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May 2019

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May 2019

May 2019

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Strictly 25 May 2019

Cover Designed by Melanie Ball

The views expressed by the correspondents in this Bulletin are not necessarily those of the Editor or the Auckland Veteran & Vintage Car Club Inc. Any articles of interest, comments, letters to the Editor etc are welcome. All contributions are presented to and approved by the club committee prior to printing. Please forward any submissions to the Bulletin Editor.

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May 2019

Chairman’s Report Time marches on as they say and soon we will be half way through the year and it will be our Branch's AGM. At the beginning of April we had John Stokes Veteran Meeting - these meetings continue to get good turnouts and cover interesting topics on veterans, so do come along if your interest is about veteran cars, trucks or motorcycles. Next up was the Motorcycle Meeting - we had another good turnout of members who had come along to see two new 650cc Royal Enfields supplied by Experience Motorcycles. The Mid Week Tourers continue to go to interesting venues on their runs. John Campbell's Commercial Section had a new member come along, Greg Martin who had just restored a 1942 Ford GPW Jeep. So, if you're into Commercials do go along to John's meetings and his group. Club and new member’s night in April, we welcomed new member Robin Elliot who has just restored a Porsche 924. We also had two French visitors on holiday here for the past 6 months. They very much liked seeing our Renault Charabanc. John Campbell showed 5 very interesting short films which were appreciated by the assembled audience. We didn’t have a club run this month but supported the North Shore Branch Northern Raid rally. Coming up May’s Motorcycle Meeting speaker will be John Seccombe, President of The New Zealand Land Speed Association, this meeting is a week early 11th May due to the Northland Motorcycle Rally being on the 18th May. 23rd May is Club night and will be a Shiny Parts Auction. Club run is the Experts rally 26th May, commencing from Stancombe Rd, Car Park, near Barry Curtis Park in Flat Bush. Well that’s all for this month so keep those 2, 3 and 4 wheels turning safely.

Martin Spicer

May 2019

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Club Captain’s Report It doesn’t seem possible that it is time for another report for the Bulletin. It is pleasing to see John Stokes’ Veteran meetings continue with good attendance and they certainly do cover some very interesting topics relative to Veteran vehicles. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend this month’s Motorcycle Section Meeting due to other commitments. However, I sent Martin along with the afternoon tea all prepared, all that had to be done was to plate it. I understand that they had an excellent turnout and people enjoyed seeing the latest Royal Enfield models available in New Zealand. Thanks to Experience Motorcycles for coming along to their meeting. Midweek Tourers continue with good attendance. This month’s club run is the Experts Rally, plotted by Glenn & Marion Morris, a rally to test your brain a little but not too much hopefully. No doubt it will be an excellently plotted rally and the finish will be at the Club Rooms for afternoon tea. If you would like to help out for the Experts Rally please contact Glenn Morris, (09) 273-4975. Club Night had a good attendance and it was good to see a new member come along, plus a couple of visitors from France. John Campbell put on some very interesting short films for our enjoyment. Thanks John. In April, because of neighbouring Branch North Shore having its Annual Northern Raid Rally on the same day as our normal monthly Branch run, Committee decided not to have a run so as not to detract from our members attending the North Shore event. Having said that, this leads me onto asking the question as to why numbers are dwindling in attendance at the monthly Branch runs? It has come back to me that they are too competitive. Yes, they certainly used to be, but since I have taken over as Club Captain and having plotted 12 of the monthly runs during the past 20 months, they are anything but competitive. I believe that if you want to compete seriously then the “Trophy Events” are there for you to enter, both at our Branch and at out of town events. Plotting runs in and around Auckland I am mindful of traffic and try to find traffic free roads and plot a run that takes in countryside and usually ends at a place of interest. The only competition is to follow my simple, no trap instructions and follow them to their end. So please, this is your Branch, runs are plotted for your enjoyment, do come along and enjoy the next one which now won’t be until June as the Experts Rally is the club run this month. The June Branch run is the Combined Run, with North Shore Branch. This year it is our turn to plot it. So if you haven’t been out for a while on a Branch run, come along to the June one and meet up with some old friends or make some new friends from another Auckland based Branch. I look forward to seeing you out and about. Lynda Spicer

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May 2019

Secretary’s Notes For those who have been to the clubrooms in the last month or so, I hope you have noticed that all the photos of members vehicles on the walls are looking a little brighter. A big shout out to Alan and Shaaran Price who have spent hours cleaning and replacing all the labels. Thanks Shaaran and Alan. Shaaran is also taking your photos for new frames on the wall, see the ad in last month’s Bulletin, all Shaaran needs is your photo and $10 and your vehicle will go on the wall. My inbox is very quiet for nominations for the Bill Shears Trophy, please give this some thought and put pen to paper if you wish to nominate someone for this Annual Award. June and our AGM is just around the corner, we are always looking for new blood on the Committee, or even an offer to organise one of our monthly runs would assist the Club Captain greatly. From the Committee table, Don and Alan are carrying out full inspections on the buildings and grounds to determine what R&M may be required in the next 12 months. Clubroom rent to all our tenants is being reviewed. Don has cleaned the carpet and some discussion on the Vintage Muster and PV – P80 Rally, resulting in plenty of questions. These events take considerable time and effort by plotters and it is disappointing to see so few entrants out enjoying the day. Do we start running these bi annually? What do you want in these rallies? Let us know. Tracey Winterbottom




May 2019

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Veteran Notes The April meeting had a very good attendance of about eighteen people. We had an apology from Gavin Welch, who is overseas and Barry Birchall is in the South Island. It was good to welcome our out of Branch participants, Tim Edney from North Shore and Doug Hamilton from Wellsford. It was good to see Bryan Belcher back behind the wheel of his ute. David Oliver has finally cured his Model T issues. When leaded petrol was phased out David brought a device, that consisted of lead pellets in a plastic tube which theoretically let petrol be leaded. Over the years the end caps on the device fell out distributing lead pellets and steel washers throughout the tank. These would move about and block the outlet from time to time causing a frustrating problem. David was able to remove all the remains, with some difficulty. There was also discussion about an anti icing device for Model T Holley carburettors. Bryan Belcher is brass cleaning on the 1913 Overland and so is Doug Hamilton on his 1904 Cadillac. John Morrison has the 1908 Sears Auto Buggy registered and warranted and has acquired the personal plate SEARS. Dennis Lowe brought a copy of an Art Deco article. Phil Henley reported on the success of the HCCNZ Brass Era Tour, Model T Ford dominated of course and the progress he is making with his Mitchell car. George Urquhart also commented on the Brass Era Tour. Roy Sharman produced a newspaper about the 1911 Olympia Motor Show and a small magazine called the Vesta Vamp from 1941. This was produced by Locketts Garage near Waihi, which will be remembered as a closed up business which still had vintage and post vintage cars on its premises. I wonder if Vesta Batteries sponsored it. David Lane gave a recommendation for Brian Blackie of Mount Eden as a very competent mechanical engineer. I've heard complimentary remarks from another source as well. Barry Robert spoke of the difficulties making WOF inspectors realise that it's very hard to crank a car when it's over a pit. Thanks to the internet connection in the Library, I was able to show Barry a 1912 Rover for sale on Trade Me. Recently I was privileged to visit a private car collection and saw a number of veterans including an Alldays And Onions, a Renault and a Fiat. I also had a ride in the Sears and Dennis Lowe’s 1903 Oldsmobile. George Mihaljevich attended in the 1913 Talbot wearing a jacket I thought I'd lost two years ago. I had left it in the Talbot when George and I went to a Smales Farm Car show. George had been asking people whose it was and no one knew. Quentin Lawrence had his 1913 Model T pickup out for it's first run and seemed happy with its performance. John Stokes

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May 2019

Motorcycle Notes After arriving at and setting up the Clubrooms ready for the meeting our guest speaker Grant from Experience Motorcycles arrived with the 2 new 650cc Royal Enfield’s, the Interceptor and the Continental GT. In the car park there 14 motorcycles, including a BSA and sidecar, Vincent Black Shadow, Royal Enfields GT and Army version, 2 Velocettes, Harley Davidson, Triumph Truxton, a great looking and newly restored 1970s Suzuki GT750 two stroke, Honda GB 500, 2 Triumph Bonneville T100s. There were 55 members in attendance. It was good to see Bob Atley again at the Clubrooms and all the way from Warkworth and Orewa were Dave Warren, John Shennan, Wayne Johnson, Gary Mitchell and Buster Westhill. Reports: Martin reported on the recent Executive Meeting held in Wellington which resolved the 2021 National Motorcycle Rally dates. Martin also reported on the Moo Loo Rally and the Eddie Sim Rally, where there was a good turn out and a great finishing venue. Winner of the Eddie Sim Rally was Jeremy Lambert. Coming Up: May Motorcycle meeting speaker will be John Seccombe, President of the NZ Land Speed Association. John will talk about what happens at their speed weekends. At the February meeting John clocked a speed of 202 mph on his 1970s Kawasaki 500 triple, not bad for a 70 year old chap. General Business: Marshal Corazza told us about his recent visit to Singapore where he saw a 15 story building that was a vending machine selling for 80 luxury cars. They can be seen from the outside and from a distance they look like models. Peter Alderdice and Don Green told us about the recent Waikato swap meet at the Classic Car Cafe in Hamilton. Speaker: Grant told us the story behind the launch of the 650 Royal Enfields, how they recruited four engineers away from Triumph to design the bike. The engine develops 47 bhp that is good to power the bike to around 105 mph. It has a 6 speed gearbox with a slipper clutch. It weighs 205 kilos, 20 less than a Triumph Bonneville. It has very good Brembo ABS brakes. We watched a promotional video telling the bikes story. The price's are Classic $10,290, Custom $10,490 and the chromed tank $10,790. They have a 3 year warranty and have built a large modern factory for development, not far from the Triumph factory in the UK. Last year Royal Enfield built over 880,000 motorcycles, which is more than any other motorcycle company. They expect to be producing well over a million next year. At the moment 90% of their production goes to their home market. So if you like the look and sound of these 650cc Royal Enfields, pop along to their showrooms at 18 Northcroft Street, Takapuna, Auckland and go for a test drive. I’m sure you will like them. Martin thanked Grant for coming and telling us about the new 650s.

May 2019

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Motorcycle Notes Contd.. Keep those 2,3 and 4 wheels turning safely. Martin Spicer and Jack Clark

Martin Spicer & Grant from Experience Motorcycles

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May 2019

Entertainment Notes Club night saw myself and Jocelyn plus our trusty “A” team mates Morrises and Balls heading back from an epic road trip, including attending the National Model A Rally in Te Anau. We again managed to cover some less travelled roads, including The Rainbow (in pretty rough condition but great), from Te Anau to Walter Peak via Mavora Lakes (dust like you would never believe) and over the Borland Saddle to the South Arm of Lake Manapouri over a Meridian Energy road (spectacular, a little less rough and dusty, but not much). So it is once again that I must thank John and Pat Campbell for stepping up and organising our club night. They tell me there was a good attendance on this ANZAC night and I am sure everyone enjoyed the evening. For May’s club night we are revisiting the Shiny Parts Auction which we haven’t had for a couple of years. So come along on Thursday 23rd and see what our auctioneers have on offer. No private sales but donations welcome. Don’t forget Shaaran’s yummy supper. Russel McAlpine

The “A” Team at Lake Rotoiti, St Arnaud (South Island) Glenn & Marion Morris, Russel & Jocelyn McAlpine and Rodger & Val Ball

May 2019

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Commercial Notes We were joined at our April meeting by Michael Hilliar. Michael’s ability to attend meetings is largely governed by school holidays he tells us. These days, he drives school buses and the early rises on schooldays prohibit night time forays. April’s meeting fell right in the middle. Both he and Murray Firth and their respective wives were leaving early next morning on Wayne Roberts’ “Back Roads Tour”, so an early night seemed appropriate. I don’t get to use my ex U.S. Marine Corp, 1961 “Truck-Utility 4x4 Lightweight ¼Ton M422A1”, to give it its full title, very often these days. It has no top, so usage is very much weather dependant. Although it is all aluminium, I’m not, and I don’t enjoy getting wet. One of the few occasions that I do get a buzz from, is the annual Anzac Day parade with several other members of my Military Vehicle Club at my local R.S.A. Branch. This year, as we know, there were mass cancellations. Will they be held next year? Will I still be here next year?, time will tell I suppose. I was trolling through my “World Encyclopaedia of Trucks” looking for content for this page and came across these two: The Manchester, was really an Anglo-American hybrid, built between 1928 and 1933 by Willys/Overland/ Crossley of Stockport near Manchester. I never knew of this connection! The Crossley division was set up in 1920, to assemble Willys/Overland vehicles for the U.K. market and began using the Manchester name on the Willys/Overland 25cwt truck in 1926. Packard was building cars from the turn of the 20th century and in 1905 began offering a 1½ ton truck with a horizontal twin cylinder petrol engine located beneath the driver. This was replaced by a 3 ton 4 cylinder vertical engine in 1908. Chain drive was used in the early trucks and from 1920, Packard switched to shaft drive. 1920 also saw Packard trucks running on pneumatic tyres. They built 2,3,5 & 7½ ton models, until production ceased in 1923. Keep M Rolling John Campbell

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May 2019

Mid Week Tourers Last month’s run was cobbled together rather quickly when we found that a Wednesday did not suit the Toroa Restoration Crew, (that run will now become a Sunday run later in the year). We are grateful to Dennis and Judi Scanlon who at short notice hosted us at their Whenuapai property, probably for the last time there as they are close to moving house. Currently they still own Veteran, Vintage and PW cars, although they have several which are for sale as their new home has less garaging. Dennis is a long time Sunbeam devotee and two of the cars being sold are Sunbeam 14/40 projects. Very complete, including the jewellery, it’s hard to find such opportunities nowadays. Over twenty starters, included one motorcycle, and good support from a number of Sunbeam Register members who took the opportunity to join us. They are of course, also VCC members. Good to see both the Beesley brothers, Vaughn in his rare and well motored Hotchkiss and Kevin no doubt taking some R & R after his strenuous efforts in shepherding a group of mainly overseas Talbot owners and their magnificent cars on a tour of NZ. Peter Blackman was there, maybe the last time as he and Susan are moving to Taupo. Ken Brownlie in a Jowett, of course, this one with a for sale card in the window and he brought his grandson Tamariki along. Leo Fowler, recovering well after a knee replacement, was in his recently acquired Austin Sprite. Another good day out for everyone. Thank you Dennis and Judi.

Coming Events: Wednesday 15 May: Starts from the Drury Service Centre, Southern Motorway, 10:00 a.m. for a 10:30 a.m. departure. Details still to be finalised, but probably a run to Thames. There are still some empty slots for the tour of A & G Price Foundry, but I expect these to be filled quickly. Email me now. Wednesday 19 June: Starts from the Warehouse Carpark, Westgate, 10:00 a.m. for a 10:30 a.m. departure. Wednesday 17 July: Starts from the Drury Service Centre, Southern Motorway, 10:00 a.m. for a 10:30 a.m. departure. School holidays again, so we’ll try to go somewhere that the kids will enjoy. John Cheale has just such a place in mind. Watch this space.

The Dewdrops & the Mid-Week Team Ph: (09) 232 0245 or email

May 2019

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Library Notes During April we received a lot of donated books and I am afraid our labelling has let us down and we are not sure where some of them came from. Rodger Ball, Leo Fowler, Bruce McDonald, Ian Goldingham, Bruce Madgwick all donated books (listed below) and we thank you for them. ¨ Classic Cars Power and Passion from the Wearable Art and Collectable Cars Museum, Nelson. ¨ The Original Sprite and Midget by Horler ¨ Auckland Motorists Handy guide 1930’s ¨ A boxful of Magneto information plus a folder of Bosch Mag information Pre War2 Rolls Royce engine and mag Information ¨ Auto-lite Parts Lists for Hudson – Essex; Star-Rugby, Jordan, Flint and Durant cars ¨ The hot one Chevrolet 1955 – 57 by Chappell ¨ Chevrolet 1929 to 1955 manual ¨ Ford Customline Workshop Manual ¨ Rolls Royce & Bentley Classic Elegance by Cockerham From Chris Clark we received ¨ A J S by F W Neill ¨ A Short History of the Motor Cycle by Richard Hammond ¨ The Ultimate Motor Cycle Book by Hugo Wilson ¨ Classic British Bikes Abbeydale Press ¨ On Two Wheels by Roland Brown ¨ Motorcycling by Rupert Prior ¨ Complete British Motorcycles 1901 to Present by John Carroll ¨ British Motorcycles 40’s and 50’s by Roy Bacon ¨ Encyclopedia of British Motorcycles by Roy Bacon ¨ 2010 Ducati Year Book ¨ Yamaha C53-E Service Manual ¨ Suzuki GT550J Owners manual ¨ Jowett Javelin and Jupiter by McAully and Nanuivell ¨ Jowett Javelin & Jupiter hand book ¨ Jowett Cars ¨ J J &J Bradford by Pitmans ¨ British Leyland Mini Handbook ¨ Tuning S U carburettors After all these we purchased ¨ Legend of Speed—The Burt Munro story by Hanna and Larsen ¨ Car Marques, Brands and Logos by Heptinstall Barry Robert and the Library Team—Barry Birchall, Colin Bott, Owen Hayward, John Stokes & Chris Wood.

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May 2019

Coming Events May 11 15

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Motorcycle Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Mid Week Tourers Starts Drury Service Centre, Southern Motorway 10:00am Annual Motorcycle Rally (Northland Branch) Commercial Meeting & Charabanc Maintenance Night Clubrooms 8:00pm Club Night & New Members, Shiny Parts Auction 8:00pm Club Run (Experts Rally) - Starts Stancombe Rd Carpark 1:00pm Double Fifty Rally (Waikato Branch) Committee Meeting 7:30pm Veteran Section Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Motorcycle Kick Start Rally 11:00am Starts Parrs Park Carpark, Glen Eden (Enter opposite 131 Parrs Cross Rd) Bulletin Mailing 7:30pm Motorcycle Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Mid Week Tourers Starts Warehouse Carpark, Westgate 10:00am Commercial Meeting & Charabanc Maintenance Night Clubrooms 8:00pm Branch AGM 8:00pm Club Run—Combined with North Shore Branch Committee Meeting 7:30pm Winter Woollies Wander (Wellsford/Warkworth Branch) Motorcycle Fish ‘n Chip Run Starts Jolly Farmer, Drury 11:00am Bulletin via Website or email Veteran Section Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Central North Island Swapmeet (Rotorua Branch) Mid Week Tourers Starts Drury Service Centre, Southern Motorway 10:00am Motorcycle Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Commercial Meeting & Charabanc Maintenance Night Clubrooms 8:00pm Club Night & New Members—Gregg Terrill speaking on 8:00pm Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring) Club Run

Note: The clubrooms are open on the second and fourth Thursday evenings each month from 7:30pm till 10:00pm and every Saturday afternoon from 4:30pm till 6:30pm.

May 2019

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Coming Events

Thursday 23 May 8:00 p.m. Shiny Parts Auction

May Club Run EXPERTS RALLY Sunday 26 May Starts:

Stancombe Rd Carpark (near Barry Curtis Park, Flat Bush)


1:00 p.m.

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Notice of Annual General Meeting

May 2019

May 2019

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Nomination Form -

Robinson Instrument Ltd

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Bill Shears Memorial Trophy

May 2019

May 2019

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May Club Night

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May 2019

Eddie Sim Motorcycle Run Sunday morning dawned with blue skies and sunshine. I had cleaned and polished my bike ready for the run but then I found out that daughter Beatrice and hubby Dan were spending the Saturday night up in Auckland celebrating their wedding anniversary and wouldn't be home till after Sunday lunch. Then Lynda was going off to Thames for the day, so granddad was on grand kid’s duty for Sunday. We arrived at the start at the Jolly Farmer Drury, to find assembled 17 bikes and 6 cars. There also were 15 Corvette Stingrays, but they were of on their own run to Kawhia. It was pleasing to see two riders from Orewa on their Triumph Thruxton’s and Neville and Cheryl Mickleson from Hamilton on their 500 Velocette. Plotter Paul Muir gave the riders a briefing and I sent them on their way with a joke. We travelled on good motorcycling roads and went through the Hunua Gorge, Clevedon, Duders Beach, Maraetai, Whitford, Howick and Pakuranga, finishing the run at the home, workshop and man cave of Malcolm Anderson. Malcolm and his girl friend Viki, dad Bruce and some others put on a very nice lunch for us. The bikes on display were all in pristine condition, ranging from a 1953 48cc Ducati Cucciolo,1976 Moto Morini 3 ½ sport, 1989 VFR400R NC30 Honda track bike, 2002 748R Ducati, 1928 Harley Davidson 350 side valve, 1930 MK1 KTT, 1948 MK 8 KTT Velocette, 1976 Yamaha YZ250 motocross and the award winning 1977 Ducati 900SS. We spent well over an hour looking over the very clean workshop with its variety of precision machinery, the bikes and the brilliant man cave, oh if only I had one like it. The winner of the rally was Jeremy Lambert on his 1959 Velocette Venom. Martin Spicer

May 2019

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2019 Waikato Moo Loo Meander Rally Friday 5th April 2:30 p.m., Graeme Crawley arrived at our Pokeno farm on his 650 BMW and we set off for Cambridge, with me riding my Honda CBX550. All was going well until just before Gordonton the Honda just stopped. We found the main 30 amp fuse had blown. Why I don't know? I then knocked on the door of the house we were outside and asked if they had any fuse wire which they did, so I fitted a length of wire as a fuse and we were off again. We arrived in Cambridge at 4:00 p.m. There was a Friday night meet and greet meal at the Prince Albert Pub, with 45 for dinner. Saturday morning dawned with sunshine. We gathered at the Waikato Branch Clubrooms around 9:00 a.m. There were 65 entries, 22 from our Branch. Now, as my BSA was off the road waiting for the mag to have work done on it, Dave Mayhew offered me his 197cc Ambassador for the rally. Dave told me the little bike would do 90 mpg, so he had put 2 gallons in the tank, enough for at least 170 miles. The rally would be 126 miles. I set off at 10:00 a.m. in the company of 3 other tiddler riders. Jon Turney had done a great job of plotting the Moo Loo run. It had every thing for the motorcyclist, great swinging bends, up and down hills with little traffic. We made our way out past Hamilton airport and then on towards Ngaruawahia to finish for lunch at Te Mata school. I was amazed as to how well the little Ambassador went. I was riding at 50mph most of the time, even around corners. When I stopped at the school for lunch I was the 8th bike there, the other 57 were still to arrive. I thought all those bigger and faster bikes would have passed me on the way. The school's PTA put on a amazing lunch with such a variety and more than enough for all the riders, a great job, well done. So now we were off again with another 55 miles to the finish. There I am cruising at 50 mph about 15 miles from the lunch stop, when the bike stops, out of fuel? Luckily plotter Jon stopped to see what was wrong. He was riding his V twin Indian and carried extra fuel. He gave me 2 litres plus some oil to mix with the petrol. As I had a fair way to go, I kept the speed down to 30 mph not wanting to damage the engine from not having the right amount of oil in the fuel. Well from the pre lunch exciting ride, the return trip was painfully slow. I made it, but only with about a teaspoonful of petrol left in the tank. The prize giving dinner was at the clubrooms with around 60 people there. The meal was good which was followed by the prize giving. Below are the results our members gained places in. VINTAGE

1st 2nd POST VINTAGE 1st 2nd 3rd

Dave Warren 1928 Indian 4. Don Green 1930 Rudge Ulster Paul Tomlin 1939 BSA. Paul Hanes 1941 Indian Chief Hugh Anderson 1939 Ariel Red Hunter

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May 2019

2019 Waikato Moo Loo Meander Rally Contd. POST WAR


1st 2nd 3rd

Jeremy & Michelle Lambert 1959 Velocette Venom Warwick & Trisha Darrow 1956 Velocette Viper Keith Ballagh 1951 Velocette MAC


Allan Macy 1974 Norton Commando


Graeme Crawley 1981 BMW 650

1st 2nd

Michael O’Kane1952 BSA Chris Clark 1951 BSA A10

1st out of towner John Meharry 1973 350 Honda Martin Spicer


¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨


— —

May 2019

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Vero International Festival of Motoring

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May 2019



May 2019

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Spares..Spares..Spares Open only the second and fourth Thursday evening from 7:30 p.m. till 10:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon from 4:30 p.m. till 6:30 p.m. New parts coming in regularly! If you need it, take a look around or ask, you may be surprised!


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May 2019

Your Committee Chairman/Motorcycle Rep: Martin Spicer (Lynda)

Email: Ph: (09) 233 6382 or 0274 454 593 Vice Chairman/ Entertainment: Russel McAlpine (Jocelyn) Email: Ph: 818 4285 or 0274 735 451 Secretary / Privacy Officer: Tracey Winterbottom Email: (Stephen) Ph: (09) 232 0246 or 021 732 209 Treasurer: Ian Hubbard (Lesley) Email: Ph: 575 8236 or 0274 426 748 Club Captain: Lynda Spicer (Martin) Email: Ph: (09) 233 6382 or 021 454 593 Committee Members: Don Green (Brenda) Clubroom Bookings/Spares/Name Badges Email: Ph: 266 8836 or 021 073 2642 Alan Price (Shaaran) Building Maintenance Email: Ph: 833 8575 Shaaran Price (Alan) Social Convenor/New Membership Liaison Officer Email: Ph: 833 8575 John Stokes Veteran Rep/Spares/Trophy Stewart Email: Ph: (09) 236 4582 or 021 185 5915 Non-Committee Officers: Librarian Bulletin Editor Barry Robert (Elva) Val Ball (Rodger) Ph: 627 9451 Ph: 298 6476 Email: Beaded Wheels Reporter Commercial Rep John Stokes John Campbell (Pat) Continuous Membership Awards Steward Ph: 828 7850 or 0272 446 928 Glenn Morris (Marion) Ph: 273 4975 or 021 136 5926 Insurance: Vero Consumer Insurance Specialist 0800 505 905 or 356 4501 Agency Number: 0300126 Clubrooms Street Address: Postal Address: Open: Club Night:

Ph: 579 5625 39 Fairfax Ave, Penrose P O Box 12 138, Penrose, Auckland 1642 2nd & 4th Thursday 7:30-10:00pm, Every Saturday 4:30-6:30 pm 4th Thursday of the month

Branch Email Address Library Email Address Branch Website

Branch Honorary Life Members:

Barry Robert Norm Dewhurst QSM Alan Roberts

May 2019

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Your Committee

May 2019

Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Auckland VCC - May 2019  

Auckland VCC - May 2019