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In the June/ July Beaded Wheels, just inside the front cover is a picture that has a local connection, it shows a de Dion car with Dr Douglas and family, this picture was taken outside the Reed St house the Douglas’s lived in at that time. Doctor Douglas’s grandson Robert still lives in the North Otago at Waianakaura and has provided me with several other pictures of both that car and a 1910 de Dion car with Roberts father Archie looking out of as a baby. -Jerry Wing


July 2019

The North Otago Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Inc.

From the Chairman That uppity chairman is up to his tricks again! He’s calling a meeting for the 6th July at the Clubrooms at 10:00 am. Shared morning tea. Shark’n’taties lunch. What the heck is this meeting about?

Planning! It’s time we had a good look at what we’re doing and where we’re going as a club so we’re having a planning meeting. Think about what activities you’d like to do, how you’d like your club run and what we can do to get the clubrooms up to speed and more people in their cars…real cars…vintage cars! We’re starting and ending with….

Food! Bring a plate for morning tea and some $’s for fush’n’chups if you want to stay for lunch. BUT most of all bring your…

Ideas! From the chairman…don’t make me get out of my chair and come looking for you. Branch Coming Events Wednesday 3rd July Club Night. The Local Members who took part in the Annual Irishman Rally at Queen’s Birthday Weekend will speak about their experiences. Friday 19th July Ten Pin Bowls – Combined with Waimate Branch. Meet at The Galleon at 6.00pm, Meal at 6.30pm, Bowling 7.30pm Numbers to Kathleen Perry 4347226 by Monday 15th July Other Branch Events Ashburton Branch Garage Raid, Saturday 10th August. Meet at Clubrooms, Maronan Road At 9.00 for a Cuppa; Raid starts at 10am. $5.00 for Pea, Pie & Spud lunch. For further information contact Trevor Begg, Chairman Ashburton Branch Waimate Branch

Swapmeet 7th September.

Get the newsletter quickly and in colour. Send me an email at the address below and I will send a copy to you each month by email. If you have email please put it on our mailing list as it is an excellent way of providing updates and information during the month between newsletters. So the options are: 1. Receive Email newsletter but no printed version (saves the club printing costs) 2. Receive Email newsletter and printed version 3. Just be on our email list for updates. I use a list that hides the emails so yours will not be visible to other recipients. Graeme

Items for the Newsletter can be posted or dropped off to 6 Waiareka lane, off Saleyards road Or emailed to Secretary Kathleen Perry 03 4347226 Branch Address PO Box 360, Oamaru 9444 Email:

Newsletter submissions. Preferred formats are Open-office, Libre-office or MS Word as an attached document. Plain emails create extra work. Please, no “enter� key at the end of every line. Contact me for advice if not sure. Thanks, Graeme




Patron Chairman

Peter Fulton


Vice Chairman

Lynette Newall


Immediate Past Chairman

Gilbert Ellery


Club Captain

Derek Brehaut


Kathleen Perry


Clive Blunden


Jim Boaden

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Will Hearne Neil Rooney Murray Frew


Beaded Wheels Scribe

Will Hearne


Jim Boaden



Robert Hutton (Mandy)

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Kathleen Perry


Newsletter Editor

Graeme Simpson (Wendy)

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Newsletter Distribution

Lindsay Schaffer (Christine)

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Vehicle Verifier

Royston Shirreffs


Spare Parts

Club email address rd Committee Meetings 3 Tuesday of the month., Club Nights 1st Wednesday of the month (details in The Distributor)

Adventures of an Old Restorer. At the AGM in June I had the dubious honour of being elected Treasurer, a close friend's smart comment was that the club will probably be broke by the next AGM!!!, In the five years since I joined the club I have served on the Committee for two years and been scribe for two years, and organised some rallies, I strongly believe that if you join a club you should be active within it, Now that the Morris is nearly finished I will be able to put in the time needed as treasurer. I would like to thank Wanda for what she has put into the club as Treasurer over the past few years.

The Morris is now on the home straight, I have the passengers side window to finish, all the others are done. I obtained 3mm poly-carbonate from Streeter Concepts in Oamaru, and bolted the sheets onto the leather-look vinyl frames. This was done so that the windows could be replaced easily if broken. I think they should have been of thinner carbonate and sewn into the vinyl. The rear window and two side rear windows are bolted in place with the original steel frames around the original glass. I have found a 1930's tin trunk, I don't know if it is a Morris trunk, but it fits exactly onto the rear carrier frame that came with the Morris. It needs some TLC, though, before I put in place. Don't know what colour to paint it. I will be taking her up to Timaru soon to be Vin-ed, she should go through OK after all I have done to her, but for some illogical reason I am still worried, All the best, Clive.

Chairman’s Chat Hello good fellows and gentlewomen of the esteemed North Otago Vintage Car Club! Thanks for your attendance at the AGM; we got through a lot of business and the new committee is looking forward to a packed calendar of fun events, both motoring and social. Keep an eye on your club calendar and Distributor for information. Firstly, I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to all those who have faithfully served the club on committee, now retiring, and also those quiet little ‘elves and fairies’ as they have been called, working away in the background. Somewhere in the nether giblets of your engine is a wee oil pump going round and round, doing its job, day after day, not much to look at and never given thanks or a holiday….well….some members are oil pumps. Not much to look at but keep the machinery oiled! You’re all going to have to get used to my sense of humour, and that’s just too bad for you. Secondly, as someone once said, “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. My style is a bit different; some of you won’t like me, some will. I really don’t care. What I do care about is the future of this club, the people were going to meet and fun we are going to have. Vintage cars are just the excuse we have to make that happen, so roll up your sleeves, put your best foot forward, nose to the grindstone, shoulder to the wheel and put your back into it, because there’s a whole lot of fun out there! Peter Fulton Chief cook, bottle washer and general dog’s body. Oh, and chairman.

The Distributor I know I ruffled a few feathers with proposed changes and costs associated with the newsletter. I have been doing it for 20 years and the printing costs have gone from $1 to $2 in that time but postage has gone from 60c to $2.50 in that time.(approximate figures) So $1.60 to $4.50 or at 11 issues per year $17.60 to $49.50 per year. Now subs are $20 and have been this for the 20 years I have been a member. I am flattered as editor if you think it is worth $50 a year. How has this been sustainable for so long? We have gradually weaned people off the printed edition to email and then dropping printed copies to other clubs (email only). But the situation is clearly no longer sustainable so the status quo cannot be maintained. Unfortunately the drift to email levelled off at about 40% of members some time ago. So effectively we have got to the situation where 100% of the club income goes to providing 40% of the club with a newsletter with nothing left over to run the club. Clearly this is cannot continue as we still need to pay the bills associated with running the club and newsletter costs will continue to rise. I have produced a cut down version of the distributor which dramatically reduces the postage costs. The minimum postage is now $1.20 for a standard envelope size. The purpose of the cut down version is to still provide essential information relating to the club but will not have stories, articles and run entries. Note that the current idea is not set in stone and can be adapted through feedback. As things are done online the postal service is more often shipping parcels rather than envelopes. I note also that banks are phasing out cheques and now charging you $1 to deposit a cheque you have been given. The internet has been a boon to car enthusiasts though and made parts cheaper and easier to obtain. Last month I managed to get a exhaust bracket for my FIAT from Lithuania and brake parts for my Lotus from the UK. Only a week or so to get here. In the past it would have taken a lot longer to arrange and greater cost. One can pay for it immediately and securely. When receiving payments it is very difficult to have a payment reversed (unlike a cheque) so one can send something off knowing it is paid for. Graeme Simpson. Newsletter editor.

I’m a Vauxhall enthusiast who is restoring a 1934 ASX Vauxhall sedan I live Wakefield outside of Nelson and I’m struggling for a couple of parts and wondered if there was anyone within your club who may be able to help me out The parts I need are:1. The Key / light switch which has a built in regulator (hard to describe what it looks like – but like an older oven switch – a flick switch with a central key hole. Hope that makes some sense to your members) 2. Two headlight top bottoms – either with Vauxhall or Lucas written on I am happy to pay for these parts if someone has spares they’re willing to sell Thanks for your help with this matter. Would love to hear from someone and make progress getting my Vauxhall on the road

David & Sheree Ching <>

Ode to two members and their team Sadly the part department will never be the same. The day has come for two founding members to hang up their spanners. No more friendly banter will be had on Tuesday between them and their team. Like two old race horses to old the members cried retire them . So retired they are . Change the whole regime Tuesday mornings they cried the afternoons arent working so the new trainer said . As these guys depart sadly just stop and think about it. These two members have done alot for the parts and the club over the years. Why reinvent the wheel? Maybe someone out there thinks mm what next let's sell the parts on the internet seriously why change things. This Tuesday afternoon run by these two members and their friendly team has worked so well over the years the fun the banter and the parts that have been sold have proven you do not need to reinvent the wheel? Come on arent we proud of our club and having founding members still keen and able with a vast range of knowledge to contribute and continue doing what they have been doing for the last few years. Think about it as everyone out of town knows when the department is open. Please dont cause fractures in our club be sad to see it happen again.

The Far North Tour Hello All, We have had some queries about the Far North tour wanting to confirm that it is going ahead and where it is finishing. Despite some fictitious rumours that have been spread to the contrary, The Far North Tour is alive and well and will be held on the first weekend of November 2019. It is planned to start from the Northland Vintage Car Clubrooms in Whangarei on Saturday 2nd November and head north. Where exactly the route will be is not fully established yet, but it will finish in Kerikeri. Dinner on the Saturday night will be at the Cornerstone Church Hall in the middle of Kerikeri and the dinner will be supplied by some well recommended local caterers. This is not a licensed venue but we have permission for BYO for dinner. Go ahead and book your accommodation in Kerikeri for the Saturday night, 2nd November or alternately, it's less than an hour and a half back to Whangarei if you want to stay there. As we will not be stopping in Taipa this year, the Far North VCC will not be asked to put on their fantastic morning tea at their clubrooms, but we are considering opening the NVCC Clubrooms and Vehicle/Parts Shed in Whangarei as a refreshment/comfort stop on the way home on Sunday. Could the clubs receiving this please advise your members about this as a number of them have made the annual pilgrimage north and we don't want them to miss out. If they haven't been on a NVCC FNT yet, then it is time they found out why it has been running continuously for the last 47 years. Regards, Ron Anderson Chairman Northland VCC

Targa 2019 Time Trial When: Monday 28th October to Saturday 2nd Nov 2019. Where: Central & Lower/Mid North Island. Refer 2019 Events – Targa NZ 2019 for Draft Event Programme. What & Why: Outstanding opportunity for VCC members to drive iconic North Island roads as a time trial. This is not a race, but rather an exercise in precise driving to maintain a set average speed through all closed tarmac stages, (similar to a regularity trial, but with the safety of knowing that all participants have staggered start times, drive in the same direction, on the same road, with nothing coming towards them!) It’s also a great opportunity for VCC branches to raise public awareness of the VCC & hopefully attract some new & younger members. Eligible Cars: All types of cars with a current WOF & minimum third-party insurance may enter, but there is a special discount available for VCC eligible cars (30+ years old) with a VIC. No special modifications (roll cage etc), are required. Refer 2019 Events – 2019 Targa Time Trial Terms & Conditions. Cost: Substantial 30% discount of entry fee for VCC members with VCC/VIC eligible cars = $4,790 reduced to $3,353 + Medical Levy & RallySafe. (All entry fees are + GST). Please note discounted entry fee increases by $140 from 1 July 2019, so we recommend entry during June if possible. Travel & accommodation expenses are in addition to entry fee. Refer 2019 Events – 2019 Event Pricing for further details & discounts. Contact: Rod Corbett rod.corbett88@gmail 027 433 8772 for further details.

Hi VCC Branches, Please refer draft programme for Targa 2019 along with an updated branch advert/info sheet which we'd very much appreciate to have included with all VCC branch newsletters between now & October. As I mentioned last month, this is a very special year for Targa NZ & a great opportunity for VCC - It's Targa's 25th anniversary & only the second time VCCNZ have been invited to join the Time Trial with a special discount entry fee available exclusively to VCC members with a VCC/VIC eligible car. Please note however, this discounted entry fee increases by $140 from 1 July 2019, so we recommend entry during June if possible. For those North Island branches on route for Targa 2019, this event is also a great opportunity to raise the profile of VCC/their branch, & hopefully attract some new & younger members. Please forward this email with attachments to all your branch members, along with every car club &/or car enthusiast you know of - Hopefully if they're not already a member of VCC, they may be inspired to join your branch. As always, any queries, concerns or requests for further info, please contact me. (Anne & I are flying to Cairns tomorrow to join some friends & drive ex Army Land Rovers up to Cape York & back, so may not be able to respond to queries until after our return, Sunday 23rd June). Regards, Rod Corbett. +64 27 433 8772

Irishman Rally 2019 Queenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Birthday Weekend The 65th Rally was based in Fairlie for the weekend. Rebecca and I travelled up Friday Afternoon with our 26 Chrysler Pickup, this was the first time that we have attended this rally. On Friday night it was raining when we went to pick up our rally pack, it was good catching up with old and new friends. Saturday morning when I stepped outside there was snow on the ground what a great start for the day. We were a bit late starting for the day, we should have been away by 8.30am and we didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get back until 6pm that night. We left Fairlie over the bridge towards Geraldine, approx. 3 miles turned off the main road to start our mainly gravel roads some covered in Snow to have lunch in Geraldine. After Lunch we headed to Pleasant Point with detours in place due to rivers and streams running high. From Pleasant Point we made our way to Mckenzies Pass via cave to continue on to Burkes Pass, Snow to contended with. What great motoring for the first day. For those who do have Facebook we did share a video on the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand page of the Chrysler truck travelling along in the snow near Mckenzies pass. Sunday A good frost to start the day was told -4 degrees, did see -2 degrees on the phone about 8.30am. Leaving Fairlie head for the lake area covered in snow. When you are towards the rear of the rally it has its advantages that everyone in front clears the roads for you.

After leaving the lake area and heading south to climb up the hills, we stopped on top to take in the beautiful scenery of looking back over the hills and valleys to the coastline in front of us to see Timaru in the far distance, Perfect spot to have a morning cuppa. Heading down a hill in first gear hoping it wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t jump out of gear and with poor brakes it seen to be a long descent down to head back to Fairlie for lunch. After lunch we went to a nearby station for field tests, not sure which was tested most, the vehicles or the drivers. Overall the weekend was great especially with the snow as a bonus. Special thanks to the organisers, marshals, back up vehicles and 176 entrants who attended made it an interesting weekend away. If you get the chance to do an Irishman rally go for it. I know its not everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s type of rally. Are we going back next year?? We certainly are planning to. PS There is going to be an Irishman type rally in the North Island next year in late June

For Sale/ Wanted ads Keep those ads coming. Remember these ads are read by members of other branches and car clubs. PARTS DEPARTMENT

Latest Listings : Cars - Rolling Cars Low Lite Morris Minor, Straight, looks rust free, complete, good for restoration. Austin A30 and 2 A35's 1954 Hillman Husky SV Austin Ruby bonnet and front guards in restored condition. Offers wanted Rare Spares: 1 Dort Block 1 Saxon Car Motor CITROEN motor spares STUDEBAKER COMMANDER blocks (2) 1926 Buick chassis and parts Chev blocks and heads, some crack tested NOS BMC parts some panels and bumpers 1954-55 Vauxhall diffs and suspension parts Ford 10 motors complete 1 100E 50's Chev doors and bonnets, chromes and spats Reconditioned crank shafts for Wolseley Austin 110 and Morris Oxford Van Large selection tail light lenses Assortment new tie rod ends Hub caps and speedos Parts shed open every Tuesday afternoon 1:30pm to 4:00pm or by appointment Contacts:

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North Otago VCC - July 2019  

North Otago VCC - July 2019