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August 2019

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August 2019

August 2019

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September Bulletin closing date

Strictly 25 August 2019

Cover Designed by Melanie Ball

The views expressed by the correspondents in this Bulletin are not necessarily those of the Editor or the Auckland Veteran & Vintage Car Club Inc. Any articles of interest, comments, letters to the Editor etc are welcome. All contributions are presented to and approved by the club committee prior to printing. Please forward any submissions to the Bulletin Editor.

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August 2019

Chairman’s Report This month I have had to get Lynda to write the Chairman’s Report as I am laid up in hospital due to circumstances beyond my control. For the next month Don Green will spearhead the Committee. Unfortunately, Lynda and I also had to miss the National AGM in Greymouth, but look forward to reading the Delegates Report from Tracey in September’s issue of the Bulletin. Winter certainly showed itself last month with some bitterly cold weather and that rather nasty wet stuff, enough now I say! John Stokes’ Veteran section meetings are gaining momentum with more members attending each month. A great way to share stories, renovation tips, spare parts and the companionship of like-minded individuals. The Motorcycle monthly run for July was the winter Fish ‘n Chip event to Kaiaua and what a turnout we had. About 70 motorcycles attended, including some from one make clubs, plus about 15 club eligible cars. Also there were members from Thames, Katikati and Waihi. It’s always great to catch up with old friends. This month is the countrywide Sunday rally for Daffodil Day Cancer Research, so please support this event. Come out and take part in the run which Tracey and Stephen Winterbottom have plotted, quite a fun event by all accounts and we are again finishing at the Sir Edmund Hillary Retirement Village in St Johns who wanted us to go back again. Another great opportunity for some fundraising for Cancer. There is a compulsory entry fee of $10.00 per vehicle for this event which this money is donated direct to the charity, plus whatever else we can raise. Put the date in your diary of Sunday 25th August. I’m sorry this is a bit disjointed but my brain is working overtime at the moment, running between home, hospital and work. We send our condolences to Stephen & Tracey Winterbottom on the passing of Rita Winterbottom, no doubt a number of you knew Rita (and Derek) when they were members of the Auckland Branch, before shifting and transferring to the Bay of Plenty Branch several years ago. Keep those two, three and four wheels turning safely. Martin & Lynda Spicer

August 2019

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Club Captain’s Report A short report this month, as you will have read the Chairman’s Report where I have mentioned Martin is currently in hospital quite unwell. Thank you to everyone who have sent emails, texts and telephone calls wishing him well, it is so much appreciated. John Stokes’ Veteran meetings continue with good attendance and they cover really interesting topics at their meetings. So, if you are interested in Veterans, do come along and join John’s group who meet on the second Saturday each month. Last month’s Motorcycle section had a disappointment in that the booked speaker cancelled a few days beforehand. However, the good news is, that the helicopter jet engine powered motorcycle will make an appearance a bit later in the year. So, the boys had a meeting of yarns, a short movie about a race across Paris and a lot of general chat. The Midweek Tourers continue with good attendances. I believe they went to the new Knight & Dickey Transport Museum in Waiuku. The Motorcycle section monthly run opened its door as usual to everyone as it was the winter trip to Kaiaua for Fish ‘n Chips. 70 motorcycles joined us plus 15 club eligible cars, a great turnout and the weather was kind. It was good to see members from Thames, Katikati and Waihi join us. A good time to catch up with old members who have now moved out of the district. Club night we welcomed along Greg Terrill, one of the organisers of the 2021 International Rally. I believe he clarified some of the members questions and went back with a few worthwhile notes of comments from our members. Finally, July ended with the monthly Club run, which was plotted by Ken & Annette Foot. Apologies that I couldn’t be there, but had to keep Martin company. By all accounts it was a very pleasant run enjoyed by 15 vehicles, including 2 motorcyclists on a journey from Pakuranga, passing Cockle and Melons Bays, Flat Bush, Alfriston to Hunua (Ponga Road) and finally finishing at Urban Soul Café in Karaka. Thank you Ken & Annette for plotting this run. August’s monthly run is the nationwide run for Cancer Research – Daffodil Day Run, so please make sure you put this date in your diaries – Sunday 25th August. There is a compulsory entry fee, which we donate to Cancer Research, plus what other monies we fundraise. Please get behind the events the Branch organises for this worthwhile cause as there wouldn’t be anyone who hasn’t been touched by cancer one way or another. Tracey and Stephen Winterbottom have plotted what appears to be a run with lots of fun attached and we are finishing again at the Sir Edmund Hillary Retirement Village as they made a special request to have the Branch and its vehicles back again. We were a major hit last year with the residents having been talking about it ever since and another opportunity to fundraise some more money too. Finally, I would like to thank Warwick Darrow and Robin Elliott who volunteered after the AGM to join our merry band on the Committee. Many hands help to make light work. Thanks guys. I look forward to seeing you out and about. Lynda Spicer

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August 2019

Veteran Notes The July meeting was one of the most successful to date with at least twenty five people present. We had apologies from Roy Sharman and Terry Jenkins. Our North Shore Branch regulars, David Lane and Tim Edney were joined by the North Shore Treasurer, Ross Moon. Ross has had a 1917 Dodge tourer for many years. We also had Murray and Penny Firth join us. Murray is interested in establishing a Vintage Section within the Branch and he wanted to see how our meetings went. Barry Robert mentioned he has had some interest in the single cylinder Rover he has for sale and Michael Pellow is still sorting the carburettor on his Rover single cylinder. Alan Meredith is still researching his De Dion in New Zealand history. Phil Henley has got the 1913 Mitchell ready for its final inspection for compliance. He could give an interesting club night talk on the trials and tribulations of the process so far. Barry Birchall is now compiling data on four cylinder Cadillacs that survive in New Zealand. I believe he has found about fifteen so far. He also commented on the amount of veteran restoration still going on around the country. He also stated that the 1913 Minerva, that was for sale in the South Island has been brought by the family of the original owner. Ross Moon stated that he has had his Dodge re-vinned. John Morrison has brought the late Len Woodgate’s 1916 Briscoe and reports that the running board refurbishment on the 1913 Humberette is underway. David Lane did some promotion for the HCCNZs Spring Tour in September. Monty Scarborough is still working with Gary Cavanaugh on Gary's vintage Model T Ford. Monty's veteran Model T has some issues with sticky valves after some mods to the valve guides. Monty produced two interesting items, one an early version of the compression operated tyre inflators that were once quite popular. The second one was a goldsmith/jewellers ring sizing device. Looks a bit like a drill bit holder or wire thickness gauge. Monty opened it on his back lawn and a quantity of gold dust was distributed to the lawn and the winds, no he didn't take the vacuum to the lawn. We wish Pauline a speedy recovery from a health issue. Dennis Lowe has added a hand throttle to enhance drivability on the 1903 Oldsmobile. This has been done very discreetly and doesn't detract from the vehicles authenticity. He also displayed a number of Thames newspapers from 1927 and an American Bosch condenser fitted to large luxury cars. Tim Edney will be entering the National Veteran Rally in Timaru and then doing the one and two cylinder run, probably in his Alldays and Onions twin cylinder. He has also brought the Chrysler Imperial that was on Trade Me. Cedric Pegrum has brought a far from veteran 1992 500S Mercedes and is sorting a number of electrical issues. It got from Papakura to Penrose and I hope he got home. David Oliver's Model T is happily sitting at home and Bryan Belcher is still polishing brass. John Stokes

August 2019

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Library Notes As our collection of historic material continues to grow, so the demand for storage of worthwhile books is an ever-present challenge. The Branch Library operates a very satisfactory environmental control system as it is important that our historic books are stored clean, dry and safe. Over the years this has been possible within the confines of the Library, however now that it is full to over-flowing, we now have to consider alternative storage locations beyond the Library and these may not be so kind to the books. Donations of books this month have been very generously made to our collection by : Ian Falgar, several workshop manuals, as well as Fiat, written by the world authority of the marque, Michael Sedgwick. Douglas Ormrod, several workshop and parts manuals. Jack Nazer, a most magnificent book on the history of Mercedes-Benz, written in English, German and French. We would like to, (again), welcome any members to visit the Library. You are always very welcome and we are keen to show our collection and to discuss any matter relating to your interest in old cars and motorcycles. Open on Thursday mornings, (coffee and tea) 10:00am-1:00pm, Saturday afternoon 4:30pm. Please be aware that our collection of Handbooks, Workshop Manuals and Parts Lists is quite extensive. We have in excess of 2550 individual items in this section of the Library. Unfortunately these are not for loan, but we can photocopy anything that you may find interesting. Many makes of cars and motorcycles are covered, including of course the popular makes such as Ford (417 items) and Austin (277 items), but we also have many more obscure makes including the likes of Stutz, Star (both UK and US), Flint, Clyno, Calcott and Gearless! Come in and see what we might have on your vehicle. Remember also that books in the general categories, such as History of Marques, NZ Motoring History and so on, are available for loan at $2.00 per time. Chris Wood and the Library Team:—Owen Hayward, Colin Bott, Barry Birchall, John Stokes & Barry Robert.

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August 2019

Motorcycle Notes Saturday dawned and it was a lovely morning but we only had a few motorcycles parked out the back. The cold and the threat of more rain must have impacted. However, we had about 45 members in attendance. Martin had organised a guest speaker for the meeting who was going to bring along his helicopter jet engine propelled motorcycle. However a couple of days before the meeting, he received a phone call to say he couldn’t come. The good news is that he will bring this machine along later in the year. Martin showed a film dating back to 1972 of a Ferrari racing across Paris. Although the filming left a lot to be desired in comparison with todays film, the soundtrack was amazing. This film was taken by a new type of camera which was subsequently used in a lot of chase scenes in movies of the era. The meeting was then thrown open to general discussion. Peter Alderdice advised the members that he has plotted a run to and from the September Rubber Duckie, not returning to Auckland until the Monday. If you are interested in joining this group of riders, please contact Peter either by phone or email. We had hoped to run the Cecil Light Restoration Trophy on Saturday but with so many members, who have eligible bikes away, this has been delayed until the August meeting. To qualify, your machine must have been restored over the past 15 months and had been entered into a club event, run, rally or even taken part in a display such as the Motorcycle Show. Your peers will vote as to who they think the best restoration goes to on the day. Martin reported on a very successful mid winter Fish ‘n Chip run to Kaiaua. It was great to see members who now live out of the district come and participate. Coming Up: Saturday 17 August: Motorcycle meeting and Cecil Light Restoration Trophy. Sunday 25 August: National Cancer Society Daffodil Run. Easy fun route, starting at Ray Small Park Papakura and finishing at Sir Edmund Hillary Retirement Village, St Johns. Saturday 21 September: Motorcycle Meeting – Guest speaker Ben Creemers and his father Rob with their “One in the World” Racing Brough Superior. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything, as I’m writing this for Martin, from his hospital room.

Take care, keep those two and three wheels turning safely. Martin & Lynda Spicer and Jack Clark

August 2019

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Secretary’s Notes This month I have attended the National AGM in Greymouth and will be able to report on this in the September Bulletin. There was an election for the Management Committee this year, I hope you all voted. As time passes, we are fortunate that as one club we have a strong voice with the relevant Government bodies. This is only going to become more important if we are to hold onto the position we have where we are able to freely use our old vehicles on today’s roads. Clubroom Hire – we are fortunate to have such a great asset in our clubrooms and we do offer it for hire to groups or clubs on dates when not required for our Branch events. If you know of anyone who may be looking for rooms to hire, put them in touch with Don Green, who looks after our clubroom bookings. This hireage provides us with valuable income. From the Committee table, we have approved purchase of a replacement defibrillator, as the current one is not a model well serviced any more and replacement batteries are expensive and hard to source. New mirrors are being sourced for the Charabanc and some preliminary work has been done on a long term plan for the Branch. Planning is well in hand for key events coming up – Daffodil Day, PV through P80V Rally and the Hunua 100 Rally. I hope to see a good turnout of members and guests for our Daffodil Day Rally toward the end of the month. Tracey Winterbottom

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August 2019

New Members A most sincere welcome is extended to the following new members. We hope to see you taking an active part in Club activities whenever possible. Should you or any member require any assistance or advice, please feel free to ask any Committee member. (Refer back page of this Bulletin). Bruce Geange Milford 1979 Triumph Motorcycle 1975 Triumph Motorcycle

David & Kathleen Hewitt Waiuku 1936 MG TA 1957 MG Magnette Paul (Ditch) Keeling Beachlands 1937 BSA Motorcycle 1959 Triumph TR6




August 2019

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Commercial Notes A good turnout of Commercial aficionados sat around the table last month and solved the world’s problems. Trevor Kenworthy produced some interesting historical articles on the Japanese presence around New Zealand in 1942. Photographic evidence exists of a 1000 ton submarine, three times the size of any allied submarine, complete with a float plane that flew sorties over much of the country. This would surely have been before the attack on Pearl Harbour, as after that they would have had much more on their mind than little old N.Z. Auckland is currently experiencing a water shortage. Heaven forbid that it reaches the proportions of 1994. During that time contractors who would normally have been able to use a metred standpipe from a hydrant on council jobs, were forbidden to do so. Even many householders baulked at me using their own supply to cool my diamond blades as I expansion cut their new concrete. I sourced a 1000 litre caged tank and captured rain water from my roof, and I managed to buy an old 1300 litre ex diesel tanker and converted it to deliver water. I could fill this from my roof or collect free water from Western Springs lake, via a standpipe the council erected. It meant using two vehicles each day and much inconvenience. It was after this that consent was given to draw water from the Waikato river. That little interlude cost me a bundle, so as far as I’m concerned they can drain the Waikato to a trickle to supply us “Jafas”. This OLB Bedford was the answer to many a housewife’s shopping woes in the late forties when new suburbs were springing up around the country. The chassis would have been extended, as the rear axle is in line with the word “at”. Note the brand new state houses above the windscreen. It has come to my attention, that a third contender for Auckland’s mayoralty has entered the fray and he has some empathy for classic cars and motorsport. I understand his take on Western Springs Stadium is, “leave it alone”. I haven’t committed myself yet, but you can be sure I’ll be listening to everything this guy, Craig Lord has to say.

Keep M Rolling John Campbell

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August 2019

Mid Week Tourers Didn’t John Cheale do well last month? The as yet un-named and not yet open to the public, Machinery Museum in Waiuku, turned out to be equal to any others in NZ, or for that matter any that I have seen elsewhere. Not just a local collection of dust covered ironware, but clean and for the most part, restored exhibits in a very clean and well lit building. (So clean in fact, that we saw one man remove his boots before entering). Plenty of room to move around and informative signs on everything. Signs that brought back many memories for me, as I read names of early owners and donors in the Franklin district, whom I knew in years gone by. Tractors, military vehicles, cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, motor-mowers, outboard motors, children’s toys, motorcycles, it almost got to the stage where I was looking for a vintage aircraft and the building is certainly big enough to house some. There is always the lake alongside, what about a vintage river launch? And I, like some others, didn’t even get around it all. But don’t despair, there will be a repeat visit. Photographs allowed, but please, not on social media! Many thanks to our hosts, Graeme Dickey (at present having a few days in a rest home) and his son John, and of course John & Ngaire Cheale. (Move over Norm!, John is pressing hard on your heels!) The attendance reflected the venue, close to forty cars, some going direct to Waiuku. Lots of children (hope we see you all again next school holidays), at least one new member, Dave Hewitt (MG’s). The planned side excursion for a circuit of the Pukekohe race track didn’t happen due to the track being unavailable that day, but rest assured, John says it will happen another day! Coming Events: Wednesday 21 August: Starts from the Warehouse Carpark, Westgate, 10:00 a.m. for a 10:30 a.m. departure. BYO everything, we have ordered a fine day. Wednesday 18 September: Starts from the Drury Service Centre, Southern Motorway 10:00 a.m. for a 10:30 a.m. departure. Wednesday 16 October: Starts from the Warehouse Carpark, Westgate, 10:00 a.m. for a 10:30 a.m. departure. NB—this date might change to a week earlier to fall within the school holidays.

The Dewdrops & the Mid-Week Team Ph: (09) 232 0245 or email

August 2019

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2019 Ladies Rally Ladies Rally

Val Ball


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August 2019

Coming Events August 10 Sat 16-17 17 21

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Veteran Section Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm National Executive Meeting & AGM (Hosted by West Coast Branch) Motorcycle Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Mid Week Tourers Starts Warehouse Carpark, Westgate 10:00am Club Night & New Members 8:00pm Club Run—VCC Daffodil Rally for Cancer (Starts Papakura) 1:00pm Commercial Meeting & Charabanc Maintenance Night Clubrooms 8:00pm Sulphur City Rally (Rotorua Branch)

September 3 7 8 12 14 18

Tues Sat Sun Thurs Sat Wed

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24 Thurs 26-27

Committee Meeting 7:30am Veteran Section Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm PV, PWV, P60V & P80V—Annual Rally Bulletin via Website or email Motorcycle Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Mid Week Tourers Starts Drury Service Centre, Southern Motorway 10:00am Post Vintage Rally (Waikato Branch) Commercial Meeting & Charabanc Maintenance Night Clubrooms 8:00pm Club Night & New Members 8:00pm Club Run Committee Meeting 7:30pm Working Bee 9:00am Bulletin Mailing Night 7:30pm Veteran Section Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Mid Week Tourers Starts The Warehouse Carpark, Westgate 10:00am Motorcycle Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Journey through Time (King Country Branch) Commercial Meeting & Charabanc Maintenance Night Clubrooms 8:00pm Club Night—Rally Instructions Night 8:00pm Annual Hunua 100 Rally

Note: The clubrooms are open on the second and fourth Thursday evenings each month from 7:30pm till 10:00pm and every Saturday afternoon from 4:30pm till 6:30pm.

August 2019

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Coming Events

Thursday 22 August 8:00 p.m. Shane Price Come along and hear Shane talk of his passion for Bicycles Club Run Sunday 26 August Daffodil Day National VCC Fundraiser Starts Ray Small Park, Elliot St, Papakura Time

1:00 p.m.

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August 2019

2019 Wellsford Winter Woollies Wander This year the weather was perfect (no rain). The rally started at the clubrooms in Warkworth on Sunday 7 July and headed south to Waiwera, then onto the loose metal through to Puhoi. The back roads took us out to Kaipara Flats and up into the hills with some tremendous scenery on some very corrugated, pot holed roads. The lunch break was at the Tapora Community Hall with soup and sandwiches. The afternoon route was shorter, going through Wellsford across to Matakana and into Warkworth for the finish. 130 miles and a lot of loose metal roads with great weather made it a terrific rally. Auckland Placings: 1st PV 2ndPV 3rd PV 1st PWV 1st P60V

Gavin Welch & Sophie Zhao Colin & Pam Bell Don & Noelene Huggins John & Janice Gardner Bob & Debbie Ballantyne

1st Overall

John & Janice Gardner

Gavin Welch

Robinson Instrument Ltd

August 2019

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Vero International Festival of Motoring

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VCC Daffodil Rally for Cancer

August 2019

August 2019

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2019 Hunua 100 Rally




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August 2019

1906 Cadillac Hiding in the Waikato for 60 Yrs Steve Raffills in Auckland has recently sold his 1906 Cadillac to Graham McKenzie in Matamata. The car has quite a story. It was found and restored by the late John McCraw of Central Otago in the late fifties. John had gone to Adelaide earlier and seen an old car run and wanted an early veteran. The Dunedin to Brighton Veteran run had just been established and that would have been a catalyst. John went to university in Dunedin and started work as a soil scientist working for the Soil Bureau in Alexandra. John visited farms in Central Otago looking for a suitable car. Many years later I saw photos of the cars John had found on the farms in Central Otago in the mid-fifties and I was amazed. Not far from home he found the remains of a single cylinder Cadillac. The car had been imported into Auckland by Dexter & Crozier and could have been used around the city for a while as it did have an Auckland registration plate. We believe it was sold at the Christchurch Exhibition in 1907 and had a fourseater body and a hood. The rumours are, it was used around Alexandra up until 1923 when the water pump seized and it ran a main bearing. Some of the locals told John they could remember the car as they said it was very noisy, one of whom wrote to the local newspaper and complained of the noise. The car had sat under a tree for twenty years and was becoming an eyesore. The farmer decided to pull it apart and anything he could use went into the shed and the other items that couldn’t be used were pushed into a big pond on the property. On John’s first visit, he collected what he could see in a dump outside the workshop, the bonnet, crankcase, flywheel, rear wheels and axles. The old chap produced the gearbox and diff from under the work bench. The pond was about eighty feet long, twenty feet wide and about six feet deep. Not helping the situation, the farmer had also wrecked a Clement Bayard on the property and several Model T Fords. Before the pond was drained John did find the oil pump, rear springs, carburettor, tie rod, pedals, gear lever and the steering column. In another search of the workshop he found the steering box and rack, steering wheel, clutch, bearings, spark and throttle levers. The chassis had been thrown into the pond and fished out by a local who wanted it for a trailer. He never did find the chassis. John then turned his attention to the pond and on the bank in amongst the willows he found the radiator, petrol tank, water tank and dash. John borrowed a pump from the fire brigade and over two days the pump had drained the pond. In the mud in the bottom of the pond they found mud guards, running board brackets, head lights, running board mats and a few small parts. The smell from the pond after he drained the water was something else. John then went looking for a chassis. There were only two single cylinder Cadillacs in the club at the time, so John contacted both George Giltrap in Rotorua and Darcy Nicolson in Timaru to see if they knew where he might find a chassis. They were unable to help. He then wrote to Beaulieu in the UK and they did help him with photos. He then attended a rally in Christchurch and someone from Dunedin said to him he had been told of a chassis in Waikouaiti twenty miles north of Dunedin. He called on the farmer and found he had most of a

August 2019

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1906 Cadillac Hiding in the Waikato for 60 Yrs Car, but no chassis. The farmer had bought the parts at a farm clearance sale. Another member from Dunedin told him a single cylinder Cadillac had been wrecked on a farm at Hindon, thirty miles west of Dunedin. A visit to the farm confirmed it was a Cadillac, but it was manufactured in 1903 and was very different to John’s car. John did bring the complete chassis home. A few months later, someone walked into John’s garage and said he had been told of two single cylinder Cadillacs that had been wrecked on a farm in Southland. On the way south they stopped for gas at Heriot and John asked the attendant in the garage if there were any very old cars in the area. The attendant told them someone had wrecked a very early car at Edievale. They pushed on to Southland and found the remains of two Cadillacs, but there was no chassis. Returning to Alexandra with a lot of spare parts they went into Edievale, located the farm and there was a single cylinder Cadillac chassis standing on four wheels. John was going to send the chassis by rail to Alexandra, but John said the railways saw it as car and he felt the sum they had quoted was a little expensive. He went back later with a truck and picked it up. The farmer was going to use the chassis to support a farm bridge. They discovered later the chassis had come off the car wrecked at Waikouaiti. Unfortunately, it was shorter in the wheel base than the chassis originally under Johns car. At the next major rally in Dunedin, John found a second chassis which was the correct length, which he put into use. John went on to restore the car over the next three years doing almost all the work himself. The restoration of the chassis is written up in three early copies of Beaded Wheels and in Elizabeth Nagle’s book. John never finished the story and there has been a lot of speculation as to where the body might have come from. Some have said John found it in a loft. Looking at the body on the car it looks very correct and still has a Seldon plate. You can see it once supported a hood. John did the upholstery himself. The late Bill Miller had always said the back of the body had come off a twin cylinder Buick. Stephen Kidd said he thought the body had come of a farm at Waikaia. John’s work would have let him visit many farms. John shifted to Hamilton in 1963 and the two Cadillacs came north with him. John had the car at his daughter’s wedding in 1977, but the car was never seen at a car club event. John resigned from the Vintage Car Club in 1972. He was a Professor in Earth Sciences at Waikato University and was very wound up in his work. He published forty-five books on soil sciences and history, many based on studies he made Central Otago. He had written seven papers on the Antarctica and lead teams down there. In 1992 he was awarded the MBE for his work. In Antarctica they named a Glacier after John McCraw. In Alexandra the local Museum has a room dedicated to the memory of John McCraw. Over the years he had kept copies of all the correspondence he had written on Cadillacs, lots of photos and a hand book he had found still in the original wrapper. He must have written to Andrew Anderson in 1955 and told him what he had found. Andrew had written back and said “we are finding veteran cars all over NZ”. Not long before he died, John got a call from a farmer in

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August 2019

1906 Cadillac Hiding in the Waikato for 60 Yrs Alexandra who reminded him he had left a lot of Cadillac parts on his property. John said the farm had been sold and he was surprised the new owner knew the stuff belonged to him. What has become of the Cadillac spares I am not sure, but John did tell the farmer he could sell the parts. Before John died the two Cadillacs were passed over to Steve Raffills, a relation in Auckland. Steve said when he looked at the 1906 Cadillac and everything on the chassis was worn out. Steve, an engineer, went right though the chassis over two years, until he was happy to take the car for a warrant of fitness. He left the motor as he knew the car would run. Steve builds replica vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles for a living and sells them on the American market, so had the skills John was lacking. Steve has said that in his retirement he will restore the 1903 Cadillac. I had known of the cars for many years, but it was the first time I had seen the vehicle run when it left Steve’s workshop in Birkdale. Graham McKenzie needs to look at the motor sometime, but he has purchased a great car with lots of history. Maybe someone can tell us what became of the Cadillac parts that were left on Ned Sutherland’s farm in Alexandra. I have been told they are not on the property today. Barry Birchall

August 2019

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2019 PV, PWV, P60V & P80V Rally

Page 24

Are you on the Tree?

August 2019

August 2019

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Spares..Spares..Spares Open only the second and fourth Thursday evening from 7:30 p.m. till 10:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon from 4:30 p.m. till

6:30 p.m. New parts coming in regularly! If you need it, take a look around or ask, you may be surprised!


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August 2019

Your Committee Chairman/Motorcycle Rep/Delegate Martin Spicer (Lynda) Email: Ph: (09) 233 6382 or 0274 454 593 Vice Chairman/Clubroom Booking/Name Badges Don Green (Brenda) Email: Ph: 266 8836 or 021 073 2642 Secretary/Privacy Officer: Tracey Winterbottom Email: (Stephen) Ph: (09) 232 0246 or 021 732 209 Treasurer: Ian Hubbard (Lesley) Email: Ph: 575 8236 or 0274 426 748 Club Captain: Lynda Spicer (Martin) Email: Ph: (09) 233 6382 or 021 454 593 Committee Members: Warwick Darrow (Trisha) Building Maintenance Email: Ph: 520 2882 or 021 203 4562 Robin Elliott Spares Email: Ph: 0274 922 188 Alan Price (Shaaran) Building Maintenance Email: Ph: 833 8575 Shaaran Price (Alan) Social Convenor/New Membership Liaison Officer Email: Ph: 833 8575 John Stokes Veteran Rep/Spares/Trophy Stewart Email: Ph: (09) 236 4582 or 0272 772 108 Non-Committee Officers: Librarian Bulletin Editor Chris Wood (Diana) Val Ball (Rodger) Ph: 524 9478 Ph: 298 6476 Email: Beaded Wheels Reporter Commercial Rep John Stokes John Campbell (Pat) Continuous Membership Awards Steward Ph: 828 7850 or 0272 446 928 Glenn Morris (Marion) Ph: 273 4975 or 021 136 5926 Insurance: Vero Consumer Insurance Specialist 0800 505 905 or 356 4501 Agency Number: 0300126 Clubrooms Ph: 579 5625 Street Address: 39 Fairfax Ave, Penrose Postal Address: P O Box 12 138, Penrose, Auckland 1642 Open: 2nd & 4th Thursday 7:30-10:00pm, Every Saturday 4:30-6:30 pm Club Night: 4th Thursday of the month Branch Email Address Library Email Address Branch Website

Branch Honorary Life Members:

Barry Robert Norm Dewhurst QSM Alan Roberts

August 2019

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Your Committee

August 2019

Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Auckland VCC - August 2019  

Auckland VCC - August 2019