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The Tourer Manawatu Branch Newsletter

Targa New Zealand VCC Category. Top, 1st place winners and Parent & Offspring class winners; Russell Yates & daughter Alise Inger. 1977 MGB roadster Bottom left: 2nd, Grant Ford & Gary Smith, 1977 Holden Monaro Bottom right:: 3rd,Tim Evans & Wylie Evans, 1970 Alfa Romeo GTV

Volume 1805


The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc.) Manawatu Branch Clubrooms

“The Grove� 681 Kelvin Grove Road, Palmerston North

Postal Address

PO Box 385, Palmerston North. 4440 Email:

Branch Committee 2019 Chairman

Stan Garmonsway (Kate)

06 323 0553

Immediate Past Chair

Sarah Howell (Ian)

06 3746645

Vice Chair

Ron Persson (Josie)

06 3545266


Peter Robinson (Ann)

06 3567404


Ian Howell (Sarah)

06 3746645

Club Captain Vice Club Captain

Esther Williams (Dave) Vacant

Committee Members

Cliff Bennett (Jenny) Trevor Hardy (Sandra) John Ireland (Anne) Dave Williams (Esther),nz

06 3585155 06 3563383 06 3234040 06 3234170 06 3585155

Appointed Positions 2019 Swapmeet Coordinators Sarah Howell (Ian) John Ireland Editor

06 3746645

06 3234170

Stan Garmonsway (Kate)

06 3230553

Building Supervisor, Custodian & Librarian Gary Millar (Marion)

06 3548298


Sarah Howell (Ian)

06 3746645

Beaded Wheels Scribe Ian Howell (Sarah)

06 3746645

Parts Shed

Gary Millar (Marion)

06 3548298

ID Card Advisors

Dave Williams (Esther)

06 3585155

John Ireland

06 3234170

Privacy Officer

Peter Robinson (Ann)

06 3567404

Welfare Officer

Ron Persson (Josie)

06 3545266


MANAWATU BRANCH — CALENDAR OF EVENTS Club nights are on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm in the Clubrooms, “The Grove” Kelvin Grove Road, Palmerston North. Committee Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm BYO Tea : 1st Sunday of each month from 5:00pm at the club rooms. Parts Shed: Opens from 2:00pm 1st Sunday of each month. Library: Open on club nights by arrangement with the librarian. Noggin & Natter:: 1st Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm. Murray’s Irish Bar, DECEMBER

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Sunday Tea at the Grove, 5pm Noggin & Natter Committee Meeting, 7:00pm Garden visit and picnic lunch. Club Night, 7:30pm

1 New Year’s Day picnic. Meet in the main street of Bulls at 11:00 am. For more info contact Len Haycock ph 3221235 or 027 7077322. 19 Wanganui Branch Burma Rally 26 Wheels With Attitude car show, Dannevirke. A&P Showgrounds. 25-26 Wellington Branch Biennial Motorcycle Rally 26 Veteran Rally

DECEMBER CLUB NIGHT A social Christmas gathering, and Esther & Dave Williams will give an illustrated talk about their recent trip from North Cape to Bluff.


2 4 12 19


Sunday Tea at the Grove, 5pm Noggin & Natter Committee Meeting, 7:00pm Club Night, 7:30pm

1 7

Sunday Tea at the Grove, 5pm Noggin & Natter Ruahine Ramble

11 Committee Meeting, 7:00pm 14 Garden visit and picnic lunch. 18 Club Night, 7:30pm




What with one thing or another, the last month has had it’s ups and downs. Last month’s committee meeting was preceded by a committee review of the property to identify any work needed. A number of things were found necessary and a list prepared with a budget to assess the costs involved. Part of the review involved taking a sample of the water supply for testing, something we are required to do on a regular basis. The lab report was a bit of a shock as the water was found to be unsuitable for drinking. With the wedding season just getting under way, urgent attention was needed. Cliff Bennet and his team were quick to act and the guttering was cleaned out and shrubbery and other greenery from around the storage tanks cleared. The water supply is “the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath” The place in this case beneath being the clubrooms roof. Hence the poor water quality. The remedy decided on has been to replace the aging storage tanks and install an ultra violet filter system, the work to be carried out in a planned step by step process. First the water in the tank has been chlorinated according to laboratory requirements, and then the UV filter system installed. By the time you read this these two things would have been done. Peter Robinson has been very pro-active working on the water supply problem and researching the technical factors and arranging contractors for the work. Thanks Cliff, Peter and all those who wrestled with this problem to work towards us having a safer water supply. My good wishes to you all for a happy Christmas and new year. Stan

“From what I have been told by others who have fitted UV filters, these will kill all the bugs and quickly. Given that with near every weekend booked with hires for the next few months, we would want a solution as quickly as possible, and with little or no disruption to the supply. We may be able to quickly remedy the situation by installing just the filters immediately, if that will control the E.coli problem, and have the tank work done in the winter months when nothing is happening with the hall. Yesterday, I gave the lower tank a shock dose of chlorine in accordance with the recommendations of the testing laboratory, so I'm hoping that will help ease the situation. Today, I'll talk to the supplier and get their opinion and get back to you. I have consulted our Branch Rules to ascertain the level of spend the committee is permitted, and this is the relevant clause 8.6: "any financial commitment exceeding the Branch Gross Annual Revenue for the previous financial year shall require the approval of a three fourths majority of financial members" etc. Our excess of income over expenditure for last year was $9455, so I don't believe we have to go to a Special General Meeting to approve this work. In addition, the purchase and installation of the filtration work is an asset, not repair & maintenance, and adds to the value of the property.” Peter. 4



Well now, after three weeks of working away from home, it’s great to be back in the land of superannuation! I must admit that being retired is absolutely the best job I ever had. And the one I am best at. Long may it continue. A very special welcome to new member Aaron Lucas of Feilding. Aaron has a 1928 Dodge Victory 6 and a 1982 Austin Mini. Welcome to the clan Aaron; we hope to see you (and your vehicles) soon. On the subject of membership, nearly all our members have renewed their membership for the 2019-2020 year. As I write, we have 165 members, including those joint members. Ten have yet to pay their subs for the new year, most likely due to forgetfulness or pressure of work. Sadly, three members have decided to call it quits and have resigned. I was interested to know the position of those unfinancial members in relation to insurance they may have with Vero. To clear things up, I enquired from Julie at National Office. This is the response I received (condensed version): Anyone under the VCC/Vero scheme need to be financial members. Vero send a monthly report to National Office of those renewing their insurance cover. At that point they will take those no longer financial out of the scheme (no doubt with discussion first). Julie says “whilst I do not think they would reject a claim, as the scheme is for VCC members only, I guess there is always the possibility that a claim could be rejected, even though they have been paying the premiums”. Further, “if someone passes away, there are certain actions that should be taken as probate can take up to 12 months”. I’m not sure what those actions are, as Julie has not explained. So there we are, be warned, we all know how insurance companies can drag the chain if they can. On a completely different tack, you will have read in Tourer that I will be relinquishing my position as Secretary at our AGM in May. I will however be putting my name forward for the position of Treasurer as Ian Howell is standing down after four years in the job. I would like members to give some serious thought to filling the secretarial role. I have found the job very rewarding, and an excellent way to educate oneself on the ins and outs of how the both the Branch and the National Body operate. Every assistance will be provided by me to whoever takes on the role – you will not be left to your own devices by any means. If you are a new or recent member, acting on the committee in any position will have positive benefits for you, so don’t be afraid to consider this. If nothing else, you will get to know the other members, and they will get to know you – that has certainly been my experience anyway. As this is the last you will be hearing from me this year, Ann & I wish you all the very very best for Christmas and the coming year. Stay healthy, stay happy, and enjoy life. Cheers, Peter.





8 December 2019 NSRA Manawatu All- American Car Show on the Railway land from 10:00am to 1:00pm. This is for all those that have American cars to come along and display our cars for the club. We will meet at 9:15am on Cook Street over the road from NZ Courers so we can get a park together. 14th December 2019 . Saturday run meet at Summerhill Supermarket car park by 10:30am. You will need a picnic lunch and $10 for a garden visit. We have shelter and chairs for the lunch stop. This will be finished before 2pm. December 14th The Sunbeam Owners Club Annual Lake Ferry Run. Meet at Fell museum Featherston at 11:00 am for drive to Lake Ferry.. BYO picnic or have lunch in Lake Ferry Hotel. All clubs welcome. A very popular excursion. 15th December 2019 Shannon Country Christmas Carnival this is the Christmas parade plus a carnival. Meet at Railway land over the road from Railway Hotel at 9:30am. There will be free rides and gifts for the children. Bring picnic lunch or get some food there. The carnival finishes at 2:00pm. Would like to see quite a few cars to help promote the club. 1st January 2020 Happy New Year, Len’s new year day run. Meet at Bulls main Street at 11:00am for a fun and picnic lunch. 11th January 2020 Meet at Kairanga School at 11.00am with picnic lunch. Going for a run to a farm for lunch. 26th January 2020 Veteran Rally in Palmerston North 26th January 2020 Wheels with Attitude in Dannevirke. Meet at 9:30am by the school in the main street on the eastern side of Woodville. We will travel to Dannevirke to display our cars at the Wheels with Attitude. There is a small fee to get in. you will need to bring picnic lunch or buy it there. It would be good to have a good display of car there for the club.


.17th to 20th January 2020 Wanganui Vintage Weekend and Burma Rally. This is a great weekend. They are limiting the cars to 130 this year so be in quick and register. See the ad in the Tourer.

REPORTS On the 2nd November the Targa Rally finish came to Palmerston North. We had 11 cars lined up in the car park up towards the clock tower to welcome the VCC section and the other Targa rally cars. On the 8th & 9th November was Hearts and Homes at the club rooms. We had 11 club members put their hands up to help with car parking duties at the club rooms. I would like to thank all those involved in helping out. The club rooms looked really great with lots of flower arrangements and shops in our club rooms end.

The club nights are going to be changed around a bit. We will be having a small talk from a club member some nights. If you have restored a car lately or been on a car run or a trip overseas would like to hear from you or anything else that would be of interest. This coming club night on December 18 th will be the usual time of 7.30pm. We are going to have a noggin and natter night with Dave & Esther’s report on Cape Reinga to Christchurch. Tea, Coffee and Milo is provided with Christmas supper. If you wish to have cold drink then BYO. The club is looking for what the members would like to see happen on club nights. The club nights are put on for the club members, so we would like to hear any suggestions. Thank you for those who have brought their ideas to me already.

A SPECIAL NOTE OF THANKS From all the Targa 2019 VCC Time Trial entrants for your branch support & car display at the finish line in the Square, Palmerston North. We all had a great week of Targa time trial competition & look forward to repeating it next year. Hopefully some of the Manawatu VCC team may also join us next year. Kind regards, Rod Corbett. Targa VCC Time Trial Steward.


JOURNEY TO KAITIA FROM PALMERSTON NORTH We packed the Plymouth Thursday September 19th. I had been working on the car for the last few weeks preparing it for this journey. Friday September 20th. We pulled out at 8am and travelled to Wanganui to team up with Neal Farrer and his trusty 1954 Humber Hawk. Refuelled in Wanganui and continued in convoy to stop at Raetihi for smoko. Lunch in Taumaranui and stopped the night in Hamilton. Fine day. Saturday September 21st. Left Hamilton early and refuelled in Ngaruawahia. Continued through Auckland and over the bridge. Passed through Warkworth going down to the harbour to see the boats and the scow. Back on SH1 turning off to go to Maungatapere Packard museum. This is one of the biggest Parkard museums in the world. A very enthusiastic guide showed us around. Also a very good collection of motorbikes, trucks, tractors and earthmoving machinery. Overnight in Whangarei. Sunday September 22nd. Drove around Whangarei area today following the coast out to Ocean beach near Bream Head. Retraced our route and turned north and went to Pataua South for lunch. Lovely Harbour. Then cut across country toward Ngunguru, but the Plymouth ran out of brakes, so drove quietly back to Whangarei to do some repairs. Fixed in less than an hour. Monday September 23rd. Left Whangarei at 9:30am and picked up Neil on the freeway north of the city. The plan was to turn off and go to Whangaruru & then though to Russell, but we missed our turn off. Managed to get back on track going down Russell Road. Steep hills and back country all the way. Continued onto Taupiri bay to eat our lunch. On again around the coast to Russell, where we became tourists for a couple of hours. Late afternoon we drove to the Opoua Ferry and crossed the harbour. Then drove to our accommodation in Paihia. We were joined by the rest of our group, Winton & Ruth Cleal from Horowhenua branch with a very nice Wolseley 6/90 then out for tea. Tuesday September 24th. Left Paihia in very heavy rain & strong winds. Stopped for coffee in Kerikeri. Still heavy rain and wind. Beat our way through down pours and serious wind stopping in Kaeo as the rain had stopped briefly, but a lightning strike took out the power even the toilets didn’t work (no water). Continued on through the rotten weather to Mangonui for lunch at the fish & chip shop on the wharf. Sat eating lunch watching the dirty weather beating up the harbour. Really rough. Onward to Kaitia to meet up with more of our fellow travellers.


Be sure to come to next months club night to catch the rest of our trip. Photos included.

Cape Rienga to Christchurch By Esther & Dave Williams


Dave and I did the Tararua Trundle on 17th November. There were 17 cars on the run. We did Straight Line navigation and tulip diagrams with different speed trials and silent checks on the run. We went around Levin then different roads to Shannon and then toward Palmerston North to end up in the club rooms for lunch. After lunch we went toward Taikorea with more tuilp Diagrams and silent checks. Then make our way toward Levin again. With late afternoon tea their club rooms. Esther Williams It’s great to see a Branch still organizing rallies for those with some remaining lead in their pencils!, although I note there were only 15 entries. ED


Seen at the Spur Road stage Targa NZ VCC Time Trial Competitors

The VCC Manawatu Branch welcome display Photo: Esther Williams


Club Christmas Lunch There were 30 members and spouses who turned up in their club cars (mostly) for the start at the Cloverlea Tavern car park. Esther gave everyone their route instructions for the run to Levin. The instructions were very clear and thanks to a large print, very easy to read in a moving car. The route was very pleasant over sealed roads through the backblocks of Manawatu and Horowhenua. There was only one hiccup, we were asked to turn right at an intersection where the intention was for us to turn left. With everyone seated and waiting, the “secret Santa” presents were distributed. There followed the lunch, and of course’ lots of chat. A good time was had by all. Very many thanks to Esther for organizing the outing.

Pressies and chat


The club’s cars in the car park at the Masonic CafÊ drew a lot of interest.


TOURER TRADER FOR SALE (Engine only) Thames Trader 4 cylinder engine 1937 -1939 Dismantled. Motor Machinists reground the crank some years ago. $300.00 Please phone Trevor Cheetham 06 3568343 Palmerston North. 2002 Mitsubishi Diamante 3.5lt V6, Tiptronic transmission. Excellent family touring car. 5 seats, huge boot. NZ new. 2 owners. Serviced and maintained religiously. Tow bar with power connection. We have owned this car for 11 years and had excellent service from it. (Radio/ tape/cd player now not working). 290,500 km. Cambelt changed at 250,000. WoF to 5/20, Reg to 26/11/20 Now excess to requirements. $2400 ono. Ph Stan, 06 3230553 or 0211018612 (VCC member)



Message from Head Office NZVCC Please note that all VCC ID Cards have an expiry. This expiry is upon change of ownership, or 10 years from the issue date. Your vehicle must also be as described on the Card A Renewal form personalised for each vehicle ID Card is distributed by the National Office to current financial members, approximately 3 months before the expiration. Even if your vehicle has had no changes, this form must be checked, signed and forwarded to your Branch, along with the ID Card (if the photo correctly shows your vehicle in its present state), or three new photos, as stated on the form. Upon receipt at the National Office, the ID Card will be reissued and will be valid for a further 10 years unless there is a change of ownership or major changes to the vehicle during that time. It is compulsory for all National and International VCC Rallies that vehicles entered must have a current valid ID Card.

Members contact the Secretary, Peter Robinson, to organise to collect their free name badge. or other members: to arrange a replacement for a lost or damaged badge at cost





Veteran Rally Sunday 26th January 2020

For Veteran classification vehicles, Two wheel brake Vintage and Pre 1930 Motorcycles Meet at the VCC clubrooms on Kelvin Grove road at 9.00 am for cup of tea / coffee. Briefing 9.30 This will be a very casual rally with a few stops of interest on the way. But everyone on the Rally will have to carry current photo ID to gain access RNZAF Ohakea BYO lunch & hot water for drinks etc. and chairs etc. BBQ dinner at clubrooms.

ENTRANT: .................................................................................... NAVIGATOR: ....................................................................................... ADDRESS: ……………………….......................................................................................... TOWN / CITY: .……………….…........................................................ TELEPHONE: (........) ..................................... ........................................................


VEHICLE MAKE & MODEL: ...................................................................................... YEAR: .............................. ENTRY FEE:








PAYMENT METHOD: Cheque attached

REG No. ..................

Pay on Rally Day

Cheques payable to ‘Manawatu Branch VCC’ ENTRIES CLOSE:

15TH January 2020

RALLY ORGANISER: Derek Haycock 375 Albert Street Hohowhitu Palmerston North 4410 Phone (06) 356 1056 or 0274 419153 Email


Steve Bright Street

96 Churcher



99a Lombard Street Palmerston North E:


Number 09/300139 When insuring your valuable items (property, car etc) with Vero, quoting the above number results in a commission being made to the Manawatu Branch. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Discounts on Cook Strait Ferry Crossings All financial members of the VCC of NZ Inc can obtain a discount on ferry crossings, for individual or group bookings. You must show your membership card. Quote therequired codes: Over the past month, I have had two members comment that they felt the VCC deal with Interislander was higher than someone purchasing a ticket without the VCC reference. I often find that people do not make the booking through the right section. Below is the link that people should book through. It makes it easier and it is cheaper. We have done our own checks, each time coming up with a lower rate than booking normally (even when booking as a senior) Julie Cairns-Gee. Booking conditions and instructions for members are: • Each reservation must be made direct with Interislander online using the special link below– • Book online at • To access these rates members must insert the reference “WH5465” • • Payment is required at the time of booking. FOR MORE INFORMATION RE PRICING, SAILINGS ETC, CONSULT THE CLUBROOMS NOTICEBOARD

Blue Bridge – ANTIQUECAR


0800 844844







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“The Beach Boys” Fraser Kear & Daniel Steel 1987 VW Golf, Best Team Theme; John Corbet & Dallis Yates. 4th over all, Jaguar E Type Ash Price & Grant Simpson, 1968 Volvo 161; Best Presented Finisher. Malcolm Fleming & Gina Jones, 1957 MGA ; Matrimonial. VCC Manawatu Branch display. (photo: Esther Williams)

The “Spirit of the VCC” award went to Mark Errington & Peter Cameron after engine failure in their MGB GT. After rejoining the event in a Subaru, they loaned parts from their ailing MG to enable 3 other VCC entrants with problems to continue the time trial.


Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Manawatu VCC - December 2019  

Manawatu VCC - December 2019