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April 2019

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April 2019

April 2019

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The views expressed by the correspondents in this Bulletin are not necessarily those of the Editor or the Auckland Veteran & Vintage Car Club Inc. Any articles of interest, comments, letters to the Editor etc are welcome. All contributions are presented to and approved by the club committee prior to printing. Please forward any submissions to the Bulletin Editor.

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April 2019

Chairman’s Report At the beginning of March we had the Bert Cuthbertson Motorcycle Rally which was won by Stuart Metge. Rodger Ball was the plotter for our Annual Vintage Muster, which attracted 20 entries. There were 32 members at the prize giving dinner. Alan, Shaaran and Zoe Price won the fast class and Tracey Winterbottom won the slow. Congratulations Alan & Shaaran who were the overall winner and next year’s plotter. My grandson Riley and I went along to the Auckland Brit and European Car Show held at Lloyd Elsmore Park, Pakuranga. We took along my BSA Bantam to add to the 25 motorcycles on display. This amazing show, which is free to the public, had well over 1000 cars on display. We had our Branch stand set up and handed out information sheets on our Branch. The crowd was estimated to be around 8000. The Mid Week Tourers had another good day out. John Stokes' Veteran section continues to have good meetings, so if you're into veteran vehicles pop along and join John and the others. John Campbell still has lively Commercial meetings so if you're thing is trucks and things, do go along and join them. The Motorcycle meeting had 65 members turn up to hear Linda Maddock and David Morley show and tell the story of Linda's 1952 250cc CZ racing bike. David restored the motorcycle to a very high standard. There is only one other model and that is in the USA at the Barber Motorcycle museum in Alabama. The March Club run went to the Awhitu Peninsula for a picnic day. Well that's all for this month, so keep those 2, 3 and 4 wheels turning safely. Martin Spicer

April 2019

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Club Captain’s Report My goodness, already we are into April – where does time go? Martin and our grandson Riley went along to represent our Club and Branch at the Auckland Brit & European Car Show, held on the first Sunday in March, at Lloyd Elsmore Park, Pakuranga. More than 1000 cars were on display. We had 25 motorcycles on our stand and 2 cars. However, a number of the car club section members were displaying with the one make Clubs. Martin has subsequently had some people looking to join the Branch since this event where he gave out some information pamphlets. Thank you Martin for your efforts.

The monthly Motorcycle Section meeting in March was attended by about 65 members where Martin welcomed Norm & Linda Maddock and David Morley who brought along Linda’s 1952 CZ 250cc racing machine, only one of two left in the world, which David and his son had restored. A lot of oohs and aahs were heard. John Stokes’ Veteran meetings continue with good support. The Vintage Muster was held 10th March. A lovely rally route was plotted around the South Auckland and Franklin countryside, having lunch at the Ararimu Hall. The day finished with a convivial evening prize-giving dinner at the Clubrooms, attended by 32 people. Thank you to the plotters, Rodger and Val Ball, marshals and lunchtime helpers. The section winners were Alan & Shaaran Price and Tracy Winterbottom. The overall winner and next year’s plotter are Alan & Shaaran Price. Congratulations to all the place getters. The Motorcycle Section held their monthly Club Run, the Bert Cuthbertson Rally, won by Stuart Metge. Thanks again to the plotter and helpers. The Mid-Week Tourers had another successful run. Club night was well attended and an interesting evening was had. It was a show and tell night (photos of special events). It was enjoyable listening to some couples exploits and seeing photos afterwards. We are always looking for people of interest to come along on Club Night to give a talk and/or a film show. If you know of someone who fits the bill then please get in touch with Russel McAlpine. The last run was the club run held on Sunday 31 March and this month I was able to take a back seat, as Tracey Winterbottom had plotted it. We had 14 vehicles at the start which was pleasing to see. We had a lovely meander through Franklin to the Awhitu Peninsula, making a stop to view the sand bar where a steam boat had run ashore in 1863 (bringing supplies into NZ during the Maori Wars) and then onto Awhitu Lighthouse. The last time I was there, it was pouring with rain and cloud cover. What a contrast on 31 March, beautiful blue skies and brilliant sunshine with a very warm wind.

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April 2019

Club Captain’s Report Contd... John Stokes, Norm & Pat Dewhurst joined us here and so did two Motorcycle section members, Stephen Denze and Eric Drabble on their machines. The views from the top of the lighthouse were breathtaking and so was some of the scenery going out to the lighthouse. From there we took another route to finish at Graham’s Beach for a picnic lunch. Everyone got their chairs and picnic hampers out and formed a large circle, so the cross chatting was excellent. A very pleasant way to end the monthly run. Martin and I had our grandchildren with us and they enjoyed the lighthouse, never having been up in one before. Isabella, only 22 months old, walked the whole way up to, and back down from the lighthouse and we counted 73 stairs coming down. They also had a lovely time at the finish in the small playground and then down on the beach. I look forward to seeing you out and about. Lynda Spicer

NOMINATION FORM For the Bill Shears Memorial Trophy Members of the Auckland Veteran & Vintage Car Club (Inc) are invited to nominate a fellow Branch member for this Annual Award. The nomination should be for any member that they regard as having been involved in a significant event. It may be a particularly memorable motoring journey, an important historical article or series of articles published or some special service to the Branch. This trophy will be awarded at the Branch AGM in June. I wish to nominate: _________________________________________(Print) for the Bill Shears Memorial Trophy Proposer: _________________________________________________(Print)

Signature: ______________________________________________________ Seconder: _________________________________________________(Print) Signature: ______________________________________________________ Details of the accomplishment and supporting information: _______________ _______________________________________________________________ Please submit to the Secretary, Tracey Winterbottom by 30 May 2019 via email or post P O Box 12 138 Penrose Auckland 1642

April 2019

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Secretary’s Notes Martin Spicer and I attended the National Executive meeting in March, full report next Bulletin but here are a couple of headlines: There will be a National Motorcycle Rally in 2021 outside of the Vero Festival of Motoring. The Vero Festival of Motoring continues to move along with the organising team in full swing with planning and a lot of things now really firmed up. Again, watch your Bulletin for more updates on this and if you are thinking about going, register your interest on the website. A note from Julie at head office, some people are making payments for rallies into the head office account, easy done I guess if you have them set up as payees and just called VCC. I don’t think we have had any instances but watch out when making payments. Beaded Wheels are always on the lookout for editorial for the magazine and good quality photos to go along with it. So when you attend that rally, or make a special trip or have an interesting restoration on the go, or have a real expert technical advice to offer on anything, think about putting pen to paper. Tracey Winterbottom

PAUL’S MAGNETOS Testing, repairs, re-magnetizing, rewinding and remedial-engineering of all types of magnetos. Magnetos re-engineered to competition standards of accuracy, with improved spark power. Dynamo repairs, 6 to 12-volt conversion, 3 to 2 brush conversion, electronic regulators, adjustment of mechanical regulators. Recommended by Ken McIntosh, Hugh Anderson, Ken Campbell, Steve Raffills and David Warren.

Contact Paul Greet on 021 771 090

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April 2019

Motorcycle Notes It was a warm and sunny afternoon when I arrived at the Clubrooms for the March Motorcycle meeting. Don Green was next to arrive. We set up the room ready for the meeting, then our guest speakers arrived, Norm & Linda Maddock and David Morley. They had brought along Linda's newly restored, by David, a 1950's CZ 250cc race bike. There were 10 bikes parked out the back. However, considering the weather, I would have thought we should have double that! We had 60 plus members attending. Visitor: ex motorcycle racers Neville Wooderson, Billy Mitchell, and new member Les Cline. General: Leo Fowler has just had a new knee fitted - get fit soon Leo. Peter Alderdice was away down in Cambridge taking part in a rally with his 1924 Oakland car. Reports: Martin and Graeme Crawley reported on the recent National Motorcycle Rally held in Blenheim. Don Green reported on the Norton Rally held at Banks Peninsula which had 72 motorcycles. John Shennan told us about the BSA Rally held at Rangiriri with 45 bikes. Martin reported on the Burt Cuthbertson Rally and also the very successful Brits and European Car Show held in Pakuranga where we had 25 motorcycles on display. Overall the show had over 1000 cars as well, what a free treat for the estimated 8000 spectators. Rob Lauder reported on his recent trip to the Burt Munro. Warwick Darrow reported on the recent Velocette Rally at Raglan with 46 bikes. It has certainly been a very busy month for the motorcycle section members. Coming Up: 14 April Eddie Sim Run finishing at Malcolm Anderson's man cave/workshop/ home and great bikes. If you haven't been before, don't miss this great finishing venue, you won't be disappointed. 20 April Motorcycle Meeting—we will have the guys from Experience Motorcycles bringing along the new 650cc twin cylinder Royal Enfield. 11 May Motorcycle Meeting—we will have the Chairman of the NZ Land Speed Association John Secombe. John has been a bike drag racer for many years and at their recent meeting he clocked up a speed of over 200 mph on his Kawasaki, not bad for a 70 year old. Guest Speakers—Linda Maddock spoke about the CZ racer, which was imported into NZ in the early 1950's by Bill Russell. There were only around 10 of these bikes built. It is a 250cc single cylinder, over head cam, based on an Excelsior engine. It looks like a small Manx Norton. Peter Stone was the rider and raced it 35 times, winning 33 races and most of the wins were against larger 350cc bikes. When Peter stopped racing the CZ it was laid up in a barn for the next 50 years. Linda spoke to Peter just before he passed away and said she would take on the bike and restore it. It was in a very sorry state with rust and corrosion on all the alloy bits, frame and wheels. David Morley who has restored Norm and Linda's other famous race bikes took on the job. But it was David's son Phillip who did the majority of the work. The great looking alloy fuel and oil tanks were given to Steve Roberts to knock out the dents and polish to high standard. They sourced

April 2019

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Commercial Notes some parts from Jawa in Czechoslovakia. The engine was rebuilt but hasn’t been started yet. The CZ sits in Linda's lounge with the ex Graham Walker 1932 TT winning Rudge and the Matchless G50 racer. There is only one other 250 CZ and that's in the famous Barber Museum in Birmingham, Alabama USA. Linda's bike is in a more superior condition than the USA bike. Martin thanked Norm, Linda and David for coming and telling this interesting story. Keep those 2,3 and 4 wheels turning safely.

Martin Spicer and Jack Clark

Norm & Linda Maddock, David Morley & Martin Spicer with CZ Racer

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April 2019

Entertainment Notes March club night was planned to be a little different in that we wanted members to share their stories of road trips, rallies, mishaps etc. of travelling. There was a wide variety including Alan Robert’s contribution of a photo album on the 1972 International Rally put together by Brian Ogston - Pat Campbell did the Dunedin Rally and John Campbell kept us amused with an old wind up gramophone with records – Shaaran Price shared a road trip around Ireland to complete her family tree – I shared some of the “A” Team’s favourite adventures over The Nevis, Old Dunstan Rd Otago, Kiwi Rd Taranaki, Moturoa Rd Wanganui District. Once you get started it prompts many good stories and we may hear from some others on Irishmans or R’oil Cans etc., on another occasion. Speaking of road trips, Jocelyn and I will be travelling down the South Island with the Balls and Morrises next month to attend the National Model A Rally in Te Anau so I will miss the April club night. Once again I have to thank John and Pat for stepping up and organising this night. The lucky door prizes are still in action – Pat Dewhurst was our March winner - so bring along a mate on Thursday 25th and enjoy some entertainment and some great social chat. The Campbells will screen some of their hitherto unseen short films on the April club night. Among them will be a rehashed 1965 film of the total eclipse of the sun, filmed in Northland, and an exercise that could easily have ended in disaster for four of our members cars. They are still working on transferring another couple to DVD, but suggest you won’t be bored. See you in May. Russel McAlpine Below—Kiwi Rd, Taranaki

Above—Nevis Pass, Otago

April 2019

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Commercial Notes Our little section welcomed new member Greg Martin to its March meeting. Greg, from New Windsor, (he’s almost a neighbour) has almost finished restoring a 1942 Ford GPW Jeep. By the time you read this, it will all be over. Saturday April the 6 th, (or thereabouts) marked 50 years since my Auckland Four Wheel Drive Club was formed. I have been a member since 1975, an honour I share with one other, and I am the sole life member. I have been asked to display my 1961 AMC Mighty Mite and 1983 CJ8 Jeep. My family will also be displaying their 4x4’s. As a matter of fact, it has been said more than once over the years that we were trying to form our own four wheel drive club. The picture shows the BRC 40, built by the American Bantam Company, of Butler, in Pennsylvania. This was the only one of the three prototypes to be delivered within the 75 day time frame, the U.S. Military had called for. In July of 1940 invitations were sent out to 135 U.S. vehicle manufacturers for a prototype 4 x 4 vehicle no heavier than 2,160 lb. Just three companies responded, American Bantam, Willys/Overland Motors & Ford, (who had been “persuaded” by the military to participate, as they were large enough to produce in volume). Bantam were ready with theirs with 3 days to spare. Eventually, Willys & Ford came to the party although they were penalised for their lateness and each company was asked to produce 75 more vehicles for trialling purposes. These were the only vehicles the Bantam Company ever produced, the company was deemed too small to reach production requirements. They were instead, given the task of producing many thousands of the famous Jeep trailer. Keep M Rolling John Campbell

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April 2019

Mid Week Tourers It’s only about two years since we had a run to Lionel & Mary Roger’s home and garage, we don’t usually have repeats so quickly. But there have been so many members wanting to go there again, that Jack was able to organise a second run for last month. His initiative was well founded. There were over forty starters, with several more joining us at the finish. Lionel & Mary are perfect hosts and we were very well looked after. The sight of seven classics in the lower garage, yes, I am including a Ford Model A in with the Ferrari’s and Bugatti’s, along with two of Gary Boyce’s Mercedes Benz roadsters in the top garage, proved to be well worth the drive through city traffic, which Jack had done a great job really with his route plotting. Not to mention the view over Tamaki Drive and the Harbour. Starters at Drury included a number of first timers (members and or cars) and a small group of senior Motorsport people, Alan Wolfe, Colin Waite and Gary Boyce joined forces with Jack Nazer, Lionel was a starter as well as host at the finish. Philip Pearce brought along visitors from the U.K. in a nice little Saab. Also a Series 2 Morris 8 saloon first timer but we missed your name. Chrysler 77s are generally considered to be one of Walter’s best and Ray Crombach had his immaculate roadster out. Really a very representative turnout. Thank you all for supporting the day and special thanks to Gary Boyce, Jack Nazer and Lionel & Mary Rogers. The proposed guided tour of the Chelsea Sugar works. See last months Bulletin. At the moment this won’t happen, no one seems interested. Coming Events: Wednesday 17 April: Starts from the Warehouse Carpark, Westgate, 10:00 a.m. for a 10:30 a.m. departure. It will be a ‘mystery run’. I don’t quite know yet where we’ll finish, but come along. The proposed destination of the Toroa Steam Ferry turned out to be unavailable on a Wednesday.. (That will now likely be a Sunday Club run later in the year). BYO lunch, it’ll probably be a shortish run, maybe finishing at a park! Wednesday 15 May: Starts from the Drury Service Centre, Southern Motorway, 10:00 a.m. for a 10:30 a.m. departure. More details to follow, but it could be a run to Thames. There are still some empty slots for the tour of A & G Price Foundry. Wednesday 19 June: Starts from the Warehouse Carpark, Westgate, 10:00 a.m. for a 10:30 a.m. departure.

The Dewdrops & the Mid-Week Team Ph: (09) 232 0245 or email

April 2019

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Library Notes Last month we reported that we had purchased a Triumph Car book (which we paid the high price of $47.50 for) and only a week later we found three Triumph Stag Manuals for $54. Two of these are factory publications, one for parts so we bought them and have had good reports from a Stag owner. We found another book on the Burt Munro story titled Legend of Speed by Hanna and Larsen and we bought ‘Car Marques Brands and Logos’ by Heptinstall. Automobilia collector Bob Ballantyne has been advised to downsize and has donated a collection of books to us including a set of Ford books put out for the 75 th Anniversary of the Ford Motor Co 1903 to 1978 edited by Lorin Sorensen, they include: The Ford Road The Ford Factory The Open Fords The Good Old Fords The Commercial Fords The Ford Shows The American Ford Other Books and Manuals include: Chevrolet Parts and Accessories 1929 to1955 and 1946 to 1957 G M Chev parts catalogue 1926 to1957 The Hot One Chev 1955 to1957 by Pat Chappell Ford Customline Work Shop manual 1949 to 1951 and1952 to 1954. Model T Ford Restoration handbook Cassel book of the Ford Zephyr and Zodiac 1951-56 Ford Model A Car by Page Motor Sports by Daniels Gen on Veteran Cars by Cade Auto Engines and Electrical Systems by Blanchard and Ritchen From Pat Bren and Mike Stuart we received two cartons of books, one on Car books and one on War ships which we have yet to find a home for. The Car books include: Allard The Inside Story by Lush Jaguar A Biography by Lord Montague of Beaulieu MG The Immortal T series by Harvey The Racing Fifteen hundreds by Venables Three Pointed Star The Story of Mercedes Benz by Scott Moncrieff The T Series MG by Knudson And two Videos on Bugatti's by Conway, two more on Aston Martins and Racing Mercedes parts 1,2,3. A big thankyou to the donors of these books and Videos. Barry Robert and the Library Team—Barry Birchall, Colin Bott, Owen Hayward, John Stokes & Chris Wood.

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April 2019

Veteran Notes There were lots of apologies for the March meeting due to a clash with the HCCNZ's Spring Tour. I'll have to try and organise around this next year. Royce Shears had given Barry Birchall an history of the Twombly Cycle Car which was known in Auckland in the 1950's when owned by Merv Hardy. It was subsequently sold to Australia and restored there. Merv must have relayed some of this to Bill Shears, who had written some of it down. There was some more discussion about the article on Joe Tidswell that appeared in February’s Bulletin and also about the late George Giltrap and his collection, that moved from Rotorua to Queensland in the late nineteen fifties or early sixties. I'm given to understand that Bob Ballantyne has sold the Model T van he owned for many years and Steve Raffills has sold his 1906 Cadillac. So it's short and sweet for this month. John Stokes Twombly Cycle Car

April 2019

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2019 Annual Vintage Muster Thank you to the twenty entrants who took part in this year’s event. Also, very many thanks to the marshals, in particular Ken & Annette Foot (as checkers and start and trail vehicle), Alan & Eileen Roberts (checking in at the lunch break), John Campbell (checking out at the lunch break) and Jo Bieleski & Anthony (end of the straight line navigation). Special thanks to Pat Campbell who virtually sole handed looked after the lunch break cuppa. I would also like to acknowledge Mike Loosemore and Bob & Dawn Pickering for offering to marshal, but were not required this time. I shall keep you all in mind should we be silly enough to win other events in the future. Vehicles ranged in age from the 1922 Paige Daytona of Owen & Jane Hayward to the 1988 Mazda Eunos of Alan & Christine Allbon. The event of approximately 90 miles started later than usual, with the first vehicle departing at 10:30a.m. from Ray Small car park Papakura and headed out to Drury, Runciman, Bombay and Ararimu Hall for the lunch break. After lunch entrants travelled through Ararimu, Hunua, Clevedon, Brookby, Whitford, Beachlands, back to Whitford, Alfriston and then finished at the Ardmore Café at the Ardmore Airport. Having plotted several major rallies for the Auckland Branch, it is becoming more and more difficult to find roads we haven’t used in the past. However there is a new “lifestyle” subdivision in Bombay which hasn’t been used before and the ever increasing Beachlands/Pine Harbour area was great to plot a fairly busy straight line navigation section, (where time keeping ceased and the entrants could drive at their own pace to the finish). There were only three little traps during the event, which caught most of the entrants somewhere along the way. In the over-riding instructions it stated: Keep right at Wootten Rd (Bombay). If this road was missed there was a “come-on” silent check and then a check stating “delete the next instruction and change speed”. “No Exit roads” do not exist except during straight line navigation and this was used, in particular, where Cowan Rd (Hunua) became “No Exit”. By using the instruction “Right” before it should’ve been used, some entrants came across a silent check followed by a directional arrow pointing to the right. The third trap was: “Keep left at NO 65-79”. This was on Whitford Park Rd. It didn’t matter whether these traps were executed or not as these were used in helping sort out a “winner”. Congratulations to all place getters. Slow Class: Tracey Winterbottom & Leslie Dewhurst 1925 Essex John & Dianne Poole 1929 Pontiac Cabriolet John & Janice Gardner 1928 Ford Model A Tudor Fast Class: Alan, Shaaran & Zoe Price 1930 Chevrolet Roadster Glenn & Marion Morris 1928 Ford Model A Phaeton Russel & Jocelyn McAlpine 1930 Ford Model A Phaeton Overall: Alan, Shaaran & Zoe Price Rodger Ball Right—Rodger Ball, Alan & Shaaran Price & Martin Spicer

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April 2019

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Veteran Section Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Eddie Sim Motorcycle Rally Starts Jolly Farmer, Drury 11:00am Mid Week Tourers Starts Warehouse Carpark, Westgate 10:00am Motorcycle Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Commercial Meeting & Charabanc Maintenance Night Clubrooms 8:00pm Club Night & New Members 8:00pm Maunga Moana Rally (Taranaki Branch) No Club Run—Support Northern Raid Northern Raid (North Shore Branch) Swap Meet (Northland Branch) May Committee Meeting 7:30pm Veteran Section Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Pukekohe Swap Meet—Pukekohe Indian Community Centre Bulletin via Website or email Motorcycle Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Mid Week Tourers Starts Drury Service Centre, Southern Motorway 10:00am Motorcycle Rally (Northland Branch) Commercial Meeting & Charabanc Maintenance Night Clubrooms 8:00pm Club Night—Shiny Parts Auction & New Members 8:00pm Club Run (Experts Rally) Double Fifty Rally (Waikato Branch) Committee Meeting 7:30pm Veteran Section Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Bulletin Mailing 7:30pm Motorcycle Meeting—Clubrooms 2:30pm Mid Week Tourers Starts Warehouse Carpark, Westgate 10:00am Commercial Meeting & Charabanc Maintenance Night Clubrooms 8:00pm Branch AGM 8:00pm Club Run—Combined with North Shore Branch Hosted by Auckland Branch

Note: The clubrooms are open on the second and fourth Thursday evenings each month from 7:30pm till 10:00pm and every Saturday afternoon from 4:30pm till 6:30pm.

April 2019

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Coming Events

Thursday 25 April 8:00 p.m. Short Films & DVD hosted by John & Pat Campbell

NO Club Run Sunday 28 April Please support the Northern Raid (North Shore Branch), as our neighbouring Branch Meet at North Shore club rooms 10:00am for morning tea. Heading off on morning section after tea. Back for lunch (BYO) at 12:30pm. Afternoon section heads off at 1:30pm. Dinner provided with entry fee. Entry forms available from North Shore club rooms or in the North Shore magazine—Progress.

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April 2019

26th National Motorcycle Rally Well for us, the Auckland Motorcycle Section, the planning for the Blenheim 26th National Motorcycle Rally began a year before with leader and “Camp Mother”, Peter Alderdice. Peter has done this job before, many times. He knows his stuff. Peter rented 2 airbnb houses in Blenheim and did the ferry bookings, along with other bookings for the trip down and back. We had 18 members going south and with us were an English couple Alan &Ann Burgis and German Jurgen Loges, also Cam Francis from Northland. We all met at the BP Service Centre on the Southern Motorway on Wednesday morning. Unfortunately one of our guys fell off his bike on the motorway on-ramp on a diesel spill and received a cut to his arm that needed stitches. After the visit to A & E, he bravely rode with the rest of the riders down to the first over night stop at Ohakune. Dave Mayhew and I trailered our motorcycles from Rotorua over to meet the rest at the Ohakune Ski Lodge. Thursday morning we set off for a lunch stop at Peter Thompson's Motorcycle Museum. After looking over the museum we set off with Peter Thompson and wife Jennifer in their Harley sidecar. We all arrived at the Petone Top 10 campsite around 4pm. Dave Mayhew and I put the car and trailer into the secure lockup. We left at 6:30a.m. the next morning for the Bluebridge Ferry. We had a smooth crossing to Picton, then made our way to our two houses in Blenheim. We all went to the Marlborough Convention Centre for a meet and greet. Saturday morning we assembled at the Rally Headquarters at Brayshaw Park ready for the rally. There were nearly 190 entries and a rally route of around 110 miles, passing many vineyards. There was a short 2 mile metal road section which most went on, but there was a more challenging section of 20 miles plus, which had some severe corrugations that really rattled some older bikes. Peter Thompson's 1927 Harley with wife Jennifer in the chair broke the sidecar wheel axle. Peter removed the sidecar and carried on solo, whilst Jennifer continued the rest of the rally and tour in the BSA sidecar of Michael O'Kane. That night we went to the Marlborough Convention Centre for dinner, after which we were entertained by NZ ex World Motorcycle Champion Graeme Crosby. Graeme told us his motorcycling story which was very interesting. For those who were there, who could forget Graeme's x-ray photo of his broken legs, also part of his anatomy that made you look twice? Sunday we left Rally Headquarters and rode the short distance to Omaka Heritage Centre. All the motorcycles were on display to the public while we did some field tests and a concourse event. While there we also visited the Peter Jackson’s WW1 and 2 exhibitions. There was also a car museum which had vehicles from 1950’s to 1990's. In the evening the prize giving dinner was held at the Events Centre, with the high point's for us being Dave Warren winning the concourse with his 1930 Indian 402 /4 and Don Green winning the P60 class on his 1968 Norton. Don also won the Twin cylinder class trophy and was 2nd overall. Well done you guys. Those who were going on the 4 days of touring assembled at Brayshaw Park on Monday morning before travelling to Nelson to visit two motorcycle collections with over 50 motorcycles on display and worth around two to three million dollars.

April 2019

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26th National Motorcycle Rally Contd... Tuesday morning we rode to Seddon to visit Ron Hebberd's motorcycle collection. Ron was the first Yamaha dealer in the South Island and the collection is mainly early off road Yamaha's. We then visited the Yealands Winery. Wednesday morning Martyn Seay left for Greymouth where he is doing a steam course to get his steam ticket. The days tour went to Picton where the riders and their bikes went on a small barge across the Sounds to Torea Bay. They then rode to the end of the peninsula before returning to Blenheim. Thursday morning we set off from Brayshaw Park and headed south to Kaikoura, but Brian King and Dave Warren left the tour to make their way back home. They are still repairing the roads along the coast and when you look up to the mountains and see how much had come down, you can really appreciate how much work the roading guys have done. From Kaikoura we made our way to Hanmer Springs where the tour ended. Friday morning Don Green left the group for Christchurch for the Norton Rally. The rest headed north in the rain, which continued until Hanmer Junction one and a half hours later, before overnighting at St Arnaud in a great backpackers lodge. Saturday morning we all walked down to Lake Rotoiti to watch the power boat racing. The boats ranged from the juniors up to massive V8s and one of them had clocked up a speed of 190 mph. We then headed to Blenheim and Picton, staying the night at Marlin Motel. Overnight the weather changed and we awoke at 6:00a.m. to pouring rain and arriving at the ferry at 7:00a.m. with the rain going sideways. The ferry left at 8:15a.m. and the crossing wasn’t too bad. Leaving Wellington around 12:30p.m., Dave Mayhew and I headed to the Top 10 in Petone to get the car and trailer before joining the others making their way, with rain most of the way, to Whanganui and staying at the Grand Hotel. She is a “Grand Old Lady”, having been built in 1927 and having 3 floors, with plenty of parking underneath for motorcycles. Monday morning we all left the Grand around 8:30a.m., with Dave and I going to Rotorua, while the rest rode north to stay at the Awakino Hotel. Tuesday morning I headed to Pokeno and the others to Auckland. And so ended another successful National Motorcycle Rally, having had a great time away with lots of memories. Martin Spicer

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April 2019

The Mad Irishwoman’s Rally Trevor Appleby bought a 1928 Ford Model A to do ‘The Irishman’s Rally’ but recently moved to a Waikato farm, from Kurow. He decided that a similar type run could be possible in his local area so he checked all the farms around the area and came up with 2 days of suitable tracks. One destination was on to Rangitoto Station to the Abandoned Farm which is looked after by Forest and Bird and locked up. They were receptive to what Trevor wanted to do, from the tar seal to the top of the range is 33 km, up through bush to the woolshed and house to the open country, on to the airstrip and then to the trig or communication tower at the top which is at 1000 mtrs above sea level. Terrific views. The last 2km were steep and loose metal on 3 sharp corners which could be too much for pre-1931 vehicles. He couldn’t use the Irishman name, so called it ‘THE MAD IRISHWOMANS RALLY’, and Sunday the 17th was St Patrick's Day. The entry was ideal for the first run, six cars coming from Auckland, Waikato and South Waikato. A mixture of cars, De Soto 8 cylinder, Dodge Six, Austin 12/4, 1924 Standard, Oakland and one Model A. Cars and people arrived on Friday afternoon, we all got together, few drinks and a BBQ at Trevor’s place. Great start Day One—An 8:30a.m. start next morning at the Wharepapa South School Grounds, 3 back up vehicles with fuel, water and lunches, ropes etc. Plus a few locals who had not been to the Abandoned Farm had a briefing, gave out instructions and we were away. There were 6 gates to go through, so all the gates were marked that the backup had to shut.

We arrived at the Woolshed, water boiled, cuppa and lunch eaten. On up the Zig Zag to the Airstrip.

April 2019

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The Mad Irishwoman’s Rally Contd...

Beautiful day, great views, back to the main track and on up to the trig. Allan in the DeSoto was the first to tackle the steep bit to the top. Clutch slipping, loss of oil pressure, many revs and shingle from the rear wheels he made the top. The rest of us cheated and went up on the 4x4 vehicles.

Photos and retraced our steps. We were on a narrow track, so had to back and forward many times to get turned around, did so and back to the woolshed and a different road back home to the Wharepapa South School, debrief and round to Trevor’s daughter’s place, who had a roast meal made for us. Much appreciated by all, thank you Vanessa. Back home to bed at 10:00pm.

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April 2019

The Mad Irishwoman’s Rally Contd... Day Two—Sunday 17th. Met at the school at 8:30a.m. The Standard of Pieter Ebeling drove in and then refused to start, no fuel, fuel pump had packed up, him and Mrs. E jumped in the Austin of friend, Peter and were away. No instructions today, follow Nathan in the lead vehicle 4x4, this worked well and nobody lost. Followed on and through another farm. Bush covering both sides of the vehicle, nice, out the other side the DeSoto stopped, traced to a wire off the ignition switch, probably shaken off due to the climb the day before. Away again, up and over the hill and down on to another farm and up to a hut for a morning cuppa. No way of getting hot water and Peter Alderdice to the rescue. In the box in the back of Betsy he fished out a brand new Thermet. Great! We soon had boiling water.

At this point behind the hut trying to hide in the Pongas we saw this rough looking woman ‘The Mad Irishwoman’. A pincer movement and we had her caught. She was a rough Lady Dog (can’t say bitch), got her tied up and back to our cuppa. She was not being watched and got out of her bonds and escaped. So, guess we can look out for her next year. The Mad Irishwoman is still out there, seen here kissing Peter Alderdice!!

April 2019

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The Mad Irishwoman’s Rally Contd...

Right: The Mad Irishwoman kissing Peter Alderdice!

Up to a viewing point and back to the main road, to then tackle a track which is a Public Road, but is shut up. This road was cut out by prisoners through rock. A few creek crossings, through more gates and back to the main road and back to the Wharepapa South School at 2:00p.m. A challenging drive and great scenery. A debrief and people headed back home. Everybody seemed to enjoy the 2 days and will be back next year. Trevor already has more tracks to explore next year, but numbers will be limited. Peter Alderdice

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April 2019

Old ‘Crocks’ on Parade Some time ago Barry Robert was asked by the Auckland Council Library to assist them to identify some photos of old cars they had uncovered in their archives. We were able to identify some of the cars as some were to become well-known club cars, but we knew nothing of the event. We now know it was a gymkhana and run, organized by the Automobile Association, to raise money for the Mayor’s Auckland Crippled Children fund. The event was based on Western Springs Stadium and held on the 4th of April 1936. It was almost certainly the first run for old cars in New Zealand. There were prizes for the best dressed couple, oldest car, acceleration test, musical chairs, rope trick and a parade. The parade through the streets attracted quite bit of attention but only a few paid the shilling to see the cars compete in the gymkhana at the stadium. Some of the cars arrived with prominent names on the side like ‘Home James’, ‘This Side Up’, ‘With Care’, ‘SOS’ ‘Galloping Gertie’. The ‘crocks’ required coaxing and persuasion to start but showed remarkable speed on the road, often with dense clouds of smoke behind. Sometimes they had to push the vehicle to get it started. One old ‘crock’ arrived at the stadium towing another, which amused the crowd. To enter the event the car had to be twenty-five years old. The Automobile Association received seventeen entries from the following people and their vehicles; Auto Parts Ltd Auckland—1895 Benz Motor Buggy; T.M. Sharp—1898 Schacht Motor Buggy, H V Johnston Great South Road—1905 Sizaire Naudin, Arthur Lewis Mt Eden—1909 Hupmobile, N. R .Tindal Papakura—1910 Princes, E J Goodhew Auckland—1910 Sunbeam, George Henning Remuera—1910 Daimler, Mr. Collins—1911 Daimler, M Schmitt Papakura—1912 Ford, J Charteris One Tree Hill—1912 Pierce Arrow 48hp, John Seabrook Auckland—1912 Austin, J Sanderson Papatoetoe—1912 Wolseley, Mrs. V Buchan Grey Lynn—1913 Studebaker, L. McEntee Papakura—1913 Ford, Mr. Bourne Glen Eden—Sunbeam truck and M C Hardie of Grey Lynn. Merv Hardie was a car wrecker and he probably had not made up his mind when he entered the event which car he was going to bring. Looking at the photos that have survived, some cars might not have not started, but they had late entries from Dick Messenger with the 1904 International Buggy and T Haslip with a 10 hp Zedel. Many thought their cars were older than they were. The International Buggy we now know was manufactured in 1909, the Schacht Buggy and Sizaire Naudin were both manufactured much later. The Princes was not built before 1914 and I suspect it was sold in 1915. Joe Tidswell had the year of the Benz sorted and he knew some of the history as he said the car had been in England for two years before it went to the Paris Exhibition where it was sold to someone from New Zealand. He thought the car was sold to someone in Christchurch. We now know it was imported by William McLean in Wellington, then went to Christchurch. Some of the car dealers were present with a small display of new cars. George Smith gave an exhibition in his supercharged Austin race car. They also organized a slow race for the ladies and acceleration test for the new cars on display. The trophy for oldest car went to Joe Tidswell with the 1895 Benz, Dick Messenger

April 2019

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Old ‘Crocks’ on Parade Contd... won the prize for having the most original vehicle. The Zedel was the fastest car off the mark in the acceleration test, followed by the Pierce Arrow and the Studebaker. They had given the higher horse power cars a handicap, which helped the small Zedel. Mr. Anderson and Miss Sharpe in the Schacht won the prize for the best dressed couple. In one competition they went round in a circle between some flags and when the music stopped the passenger had to get out and run across to the centre of the circle and pick up a cushion against a stop watch. The 1895 Benz is now in the Southward Museum. The 1909 International Buggy is presently in storage at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. The 1907 Schacht Buggy is in the States, the 1908 Sizaire Naudin is in Australia and the 1912 Austin is in Ireland. It was the first time I had seen reference to an early Pierce Arrow in Auckland. The car must have arrived in Auckland as a second-hand car as it is not recorded in the early registration records, or maybe as I suspect the car was manufactured after 1914. One photo almost confirms this fact. Before the formation of the Vintage Car Club, old cars were referred to by the media as ‘old crocks’. I want to thank Barry Robert and Alan Meredith for passing on photos which were the basis of this article. It took me a few months to uncover the event, but all the answers were in the Auckland Branch Library. Dick Messenger went on to become the first life member of the Auckland Branch. Barry Birchall

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April 2019

Bert Cuthbertson Memorial Rally Sunday the 10th March, weather was warm and sunny. Keith Ballagh, last year’s winner, had plotted a very good rally route on traffic free roads. The riders assembled at the Jolly Farmer Drury for the 11:00am start. The bikes that lined up were – Norton, Velocettes, Triumphs, Jack Clark stopped by on his Triumph to see the guys off. Unfortunately Graeme Crawley on his Ariel arrived about five minutes too late to join the others. The riders headed over that great motorcycling road, Ponga Road then onto Hunua, Jones, Creightons, Tourist, Monument, Sky High, White, then to Ararimu Road, Dunn, Totara, through Bombay to Nikau Road to cross the motorway. It was then onto Beaver, Jericho, Harrisville, Pukekohe East, Runciman, Great South Road, then left onto Karaka Road and finally right into Jesmond Road to finish at The Red Shed Palazzo Everyone enjoyed the lunch and the chatting that followed. The winner of the Bert Cuthbertson was Stuart Metge, who was riding his newly restored 1973 Norton Commando. Thank you Keith for putting on this run. Martin Spicer

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Established in 1993 we specialise in classic & Vintage Car Restorations and Repair work Classic Car Insurance Claims Insurance and Private Work on all vehicles WOF and Rust Repairs Full Panel and Paint Service New! - The Metal Room—Metal Shaping Classes Contact Mark McAlpine—Ph: (09) 820 2299

Email: Or call in and see us at 8/2 Lansford Crescent, Avondale

April 2019

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Garage Sale

The Great B.M.C. Clean Up Garage Sale On Site 10:00am to 2:00pm Sat / Sun 4th & 5th of May at 45 Ngarahana Ave, Paremoremo All the cars have gone, this is the one and only clear out of the large collection of miscellaneous mechanical components, body parts and extraneous tools of the late Captain Ian Bradley’s estate. Some of you will remember that during the 1980s Ian used to run Devonport Motors Ltd. and ‘The Morris Minor Centre’. Also, on sale will be the bulk of his extensive Motoring library. With Ian’s fascination in most marques of Post War British Cars, there is likely to be parts right across the range of BMC, Standard Triumph etc. All you need to do is know what you are looking at! First in first served, no reasonable offer refused, take it away on the day and cash is king! Happy Hunting. Contact either Sarah Bradley Ph 021 413 910 or Ian Goldingham Ph (09) 445 8811

Robinson Instrument Ltd Unit 3 31 Princes St, Onehunga, Auckland.

Ph: 09 636 5836 Fax:09 636 5838 Email: Web:

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April 2019


WANTED Photographs of your vehicles for display on the Clubroom walls. Limited space. First in, first served. Supply a landscape A4 size photo, along with $10 and we will supply the frame. See Alan Price at the clubrooms. Phone (09) 833 8575


April 2019

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For Sale/Wanted 1927 Dodge Tourer—We have owned her for 55 years and have travelled as far north as Dargaville and south to Christchurch. Never let us down. It's time for someone else to enjoy her for the next 55 years. Comes with spares. Phone Steve Borich (Member) 021 727 024 or, for further details. ………………………………………………………………………………………………….…. Wanted—A genuine PBR VH44 brake booster, “I’m fed up with Chinese copies”. Phone John Campbell (Member) (09) 828 7850 or email ……………………………………………………………………………………………………..

NZ Welder Repair Services Ltd. Unit 4/5 Portage Road, New Lynn, Auckland

For personal service call Rod Rugg (Member) Stick, MIG, TIG and Plasma cutters. All welding machine types and consumables for sale. “Over 30 years experience” Repairs to machines, new sales and used. Hire options available. For home or work. Large or small. We deal with only good machines not rubbish. Phone: 09 8261425, e-mail: Postal address: P.O. Box 19272, Avondale, Auckland 1746

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April 2019

Your Committee Chairman/Motorcycle Rep: Martin Spicer (Lynda)

Email: Ph: (09) 233 6382 or 0274 454 593 Vice Chairman/ Entertainment: Russel McAlpine (Jocelyn) Email: Ph: 818 4285 or 0274 735 451 Secretary / Privacy Officer: Tracey Winterbottom Email: (Stephen) Ph: (09) 232 0246 or 021 732 209 Treasurer: Ian Hubbard (Lesley) Email: Ph: 575 8236 or 0274 426 748 Club Captain: Lynda Spicer (Martin) Email: Ph: (09) 233 6382 or 021 454 593 Committee Members: Don Green (Brenda) Clubroom Bookings/Spares/Name Badges Email: Ph: 266 8836 or 021 073 2642 Alan Price (Shaaran) Building Maintenance Email: Ph: 833 8575 Shaaran Price (Alan) Social Convenor/New Membership Liaison Officer Email: Ph: 833 8575 John Stokes Veteran Rep/Spares/Trophy Stewart Email: Ph: (09) 236 4582 or 021 185 5915 Non-Committee Officers: Librarian Bulletin Editor Barry Robert (Elva) Val Ball (Rodger) Ph: 627 9451 Ph: 298 6476 Email: Beaded Wheels Reporter Commercial Rep John Stokes John Campbell (Pat) Continuous Membership Awards Steward Ph: 828 7850 or 0272 446 928 Glenn Morris (Marion) Ph: 273 4975 or 021 136 5926 Insurance: Vero Consumer Insurance Specialist 0800 505 905 or 356 4501 Agency Number: 0300126 Clubrooms Street Address: Postal Address: Open: Club Night:

Ph: 579 5625 39 Fairfax Ave, Penrose P O Box 12 138, Penrose, Auckland 1642 2nd & 4th Thursday 7:30-10:00pm, Every Saturday 4:30-6:30 pm 4th Thursday of the month

Branch Email Address Branch Website

Branch Honorary Life Members:

Barry Robert Norm Dewhurst QSM Alan Roberts

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Auckland VCC _ April 2019