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September 2019 Issue: 350

Puff ‘n Stuff Central Otago Branch, Vintage Car Club of NZ Inc


Front Cover: Where it all began. The first petrol powered automobile patented 1886 by Carl Benz. Top speed 10 mph. Back Cover: Examples of Gottlieb-Daimler 1st petrol powered motorbike 1885.

Club nights: Second Wednesday of Month. 8pm Clubrooms / Parts Shed: Litany Street, Cromwell.

Minutes of the last Committee Meeting—Pages 7-8 Next Committee Meeting The next committee meeting will be 5 Nov. 2019 at 7:30pm in the Club Rooms. All club members are welcome to attend.

NOTICES 28 September — Blossom Festival Rally. Note there is a revised closing date for entries, details and entry form pages 12-13. Please Note; The parts shed will be open following the rally and from 9am to 1pm on Sunday 29th. 6 October— Sunday Run. This is a week earlier than usual. To Timaru Creek, Lake Hawea. Leave Club rooms at 10:00am and join up with Wanaka group at John Creek, Lake Hawea. Be ready to leave John Creek at 11:00am. Bring a picnic lunch. John Martin organizer. 9 October—Club Night: Graham Taylor is going to bring Liam’s home built “special” trials car and show how recycling of redundant bits is done!

Copy deadline for next edition FIVE days after meeting day. Stories and photos unable to be used in next edition will be saved for later editions. The opinions and information presented in this newsletter are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of the club or its officers. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of information or opinions expressed.




John Loudon


Murray George Maryann

Vice Chairman: Noel Hassed


Phone: 03 448 7192




442 3908


Graham Taylor


443 1416


Karelan Doran


027 274 3361


442 1146

Club Captain: Alister Stewart Committee:

Greg Doran, 027 221 6105 , John Martin, 445 0598 Roger Healy, 442 0861, Maureen Johnson. 409 8800 Rodger Bisset 445 0809 Alistair Munro 441 8443

Club Rooms / Yard: Ewen Duthie Social Conv.: Maryann Miguel Parts Conv.: Roger Healy Alister Stewart Noel Hassed John Martin


027 838 8324 445 1973

027 609 8766 Kay 442 0861 Mary 442 1146 Bernice 442 3908 Wendy 4450598

Editors: Don & Lynne Yeaman Idle Torque: Graham Taylor Cheryl Librarian: John Martin , Wendy

443 2730 443 1416 445 0598

Health and Safety: Greg Doran , Karelan

027 221 6105

Area Reps: Arrowtown Alexandra Cromwell Wanaka -

4421146 448 6508 445 0598 443 1416

Alister Stewart , Mary Barry Walker Sharon John Martin Wendy Graham Taylor Cheryl,

Social Manager: Charlie Storey Helen 445 3181 Rally Conveners: Blossom Festival; Murray George, Ewen Duthie, National Daffodil Day Co-Ordinator: Graham Taylor Golden Times: Greg Doran , Noel Hassed Moped Rally: John Martin


EVENTS CALLENDAR Please take care to read and copy to your diary! COVCC EVENTS 2019 September 28th — Blossom Festival Rally. Details and Entry form pages 12-13.

The stickers are now available to COVCC members Let others know which Branch you belong to at events away from home. These are produced locally and are made of high quality vinyl. They are external stickers and go on the outside of the windscreen or on the body-work. (They are easily removed with a hair-dryer.) Cost $1.50 each. (A small profit goes to our club.) To order yours, contact Lindsay Olsen; Phone: (03) 445 0065 E-mail:


OTHER EVENTS 2019 October 5– Dunvegan motorcycle Rally, Otago Branch October 5– Vintage/Post Vintage Rally, Southland Branch October 11-13– Canterbury Branch Swap meet, Cutler Park, McLeans Island Road, Christchurch. October 13-17– Prince Henry Tour, Otago Branch Veteran tour Dunedin to Timaru. October 19-20 National Veteran Rally, hosted by South Canter bury, Timaru. Contact Alistair Day 03 688 6108 October 26–28- Mt Cook Rally, Timaru Branch October 28—Nov 2 Targa Time Trials November 2– Taieri Tour, Otago Branch November 6– Commercial Rally, Southland Branch November 9-10– Safari Weekend, South Canterbury Branch November 9-10- Arrowtown Motorcycle Rally, Southland Branch November 16– North Otago Swap Meet November 16-17– All American Weekend, South Canterbury 2020 February 20-23 Art Deco Weekend HBVCC STEVE TROTT STEVE DONOVAN

April 24-26 Highland Fling BOPVCC (Flyer page 18.) October 16-18 National Veteran Rally, Gore 2021 January 17-21st Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring, New Plymouth. Check all the details on the website

VCC Branches that would like any of their events noted in our magazine, please contact us with the details. Don & Lynne Yeaman ( )


CHAIRMAN'S REPORT Apologies from Murray for not submitting a report this month due to being tied up with organizing the Blossom Festival. He did ask me to pass on the following information: 1) The Cromwell Community Board will be discussing our Lease renewal at their meeting on 24 September. 2) The arrangements are coming along nicely for the Blossom Festival Rally. He has approximately 36 entries at the moment and about 20 of those are from our own club and area. Absolutely great to see such a good local response and a warm welcome to all of our visitors. The long range forecast at the moment is good. (Editor) ………………………………………………………………………………………... A man buys a sports car and is really beginning to enjoy it when he sees flashing lights in the rear view mirror. He guns it and is rapidly up to 160mph when he realizes what he is doing. He slows down, then pulls over and soon the cop pulls up behind him. The cop comes up to the window and asks, “What were you thinking, taking off like that?” “Well,” the man replies after thinking about it for a bit, “a few years ago a highway patrol officer ran off with my wife.” “What does that have to do with anything.” “I thought you were bringing her back.” …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Ohio City, Ohio claims the first accident involving a gasoline-powered auto, a little closer to what most of us think of as a car today. In 1891, engineer James Lambert was driving one of his inventions, an early gasoline-powered buggy, when he ran into a little trouble. The buggy, also carrying passenger James Swoveland, hit a tree root sticking out of the ground. Lambert lost control and the vehicle swerved and crashed into a hitching post. Both men suffered minor injuries. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………... The first recorded pedestrian fatalities by car came a few years later. In 1896, Bridget Driscoll stepped off of a London curb and was struck and killed by a gas-powered Anglo-French model car driven by Arthur Edsall. While the car had a top speed of four miles per hour, neither Edsall nor Driscoll—who witnesses described as “bewildered” by the sight of the vehicle and frozen in place—were able to avoid the collision. Edsall was arrested, but the death was ruled an accident and he was not prosecuted. The coroner who examined Driscoll’s body is famously quoted as saying that he hoped “such a thing would never happen again.” (That same year, a bicyclist was killed by an automobile in New York City.)


Minutes Of COVCC Management Committee Meeting Held at The Clubrooms Litany St

3 September 2019 7:30 pm

Notice Of Meeting Attendance; Murray George, Karelan and Greg Doran, Mary Ann, Alastair Munro, Don and Lynne Yeaman, John Martin, Noel Hassed, Rodger Bisset, Roger Healey, Graham Taylor. Apologies; Maureen Johnson, Alister Stewart.. m John Martin / Noel Hassed carried Minutes of previous meeting: were read by Secretary; Moved “that they are an accurate and correct record” m Roger Healy / Lynne Yeaman carried Matters Arising; Three people responded to the offer to reimburse for puff n Stuff previously charged, reimbursement not required considered a donation to the club. Lease will be before CODC in September, Events moved to general Business. m Roger Healy / Karelan Doran. Correspondence from our insurance broker Draft constitution Moved “that the inward be accepted, outward approved” Roger Healy seconded Greg Doran, carried Business arising; Insurance, our asssets are valued at $642,000 for insurance purposes, the secretary expressed concern at the late renewal notice, the club to pursue other options. Chairman’s Report; Report on National Agm discussion regarding the upgrade of our club logo, it is now with graphic designers to tidy up and present at the March executive meeting. Our branch is first in NZ with the highest percentage of new members (239 including joint members) m Murray George / Noel Hassed. Treasurers report; Karelan presented the bank statements for July and August accounts of $1091.00 passed for payment. M Karelan Doran / Noel Hassed. Profit from the Combined Rally $288. Daffodil Rally $346, Raffle, to cover Club Expenses, $1566.40 proceeds to the Cancer Society. Two Cheques sent to Heartland print but not yet received by them. discussion re need to boost income; the need to have a ‘swapmeet’ sub- committee to come up with a fresh event and timing, possibly to tag on to an existing sympathetic event, to get the best results, people are invited from our membership to assist our parts conveners. Also sales from the

(cont’d page 8)


window decals as the new logo is adopted, and many comments on our new flag design so there are possibilities. Don will pay for printing and expenses and obtain reimbursement from the Club. M Noel Hassed / Roger Healy. (footnote the club is short, $1200.00 pa from balancing the books, higher costs for postage, rates, and insurance, and general operating expenses) Adoption of Treasurers Report; m Karelan Doran / Roger Healy Club Captains Report; New Members; Rod and Paddy- Anne Pemberton MGB General Business; Members to Help collect surplus Model T parts from Paul Crump, The Combined rally had 36 Entries, and was a good weekend, only 7 cars from our branch. Men’s Shed this has moved to another site. Some discussion re the ‘green strips on Neplusultra and Litany Sts. Coming Events; Blossom Rally The Bantry St parking option has been pursued with Martin McPherson and has been sorted the entry closing date in puff n Stuff was too early and has been amended to 23rd September. September meeting; John Martin is the guest speaker and will recount some of the significant club history. October meeting; Graham will bring Liam’s “special” trials car to the meeting and show how recycling of redundant bits is done! October 6th will be our Sunday Run to Timaru Creek and possibly the Dingleburn (picnic lunch). November meeting; Laurie Stanton will have his recently completed “RED zapper” on show almost the exact opposite of Liam’s special, but would be interesting to see them both in a paddock. November 17th Sunday Run. Highlands. December, Christmas Do. January; Classic Cars Cromwell. April; Classic racing at Highlands Park assistance required (Greg Doran) Other business Daffodil Day Graham reported that there was a much better effort especially from Cromwell and Alexandra, the advantage in having Aspiring Auto Court assisting with publicity, and the generosity of donors of the raffle prizes. Next Meeting; Tuesday 5th November 7:30 pm ——————————————————————————————————————-

A man’s wife was hinting about what she wanted for their upcoming anniversary. She said “ I want something shiny that goes from 0 to 150 in about 2 seconds”. He bought her a bathroom scale……………………...And then the fight started.


Editor’s Comments Blossom Festival: Please take note: If you hurry there is still time to apply. The entry closing day has been amended to 23 Sept. Entry form on page 17. You will note that on page 10 we need volunteers for three events. I would encourage you all to think seriously about putting your name down to assist in one of them. They are not difficult and you won’t be on your own and you don’t need to be a “professional event organizer” to contribute. We have about 239 members, including the joint members, and out of that 239 we have about 200 who don’t seem to want to be involved or to contribute. If we each do one small thing, then it all becomes so easy and you get the satisfaction of being a part of the club and not just a spectator. There I’ve had my “grump”, but seriously we need your help and it would really be appreciated. Also on page 10, take note of the church fair at Lake Hayes. A good place to show off your cars to the public. We need to make sure that someone takes our Club banner there as well. The proposed Mt.Cook and the Haast runs, again on age 10, are proposals at this stage and we need to get some idea of how much interest there might be. We are trying to encourage a bit more activity and social contact within our group and what better way to do that than to go out and enjoy our cars, bikes or trucks. So if this sounds like something you would enjoy, please contact us soon so we can get on with organizing them. No Contact, No Run!!!!! At the September Club night John Martin gave a good talk, including some photos, of the start up and early days of the Central Otago VCC. I think the only remaining original member is our Club Patron John Loudon. It was very interesting, especially for those of us who are relatively new members, to see how and why it all started and how we eventually ended up where we are today. John’s talk was followed by Rodger Bissett giving an outline of his “5 Year Plan” which was in July issue of Puff’n Stuff. Rodger would appreciate any feedback on this. That is about it for this month so remember give some thought to the above items and hopefully we will see a number of you at the Blossom Festival and the Sunday Run to Timaru Creek. Remember, it’s earlier in the month than normal. Cheers for now. Don ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… A Sunday school teacher was discussing the Ten Commandments with her five and six year olds. After explaining the commandment to “honour” thy father and mother, she asked. “Is there a commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters?” One little boy (the oldest of a family answered, “Thou shalt not kill.”


YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE There are a number of items arising from the last meeting and from correspondence that need to be brought to your attention. Some of these require volunteers, so please read these and give serious consideration as to whether you can help. Volunteers: 1) Swapmeet sub- committee: to come up with a fresh event and timing, possibly to tag on to an existing sympathetic event to get the best results. People are invited from our membership to assist our parts conveners. Please contact Roger Healy (442 0861)or any committee member if you can help. 2) Golden Times Rally (Autumn Festival): we need some volunteers to assist with the organizing and running of this event for 2020. This is your chance to get involved in one of our most popular events. Please contact Club Captain Alister Stewart (442 1146) Don’t wait, do it now. 3) Classic Racing at Highlands Park April 2020; volunteers are needed to assist in this event. Please contact Greg Doran (027 221 6105) for details. Displays and Runs: 1) The Wakatipu Community Presbyterian Church is holding it’s annual Fair at Lake Hayes Show Grounds on 2nd November commencing at 9 am. We have been invited to display our cars there as we have in the past. Entry via the ‘Rowing Club’s gateway. Contact Club Captain Alister Stewart (442 1146). 2) Mt. Cook : We are currently asking for ‘expressions of interest’ for a day trip to Mt Cook on Sunday 27 Oct. to coincide with the South Canterbury overnight run. We would anticipate leaving Wanaka about 9 am. Enquiries Graham (443 1416) or Don (443 2730) 3) Haast: Again we are after ‘expressions of interest’ in either a day trip or an overnight trip to The Haast and Jackson Bay on the weekend of9 November. We would intend on being at Knight’s Point around 11 am to see the “Austin Mad Dash To Haast” which they are doing to commemorate a trip done in an Austin 7 at the opening of the final leg of the Haast– Wanaka highway in 1965. We would then continue on to Jackson Bay for lunch before heading home. Enquiries Graham (443 1416) or Don (443 2730) One of the questions the Wanaka group on the Daffodil day Rally had to answer as we passed the Tin Man sculpture between Tarras and Cromwell: What is the Tin Man looking for? Some of he answers given were:“ Looking for a ride” “ to see if his plow lines were straight” “mechanic for his motorbike” “a CAN OF RUST KILL” “ His worker horse” The “Gold or water” “ His girlfriend” “ looking for his lady returning on her horse during the beautiful sunset”


From VCC Administration From: Subject: UNIDENTIFIABLE PAYMENT INTO VCC NATIONAL ACCOUNT HI Folks I had a payment go in to the club accounts on 05 September with the details “Mrs H F Kasper” Annual Subs, but she is not a member. She must be paying for someone. Does anyone have any idea who this could be? Can you all put it in your newsletters please. Also, a reminder that they MUST put their membership number. I am getting a lot that are coming through without this – it is advised on the remittance advice. Cheers Julie Cairns-Gee Administration Manager VCC National Office VCC FACEBOOK PAGE The Vintage Car Club's facebook page is now two years old and has over 1500 followers. It has interesting stories, posts on events and photos of vintage and classic vehicle activities from around New Zealand and the world. One of the photo posts on the last Irishman Rally achieved a reach of 8,253 people. 1) For those who already have a facebook account: Go to the VCC facebook page and LIKE it. Posts will then appear in YOUR facebook stream and you can share them with your friends 2) For those who don’t have a facebook page or don’t want to set up an account: type in the link below and then save it in bookmarks in your internet browser. You will then have easy access to the page whenever you want to see the latest posts. To access the Club facebook page go to: vintagecarclubofnewzealand/ or type Vintage Car Club of New Zealand into facebook search. Our facebook page includes notifications of upcoming events but it’s not a buy, sell and exchange page. There are other avenues for that information. It would be great if you could email us pictures and include a couple of words about the photo from your Branch events or rallies you are attending around the country. These provide content of interest for enthusiasts around the world. Send pictures and stories to: Thank you for your support VCC Facebook team email:


Letter to the Editor The COVCC and the future? In the last year or so there has been a growing realisation that complacency and the way we do things, we’re risking a downward slide and this in a branch with increasing membership. My personal observations are as a reasonably active member and newsletter (Puff n Stuff) editor (retired) with contacts across a broad spectrum. That regular monthly meetings just for the sake of them was leading to an increasing negativity, and social contact was missing out, our club is now having the same nights with a programme of interest but without the ‘meetings’ yes just one general meeting and that is the AGM. The Club is being run by a management committee and changes are happening. The hoist debate highlighted quite a division in the club, and the idea which had merit was defeated. This issue raises the greater question as to what relevance then, the clubrooms and parts sheds. Well the hoist would have meant that the Cromwell members would have had an advantage, but then who bears the brunt of responsibility of the yard and Clubrooms? We are being faced with costs that are steadily rising such as rates, insurance and maintenance, the CODC has enabled us to claim on our ‘rental’ money for improvements, not maintenance. I feel that in order to continue into the future we need to find a ‘partnership’ group to spread the expenses. Parts, is it realistic to have so much space tied up in parts storage especially nonconsumables and non- identified metal? Given the choice between a failing local attendance at the Blossom rally, and trying something new, I make no apologies. On the other hand we have little rust or corrosion some of us just hate throwing ‘good’ stuff out. Neville Digby’s comment in the June Puff n Stuff raises some serious questions as to the problems we all face with disposal of our toys, I am as aware as anyone as ‘collecting’ runs in my family, and I have been involved in assisting members clear their decks on a regular basis, it is not easy. If we were to assist by using the Club yard as a clearing site we would have to be prepared to be brutal in the sorting and disposal, we may have to ask for a substantial donation to cover costs, and that would be to members, others would require careful consideration and our parts department at present, simply does not have the people, resources and the time. Another consideration is that most popular ‘vintage’ cars have a good new and reconditioned, parts back up from a multitude of suppliers, here and overseas. At our September meeting the challenge was put out to come up with something fresh re parts turnover and members who want to and are able please step up, nothing like a challenge. At our gathering on Wednesday night John Martin gave us a very timely brief but important talk on the history and the achievement of the Yard and Clubrooms. It’s amazing what youth and enthusiasm can do! Rodger Bisset also recapped his 5 year plan, and needs feedback from you our members, please consider this.


The threat of the future? Will we be pushed off the roads by the increasing green movement, and concern for global warming? Yes we will be if we hog the centreline and needlessly annoy faster traffic. Our best combat is to be more assertive in our club presence, will you turn out to our National Day? (a big improvement this year, good numbers and $1600 raised). Seen how much fuel is used and road hogging goes on when there is a ‘green’ multisport event? There are many reasons for global warming, the human effect is part of it too, huge areas of rainforest have been and continue to be felled without replacement planting or any form of management, a lot of Vintage cars have wooden componentry at least that was naturally sustainable! Because of the comfort factor and the distances we have to travel I have increasingly used our Austin 1300, the trend is noticeable in our age group, one expressed his difficulty in handling a car without power steering and now has a Triumph 2.5, but more importantly is a regular attender at events. Health and wellbeing, at least the ladies know where their husband is, perhaps that could be interpreted both ways, when did our club last have an event for the ladies? So if we drive well maintained and regularly used vehicles that are fit for purpose, fully compliant, and used in a way that does not offend faster traffic, why not be proud of that? I believe that many of our members cars languish in garages with little use, and this has many reasons, but it also fuels the anti-lobby as if they perceive we are reluctant to use them, then why should we retain the special privileges that the Vintage Car Club had has won for us over the years? At the October Club night I will have the trials special that I have been mentoring so this is aimed at utilising what few skills we have and ultimately see if we can get a trials event off the ground. Our club, COVCC is making changes to be more relevant but it needs the active participation of our membership, with their cars or interests and their social contact, there is a very active programme and if we don’t have an event to suit, then our sister VCC branches have many, with a great variety of countryside to explore, “don’t leave town until you have seen the country!”

Graham Taylor

Liam’s home-built “trials special”. See it at October Club night.


Daffodil Rally This was g great success this year due to the efforts of our organizers from our 4 areas. Graham Taylor (Wanaka ), Barry Walker (Alexandra), Greg and Karelan Doran (Wakatipu) and John Martin (Cromwell). We also had the sponsorship of Aspiring Auto Court and Highlands Motorsport Park as well as Bruce and Leigh Johnston who sponsored radio time and prizes for Best Car and Best Outfit. A great effort from all of these people. We also had a bit of PR from Alexia Johnstone from the ODT. I am not to sure where all of these groups went or what they did as the format this year was what was referred to as a Reverse Hub. In other words we all started at the same time in each of the four areas and ended up at the club rooms for afternoon tea. It was really good to see such a mix of people and cars at the club rooms We had everything from a Model T to a 1984 Mercedes and pretty much anything you could think of in between including Modifieds and Hot-rods inside the fenced area and more moderns parked outside the Rod and Paddy-Anne Pemberton of Wanaka won for the best outfit> gate. To Put it in Grahams terms, “the yard and rooms at Cromwell were buzzing�. Two of our areas in particular deserve a mention and they are Cromwell with 45 vehicles and Alexandra with 27 vehicles. Altogether we had about 90 plus cars and trucks and were able to collect $1552.40 for the Cancer Society. Somebody must have just emptied their pockets for us to end up with the $2.40. All in all it was a great day for a very worthy cause. Don


A Message from the Club President:

Thank you to everyone that was able to take part in our National Day - the Daffodil Rally for Cancer. I am looking forward to reading about the various Branch events in the next Beaded Wheels. I took part in Central Hawke's Bay's event and we had a great day commencing with a public car show and then driving out to the Coast for a wonderful afternoon tea at a historic homestead. Thanks to all your efforts, I am absolutely delighted to announce that we have raised $75,000.00 for the Cancer Society! This total wouldn't have come about without a lot of hard work and volunteer hours, so well done to you all. This means that we have donated a huge $175,000.00 over the last 3 years. I hope you are all as proud of this event as I am. While we don't normally single out branches (as this event is about the collective total), I do want to mention Marlborough Branch who raised a massive $17,500 this year. What an amazing achievement from their Branch and just goes to show what can be done. At the August AGM the decision was made to continue to support the Cancer Society as part of our National Day. We do take the feedback on board so keep sending any through to The date for next year has been set for Sunday 23 August 2020 which is the Sunday before the Cancer Society's Daffodil Day on the 28th. I realise that this time of year is not the best weather-wise but we need to have our event close to Daffodil Day so as to benefit from their publicity and promotion. Melissa is also going to send to all the Branch coordinators a draft email to go to their local Cancer Society to let them know how we went (if you want to use it). Once again thank you for getting behind our National Day and this year's Daffodil Rally for Cancer. Kind regards

Diane Quarrie National President


Central Otago Branch’s Blossom Festival Rally Saturday28 September 2019 Rally entrants will meet at our clubrooms, Litany Street Cromwell, at 9.00 am for morning tea and rally briefing. Cars will leave for Alexandra from 10.15, where those taking part in the festival parade will park up in Enterprise Street (Turn left into Royal Terrace, at the top of the hill before the town centre) under the guidance of the parade marshals. The parade starts at 11.45. Those not entering the parade can proceed to Alexandra at their leisure. Parking is available in Bantry street, handy to the festival in Pioneer Park. (normal admission payable) After enjoying the festival and lunch you can head off on the rally in your own time. There will be some gravel roads but you will see some spectacular Central Otago countryside. There will be a shorter sealed route available. The rally will end at the clubrooms with prize-giving and the opportunity to have a look through the parts sheds, have a drink and catch up with other entrants. The meal will be at the Victoria Arms Hotel in Melmore Terrace commencing at 6.00pm.

The Road Code is to be observed and all entrants are reminded to allow faster traffic to pass where this can be done safely. It is the drivers’ responsibility to ensure their vehicle complies with applicable vehicle and safety regulations. (Warrant of Fitness, Registration etc.)


Central Otago Branch’s Blossom Festival Rally Saturday 28 September 2019 Entry Form Entrants Name: ............................................................................................... Address: ........................................................................................................... ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Phone and Email: ………………………………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………………………………… Membership Number: …………………………… Vehicle Make & Model: ………………………………………………………………………………. Year: ……………………... Registration Number: ......................................... Vehicle Class: Veteran Vintage PV PWV P60 Motorcycle Commercial (Please circle) Costs: Rally entry (includes morning tea for Driver and Navigator) @$ 20.00 …………………. Evening Meal ………... people @ $40.00 ea …………………. Rally Plaque $5.00 …………………. Total …………………. Entries close: 23rd September Cheques payable to the Central Otago Vintage Car Club or to Bank a/c 06 0921 0035742 01 with your name as reference. All Correspondence to Rally organiser: Murray George. Email: Phone 03 445 4707 evenings. 124 Pearson Road, RD 2, Cromwell 9384.



ART DECO WEEKEND 2020 A SPECIAL INVITATION FROM HBVCC Come to Napier and join the HBVCC for Art Deco Weekend 2020 from February 20th 23rd. Kindly sponsored again this year by Euro City Ltd In 2020 the Featured Group will be an A-Z of Motor Vehicles. We are aiming to have a motor vehicle representing each letter of the alphabet. This may be a make or model. There will be a mixture of cars, commercials and motorcycles. Also we expect a mix of veterans, vintage and PV’s… manufactured in UK, Europe and USA. We currently have several cars coming in 2020 that have not been to ADW before. These include NZ’s second Duesenberg, our first L29 Cord, and a Stutz to name a few. We are still looking for a “Napier” vehicle to represent the letter “N”. I am also trying to find the owner of the Willys Knight roadster circa 1929-31 era that has the unusual paint design on the doors. We would also like to get leads on vehicles or vehicle models starting with letters Q, U, X, Y, Z. Please email any leads or ideas to asap. For 2020 the annual rally is again on Friday and we plan to have a touring run plus a picnic lunch at a great lunch venue. On Saturday we will have the morning tea and car show and popular choice at the HBVCC clubrooms, followed by the grand parade. Sunday events include a breakfast surprise at the HBVCC clubrooms and the Gatsby picnic in the afternoon. There are many other ADT events to choose from on Friday and Saturday nights. Come and join the other 180 plus club eligible vehicles we expect to enter the 2020 Event. Go to the HBVCC website for an Entry Form. ( Entry forms for 2020 are available now. Accommodation in Napier is already filling up for Art Deco Weekend so book now to avoid disappointment. We suggest you plan to arrive in Napier on Thursday 20th so you can attend the Dinner at the Clubrooms that evening. We have prizes for the best dressed couples again this year. Contacts: STEVE TROTT STEVE DONOVAN



Parts Dept. The Parts Department is the place to go if you are looking for that electrical and related bits; points, condensers, spark plugs, distributor caps including some magneto caps, and that is only part of two shelves. A lot of this is NOS . At the working bee the floor in the tunnel barn has been cleared, there are quite a few bits for Triumph 2000 s and Hillman hunters including instruments Carburettors manifolds, steering racks, also quite a lot of BMC stuff. There are filters, fanbelts, gaskets, motors, gearboxes, new speedo conversion drives ie mph to KPH make your car 20% faster!

Puff N Stuff DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENT RATES From June 2017 Full Page $300.00 Half Page $ 150,00 Quarter Page $ 75.00 Contact the Ed for info.





For Sale Wanted I am currently the new owner of a 1926 Chrysler B-70 which I am trying to source information about. If anyone can assist with contacts, workshop manual and information I would most appreciate it. Dave Kendall 0223 156 001 or 8/19

Wanted 1934 ASX Vauxhall parts Key / light switch which has a built in regulator Two headlight top bottoms – either with Vauxhall or Lucas written on them. Contact David Ching 6/19

Wanted Long term storage for a 1948 Morris 8 in the Wanaka, Queenstown or Cromwell area. Would appreciate any contacts you may have for possible storage. Contact Mike Vinsen 021 566 249 7/19

Wanted Hello from a fellow Canterbury VCC member. I am currently restoring a 1920 Davis Phaeton and am in the middle of rebuilding the engine, which was dismantled and packed away in a crate approx 50 years ago ! The engine is a Continental 7R six cylinder and I am looking to see if anyone in your club has a spare parts engine in their workshop / parts shed as I am missing some parts to complete the rebuild. I can be contacted on 0274481430 to discuss any further details . Regards John Lynn



Watch Repairs



Level 2 O’Connells Pavillion Queenstown 027 217 0442 5-14

Graham Taylor Mechanical Ltd 114 Shortcut Road, Luggate. 443 1416 027 248 9942 MAXXIS TYRES -- MIXTECH BATTERIES — SPAREX AG PARTS


Return Address: 10 Clan Mac Road, RD2, Wanaka, 9382


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Central Otago VCC - September 2019  

Central Otago VCC - September 2019