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APRIL 2020 Ashburton Branch of the Vintage Car Club of NZ

Mobile 0274 316 058 CLUB NIGHTS: 3rd Thursday of the Month, 7.30pm Clubrooms and Museum Maronan Road P.O. Box 382 ASHBURTON Telephone: (03) 308 4595 Email:ashburton@vcc.org.nz DISCLAMER NOW AVAILABLE FROM:

The opinions and views expressed in Blowout are not necessarily those of the Editor or The Vintage Car Club of Ashburton. No offence is intended, nor will the officers of this club be liable for any breach.

Bruce McIlroy Limited 309 Methven Highway ASHBURTON 7776 Tel: 03 308 7282 Email: parts.bml@xtra.co.nz 2

PROPOSED CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2019 - 20 April 4 13 May 2 June TBA 18

Saturday Monday

Winchester Swap Meet Easter Club Run

D E L Saturday Ashburton Swap Meet L E C N A C

Solstice Run Thursday Annual General Meeting

Please help me keep producing the Blowout. As club nights and car runs have been cancelled for several months at least, why don’t you sit down and write an article to tell us about your car(s), its history, and if restored, the journey involved to get it back on the road or to where it is at the moment. If you have photos send them through or post me your SD Card and I promise to get it back to you by return mail. Either handwritten, posted to me at: Chris Gulleford , 29 BAYVIEW STREET, KAIKOURA, 7300. OR Email to: chris.gulleford@outlook.com I hope you will oblige me and do this, instead of hoping that someone else can do it, because for the next few months at least the Blowout will be the only thing keeping our members up to date with what is going on. The committee will remain the same until we are able to hold the AGM, and will be having a monthly meeting, either in person or by phone and reporting to you in the Blowout. Thanks, Chris Gulleford (Editor)


BRANCH OFFICERS 2019– 2020 Patroness

Diane Ross (Rob)

308 2356


Trevor Begg

308 3803


Colin Sweetman (Cathy)

307 7373


Karen Bell (Robbie)

021 0243 1955

Club Captain

Peter Lambie (Susan)

302 0899

Vice Club Captain

Rod McKimmie (Dawn)

302 5853


Isla Jones (Roger)

308 5757

Rod McKimmie (Dawn)

302 5853

Alan Begg (Jeanette)

308 6171

Nat Exec Delegate

Peter Jacob (Annette)

308 8940

Museum Custodians

Les Bennett (Marie)

308 4705

Trevor Coulter

308 4817

Jim Rooney (Audrey)

308 4441

Denys McEvedy (Marie)

307 2728

Colin Sweetman (Cathy)

307 7373

Ken Kingsland (Avis)

308 6539

Ron Winchester (Pam)

307 2981

Gavin Smith (Gaylene)

308 2297

Trevor Clark

0276 235 990

Eean Parkes

307 1374

Tony Adams (Diane)

021 126 7992

Kevyn Begg (Iris)

308 6605

Alan Begg (Jeanette)

308 6171

Blowout Editor

Chris Gulleford (Alan)

0274 390 718

Blowout Circulation

308 3999

Commercial Convener

Bernard Egan ( Marlene) Bernard Bradley

Motorcycle Convener

Percy Ralston (Heather)

307 0084

Clubroom Custodians

(Monthly Roster)

VCC ID Officer

Rob Ross (Diane)

308 2356

Trophy Steward

Tony Adams (Diane)

021 1267 992

Swap Meet Booking

Karen Bell (Robbie)

021 0243 1955

Swap Meet Co-ordinator

Noel Batty (Marie)

308 4003

Beaded Wheels Scribe

Colin Sweetman (Cathy)


Grounds Convener Auditor

Rod McKimmie (Dawn) NIMBA

302 5853

Parts Custodians


Chairman’s Report Hello all, I hope everyone is coping with the pressure of the Coronavirus that has hit the world with a lot of stress for all involved with it, so please look after yourselves and friends, family and neighbours. More about effects of this for the VCC in this Blowout. Club night for March was held at Ashburton Apiaries on the 19th with only 18 people there. Report on page 11 The Annual Dinner will be at the Hotel Ashburton this year. The date is subject to the Coronavirus I will need numbers for this. It will be a buffet meal with three courses for $35.00 so please contact me with numbers. Trevor Begg 033083803 cell 0276083803 Please note change of my cellphone number. Swap meet is Cancelled for 2020. Please see more in this Blowout from Head Office and Colin Sweetman. Things are going to be quiet on the VCC front for some time to come. We have been given 2 1937 Morris Eight cars and a large number of parts for the Parts Shed to sell more on page 16 Rotary Run Has been Cancelled for 2020 There will still be the Blowout put out every month so if anyone has any news contact Chris Gulleford. Please look after yourselves. Trevor Begg


Dear Members Please find a message from the National President, Diane Quarrie below. Dear Members National Office, myself and members of the Management Committee have been fielding questions about what we are going to do in relation to the VCC and events such as the NI Easter Rally, Executive Meeting, Highland Fling, 2021 International Rally and branch events such as Club nights. As you will all be aware, the situation is changing daily (or even hourly). It is important that we take our time to evaluate options and make the right decisions for our members rather than knee jerk reactions. I have been discussing options with the organisers of the NI Easter Rally, Highland Fling and 2021 Rally plus several Branch Chairman. I propose that we will wait until the end of the week before making any decisions (unless the situation drastically changes). The Government has advised that more guidance on smaller gatherings will be delivered later in the week. I am anticipating that the minimum number of people allowed in a group will probably be reduced from what it is currently. One of the issues is that there isn’t any definitive timeline of when this crisis will abate and so it makes it very difficult when thinking ahead, for instance regarding the 2021 Rally. We are monitoring the situation and more information will follow on the weekend. I am fully aware that a lot of our members fall into the high risk category in terms of this virus and if we have to make the hard decisions regarding postponement or cancellation of our events, then that is what we will do with a heavy heart but knowing that it is the right thing to do. In the meantime, keep yourselves safe and comply with Government and MOH guidelines. Kind regards Diane Quarrie National President Regards, Colin Sweetman Ashburton Branch Secretary 6

Club Night Held at Ashburton Apiaries with 18 members in attendance at Alford Forest Road we had a good look around the honey shed by Geoff Bongard and one staff member.

We saw how they remove the honey from the boxes and the frames then spun it out of the frames and went into a tank. Then Rodger Bray talked about how they did all this in the old days and had a display of old beekeeping gear on display this all was very interesting. Thanks a lot Geoff and Rodger and staff for their time.

Geoff Bongard explaining how the process works.


Pre Christmas Excursion.

The search for the Great Southern Continent.

7th to 13th December 2020 This years excursion requires earlier planning than usual as it involves overseas travel. Booking of the ice breaker (the Stewart island ferry, crossing takes approximately one hour) will be required within the next few weeks, as is booking accommodation on the Island. Other bookings required are not urgent, and will be advised during the next few months when the route planning is finalised. The cost involved in getting to and from the Island is approximately $200.00 per person and may be required when booking, refunds may not be available. That does not include accommodation which is limited on the island. The roads travelled may include unsealed tracks and water courses so higher clearance VCC eligible vehicles only are required. If you wish to attend please contact: David or Marion on 3087323 or 021370956. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the decision on whether this will go ahead will be made in September.


Dear Members We have also received advice that the Winchester Swap meet on the 4th of April has also been cancelled. Our Swap Meet scheduled for the 2nd of May has now been cancelled in line with government requirements. We will be in touch with our stall holders over the next week to suggest that they transfer their bookings to our 2021 Meet which will be held on Saturday the 1st of May (2021). In light of this and the postponing of the various national rallies and the Vero International Rally in New Plymouth in January 2021, and in line with the national recommendation, we will suspend Club activities until 30 June 2020. This means that the Club nights for April and May will be cancelled. The Club Run for the 13th of April (Easter Monday) is cancelled and the AGM which was to be held on the 18th of June will also be postponed. We will advise later when the AGM will be held. At this stage the Annual Dinner is still booked for the 16th of July, but an early call will be made on this and we will advise you. Our Parts Shed and Museum will also be closed until 30 June. Further information will be issued as it comes to hand. Regards, Colin Sweetman Ashburton Branch Secretary 9

MESSAGE FROM THE SECRETARY There has been a lot of communication from both us in the last week and the VCC to members. If you have an email address but have not received at least 3 emails from our branch in the last week, please let me know your email address asap. During this time, with things changing daily, we want to be able to keep you up to date and this is being done by email. Please email me at:

ashburton@vcc.org.nz or call me at 03-3077373

New members for this month: Tony Burling-Claridge. 1963 Singer Gazelle. 1967 Hillman Minx. Andrew Simpson.

1947 Bentley. 1976 Porsche. 1965 Landrover. 1929 Ford A. Welcome to our club. We would love to hear about the history of your vehicle and if you have photos you can supply it’s even better. Editor

Facebook The VCCNZ has a Facebook page at: www.facebook.co/vintagecarclubofnewzealand If you want to add photos and short write-ups for insertion to Facebook please send to: comms@vcc.org.nz

re-TYRED TOILERS NEXT MEETING 26th March 2020 TE at 2 – 4 pm ER D A


Odd jobsILand L LaAcuppa T D talk about old cars. LEeven WeEmay L C N CAMuseum and Parts Shed will be Open 10

No one believes seniors .. . Light humour An elderly couple was celebrating their sixtieth anniversary. The couple had married as childhood sweethearts and had moved back to their old neighbourhood after they retired. Holding hands, they walked back to their old school. It was not locked, so they entered, and found the old desk they'd shared, where Jerry had carved I love you, Sally. On their way back home, a bag of money fell out of an armored car, practically landing at their feet. Sally quickly picked it up and, not sure what to do with it, they took it home. There, she counted the money - fifty thousand dollars! Jerry said, We've got to give it back. Sally said, Finders keepers. She put the money back in the bag and hid it in their attic. The next day, two police officers were canvassing the neighbourhood looking for the money, and knocked on their door. Pardon me, did either of you find a bag that fell out of an armoured car yesterday? Sally said, No.

Jerry said, She’s lying. She hid it up in the attic. Sally said, Don't believe him, he’s getting senile The agents turned to Jerry and began to question him. One said: Tell us the story from the beginning. Jerry said, Well, when Sally and I were walking home from school yesterday ...... The first police officer turned to his partner and said, we're outta here! 11




Two 1937 Morris Eight cars One is in original condition needs work done. One has been three quarters restored with all the parts there motor has been done up, new king pins etc plus 5 new tyres, been on blocks has been painted. Rego on hold. This car would not take much to finish off. Also a lot of spare parts.

Please contact Gavin Smith 033082297


Please contact Gavin Smith 033082297


Parts Shed Report for March Sales this month $75. CLOSED ANZAC DAY.

New arrivals for Parts Shed: 1949 Prefect - Suitable for parts Model T - Front guards, running boards, bonnet parts. Essex 6 cyl engine and gearbox. 2 rear doors. Plus 2 Morris 8 Cars see pages 16 & 17


1923 Ford T Tourer

Registered and Warranted. 30 x 3 ½ gauge tyres High radiator 1 Man Top & Ruckstell rear axle Ph: Ron Galletly (03) 308 1940


1929 Rugby Sedan Model D40 Restored in the year 2000. Personalised plates Ă˜RUGBY. 500 miles since $4000 engine overhaul. Present owners for 52 years, new battery. WOF and Reg. Best offer over $15,000. Plenty of spare parts. E: jenbarh@gmail.com 14

Commodore Motor Lodge

814 East Street, Ashburton Reservations: 0800 108 006

For All your Rural Cartage Requirements


         

Garden Setting All Ground Level Units Non Smoking All Refurbished & Affordable Parking Outside Units Expansive Off-street Parking Children’s Playground 3 Star Plus Qualmark rating AA Rewards MANZ Member

Livestock General Freight Grain & Bulk Cartage Fertiliser Hiab Unit Contact us at: Ashburton 308 4079

Ashburton 308 4079 www.ruraltransport.co.nz

Your Hosts, Chris & Paul Marriott


ARTICLES FOR BLOWOUT BY 23RD OF MONTH PLEASE Please send to: chris.gulleford@outlook.com or post to: Chris Gulleford 29 Bayview Street (New Address) KAIKOURA 7300 Chris Ph: 0274 390 718 PARTS SHED OPEN 10 - 12 SATURDAY APRIL


4 Kevyn Begg

2 Alan Begg

11 Gavin Smith

D 9 Kevyn Begg EN


E U6N Alan Begg


IL NT Clark 16 Trevor 18 Gavin Smith U ED L L CE 23 Tony Adams 25 ANZAC DAYNClosed A C

13 Kevyn Begg 20 Trevor Clark 27 Tony Adams

30 Gavin Smith


308 2297

Tony Adams

0276 235 990 Kevyn Begg 307 1374

Alan Begg

0211 267 992 308 6605 308 6171

Other Regions Parts Shed Hours Canterbury

Every Wednesday, 1pm-4.30pm. 3rd & 4th Sundays 9am-12 Noon.

South Canterbury Phone John Campbell, 03 686 0282

Next Committee Meeting 17TH MARCH AT 7.30PM 16


Certified for ALL Plumbing, Drain Laying & Gas Fitting For Prompt Efficient Service Anytime Town & Country Phone 027 484 6000 or 308 4690 after hours begbie@ubb.co.nz RICHARD BEGBIE PLUMBING AND GAS FITTING LIMITED



discount to members

Accessories and parts for all models New and second hand tyres Full workshop Service Franchised to all major warranty schemes

Corner Harrison Street and Allens Road

Phone 308 6194 17

MUSEUM ROSTER 2019- 2020 APRIL MAY JUNE 4 Denys McEvedy

2 Les Bennett

14 Colin Sweetman

NE F JU 21 Les Bennett 11 Jim Rooney 9 Ron Winchester O ND LE I T N 18 Trevor Coulter 16 Denys McEvedy 28 Ron Winchester DU E L CEL 23 Jim Rooney Denys McEvedy 25 Colin Sweetman CAN 30 Trevor Coulter IF ROSTER DATE DOES NOT SUIT YOU PLEASE CONTACT JIM

Denys McEvedy

307 2728

Jim Rooney

308 4441

Colin Sweetman

307 7373

Ken Kingsland

308 6539

Trevor Coulter

308 4817

Les Bennett

308 4705

Ron Winchester

307 2981

Clubroom Custodians Roster

2019/20 as per AGM If the month allocated to you does not suit please arrange to swap with someone else. June




Roger & Isla Jones

Peter & Susan Lambie

Peter & Annette Jacob




January 2020

Bernie & Kevin Harkness

Ian Moore



Trevor & Craig Begg

Anne & Stuart Bernie & Kevin Hart Harkness

Percy & Heather Owen & Lorraine Wilson Ralston 18



Milner & Jan Jacob

David & Marion Oakley

Hyundai/Isuzu Mid Canterbury Workshop open 5-1/2 Days

WOF *$5.00 Discount to VCC Members LPG Certificates

All work carried out by Qualified Tradesmen

Ph:307 2415


Ashburton Vintage Car Club PO Box 382 Ashburton

 Two fully qualified restorers, dedicated to restorations only  Insurance and Private Work  Loan cars available  Accepted by all insurance companies Locally owned and operated family business Phone: 03 3085238 or Duncan 0272831513, Debra 0272921969 104 South Street, Ashburton www.panelcraftltd.co.nz – email info@panelcraftltd.co.nz We work along side Goulds Towing and provide a HASSLE FREE service. 20

Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Ashburton VCC - April 2020  

Ashburton VCC - April 2020