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1903 Darracq Owners: Gavin & Annette Hunt AUGUST 2019 Ashburton Branch of the Vintage Car Club of NZ

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BRANCH OFFICERS 2019– 2020 Patroness

Diane Ross (Rob)

308 2356


Trevor Begg

308 3803


Colin Sweetman (Cathy)

307 7373


Karen Bell (Robbie)

021 0243 1955

Club Captain

Peter Lambie (Susan)

302 0899

Vice Club Captain

Rod McKimmie (Dawn)

302 5853


Roger & Isla Jones

308 5757

Rod McKimmie (Dawn)

302 5853

Alan Begg (Jeanette)

308 6171

Nat Exec Delegate

Peter Jacob (Annette)

308 8940

Museum Custodians

Les Bennett (Marie)

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Trevor Coulter

308 4817

Jim Rooney (Audrey)

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Denys McEvedy (Marie)

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Colin Sweetman (Cathy)

307 7373

Ken Kingsland (Avis)

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Ron Winchester (Pam)

307 2981

Gavin Smith (Gaylene)

308 2297

Trevor Clark

0276 235 990

Eean Parkes

307 1374

Parts Custodians

Tony Adams (Diane)

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Kevyn Begg (Iris)

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Alan Begg (Jeanette)

308 6171

Blowout Editor

Chris Gulleford (Alan)

0274 390 718

Blowout Circulation Commercial Convener Motorcycle Convener

Bernard Egan ( Marlene) TBA Percy Ralston (Heather)

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Clubroom Custodians

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VCC ID Officer

Rob Ross (Diane)

308 2356

Trophy Steward

Tony Adams (Diane)

0211 267 992

Swap Meet Booking

Karen Bell (Robbie)

Swap Meet Co-ordinator

Noel Batty (Marie)

308 4003

Beaded Wheels Scribe

Colin Sweetman (Cathy)


Grounds Convener

Rod McKimmie (Dawn)

302 5853




307 0084

021 0243 1955

Chairman’s Report Hi again all, I hope you are well as there has been some members that have had the flu and some have been in hospital. I hope everyone is on the mend again. The Solstice Run was held on the 23 June with a run around town. You had to find the street number of a business on a list which was all mixed up and it was up to you to sort them out and get around as quick as possible. It was a lot more difficult than one would think. Thanks to Peter Lambie for putting on another good run. The Farming Families day at the races was held at the Ashburton Racecourse on the 14th July and we were asked at the Easter Rally if we could have some vehicles on display for the day. There were 9 there it was a good day out and a big thanks to all that came on the day. Photos page 11. The Annual Dinner was held on the 18th July with a good turnout of 74 people there. Jock Ross spoke about his rugby life over the years, with some jokes along the way which gave us some good laughs. Thanks a lot to Jock for a good night. Hilary Butterick was to be presented with a 25year award but was not present for this. Restoration of the Year was presented at the Annual Dinner and this year we had four contenders, with three being Veterans which is good to see. This years Restoration of the Year was awarded to Gavin Hunt with his 1903 Darracq. This restoration was started from virtually nothing, so a lot of parts etc was taken from photos. A job well done Gavin and Annette . The job of judging these vehicles was very hard as all four were of very high standards. I would like to thank Les Bennett for assisting me with this task. Trevor Begg. 5

RESTORATION OF THE YEAR WINNER 1903 DARRACQ The car came into the Hunt Family in approximately 1925 as my father can remember being taken, along with a sister, to Staveley on the back of the car. Something broke on the car at a later date so the engine was removed to be used as a power source in my grandfather's blacksmith shop. The suspension was lying around the yard so my father put it in his shed for safe keeping. About 50 years ago my father tried to find more parts but had no luck. At this time he re-finned the radiator but used alloy instead of copper or steel. One Christmas, about 2014, he was talking about the parts he had loaned out so I decided maybe I could help him. I retired and started restoring. I bought a front axle from Adelaide and a fr iend gave me a gearbox and diff. Both were from a slightly later model Darracq so I rebuilt a box and used the shaft and gears although I had to make reverse and 2nd gear. The diff was narrowed and the hubs and axles were made. The suspension included a piece of the original chassis so a new one was made along with another front axle (the one from Australia was different), but I was able to use the king pin and stub assembly with the steering. My friend made the wooden body and at the same time I made a new bonnet (with measurements obtained from the same car in Adelaide) and sent both to be skinned and painted. . Unfortunately I couldn't find a brass waterpump, as the original was missing, so I made one from photographs. I managed to have the car mobile for my father's 100 th birthday so I was able to take him for a ride. The gearing was too high so I made another pinion which bought the ratio to 6

Diane Ross presents Gavin Hunt with the Restoration of the Year Award Cup 5:1 and new wheels made to be the same as original which further lowered the gearing to original. I've made the fuel tank, oil tank and water tank with the National Veteran Rally being its first run. The car overheated so I re-finned the radiator with copper and had the whole thing dipped in solder and now it works great. I also had to have the big end re-metaled and now it seems to go much better wit h more power. The hubcaps, radiator brackets, hinges and fittings were all made from brass and are as close to original as I could finish. Gavin Hunt 22.06.2019


Queens Birthday Run to Oamaru The day dawned with blue skies and the promise of good motoring with clear views. By the time we all left, the clouds had rolled in. The forecast for the weekend was not that flash with a predicted rough southerly expected to travel up the coast over the next few days. Hat on and heaters on full blast we turned right (doesn’t happen very often) and headed off in the general direction of Oamaru. Leaving at 8.30am to travel 200 k’s does not equate to a quick trip. Being a busy weekend on the main roads meant that travelling inland we hardly saw any traffic at all just a few farm trucks and a couple of tractors. Our route south took us through Geraldine turning left after a bridge and headed toward Pleasant Point. Our scheduled cuppa stop was at the Cave Hall, time to put the coats and hats back on and break out the fruit cake. The next leg of the journey to Waimate took us through some awesome country, travelling on roads that I have never been on since the Timaru British car day 2 years earlier, but travelling in the other direction. We went through some of South Canterbury’s older farming areas, Blue Cliffs, Esk Valley, Hunter etc. There were a couple of gravel (some people don’t like shingle) roads leading us through fords and what seemed to be farm tracks but were skinny gravel roads used by farmers to move winter feed around. We arrived at Waimate to have a pie and a cuppa at the bakery, to find out that one of the crew had been taken to Timaru in a brightly coloured camper van (ambulance), not a nice way to start a long weekend. It was a bit like a TOP GEAR programme, we were concerned but travelled on, hoping that things were not that bad and would catch up later. So we left for our days destination of Oamaru, but wait...... there were more directions. Confirming a rumour, we all headed toward Kurow via a couple of left hand turns, a wee stop in Kurow and then off via Duntroon, Georgetown, eventually coming down into Oamaru and our weekends accommodation, again travelling through some of the most beautiful country in God’s own. 8

Bell’s Queen’s Birthday Run to Oamaru

Debriefing at the start of the run.

At Oamaru 9

Some of the members who participated on the run


Saturday dawned with some blue sky, after the heavens had opened up during the night, the wind was bloody cold but no rain. We heard the forecast back in Ashburton was not that flash, I think we must have had the best weather. We had several highlights over the weekend, one being the Steam Punk weekend and parade at the precinct, where we came across fellow Ashburtonians, Peter Lynn and Hayden Tasker. The run that was organised took us through Kakanui coming out at the main road at Maheno, crossing SH1 we travelled inland into new territory, what beautiful country through Tokarahi, Five Forks, Ngapara, stopping at the Fort Enfield Pub for what turned out to have the best Seafood Chowder in the world, plus a drink or two. I would recommend the pub as a stop, great food, great people. Sundays run was a little more low key with all travelling to Moeraki via a coastal tour through Kakanui, again sampled the best Seafood Chowder in the world at the Moeraki pub. At lunch someone mentioned they had not been to see the boulders since they were a child (a very long time ago) so off we trotted. Yes the boulders were still there although somewhat smaller than some remembered, welcome to the land of the tourist, at that stage we were the tourists, having photos taken in the most unusual positions and spots. A slightly quicker trip, (speed wise ) back to Oamaru along the main road, although the secondhand shops did get a beating on the way back. One of the best parts of the weekend was the daily debriefing sessions from 4.15pm, we found one of the biggest rooms and settled in for a bit of a natter & noggin before dinner, lots of laughs and lies, a great way to wind down and discuss the day’s travels. A huge thank you to the Bells and Wilsons for organising a bloody good weekend, Annette and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, Thank you. Oh before I forget we got through the weekend without too much car trouble, or nothing a few wanna be mechanics could not fix, a spark plug lead problem which good old insulation tape did the trick and then there was the AA call out, ask Owen what it was for the next time you see him. Peter & Annette Jacob 11

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Garage Raid 2019 The Ashburton Branch is holding the Garage Raid Saturday 10th August 2019 Starting at the Club Rooms on Maronan Road with a cuppa from 9.00am, we will be leaving at 10am. The cost will be $5.00 per head for Pea, Pie, Pud as normal. We look forward to seeing you all on the day. Thanks a lot. Trevor Begg

Show and Shine for Daffodil Appeal VCC National Day 25th August 11am at Club Rooms Coffee lady will be there. Barry Quantock is sorting out cars so he will be ringing around or if you wish to enter please contact him. Ph:LANDROVER 308 0137 13

Preliminary Notice, Pre-Christmas Tour 2019 The Pre-Christmas tour will take place from 12th to 18th December and will travel to the Blenheim area, via Molesworth and the Rainbow. It is envisaged that it will visit a station in the Blenheim area, and the Port Underwood road. Roads travelled may be unsuitable for low clearance vehicles. Accommodation details will be available in August and will be advertised in this magazine. Please phone David or Marion Oakley in August for information at that time.

North Island Tour 2020

Expressions of interest are invited from those

interested in attending a tour of the lower North Island in March 2020. The tour is intended for only Veteran class vehicles and Vintage class vehicles which are equipped with only rear wheel brakes and routes will be suitable for single cylinder vehicles. This tour will be accompanied by a backup vehicle. For information please contact David and Marion Oakley by email. 14


Our car of the month is Ian Johnson’s 1930 Model A Tudor. Ian has owned this for 60 years this month, having purchased it while he was living in Stewart Island for £85 in April 1959. The car is powered by Ford’s 200.5 cu inch 4 cylinder engine with a 3 speed manual transmission. Although Ian has previously replaced the engine during his ownership, he still has the original engine in his possession. The gearbox and diff have never needed any attention in the lkast 60 years – a testament to Ford’s toughness. The brakes were relined in the 60’s and haven’t required attention since. The car has been repainted and the upholstery recovered during Ian’s ownership and he has also converted it to a 12 volt system to allow for the fitment of better lighting and indicators. An additional tail light has been fitted (it originally only had one), along with a spare wheel and also a rear trunk which is over 100 years old and originated in Denmark. The car is used regularly and is currently registered and warranted. Colin Sweetman 15

NEW MEMBER: We extend a very warm welcome to:

Wyvern & Beth Jones, 1966 Jaguar E Type

We look forward to seeing you participating in our events or if not able to attend, please send me a write up about your vehicles, we would love to hear your story. Send to:

re-TYRED TOILERS NEXT MEETING 29th August at 2 – 4 pm Odd jobs and a cuppa We may even talk about old cars. Museum and Parts Shed will be Open JIM’S TUCKER RUN WEDNESDAY 7th AUGUST

The Tucker Run will be to The Stables If you would like to join us for lunch then please make your way to The Stables by 12.15pm Please phone Jim on 307 6614 with numbers as the restaurant requires these prior to the day. COME AND JOIN US

FOR SALE Morris Minor Low Light car, very tidy body, not complete but a good restoration project Contact Parts Shed Vespa, Douglas scooter, mid 1950's good project, Plenty of spare parts. Contact Gavin 03 308 2297 CAN YOU HELP ME PLEASE ? Hi I'm hoping you can help me, my dad, who is 65 this August, is a big fan of Model T Ford's so I'm wondering if anyone in your club would be able to take him for a ride, I can pay of course. He is currently in the hospital but I'm pretty sure he will be out and well for his birthday. I just don't know what else to get a man who has every vintage car item I could ever afford ?? so figured this would be the best thing ever. Contact: Angela Rouse Email: 16

Parts Shed Report We have had 2 more cars donated. 1 x Humber 90, restorable but more suitable for parts. 1 x 1954 Morris Minor 4 door in good order, Registration on hold, good restoration project Sales this month $55.00. Gavin Smith AUGUST



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Ashburton VCC - August 2019  

Ashburton VCC - August 2019