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Issue : March 2020

Anakiwa BBQ 2nd Feb 2020 Vintage Viewpoint is the official publication of the Marlborough Branch of the Vintage Car Club of NZ (Inc).



What’s Inside: Chairman’s Report


Club Captain’s Report


Branch Notices 2020 Hospice Vehicle Display Sunday 15th March

Bring your ‘toy’ to the park and display it for $5 the public will pay to view with a gold coin donation—funds to the Marlborough Hospice. Enquiries: Pat Pascoe P: 027 442 1786

Update from the Kitchen Custodian


Secretary’s Scribbling’s


From the Blokes in the Shed


Motorcycle Report


Motorcycle What’s On


Old Race Car Register


Event Posters


Classified Advertising


Marlborough Branch Office Holders Contact List


for the VINTAGE VIEWPOINT is 7.30pm

Events Calendar


Friday 3rd April

The first worldwide outing for the Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive is May 31, 2020. And BLENHEIM has been on of only two NZ city’s invited to take part. More Information at 5 Tapped Ltd Scott Street



Chairman’s Report First let me thank those who helped to make our Heritage Day another success, not quite as many cars as last year but it was a good day. Our kitchen did very well again. For the first time for a few years Heritage Day run by the Brayshaw Park Committee made a profit of approximately $1,800 from gate takings, this will help maintain the park. While on the subject of Brayshaw Park at the last committee meeting a request for an area of land for the Potters and Men’s Shed clubs was received. The rabbit problem is being dealt with in May. Some time was spent on the subject of the caretakers duties etc and there are some major hurdles here to jump through ie. rent, wages, tax etc. A suggestion was made to forget the duties and pay a person who has all the gear a couple of hours a week to look after Beavertown and the car park area using some of the rent money. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team who look after our area for keeping it looking neat and tidy. To the guys up in the parts dept and all the handymen thanks for your time in getting things in order for the container and the area cleared for the new shed. To the ladies in the kitchen for turning up and making us tea, coffee and food this is really appreciated, thanks. Finally don’t forget May is our AGM, I ask you all to think about election of officers for your branch. Thank you and enjoy your motoring.


Hey Herbert!

Will I throw the baby out with the bath water?” Contributed by Chris Bird


Club Captain’s Report February 2nd saw the run to Ian and Pat Barnes place at Anakiwa for our annual barbeque which saw thirty people turn out for another successful event. Our thanks to Ian and Pat. Heritage day went well and I have to give our photographer a big well done for a very good job of photographic coverage of the day as seen in the last issue of vintage viewpoint. Also Rose Preston who entered into the spirit of the day in her 1903 finery in her Oldsmobile. Well done everyone. Warrant of Fitness day was 7 th March with a reasonable turn out of twenty or so vehicles and motorbikes attending a chance to get together and see the vehicles and talk vintage machines. It is also good that we make it worthwhile for vehicle testing to provide this service on a Saturday, I think we as a club need to support them in giving up their weekend time and thank them for their friendly and courteous service. I have been occupied with the organizing of our run to Muller / Middlehurst and will be meeting with our speakers on Monday, they are both long term Awatere people one will speak on personal history of the area and the other will give us an insight into women living in the high country. The list has officially closed but there have been a one or two who could not make it for various reasons and there is space for a couple of late comers should you wish. Give me a call if you feel inclined. We are having a fish and chip run to Picton on the 25 th of this month departing from Brayshaw Park at 1630 hours. Jim McLean - Club Captain

Update from Your

Kitchen Custodian Two months of the year has gone by very quickly and we are into the start of Autumn. February was a reasonably quite month with the BBQ at Anakiwa with our hosts for the day Pat and Ian Barnes. Its was a lovely day sitting under the trees in the shade as it was about 30 degrees in the sun, Thank you Pat & Ian. Heritage day again was a good day and I would like to thank everyone that donated baking, it is wonderful the response we have. Again THANK YOU. Another enjoyable natter & noggin night with our movie, ice cream and jaffas at half time. Natter & Noggin for March is Friday the 27th and its a POT LUCK. Cheers, Dale


Ian and Pat Barnes place at Anakiwa for our annual barbeque A great time was had by all!





Secretary’s Scribblings Well another month has gone by but it sure doesn’t seem like it was 2 and a half months since Christmas. The next one will be here before we know it. From our Wednesday Committee Meeting. The new 40-foot storage Container is in place in the Compound. Thanks to Rob Galloway for sourcing this at a very reasonable cost and thanks to all those who helped with painting, clearing trees and removing the fence. It certainly was a team effort. Also thanks to Alister from Muscles lifting for getting it into place. You made a difficult job look easy with your expertise.

The trees have also been removed from the site of the new shed, so thanks to those involved in this endeavour. Marlborough Lines are going to be removing some trees near power lines and mulch the rubbish which can be used on the gardens at some stage. There was a comment about how untidy some areas of Brayshaw Park are looking but around our rooms and Harris Glade and Patchetts Green are looking great, so thanks need to be expressed to Cath and Kevin Millar for their gardening expertise, to Roger Millard for keeping the watering of the lawns up during the dry summer. Don has expressed concern about security around the Park which will be discussed with other users and he has approached a company for suggestions on Security cameras. Discussions are ongoing. The shed build will commence in April, hopefully. The consent is with council who have to pass it by DOC for their approval. Not sure why. There are a few new cars appearing in the museum now and again. Any member has the right to have their vehicle on display, for a period of 3 months, to keep the interest up of seeing different vehicles on display. If you would like to display your vehicle talk to Bill or one of the committee. It was noted that it was great to see the Ford Model T out on runs and being used. Thanks to Kevin Millar for this. If anyone is interested in learning to drive, Kevin would be only too happy to give some tuition.

Coming up later in the year is once again the Daffodil day car Show. This is the


New Zealand VCC national promotion day. It will be on Sunday 23 rd August this year. Talk to Kelly. It is our turn to run the Biennial Rally this year and the date has been set for this, on the weekend of 16 th to 18th October. Put these dates in your calendar. Club Captain Jim Mclean has asked for members to contact him with suggestions for monthly runs. If you have a place you would like to visit please talk to Jim, as it is difficult to think of new places to go each month.

If you want to look at the Vintage Viewpoint in colour, please go online to www.vcc.org.nz and look for News from our Branches. This has newsletters from all branches throughout the country, and the copy is great when you can see it in colour. We cannot afford to print our magazine in colour so this is a way to see that. What great weather it is to get out in our old cars. I love motoring in the Model A with the hood down when it is like this, not so good in the rain. We are heading to Greymouth in a couple of weeks for their Timberland Rally, then doing the run to Middlehurst, and probably the Easter rally at Levin, while others are doing the South Island Club Captains tour next week.

That’s all from me this month. Have a great month of Vintage Motoring, Chris Bird

Welcome New Member’s Pat Wadsworth from Blenheim with a 1954 Chrysler New Yorker Sedan. Geoffrey Suttron from Wairau Valley with a 1936 Ford 10 and a 1933 Austin 10. Ray and Joanna Scott from Renwick with a 1961 Daimler and a 1961 Austin Sprite. Welcome to the Marlborough Branch of the Vintage Car Club. Please come along on a Wednesday morning for a Cuppa and a chat and you are most welcome to participate in our monthly runs. Just keep an eye out in the Vintage Viewpoint.


From the Blokes in the Shed‌ February has seen the commencement of a number of projects to enhance our parts facilities, including the purchase and placement into the compound of a 40 foot container which required the removal of a fence (now formed by the container) and some trees. The gates now require a rebuild and racks and shelves to be fitted within the container. Thanks to Norm Crafer and Alister Nicolson for their contribution to the container project.

The Jeffery Quad truck has been returned to Farm Machinery from whence it came. Leo McKendry has donated much literature, tooling and parts from the old High St Motors building, thank you Leo, and to members who assisted with the recovery. Work has also commenced to clear the area East of the mower shed for the build of a new storage shed, Ted, your experienced bushman’s contribution was much appreciated. The Model T Aviation Centres' project has proceeded to a point where it has been driven on Patchetts green, well done team! Sales during February have exceeded expectations including the 39 Chevrolet cars project, the Wolseley 4/44 car, two Daimler gearboxes, a Triumph 2.5 engine and gearbox plus many sundry parts.

We have a regular attendance of around sixteen members who slot into their various skills as required, well done to you all for contribution. Tris Winstanley.

PURCHASING PARTS from THE SPARES SHED On Wednesdays the shed and parts members are on site well into the afternoon. Any parts advertised for sale from the Parts Shed are able to be inspected Wed mornings. If you are unable be at the shed or are from another NZ Branch and are interested in purchasing any of the listed parts please 12

The Silent Majority Of course I’ve got a vintage car and I’ve joined the VeeCeeCee, I’ve always wanted a shiny car, to reflect my personality, With lots of nickel, or is it chrome, and brass and things to see, So people will say I’m a lucky guy when they come to visit me. It stays in a shed at the back of the house with a padlock on the door, And I polished the nickel, ( or was it chrome?), last year or the year before, And friends who came to visit me, all got regaled with tales, Of how it belonged to the Duke of York (or was it the Prince of Wales?) There’s loads of spares came with the car still in their boxes packed Piled on the floor beside the car and covered with grimey sacks. But I don’t let them go to that scruffy bloke who’s restoring a similar car, I might need them one day when I found out what they’re for, or even what they are. Of course I’ve got a vintage car and I joined the VeeCeeCee. I went along to a rally once but the people didn’t suit me

They didn’t stand around my car with suitably rapturous faces, They wanted me to drive it, and put it through its paces. Well it might have got scratched or covered in dirt, or a wheel or a tyre gone flat, So I trailered it home and back to the shed where it’s been from this day to that. I went along to a meeting once and sat in the club house just fine. And listened to people speaking away and talking all of the time. I’ve lots of views on this and that and how things should be run, But nobody came and asked me to speak and say where they’d all gone wrong. So I stay at home and talk with my friends and sip a glass of wine And read the car club circulars every month, about events that don’t suit mine. Of course I’ve got a vintage car and I’ve joined the VeeCeeCee I don’t take an active part in it, though, ‘cause they won’t run it to suit just me!

13 13

MOTORCYCLE REPORT After the excellent turnout in January the ride to Ward was a bit of an anti-climax. Eight riders, two old blokes in the backup and one member to see us off. At least there was no stoppages as experienced on the last ride. After lunch those riding small capacity lightweight machines received an unwelcome reminder of all the stories often told about the force of the winds in the Ward area as they got blown from the side of the road to dangerously close too or over the centre line. In those circumstances it is logical to think about trading the 250cc Honda in on an 1200cc Harley especially when you can see Zig disappearing into the distance riding a perfectly straight line. At least nine section members were seen poking about amongst the offerings and a few parts were obtained at the Nelson Branch swap meet. Our April ride will be the last for the current branch motoring season so winners and grinners will soon be sorted out ready for the branch prize giving dinner in June.

We would like to get some fresh ideas for venues and/or activities for the future so please give it some thought and give us some suggestions to what you think we should do. Please be polite and practical when telling us what we should do. Trev

There seems to be some conjecture that I may have had a little difficulty with the elements on the return from the last ride, it is true I borrowed Ryan’s Honda after he coughed and was quarantined giving me an opportunity to rest the Ariel and use something a little more modern. Indeed wind can be a motorcyclists curse, there are two kinds, one is a result from the lunch you may have just eaten fortunately this is only an issue if you


are wearing one piece leathers in which case hot air rises traveling up to your helmet hence the reason for flip open visors. Fortunately it was the second kind that proved an issue for me, first it blew from the left depositing me to the right, then from the right putting me back on the left, fortunately I have two piece leathers as removing my hands from the bars to lift my visor at this stage was not an option. By now everyone had passed me and the woman on the pushbike was gaining ground fast from behind, luckily I have recently fitted a fairing to the little Honda and by kicking the pillion pegs down and stretching back I could just get behind it marginally increasing headway and doing my best Mike Hailwood impression roared home (ok Mikes Honda had five more cylinders revved to 19000 and did 150 mph but it was a 250 also). So, the little beasty won’t be traded in on a Harley yet, maybe, but will be treated to an oil change as reward for outstanding courage in the face of adversity and then Ryan can have the bloody thing back and I’m getting the 650 back out. Glenn

Motorcycle Calendar Sunday 15th March Leave park at 11am for ride to Wairau Valley.

Motorcycle for Sale 1986 Suzuki GSX750ESD 750cc Motor overhauled in 2008, very tidy example, can be viewed at Omaka Classic Cars, where it has been for the last 10 years, travelling only 260 260kms in that time.

Price $2,600

Please phone Dexter +64272913984


‘OLD RACE CAR’ REGISTER The recent display and demonstration of Old Race Cars at this years ’ Skope Race Meeting in February at Ruapuna was a big success and both the Canterbury Car Club and the Skope Committee have already indicated that they wish it to be repeated at next years’ event – bigger and better and we already have another three interesting cars lined-up. To help us with this project, the Banks Peninsular Branch of the VCC, wish to compile a free register of all such vehicles whatever their state of repair, restoration or condition, so that these ‘Old Race Cars’ are never lost or lose their identity. This documented information may also help owners to obtain history, knowledge and even valuable parts required to enable these race-cars to once more be active. It was very apparent from many enthusiasts and spectators at Februarys ’ event that these old race cars create huge interest and are a vital part of the old car movement which needs to be resurrected and encouraged. So if you missed this years’ display, have such a car or know of some-one who has, please drop an email with the details to either of the contacts below and we will be pleased to include on the register. Don Gerrard (021 2123074) email; gerrards2@yahoo.com or, Kelvin Brown, email; kelvinbrownnz@gmail.com

Locally Owned and Operated Trade & DIY Supplies for •Quality Dulux & British Paints

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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) has grown from a small inaugural event in Sydney to a global fundraising organisation for men’s health issues. The DGR has brought thousands of motorcyclists together to highlight prostate cancer and men’s suicide raising in excess of 25 million dollars along the way. With the DGR running like clockwork, event founder Mark Hawwa is bringing the same ethos to a new movement — the Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive. The plan is to bring owners of classic (pre-1980s) and exotic cars together to help stop men dying too young. “I was always into cars before I was into motorbikes,” says Hawwa. “But for me, it was always about trying to get to a point where I could spend a bit of time on the Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive, because it is such a huge market full of so many inspirational people. “A lot of people who tend to drive those sorts of cars are a little bit older, they’ve been through mental health issues and prostate cancer stress so it’s a good market for us to target. In the end, it’s all about connecting people.” Hawwa says men do not talk enough about mental health issues or cancer. “I think the Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive will have a broader spread for the message and the classic car market is one that hasn’t had this message drilled home. “What better way is there to connect with men than classic cars?” The first worldwide outing for the Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive, which includes BLENHEIM New Zealand, one of only two NZ sites invited to join and is planned for May 31, 2020. “In its first year, the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was 64 cities across 15 countries, with 2,500 riders taking part.


“We’re expecting 100 to 200 individual DGD drives. In terms of the format, we’re still in the planning process.” Funds raised will be donated to the Movember Foundation. With the DGR rallying behind the motto of “ride dapper” — the inspiration for the ride came from a photo of Mad Men character Don Draper astride a classic Matchless motorcycle — the Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive takes a similar approach. The event is about dressing sharp, driving classic cars and doing their part for men’s health. We’re after the goal of really classic vehicles which is why we’ve gone for the rule of pre-80s. DRIVE CLASSIC - Only cars built before 31 Dec 1979 are eligible DRESS DAPPER - You must dress in a suave, dapper fashion RAISE AWARENESS FOR MENS HEALTH - united in fundraising for men’s health supporting the Movember Foundation.

Locals enjoying the Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride, this take place in September each year and everyone is welcome!



ANZAC WEEKEND 24, 25, 26 APRIL 2020

Open to ALL VINTAGE VEHICLES 1919 - 1931

Entries close with Alistair Day, 9 Wellington St, Parkside, TIMARU 7910 On 8th April 2020

Open to all eligible VINTAGE VEHICLES 1919 – 1931 This will be a non competitive Vintage Car Rally with the focus on ANZAC’s and having a fun time with like minded people. Full entry information and entry forms and details are at the branch club rooms. 19


Craig Noble 027 577 5166 Phone: 03 577 5166 Fax: 03 577 5165 40 Park Tce, Blenheim Riversiderefinishers@yahoo.co.nz www.riversiderefinishers.co.nz

Insurance Work Cars, Buses Motorhomes and Campers Aeroplanes and Aircraft Boats and Marine Furniture Appliances (ie) Fridges and Dishwashers Joinery and Kitchens (Old and New) Full or Part restoration Fibre glassing And more…...

See us for: Your next WOF Motor Registration Road User Charges Pre Purchase Inspections Off Dobson Street, Blenheim Open: 7.30am-5pm Mon-Fri 8am-12.30 Sat Ph: (03) 577 9942

VEHICLE VALUATIONS Classic, vintage vehicles and all Trucks. For Insurance, Tax man and Lawyers. 35 years' experience with valuations in Nelson & Marlborough Area Give me a call and I will come to you.

Patrick Pascoe City Motors Ltd RMVT Phone 0274421786 21

The Historic Vehicle Authority of NZ The Vintage Car Club of NZ (INC.) The 2020 VCC code for discounts with Interislander are as follows:

Discount code: The below rates are based on prices to date, inclusive of GST and subject to availability.

Off Peak Fares:

Each Way

Adult $48.00 Children $26.00 Motorcycle $42.00 Car/Van/Trailer up to 5.5 metres $124.00 Trailer-Each half metre over 5.5 metres $22.00 Premium Plus Lounge $55.00 18yrs plus Off Peak Travel Dates 01 Mar – 8 Apr 20 & 15 Apr – 15 Dec 2020

Peak Fares: Each Way Adult $53.00 Children $26.00 Motorcycle $52.00 Car/Van/Trailer up to 5.5 metres $137.00 Trailer-Each half metre over 5.5 metres $24.00 Premium Plus Lounge $55.00 18yrs plus Peak Travel Dates 01-28 Feb 20 18-23 Apr 2020 Booking conditions and instructions for members are: • Each reservation must be made direct with Interislander online using the special link https://www.greatjourneysofnz.co.nz/ interislander/book/fares-and discounts/group -bookings/. • To access these rates members must insert the reference “WH5465” • Payment is required at the time of booking. • Space is subject to availability at the time of the booking request. • Refunds Once paid for fares are 90% refund able if cancelled prior to check-in and non-refundable if cancelled after check-in. • Fares valid for specified dates only  Members are required to present their current NZ Vintage Car Club Membership credentials on check in or retail fares will be charged.  No discount for travel between 16 Dec 19 22 & 31 Jan 20

The Historic Vehicle Authority of NZ The Vintage Car Club of NZ (INC.)

BLUEBRIDGE COOK STRAIT FERRY Discount code: ANTIQUECAR Valid Travel Dates: Between now and 30 June 2020 excluding peak season between 15 December & 15 January or during Easter Weekend. Discounted Fares: 10% off all available fares Promotion Terms & Conditions • Members must present a current Vintage Car Club of New Zealand membership card upon check-in as proof of eligibility to Bluebridge staff. Failure to do so will result in a fare difference being required to be paid prior to boarding. • Full payment is required at time of booking. • Transferring to a sailing outside of the discounted offer period will require an additional payment to match the available fares. Bookings can be made online at www.bluebridge.co.nz by entering the promo code above or by calling 0800-844-844 (8am to 8pm, 7 days), and quoting the promo code. Normal fare rules regarding refunds and cancellations apply. Full Bluebridge ticket terms conditions can be viewed www.bluebridge.co.nz

& at

Branch Books and Badges AA CENTENNIAL CAR BADGES $35 each David Bool P: 03 579 4716

AA CENTENNIAL BOOKS $25 each Trevor Harris P: 03 572 5323

GARAGES OF MARLBOROUGH $25 each Custom Copy Maxwell Road

Please Support Our Advertisers they are supporting Your Vintage Viewpoint!


in the

Vintage Viewpoint

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to members of the NZ VCC (not limited to our branch)

Our close-off is advertised at the front of each newsletter. To place an advert Contact the Editor, Chris de Wagt P: 5777 238 or E: chrisdewagt@xtra.co.nz

Advertising Recommendations:

Ads that work are ones that include a photo of what you are selling. If you don’t have access to an electronic photo bring me a photo you have and I will scan it for you. It is important you advise the Editor when you no longer need the advert to run.


For Sale : Cars 1947 2 Door Morris 8.E $1,500 Body off Chassis restoration. Sand blast body chassis etc. All new brakes, shoes, cylinders, new rubbers on all windows. Body has been painted. Front and Back Guards need painting. New hood lining. Carpets back and front side panels. Seats back & front need upholstering. Good battery. Motor needs rebuilding, motor has been striped for inspection. Motor is back in car to keep parts together. Some spare parts. Contact Noel P: 03 572 8292.

In the Shed…. Morris 1000 1962 Evidently the engine runs, the body is straight and tidy and upholstery is ok, registration is on hold. Enquires and offers to parts custodians please.

Morris Minor 1000 motor and gearbox Complete and was running nicely when removed

1917/18 veteran Buick scuttle

dash in restorable condition. Fuel tank, guards, running boards good for patterns only. Offers to the Blokes in the Shed

Wood working machinery has come available to members: Nice little tilt table saw $100 ono - Ring one of the blokes or view Wednesday at the Shed.

Parts for Sale For sale

2651cc cylinder head + valves also - EIP/EIX parts new/unused steering ball joints x 4 & full set of 6 workshop manuals

– offers –


contact Stan on 577 5509 or Consultech@xtra.co.nz

CLUB MERCHANDISE The following badges are produced and sold by the Branches as follows: Bumper Badges: Brass or Nickel plated Hawke's Bay Branch hawkesbay@vcc.org.nz PO Box 3406 Napier 4142 Jacket/Blazer Badges: Cloth Eastern Bay of Plenty Branch VCC of NZ Inc. easternbayofplenty@vcc.org.nz PO Box 2168 Kopeopeo Whakatane 3159 Lapel Badges: V.C.C. General Wellington Branch wellington@vcc.org.nz PO Box 38-418 Wellington 5045 Car Rally Number Holders Ashburton Branch ashburton@vcc.org.nz (Check branch for sizes) PO Box 382 Ashburton 7740 V.C.C. Motorcyclist Wairarapa Branch wairarapa@vcc.org.nz VCC of NZ Inc. PO Box 7 Masterton 5810 Number Plate Frames South Island Distributor North Otago Branch northotago@vcc.org.nz PO Box 360 Oamaru 9444 North Island Distributor Manawatu Branch manawatu@vcc.org.nz PO Box 385 Palmerston North 4440 VCC Winged Vehicle Stickers Central Otago VCC of NZ Inc. centralotago@vcc.org.nz 100 year vehicle badges Please refer to Section 40G for the appropriate application The Vintage Car Club of NZ admin@vcc.org.nz PO Box 2546 Christchurch 8140

NZ VCC Branch Newsletters Branches no longer post copies to other branches. We now receive these from Head Office VCC via email. These are printed along with our newsletter and a hard copy is at the clubrooms for your to read. If you would like to read these online go to www.vcc.org.nz then,

News from our Branches Each of the branches newsletters are available for download

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Marlborough BRANCH OFFICERS Patron Trevor Harris (Doreen) Chair Person Kelly Landon-Lane (Janice)

578 4142 578 9907

Club Captain - Mobile: 021 0257 3069 Jim McLean (Jean) 579 4983 Secretary - Mobile: 027 247 1089 Chris Bird (Sharon) 574 2318 Treasurer David Bool

579 4716

Committee Catherine Millar (Kevin) Don Register (Kaye) John Monson (Dot) Bill Nicholas (Dale) Robb Galloway (Adele) Dale Nicholas (Bill) Don Laing (Linda)

579 1147 572 5361 578 9044 578 4322 578 2395 578 4322 579 4865

Model ‘A’ & ‘T’ Custodian Kevin Millar (Catherine)

579 1147

Mini Custodian Bruce Rumble 1939 Morris 8 Custodian John Monson (Dot)

578 8211 578 9044

Motorcycle Section Rep Trevor Harris (Doreen) Glenn Harris (Paula)

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Examiners Ron Hebberd (Shirley) Ray Fairweather (Lyn ) David Kemp (Debbie)

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Parts Custodians Tris Winstanley (Helen) Tiger Lyons (Eileen) Roger Millard (Lynn) John Russell (Mary) Earl Preston (Rose)

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Security Mike Gray (Karen)


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Librarian Barry Wilson (Margie) 1587 Museum Custodians Mike Gray (Karen) Bill Nicholas (Dale) Denny Greer (Audrey) Ross Kennington (Rona) Don Laing (Linda) Gary Vercoe (Sue) John Monson (Dot) Kitchen Custodian Dale Nicholas (Bill) Grounds Administrator John Monson (Dot) Catherine Millar Beaded Wheels Scribe Carroll Wiblin (Graham) Photographer Linda Laing (Don) lindylaing@gmail.com

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Newsletter Editor Chris de Wagt (Mac) 577 7238 E: chrisdewagt@xtra.co.nz 10 Houghton Cres Redwoodtown Newsletter Printer: Custom Copy

Newsletter Distribution Barry & Margie Wilson

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Health & Safety Officer Ed Matkin (Julie)

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Delegates to the Executive Kelly Landon-Lane (Janice) 578 9907 Chris Bird (Sharon) 574 2318

Brayshaw Park Admin Delegates Don Laing (Linda) 579 4865 Kelly Landon-Lane (Janice) 578 9907 Branch Spokesperson Kelly Landon-Lane (Janice)

578 9907

Clubrooms Phone :

578 0616


Sunday 15th March Leave park at 11am for ride to Wairau Valley. Wednesday 25th March Fish & Chip run departing 1630hrs. Venue Picton Foreshore.

Friday 2th March Natter & Noggin night, POT LUCK Sunday 25th March Fish & Chip run departing 1630hrs. Sat 28th & Sun 29th March Muller / Middlehurst Station

Next Month…. Date TBA visit to Dodson-Scott Gallery and Hawkesbury carriages Sunday 26th April Waterlea Racecourse for the racing clubs centenary Friday 27th April Natter & Noggin night,

Further down the road …. Sunday 10th May Mothers day run Linkwater Tavern

Way, way down the road …. 17th-21st Jan 2021 Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring



Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Marlborough VCC - March 2020  

Marlborough VCC - March 2020