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THE WIPER The Newsletter of the Gore Branch of the Vintage Car Club of NZ (Inc.)

February 2019

Next meeting: 12th February MEETINGS: SECOND TUESDAY of the month at the Clubrooms, Waimea Street, Gore Branch telephone number: 03 208 7424

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Front cover picture: Ken Buchanan’s Triumph acquired a hitch-hiker during the Coastal Day Run. (Photo by Murray Proctor)



Chairman's Report February 2019 Well another New Year has arrived. Trust everybody had a very enjoyable Xmas and New Year with Family and Friends. Great to have Mervyn and Joyce Soper join our club. Looking forward to seeing them out motoring in their 1965 Mk3 Zodiac, 1972 Rover and 1977 Triumph on our runs. Let’s hope the weather continues to be nice and we can all get our vehicles out and support the runs coming up with the Coastal Day Run on the 19th January followed by the Festival Rally in February. Our countryside is looking amazing after all the rain and heat so get your vehicles out and enjoy. Get you entries in for the upcoming events. Well it’s time to get back to the shed!! Lots of stuff to do with a busy year coming up!! Happy Motoring Greg Elder

Random Thoughts Old age is coming at a really bad time. When I was a child I thought “Nap Time” was a punishment. Now, as a grownup, it feels like a small vacation. Life is great. I have more friends I should send this to, but right now I can't remember their names. Sent in by Evan Henderson 4

Club Captain’s Report February 2019 The busy part of our club calendar is coming up in the next couple of months. If you haven’t entered the Festival Rally yet then time is running out so I encourage you to put pen to paper and join in on what is always a fun day out. The Diggers Run has been moved from the normal early December slot to the 23rd of February at the RSA’s request. Ken Buchanan has an ad in this Wiper giving details but doesn’t yet know how many RSA members will be turning up. Before the March meeting we have the Clearwater Capers Run on the 3 rd of March and the Frank Robson Run on the 10th of March, both of which should have details advertised in this edition of The Wiper. Please support these events as a lot of work goes into setting them up by the members of the Club Captain’s team. At the January meeting Keith Nunn asked for members to attend a working bee on Saturday the 9th of February at 9.00am to tidy up around the clubrooms prior to the Festival Rally. Please turn up and lend a hand if you can. John Parish

New Members A very warm welcome to two more new members, Mervyn and Joyce Soper of Gore. Their stable of VCC cars includes three cars beloved of “middle managers” of their eras, a 1965 Ford Zodiac MkIII, a 1972 Rover 3500 and a 1977 Triumph 2.5. I believe that the Rover and the Triumph were fierce competitors in their market segment at the time so it is interesting to see them sharing a shed! We look forward to seeing the cars (and owners) on a run very soon and, if I can prevail upon Mervyn, reading a story about one (or more) of them in The Wiper too. The Editor 5

From the Editor’s keyboard As promised, this issue has more of the Editorial Targa saga, the “missing” photos from the Opening Run and more of Greg Elder’s photos from the National Veteran Rally. If you receive one of the online versions you will see the photos in colour! As the Branch Delegate, I will be attending the VCC Executive Committee meeting in Wellington on the 23rd March. If there is anything you would like me to raise at the meeting, please let me know. My contact details are on the inside back cover of The Wiper. Advanced warning (1): the copy deadline for the next issue of The Wiper will be before the 18th of February. Advanced warning (2): as I will not be able to attend many of this season’s Branch events it will be even more important for the event organisers to arrange someone to do write-ups and photos for The Wiper. Happy reading, David North


Draft Updated Branch Constitution Some of you may remember that it was announced at the VCC AGM last year that an updated Branch Constitution was being prepared. A draft has now been sent out to the Branches for comments and will be presented for discussion at the next (February) Gore Branch meeting. I have emailed a copy of the draft to all of the Branch members for whom I have an email address. If you have not received a copy and would like one, please contact me or the Branch Secretary, Katy Parish. The draft will be discussed at the VCC Executive Committee meeting in Wellington on the 23rd March but not finalised then. Branches are able to make comments on it until the 30th April 2019. David North, Branch Delegate




The Word ……. “Restoration” In the earlier days of the Vintage Car Club most members had completed, were in the process of, or had been involved in, a restoration. These varied from huge tasks of rebuilding through to tidy ups of sound original cars or bikes. However, the vehicles tended to be of the Veteran, Vintage and Post Vintage classes unlike the younger models that are more popular and accessible now. In a discussion with a member I agreed at a comment that no-one restores cars or bikes nowadays but later, after thinking about the comment, I thought of vehicles under restoration within our own branch and came up with several that I know of. Some have been in a state of restoration for a number of years but still are a vehicle “currently under restoration”. Stewart Quertier is in the depths of a rebuild on his 1938 Ford V8 Coupe which he has owned for many years. The body has been panel and painted and he is working on the chassis. Barry Clearwater has his ex-army Indian motorcycle in the assembly stage of a full frame to handlebar restoration. Currently working when his health permits. Chairman Greg Elder has completed many restorations and has recently finished a MK1 Escort Sport to his usual high standard and is also working on a 1949 Ford Bonus Pickup which was their farm vehicle. Graeme Clearwater is in the assembly stage of a thorough nut and bolt restoration of a very correct MK1 Mini Cooper S to a high standard. Barry Newland has a 1928 Ford Model A Tudor under a full rebuild which he works on when retirement allows. Robin Dickson has for some time been restoring a 1914 Overland Tourer once owned by our first chairman Bruce Grierson. At some part of its life having had the rear section of the body discarded, this has now been rebuilt and painted and is ready for reassembly. 10

Alex McLennan is restoring a 1934 MG and is close to the painting stage while waiting on the engine work to be completed. Peter Wood has a 1937-8 Dodge Coupe that is currently under restoration. A chassis measurement put the rebuild back but it’s now on track. And of course, I have a 1910 Ford Model BB Truck that has been half started / finished for many years. Finding time to finish it is a problem as customers’ own vehicles keep getting in the way! These are only what I know of and I’m sure there others I am unaware of or have forgotten about. Paul Herron [Sounds like a few articles for The Wiper amongst that lot! The Editor]


Yet More About Speed My article in the October issue of The Wiper told about six monster cars known as Blitzen Benz. They were built solely to break speed records and they did. However further south in Italy the FIAT company weren’t happy, surely they could beat the Germans with superior technology. So, in 1911, FIAT built two cars for the challenge known as the S76.

(Picture sourced from

(Later also known as FIAT 300 HP Record, and nicknamed "The Beast of Turin".) The engines are the biggest car engines ever built, four cylinders with bore and stroke measurements of 190 x 250 mm or 7.48 x 9.84 inches, giving a capacity of 1,729 cu in or 28,353 cc. FIAT claimed 290hp at 1900rpm with four valves per cylinder, overhead camshaft and three spark plugs per cylinder. Starting was by compressed air. Other cars have been built with bigger engines but they have been from aircraft, FIAT still have their claim to this day giving their cars a top speed of 116 - 132 mph (186 - 212kph), however drivers complained of 12

unmanageable handling, one driver refusing to go over 90 mph. Was the potential of these cars ever realised? Suspension was leaf springs on both axles, 5-speed gearbox with chain drive to the rear axle. If you go to the internet you can see the surviving car on various clips, including ones of the car in action at the Goodwood Revival and Festival of Speed events where it was one of the star attractions. Jim McFadzien Links to some photos and Youtube clips of the car in action: Photographs of rebuilding the FIAT S76 “Beast of Turin”: Fiat S76 1911 28.4 litre. Start up and driving sounds: Fiat S76 'Beast of Turin' at Goodwood Festival of Speed 25th June 2015: The “Beast of Turin” racing at Goodwood The “Beast of Turin” at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed: The Editor

Things to Think About Intentionally losing a game of rock, paper, scissors is just as hard as trying to win. 100 years ago everyone owned a horse and only the rich had cars. Today everyone has cars and only the rich own horses. Sent in by Bill Sheddan 13

Online Bonuses A good story about the first car to do the around Australia trip in 1925. (Sent in by Greg Elder) 20Feature.htm Gore Branch Josephville Hillclimb 2017 Photos Little Honda

Repair works prior to the Josephville Hillclimb. Works by (L-R) Alec McLennan, Stewart Quertier and Terry Inder, photo by Evan Henderson) 14

Opening Run 16th September

(Photos by the Editor) 15



Hurry! Enter NOW for a great day out over a choice of two routes on Southland roads Good company and scenery included‌

(‌and no need to stay on for the meal if you have other plans!) Rally Organisers: Denis Knight Ph (03) 208 5404 / Cell 027 351 3190 Keith Dodds Ph (03) 208 6038 / Cell 027 464 6967 18

DIGGERS RUN Saturday 23rd February

1pm: Meet at Gore RSA for a run to Waikaia I should have an idea of numbers, and cars required, by the February meeting If you are interested in taking part phone:

Ken Buchanan (03) 208 6901



Tuesday Ramble 26th February


Gore Branch Events for the 2018-19 Season Event



2019 Festival Rally

Saturday 16th February Denis Knight

Diggers Run

Saturday 23rd February Ken Buchanan

Clearwater Capers Run

Sunday 3rd March

Frank Robson Run Sunday 10th March

Charlie Davis, Ray Taylor Greg Elder

Gore Swap Meet

Sunday 17th March

Paul Corcoran

Ladies Run

Sunday 7th April

Fay Graves

Night Trial

Saturday 11th May

Bill Sheddan

End of Season Run Saturday 8th June

Tuesday Ramble

Charlie Davis, Ray Taylor

Normally the last Co-ordinated by Tuesday of the month. Fay Graves (Variable in December)

2020 National Veteran Rally

16th to 18th October

Paul Herron

Editor's note to event organisers: if you want to see a report in The Wiper please provide one yourselves or organise somebody to do it for you. (N.B. This usually works best if you ask them before the event!


Other Events 2019 15 - 17 February

26 National Motorcycle Rally – Blenheim. Email

23rd February

All British Car Day, North Otago Branch. Clive Blunden, email or phone 03 439 5207

24th February

Race4Life Trackday, Teretonga. Give rides in your VCC car to palliative care patients. Contact Viv James for details: email or phone 021 883669

3rd – 8th March

MG 22nd Pre’56 National Rally. Enquiries email

7th – 13th March

North Island Club Captain’s Tour. Kaaren Smylie Phone 07 576 4180, cell 021 664 341 or email:

16th March

Scenicland Rally, West Coast Branch. Contact Marie Woolhouse, phone 03 768 6525 or email

30th – 31st March

Annual Branch Rally, Canterbury Branch

6th April

South Canterbury Branch Swapmeet. Email

19th - 21st April

National South Island Easter Rally, Ashburton Branch. Colin Sweetman: phone 0274 372 087 or email

20th – 21st April

Wheels at Wanaka:




25 August


National Day - Daffodil Rally for Cancer 2020



16 - 18 October

National Veteran Rally, Gore Branch

2021 17 – 22 January th


Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring, New Plymouth 23

Clearwater Capers Sunday 3rd March

12.30pm: assemble at the Gore VCC Clubrooms 1.00pm: first car away All tar-seal route to an interesting destination about 80kms (50 miles) away Enquiries to Charlie Davis: 027 4515234 24

Frank Robson Run (for Veteran and Vintage vehicles only) th

Sunday 10


1.00pm: assemble at the Gore VCC clubrooms 1.30 pm: first car away for a leisurely drive to Waikaia to view the new Museum Enquiries to Greg Elder: (03) 202 5710 or 0274318058 25



Targa NZ VCC Time Trial (Part 2) Right, where were we? Ah yes, August 2018 and our entry had been submitted, entry fee paid and accommodation booked. We also had a list of the safety equipment we would need. This comprised first aid kit, tow rope, tow straps (front/rear), reflective warning triangle, fire extinguisher (minimum 1kg). It was suggested that we could obtain all these items from Palmside in Christchurch but adding up the indicative prices, this was going to cost around $230 for stuff that we were likely to only need once, if at all. I therefore shopped around and got everything for less than $80. The hardest thing to find was the tow-rope, as most places only stocked tow-straps. A vehicle emergency kit (which contained a first aid kit and warning triangle as well as a hi-vis vest) and the fire extinguisher came from Mitre 10 and I found an as-new tow-rope on Trademe. As the Toyota has towing eyes front and rear (and a tow bar) I didn’t need the front and rear tow-straps. The only other piece of equipment needed was a RallySafe GPS and telemetry unit.

The RallySafe unit installed in the Editorial Toyota 28

This device would provide us with time, speed and distance information, communicate warnings to us and relay these warnings and our speed back to Targa control and also enable faster cars to notify the car ahead of their desire to pass. It was made possible for us to hire this together with the antenna and suction fitting to attach it to the windscreen (no need to drill into the dashboard or the car at all). We just needed to buy the power cable and fit it so that it had a continuous 12 volt feed regardless of whether the vehicle’s ignition was on or off. This was achieved by the simple expedient of wiring it to the battery clamps. With three weeks to go we were sent two versions of the Event Programme, one from the VCC Co-ordinator with timings for the VCC group and one from the Targa people with timings for the Competition (full-on Targa Rally) group. Slightly confusing, but worse was to come! With two weeks to go, the latest update informed us that there were 137 entrants, made up of Competition 64, Tour 51 and VCC 22. We were also reminded of what safety equipment we needed and the start time for the 22nd October, the first day of the Targa. This looked to be a busy day as it encompassed scrutineering, documentation, the Show 'n Shine Car Display and Ceremonial Start in Queens Park, Invercargill, a compulsory driver and co-driver briefing and, finally, the Legends of Targa Dinner at Bill Richardson’s Transport World. We would have to behave ourselves at the dinner as we had another compulsory briefing at 6.20am the following day so the alarm would be set for 5am! Ten days before the start, another update. We were told that the battery needed positive and negative terminal covers. The Toyota only had a cover on the positive terminal so another cover had to be bought and fitted and the terminals identified - magic marker and tape did the trick! Four days to go and another change. This time we were told that “There has been a recent change to the requirements surrounding Emergency Signs (SOS/OK). Each vehicle is now required to have an additional SOS/OK Sign carried in their vehicles. …We will have these for sale for $10 each.” (As it turned out, we didn’t need these after all!)


Then, at last – the first day of Targa. The itinerary for the day was: 11am scrutineering at HWR Driver Training Centre then documentation at Bill Richardson Transport World, Queens Park Show 'n Shine Car Display followed by the Ceremonial Start, then back to Transport World for a compulsory driver/co-driver briefing followed by the Legends of Targa Dinner, also at Transport World. We arrived a little early for scrutineering only to find the road jammed with cars waiting to get into the site. The VCC cars were scrutineered as they arrived and we then found a space to park in the Training Centre grounds to wait for the livery to be applied. This took a while as there were just two people from Vital Signs to do all the cars but the sun was shining and there were people to talk to and cars to admire‌

Once our livery was in place we headed off to documentation and then to the Queens Park Band Rotunda area where the Southland Branch had a number of their cars on display too. The marshalls were asking why so few cars had arrived and when we explained what was going on the reason for their confusion became clear. The programmes showed scrutineering, livery, documentation and the Car Show all taking place between 11am and 2.30pm, so they had expected cars to start arriving at 11am! The sun was still shining and a gradually-increasing crowd was wandering round looking at all the cars. Despite being parked between a very eye-catching lime green Escort Mexico and an E-type Jaguar the Editorial Toyota attracted a lot of attention and compliments on its condition. As you might expect, there were a lot of questions about it and nearly everybody seemed to have a happy Corolla memory!


Soon it was time for the Ceremonial Start, through Queens Park’s Feldwick Gates, with NZ rally star Hayden Paddon waving the flag. Back to Transport World for the briefing and then our motel to check in, unpack and get scrubbed up for the dinner. We had a very enjoyable evening, with good company on our table (all VCC entrants) and very good food in the amazing surroundings of Transport World. There were amusing and interesting guest speakers, including Hayden Paddon but, all too soon, it was time to head back to the motel to prepare ourselves for the first of many 5am awakenings. To be continued……. David North 31

National Veteran Rally, Nelson 16th - 18th November 2018



(Photos by Greg Elder)


Spotted! In the November 2018 issue of Split Rim, the South Otago Branch Newsletter, page 2, the Clutha Rally, Drivers Choice: Post 80 Jim McFadzien Gore 1981 BMW 320 Commercial Bryan Neilson Gore 1942 Chevrolet In No.354, the October/November 2018 issue of Beaded Wheels, page 33, Stewart Quertier’s Ford Cortina is pictured before the start of the Daffodil Rally. In No.355, the December 2018/January 2019 issue of Beaded Wheels, page 3, the Editorial Toyota Corolla is pictured in action on the Targa NZ VCC Time Trial. The car also gets a mention on page 31 in Graham Taylor’s article on the Rally. The Editor 35

Coastal Day Run The weather was a little depressing on Saturday 19th January when we assembled at the clubrooms at 10am for the pre-run briefing. Keith Nunn gave us the format for the day with an alternative route for those who wished to stay on sealed roads. The were no times so we left at our leisure and made our way to Mataura, there we crossed the river continuing down to Wyndham. We followed the heavy traffic bypass around the back of Wyndham and turned off to Mokoreta, while those on the all sealed route carried on and turned off at the end of the street. We motored on through Mokoreta and continued on to the gravel section, which with the rain was a bit mucky. While traveling down a reasonably steep section, we came across a Triumph, sort of angle parked (not badly) and were waved on by Keith Nunn. So, we knew it wasn’t too serious. We turned off the gravel and onto the Tokonui/Waikawa road and motored onto Niagara and went in to have a look at the Niagara Falls. I’d have to say that they are probably not as spectacular as the North American competition. We moved on to Waikawa which was our lunch stop - and with the weather being a bit untoward everyone was looking for a bit of shelter. The rain slackened so for a bit we could get out of our cars for a stretch and a natter. Would be a real nice spot if we had fine weather. Here Keith informed us that he hadn’t lost control of his car on the gravel, turned out the passenger side wiper arm tried to escape and was sliding down the bonnet.

Niagara Falls 36

After lunch we went and had a look at the Waikawa Museum and the church (both well worth a look), before heading on to Curio Bay, where a lot of commercial construction and rental accommodation has been going on over the past few years. Nice, but I do think that it’s lost some of its old back-of-beyond appeal now. Still quite good though. I spoke to an excited tourist who had been swimming with the dolphins. A highlight for her.

Curio Bay (all photos by Murray Proctor)

From Curio Bay we went to the Waipapa Lighthouse (pictured left), braved the now steady rain (have I mentioned the rain before?) and walked the track to the lighthouse. We didn’t stay long, it was just too wet and depressing. We left Waipapa and drove through Fortrose (where some had stopped for a cuppa), Gorge road, on to Edendale and back to Gore. We had a great day even with the weather as bad as it was. A big thank you has to go to Keith and Linda Nunn for organising the Run. We had a good turnout with 17 vehicles arriving and with Tim Walsh and the boys going with Katy and John Parish 16 vehicles took part on the day. Murray and Marilyn Proctor 37

Gore VCC Supper Roster 2018/9 February March April May June July August September October November December January

Murray Lowe Ken Youngson Keith Nunn To be advised Denis Knight To be advised To be advised To be advised To be advised To be advised


We need to cater for about 3040 members each night. The cuppa and serving of the supper is to be arranged within the Social Committee. If necessary, small items can be bought at Gore New World and charged to the Gore VCC account.

To be advised To be advised


Reminders Non-commercial FOR SALE and WANTED advertisements are free to Club members. Each advertisement will be published in 3 consecutive issues of The Wiper. Please contact the Editor. The vinyl “VCC Wings” badges (as featured on the front cover) are still available from the Treasurer, cost $2 each. VCC name badges If you haven't got one, they are available from Van De Water Jewellers at a discounted cost of $18. The badges are black with white lettering and bear your name and Gore VCC. NB. Not wearing one at a meeting is likely to attract the Sheriff’s attention and result in a fine! The Wiper is also available by email. It arrives earlier than the postal or hand-delivered ones, the pictures are in colour and there are (working) hyperlinks. There are two versions, a pdf file and an online one. Let me know if you would like to try this out. The Editor

Newsletters from other branches Many Branch Newsletters are now posted on the VCC Website: A very few branches are still sending us printed copies and these are displayed on the stand in the Library for three months. Others are received as pdf files or by email and can be forwarded to you, on request, by the Editor or the Secretary. Something to Think About The word "SWIMS" upside-down is still "SWIMS". Sent in by Bill Sheddan 39

COOKERY CORNER Red Cabbage Salad This quick-cooking method enhances the flavour of cabbage while retaining its crunchy texture and fabulous colour. Serves 6 Ingredients ½ small red cabbage ½ cup red wine vinegar 3 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon tabasco sauce 1 red onion, peeled and sliced ¼ cup currants 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley 1 tablespoon chopped fresh tarragon Method Remove, core and slice the cabbage into thin strips Place vinegar, sugar, salt, tabasco, onion and currants into a saucepan and bring to the boil. Simmer for 10 minutes until onion has softened and liquid reduced. Add cabbage, toss well, turn up heat and cook briskly to just wilt cabbage. Turn out into a bowl to cool. Toss through freshly chopped herbs just before serving. Taken from Simple Café Food by Julie Le Clerc

Another Random Thought At my age "Getting lucky" means walking into a room and remembering what I came in there for. Sent in by Evan Henderson 40

HELP WANTED [via Ross Holden] Hello everyone. I wonder if you could pass this on to anyone who could help identify this car (or parts of) and give an idea of what it’s worth in the state it’s in now. Jenny apologises for the photos. They don’t show up the chassis very well but they are the best she has at the moment. She writes: Hi I was wondering if you could help me. My Dad passed away last year and left his vintage car to my Brother and myself. It was pulled apart and stored in my Brothers shed and has remained there for the last 19 years. All the pieces were refurbished before it was put in the shed. My brother is not being helpful with trying to find it a new home so here am I trying. All I know is it is a Bean 1920 something??? I know it has a Dickie seat if that's any help. Would you be able to give me a rough idea of what it would be worth? I am not sure if it is worth me worrying my time with or not. Thank you very much for your help.

Contact Ross Holden, Communications & Marketing Officer, VCC Email: or phone 021 2638488 41

ADVERTISEMENTS FOR SALE VCC rally number holder Only $10-00 Russell Newland.....Ph 03 208 5899 2/3

WANTED Complete diff or higher-geared diff head to suit 1934-1935 Ford V8 pickup. Phone Denis Knight: home (03) 208 5404 or cell 027 3513190 1/3

WANTED 1928 Chrysler or DeSoto right hand tail light stalk. Chris Scoles, phone 027 226 5967 2/3

WANTED [via Ross Holden] This request comes from Grant: Hi Where can I get a working Model T spark coil from? Contact Ross Holden, Communications & Marketing Officer, VCC Email: or phone 021 2638488


FB Thought Bulletin


Run reports, articles of interest, photos, technical tips, letters and feedback are always welcome. Please send all contributions to David North

before the 21st of each month for inclusion in the next Wiper If you don't have a computer I can type up a hand-written article or put your notes or jottings into shape for The Wiper. If you prefer I can even take notes as you talk to me and write up the story for you - I am always ready to help so just let me know how! e-mail: physical mail: 4 Trotter Street, Riverton 9822 telephone (mobile) 0211723281 Remember that insuring your vehicle(s), boat(s), house(s), contents or travel with Vero Insurance and quoting the branch number (300135) results in the branch receiving a commission payment Please support our advertisers so that they, in turn, can continue to support the Branch The opinions and statements in The Wiper are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the policy or views of the Gore branch or of the VCC. The branch accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of any statements. The Wiper is printed by i-Cue 10 Wood Street, Invercargill. Telephone (03) 218 3350 43




Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Gore VCC - February 2019  

Gore VCC - February 2019