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Issue : April 2019

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20th & 21st April ’19

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We have a vehicle display at this year's Air Show and require 40 vehicles, these must be pre 1965. First in will get 2 tickets for 2 days. We require vehicles for both Saturday Sunday. Those accepted will need to be at the gate at 08:30 where tickets will be supplied please come in through right hand lane to airfield.

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Chairman’s Report First let me thank Bill and his team of helpers for clearing out the museum and getting it ready for the painter. As you can all see it has tidied up the walls and the floors a good job well done. After the carpet is done we will move to the outside with painting and tidying up the signs etc, this will cost a few dollars but we have over the last year or so put aside money knowing that all this had to be done sometime.

At last Wednesday’s morning tea I said that I didn’t want our elderly members climbing trees or getting on roofs of sheds etc, this was a safety message not one to say you are useless, but thank you Ted for your efforts in cutting back branches overhanging the parts shed etc. If I was in the trenches in war time you are the type of bloke I would want along side me with your grit and determination. Over the last few meetings of your committee we have been talking about how we can reward some of our members for the contribution that they have made to this branch over many, many years and helping us to make this branch what it is today, the envy of many. “Wow” isn’t lovely to have some soft chairs to sit on, a big thank you goes to Earl and Rose. They have obtained a further 54 chairs for $160 , thank you. I can’t help but be amazed at the results that comes out of parts dept thanks to Earl and his merry men. Thank you Chris for attending the executive meeting in Wellington on our behalf. Lastly I see our National Motorcycle Rally Committee finished up on the right side of the ledger “well done people” a real credit to this branch and yourselves. Don’t forget our AGM May 19th at 1.30. If you think you can make a contribution please don’t be afraid to put your name forward for any position. VINTAGE MOTORING,

Kelly 4

Club Captain’s Report Everything was happening in March! The Country Shows, the Mussel Festival, Pats Car Show and the Scenicland Rally. The latter, not up to their normal high standard. It's the time to start rounding up cups and trophies, so please would you return them to Clubrooms. By the time you receive this we would have had the overnight trip to Kaikoura. On the 14th April the bus and train trip to Picton and back is booked out. But on the same day we also have the reopening of the Seddon railway station and cafe, and the first trip of the Marlborough Flyer to Seddon. They would appreciate some vintage cars to be there for interest, so if you could make it by 12noon it would be great. There are still some spare places on trip to Durville Island for lunch and a cool beer. Please phone me if you are interested, and we also need to start getting money in for the boat. Bob O’Malley

Club Captain

Update from Your Social Convenor The year is passing us by, into the 4th month already and the days are getting shorter also we have had some rather cold mornings. March has been reasonably quite, on the 9th March we had a luncheon for 40 people from the North Island (here as part of a 6 day tour of the South Island) and the 29th was our Natter & Noggin night of Ham Steak & Salad with the pot luck dessert brought some really yummy desserts to share. Don't forget the Natter & Noggin night is a chance for everyone to come along and enjoy a chatter with other members and the opportunity for the wives to meet. April 29th Natter & Noggin will be a Pot Luck Quiche/Pie night. All Members Welcome Cheers from the Kitchen



Secretary’s Scribblings Another month has gone by, and gee, isn’t it cooler in the mornings now. I had to bring the Model A into Blenheim on Wednesday for a visit to the electrical doctor to get the indicators sorted. Left home on Queen Charlotte Drive at 7.30 am and I was rugged up like Scott in the Antarctic. But of course, I had the hood down! By the time you read this, Daylight Saving would have come to an end so winter must be on the way!! Some of us would have also been on the overnight road trip to Kaikoura to meet up with fellow enthusiasts from Canterbury. Thanks to Cath Millar for organising this wee jaunt. From our Committee Meeting on Wednesday. As you will notice the museum has had a lick of paint and it is looking smart. Also, the outside end of the building will also be painted to protect it from the elements. The motorcycle rally aftermath has pretty much wound up now, with just a few last-minute accounts to be paid. The group who organised this event did a great job and returned a small profit for the Branch. Around the grounds, there has been some trimming of some of the larger trees behind the sheds by a few of our more intrepid members who wanted to get the job done. No one has fallen anywhere yet so let us all touch wood that it stays that way! The shrubs around Harris Glade will also get a good haircut and a thin out in the very near future. This area has become quite overgrown with a lot of self-sown plants. Did you know that there is a light on a pole in the midst of one lot of trees there? Kelly has had the signs around the grounds repainted and sign written, so thanks for that, Kelly. A decision has been made to have signs made in the Museum that there is to be no starting and running of vehicles inside the building. This is for the obvious reason that those in the building do not want to be gassed by the exhaust fumes from these elderly…….. cars! The Carpets in the Redman room are soon to be cleaned. This was decided some time ago, but we have held off until the Motorcycle rally was over. Those of you who have been in the Redman room in the last week may have noticed we have some new chairs. I was asked by the committee to get quotes to replace some of the chairs with more comfortable ones. I duly did this and 6

found out prices were about $100 each. Kelly was talking to Earl and Rose one day, and this came up. Rose went onto Trademe and in quick time, found two lots of chairs, about 50 in total for $2 or $3 each. So, a great vote of thanks goes to Rose for this effort. We tried to thank Earl, but he said there was no point thanking him as he didn’t even know how to turn the computer on! Linda Laing has set up a Website for the Branch. It is at Go and have a look, and any suggestions would be gratefully received. Some of you would have seen Linda’s photos on line in the past. There will now all be on our website. Our branch AGM is coming up on Sunday 19 May. Elsewhere in the Viewpoint will be information about this, and nomination forms. If you are at all interested in the running of our great branch, please consider putting yourself up for election onto the committee.

Welcome to our newest members ... Carol Mason and Peter Kuipers. They have a 1905 Vindec Special Motorcycle which had belonged to Carols Dad from new. Ian and Helen Horgan, who have a 1968 VW Beetle. David and Ruth McConnell who have a 1930 Ford AA truck and a 1929 Ford Model A Phaeton. Kevin and Alison Murray, who have a 1923 Ford Model T. Peter Allen, who has a 1928 Chevrolet National AB. Scott Murray with a modern Jaguar. We also have Brent Cameron from Picton who has transferred into the branch form Canterbury. So a very warm welcome to these new arrivals, and I hope you will join us for our runs, our morning teas each Wednesday at 10 am and our Noggin and Natters on the last Friday evening of each month where we get together for a meal and a drink and tell more lies, or should I say stories about what we get up to. Have a pleasant month of vintage motoring. Chris Bird


From the Blokes in the Shed‌ At last, after many years searching, I found and bought a pair of "Bombay Bloomers" to complete the Majors desert kit for the Air Show, coming up shortly. In case you're not aware, the afore mentioned garb are light weight khaki shorts with built in air conditioning that make my legs look like sticks, as if they're not skinny enough as it is. Our members once again have responded to support this wonderfully unique NZ event, I love it and haven't missed one yet. Another positive month has passed in the shed with much good progress being performed by the blokes. Chris Bird take a bow for taking a trailer load of tyres off us, really appreciated. Thanks John Anders for putting your land up and painting our tatty scrap metal bin. Looks good, well done. Thanks also John Johnson for levelling off the soil, ready for grass seed in front of the garage. It all takes time and effort by our members, but the end result makes it all worth while. The movement of parts in both directions is steady and always appreciated. At Ease, relax, enjoy yourselves. Cheers The Major


Craig Noble 027 577 5166 Phone: 03 577 5166 Fax: 03 577 5165 40 Park Tce, Blenheim

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Brief report on discussion at VCC Executive meeting in Wellington on 23rd March. One that is very interesting is the Registrars report which outlines the VCC interaction with other historic motoring clubs throughout the world. There is real concern, coming from the Europe countries about the foreseeable banning of our types of vehicles from public roads because of the use of Fossil fuels and perceived pollution, where there is a HUGE push for all to be electric or hybrid vehicles on our roads by 2040, and some countries and manufactures are heading for this by 2030, only 11 years away. Unfortunately, where Europe goes, NZ will follow, so the VCC being the historic vehicle authority in NZ needs to be and are aware of this and are being proactive here to see this does not become law in NZ. There is a copy of this on the notice board, but if you want a copy let me know and I can print off or email it to you. On a positive note, after over an hour’s discussion and debate, the Executive have passed a resolution, that there will be a separate National motorcycle Rally in 2021, which will be hosted by the Wairarapa branch. This was going to be incorporated into the Vero International Festival of Motoring being held in Taranaki in January 2021, but there had been a huge pushback by motorcyclists, and wisdom prevailed. It was interesting to note that every branch voted for this change, with 5 votes against coming from some of the management committee. We had a presentation from the Rally organisers of the Vero International Festival of Motoring. Things are progressing with most of the rally routes have been sorted. There will be 4 days motoring and 1 day’s static display all based in New Plymouth in January 2021. We need to make an effort to publicise this event to our members, and flyers will be coming out soon. The website to go to make an early indication of registration is http:// Also, on here are details of two accommodation providers who are offering discounted accommodation to rally entrants. This is a very brief resume of what was talked about from 10am to 5pm.


Vintage Car Club of NZ Marlborough Branch Inc



Sunday 19th May 2019

To be held in the Redman Room Marlborough Branch Clubrooms Meeting Commences at 1-30pm. Agenda:

Apologies Minutes 2018 AGM Annual Reports Financial Statement Election of Officers

General Business Members please bring a plate for afternoon tea at the conclusion of the AGM.

Chris Bird Secretary MBVCC 11

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Marlborough Branch AGM AGM of the Marlborough Branch of the Vintage Car Club Of New Zealand (Inc) to be held in the Redman Room VCC clubrooms, Brayshaw Heritage Park Sunday 19th May 2019 at 1.30pm

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Nomination Forms

Please fill out nomination forms for the following positions. Chairman; Club Captain; Secretary; Treasurer and up to six committee members

I Hereby nominate For the position of Proposed by -

Seconded by Accepted ..................................................................................................................... I Hereby nominate For the position of Proposed by Seconded by Accepted .................................................................................................................................. Nomination forms should be sent to the: Secretary Marlborough Branch VCC P O Box 422 Blenheim 7240 Or alternatively inserted in the locked nomination box held in the Redman Room, Or email to 14



VCC Heart Defibrillator AED Mobile App There have been suggestions that the recently purchased Heart Defibrillator should be listed in the mobile phone AED app. However this Defibrillator is only accessible when the Club rooms are open and then it may have been taken along on a Club rally run hence is not available 24/7 for Public use. To have it included in the AED app would only cause delay & confusion if a member of the Public tried to access it. According to the App, a Defibrillator is available at the Marlborough Museum 24/7.

TARGA HAWKES BAY UPDATE Hi Everyone - A quick update re this year's events. 1. Targa Hawkes Bay (Fri 17th - Sun 19th May)-: The few Time Trial entries we had have now all transferred to the main time trial event in October, so the Time Trial component of Targa Hawkes Bay has been cancelled. The good news however is that the 3 local VCC branches associated with the Targa Hawkes Bay route (Rotorua, Hawkes Bay & Central Hawkes Bay) have all confirmed interest in assisting with car display & other activities during Targa Hawkes Bay. This offer is very much appreciated & I've forwarded contact details for each branch to Raewyn Anderson from Targa NZ for direct communication. VCC branch car displays at Targa venues will also be a great opportunity to raise public awareness of VCC & hopefully attract some new & younger members, as we did in the South Island last year. 2. Targa NZ Central/Lower North Island (Tues 29th Oct - Sun 2 Nov with scrutineering/documentation Mon 28th Oct)-: The Time Trial component for this event is definitely all go with several entrants having taken advantage of the "Super Early Bird Discount" (which was available until the end of February). VCC members with VCC eligible cars are still entitled to a 30% discount on the "Standard" entry fee however. (This special discount for VCC members is not advertised on the Targa website, so be sure to note your on-line "Application to Compete" as "VCC Time Trial"). Refer "2019 Events/Event Regulations/2019 Targa Time Trial Terms & Conditions". A further discount of $200 + GST is available for South Island Time Trial entrants to assist with transport expenses & Mates Rates & Family Rates discounts may also be available. Refer 2019 "Events/Event Pricing" for further details. 16

3. RallySafe-: Some entrants have contacted me re buying & fitting RallySafe GPS tracking & timing equipment essential for the October 2019 Targa Time Trial event. Thanks to the assistance of Buck Buchanan (NZ Rep for RallySafe Australia), Targa Time Trial entrants need only buy & fit the power cable prior to the event. The rest, (display unit, suction cup, connector plus 3 in 1 antenna), may be hired from RallySafe, as we did in 2018. Those entrants from 2018 who already have a power cable fitted to their car need only pay the $50 hire fee. Please order & pay directly to Buck - Don't forget to include your delivery address for cable (if required) . Details in his email below-: Confirming cost and procedures for Targa Time Trial entrants for 2019. They only need to buy and fit their own power cable (if they don't already have one from 2018). This cable must be wired so it has a continuous 12 volt power feed (regardless of whether the vehicle is switched on or off), to ensure all safety features are operating for the entire event. An in-line 3 amp fuse must also be fitted. Power cables are available from me direct at a cost (including GST), of $32.00 for a 3 mtr lead or $40.00 for a 5 mtr lead.They must be wired so they have a bit of spare lead at the front windscreen. RallySafe will hire the display unit, suction cup, connector plus 3 in 1 antenna which sits on top of the unit. The hire fee is $50.00 per car. Our staff will oversee and assist fitting these to the cars before/during scrutineering in Taupo Monday 28th October so that the units are in the correct place without compromising any features of the vehicle. Total fee including GST for all above is either $82 (purchase of 3 mtr lead + hire of RallySafe display unit, suction cup, connector & antenna) or $90 (purchase of 5 mtr lead + hire of RallySafe display unit, suction cup, connector & antenna). We've had vast experience fitting these units to many cars for events in NZ, Australia and Japan, and our staff can fit them with no damage or alterations to the vehicle. Entrants need only email their order with delivery address to and pay the total amount for cable purchase plus RallySafe hire. I'll supply them the cable and answer any queries they may have. RallySafe bank account for payment of orders prior to dispatch is named RS1NZ, account number 02-0719-0007924-000. Don't forget delivery address for cable. Cheers, Buck Buchanan, 027 497 5675 17

4. Need a Co-Driver/Navigator? I know of a couple of good potential volunteers for any driver keen to enter but currently without a co-driver/navigator. Please contact me asap & I'll put you in touch. 5. Please Forward-: Please forward this email to as many as possible & encourage them to join VCC (if not already members), to take advantage of significant savings for the drive of a lifetime!! Any queries or assistance required please contact me. Regards, Rod Corbett. +64 27 433 8772

Motorcycle Rally Update Quick update on the next National rally, we have just heard from Chris Bird that the National exec have backed down, every branch delegate at the meeting voted against the Vero option and an exemption is to be made allowing the motorcycle rally and the Vero rally to be held in the same year but separately. The next National motorcycle rally will be in 2021 hosted by the Wairarapa branch. Cheers


MOTORCYCLE EVENTS COMING UP SATURDAY April 13TH Ulysses ambulance appeal. Assemble at Brayshaw Park at 10.30 and leave shortly thereafter. Note changes of day and time from our normal times. Refer motorcycle notes Sunday May 19th Leave Brayshaw Park at 11am for Canvastown. Back up driver required. 18

VEHICLE VALUATIONS Classic, vintage vehicles and all Trucks. For Insurance, Tax man, Lawyers. 35 years' experience with valuations in Nelson & Marlborough Area give me a call and I will come to you. Patrick Pascoe City Motors Ltd RMVT Phone 0274421786

MOTORCYCLE NEWS The March ride took us up the Waihopai Valley as far as the Waihopai Dam and return. Along section of rough road works took the gloss off the ride for some but no one unintentionally dismounted. 13 motorcycles, one club eligible car and the back up made the trip. Lunch was had at Fairweather’s following the return to town. In the March newsletter we advised there would be no ride in April owing to our normal Sunday clashing with Easter and the Omaka Air Show which some of our riders attend. We had some negative reaction to skipping the April ride so we have resurrected what used to be an annual outing. We will be taking part in the Ulysses Clubs annual ambulance appeal ride. We will leave Brayshaw Park as a group and meet up with the Ulysses riders at the Picton Marina. As the May ride clashes with the Branch AGM which I need to attend we will need a back up driver for that ride. It is not easy, impossible in fact, to have twelve different roads to ride over in the course of a year so Glenn and I would welcome any suggestions for an interesting venue particularly collections of motorcycles for the annual garage run in June. Glenn 19

FOR SALE - CARS 1950 Morris 6 WOF’d with new Rego Sound original Car, goes very well, in daily use. Last Owner has had it 42 Years!

$7,000 ono Contact: Frank Lacey M: 021 292 4512

1910 DARRACQ Very Rare, Superb Condition, Electric Start

$75,000 ono Contact: Richard P: 03 572 9229 E:

1973 MGB soft top 85,000 miles on clock Four speed manual no overdrive Registered with vintage car club NZ Rego till end March 2019 New professional hood approx. five years ago  Four champiro VP1 tyres travelled less than 250 kms  Will include car cover & workshop manual  Very tidy condition for its 46 years $12,000 Chat to Jock Douglas on Wednesday mornings or phone Craig Douglas P: 0274 331 997     


1929 Ford Truck Ken's Ford Truck 1929 Contact Greg Lavender for more information P: 027 223 3071 E:

1988 Daimler Sovereign Many parts have been replaced. I would like to swap or trade for a project motorbike to the value of $5,000

Please contact Jim for more information P: 0273010665 or 03 572 8577

Morris 8 Series E 1939 Tidy light Yellow/green paint. Good tyres and tidy interior. Reg & WOF Price negotiable Ph Allan 03 5788658

Hillman 10 1939 In good condition.

$8000.00 ono Contact Oliver P: 03 578 5939


Good Buys from the Shed 

Older wooden trailer, Steel tow bar in good tidy usable condition.

No Rego or Warrant.

Offers to the Blokes in the Shed

Concrete mixer with electric motor.

Plenty of work left in this unit.

Offers to the Blokes in the Shed

1951 Morris Minor restoration project.


At the Shed

Morris Marina good body, vinyl roof. Work done on motor and engine bay. Offers to the Blokes in the Shed around



New Parts’ In the Shed Morris Minor 1000 motor and gearbox

complete and was running nicely when removed from car. A nice unit $500 can be viewed at the shed.

Morris 1100 saloon. Was a runner when it arrived. Offers to Blokes in Shed around $300. Austin Cambridge 1600cc Mid 60s parts car. Offers to the Blokes in the Shed

GENERAL FOR SALE Engine block assembly Carousel for sale – offers contact Stan on 5775509 or E:

WANTED TO BUY Retro Caravan to do up. 4 berth, (1 double and 2 singles) with sound chassis. If you have one you are wanting to sell, please give me a call. Thanks Caroline 03 5757978 or 021 236 4696

PURCHASING PARTS from THE SPARES SHED On Wednesdays the shed and parts members are on site well into the afternoon. Any parts advertised for sale from the Parts Shed are able to be inspected on Wednesday mornings. If you are unable be at the shed on Wednesday morning’s or are from another NZ Branch and are interested in purchasing any of the listed parts please contact one of the “after hours" contacts; Earl Preston P: 03 577 7839 Tris Winstanley P: 03 578 3343 Tiger Lyons P: 03 578 9139 Roger Millard : P: 03 578 4464


The Historic Vehicle Authority of NZ The Vintage Car Club of NZ (INC.) The Historic Vehicle Authority of NZ The Vintage Car Club of NZ (INC.) The 2019 VCC code for discounts with Interislander are as follows: Off Peak Fares:

Each Way

Adult $47.00 Children $25.00 Motorcycle $40.00 Car/Van/Trailer up to 5.5 metres $124.00 Trailer-Each half metre over 5.5 metres $20.00 Premium Plus Lounge $55.00 18yrs plus Off Peak Travel Dates 01 March – 17 April 19 24 April – 15 December 19 Peak Fares: Each Way Adult $52.00 Children $25.00 Motorcycle $50.00 Car/Van/Trailer up to 5.5 metres $137.00 Trailer-Each half metre over 5.5 metres $22.00 Premium Plus Lounge $55.00 18yrs plus Peak Travel Dates 01-28 February 19 18-23 April 19 Booking conditions and instructions for members are: • Each reservation must be made direct with Interislander online using the special link below– • book/fares-anddiscounts/group-bookings/. • To access these rates members must insert the reference “WH5465” • Payment is required at the time of booking. • Space is subject to availability at the time of the booking request. • Refunds Once paid for fares are 90% refundable if cancelled prior to check-in and non-refundable if cancelled after check-in. • Fares valid for specified dates only • Members are required to present their current NZ Vintage Car Club Membership credentials on check in or retail fares will be charged.

Fares valid for travel 01 February through to 15 December 19 No discounted fares for travel 16 December 18 through to and including 31 January 19 Bookings over this will need to be made online.


BLUEBRIDGE COOK STRAIT FERRY Discount code: ANTIQUECAR Valid Travel Dates: Between now and 30 June 2019 excluding peak season between 15 December and 15 January plus Easter Weekend. Discounted Fares: 10% off all available fares Promotion Terms & Conditions • Members must present a current Vintage Car Club of New Zealand membership card upon check-in as proof of eligibility to Bluebridge staff. Failure to do so will result in a fare difference being required to be paid prior to boarding. • Full payment is required at time of booking. • Transferring to a sailing outside of the discounted offer period will require an additional payment to match the available fares. Bookings can be made online at by entering the promo code above or by calling 0800-844-844 (8am to 8pm, 7 days), and quoting the promo code. Normal fare rules regarding refunds and cancellations apply. Full Bluebridge ticket terms & conditions can be viewed at

CLUB MERCHANDISE The following badges are produced and sold by the Branches as follows: Bumper Badges: Brass or Nickel plated Hawke's Bay Branch PO Box 3406 Napier 4142 Jacket/Blazer Badges: Cloth Eastern Bay of Plenty Branch VCC of NZ Inc. PO Box 2168 Kopeopeo Whakatane 3159 Lapel Badges: V.C.C. General Wellington Branch PO Box 38-418 Wellington 5045 Car Rally Number Holders Ashburton Branch (Check branch for sizes) PO Box 382 Ashburton 7740 V.C.C. Motorcyclist Wairarapa Branch VCC of NZ Inc. PO Box 7 Masterton 5810 Number Plate Frames South Island Distributor North Otago Branch PO Box 360 Oamaru 9444 North Island Distributor Manawatu Branch PO Box 385 Palmerston North 4440 VCC Winged Vehicle Stickers Central Otago VCC of NZ Inc. 100 year vehicle badges Please refer to Section 40G for the appropriate application The Vintage Car Club of NZ PO Box 2546 Christchurch 8140

NZ VCC Branch Newsletters Branches no longer post copies to other branches. We now receive these from Head Office VCC via email. These are printed along with our newsletter and a hard copy is at the clubrooms for your to read. If you would like to read these online go to then, News from our Branches Each of the branches newsletters are available for download

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Marlborough BRANCH OFFICERS Branch Spokesperson Kelly Landon-Lane (Janice) 578 9907

Newsletter Editor Chris de Wagt (Mac) 577 7238 E:

Club Captain Bob O’Malley (Shirley)

572 8380

Patron Trevor Harris (Doreen)

Newsletter Distribution Barry & Margie Wilson

578 1587

578 4142

Secretary Chris Bird (Sharon)

574 2318

Parts Custodians Earl Preston (Rose) Tris Winstanley (Helen)

577 7839 578 3343

Motorcycle Section Rep Trevor Harris (Doreen) Glenn Harris (Paula)

578 4142 577 6453

Museum Custodians Mike Gray (Karen) Bill Nicholas (Dale) Wayne Frew (Carol) Denny Greer (Audrey) Ross Kennington (Rona) Don Laing (Linda) Colin Grant (Mariann) John Monson (Dot) Earl Preston (Rose)

578 1435 578 4322 579 4819 578 1895 578 1332 579 4865 578 7894 578 9044 577 7839

Model A Custodian Johnny Johnson (Janet)

578 6489

Librarian Barry Wilson (Margie)

578 1587

Health & Safety Officer Ed Matkin (Julie)

572 8008

Chair Person Kelly Landon-Lane (Janice) 578 9907 Treasurer David Bool (Janice)

579 4716

Committee Ed Matkin (Julie) John Monson (Dot) Bill Nicholas (Dale) Robb Galloway (Adele) Dale Nicholas (Bill) Don Laing (Linda)

572 8008 578 9044 578 4322 578 2395 578 4322 579 4865

Model T Custodian Don Jamieson Ben Habershon

578 2319 578 4452

Examiners Ron Hebberd (Shirley) Ray Fairweather (Lyn ) David Kemp (Debbie)

575 7196 578 6841 578 6270

Social Convener/Kitchen Administrator Dale Nicholas (Bill) 578 4322 Beaded Wheels Scribe Carroll Wiblin (Graham)

578 8418

Grounds Administrator John Monson (Dot)

578 9044

Photographer Linda Laing (Don) 579 4865


Tiger Lyons (Eileen) Roger Millard

578 9139 578 4464

Delegates to the Executive Kelly Landon-Lane (Janice) 578 9907 Chris Bird (Sharon) 574 2318 Brayshaw Park Admin Delegates David Bool (Janice) 579 4716 Don Laing (Linda) 579 4865 Kelly Landon-Lane (Janice) 578 9907 Robb Galloway (Adele) 578 2395 Clubrooms Phone :

578 0616

COMING EVENTS CALENDAR This Month…. April 13th Ulysses ambulance appeal. Assemble at Brayshaw Park at 10.30 and leave shortly thereafter. Note changes of day and time from our normal times. Refer motorcycle notes for more detail. April 14th Marlborough Flyer. Bus leaves Blenheim railway station 10am for Picton to catch the Flyer at 11.15 for trip back to Blenheim. Cost $6 per person April 14th Opening Seddon railway station with Marlborough Flyer. Be there by 12noon. Period costume optional. April 19th - 20th. Easter Air show Thanks Pat! April 26th Noggin and Natter. Pot Luck Quiche or Bacon & Egg Pie Dessert April 28th Trip to Durville Island leaves Havelock 9.30am. Park in campground

Next Month…. May 12th Mother's Day out. Meet at club 11am May 19th Leave Brayshaw Park at 11am for Canvastown. Back up driver required. May 19th AGM 1.30pm Redman Room May 31st Night Trial & Noggin & Natter

Branch Books and Badges AA CENTENNIAL CAR BADGES $35 each David Bool P: 03 579 4716

AA CENTENNIAL BOOKS $25 each Trevor Harris P: 03 572 5323

GARAGES OF MARLBOROUGH $25 each Custom Copy Maxwell Road



Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Marlborough VCC - April 2019  

Marlborough VCC - April 2019