Saturday 11th May is the Garage Raid, always a popular event. Come and see what other members are up to! A good chance to run your car before winter sets in.

Francis 8

Thanks for help with The Rex Porter Rally: Thanks to Gary Wall who initially set this run which we extended with the help of Barry Wells – and Barry also checked it all for us. It doesn’t matter how many entrants there are, it’s as much work setting up 2 routes for a dozen as for 100.

Thanks to Neville Taylor for manning a check point in Martinborough & Alec O’Hara for printing out Rally Numbers. Also to Val Ball for organising the catering side of things. Special thanks must go to Steve Foster who set up a computer programme to work out our results. We now have a basic scoring system that is easy to manage and will be very useful for future rallies.

Francis & Gaye Pointon Rally organisers


NOTICE Wairarapa Branch of the VCC of NZ (Inc.) 50th Annual General Meeting Monday 10th June at 7.30 p.m. See page 11-12 for details of the responsibilities of the various office holders and a nomination form for your use. Please consider yourself for nomination for the following positions: Club Captain, Magazine Editor, Treasurer, Committee or any appointed positions

Nomination Form can be found on page 13


Office Holder’s Duties Chairperson • Chair monthly or special meetings. • Work with Committee on matters arising from the meetings. • Welcome members, new members and guests on club nights. • Announce events and branch news. Club Captain • Check route instructions prior to any rally/event being run. • Provide assistance to rally/event organisers if and when required. • Keep the committee informed of progress with organisation of rallys/events. Treasurer • Keep the financial records of the branch. • Keep the committee informed of the financial position of the branch. • Produce a cash report for each meeting for the committee members. • Prepare annual accounts. • Liase with the accountant/auditor. Secretary • Take the minutes of meetings. • Send the meeting minutes out to committee members. • Handle all inwards and outwards correspondence. • Communicate with the National Office. • Be able to use Microsoft Word and email. • Keep an up to date list of all members and their email addresses. Editor * • Receive, collate and publish articles, photos and club news and events. • Keep to deadlines. • Liase with magazine printer. • Distribute magazine copies to members either by post or email.. • Communicate with magazine advertisers. • Able to use Microsoft Word, Publisher, email and internet. Librarian/Trophy Steward * • Catalogue new donated books and keep library tidy. • Catalogue and organise trophies for presentation and have them engraved. 11

Beaded Wheels Reporter * •

Write and publish the quarterly branch report for the Beaded Wheels magazine.

Social Convenor * • Organise meals for rallies and events. • Keep kitchen and sideboard cupboards clean and tidy. • Replenish tea, coffee and sugar for using at club nights and rallies/events. Spare Parts * • •

Open Spares department for access by members on the morning following each club night or when requested by interested parties. Handle any income from purchases and pass on to Treasurer.

Custodian * • • • •

Put out and put away ropes on club nights and rallies/events. Perform or supervise all the repairs and maintenance of the club rooms. Organise the cleaning of windows and carpets as and when needed. Ensure cleaning materials are available and in good working order for use by members to clean and tidy the rooms after club nights/rallies/events.

Vehicle Inspector * • Inspect all aspects of newly restored vehicles to ensure they are suitable to represent the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc) and meet Vehicle Inspection Certificate (VIC) standards. Branch Representative * • Attend March and August executive meetings and report back to the branch. * Appointed positions


Wairarapa Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc) Nomination Form 2019/2020 All nomination Forms should be received by the Secretary, P.O. Box 7, Masterton 5840, by the 8th June 2019.

I hereby nominate: ———————————————————————-

For the position of: ———————————————————————Proposer:_______________ Membership No._____

Seconder:______________ Membership No._____ Signature of Nominee:_____________ Membership No. _________________ Date: __________________________




FOOD FOR THOUGHT LETTERS Dear sir Reading the club captain's report in the last magazine about the poor attendance at the Masterton A&P show has got me thinking. Rather than lamenting the the poor turn out, perhaps this should be treated as an opportunity to highlight some of the shortcomings of the running of the club, and an opportunity for the committee to put in place strategies to address any areas of concern. Concerns like: •

Is the planning the committee does sufficiently forward thinking, or is it too reactive? Given that there was no notice in the magazine about members attending the A&P show, and it was only mentioned at the preceding club night, this indicates to me a shortcoming in the club's short to medium term planning processes. Has this shortcoming been acknowledged by the committee and is it being addressed? Ideally the benefits of members attending the show would have been identified sufficiently far in advance of the show to enable the club to clearly communicate the value (to both the club and to individual members) of attending, whilst giving members sufficient notice of the event so that they can prioritise their attendance (over any other activities they might have on that day) • Are the communication strategies used by the committee meeting the needs of the club's members? Given the communication around the A&P show attendance was only made to members attending a single club night (and typically less than a 1/3 of members attend club nights), again I see the potential for the club to improve how it communicates to members. Are the committee actively pursuing the opportunities offered by modern communication methods? • Modern communication methods open up many opportunities to keep members more involved in the club. In the case of the A&P show I can see opportunities such as • Emailing all members details of the A&P show, and the value of attending • Sending a text message to all members a few days before the show to remind them to attend 16

Posting on Facebook images from the show to highlight the vehicles in attendance • Are the committee working on strategies to utilise the communication channels available in 2019 to maximise the benefits such channels offer to the club and its members? Thanks Concerned Member (Paul Furkert)

Dear sir I read in the last magazine the club captain lamenting the low attendance at the recent Rex Porter rally. I see there are some fundamental questions that need to be addressed by the club in this area: •

Is one of the fundamental reasons of the club’s existence to meet the needs of its members (members who have an interest in, and own, 30+ year old vehicles)? Assuming the answer is yes: • Does the club have a strategic plan for the next 3-5 years, to ensure it can evolve, in alignment with its members’ needs, so as to ensure it is meeting, and will continue to meet, the needs of its members? • Given the low numbers of entrants to the last couple of Rex Porter rallies, and bearing in mind that there were almost no out of branch entries, is it appropriate to continue to call the Rex Porter rally the branch’s flagship rally? • In the last two years the branch’s rally with the most out of branch entrants has been the Stretched Gymkhana. It is time to retire the Rex Porter rally and replace it with the Stretched Gymkhana as the branch’s flagship rally? Is the committee addressing these issues? And if not, why not? Thanks Concerned Member (Paul Furkert) 17

Club Captains Run Despite forecasts of rain, the weather was perfect for our weekend run. We even got a nice spot of sunshine for lunch in Tinui. Ten vintage cars headed over hills, around bends, and bumped their way over corrugated gravel. Everyone enjoyed the drive through the backcountry roads. The first 65 miles took us out east of Masterton, though Wainuioru, and along the coast on Kaiwhata Road, before heading north through Whareama to our lunch stop in Tinui. Some close calls already as we pulled in for lunch, with Ian Lambess’s slipping clutch, and wobbly wheel. A picnic lunch for some, and a pub lunch for others, it was a good chance to stretch our legs and stop our bones from rattling. It was a great sight to see all the cars lined up along the road, and so many cheery faces soaking up the sun. Bolts tightened, we set off for the next leg of our journey. The next 60 miles took us north over the border to Alfredton. Ian left us there as he had bravely battled his clutch until that point. Not long after that, halfway back to Bideford, Alec O’Hara came to a screeching holt in his Dodge pickup. The rim of his back wheel had split with all the bumps and vibrations sent through it from the road. No need for a back up vehicle though, as everyone rallied around, changed the tyre, and we were back on the road in no time! It was a great day for all, with a special mention to the rally winner, Ian Lambess, in his Morris Cowley. And thanks to our organiser and club captain, Francis Pointon, for a wonderful day out! Ellen Hawke 18

Left: Alec O’Hara and Nav, Ellen Hawke, putting the old Dodge through its paces.

Right: Hugh and Jill Hunter taking the Morris 8 for a spin, that little thing loves eating up the miles. Good drive team.

Left: Francis Pointon, along with Simon O’Hara, Making the most of the day with an outing of the Model A Pickup.


Above Left: Crusin’ in style with the Humber Above Right: The Valiant enjoying the gravel. Left: Peter and Nola Groves in their Austin showing us how rallying is done!

Right: Alec O’Hara changing his wheel after the rim had split. All in good spirits - good pitstop team!



FOR SALE Car Club Car Badges Chrome - $25 Brass - $20 See committee

5OTH Anniversary plaques $10 each Missed out on the festivities? Want another plaque for your car? There are still some plaques left but be in quick, at this price they won’t last long. Talk to the committee today!


MANAWATU BRANCH POST VINTAGE RALLY (PV, PW, P60, P80) Saturday 4th May 2019 Meet at the Coach House Museum, 121 South Street, Feilding after 8.45 am for a hot drink before the 9.15 am briefing. The route keeps you on the western side of the ranges and takes participants on sealed roads over approx. 75 miles (120 Kms) of rolling countryside to a Café for lunch where there is a good range of both hot food and cabinet food available at very reasonable prices. The afternoon section is approx. 30 miles (50 Kms) of sealed road and ends with afternoon tea at another Café. Like previous years the Post Vintage Rally is open to earlier VCC Vehicle Classification Vehicles and ‘moderns’ if that works better for you on this occasion, although these entrants will be participating as non-competitive. Entry Form Options : If you would like the form emailed to you so that you can avoid having to cut into your Tourer, email the Rally Organiser requesting that a PDF version be emailed to you. Alternatively forget the form and just send an email to the Rally Organiser with all of the details that are requested on the form included in the email text. Payment Options : Send a cheque in the post with your entry form. Pay on the day. Email the Rally Organiser requesting account details so that you can pay by internet banking. Rally Organiser : Bryan Abraham - phone (06) 358 4014 Rally Organiser email : Entries Close : Saturday 27th April 2019.

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0800 PPTY LAW (0800 778 952) 26

SPARE PARTS DEPARTMENT Don’t forget that the spare parts department is open the Tuesday following club night from 9am till 12pm. Or contact Frank for a private appointment. Many spares at bargain prices, you won’t be disappointed here. Make the most of your club and use the spare parts department to your advantage!


Austin 4/12 plus 6/16 front axles x2

1930 Riley front axle x 2

Fordson front axle

Wolseley 1955 Diff x 2

1930 Pontiac Headlight

Daimler Lanchester Model 10 Parts car or Restoration project - MAKE AN OFFER, Any offers considered.


Long term classic car storage Long term classic car storage available in Greytown. Interested parties should contact Liz Creevey Telephone - 0210603457 Email -

For Sale 2 post Hoist. Istobal make. 3 Phase. Contact Hugh Hunter 0276659911

Looking to Buy Good home offered to a running 1960s or 70s convertible, preferably two seat or 2+2. Needs to be MGB size or bigger, as we are both quite tall. MGB would be perfect! Happy to tinker with mechanicals, but zero skills with rust or welding! Please call new member Simon Daly on 06 306 6371 or email



WHAT’S ON AROUND THE COUNTRY May 4th Post Vintage Rally. Hosted by Manawatu Branch. May 4th Central Hawks Bay Twilight Rally May 26th 50th Annual Ladies Run. Hosted by Wellington Branch


Sender: The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Wairarapa Branch (Incorporated) P.O. Box 7 MASTERTON 5840


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