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Next Meeting is at The Grove 17 April 7.30pm Manawatu Branch

Volume 1800

April 2019

Discounts on Cook Strait Ferry Crossings All financial members of the VCC of NZ Inc can obtain a discount on ferry crossings, for individual or group bookings. You must show your membership card. Quote the required codes: Interislander WH5465 0800878898

Blue Bridge – ANTIQUECAR 0800844844

Cover photo: Newly elected LIFE MEMBER Murray Martin receiving a presentation from Chair Sarah Howell.

Number 09/300139

When insuring your valuable items (property, car etc) with Vero, quoting the above number results in a commission being made to the Manawatu Branch. Thank you for your ongoing support.


The Tourer

Coming Events Manawatu Events Branch VCC 2019 Coming 2019 April 2019

06 Mid Month run to Kimbolton Sculpture Festival 10 Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove 17 Club Night 7.30pm The Grove 4 Branch Post Vintage Rally May 2019 8 Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove 15 Club Night 7.30pm The Grove 12 Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove June 2019 19 Club Night 7.30pm The Grove 22 Branch Night Trial 10 Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove July 2019 17 Club Night 7.30pm The Grove 14 Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove August 2019 21 Club Night 7.30pm The Grove Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove September 2019 11 18 Club Night 7.30pm The Grove 9 Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove October 2019 16 Club Night 7.30pm The Grove Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove November 2019 13 20 Club Night 7.30pm The Grove Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove December 2019 11 18 Club Night 7.30pm The Grove tbc Sunday Run details are in the Club Captain’s Corner each month. Regular monthly events are listed inside the back cover in each issue. Bookings for The Grove venue can be made through Creative Catering, Awapuni Racecourse Phone 06 354 2780 or

From around the region: April 2019 07

Horowhenua Ted Green Motorcycle Rally


Whanganui Annual Motorcycle Rally – contact

19 – 22 National South Island Easter Rally 20

Whanganui Motorcycle Rally


Taranaki Maunga Moana Rally

May 2019 02- 03

Wairarapa Motorcycle Reliability Rally

June 2019

02/03 Whanganui Queen’s Birthday Annual Rally

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Len Shailer Ltd

“NZ’s Finest Automotive Platers”


68 Wilson Street- Wanganui

191 ALBERT ST, PALMERSTON NORTH PHONE 357-9098 * All types of car upholstery * Vintage cars a speciality * Carpet Overlocking

The acknowledged experts on all types of Vintage and Post Vintage Nickel and Chrome Plating. We are one of those old-fashioned firms that take pride in the quality of our work. (Ask anyone who has dealt with us) For all your METAL FINISHING REQUIREMENTS Copper, Brass, Bronze, Silver, Alloy Plating,Gold, Antique Finishing and Metal Polishing Phone Dave on Wanganui (06) 345 5042 for prompt and efficient service


99a Lombard Street Palmerston North Ph 06 357-2972 Fax 06 355·1634 Mobile 027-241·3413


B&H ENGINE SERVICES 2015 Ltd 298 Broadway Avenue- Palmerston North (Member NZ Engine Reconditioner’s Assn) Specialists in all • ENGINE RECONDITIONING and • PARTS SUPPLY of any make or model. • • • • • •

ALSO Shell Bearing Conversions Remetalling Line Boring Unleaded Fuel Conversions Balancing “Hard to Get” parts manufactured TELEPHONE: 357 1182 FAX 356 6722 Email: The Tourer

From the Outgoing Chair Hello everyone, As a result of last night’s AGM, it is with great pleasure that I welcome Stan Garmonsway as the new chair for Manawatu Branch. Stan brings a wealth of experience to the role and I wish him well. The position of Vice Chair has been filled by Ron Persson whilst Esther Williams has taken on the task of Club Captain. Vice Club Captain is vacant at this time. Peter Robinson remains as Secretary and Ian Howell continues in his role as Treasurer. There were six nominations for the four committee positions which resulted in a ballot being held and the successful candidates were Trevor Hardy, John Ireland, Cliff Bennett and Dave Williams. I will continue on the committee for the next year in the role of immediate past chair. At this stage the appointed positions remain the same. Thank you to everyone who has indicated that they will continue in their roles. As outgoing chair I wish to thank Brian McPherson for all of his work on the committee these last three years. Brian has put a lot of time into the maintenance of the building and grounds, for which I thank him. At the AGM Murray Martin’s long involvement with VICs was acknowledged. Murray has been doing this work for the Branch for 20 years. In acknowledgement of this work the branch voted, to acclaim, to award Murray life membership of Manawatu Branch and he was presented with a gift. See photo on front cover

The Tourer

Outgoing Club Captain Bryan Abraham was also thanked publicly and presented with a gift to acknowledge the huge amount of work that he has put into this role.

I am attending the Executive Meeting in Wellington on Saturday as Branch Delegate and a number of issues that will be discussed there were raised at the general meeting which was held last night after the AGM. As this is my final message to members I wish to thank you all for the support given to me and the committee over this past three years and wish the new committee every success. Sarah Howell Outgoing Chair


Chairman’s Chat Stan Garmonsway

For those who were not at the AGM, I am your new Chairman. A bit of a surprise for me as I am a new Manawatu Branch member, but I have served as Chairman for the Wellington Branch, so I have some experience of the role. I welcome the new committee and thank those who put forward their names for the various positions. Sarah Howell volunteered to stay on as Delegate and I am very thankful for that.   I would very much like to see more of you attending club nights. If anyone has an idea for a guest speaker or a topic of universal interest please let me know.   This being my first chat it is rather brief, but no doubt there will be matters needing an airing in the coming months. Meanwhile enjoy your Vintage motoring while you can.   Until next month then:   Cheers Stan

Secretary’s Scribbles Peter Robinson

By the time you get to read this, Ann & I will be off on holiday. Yeehah!! It has been on Ann’s bucket list for years to visit Central Otago in the autumn fall to see the wonderful tree colours so renowned at that time of year. So, we will be doing it. We will have two passengers with us. Old friends John & Evie Wheeler from Brisbane are coming along too. The four of us did a round Tasmania trip around ten years ago and had a ball. Perhaps this is just some old folks trying to relive their youthful past?? The Wheelers are great collectors of ‘stuff’ antique and vintage. John especially has an enviable collection of cars and memorabilia. A pity that they will not be in Palmy on a Club Night. They would have made great guest speakers. As I am putting these thoughts together in mid March, the AGM has not yet been held. Our trip has been arranged around that meeting, leaving just the day after. This will give me time to write up the Minutes whilst still fresh in my mind. Things don’t seem to stick as well in that area as once they did. I sincerely hope that the AGM is a successful one, with the members going forward with the stated aims of the Club in mind. We must always remember our shared passion. It is quite easy


The Tourer

to forget how carefree we all were in the past, and the fun we had. Let’s try and get that back, shall we? So good to see some of our members bringing along photos to be framed and hung resplendently on our walls. Keep them coming. With so many of us (me included) not having the clarity of vision we once enjoyed, clubroom custodian Gary Millar has suggested we lower the top layer of pictures to enhance viewing. And perhaps rearrange them to some extent, so that those of current members are full frontal so to speak! Good idea. I have been contacted by one time member Gordon Knight. He was Committee Chairman for a stint in the 80’s. Gordon is going through the painful motions of downsizing, and has offered our branch his collection of approx. 50 vehicle related books. I have gratefully accepted on our behalf. I’ll get Gary Millar, our esteemed and learned librarian, to sort through them for any he may want for our library shelves. After which, it might be an idea to have them on display in the clubrooms for a short while for any member to avail themselves for their own collection. And then, if there are any left over, perhaps they could go to our next swap meet as a fund raiser for the Branch. National Office has sent us the latest list of members, both locally and nationwide. If anyone is interested in a copy, please let me know, and I will forward an electronic copy. There are three national ones, all of which contain very many pages – from 450 to 691!! However, I am prepared to get printed our local list which runs to just eight pages for the cost of printing for those who are interested. This list contains name, contact details, plus cars owned of Manawatu members. It DOES NOT include those who have requested their details remain confidential. Stay well, be happy, and keep on driving! Peter Robinson

‘My phone will ring at 2 in the morning, and my wife’ll look at me and go, “Who’s that calling at this time?’ “I don’t know! If I knew that we wouldn’t need the bloody phone!” ‘

The Tourer


2019 Ruahine Ramble Half a Rally Report By Ian Rowden

This is a full report but about only a half-rally. The Editor said, as she brought me a cup of tea in bed, “No-one has sent me a Ruahine Rally report. You will have to do one.” Here goes.

Cars gathered at the Coach House Museum Well… this proved to be one of our longer rally days. I do not remember the whole route but we turned left from the Coachhouse Museum and doubled back through Feilding town and north to Lethbridge Road. We took this on to and through and then back through Halcombe where I was reminded of our first Nite Trial in rain, no rainex, no brakes and 6v lights and a little torch. We had a meal at the Halcombe pub on that occasion. It was the best part of the rally. From there we went on the great driving country to Stanway and eventually to Kiwitea where we descended to the Oroua River and then up the other side to Te Awa. Here Club Captain Bryan had a cunning test which involved counting the battens at the entrance to Te Awa farm. All cars were then expected to retrace the route and go to Cheltenham. As we came to a halt I was aware of some clattering upfront and found the fan wobbling loosely. We had lost a fair bit of water and it appeared that the water pump had a failure of some kind. We called the AA who sent a man out who


The Tourer

then called for a “tow-truck�. While we waited we spent a pleasant few hours with the Te Awa owners who had come to this farm from our home district and we swapped memories and anecdotes about numerous acquaintances. Once our car Tilly had been loaded on the truck we said farewell and went with it back to Palmerston North, feeling many bumps due to the stiff suspension. Thus ended the long rally day. Others can tell you about their lunch stop, afternoon and Happy Ending.

The lunch stop The Tourer


Feilding Farm Meat Processors Ltd Home Kill Servicing the greater Manawatu

* MAF Registered * Farm Meat Slaughtering & Processing * Packed & Frozen Complete Home Kill Service Ph/Fax 06 323 6288 A/hrs 06 323 4265

Steve Bright 021 519 077

96 Churcher St Feilding

New Members contact the Secretary, Peter Robinson, to organise to collect their name badge.

New Style Name Badges


The Tourer These are available

Club Captain’s Corner Notices SUNDAY RUN – 28 April 2019 Meet at Chesters Plumbing and Bathroom carpark in Tremaine Avenue (Palmerston North) at 1.00 pm for a drive on easy roads to a Café. The total mileage for the afternoon (i.e. including back to Palmerston North) is approx. 50 miles (80 Kms). POST VINTAGE RALLY (PV, PW, P60, P80) - Saturday 4 May 2019 The entry form for this rally is in this Tourer. Meet at the Coach House Museum, 121 South Street, Feilding after 8.45 am for a hot drink before the 9.15 am briefing. The route keeps you on the western side of the ranges and takes participants on sealed roads over approx. 75 miles (120 Kms) of rolling countryside to a Café for lunch where there is a good range of both hot food and cabinet food available at very reasonable prices. The afternoon section is approx. 30 miles (50 Kms) of sealed road and ends with afternoon tea at another Café. Like previous years the Post Vintage Rally is open to earlier VCC Vehicle Classification Vehicles and ‘moderns’ if that works better for you on this occasion, although these entrants will be participating as non-competitive. Entry Form Options:  Complete the form that is in this The Tourer

Tourer and mail it to the address on the form.  If you would like the form emailed to you so that you can avoid having to cut into your Tourer, email the Rally Organiser requesting that a PDF version be emailed to you.  Alternatively forget the form and just send an email to the Rally Organiser with all of the details that are requested on the form included in the email text. Payment Options:  Send a cheque in the post with your entry form.  Pay on the day.  Email the Rally Organiser requesting account details so that you can pay by internet banking. Rally Organiser: Bryan Abraham phone (06) 358 4014 Rally Organiser email: bryana@xtra. Entries Close: Saturday 27 April 2019.

Reports SUNDAY PICNIC – 24 February 2019 Wet weather isn’t usually the best way to entice people out for a picnic and on this occasion the weather probably did make a little dent in the numbers, but even with six cars and eleven people it was a good run with an enjoyable picnic at the other end.


The route took the group across town (via Botanical Road and Park Road) to Fitzherbert Avenue where a left turn was made after crossing the bridge - and then it was along Summerhill Drive, through Aokautere, and into the Ashhurst Domain. A group of Real Estate people were having what looked to be a team building picnic/barbeque in the shelter, but there was plenty of room for all of us and those who braved the inclement day spent the best part of a couple of hours chatting. Many thanks to those who came on the picnic.

Feilding Auto Electrical Ltd “All auto electrical faults repaired on Alfas to Zephyrs�

Alternators & starter motors reconditioned or new Batteries - automotive, commercial, marine Computer diagnostics - Engine, ABS, Airbags etc MP3/CD Players supplied and fitted Car alarms Air conditioning Automotive parts and accessories at: Feilding Auto Electrical 71 Stafford Street, Feilding Ph: 323 8427 Mobile: 0274 423 967 Email: 12

The Tourer


The Manawatu Branch met the Tour at Totara College in Dannevirke which was the Day 6 lunch stop.

The group took Top Grass Rd, Graham Rd, Oringi Rd, Jackson Rd, River Rd etc. to the Tui Brewery for afternoon tea

Then a stop at Pahiatua to see Jim Chalmers and his private collection of cars – plus some others he had organised.

Then it was over the Pahiatua Track to the clubrooms for tea. The morning tea stop next day was at the Woolshed.

The Tourer



Saturday 4th May 2019 For Post Vintage, Post War, Post 60 and Post 80 vehicles plus vehicles from other VCC vehicle classification categories as non-competitive entries

     

Meet after 8.45 am at the Coach House Museum, 121 South Street, Feilding for a tea / coffee before the Rally. The briefing will be at 9.15 am with the first car away at 9.30 am. The route does not include any unsealed roads. You don’t need to pack a picnic for this outing - the morning section of the Rally takes you to a café for lunch. Mileage for the morning section is approx. 75 miles (120 Kms). The afternoon section is approx. 30 miles (50 Kms). There will be no opportunity to purchase petrol during either the morning or afternoon sections of this rally (105 miles (170 Km) in total). There will be an opportunity to purchase petrol before heading home at the end of the afternoon section which finishes at a Café. Mileage back to Palm Nth after afternoon tea is approx. 30 miles (50 Kms).

ENTRANT : .............................................................................................................................. ADDRESS : ……………………….......................................................................................... TELEPHONE : ( ..... ) ...............................

EMAIL : ............................................................

NAVIGATOR : .......................................................................................................................... VEHICLE MAKE & MODEL : .................................................................................................... YEAR OF MANUFACTURE : ............................ RALLY ENTRY :


entry only

REG. PLATE No : .................................... or


Internet Banking

Cash on the day


with optional Rally Plaque

Cheque attached

Cheques to be made payable to the ‘Manawatu Branch VCC’


▪ ▪

Bryan Abraham, 81 Apollo Parade, Palmerston North 4414 : Ph (06) 358 4014 Email for internet banking acct details or a PDF copy of this entry form

ENTRIES CLOSE: Saturday 27th April 2019


The Tourer

Manawatu VCC cars by the decade

1940’s 1941 Chevrolet Coupe Super Deluxe By Brian & Lyn James Originally called the Chevrolet Motor Company, the auto manufacturer was founded by a man named William Durant in 1911. The company’s name came from a partnership that Durant had with a well-known race car driver named Louis Chevrolet. There were 1,650,000 Chevrolets built during the 1941 model year, and by far the most popular model was the Kingston Gray, Special Deluxe Five Passenger Coupe. It included full width front seat with divided back for entrance and exit also full width interior back seat. Also had two rear seat ash trays and ventilating rear quarter windows.   The car was imported from USA by Joseph William Lewis in October 1949 as a left hand drive. Later it was owned by Taupo’s local policeman Brian Main who used it as a police car from 1959 -1961. After covering 90,000 miles, GC6871 was rebuilt as a hot-rod in 1961 and fitted with a twin carburettor GMC engine and was lowered and changed to right hand drive when owned by David Reyland of Levin. In later years in the 70’s it was fitted with a Chevrolet 396 V8 motor and Holden front suspension by Keith Sisson as one of the previous 14 owners.  We acquired it March 1995 and the condition of the car had rust in the bottom of the doors and around the rear window. Body was also a little bit rough in places. I spent 8 years on a total rebuild which included purchasing a 1948 Chev Sedan for spare parts as in the likes of the chassis, 15’’ wheels, full dash, gear box and all linkages. We fitted the 41 with a reconditioned 1955 235 Blue Flame The Tourer


engine with Fenton Headers, Offenhauser Twin Carb manifold, electronic ignition and a 3.73 differential instead of the 4.1 unit originally used. It runs a 12-volt electrical system and has a radio and heater. The interior has had carpet and head lining replaced by Basil Shailer, also dash and window surrounds wood graining done by Ray Mercer. Car was painted by Chris Calder and chroming done by Otahuhu Electroplaters. It has now been on the road for 16 years and has clocked up 26,400mls giving us a lot of enjoyment doing rallies and weddings including Aaron Cruden’s wedding and Christmas parades. This coupe is some what a rarity, there being only half a dozen 41 Chevrolets in New Zealand and we only know of 3 coupes. This no doubt due to WW2. Our longest journey of 3200mls was from Palmerston North to Invercargill and return for the 2006 Vero International Rally over 3 weeks.  It has received awards from Super Chevy Sunday at Taupo for Best pre 50’s 2004 and best paint job 2005. Easter Rally...Entrants Choice 2004 Todd Park Trophy in 2005 & 2008 PVW Rally 2004 Best restoration and 2005 Best Presentation

I went to the Doctors the other day, and he said, ‘Go to Bournemouth, it’s great for flu’. So I went - and I got it.


The Tourer

‘A group of chess enthusiasts checked into a hotel and were standing in the lobby discussing their recent tournament victories. After about an hour, the manager came out of the office and asked them to disperse. “But why?” they asked, as they moved off. “because,” he said “I can’t stand chess nuts boasting in an open foyer.” ‘


Please note that all VCC ID Cards have an expiry. This expiry is upon change of ownership, or 10 years from the issue date. Your vehicle must also be as described on the Card. A Renewal form personalised for each vehicle ID Card is distributed by the National Office to current financial members, approximately 3 months before the expiration. Even if your vehicle has had no changes, this form must be checked, signed and forwarded to your Branch, along with the ID Card (if the photo correctly shows your vehicle in its present state), or three new photos, as stated on the form. Upon receipt at the National Office, the ID Card will be reissued and will be valid for a further 10 years unless there is a change of ownership or major changes to the vehicle during that time. It is compulsory for all National and International VCC Rallies that vehicles entered must have a current valid ID Card.

The Tourer


Directory BRANCH COMMITTEE 2019 CHAIRMAN: Stan Garmonsway (Kate)

06 323 0553


Ron Persson (Josie)

06 354 5266


Peter Robinson (Ann)

06 356 7404


Esther Williams (Dave)

06 358 5155



Ian Howell (Sarah)

06 374 6645

Cliff Bennett (Jenny)

06 356 3383

Trevor Hardy (Sandra)

06 323 4040

John Ireland (Anne)

06 323 4170

Dave Williams (Esther)

06 358 5155

The Tourer


Trevor Hardy (Sandra)


06 323 4040

06 323 4170


Esmee Rowden (Ian)

06 3567871


Gary Millar (Marion)

06 354 8298


Gary Millar (Marion)

06 354 8298


Sarah Howell (Ian)

06 374 6645


Ian Howell (Sarah)

06 374 6645


Gary Millar (Marion)

06 354 8298


Dave Williams (Esther)

06 358 5155

John Ireland (Anne)

06 323 4170


Peter Robinson (Ann)

06 356 7404

CLOSING DATE FOR NEXT TOURER – 20TH APRIL 2019 The next issue of the Tourer will be May 2019.

Please send your contributions: rally reports, your motoring stories, cuttings, technical reports, humorous articles, photos, drawings etc

to: The Editor

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Manawatu Branch Meetings held at the Clubrooms “The Grove”, 684 Kelvin Grove Road, Palmerston North Third Wednesday of each month from 7.00pm. Meetings start at 7.30pm. (Please wear name badges at all Club events) • Committee Meeting— 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm. • BYO Tea — First Sunday of each month from 5pm at the Clubrooms. • Parts Shed — Opens from 2pm first Sunday of each month. • Library — Open on club nights, and by arrangement with the Librarian. • Noggin & Natter — First Tuesday of month at 7:30pm. Murray’s Irish Bar Feilding. Vintage Car Club Vehicle Classifications • Veteran Motor Vehicles constructed prior to 31st December 1918 • Vintage Motor Vehicles constructed between 1st January 1919 and 31 Dec 1931 • Post Vintage Motor Vehicles constructed between 1st January 1932 and 31 Dec 1945 • Post War Motor vehicles constructed between 1st January 1946 and 31st Dec 1960 • Post 1960 Motor vehicles constructed between 1st January 1961 and 31st Dec 1980 • Post 1980 Constructed after 1st January 1981 provided that no vehicle is accepted for this class until January 1st of the year that is 30 years after its original year of construction • Factory Built, & Historic Racing Vehicles -as described in the Club By-laws • Period Specials - as described in the Club By-laws

THE TOURER: New Zealand Registered Magazine.

The Official Newsletter of the Manawatu Branch of the Vintage Car Club of NZ (Inc) Email: Phone: (06) 354 8582 Clubrooms: ‘The Grove” 684 Kelvin Grove Road PO Box 385 Palmerston North 4440

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Manawatu VCC - April 2019  

Manawatu VCC - April 2019