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October 2019 Issue: 351

Puff ‘n Stuff Central Otago Branch, Vintage Car Club of NZ Inc


Front Cover: Careful return from Dingleburn Station. Back Cover: Sunday Run, Dingleburn Station. Photos by Maryann Miguel.

Club nights: Second Wednesday of Month. 8pm Clubrooms / Parts Shed: Litany Street, Cromwell.

Minutes of the last Committee Meeting (See Sept. 2019 Issue 350)

Next Committee Meeting The next committee meeting will be 5 Nov. 2019 at 7:30pm in the Club Rooms. All club members are welcome to attend.

NOTICES and EVENTS 27 October — Mt. Cook Run: Details Page 4 under COVCC events. 2 November — The Wakatipu Community Presbyterian Church is holding it’s annual Fair at Lake Hayes Show Grounds commencing at 9 am. We have been invited to display our cars there as we have in the past. Entry via the ‘Rowing Club’s gateway. Contact Club Captain Alister Stewart (442 1146). 9 November — Knights Point— Jacksons Bay Details Page 4 under COVCC events. 13 November —Club Night: Laurie Stanton will have his Electric Berkeley at the club rooms. This is a fantastic little car and Laurie will give a talk on how and why he built it. 17 November — Sunday Run: Highlands Motorsport Park. Details available at Club Night. ( continued on page 4 ) Copy deadline for next edition FIVE days after meeting day. Stories and photos unable to be used in next edition will be saved for later editions. The opinions and information presented in this newsletter are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of the club or its officers. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of information or opinions expressed.




John Loudon


Murray George Maryann

Vice Chairman: Noel Hassed


Phone: 03 448 7192




442 3908


Graham Taylor


443 1416


Karelan Doran


027 274 3361


442 1146

Club Captain: Alister Stewart Committee:

Greg Doran, 027 221 6105 , John Martin, 445 0598 Roger Healy, 442 0861, Maureen Johnson. 409 8800 Rodger Bisset 445 0809 Alistair Munro 441 8443

Club Rooms / Yard: Ewen Duthie Social Conv.: Maryann Miguel Parts Conv.: Roger Healy Alister Stewart Noel Hassed John Martin


027 838 8324 445 1973

027 609 8766 Kay 442 0861 Mary 442 1146 Bernice 442 3908 Wendy 4450598

Editors: Don & Lynne Yeaman Idle Torque: Graham Taylor Cheryl Librarian: John Martin , Wendy

443 2730 443 1416 445 0598

Health and Safety: Greg Doran , Karelan

027 221 6105

Area Reps: Arrowtown Alexandra Cromwell Wanaka -

4421146 448 6508 445 0598 443 1416

Alister Stewart , Mary Barry Walker Sharon John Martin Wendy Graham Taylor Cheryl,

Social Manager: Charlie Storey Helen 445 3181 Rally Conveners: Blossom Festival; Murray George, Ewen Duthie, National Daffodil Day Co-Ordinator: Graham Taylor Golden Times: Greg Doran , Noel Hassed Moped Rally: John Martin


EVENTS CALLENDAR Please take care to read and copy to your diary! COVCC EVENTS 2019

27 October — Mt. Cook Run: meet at the Tarras Store 9:30 am Sunday 27th October. Enquires or please let me know if you are coming, e-mail Graham Taylor at, or text 027 248 9942 preferably. Morning tea / coffee stop at Twizel, bring lunch which we will have at the shelter (as last time). This run coincides with a regular South Canterbury Branch weekend at Mt Cook, and it makes it more interesting to meet up with other ‘ vintage’ folk and the motoring is great too! The weather will be perfect for this run too. 9 November — Knights Point—Jacksons Bay: The Mad Austin dash to Knights Point, 11am, Saturday 9th November, Austins, and others acceptable, but anything for another good day out. Lunch at the " Craypot" Jacksons Bay, again enquiries to me (Graham Taylor e-mail, or text 027 248 9942) lots of options , but arriving late at Knights Point will be barely forgivable, and only remedied by a believable excuse to Don who will print same in the Puff n Stuff. Editors Note:

The story behind the The Knights Point Run: On November 6,1965, the

final section of the Haast Highway opened. A couple of intrepid Otago men, Les Nye and Gordon Sharpe travelled from Dunedin, in a 1930 Austin 7 Chummy, through Dunsandel, Springfield and Hokitika and camped the night at Knights Point. This was where the road, at that point in time, officially ended. The next morning they attended the opening ceremony officiated by the then Prime Minister Sir Keith Holyoake. The official plan was that once Mrs. Holyoake had cut the ribbon then a motorcade of Government limousines would lead the way through the newly completed Haast Highway. As the story goes, the two Otago men in their Austin 7 somehow slipped ahead of the motorcade and continued on through the Haast to Dunedin only stopping for petrol. Therefor that little Austin 7 was the first car to travel the complete Highway. To commemorate this trip David Mills of Dunedin has organized a “Dash to the Haast” using the same Austin 7, which now belongs to Les Nye’s nephew Ken Brown of Cromwell. They will be following the same route as the original trip and will be supported by other Austins on the trip.


As the “Mad Dash” is a Vintage Austin Registry ( VAR ) event and not a VCC event, our intention is to be at Knights Point about 11 am, in time to see David Mills and his VAR group as they gather to commemorate the opening of the Haast highway. Then as they head out to Dunedin, we will drive over to Jacksons Bay for lunch etc. It is quite important that you let Graham Taylor know if you are interested in going so that we can contact you regarding leaving time and place, cancelation or any other changes.

Name Badges Orders are being taken for Club Name badges We encourage all members to wear a name badge at all functions and events both at home and away. If you don’t have one or have put it somewhere safe so that you could easily find it when needed, but now can’t remember where that safe place is, please contact the Club Secretary Graham Taylor (, or 027 248 9942.

Below: Murray and Maryann returning from Dingleburn station .Stunning scenery. Photo by Maryann


OTHER EVENTS 2019 October 26–28- Mt Cook Rally, Timaru Branch October 28—Nov 2 Targa Time Trials November 2– Taieri Tour, Otago Branch November 6– Commercial Rally, Southland Branch November 9-10– Safari Weekend, South Canterbury Branch November 9-10- Arrowtown Motorcycle Rally, Southland Branch November 10– Mt Aikin Run, Waimate November 16– North Otago Swap Meet, A&P showgrounds, Ettrick St Oamaru November 16-17– All American Weekend, South Canterbury November 24– Josephville Hill Climb, Gore Branch (Evan 0276508056 ) December 7– North Otago Windsor Rally 2020 February 20-23 Art Deco Weekend HBVCC STEVE TROTT STEVE DONOVAN

March 15- Gore Swap Meet April 4– Winchester Swap Meet, Sth Canterbury May 2– Ashburton Swap Meet April 24-26 Highland Fling BOPVCC (Flyer page 18.) October 16-18 National Veteran Rally, Gore 2021 January 17-21st Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring, New Plymouth. Check all the details on the website

VCC Branches that would like any of their events noted in our magazine, please contact us with the details. Don & Lynne Yeaman ( )


CHAIRMAN'S REPORT The Spring motoring season has started with a feast of events around the provinces including our events. This year the Blossom Festival started our calendar, which was attended by more local entrants than out-of-towners. Ewen Duthie and myself decided to try a different event this year in that rather than have a long-distance travel event we kept it to Blossom Festival theme of interest which involved going on some new local roads taking in local colour and produce because this is what the Blossom festival is about. Going by the entrant's comments after, I think it was appreciated. It's amazing to realize the beauty of the area when taken through it and pointed out what we have. Who would have thought the beauty of the schist rock and thyme of Bridge Hill-Conroy's Gully would be turned onto a major subdivision twenty years ago. Neither did I until Ewen told me about a workmate of his who is part of it, so we had to investigate. This year Allan Porter and Jean Whipp were marshalls in the area because we were on private roads, still under development. We kept things under close scrutiny regarding gates and as the week before was very wet, making it very muddy, it was touch and go but all went well in the end. Another of our events was well-attended, being a trip up Lake Hawea. 25 people in all made the trip to Dingleburn Station which I went on 5 years ago as part of Model A Nationals in Wanaka. I never thought that two-wheel drive modern vehicles which included a 1978 MGBGT would have enough clearance to muster this including deepish Fords but they loved it. Proves people don't know what they are missing until they try it for themselves. Well done, they are still talking about it. Thanks Graham Taylor for a great day. Our lease renewal was meant to be submitted to the Council by the Community Board in September but again was delayed by them because of overload and elections. So will be resubmitted on December 11 with the new Community Board which I hope has some understanding of our needs. They look alright on paper but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Hope to see you on the Mt. Cook run and two weeks later being 9th of November, the Haast Highway opening in 1965. The Austin 7 now owned by Ken Brown was the first public car through so they are calling it the “Austin mad dash” and that's why I will be going because seeing an Austin of that vintage in a dash is worth seeing. Finally, remember the committee meeting on the 5th of November “Guy Fawkes night” but more important is Greg Doran's birthday, so be there! Keep motoring! Murray George


Editor’s Comments As Murray said in his Chairman’s Report, “we are off to a good start of the motoring season”, and we know that these things don’t just happen. They happen because of some dedicated and hard working members who are willing to put in the effort.. In the last couple of months we have had the ‘Combined Rally’ organized by John & Wendy Martin, ‘Daffodil Day’ run by our area reps, ‘Blossom Festival’ organized by Murray, Maryann, Ewen, Allan and team and apparently a great Sunday run to Dingleburn Station by Graham Taylor (which we unfortunately couldn’t attend). I would like to express my appreciation to all those people and their teams for helping us enjoy our passion for old car motoring. I would also like to thank those who help out with reports and photos of the events, it is really appreciated. Last month’s Club night was quite interesting. Graham Taylor brought along a homebuilt “Trials” car that he has been helping a young lad, Liam from Dunedin, build. Graham explained how Liam became interested in doing the project and how they had progressed up to this stage mainly using old discarded parts, a bit of on the spot ingenuity and a fair amount of trial and error. It may not be pretty but it works and a young lad is learning and enjoying. Good on you!! A few reminders now, we have a few runs coming up ie: Mt Cook and Knights Point – Jacksons Bay. These should be great runs so please be sure to contact Graham if you are interested in attending. Also a reminder regarding volunteers to assist as mentioned in last month’s newsletter. Please get in touch with the following people if you can help out. 1) Swapmeet sub- committee: to come up with a fresh event and timing, possibly to tag on to an existing sympathetic event to get the best results. People are invited from our membership to assist our parts conveners. Please contact Roger Healy (442 0861)or any committee member if you can help. 2) Golden Times Rally (Autumn Festival): we need some volunteers to assist with the organizing and running of this event for 2020. This is your chance to get involved in one of our most popular events. Please contact Club Captain Alister Stewart (442 1146) Don’t wait, do it now. 3) Classic Racing at Highlands Park April 2020; volunteers are needed to assist in this event. Please contact Greg Doran (027 221 6105) for details. We recently had some additions to our Spare Parts Dept. with donations of Morris Minor and Model T parts by Paul Crump and also a variety of general parts donated by Club Patron, John Loudon. Thanks guys, much appreciated. On a final note, we have our Christmas function coming up in December and we have two trophies to present. The details of these is outlined on page 14. Cheers for now. Don


Blossom Festival Rally 28th September 2019 Leaving home around 8.30 (the navigator was running a bit late) in slightly dodgy looking weather we got to the clubrooms about a quarter past nine, having fuelled up on the way. It was a bright sunny day in Cromwell with a few cars in the car park when we arrived, including a couple of South Canterbury Morris 8s that had been trailered down behind camper vans with the owners staying in our yard. By the time we had had morning tea and a rally briefing the yard was full with cars including a large veteran Studebaker, Hillman Imp, Chevrolet Impala and three Model A Ford Coupes. Traffic was moving reasonably quickly as we headed off through the gorge to Alexandra where those entering the parade assembled in Enterprise Street. Those with spare seats then offered a ride to members of an Alexandra special needs group who get a real kick out of being part of the parade. After lunch and a quick look around the festival exhibits we headed off on the rally proper, heading south over the bridge and into the Earnscleugh Valley before taking a left turn up toward the hills. We eventually entered a private road up through a new development, with excellent views over the surrounding area, before going down the other side to rejoin a public road. The route then took us along the edge of the valley, passing several orchards in full bloom and down past the Clyde dam then back to Cromwell via Clyde township. We then travelled out to Bannockburn taking in the view from the hills above Akarua Vineyard in Cairnmuir Road and a side trip past the Felton Road vineyards before returning to the clubrooms for afternoon tea and prize-giving.

There were 30 cars entered, down slightly on last year, but this was to be expected given the good support from the southern branches (Gore, Southland and South Otago) for the recent combined rally. The good news was a much better turn out from our own members. All those I spoke to enjoyed the day of motoring and catching up at the clubrooms and over the evening meal at the Vic. The only casualties I heard of were John & Mary Tremaine with a broken front hub (A replacement was quickly delivered by ex Chairman Bill Crooks) and past Secretary Murray Pryde whose Model T started making nasty noises in protest at the slow speed of the parade (I hope it isn’t too serious). Thanks to Murray George and his team of helpers for an enjoyable day. Noel Hassed


A few samples of the Blossom Festival Rally. Photos by Lynne & Graham

Dingleburn Station Run. Photos by Maryann

The worker


Dingleburn Station Sunday Run The trip to the Dingleburn was a success, the Mead family hosted us on the road north of the yards ( so the Timaru Creek trip was extended), beautiful day. Everyone followed the sign which was issued by the Health and Safety dept, which resulted in all cars returning, a matter of interpretation I think. There was a Green MGB , which presumably returned after lunch at the Silver Island bay, (no obvious change in the Lake level) then on to the Station yards where there was a chassis of a veteran Dennis Truck . We had two Chevrolet Sedans, a very tidy Toyota Hilux Ute, my faithful HJ 60, a red car, Mazda I presume, two silver SUV’s BMW and Toyota, Model A Tourer, Holden EH Premier, and one or two others. 25 people all up, but as I have said no reports of anyone missing. Lewis McGregor took some video of the cars going around the Dingleburn Bluff, Mary- Anne took lots of photos but she said that it was hard to get them right, and I had my camera too but left the memory card behind. Any trip up that road is memorable, It was Murray Pryde’s first time too, and he’s been almost everywhere! Graham


1957 Berkeley EV Conversion Why convert a small Classic 1957 Sports Car to EV, Why not? What started as curiosity and an investigation in to the ‘possibility” of converting a Berkeley to EV became a bit of a challenge to see if I could. The Berkeley would not be the logical car for such a project being so small but that’s what I had. It was my second Berkeley restoration having previously restored a Berkeley SE328 with its original 328ccc Excelsior Talisman engine 4 years earlier. I had a family association with these cars as my older brother, since passed away, had bought the first one in 1967 while at High School, and this one in 1972 while serving in the Airforce. They had both been last road registered in 1988 and in storage since then. The mechanical side of the conversion was relatively straight forward being a chain driven front wheel drive vehicle. However due to the size of the sprocket on the diff being relatively small compared with the performance of the electric motor it required a lay shaft to reduce the ratio. An issue with conversions is weight of batteries, the car after conversion should not exceed the weight of the original vehicle. This Berkeley had already in its unknown distant past had a steel full chassis installed, the original cars being only monocoque construction, aluminium panels and fibre glass body moulding. This extra strength allowed it to comply and carry the extra weight together with slightly stronger rear shocks as most batteries are in the rear. Fitting the 27 X 3.6V , 90 Ah Lithium Ion batteries was a challenge. I ended up with 3 packs, 10 in the engine bay where the original fuel tank sat, 7 in the dickie seat/ spare wheel area behind the seat and 10 in the boot. Feeding the 75mm heavy duty cable between packs through the car and to the controller and motor was awkward to say the least. Each battery pack is controlled by a Battery Measurement unit which feed to the Battery Management System which is controlled by the controller. Cat 5 electronic wires have to be fed through the car between these units. Battery Management is the key to EV vehicles. The need to have even charging and discharge as the batteries are in series. Giving around 100V and over 300 amps draw at full load, you don’t want to get things wrong. The BMS is connected to a data logger which gives a constant recording of the batteries when in operation, both when being charged and when the car is running so you can go back and see how the batteries have performed at various speeds and loads. This data can be down loaded to a lap top, analysed and graphed. Without this provision I don’t know how you would monitor battery performance. I’m no “techno” , I’m just a builder, but have been fortunate to have had the support of Iain Jerrett of Motive Force/Astara Technologies who sold me the batteries and controller second hand as he had had them in a high performance EV Road bike. He supplied me with the wiring diagram and the rest we did by face time on my phone as Iain lives in Waikanae north of Wellington. He also built and supplied the BMS ( Battery Management System) the technology which is way above me, green to green and red to red is about my limit. Whether this is the ideal set up for this car I’m not sure but car size limited battery numbers and the motor and controller where available. Build with what you’ve got.


There is ‘currently’ (joke) a lot of interest in EV conversions, and particularly older classic cars where older engineering can be frustrating. The performance of electric and its simplicity (when built and operational ) is a real bonus. Have a look at the’ EVWest’ web site for some fun stuff. The performance is quite outstanding compared to the original configuration. The downside is distance which is certainly compromised, not being able to just throw in a few more gallons, instead having to stop and re-charge. You have to watch the “pack Level” to be sure you can get home. To be honest it’s not cheap, but that’s not unusual in car restoration, who ever really ‘owns up’ to the costs. Fun tho!!


Motor HPEVS AC 20

- 10HP continuous, 50HP Peak

Controller Curtis 1238 – 7501 Batteries 27 X LiFePo4 Winston/Thundersky 90 AH Cells Charger Zivan with BMS interface - Charge rate 9.6 amps @100v

“GO ON, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO ” Laurie Stanton


Club Trophies Our Central Otago branch has two trophies available to be presented each year. To be eligible, bring your “Pride and Joy” along to the Club Christmas function.

Tapper Trophy Rules 

Must be a current financial member of the Central Otago Branch VCC.

Vehicle must be registered and have a current WOF

There is no objection to modification from original in the interest of safety. Eg: Brakes, lights, indicators, etc.

Judging by Chairman and other committee members.

When judging, due regard should be extended to owner supplied details of work done by the owner as against a professional restoration.

Can be won only once, but can be entered two consecutive years if not successful.

Rules to be published in Puff’n Stuff two months before presentation date.

Loudon Trophy This trophy is Members Choice, voted on by those members present on the day.


The Blue Wonder During some recent travel through Germany we arrived and stayed a few days in the city of Stuttgart home of Mercedes-Benz. Housed in a large building I came across the “Blue Wonder” the legendary blue racing car carrier. Roughly 7 meters long and 2 meters wide and high. Unique and with royal-blue paintwork. With the engine from a 300 SL sports car, the racing car carrier reaches a top speed of up to 170km/h - at least it did in the 1950’s when the Blue Wonder was born. The racing car carrier was built in 1954 to serve as a high speed transporter designed to move a racing car back and forth between Stuttgart and the racetrack. It accompanied the Mercedes-Benz team on nine victories and twelve Formula One races. In fact, the admiration for the once innovative and elegant transport solution was often greater than that for the racing car itself. The blue racing car carrier was both first and the fastest. The Blue-Wonder from Mercedes-Benz contributed to the racing teams’ victories. But all that was not enough when Mercedes-Benz with drew from Formula One in 1955 the blue racing car carrier disappeared around two years later, ultimately winding up in the scrapyard - which later proved to be a mistake. “The rebuilding of the blue racing car carrier” It took seven years and 6,000 hours of work from 2001 to rebuild the blue racing car carrier. But no drawings or instructions were maintained. A technical data sheet and a few photos were all that remained. With the help of historical witnesses, Mercedes-Benz succeeded in bringing the Blue Wonder back to life. However, with a few changes. The maximum power of the workhorse’s fuel injection engine has been reduced to 192 hp - in contrast, a six cylinder engine delivers around 240hp. The drivers cab is reminiscent of a Mercedes-Benz Ponton 180 car. However the X shaped frame and the chrome-plated bumper resemble the original model - as does the royal blue colour. Murray Jenkinson A distraught senior citizen phoned her doctor's office. "Is it true," she wanted to know, "that the medication you prescribed has to be taken for the rest of my life?" Yes, I'm afraid so," the doctor told her. There was a moment of silence before the senior lady replied, "I'm wondering, then, just how serious is my condition because this prescription is marked 'NO REFILLS'


The Blue Wonder by Mercedes Benz Photos by Murray Jenkinson


VCC FACEBOOK PAGE The Vintage Car Club's facebook page is now two years old and has over 1500 followers. It has interesting stories, posts on events and photos of vintage and classic vehicle activities from around New Zealand and the world. One of the photo posts on the last Irishman Rally achieved a reach of 8,253 people.

1) For those who already have a facebook account: Go to the VCC facebook page and LIKE it. Posts will then appear in YOUR facebook stream and you can share them with your friends 2) For those who don’t have a facebook page or don’t want to set up an account: type in the link below and then save it in bookmarks in your internet browser. You will then have easy access to the page whenever you want to see the latest posts. To access the Club facebook page go to: vintagecarclubofnewzealand/ or type Vintage Car Club of New Zealand into facebook search. Our facebook page includes notifications of upcoming events but it’s not a buy, sell and exchange page. There are other avenues for that information. It would be great if you could email us pictures and include a couple of words about the photo from your Branch events or rallies you are attending around the country. These provide content of interest for enthusiasts around the world. Send pictures and stories to: Thank you for your support VCC Facebook team email:



ART DECO WEEKEND 2020 A SPECIAL INVITATION FROM HBVCC Come to Napier and join the HBVCC for Art Deco Weekend 2020 from February 20th 23rd. Kindly sponsored again this year by Euro City Ltd In 2020 the Featured Group will be an A-Z of Motor Vehicles. We are aiming to have a motor vehicle representing each letter of the alphabet. This may be a make or model. There will be a mixture of cars, commercials and motorcycles. Also we expect a mix of veterans, vintage and PV’s… manufactured in UK, Europe and USA. We currently have several cars coming in 2020 that have not been to ADW before. These include NZ’s second Duesenberg, our first L29 Cord, and a Stutz to name a few. We are still looking for a “Napier” vehicle to represent the letter “N”. I am also trying to find the owner of the Willys Knight roadster circa 1929-31 era that has the unusual paint design on the doors. We would also like to get leads on vehicles or vehicle models starting with letters Q, U, X, Y, Z. Please email any leads or ideas to asap. For 2020 the annual rally is again on Friday and we plan to have a touring run plus a picnic lunch at a great lunch venue. On Saturday we will have the morning tea and car show and popular choice at the HBVCC clubrooms, followed by the grand parade. Sunday events include a breakfast surprise at the HBVCC clubrooms and the Gatsby picnic in the afternoon. There are many other ADT events to choose from on Friday and Saturday nights. Come and join the other 180 plus club eligible vehicles we expect to enter the 2020 Event. Go to the HBVCC website for an Entry Form. ( Entry forms for 2020 are available now. Accommodation in Napier is already filling up for Art Deco Weekend so book now to avoid disappointment. We suggest you plan to arrive in Napier on Thursday 20th so you can attend the Dinner at the Clubrooms that evening. We have prizes for the best dressed couples again this year. Contacts: STEVE TROTT STEVE DONOVAN



Parts Dept. The Parts Department is the place to go if you are looking for that electrical and related bits; points, condensers, spark plugs, distributor caps including some magneto caps, and that is only part of two shelves. A lot of this is NOS . At the working bee the floor in the tunnel barn has been cleared, there are quite a few bits for Triumph 2000 s and Hillman hunters including instruments Carburettors manifolds, steering racks, also quite a lot of BMC stuff. There are filters, fanbelts, gaskets, motors, gearboxes, new speedo conversion drives ie mph to KPH make your car 20% faster!

Puff N Stuff DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENT RATES From June 2017 Full Page $300.00 Half Page $ 150,00 Quarter Page $ 75.00 Contact the Ed for info.





For Sale Wanted I am currently the new owner of a 1926 Chrysler B-70 which I am trying to source information about. If anyone can assist with contacts, workshop manual and information I would most appreciate it. Dave Kendall 0223 156 001 or 8/19

The stickers are now available to COVCC members Let others know which Branch you belong to at events away from home. These are produced locally and are made of high quality vinyl. They are external stickers and go on the outside of the windscreen or on the body-work. (They are easily removed with a hair-dryer.) Cost $1.50 each. (A small profit goes to our club.)


Watch Repairs



Level 2 O’Connells Pavillion Queenstown 027 217 0442 5-14

Graham Taylor Mechanical Ltd 114 Shortcut Road, Luggate. 443 1416 027 248 9942 MAXXIS TYRES -- MIXTECH BATTERIES — SPAREX AG PARTS


Return Address: 10 Clan Mac Road, RD2, Wanaka, 9382


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Central Otago VCC - October 2019