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Replica Timaru’s First Car Built by C. W. Wood

January 2020

NOGGIN ANDNATTER First Thursday of the Month

SCVCC CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR 2019 --2020 2019 JULY 11TH Thursday Mid Week Run

August 1st ru August 8th August 10th August 25th


Quiz Night with Ashburton at Tima-

Thursday Saturday Sunday

Mid Week Run Garage Raid at Ashburton Cancer Society Run

September 8th September 29th October 18/19/20 October 26/27/28

Sunday Opening Run with Ashburton at Tim Sunday Continental Vehicle Day Fri/Sat/Sun National Veteran Rally at Timaru Sat/Sun/Mon Mount Cook Rally

November 9/10 November 16/17 November 24th November 30th 2020 January 1st January 12th January 18th

Sat/Sun Sat/Sun Sunday Saturday

Safari weekend All American Weekend Vet/Vin/Comm Rally Christmas Dinner

Wednesday Sunday Saturday

Fairlie New Years Day Parade Ladies Rally Open day

February 6/7/8/9 February 23rd

Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun Weekend Away Sunday Chairman’s Rally

March 1st March 8th

Sunday Sunday

April 4th April 9th April 25/26/27

Saturday Swap Meet Thursday Mid Week Run Sat/Sun/Mon Vintage Only Rally at Timaru

May 7th May 10th May 24th May 31st

Thursday Mid Week Run Sunday PV/PWV/P60/P80 Rally Sunday Restoration Run Sunday -Queens Birthday All British Run

June 4th June 11th June 20th

Thursday Thursday Saturday

Motorcycle Rally Mid Island Rally

Branch AGM Mid Week Run Night trial



NOGGIN & NATTER, Thursday, 2nd January 2020 7-30pm at Clubrooms, Redruth St, Timaru Kitchen Duty, Bar Duty,


JANUARY 1st NEW YEARS DAY PARADE - FAIRLIE Meet at the Fairlie Domain with your picnic Lunch. The parade is at 2pm. Always a great day ———————————————-

LADIES RALLY— January 12 Sunday This year we will meet at the clubrooms at 10 am for a 10.30 start This is a chance for the MEN to provide a great lunch for the LADIES and be judged for the “PINNY” ——————————————OPEN DAY at Clubrooms January 18th Saturday ——————————————

February 6/7/8/9 Weekend Away

More info elsewhere in this issue. ——————————————


Entrants vehicles parked at Phil Rooke and Mary-Jeans home on the Vet Vin Com Rally


SCVCC Chairman’s Report January 2020


Hi Fellow members Welcome to the new decade, it has been a good 2019 for the club with all events well supported including the very successful National Veteran Rally. Nationally it has been a year of disasters ,the Mosque shootings, White Island, major rain events with roads blocked & bridges closed, and the huge hail storm in eastern Timaru. I hope not too many members cars have been damaged. The club had skylights in the Parts Shed holed plus spoutings holed. A Big thanks to Brian Roycroft for his prompt action in repairing these. This year I have assisted a family unravel a departed husbands extensive car & parts collection. It has been a timely reminder for me to de clutter and clearly identify parts, noting their importance and value, as to non car people it is just junk and could end up as scrap. As a number of us are getting closer to “dropping off the perch” ,We all should all be taking action while we can. The parts shed are able to assist with pick ups . Looking forward We have the New Years day Parade in Fairlie, Jan 12th the Ladies Rally, Meet at Clubroms 10am, Jan 18 th the Open Day In closing I would like to wish all member a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a successful 2020. Ashley

Summer Safari 2019


Safari this year started for some on the Thursday morning heading out to Evans Crossing, with tents set up the usual banter started the weekend off. Friday while some of the younger campers headed back to work, a strong nor wester arrived wrecking Irvings tent, ever resourceful Wayne loaded a mattress into the van & headed back out. Friday & Saturday saw more campers arrive & proceed to pitch their tents. Most of the time it was too hot & windy for the usual camp fire, then on Sunday it started to rain but Monday was sunny enough for those that stayed on to pack up dry tents. Thank you to Darren for supplying the Posh Loo which was quite a change from the normal long drop. Campers were: Don Campbell, Barry Smith, Les Wenlock, Wayne & Michelle & Oliver Irving, Terrance Irving & Grace, Darren & Jo & Halayna, Cooper, Finlee Ladbrook, Paul Chapman & his 2 teenNeil Manchesters 1936 Chev Coupe agers, Neil Manchester, Neil Marratt B Smiths 1927 Erskine, D Campbells 1928 Chev pickup, L Wenlocks 1939 Chev sedan. Neil Marratts 1928 Ford Model A Pickup



SCVCC Website Updates

To access other club newsletters go to scroll to News from our Branches as hard copy newsletters are not mailed out now. December Website Updates - November 2019 newsletter placed up - Links to articles on Otago VCC members veteran visit to Timaru - Morris 12 for sale, and photos - Behind the scenes Wordpress updates, tweaks - Further vehicles placed into gallery Upcoming - More stories of various runs, online version of newsletter, information about upcoming events, members vehicles in gallery Stories and photos from members are ENCOURAGED and can be sent through to


CHRISTMAS PARADE Alistair Day and Grant Stewart in the Christmas Parade with passangers from the HEART KIDS SC

Clive Merry also in Parade



The annual Christmas Party was held at our clubrooms with a very good attendance by members. A most enjoyable evening and a superb meal was enjoyed by everyone.

Vet, Vin Comm Rally

by Barry Smith


Leaving the clubrooms we headed South through Fairview to Claremont Rd. coming out at Wai-iti Rd. Our first stop was at Phil & Mary -Jean Rooke's place in Pukatea St. which is situated overlooking the Scenic reserve. In a well set out garage we viewed Phil's very nice collection of vehicles plus Mary-Jeans Fashion for ladies room. Down at the bottom of the garden there was another shed containing future projects, some which may take some time to carry out! On leaving here we travelled via Morgans Rd, Kellands Hill and on to the Pleasant Point highway, turning onto Kerrytown Rd, then Arowhenua Rd to the Main Highway. At Temuka we took Domain Avenue to Milford-Clandeboye Rd, travelling a large loop via some shingle to arrive back at Domain Avenue. Just south of Temuka we turned off at Arowhenua Station Rd and just over the railway line turning left into John Kyle's property to park up. Here John had set up an implement shed as a lunch shelter from the wind and the sun. After lunch we explored John's sheds which had a mix of vehicles including a retro caravan and Traction Engines. In one corner there was a Juke Box loaded with 45's playing. One room on the side held artifacts from days gone by. All in all a good day's motoring with many interesting sights. Included in the 27 vehicles that turned out it was great to see three veterans that were on the national Veteran rally, those being, the 1906 Darracq (Eric Robins), the 1910 Reo (Kelvin Love) and the 1913 Model T Ford (Stuart Frew).

12 Vet, Vin, Com

mm Rally




We left Timaru early on the Wednesday morning and had a very good drive through to Blenheim. On our way to the Ferry at 5.30am, the next morning, we got a text to say the sailing had been cancelled and to report at 11.00am. When loading onto the boat we noticed we were going to end up outside on the deck, Ross asked the lady official if it was possible to put us inside. The staff on Bluebridge were very accommodating and, even wanted to look under the bonnet, why I don’t know there is not much under there to look at. Bluebridge comes highly recommended. It was all worked out and, we parked right at the back of the boat so was first off. It looked rather funny with the Viva in front of all the H trucks very close behind. We sailed at 1.30pm and got to Wellington at 6.00pm. Thought we were going backwards part way across due to the wind, the crossing took four and a half hours. Arrived in Masterton at our accommodation we had previously booked at what was to be the Rally Headquarters, to find not a Vauxhall in site, we found them at another Motel down the road and the organiser at another Motel. There had been a problem with the owner of the complex they had booked and everything had to be shifted at the last minute. It was very disappointing to have not been advised earlier. We all received our rally packs with pen and lollies, wipes from Tony’s Tyres and a Vauxhall hat. We caught up with everyone in the morning and went on a run to show us the Wairarapa, and boy did they do that. 123 miles long with 27kms of gravel, through farm land roads with trucks and stock and gates to open and shut. Ross REALLY enjoyed this bit, along with others. There were cars with scratches and stone chips and plenty of cow poo. Once you were on the road you had to continue not realising how far it was. We arrived in Martinborough for coffee, we then continued on to Lake Ferry Hotel for lunch, followed by a drive back to Masterton. Quite a pretty little place for lunch, by the way the fish and chips were to die for. On Saturday we went into the Masterton Old Town Hall carpark to put the cars on display from 9.00am until 2.00pm. A very long day in the sunshine until a pub was found around the corner. There were 23 cars on show, 12 Aucklanders, 8 Wellington, 2 Otago and 1 DTV. At 2.00pm we left and went to Brancepath Homestead for afternoon tea. We went in convoy but the leader got lost and we had to do a U turn and go back. We had an excellent BBQ at the Motel on their lawn, with


good food cooked by Richard Peck, his Victor F had broken down and didn’t finish the rally, it was a good night with lots of laughs, everyone very friendly and a good time had by all. On Sunday went to Riversdale (You could continue on to go to Castle Point but, MORE gravel.) It was a very nice seaside village, lovely strawberries. We had lunch but on the return trip we had some car trouble fuel or electrical, and after a lot of help we limped back to Masterton but did not quite make it and had to get the AA to get us back to the Motel. The rest went to a Car museum. There were 2 other breakdowns over the weekend. Melby Scott’s family drove him in his car, a 1954 Velox 2262cc but unfortunately it broke down on the way to Masterton seemed to be a serious engine problem and was towed in. It was Melby’s 96 Birthday. At the dinner on Sunday night we had another great meal, not a lot was drunk as it was BYO. When it was time for the prize giving it was noted some of the clubs Trophies were missing, It is rather sad that trophies do not get returned the following year, someone must know where these are and if so please do the right thing and contact any club member so they can be returned to the club. Eric & Lois McRae from Invercargill won Best Vauxhall 1965 – 1972 and Best Vehicle 1965 – 1972. Congratulations to them both. Ross & Delwyn Luscombe from Timaru won the Best Body & Paint; Best Interior; Class; best Viva and Overall. It was very disappointing to see no members from Christchurch, Nelson, and only two from Otago. They are not sure at this stage where the next Nationals will be, it was suggested it was going to be Nelson, I was told that the Presidents will be contacted regarding this. These events are such a great way to meet fellow Vauxhall followers or new people, also these major events can be such fun and fellowship and keep the Vauxhall name and club alive. Everyone please consider attending the next one, mark your calendar for Labour Weekend 2020 now. We had a fantastic trip home, train, boat, and then bus and at the time of writing this our dear wee Viva is still in Masterton awaiting a truck to bring it home. Just a reminder to anyone who has AA+ it only covers you for the first $800.00 admittedly a big help on the way. Overall we enjoyed the Nationals and thank the members of the Wellington Club who organised it. Ross & Delwyn Luscombe


Vauxhall and Bedford Rally



I would like to join Ashley in offering our thanks to member Brian Roycroft for his rapid repairs to our parts shed roof following the serious hailstorm Timaru experienced recently. Thanks to his swift action water damage to our building, carpet and priceless parts stock was avoided. After my plea for a vacuum cleaner donation in the last TriCar I am happy to report that both the Weirs and Alec Stewart responded with donations, so we now have one and a spare. It is kindness of this nature from members that makes our club such a great group to be a part of. I would like to conclude by thanking the Wednesday Team of regular volunteers for their attendance and efforts during the year and extending seasons greetings to all Club members and their families. I wish you safe and happy motoring during the Festive Season regardless of the age of your ride. The Parts Shed will not open on Xmas Day or New Year's Day but will be open every Wednesday morning from 8th January. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Clive Merry Parts Manager ————————————————-



Notes from the Library

by Barry B

I have made some inroads into the mountain of magazines donated to the Library in recent times with the latest lot coming from the Estate of David Thomson. Also among the items brought in by Ashley on the family’s behalf are a number of books, including Buick stuff among them, and a full set of On Four Wheels publications (one of the better ones of the type where you bought the first issue cheap and coughed up for the remaining numerous instalments). There are duplicate magazines placed out in the Club rooms for members to sort through and take away by the bucketful or whatever. DON’T BRING THEM BACK! More are being added so check them out regularly. If anyone would like a set of On Four Wheels, On the Road or any of the duplicated manuals and books in the Library, these are available for a modest offer. Season’s Greetings to all members

2020 Weekend Away

6/7/8/9 February


This is the last call! This year we are taking advantage of Waitangi Day getting close to the weekend with an extra day away for those who want to. Oamaru has a variety of accommodations available and we already have a holiday home booked to provide the host venue for our communal meal. Leave Club Rooms around 9am on Thursday but nothing else finalized let alone set in stone but the rough itinerary was laid out in a previous Tricar. As usual no entry fee. Instructions provided before-hand. Club eligible vehicles welcomed but not essential. Nothing is mandatory just a relaxed weekend, plus. Would hope to see some new faces among the regulars. Prospective participants are invited to register their interest by email or ring Barry Barnes 6885105.


Another addition to Clive Merry’s stable! Which had its first showing at our recent All American Weekend. A concours condition 55 Chev two door sport coupe. Apparently it was spotted by Clive and Penny when in the USA earlier this year and Clive had to have it! This was the first year that Chev came up with the famous small block v/8 of 265 and with the new body design was described as how USA No 1 in sales, went from dull to hot with style and sizzle. Clives is not quite original as it has been retrofitted with a late 350 engine and manual floor change, however that doesn’t detract from it being a superb car. ———————————————Another members car of interest that showed up at the USA day display day was Robert Hoppers newly restored 38 Buick sedan finished in a very smart off white paint scheme, an unusual colour for a car of this era as they were mostly painted a dark colour, but the white certainly looks great. ED BILL


Recently bought this 1972 PI Triumph which has had a outer repaint looking forward to getting back to open air travel.

Ashley Southgate

———————————————————BEHIND THE HEDGE Supplied by Barry Barnes This Triumph Spitfire looks neglected behind the fence, flat tyres but otherwise looks not too bad.

Penrite Oils


Just to let you all know that I am still able to supply you with Penrite Oils for your Vintage Vehicles. Engine and Gear Box oils, also Steering Box grease. Phone Alistair Day 688 6108 ————————————————The Swap Meet Committee has a speaker system for hire. Enquiries to Michelle Munro 03 686 4824 or email

———————————————-Discount fuel Kiwi Fuel Cards explaining the discount structure available to VCC members when buying fuel from Mobil, Z, Caltex or BP Service Stations with a Kiwi Fuel Card. If anyone has any queries or has difficulty with filling in the application form online, please feel free to contact Jim Smylie 021 518 200 or 07 576 4180 (VCC BOP Branch member) Kind regards Kaaren Kaaren Smylie NICC (North Island Club Captain) PHONE: 07 576 4180 CELL: 021 66 43 41 EMAIL:

Deadline for Tricar is 21st January 2020 New Address

COMMITTEE MEMBERS FOR 2019-2020 Branch Correspondence to PO Box 623, Timaru 7940 Phone: 03 6885234 Chairman: Secretary: Treasurer: Club Captain: Newsletter Ed:

Ashley Milliken (Evelyn) 686 0834 Miles Winter (Cia) 021 344883 (Evenings) Nola Day (Alistair) 688 6108 Neil Manchester 6882112 Shona and Bill Weir 6886750 Email: C/R Convenor: Alistair Day (Nola) 688 6108 Parts Manager: Clive Merry 0274 409 384 Librarian: Barry Barnes (Carla) 688 5105 IT Officer: Shannon Stevenson 686 3263 Committee: Ross Walkinshaw 6880207 Ross Parker 6158260 Pauline Young 6861833 Oliver Irving 0223847784 SWAPMEET COMMITTEE Chairman: Colin Johnstone (Trish) Treasurer: Nola Day (Alistair) Site Convenor: Michelle Munro (Gavin) Grounds Convenor: Barry Smith Committee: Gavin Munro (Michelle) Alan Patrick Lex Westoby Sandy McMillan For Identification Certificate Processing – Alistair Day 688 6108 Warren Cox 688 8758

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Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

South Canterbury VCC - January 2020  

South Canterbury VCC - January 2020