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December 2019/January 2020

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December 2019/January 2020

December 2019/January 2020

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February Bulletin closing date Cover Designed by Melanie Ball

Strictly 25 January 2020

The views expressed by the correspondents in this Bulletin are not necessarily those of the Editor or the Auckland Veteran & Vintage Car Club Inc. Any articles of interest, comments, letters to the Editor etc are welcome. All contributions are presented to and approved by the club committee prior to printing. Please forward any submissions to the Bulletin Editor.

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December 2019/January 2020

Chairman’s Report November off with the Veteran Section meeting, which had a good turnout and some interesting topics, so if you are into Veteran’s go along and join John’s group. The Auckland Motorcycle Rally was next on the calendar, which had a good turnout of riders and the day went very well. Murray Firth had his first Vintage Section meeting which went very well. Next up was the Motorcycle meeting, wow what a great and very interesting meeting. There were around 70 members in attendance to hear guest speaker Nicholas Taylor, talk about his hobbies and work. He is a Barrister and owns an E type Jaguar and 4 classic motorcycles. He is also into steam engines and has a large historical gun collection. The Midweek Tourers also continue to go to interesting places. The Commercial and Charabanc section has monthly meetings so if your passion is Commercial’s do go along to join them, plus they are always looking for new drivers willing to learn how to drive the 1915 Renault. November Club Night saw guest speaker Scott Bainbridge, one of NZ’s top crime writers and also presenter of the television program Missing. His books include The Basset Road Machine Gun Murders and The Great NZ Bank Robbery. This was a very interesting and entertaining night for the large number of members who turned up. Sunday 1 December was the Branch’s Annual Gymnic, but this year we didn’t have any competitions as we are going to have a much more entertaining event early next year. There was a great turn out of vehicles, with around 10 vehicles taking part in the Restoration Awards, including original and un-restored cars and motorcycles. Member Dick Langridge, allows us to use his farm paddocks for this event and also view his fantastic classic car collection. Thank you Dick. Also in December are the Veteran Section meeting, Club Night is the Christmas Pot Luck Dinner, which is always a great night, followed by the Motorcycle Section meeting, then the Motorcycle Xmas BBQ and the final event for the year is the Vintage Section meeting. Don’t forget the New Years Day Fish ‘n Chip run to Kaiaua. I would just like to say a big thank you to the Committee which has worked so well this year running the Branch and also to the Library Team, Val Ball, our Bulletin Editor and those who have helped during the year with the runs and rallies, Club Night suppers and the Garden Team. Well that’s all for this year, so Lynda and I would like to wish all members and their families a very happy Christmas and great motoring New Year. Keep those 2, 3 and 4 wheels turning safely. Martin Spicer

December 2019/January 2020

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Club Captain’s Report Where has the month gone to? I am writing this and it’s 24 days until Christmas. John Stokes’ Veteran meetings continue to get great attendance and new members on a regular basis. Last month saw the first of the Vintage Section meetings, so if your passion is for either of these classes, do go along to their respective Saturday meetings and meet up with like minded people. You never know, you may make some new friends, find that missing piece you’ve been searching for, or simply learn something new. November saw the Annual Auckland Motorcycle Rally which was very well attended, with over 50 entries, the highest it has been for a number of years. They had a long rally of about 120 miles over some lovely quiet roads and finishing at Thames. The Mid Week Tourers continue to please those who take part, with ventures to Southern, Western or Northern places of interest. The recent Motorcycle Section monthly meeting had an excellent speaker who is a Barrister with a passion for cars, motorcycles, steam engines and guns. Please keep a watch on the entertainment notices, as this guest speaker has agreed to come along to a Club Night in the New Year. The Branch was also treated to an excellent Club Night with crime writer Scott Bainbridge. Martin and I certainly learned a lot about early criminals of New Zealand from the 1920’s to the early 1970’s. It was great to see 47 members at Club Night, very encouraging. The final event was the Gymnic held at Meadowbrook Farm, Brookby at member Dick Langridge’s property. A lovely day was had by all, whether it was simply chatting to other members or wandering around Dicks farm, visiting the old homestead and the beautiful chapel or seeing his wonderful array of vehicles on display. Thanks to John Stokes who drove the Branch Charabanc for everyone to enjoy rides on. Also thanks go to Tracey who manned the sausage sizzle with me and to Santa (Russel McAlpine). There was a record number of entries this year for the Restoration Awards. Thanks to Don Green and Malcolm Brown for being this years adjudicators. Thanks also to Dick for his wonderful generosity in opening up his farm for our use again. Please make a note in your diary for these events: 19 December—Pot Luck Dinner. Remember if you want to get a present from Santa, you must put a present into his sack. 21 December—Last Motorcycle Meeting for the year with usual lavish afternoon tea. 22 December—Motorcycle Run, start Jolly Farmer and finishing at our farm for our annual BBQ. 1 January 2020—Start Jolly Farmer, New Years Day Run to Kaiaua for Fish ’n Chips. As I said, Christmas is nearly upon us and so this leaves me with just a final message to everyone. Martin and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season and every good wish for a wonderful 2020. I look forward to seeing you out and about. Lynda Spicer

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December 2019/January 2020

Veteran Notes Numbers were down due to several members attending the Waikato Veteran/ Rear Wheel Brake event, which was won by Phil Henley in the 1906 Cadillac single cylinder and one member working on his trailer to tow his veteran. I mentioned the death of my old friend Malcolm Hall. Malcolm crewed on the Charabanc on the 1972, 1980 and 1986 International Rallies and also on the 1977 Parliamentary Tour. He also accompanied the late Don White in the 1909 Sizaire et Naudin on many occasions. Fittingly Malcolm was carried in the Morrisons 1917 Dodge hearse to his final rest. The sad death of Ron Carey and wife as a result of an accident on the London Brighton Run was also mentioned. Ron brought Bruce Madgwick’s 1918 FWD some years ago and also visited this country on several occasions. It was good to see Ross Moon in attendance again. David Lane demonstrated a new fan bearing kit that has been made for Model T Fords, where a sealed bearing replaces the brass bush. This can't be seen. He also spoke of a firm at Turua which is refining used lubricating oil and selling it along with soluble oil, popular as an anti corrosion additive for veteran radiators. Dennis Lowe produced a book on early ferries in Auckland. Barry Robert mentioned that his very austere single cylinder Rover was being enhanced by the new owners, who apparently like a little more brass and "bling". Barry Birchall has been identifying a photo of a Daimler for the Auckland Public Library. The photo was of Sir Frank Mappins Daimler which was given to St John Ambulance and converted into an ambulance. The photo was taken during the 1956-'61 period and the vehicle subsequently owned by the Moses/Lawrence people who were prominent in the branch in the late 'fifties and early '60's. He was also congratulated for an article he wrote for the HCCNZ’s magazine. It was noted that a 30hp Stanley Steamer has been imported into Christchurch. There was some talk about a significant collection of veterans in Wanganui, which was broken up about 1954. This collection may have included the Zedel formerly owned by Jim Francis. Tim Edney spoke of attending the Pioneer Run in Clyde. Tim went in his 1907 Alldays and Onions. He also spoke of an Etoile car in the South Island and of a SCAT which SCAT itself was in a big way. Bryan Belcher mentioned that it was time to stop driving his 1913 Overland. At the recent Book Sale I purchased, for $2, a copy of St John Nixons The Antique Automobile published 1956. This book is well worth reading by anyone interested in veterans as Nixon started driving cars as a teenager about 1900. He gives an accurate picture of trying to drive cars at that time, with very basic tools and no Loctites or Holts Wonder this and Wonder that. Nixon also had firm thoughts on the use of veterans and on "enhancements" to improve reliability and driveability. He changed his views somewhat in old age. I persuaded Dennis Lowe to borrow the Library copy, and you will be able to borrow it after Tim Edney has had his turn. I've selected a site for the 2020 Veteran Run, which will start and finish in Waiuku. That's it for this month. John Stokes

December 2019/January 2020

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Library Notes The Annual Book Sale held on the Saturday afternoon of Hunua 100 weekend was again a successful and worthwhile exercise. As an adjunct to the Garden Party, it is an ideal opportunity for members to spend time checking out the hundreds of motoring manuals, text-books and other books of interest that our Library makes available at ultra-realistic prices. Measured in terms of sales it was a great success, with many more being sold than in recent years, due no doubt to our significant reduction in prices. It was perhaps surprising, but in the end gross takings were pretty much in line with previous years. Activity within the Library has been concentrated in re-organising shelving and in particular maximising the shelf space made available by the new bookcase immediately opposite the Library in the passageway at the rear of the clubhouse. We have been fortunate in receiving books from the collections of two well respected members, Dudley Kitson and Ron Jacob. Amongst those from Dudley was the most worthwhile work “The Designers” by L.J.K. Setright, and we are most grateful to add that to our collection. Over the years the Library has received several donations of outstanding books from long-time retired-member Ron Jacob, but his most recent is the entire balance of his collection and has to be one of the most significant one-off donations the Branch has ever seen. Ron joined the Branch in the mid-fifties. His first car was a Vintage Standard which he soon sold and it was replaced with a vintage Ansaldo 4C, 2 litre 4 cylinder SOHC. Older members well remember Ron with that car on the 1965 Haast Rally and the apocryphal (but true) stories of his changing beaded-edge tyres beside the road with his bare feet! After a few more years he acquired a Duo Cyclecar (bobbin steering, beltdrive) followed by a Veteran Peugeot which he bodied with a most attractive polished alloy body. He really loved European cars and later-on still, when he took the Ansaldo to Australia he swapped it for a 1929 Lancia Lambda which he later drove on a rally around Europe, amongst other adventures. We believe the Lambda was Ron’s favourite car and amongst our most treasured books in the Library is the superb book on the Lambda which he donated several years ago. It is called Capalavoro, which translated means Masterpiece, totally appropriate. The motoring books we have now received from Ron total 88 in number and as you would expect from someone who has over many years owned several old cars of varying makes, the books he collected are universally interesting and from a wide variety of authors. Thank you Ron, the Branch is forever grateful for your generosity. As a footnote, we would like to make members aware that if they are contemplating donating any or all of their motoring books to the Branch, then for significant numbers we can collect from anywhere across the wider Auckland area. Please contact any member of the Library Team. Chris Wood and the Library Team:—Owen Hayward, Colin Bott, Barry Birchall, John Stokes & Barry Robert.

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December 2019/January 2020

Motorcycle Notes Saturday morning dawned warm and sunny. Now grandparents are it seems are always on call to look after the Grandkids, so my two, Riley and Isabela’s dad went away on a team building weekend on Friday, Mum Bea was at a school gala giving pony rides all day and Grandma Lynda was working in Thames, so it was up to me to look after them. So the kids and I went to the clubrooms for the Motorcycle meeting. We were setting up and putting all the food which Lynda had prepared for the afternoon tea in the kitchen, when our guest speaker Nicholas Taylor arrived. Nicholas set to getting his laptop ready for the meeting. Nicholas arrived in his 1965 E type Jaguar that is in great condition. By the time the meeting started we had 15 motorcycles parked around the Jaguar and 68 people in attendance. We had a few visitors turn up, Bruce Anderson, Dave Wakefield, Andrew Davis, Mike Ballantyne, David Reid and BMW rider Nicholas Wintour. Martin advised he had spoken to Ernie Williams who is still recovering from a recent illness but things are looking up for him. Martin visited Chris North who is also recovering from a stroke earlier in the year, but Chris looked good and was working on his Morgan 3 wheeler and for anyone that might be interested, Chris has 2 other project Morgan 3 wheelers that he will let go. Reports: Graeme Crawley reported on a very successful Annual Auckland Motorcycle Rally that had a good number of competitors, a great rally route that started in South Auckland, Drury and finished in Thames. At the November club night we had the top NZ crime writer Scott Bainbridge talk to us and the Branch’s Annual Gymnic was held on Sunday the 1 December. 19 December: This is the Branch’s end of year Christmas Pot Luck Dinner and is always a good evening with Santa attending to give out presents to those who put one in his sack. Please bring a plate of main’s or desert. 21 December: Last Motorcycle Meeting of the year, this is the one where Lynda pulls out all the stops with her Christmas after meeting spread. Surprise guest speaker. Sunday 22 December: Christmas Motorcycle BBQ at our Pokeno farm. We shall leave the Jolly Farmer, Drury at 1:00pm. Wednesday 1 January 2020: New Years Day Fish ‘n Chip Run, leaving the Jolly Farmer, Drury at 11:00am and finishing at Kaiaua. Guest Speaker: Nicholas Taylor has been involved with the Vintage Car Club over the years through his father who owns a Bentley. Nicholas has been a criminal lawyer for around 20 years and specialises in gun related cases. He owns a large collection of vintage guns dating from 1762 with a Flintlock pistol in working order which he had on display for us to hold. Also on display was a 1860 American Civil War colt pistol, a 1873 colt single action pistol and a very heavy WW1 Lewis machine gun (made by BSA) that was used by the infantry and also attached to sidecars. They were also fitted to the early fighter planes. His first bike was a BSA Bantam, followed by a 1927 Ariel D. Other motorcycles he owns are a 1926 Indian Prince, 1926 Indian Scout, a 1939 Indian 741B and a 1965 Norton SS. He has recently sold a MK 2 Jaguar. Nicholas and his family have done a few Napier Art Deco parades. A few years ago he bought a

December 2019/January 2020

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Motorcycle Notes Contd... crashed WW2 USA fighter, a P39 Airacobra, that was recovered from New Guinea. It came in 30 large lumps. To say his wife wasn’t impressed was an understatement. After a while he decided to on sell it so someone who would finish it, so he laid the 30 lumps out on his back lawn in his Auckland home so he could take photos. A week later there was knock on the door and standing there was the pilot of the Police Eagle helicopter who came to confirm what his eyes had seen (a WW2 plane) in an Auckland garden. Nicholas was Deputy Chairman for 4 years at MOTAT. He left very disappointed at the way the new corporate heads had sacked all the experienced volunteer workers who had worked on the motorcycles, cars, trucks, steam engines and other skilled areas and then brought in paid unskilled people. Then nearly all the cars and bikes and steam stuff was put into so-called storage. Nicholas got his steam ticket at MOTAT. He built a miniature steam engine that produces 2hp and would be able to propel a 17-foot boat. Nicholas and a friend have just picked up a very rusty and seized 1936 Velocette to restore. He talked about the new gun laws and about how much trouble petrol heads are in regarding the new Zero emictions that are coming. He answered questions from the floor and at the end of his talk Martin presented him with a good bottle of wine to ease his throat after talking till 4:15 pm. Martin has asked Nicholas if he would come and talk at a Club night in the New Year, to which he said he would. Keep those 2, 3 and 4 wheels turning safely Martin Spicer & Jack Clark

Robinson Instrument Ltd

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December 2019/January 2020

Secretary’s Notes The silly season is upon us. This is your last printed Bulletin until February so make a note on the calendar of events you want to remember. We will be sending out the odd email reminder. You will find an entry form in this copy for the Veteran Rally in February. This is an annual event organised specifically for this class and only this class (no allcomers class this time). Please think about giving this event your support. From the Committee table, we are going to run a specific gymkhana day in March next year, windows and the barn cladding are being looked into for necessary maintenance and some tough thinking is being done on events and attendance. In our open floor at November Club Night, some members expressed their disapproval of the “A Proposal” published in the November Bulletin with the footnote “name supplied and with held”. It seems that publishing without a name has offended some members. Please note this was a Committee decision and NOT the Bulletin Editor’s. The committee discussed the letter at length and agreed that publishing the name served no purpose. The letter was part “tongue in cheek” and we felt that it may stir some reaction and strong debate, rather than an attack for not publishing the name. Attendance is an issue that not only our Branch, but many Branches are facing and is not a challenge for the Committee alone, but for the membership. From the comments voiced, there is satisfaction with the current attendance, perhaps a need for more touring events and a thought that moving to a bi monthly Bulletin has impacted negatively on attendance. The Committee looks forward to more discussion on your reflections and thoughts around the issues of attendance and how the club sustains itself over the next 50 years. Safe Holiday travels. Tracey Winterbottom

December 2019/January 2020

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Commercial Notes The November meeting was our last for the year, just three other stalwarts and me. Don Johnston had fetched along a couple of interesting books on the Ferries that plied the Auckland harbour, which prompted a few stories from Trevor Kenworthy. Trevor spent a number of years as an engineer on the Kestrel, among others and he was most interesting to listen to. Murray & Penny Firth are off in mid December for a 10 day “cruise” in the 1931 British Bedford, down as far as Masterton. It was Penny’s wish that they do it in the truck says Murray. Trevor and Leonie Kenworthy are off on a cruise of a different kind, a sea going one taking in our South Island Sounds. So that’s it then, Pat & I wish everyone all the very best for Christmas and the New Year and we’ll catch up again on the 22nd of January. The controversy over fossil fuelled vehicles rages on, anyone who has picked up a recent edition of New Zealand Classic Car magazine and read Greg Price’s article on the EV revolution, cannot fail to be impressed with his research. He finds, that in the U.K. alone where there are 31.5 million cars on the road, travelling 252 billion miles a year and that if these cars were replaced with EV’s today, with the very best batteries available, it would require 208,000 tonnes of cobalt, just under twice the global production—264,600 tonnes of lithium carbonate, ¾ of the world’s production—7200 tonnes of neodymium and dysprosium, nearly the entire world production of neodymium—2,362,500 tonnes of copper, more than half the world’s production in 2018. Greg finishes his article wondering what the poor souls who bought Nissan Leafs with tired batteries are going to do for a replacement. The last time he checked he says, replacement batteries were prohibited imports! Apropos the Annual BBQ at our home, please let us know if Sunday the 19th of January would suit. By this time all those who have to go out and earn a “quid” should be back on deck after annual leave. We believe a contribution of $15.00 per party would suffice. Get in touch ASAP!

Keep “M” Rolling John Campbell

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December 2019/January 2020

Mid Week Tourers Last month’s run saw over thirty at the start. We had to resort to one of the shops to run off some extra instruction sheets!. I recall our last Bulletin with several not so subtle hints at event attendances, perhaps we are getting the message. It’ll be good to hear (read) other comments. Your Branch, have your say, take your part. In that regard, names of those interested in a lunch time cruise on the Manukau are trickling in, but volunteers to co-ordinate the MidWeekers are thin on the ground. See recent Bulletins. We have a team who do a good job of sharing the task of organising each run (there is always room for others) but someone has to look after the team and do these notes. Larry Price was a new face and he brought along a magnificent replica “D” type Jaguar, which he has spent the last 26 years building, a credit to you Larry. He also has an MG Midget, and now has an application form to join the VCC. John Holmes has been attending recent runs as a passenger and this time came in his beautiful 1939 Ford Deluxe Coupe, only just finished 2 days earlier. Bruce McDonald was driving a most original Toyota Soarer (2 door sports saloon). Lindsay Whittle, better known for his love of Bedford trucks, came in a Ford car while John Gardner maintained a Commercial presence in his Ford Ten ute. George Mihaljevich was back, looking as good as ever. We spotted a very nice ’39 De Soto sedan, a first timer for me, but missed out on whose it was. Our route was basically an old one, but popular. Through the Hunua Gorge, back down to Clevedon, then out to Duder’s Beach and around to Maraetai, then to Whitford and our destination on Whitford Park Rd. Our hosts were Tom and Pam Callaghan. Tom came to NZ as a young man from Ireland and started with nothing but a shovel and wheelbarrow as a self employed contractor. Over the years he expanded but threw nothing away. In one shed he pointed out to me his original pick, minus the handle. He now has a collection of everything, starting with bottles from his drain digging days, to tools, to lamps, to automotive and lots of old machinery outside. And a very understanding wife! Thank you Tom and Pam. Coming Events: Wednesday 15 January: Starts from Drury Service Centre, Southern Motorway 10:00 a.m. for a 10:30 a.m. departure. Ryan Winterbottom is plotting a run to Port Waikato. Fish ‘n chips or BYO sammies. Wednesday 19 February: Starts from the Warehouse Carpark, Westgate 10:00 a.m. for a 10:30 a.m. departure. Maybe going to a garden. STOP PRESS—Wednesday 18 March (or 11?) Looking further ahead, (no Bulletin in January). If we were to change this date to a week earlier (11 March) the tide could suit for a lunch cruise from Waiuku. Cost would be about $27pp. Time; about 2 hours. Let us know if interested, including those who have already been in touch and we’ll see if it can be done. Seasons Greetings to all.

The Dewdrops & the Mid-Week Team Ph: (09) 232 0245 or email

December 2019/January 2020

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Vintage Notes On the Saturday 16 November we had our first Vintage Section meeting. Altogether, around 25 people attended, which meant the tables upstairs were full. Everyone around the table told us about their vehicles and their history in the club, so a couple of hours passed very quickly. Partway through the afternoon, Wayne Roberts arrived on his way home with a Velie chassis which he found in Ranfurly. It appears to be very early ‘20s and is two wheel braked with expanding shoes on the inside of the drums for the handbrake and contracting bands on the outside for the footbrake. An ambitious project! Several Senior Branch members attended the meeting to give their support to the section. Thank you gentlemen. The next two scheduled dates for our Vintage Section meetings fall on unfortunate dates – 28 December and 25 January 2020, so I expect numbers will be down, but we will run anyway. If you are interested in vintage vehicles, do come along, as I think we have a lot to offer. I am particularly keen to encourage members who have more recently acquired a vehicle. Murray Firth

Left: 1930 Dodge belonging to Neil Lucas. Right: 1930 Model A Ford belonging to Bill & Sherrill Hulse

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December 2019/January 2020

January Club Night

January Club Night Thursday 23 January 2020 Come along and hear Mark Hall speak on his Police and Military background as he has served overseas in these capacities. Mark’s special project at the moment is a Museum in France called Le Quesnoy, dedicated to New Zealanders who perished there. Mark is also a member of the BMW Owners Club and rides a 1200 BMW motorcycle.

Robin Elliott Entertainment Officer

December 2019/January 2020

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SAVE THE DATE 29 MARCH 2020 GYMKHANA It was decided not to hold the gymkhana at our Annual Gymnic this year to allow everyone to enjoy the relaxing day at this lovely location. This means that we will be able to hold a special Gymkhana only event. It will be held on Sunday 29th March 2020 in Waitakere. All club vehicles eligible to compete in each class – from Veterans to P80s and of course motorcycles. Watch for further details in the February Bulletin. Russel McAlpine 0274 735 451




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December 2019/January 2020

Coming Events December 14 19 21 22 26 28

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Veteran Section Meeting—Clubrooms Club Night—Xmas Pot Luck Dinner & New Members Motorcycle Meeting—Clubrooms Motorcycle Xmas BBQ—Spicer’s Farm—Jolly Farmer, Drury Clubrooms Closed Vintage Section Meeting—Clubrooms

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Wed Thurs Sat Sun Wed

New Year’s Day Run—Starts Jolly Farmer, Drury 11:00am No Bulletin via Website or email Veteran Section Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Blue Smoke & Pedals (Waikato Branch) Mid Week Tourers Starts Drury Service Centre, Southern Motorway 10:00am Motorcycle Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Heritage Weekend and Burma Rally (19) (Wanganui Branch) Commercial Meeting & Charabanc Maintenance Night Clubrooms 8:00pm Club Night—Guest Speaker, Mark Hall 8:00pm Vintage Section Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Club Run—starts BP Drury, Southern Motorway 11:00am

January 2020

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2:30pm 7:00pm 2:30pm 1:00pm 2:30pm

Committee Meeting—Clubrooms 7:30pm VIC Information Day—Clubrooms 2:00pm Veteran Rally & Veteran Section Meeting in conjunction with Rally Bulletin Mailing night 7:30pm Three Rivers Rally (Gisborne Branch) Motorcycle Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Mid Week Tourers Starts The Warehouse Carpark, Westgate 10:00am Art Deco Festival (Hawkes Bay Branch) Vintage Section Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Club Run Commercial Meeting & Charabanc Maintenance Night Clubrooms 8:00pm Club Night 8:00pm Swapmeet (Wellsford/Warkworth Branch)

Note: The clubrooms are open on the second and fourth Thursday evenings each month from 7:30pm till 10:00pm and every Saturday afternoon from 4:30pm till 6:30pm.

December 2019/January 2020

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Coming Events

Thursday 19 December 7:00 p.m. Christmas Pot Luck Dinner

New Year’s Day Run Wednesday 1 January 2020 Starts:

Jolly Farmer, Drury


11:00 a.m.

Finishes: Kaiaua

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Christmas Pot Luck Dinner

December 2019/January 2020

December 2019/January 2020

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2019 Ladies Rally With a week of glorious weather, I thought our Ladies Rally may have a sunny day, but that was not the case! It rained, but cleared by the time we reached the finish at Maraetai Beach. The rally commenced from Ray Small Park carpark in Papakura, travelling around Pahurehure, Longford Park and Conifer Grove, before heading out into the country side of Alfriston, Ardmore and Clevedon, then onto Maraetai Coast Rd, following the shore line to Maraetai. A little tour around the houses at Maraetai before the final check There were silent checks en-route and each of the sixteen vehicles that were on the rally, chose a poker hand. I would like to thank those members for attending this years Ladies Rally. Special thanks to Marion Morris for checking the rally and my sincere thanks to Jocelyn McAlpine and her sister Jennifer Campbell for being start and trail car. Also thanks to Melanie, our daughter in law for helping me in the lead car and to Haydon, our son, who navigated for Rodger on the day. Results as follows—recording all the silent checks and poker hand: 1st 2nd

Ken & Annette Foot Wayne & Carrie Roberts

Poker hand of four of a kind Poker hand of a pair

Those that recorded all the silent checks but were unable to obtain the possibility of a poker hand were: Russel McAlpine Rodger Ball Bob & Debbie Ballantyne Gavin Welch & Sophie Zhao Ryan & Kate Winterbottom Stephen & Tracey Winterbottom Congratulations to Ken & Annette Foot Val Ball

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December 2019/January 2020

60 Year Award—Barry Robert During Labour Weekend 2019 Barry Robert was presented with a badge to mark his sixty years membership in the Vintage Car Club. He was the second Auckland member to be presented with the badge, behind Jim Francis. Martin Spicer had asked me to say something about Barry only a few minutes before the presentation. I felt afterwards there was so much more I could have said as his contribution to the Branch over the years has been huge. In 1957 Barry purchased a 1924 Lagonda that had just been taken out of regular service. He knew at that time the make of the car was important in the old car movement and he felt the name had great pedigree. The management of the Branch knew the car and probably did not feel the same way as Barry as it had been built before Lagonda started building the great sports cars that have become so collectable today. The whole Committee at the time was made up of people who owned vintage Sunbeams, Vauxhalls, Bentleys and a Rolls Royce. Norm Adams who knew the car, told Barry to go away and restore the vehicle and then come back to the Branch when the work had been done. In 1959 Barry approached the Branch again with the refurbished car and they let him join. His first major run in the Lagonda was to the Morrinsville rally in 1960. Not long after he joined the Branch there was move made to establish a Transport Museum at Western Springs. The public were starting to dump items on site that they thought might be suitable for the new museum. Horace Robinson who was in the chair of the Branch and brother of the Mayor asked Barry in 1961 to take ownership of site until they were able to appoint a caretaker. Barry said to me later, he spent that much time at Western Springs it almost cost him his job at Forest Products. Every Wednesday night he had a small team on site from the AVVCC doing restoration work for MOTAT. Barry went on to appoint the first full time custodian and was later appointed to the Board of Management of MOTAT as the representative of the AVVCC. After a lot of work for MOTAT the team decided to look for a vehicle that could become a club vehicle. The Renault was found on a property in South Auckland and restored by the group in a shed at MOTAT over six years with Barry as team leader. For a few years the Branch had Clubrooms on the MOTAT site. In about 1966 Barry picked up the mechanical remains of a twin cylinder 1909 Rover that had been found on a property at Whitford. He was inspired to locate an early car when he saw the veterans on the Haast Pass Rally. In his spare time, he restored the car and it first appeared at a major run to Rotorua in 1980. Rover built the twin cylinder car at the time hoping to secure the contact to supply the taxis for London and this is the only example to survive. After the Rover appeared, he still took an interest in the Charabanc and was always there if there was work required and controlled the purse. The AVVCC looked after the 1909 International Buggy for the War Memorial Museum and before the vehicle was passed onto MOTAT, Barry fitted new tyres to the vehicle. In 1979 he was given a life membership by MOTAT. In the AVVCC at the time he was known as “The Gaffer” by all those in the Charabanc Team. When the Branch purchased the property at Fairfax Ave, Barry worked at the end of the street for Forest Products and he normally got involved in any alteration. After one alteration on the building, he was not happy with the weight on

December 2019/January 2020

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60 Year Award—Barry Robert Contd... the back wall, so lead a team to fix the problem. For many years the Hunua 100 Rally stopped for lunch at Lyons Farm and with a small team, Barry looked after the cooking and toilets. The weekend before the run they went to the farm, met the farmer, checked the property, delivered the gear, erected the toilets and then finished up in the Red Fox Tavern for a beer and meal. He was Beaded Wheel scribe for about fifteen years and Bulletin Editor for almost as long. He published in Beaded Wheels the early history of the Auckland Branch, the restoration of the Charabanc and some early history of motoring in Auckland Branch. The whole Beaded Wheels at the time was devoted to the Auckland Branch. Barry organised a run from Coast to Coast for veteran cars every New Year for about twenty years. The early runs started from Riverhead Hotel and later ran from Coyle Park in Point Chevalier. There was always tea and coffee at the start. Not easy to organise when you arrive in a 1909 Rover and you have no idea who is going to turn up. After Barry retired, he built up a single cylinder 6 HP 1908 Rover from the remains of two cars. The engine, clutch and gearbox were found by David Bruce in Christchurch. David gave it to Barry after he manufactured a diff for his car, from patterns he made of a car found in the Southwood collection. He found a second car in Henderson that provided most of the missing parts. The car first appeared at a motor show at Western Springs about five years ago. That car was always driven to events and in traffic today quite a challenge when you only have six horsepower. As many will know, he ran the Library at the Clubrooms for about twenty years. He established a little team around him to give him a hand and has gone onto establish the best motoring library in NZ. He was inspired by a Library he had seen in the Sporting Car Club in South Australia. Once a week he still goes on the web looking for books. For years he went to swap meets to look for books for the Branch Library. He located and installed the movable shelving we have in the Library. With one set he found a sponsor to pay for the new shelving. He still goes into the Clubrooms twice a week and cleans out the drains in the car park. For almost twenty years every Thursday and Saturday night he could be found in the library. When he discovered the Automobile Association in Auckland had closed their Library and had moved their stuff into a container. He went into the AA and suggested they move it into the Auckland Council Library, so it was not lost. He had cleared it with the Council first and this did happen. The correspondence and magazines went back to 1905. Barry has done a huge amount for the Auckland Branch. He’s been very generous with his time and knowledge and is often there to assist others. I remember an incident quite recently where a family came into the Clubrooms from South America and were travelling around the world in a vintage car and a wheel on their car was coming apart. The repairs to the wheel were carried out in Barry’s workshop, he was almost ninety at the time. Ten years ago, Barry was awarded the John L Godard Trophy and given life membership of the Auckland Branch. The Lagonda and the single cylinder Rover have now been sold but I am sure we will still see the twin cylinder 1909 Rover on the next Veteran run. Barry Birchall

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December 2019/January 2020

2019 Annual Motorcycle Rally The event started on Friday evening where 25 rallyists had a pie, mash and veggie dinner provided by Club Captain Lynda Spicer. The week leading up the Rally was plagued with cold, wet and windy weather, but luckily on Saturday morning the weather was fine and not as cold as the days before. Northland Branch members Simon and Sylvia Clearwater (last year’s winners) had travelled down on Friday and parked their bus in our farm paddock. We, being me on the BSA and Simon and Sylvia on their Matchless, arrived at the start in Drury where Graeme Crawley gave a briefing to all 54 rallyists, including to remember that the straight ahead rule applies, as do the road rules. For the straight ahead I think only 2 or 3 got it right and these people found the silent check BSA. It was very pleasing to see we had 37 Auckland members taking part, 7 from the Waikato, 4 from Northland and 1 each from Rotorua and Tauranga (BOP). We travelled on some really great motorcycling roads and with very little traffic. We rode around Lake Waikare and for those who hadn’t done this before, they were amazed at the size. The plotters had put in a challenging route for those that like some metal roads and about 30 took advantage of this. We stopped for morning tea at the Kaihere School, where the PTA did this as a fundraiser. The ladies were very friendly and their savoury and jam & cream scones were very tasty. From the school we travelled on more very good motorcycling roads. We also did a 30k detour to the DOC centre at Kauaeranga, again on a great road, before making our way to the northern end of Thames to stop for lunch at the Boiler House Brewery. Our Club Captain Lynda Spicer runs this place. All the motorcycles were parked in the car park on display to the public. Some old faces from the past turned up, like: Paul Whitehead, George Haffenden and Trevor Birchall. After the excellent lunch, (thank you Lynda) the riders walked up the road to the famous Pump House Museum and had a very interesting guided tour. The rally was now over and the riders made their way back to Auckland either by SH2 and the Auckland Motorway or along the coast road via Miranda, Kaiaua, Kawakawa Bay, Clevedon and Botany. Lynda and others helped get the tables decorated and the cutlery laid out at the Clubrooms. The diners arrived and settled down chatting about their days riding. The day had gone really well, but unfortunately this changed around 7:00pm when it was apparent the hired caterers for the evening meal were not coming. We phoned them and sent emails but no response! We did eventually get a text from the owner at 10:00pm saying they were coming to do the dinner the following night (Sunday). Now these caterers have been supplying meals for our Motorcycle Rally dinners for 10 plus years and they have always been held on the Saturday night of the rally, so we found it strange he said they were coming on Sunday? Anyway we explained to everyone that we didn’t have a meal for them and we would refund their meal money, luckily they were very understanding. Prizegiving continued, along with thanks to Lynda Spicer for doing the Friday evening meal and the Saturday lunches. Also Graeme Crawley as Rally Secretary and co-plotter with Gavin Welch and Peter Alderdice for his sterling efforts

December 2019/January 2020

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2019 Annual Motorcycle Rally Contd... in acquiring the large amount of rally prizes from Castrol Oil, CRC – ADOS. I also managed to get sponsorship from Drury Motorcycles, Botany Honda, Auckland Harley Davidson, Pukekohe Honda and British Motorcycle Parts and Graeme got sponsorship from the BNZ and Fletcher Reinforcing. Below are the class placings: PV 1st Graeme Crawley 2nd Alice Leney 3rd Ketih Ballagh PWV 1st Martin Spicer 2nd Peter Alderdice 3rd Warwick Darrow P60 1st Ian Hubbard 2nd David Broadhead 3rd Kelvin Nottle Sidecar 1st Chris Clark 2nd Michael O’Kane 3rd Brian King 1st American Motorcycle 1st Velocette 1st Lady 1st Pillion Furthest Ridden Furthest Travelled Oldest Rider Youngest Rider

1938 600 Ariel VB 1930 500 Norton Model 18 1951 350 Velocette MAC 1960 650 BSA A10 1954 1000 Ariel SQ4 1956 350 Velocette MAC 1972 650 Triumph T120 1975 BMW R90/6 1972 350 Yamaha RSF 1951 650 BSA A10 1952 650 BSA A10 1938 500 BSA B22

Cameron Francis 1941 Indian 741B Warwick Darrow 1956 MAC Jillian Hayton 1975 Honda CB 175 Trish Darrow Alice Leney Dave Mayhew (Rotorua) Brian King Corbin Anderson (19) Overall Winner: Martin Spicer

Martin Spicer

Right—Martin Spicer, and his 1960 650 BSA A10

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December 2019/January 2020

New Members A most sincere welcome is extended to the following new members. We hope to see you taking an active part in Club activities whenever possible. Should you or any member require any assistance or advice, please feel free to ask any Committee member. (Refer back page of this Bulletin). David Roper Glendene 1934 Ford Coupe

Gymnic Restorations Awards Well! We did encourage you to enter your vehicles into the Restoration Judging this year and I believe it worked! My packed lunch didn’t get touched and I survived on one BBQ sausage brought to me in the middle of judging. Ably assisted on the day by Malcolm Brown – a big thank you Malcolm and also to partner Merit for the sustenance. Ten vehicles lined up to be judged on seven individual areas of interest and at approximately 20 minutes per vehicle you can guess why the judges were kept very busy. Although badges were presented on the day, we just couldn’t cope to make certificates in time. These will be presented in due course. Awards as follows: Name



Peter Alderdice

1917 Harley Davidson Model ‘F’


Dianne Poole

1967 Vauxhall Victor FC101


Bruce McDonald

1972 Toyota Corona 1700 Coupe


Peter Bell

1966 Ford Lotus Cortina


Mike Loosemore

1928 Austin 16/6 Burnham


Geoff Stoner

1973 Fiat Bambina


John Morrison

1908 Sears


Rob Lauder

1958 BSA Bantam DI 125


Ben Creemers

1935 Pontiac 4Dr Touring Sedan


Robert Creemers

1941 Buick Special Convertible


Thank you and congratulation to all participants

Don Green

December 2019/January 2020

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Charabanc on Parade Charabanc on Parade

Your Branch’s Renault Charabanc was amongst numerous other floats and entertainers that gave enjoyment to the many thousands who lined Mayoral Drive and Queen St at the recent annual Farmer’s Christmas Parade.

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December 2019/January 2020

Volunteers Required


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December 2019/January 2020

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Vero International Festival of Motoring

January 17 to 22, 2021 Register your interest on the website, check out the Facebook page. Preparation continues for the Vero Festival of Motoring. There will be one day where there will be the opportunity for one day rallies in classes. There will be separate rallies on this day for Veteran, Vintage and all PV classes and perhaps Motorcycles and Commercials. This will be the only competitive day and the competition will be in the form of a timed section. Catering is still being investigated, and the entry fee is still to be set but the Committee are quite sure it will be very affordable. Tony Haycock is still on the Committee, but due to work commitments taking him out of the country for considerable periods, he has stepped down as Rally Director and fellow Committee member Greg Terrill will be taking on the Director’s role. At this point there are no plans for an “overseas guest�. Some motels are now booked out and suggest you book accommodation if you are thinking of attending and have not yet made any bookings.

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December 2019/January 2020

VIC Information Day Saturday February 8 2:00pm at the Clubrooms A Vehicle Identity Card is required if you wish to enter a National Rally such as the upcoming Easter Rally in April. This valuable and important system for registering our vehicles is recognised by NZTA and we encourage everyone to get one. It costs you, as a member, nothing, just a little time to fill out the paperwork and provide 3 identical photos. The card is valid for 10 years and then renewal is a formality. If you have a vehicle you wish to get a VIC for, then come along to the Clubrooms and we will help you with the paperwork and get the applications in. As a Branch we are fortunate that Michael O’Kane who is our VIC authority is also on the National Technical Committee who oversee the system and also have a past Technical Committee member in our Branch, Dave Allbon. Both Michael and Dave and a number of the committee will be on hand to help you for this afternoon. Bring along 3 identical photos, ž front view and there should be enough space around the vehicle that we can trim the photos down to 9cm x 13 cm. Also bring as much detail as you have on the history of the vehicle and any registration papers you may have.

December 2019/January 2020

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Wanted/For Sale Wanted: VW Beetle For Restoration—1302 model 1971 – 1975, 1600 engine. Ph: Phil Smith (09) 232 1747 or 0274 389 353 …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. For Sale: 1974 Vauxhall Viva HC very good condition, new WoF and registration due to expire in Feb 2020. New battery, brakes, muffler, etc. $4000.00 Viewing in West Auckland. Ph: Mike Courtney (Member) 0274 945 632 or (09) 810 7415 …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Use RED KOTE to repair leaking and weeping fuel tanks. Dries firm but flexible. Works a treat. Ph: Peter Alderdice (Member) 021 743 906 or …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Expressions of Interest are invited for crewing on the Branch Charabanc for the 2021 Vero International Festival of Motoring event in New Plymouth. Contact John Stokes—(09) 236 4582 or 027 277 2108 or


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December 2019/January 2020

Your Committee Chairman/Motorcycle Rep/Delegate Martin Spicer (Lynda) Email: Ph: (09) 233 6382 or 0274 454 593 Vice Chairman/Clubrooms Booking/Name Badges Don Green (Brenda) Email: Ph: 266 8836 or 021 073 2642 Secretary/Privacy Officer: Tracey Winterbottom Email: (Stephen) Ph: (09) 232 0246 or 021 732 209 Treasurer: Ian Hubbard (Lesley) Email: Ph: 575 8236 or 0274 426 748 Club Captain: Lynda Spicer (Martin) Email: Ph: (09) 233 6382 or 021 454 593 Committee Members: Warwick Darrow (Trisha) Building Maintenance Email: Ph: 520 2882 or 021 203 4562 Robin Elliott Entertainment Officer/Spares Email: Ph: 0274 922 188 Alan Price (Shaaran) Building Maintenance Email: Ph: 833 8575 Shaaran Price (Alan) Social Convenor/New Membership Liaison Officer Email: Ph: 833 8575 John Stokes Veteran Rep/Spares/Trophy Steward Email: Ph: (09) 236 4582 or 0272 772 108 Non-Committee Officers: Librarian Bulletin Editor Chris Wood (Diana) Val Ball (Rodger) Ph: 524 9478 Ph: 298 6476 Email: Beaded Wheels Reporter Commercial Rep John Stokes John Campbell (Pat) Continuous Membership Awards Steward Ph: 828 7850 or 0272 446 928 Glenn Morris (Marion) VIC Officer Ph: 273 4975 or 021 136 5926 Michael O’Kane Insurance: Ph: 813 4944 Vero Consumer Insurance Specialist 0800 505 905 or 356 4501 Agency Number: 0300126 Clubrooms Ph: 579 5625 Street Address: 39 Fairfax Ave, Penrose Postal Address: P O Box 12 138, Penrose, Auckland 1642 Open: 2nd & 4th Thursday 7:30-10:00pm, Every Saturday 4:30-6:30 pm Club Night: 4th Thursday of the month Branch Email Address Library Email Address Branch Website

Branch Honorary Life Members:

Barry Robert Norm Dewhurst QSM Alan Roberts

December 2019/January 2020

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December 2019/January 2020

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Auckland VCC - December 2019  

Auckland VCC - December 2019