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Progress: The monthly journal of the North Shore Vintage Car Club April 2019


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Editorial Welcome to the first edition of our new look Newsletter. As many of you know, Brian Cullen has had a few health issues recently and I’ve agreed to step in and try and fill in the gap. I hope to keep you informed and entertained as Brian has done most successfully over the past 10 years or so.


April/May 2019

I’m a new-ish member to the club, having only recently arrived in NZ following a 30 year stay in England (We previously emigrated to NZ in the early 80s and obtained our NZ passports and nationality). My wife Helen and I have a son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren in Albany as well as daughter, son-in-law and grandson in Cheshire, UK. When asked to pick up “Progress”, I agreed on the understanding that I would be the EDITOR and NOT the WRITER of the Newsletter. In simple terms this means that I need YOU, the members to send me articles, letters and photos and I will tidy them up ready for publication in the Newsletter. This newsletter is YOUR document and I am very keen that we include the subjects and content that YOU want to see. Please, please drop me an email with your thoughts, letters, articles and especially photographs that you’d like included. Each month we’ll put one of your photos on the front cover. Stuart Battersby:

In this issue 

Chairman’s Message: Paul Collins.

Can you guess what it is yet? Just a bit of fun: photos of old vehicles from unusual angles. All you have to do is identify the vehicle. No answers, no prizes, just for fun.

Club Captain’s Report: Richard Lloyd.

Focus on the Marque: This will be a regular feature and is your opportunity to tell us about your own favourite vehicles. This month we are looking at English Small Fords.

Upcoming Events: Club runs and independent events.

Northern Raid: Description and entry form.

Club Survey: What do you want from your club?

Workshop Updates: What progress did we make over the last month and what are we hoping to achieve over the next. Can you help?

Mech. Eng. 101: Basic Technical/Historical articles intended for non-engineers or mechanics. Hopefully they’ll be interesting and informative. This time “It’s all NUTS to me”

Show and Rally Reports: Been to a show or on a rally recently? Tell us what you thought of it. Send us some photographs.

Photo Gallery: Send us yours. We like incomplete project photos especially!

About Us: Who’s who and where’s where. Cover Photo - 1956 Ford 100E Prefect De-Luxe A little bit of Editorial Licence here as our cover photo is my old Ford in a photo taken just before it was sold prior to moving back to New Zealand. Each month we will feature a photo of YOUR car on the front cover of Progress. Next month it’s over to you! Submit your photo to 2

Chairman’s Report

Progress April/May 2019

Greetings everyone. March has been a very full month for me. I was away on the North Island Club Captain’s Tour for a week, beginning at Tauranga, and finishing at Whanganui. A great time away, with over 35 entries. Sadly Karen, the North Island Club Captain was unable to attend due to eye surgery. I missed the Posh Picnic but I understand it was a great day and well supported as usual. Last Thursday our Dennis Bus came out of the shed on its debut drive after 40 years of restoration progress. Well done Lads. Our regular editor Brian Cullen is not so well at present. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him again soon I have just returned from the National Executive meeting, which was held in Wellington last Saturday 23rd March – report to follow. April is virtually upon us, and daylight saving is due to finish too. How I will miss those twilight hours to work on the cars. Our Annual event, the Northern Raid Rally is coming up fast – the week-end following Easter – and we hope you will consider entering, and enjoying a great days motoring. See you there. I wish everyone a safe and happy Easter. Paul

A stunning Jowett Jupiter on display at the ‘Brits and Euros’ show last month.


Can you guess what it is yet?

Progress April/May 2019

Name these vehicles!

Fill in your answers below: Just for fun: No answers will be given.


Club Captain’s Report

Progress April/May 2019

Here we are again, another month gone by and no sign of the weather cooling down or delivering some rain. Members are gradually getting back into the swing of things and the cars are out and about again. As always work is being carried out in the shed and Barry Thompson was game enough to take the restored Morris 8 out for a run to the “Brits and Euros Show” in Pakuranga. He had a few problems with the brakes on his return trip and on investigation it appeared there was oil on the brake shoes. Proved a bit scary in the heavy motorway traffic as he didn’t know how the brakes would react. However, he managed to get back safely. Our great workshop team will sort it and it will be as good as new again. Sunday, 17th March was Posh Picnic day which started with a run from the Clubrooms to Peter and Heather Lloyd’s place. The run was straight forward and easy but a few people travelled further than the instructions but everyone arrived at the Lloyd residence in one piece without any problems. The Lloyd’s place was the perfect setting with plenty of shade trees to sit under and set up our tables. Twenty cars took part and there were at least 36 people. The cars ranged from the Austin 7 to Packards and everything in between. The tables looked lovely and everyone enjoyed the picnic. Thank you to everyone who took part and a special thanks to Neil for all his help and also to Peter and Heather for allowing us to use their lovely property. Entries for the Northern Raid are slowly coming in. Should be an interesting run over urban and rural roads (all sealed). Make sure you take part and keep these cars running especially while this glorious weather lasts. Richard Lloyd------Club Captain


Focus on the Marque The Small English Ford Sidevalves

Progress April/May 2019

Between August 1932 and June 1962 over 2 million Small Ford Sidevalves were built worldwide (principally in the UK, Australia and New Zealand). They were one of the most popular (excuse the pun) cars at the start of the motoring boom in the UK. Tens of thousands learned to drive in a Ford Sidevalve, the vast majority of the British population in the 50s and 60s either owned a Ford Sidevalve or had a relative/friend who owned one. There’s no doubt whatsoever that the Ford Small Sidevalve was one of the most important developments in the history of family motoring. Ford Great Britain was incorporated as a British Company in Dec 1928. At the first meeting of shareholders in London on 6 March 1929 Ford Great Britain Chairman, Percival Perry reported "during the first three months of our first year we and our associated companies in Europe have delivered upwards of 50,000 Model 'A' vehicles into the hands of satisfied owners. in October 1931, Britain's and Europe’ s largest car factory opened producing the Model AA truck and Model A car. This was at the height of the Depression and the Model A was too expensive to tax and run in Britain and very few were sold, only five in the first three months. A smaller car was urgently needed and this came in 1932 with the 933 cc Model Y: a car much more suited to the market and becoming in 1935 Britain's first £100 car (currently around $15,000 adjusting for inflation). This was Ford's first car specifically designed for sale outside North America. From the 1932 Model Y began a dynasty of small Ford Sidevalves stretching through to the 1962 Ford 100e Popular. Here’s a quick rundown of the range:

Model Y (1932-1937): The First true Ford for Europe and went on to become Britain's first £100 car. Two and four door saloons (Tudor and Fordor) were available, as well as commercials and tourers.

Model C & CX (1934-1937): The first available 10 hp Ford saloon. Configured in both saloon and tourer forms. The first outing for the 1172cc Ford side-valve engine.

7W Saloon (1937-1938): Similar to the 7Y but slightly larger and fitted with the 10hp side-valve from the C & CX. Notice the very distinctive three-slat grille. Not made in huge numbers and now very rare.


Focus on the Marque (cont.)

Progress April/May 2019

7Y Saloon (1937-1939): Essentially a slightly updated version of the Model Y and naturally powered by the same 8hp side-valve engine.

E93A Prefect (1939-1949): Derived from the 7W and with the same 10hp motor. Available in tourer, two- and four-door saloons as well as a drophead coupe. Production continued after the war with the E493A.

E04A Anglia (1939-1948) The original Ford Anglia. Derived from the 7Y and went on to form the basis of the E494A and 103E Popular. Fitted with the 8hp engine.

E494A Anglia (1948-1953)Heavily based on its predecessor the E04A Anglia, the E494A had the same basic body shell with a sloping grille, not unlike the pre-war Ten. Not as rare as the E04A.

E493A Prefect (1948-1953) Naturally very similar to its pre-war predecessor the E93A, this model had headlamps built into its front wings, rather than bolted to the top of them. (Creating probably the ugliest Small Ford). Mainly four-door although twodoor and pick-ups were available in Australia.


Focus on the Marque (cont.)

Progress April/May 2019

103E Popular (1953-1959) The best-known side-valve Ford of the lot! The Popular was based on the E494A Anglia but presented in an even more basic form and, like its ancestor the Model Y, was for a time the cheapest car on sale in Britain.

Ford Anglia 100E (1953 - 1959) The 100E was Ford's first small car of unitary/monocoque construction like its bigger sister the Consul. The Ford Anglia easily identified as a 2-door car compared with the 4-door Prefect. Literally years ahead of the 'Uprights', the 100E was also available in estate form known as either the Escort or Squire.

Ford 100E Prefect (1953 - 1959) The four-door version of the twodoor Anglia 100E but mechanically identical. The Prefect boasted different trim embellishments such as 'The Aeroplane' bonnet motif rather than the Anglia's 'Arrow'. Like the Anglia, the Prefect also boasted hydraulic brakes rather than the mechanical set-up fitted to the Uprights.

Ford Popular (1959 - 1962): Another very successful strategy by Ford to provide the buying public with one of the cheapest cars on the market. Like its namesake this 'Popular' was also a costengineered Anglia and ran alongside the 105E Anglia.

So I’ve been a little self indulgent here with my own personal favourites, but now that you see the sort of thing that we want, perhaps you can draft/copy from a website a few words and photos about your favourite make or range. Please email your contribution and photos to me at .


Upcoming Events: Progress April/May 2019

April April 17: Auckland Branch Midweek Run starts from The Warehouse car park, Westgate. 10.00am for a 10.30am departure. It’ll be a “mystery Run”, I don’t quite know yet where we’ll finish, but come along. BYO lunch, it’ll probably be a shortish run, maybe finishing at a park ?

April 28: Northern Raid. Meet at club rooms at 10.00am for morning tea. Heading off on morning section after tea. Back for lunch (BYO) at 12.30pm. Afternoon section heads off at 1.30pm. Dinner provided with entry fee. Entry forms available from club rooms.

April 28: Classics and Caffeine at Smales Farm.

May May 4-5: Pukekohe Swap Meet May 4-5: Garage Sale 10.00—2.00 45 Ngarahana Ave, Paremoremo. All the cars have gone, this is the one and only clear-out of the large collection of miscellaneous mechanical components, body parts and extraneous tools of the late Captain Ian Bradley’s estate. Also on sale will be the bulk of his extensive motoring library. There are likely to be parts right across the range of BMC, Standard Triumph etc. First in first served, no reasonable offer refused, take it away on the day and cash is king! Contact Ian Goldingham Ph 09 445 8811.

May 15: Auckland Branch Midweek Run: Starts from the Drury Service Centre, Southern Motorway. 10.00am for a 10.30am departure. More details to follow but it could be a run to Thames. There are still some empty slots for the tour of A&G Price Foundry.

May 19 Triple Combined Run: (Wellsford/Warkworth, HBC Enthusiasts’ Club, Wellsford Warkworth) May 26th Caffeine and Classics: Smales Farm.

June June 12: North Shore Branch Annual General Meeting: Write the date in your calendar and make sure to come along to hear how your club is doing and indeed tell the committee what you’d like it to be doing.

Jun 19: Auckland Branch Midweek Run Starts from the Westgate Mall. 10.00am for a 10.30am departure. Jun 30: Auckland/North Shore Combined Rally Watch this space. More details to come. And don’t forget: North

Cape to Bluff Tour: 24 September - 18 October 2019: Contact: Paul Collins

for further details. Mob: 027 292 2204 or


Northern Raid Rally Sunday 28th April 2019

Progress April/May 2019

This year we are trying to create something similar to last year, with a shorter, more straightforward morning rally followed by a relaxed afternoon tour. Meet at our Mason’s Road Clubrooms around 10.00am for morning tea before heading off to the morning stage of the raid. We expect to return to the clubrooms around 12.30 for a BYO lunch. (Tea and Coffee available) We will then head away again at about 1.30pm for a nice scenic country cruise. The rally section will start and finish from our North Shore Clubrooms and will include a short timed section and the usual silent checks along the route. We will also have a touring route available in the morning for those who prefer a more relaxed day of sight -seeing. The afternoon run will be purely social to a place of interest. We plan to finish back at our club rooms around 4.30pm. Note that the whole event will be run on sealed roads: there will be NO gravel roads this year. We’ll then have chance to relax for a short while before dinner (Pre-paid with entry) is served around 6pm. The day will culminate with a prize-giving after dinner. We hope that you’ll join us on this our main calendar event of the season. We plan to offer an enjoyable days motoring and a friendly social evening over a relaxed dinner with friends old and new. Remember the winner does NOT have to plot next year’s event so please come along, support the North Shore Branch and have some fun doing so.


Northern Raid April 20th 2019 ENTRY FORM (Print this and complete your entry)

Progress April/May 2019

NAME: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………...…………………….. ADDRESS: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… PHONE: ………………………………………………

EMAIL: ……………………………………………………………………

MEMBERSHIP BRANCH: …………………………………………….MEMBERSHIP No ………………………………. DRIVER: …………………………………………… NAVIGATOR: ………………………………………………………………… VEHICLE MAKE: …………………………………………. MODEL …………………………………………………………….. YEAR OF MANUFACTURE..................................... RALLY SELECTION

COMPETITIVE/TOURING (Delete one please)

ENTRY FEE: (Per car, includes rally plaque)……………………………………..……………


DINNER @ $20.00 per head No. of diners (……..) x $20.00 Choice of Menu? Lamb: …… Beef : …. Chicken …. TOTAL PAYMENT:

=$.............. = $..............

Please deposit payment direct to 12-3072-0376473-00 Give your NAME as reference and NRAID as particulars Please tick box if payment made online OR PAY BY CHEQUE (Payable to North Shore Branch VCC) POST your entry form (and Cheque) to: Northern Raid Rally (c/o Neil Beckenham, 42 Poynter Lane, RD2, Silverdale 0992 ENTRIES CLOSE 18th APRIL 2019 Sunday 20th April Meet Clubroom @ 10.00

• • • •

First car away @10.30 BYO Lunch at clubrooms

Back to clubrooms by 4.30 Dinner served between 6.00pm


North Cape to Bluff Tour: Expressions of Interest Required.


Progress April/May 2019

Club Survey

Progress April/May 2019

We are keen to understand what you’d like to see from your club. Are we organizing the right sort of events? Do we give you the right information? Do we help you with your own project? How can we improve the value for money from your Membership Fee? Please study the list below and rate the ideas/events from 1—10 (1 is “Forget-it!” and 10 is “Yes-Please! Give us more” EVENT Garage raids Breakfast/run Lunch/Run Picnic/Run Dinner at Club Pizza night Film evening Guest speakers Ladies Day Run Rally type run Mystery weekend Mid-winter Christmas Combined runs with like-minded single make clubs Combined runs with our neighbour branches Gymkhana Poker Run Quiz night Touring runs day/overnight Guided Workshop Tours (Meet the restorers and talk about club projects) Any other ideas to improve your enjoyment and participation? Think big and wide! What would improve your enjoyment of the club? All (Legal) suggestions welcome


We would value your suggestions and thoughts and would very much appreciate if you would let us know of any local collections and special places of interest. Please give this form to any committee member or email the club as the close off date for this will be 1 June 2019 so we can present it at the AGM 13

Progress April/May 2019

Workshop Updates A brief update on all the current workshop projects. Achievements last month, plans for coming months.

The Chev : Tony Sparkes: Most of the windows have been fitted now. The current major task is the building of a complete new wiring loom to keep costs down and prevent any future electrical issues. Once the wiring is complete we can move forward to interior trim and seats. There remains a concern with the front suspension and we plan to look at that again shortly.

The Bedford AA Truck: Peter Lloyd: Following a few weeks of trial fitting guards and bonnet, we have a few welds to complete on the guards before we can move onto preparation for final finish. The interior of the cab is progressing well, with roof lining now fitted. We’ve had a few problems with the coverage of the AA yellow paint and we may need to add another coat to some areas are the cab.

The Bus: Clive Sandham: With great excitement the Dennis was started and driven for the first time in 40+ years only back and forth in the storage shed but at least it moved under its own power. Stiff steering is a major issue although it is coming easier with use. The drivers in 1923 must have been super fit. Just starting with the crank is a test of strength then driving with the 'Armstrong' steering they must have been shattered at the end of a day. Still small finishing jobs to go, as we decided to make the front driver windows open as they would have in 1923. We had the original fittings and grafted them in. Mainly just the painting now to finish where they have been fitted. We touched up painted where we moved the side lights so they can be remounted, Headlights are ready to go on. The seats are all marked out where to site them so we have to drill through then strengthen the floor under the mounts then we can lay the lino that we purchased some time ago. A few other bits like the rear bumper and entry step should see it finished.

The BSA Van: Neil Beckenham: Work has just started and we’ve carefully removed the canvas roof and its associated moulding and we are now removing the outer panels from the rear sides. At this stage we need to inspect the original wooden frame and to assess the amount of wood which will need replacement. So far the roof tongue and groove is rather deteriorated but the side framework is in rather good condition (being shed stored has certainly helped) . We hope to clear the area around this vehicle so no parts get mixed and are looking for volunteers to help. Please come down on a Thursday and talk to Neil.

The Wolseley: t.b.a. This project is on hold until we free up some space in the workshop by finishing either The Bedford, The Chev or the BSA. The bodywork looks in very good condition but when we acquired the vehicle we were told of issues with the clutch and head-gasket. Needless to say all mechanicals will need a full service. Interior leather and woodwork are in great condition but rubber seals have eroded.


Mech.Eng. 101: It’s all Nuts to me!

Progress April/May 2019

Most of us with vintage or classic vehicles will be very familiar with nuts and bolts. In this short article we’ll introduce a few of the more technical aspects of threads and introduce a few terms and definitions that might be useful. A screw thread is defined as a “ridge of uniform section in the form of a helix on either the external or internal surface of a cylinder”. Internal threads refer to those on nuts and tapped holes, while external threads are those on bolts, studs, or screws. The thread form is the profile of the thread, composed of the crest, root, and flanks. At the top of the threads are the crests, at the bottom the roots, and joining them are the flanks. The triangle formed when the thread profile is extended to a point at both crests and roots, is the fundamental triangle. The height of the fundamental triangle is the distance, radially measured, between sharp crest and sharp root diameters.

The distance measured parallel to the thread axis, between corresponding points on adjacent threads, is the thread pitch. Unified screw threads are designated in threads per inch. This is the number of complete threads occurring in one inch of threaded length. Metric thread pitch is designated as the distance between threads (pitch) in millimetres. On an internal thread, the minor diameter occurs at the crests and the major diameter occurs at the roots. On an external thread, the major diameter is at the thread crests, and the minor diameter is at the thread roots. The flank angle is the angle between a flank and the perpendicular thread axis. Flank angles are sometimes termed "half-angle" of the thread, but this is only true when neighbouring flanks have identical angles; that is, the threads are symmetrical. Unified screw threads have a 30° flank angle and are symmetrical. Therefore they are commonly referred to as 60° threads.


Its all nuts (continued) Progress April/May 2019

Pitch diameter is the diameter of a theoretical cylinder that passes through the threads in such a way that the distance between the thread crests and thread roots is equal. In an ideal product, these widths would each equal one-half of the thread pitch. An intentional clearance is created between mating threads when the nut and bolt are manufactured. This clearance is known as the allowance. Having an allowance ensures that when the threads are manufactured there will be a positive space between them. For fasteners, the allowance is generally applied to the external thread. Tolerances are specified amounts by which dimensions are permitted to vary for convenience of manufacturing. The tolerance is the difference between the maximum and minimum permitted limits. Coarse and Fine Threads (Which should I use?) Coarse Thread • • • • • •

Stripping strengths are greater for the same length of engagement Improved fatigue resistance Less likely to cross thread Quicker assembly and disassembly Tap better in brittle materials Larger thread allowances allow for thicker platings and coatings

Fine Thread • • • •

Since they have larger stress areas the bolts are stronger in tension Their larger minor diameters develop higher torsional and transverse shear strengths They can tap better in thin-walled members With their smaller helix angle, they permit closer adjustment accuracy

Numerous arguments have been made for using either fine or coarse threads; however, with the increase in automated assembly processes, bias towards the coarse thread series has developed. Editor’s Note: Please let me know if you would like more basic engineering articles like this? What subjects would you like to see covered? Are you able to draft an article in this series? Please drop me an email


Progress March 2018

Show and Rally Reports Brits and Euros Show: Pakuranga Over 1200 British and European Classics on display, but, as nice as they are, I personally dispute whether a 2019 Porsche or Alpha Romeo is a “Classic Car”. The Jaguar club were there en-masse with well over 150 vehicles on display. The MG Club had nearly 50, and although not a member I was herded towards their stand in my B-GT. There were quite a few branch members in attendance although I only spotted three club cars. (The Club Morris 8, Richard Brampton’s Austin 16/6 Clifton and my own MGB). My personal favourite was the little Austin Swallow on the Jaguar stand.

Mr Brampton’s Austin

Branch Posh Picnic: I didn’t attend, but by all accounts it was a fabulous day, with over 20 cars and 36 members in attendance.

Posh Picnic 2019

Camp Run-a-Muck A interesting mixed little event with a very eclectic collection of vehicles ranging from a couple of open wheel race cars, plenty of American Rods, a row of modern (tweaked) performance saloons through to a Citroen Light 15 that some genius had modded to squeeze in a big block Chevy.

Camp Run-a-Muck

Beach Hop: Whangamata Now I know that a number of members went to this this event, plenty of photos were taken and it was even covered in The Herald. Can I please have a few photos and some notes to publish in next month’s edition. (And indeed any other event that you’ve attended).


Model T Delivery Van at Run-A Muck

Progress March 2018

Gallery: Your Photos and Your Cars

Richard Brampton’s Austin 16/6 Clifton

Posh Picnic in full swing!

Posh Picnic

The Editor’s MGB-GT at Brits and Euros: Pakuranga

Tony Spark’s Austin 7 Chummy

Flashback: The Dennis Bus


Progress March 2018

Gallery: Your Photos

Peter Lloyd readies the Chevvy Fire Truck for Action

MOTAT Studios Fire Action

North Shore Mafiosi at the Posh Picnic

Perfect setting for a picnic

“I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than

So there’s style and then there’s

a frontal lobotomy”

that “Je ne sais quoi” 19

Progress March 2018

About Us Club Address: 40 Masons Rd, Albany Phone: 09-4792779: email: Website:

Club Nights: Every Wed from 7.30pm. Restoration Shed: Every Tuesday & Thursday Mornings 9am - 12pm Committee Meetings: Last Monday of the Month, 7.30pm Club Runs: Normally 1pm Start, 3rd Sun. of month. Always check the ‘Upcoming events’

Main Committee Chairman: Paul Collins 09-422-0500 or 027-292-2204 Vice Chairman: Kevin Lord 09-413-9157 or 027-235-0142 Secretary: Maurice Whitham 09-627-0310 or 027-296-9293

Treasurer: Ross Moon 09-426-1508 Club Captain: Richard Lloyd 09-420-5048 or 027-483-2898 Assistant Club/Captain: Neil Beckenham 09-426-5831 or 021-588-536 GENERAL COMMITTEE Members: John Tombs 09-478-5677 or 027-378-5590 Clive Sandham 09-486-6047 or 021-903-548 John Higham 09-478-7973 Barry Thomson 09-959-0206 Tony Sparkes 09-473-5828 or 027-499-5588 Peter Lloyd 09-426-7179 or 021-298-8795 Brian Cullen 09-443-4912 or 021-163-0686

Magazine Editor: Stuart Battersby: Tel: 022 471 2759: Email


Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

North Shore VCC - April 2019  

North Shore VCC - April 2019