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Classic Alpine tour 2018


October 2019

The North Otago Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Inc.

Meeting night 2nd October. Special guest Pam Milligan from the ANZ Bank is our speaker. Her topic is ‘Dealing with Scams Associated with Banking’. The scammers are always changing their methods (by phone, cell phone, internet and mail) so there will be some good advice for avoiding getting caught out Chairman’s Chat October 2019 Just got home from the Opening Day Rally ably organised by Derek Brehaut; just a gentle country ramble followed by a convivial barbeque. Sucks boo to you if you weren’t there because it was very enjoyable. Derek had a few clues for us to solve, however he had fewer clues about his left and right! He took the liberty of delightfully re-naming some localities as well; Herbit and Gremmel’s Crossing! Sounds a bit like a trip to Hobbiton. I mustn’t be too hard on Derek, after all he showed us all up by arriving in vice-regal style in his recently purchased mid-thirties Wolseley saloon. Lookin’ very swank, guv’na! Local knowledge saved the day because I had my secret weapon, Kathleen Perry doing my navigation, aaaargh Moriarty! (Remember the Goon Show?!) I had a brief look at Derek and Lee’s new conveyance and I must say I’m impressed. It has a quiet dignity in that coach-built style only the British could do so well back in the day. Roomy and understated interior with all of the gentlemanly comforts like discretely placed cigar ash receptacles, semi-concealed in the rear armrests. Bakelite dashboard in a geometric Art-Deco pattern, inlaid wooden door cappings, sunburst patterned leather door cards and a three colour duco finish to the exterior. Very stylish but not at all ostentatious; redolent of a country doctor or lawyer, dignified, authoritative but not at all brash. I’m in love! Another vehicle I watched at close quarters was John Adamson’s Karrier Van. A genuine workingman’s car, an honest-to-goodness no-frills tradesman’s transport. John suits the car perfectly with his tweed peaked cap perched at a rakish angle. It fits with his long history in the transport industry and I can see, in my mind’s eye, his wee blue van packed to the gunnels with spanners, ropes, hammers, strange tools only he know the purpose of, and a scramble of greasy spare parts, some new, some for the rubbish bin. Yep, a car for the man in dirty overalls, with his sleeves rolled up, ready to do battle with some wretched, broken down and overworked lorry. These days, John’s Karrier is enjoying a less taxing retirement, a new coat of paint and a pair of very shiny chromium plated bumper bars. Lovely. I suppose I’ve majored on one event, that’s because I’ve been away almost every weekend in the last month or so. Two weekends were spent going back and forth to Christchurch. Let me tell you about it, not that you really want to know. I went to Chch on a private matter and to visit my daughter. I had been aware of a noise in the back axle of my 1995 Jaguar since the National AGM which got worse over a short time. Surely it couldn’t be wheel bearings, I’d just had them replaced. It was, and the odds of finding a garage open on a Saturday were like all the lotto tickets I waste money on, reassuring myself that some girls’ soccer team get new kit with every ticket I buy. No I didn’t win this week’s 16 million, but then neither did you! I got lucky, found a garage, but had to take one bus trip to get home and another to pick up the Jag two weeks later. Grrrrr. And the bill was like being violently concussed with a wheel wrench. Apparently the previous local mechanic had assembled it incorrectly, but I wasn’t going to start World War Three with the chap. As he said himself “S**t happens!” I’m on credit now. Happy motoring, and thanks for all the voluntary club work you do. Make sure you buy a ticket for the Christmas Hamper off Gilbert! Write an article and put your hand up to run an event! Peter.

A Message from the Club President: Thank you to everyone that was able to take part in our National Day - the Daffodil Rally for Cancer. I am looking forward to reading about the various Branch events in the next Beaded Wheels. I took part in Central Hawke's Bay's event and we had a great day commencing with a public car show and then driving out to the Coast for a wonderful afternoon tea at a historic homestead. Thanks to all your efforts, I am absolutely delighted to announce that we have raised $75,000.00 for the Cancer Society! This total wouldn't have come about without a lot of hard work and volunteer hours, so well done to you all.

This means that we have donated a huge $175,000.00 over the last 3 years. I hope you are all as proud of this event as I am.

While we don't normally single out branches (as this event is about the collective total), I do want to mention Marlborough Branch who raised a massive $17,500 this year. What an amazing achievement from their Branch and just goes to show what can be done.

At the August AGM the decision was made to continue to support the Cancer Society as part of our National Day. We do take the feedback on board so keep sending any through to

The date for next year has been set for Sunday 23 August 2020 which is the Sunday before the Cancer Society's Daffodil Day on the 28th. I realise that this time of year is not the best weather-wise but we need to have our event close to Daffodil Day so as to benefit from their publicity and promotion.

Melissa is also going to send to all the Branch coordinators a draft email to go to their local Cancer Society to let them know how we went (if you want to use it).

Once again thank you for getting behind our National Day and this year's Daffodil Rally for Cancer. Kind regards

Diane Quarrie

National President

A cheerful group of 21 VCC club members and friends gathered at the Club Rooms for the mid Month Run . This is an interesting event as Verna must have been a Travel Agent in a past life . Our Verna always manages to take us to some interesting venues , not sure how she manages to find some of them . The backroads round about route to Waimate was a pleasant drive in brilliant sunshine with the countryside looking quite refreshed after the rainfall recently . It was also delightful to see the sheep with their lambs instead of cows and trees in the fence lines . Our destination was the Old Criterion Hotel in Waimate which is now called Artifacts Cafe and Restaurant which is decorated with a number of Artifacts . One of which was deemed to be a dinosaur photographed with our own "Dinosaur " Good food and tea or coffee was on the menu . The atmosphere was most enjoyable with one table enjoying the contents of an organised lady’s handbag in their coffee ! Not so good in tea but one was encouraged to have a marshmallow anyway . Good to see one of our "wounded" members attending although we were concerned to see the cat dive into the petrol station at Glenavy several people wondered if they would make it back there again before running out of fuel on the way home .We were assured that it was a wise person who always tied their shoe laces if they did not want an ambulance ride to Dunedin too ! The vehicles attending were a wide range of ages from a Model A Ford driven by a wind blown wild looking gentleman to very neat looking Rovers , a Morris Minor (beautiful blue ) , an immaculate Falcon , a Triumph and a Hillman whose car driver locked the car door when he got home and has spent a number of hours trying to unlock it . Finally achieved with some help from a friend but they don’t know how they did it. Men for you . There were also some interesting modern vehicles . Altogether a most enjoyable afternoon with sincere thanks to Verna yet again .

The Austin Flying A Car Club is holding it 11th National Rally in Rotorua on the 23rd - 26th October 2020 and we wish to invite any of your Austin Owners to Join us. Please find attached some information on the Rally for you to forward to your club members on our behalf If they or yourself have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on return e-mail or by phone 0274810000 (William) Regards Lorraine Long Secretary Austin Flying A Car Club.

The Nelson Biennial Rally is approaching us fast - - this Rally is looking to be a great event and weekend so come and join us Click on the link below, Print off your entry and email or post back to Jo Hoffman pronto

Note Entries must be in by 26th October Kind Regards Ray Ray Robertson - Editor Crankcase 03 5444481 or 0274340228

From Your Secretary In recent Correspondence we have received an invitation to visit Wynyard Estate Saffron, at Roxburgh, on one of their free tours, and learn about Saffron. South Canterbury Traction Engine & Transport have sent us their quarterly published magazine and Hawkes Bay Branch have sent a special invitation to Art Deco Weekend 2020. These notices along with two from our National President and our August Committee Meeting Minutes are all on the Notice Board. Diane Quarrie, our National President has informed us that Ed Boyd, a member of the Management Team has died and Diane has also thanked everyone for the effort put into Daffodil Day. There are also Entry Forms for the Annual Otago Branch Taieri Tour on the Notice Board. There were problems with sending out the September Distributor. The increased size along with a number of attachments (that very few members received) was too much to go onto my broadband connection. The Distributor was sent separately and hopefully some of the attachments can either go in the October Distributor or be resent. With a lot of help from Jerry Wing my broadband problem has been fixed. Last week I learnt that members who receive printed copies also didn’t receive their September Distributor! It would appear that NZ Post have lost all of them. Robin Crawford of Brackens went back to work on Saturday to re-print and re-send. Because of this members who receive a printed copy will receive the October Issue free of charge and the accounts will go out with the November Distributor. Regards Kathleen

Club Captains Report Spring is well and truly with us with the normal disturbed weather patterns around until we settle down for summer. Last club meeting Neil Rooney with help from several others, gave a very informative talk on “Buick around the World” which featured a factory car being driven around the globe in the 1920s. While the tour would take much longer if it was done now, it would take in many more countries with roads that are a lot better than what they would have been then. Last Sunday dawned a little on the cold side. Given the brilliant Saturday, we were hoping for a repeat for the Club Opening run. A small but happy group of about nine vehicles left the Club rooms armed with their cryptic clues running sheets. Unbeknown to both them and me, there were a few more cryptic clues than I had originally planned in the way of lefts and rights mixed up. A few wrong turns, but we all made it back in one piece. Needless to say I got a good ribbing and promise to do better next run. (Mainly because Clive is doing it) Overall, feedback was pretty positive and everyone enjoyed the day out, unplanned excursions included. Those that chose to, stayed for a BBQ afternoon tea and a good chat. The next run is the annual Teapot rally with the Waimate branch scheduled for Sunday the 20th October. Please lock this into your calendar and let’s have a good turnout. There is a separate poster in this issue with full details. I would encourage as many as possible to turn out at Waimate for the full day. November is our annual Swap Meet followed in December by the Windsor Rally. We have also collated the planning day information and there are a lot of potential runs identified. My plan is to have a draft schedule of proposed events ready for our October monthly meeting for members to take away and comment on, with a final yearly plan in place by the November meeting Derek Upcoming events are; Teapot rally 20th October See poster in this issue of the Distributor Swap Meet 16th of November - Site applications available from the NOVCC Secretary (Kathleen) Windsor Rally December

Opening rally

Adventures of an Old Restorer. My Morris has not been on a club run yet, two reasons, first the diff and then the weather. The Car is finished, having said that, I am one of those people that believe in the maxim."if its not broke and works don't muck about with it", but it did not quite work this time. Running the car up on blocks from Ist to top gear the rear diff seemed OK so I did not do anything to it except change the oil, but when we at last took her for a good test run, everything was OK up to 20mph but when we got going and reached 48mph the noise was unbearable, I thought of wearing ear muffs. Took the diff out and found the crown wheel and pinion was stuffed, along with a couple of bearings, nobody locally had a diff so I rang the Morris 8 Club in Hornby, Christchurch, and the store man found me one, he did not know what condition it was in, I bought it on a "suck it and see" basis. If it's no good bring it back and we will find you another one. The way all second hand scrap yards work. It was sent down in an old 10lt paint bucket complete with handle for the courier, turned out to be as quiet as a lamb, I wonder if I could return my earmuffs!! Took her for a test run, reached 52mph without any noise and no vibrations. The ratio of the new diff is higher than the old one perhaps thats why I reached 52 this time instead of 48!!! I was going to take her on the Opening Run but the weather was not good in the morning, although it did brighten up later. The tea pot rally is coming up soon, if the weathers OK it will be her first club outing, Watch this space. All the best to you all, Clive.

FOR SALE FORD Prefect 1951 (ford 10) Good body, minor chassis rust. Four new Excelsior tires. 100km…. New front exhaust pipe & elec fuel Pump. Front window regulator fixed. Spares.:- gearbox, motor, front axle. Ph 021 0266 4592 Ian Bradshaw $1500 ONO Located Oamaru

Auckland Branch PO Box 75-742 Manurewa Auckland 2243 Club Captain


Events Co-ordinators

William Hancock Lorraine Long

William Hancock

The Austin Flying A Enthusiasts Car Club is holding its 11th National Rally on the 23rd – 26th October 2020 (Labour Weekend) in Rotorua and would like to invite any Austin Owners to join us. The agenda for the weekend is: Friday Night: Registration from 4pm onwards We will also be having a small BBQ for anyone who would like to join us. Cost per person to be advised (starting 6.30 pm). Please note that this is a basic BBQ (does not include dessert). BYO Drinks Saturday: Car Display Afternoon activity BBQ Dinner cost per person to be advised (starting 6.30pm) BYO Drinks Sunday: Group Photo Car run to a point of interest Afternoon at your own leisure Dinner and Prize giving If you wish to attend without an Austin, you may join in the car display in a Classic or Vintage Car, all moderns will need to be parked on the road. The photo shoot will be for Austin’s cars then a group photo with all cars attending. All cars must have a current WOF and Registration, if taking part in this Rally. Registration forms will be available later this year, early next year. If you are interested in attending or have any questions please contact us via E-mail or Phone listed below E-mails: Phone: 0274810000 William (Club Captain / Events Coordinator) 09 2967554 (please leave a message) Lorraine (Secretary) Hoping to see you there Yours sincerely 11th Bi Annual National Rally Organisers


Come to Napier and join the HBVCC for Art Deco Weekend 2020 from February 20th -23rd. Kindly sponsored again this year by Euro City Ltd In 2020 the Featured Group will be an A-Z of Motor Vehicles. We are aiming to have a motor vehicle representing each letter of the alphabet. This may be a make or model. There will be a mixture of cars, commercials and motorcycles. Also we expect a mix of veterans, vintage and PV’s… manufactured in UK, Europe and USA. We currently have several cars coming in 2020 that have not been to ADW before. These include NZ’s second Duesenberg, our first L29 Cord, and a Stutz to name a few. We are still looking for a “Napier” vehicle to represent the letter “N”. I am also trying to find the owner of the Willys Knight roadster circa 1929-31 era that has the unusual paint design on the doors. We would also like to get leads on vehicles or vehicle models starting with letters Q, U, X, Y, Z. Please email any leads or ideas to asap. For 2020 the annual rally is again on Friday and we plan to have a touring run plus a picnic lunch at a great lunch venue. On Saturday we will have the morning tea and car show and popular choice at the HBVCC clubrooms, followed by the grand parade. Sunday events include a breakfast surprise at the HBVCC clubrooms and the Gatsby picnic in the afternoon. There are many other ADT events to choose from on Friday and Saturday nights. Come and join the other 180 plus club eligible vehicles we expect to enter the 2020 Event. Go to the HBVCC website for an Entry Form. ( Entry forms for 2020 are available now. Accommodation in Napier is already filling up for Art Deco Weekend so book now to avoid disappointment. We suggest you plan to arrive in Napier on Thursday 20th so you can attend the Dinner at the Clubrooms that evening. We have prizes for the best dressed couples again this year. Contacts: STEVE TROTT STEVE DONOVAN

The Southland Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand extends a warm welcome to entrants in the 53rd Arrowtown Motorcycle Rally to be held on the 9th and 10th November 2019. Rally organisers, P.O Box 1240, Invercargill 9840 To enter on our website – click on: Or Google - Southland Vintage Car Club – To Enter Online 1973 Triumph 2000 Manual 103,000 km In good condition Price negotiable Contact Jim 4372525

Totara Tea Time Specials! What Ho?! The world famous in Oamaru, Totara Estate is holding the esteemed Totara Tea Time Specials during the Upcoming Season!

Every 2nd Sunday ,October to May Scrumptious! Delicious!

• • • •

State Highway 1 8km south of Oamaru Oamaru 9492

Contact Information • Phone: +64 3 433 1269 • Email: • URL:

For Sale/ Wanted ads Keep those ads coming. Remember these ads are read by members of other branches and car clubs.

Parts Department Open Mondays

10 – 12noon

Starts with a Cuppa. For Sale Hillman side valve – motor and diff. X 2 Morris 100 motors, gearbox and diff. E.I.P. Vauxhall guards and panels, bonnets and spats. Chevrolet – bonnets and guards, motor parts & axles, diffs. Come along Monday 10.00am for a cuppa. Bring along an item for a shared morning tea plate. Jim, Ralph, Bob. Enquiries call Jim Boaden (03) 4372525 Bob Jenkins (03) 4270932 Ralph Weir (03) 4345103

SMALL BYTES COMPUTING For All Your Computing Needs New systems, repairs

3 Otepopo St Herbert Ph 4395197 0274358983

Printer & Fax servicing

Items for the Newsletter can be posted or dropped off to 6 Waiareka lane, off Saleyards road Or emailed to

Newsletter submissions. Preferred formats are Open-office, Libre-office or MS Word as an attached document. Plain emails create extra work. Please, no “enter� key at the end of every line. Contact me for advice if not sure. Thanks, Graeme




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Club email address rd Committee Meetings 3 Tuesday of the month., Club Nights 1st Wednesday of the month (details in The Distributor)

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North Otago VCC - October 2019  

North Otago VCC - October 2019