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March 2019 Issue: 344

Puff ‘n Stuff Central Otago Branch, Vintage Car Club of NZ Inc


Front Cover: Creeksyde Holiday Park,March Sunday Run. (photo by Maryann & Murray) Back Cover: Triumph Stags at Millers Flat (photo Mel & John Wilson)

Club nights: Second Wednesday of Month. 8pm Clubrooms / Parts Shed: Litany Street, Cromwell.

Minutes of the last Committee Meeting The minutes of the last committee meeting are displayed on the bulletin board in the Club rooms. Please read them.

Next Committee Meeting The next committee meeting will be 1 May 2019 at 7:30pm in the Club Rooms. All club members are welcome to attend.

NOTICES 10 April — Club Night— 8 pm. Technical evening, so bring along any questions or problems and Graham will answer them. 27 April — GOLDEN TIMES RALLY. Please see the details and entry form on page 12 & 13 April Sunday Run — There will be no Sunday Run for April due to the Golden Times Rally on 27 April All British Day — Due to the difficulty of working this event around other events, it was decided to leave it out for this year. Get your vehicle entries in now for the COVCC Golden Times Rally and for the Wheels at Wanaka .

Copy deadline for next edition FIVE days after meeting day. Stories and photos unable to be used in next edition will be saved for later editions. The opinions and information presented in this newsletter are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of the club or its officers. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of information or opinions expressed.




Partner: Phone: E-Mail: Murray George Mary Anne 0274333321

Chairman: Past Chairman:

Bill Crooks


442 0255

Vice Chairman:

Graham Taylor


443 1416


Murray Pryde


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Karelan Doran


442 0962

Club Captain: Committee:

Noel Hassed, Greg Doran, John Martin, Roger Healy, Maureen Johnson. George Page,

442 3908, 442 0962 , 445 0598, 442 0861, 0223533910 442 1869

Club Rooms / Yard: Roddy Maxwell

Yvonne 445 0682

Social Conv.: Maureen Johnson 0223533910 Parts Conv.: Roger Healy Kay 442 0861 Alister Stewart Mary 442 1146 John Loudon Sheila 448 7192 Noel Hassed Bernice 442 3908 Editor:

Don & Lynne Yeaman

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Magazine printers and distributors: Greg and Karelan Doran Idle Torque: Librarian:

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Alister Stewart , Mary John Loudon Sheila John Martin Wendy Graham Taylor Cheryl

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Bar Manager: Charlie Storey Helen 445 3181 Rally Conveners: Blossom Festival; Murray George, Ewen Duthie. National Day Co-Ordinator: Graham Taylor Golden Times: Greg Doran , Noel Hassad Moped Rally: John Martin


EVENTS CALLENDAR Please take care to read and copy to your diary! COVCC EVENTS 2019 April 27th

Arrowtown Autumn Festival, Golden Times Rally ( details and entry form on pages 12 and 13) May 11th Sunday run to Omarama ( Murray George ) June 1st The Queens Birthday run to the West Coast. June 12th AGM August 17-18th -Combined Rally Central Otago. John Martin August 25th - Daffodil Rally to raise funds and awareness for the Cancer Society. September 28th Blossom Rally Left: Mt. Somers General Store en route to Greymouth.

Below: March Sunday Run Lunch at lake Hayes.( photo Maureen Johnson)


———————————————————————————————————OTHER EVENTS 2019 April 6 South Canterbury Swap Meet April 12-14 Otago Rally April 19-22 South Island Easter Rally—Ashburton Branch April 20-21st Wheels at Wanaka (see page 15 ) May 4 Ashburton Swap Meet May 6th-13 Vintage and Veteran Tour, Ashburton to Hanmer Springs by way of Haast. Expressions of interest to Diane Ross (03 308 2356 August 16-17 National AGM — Greymouth October National Veteran Rally — South Canterbury, Timaru 2020 October 16-18 National Veteran Rally, Gore 2021 January 17-21st Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring, New Plymouth. Check all the details on the website

Right: Lake Hawea on the way home from Greymouth. It doesn’t get much better than this.

VCC Branches that would like any of their events noted in our magazine, please contact us with the details. Don & Lynne Yeaman ( )


Chairman’s Report There will be no Chairman’s report for this month.

Moped Rally We held the Annual Moped Rally on Sunday 24th March 2019. Everyone met at Tarras at 10am, most people went into the Café and had a coffee once they had unloaded their bikes, some had been up at 5am to arrive at Tarras by 10. Twenty six keen Moped and Scooter riders plus 3 lady support crew came from Christchurch, Geraldine, Oamaru, Balclutha, Wanaka, Queenstown, Gore and Dunedin. One lady rider. The instructions took us round Ardgour Road out to the main road then to Maori Point Road, where our first place of interest was at Wayne Marsh’s place. Wayne has a great big shed with MG’s, this is a lovely property and we had our box lunch there. From here we when down Maori Point Road to Bell Lane, heading back towards Tarras. Next place of interest was Mr Parcells place — lots of treasures here, tractors, farm equipment and a different selection of cars. Heading back to Tarras for another coffee and away home. The weather was perfect, no wind. Thanks John & Wendy Martin Photo by John & Wendy which they titled “Old bikes and old blokes”.


National Motorcycle Rally Blenheim John and I headed away to Blenheim for the National Vintage Motorcycle Rally, we took the 1950 BSA Golden Flash with the side chair on the trailer. We left Cromwell on Thursday 14th February and stayed in Christchurch for the night. Friday we drove to Blenheim passing through Kaikoura. We met at the Conference Centre for the meet and greet. There was a total of 190 registered motorcycles. Saturday we met at the clubrooms, received our rally instructions and away we went. We did a tour around Blenheim then through vineyards, arriving at Havelock where we stopped for petrol, then headed off through Queen Charlotte Sound to Picton. What a great road on a bike. An enjoyable boxed lunch was had at Tuamarina School between Picton and Blenheim. The day was very hot as we set off again to see more of the surrounding areas of Blenheim. Dinner was at the Conference Centre. The next day we met at the clubrooms then away to Omaka for a public display and 4 field tests which turned into only 1 as they were a little concerned that we could set fire to the extremely dry grass as this was a very hot day with little shade. John and I went through the World War 1 Museum. There was a good crowd looking at the bikes during the day. Sunday night was the Prize- giving dinner. It was a great weekend meeting up with friends that we haven’t seen for a while. On Monday we left Blenheim and arrived in Kaikoura and stayed with Terry and Lynn Meadows, ex COVCC members. It was great to catch up with them. Tuesday we decided to stop off in Hanmer Springs for the night then onto Lincoln on Wednesday. Thursday we stayed in Timaru for the night and home on Friday. It’s been four years since we hosted the Motorcycle Rally in Cromwell and some of the bikers still have fond memories of it. Cheers Wendy Martin


Editors Comments Our guest speaker last club night was Robert Duncan who gave us a very interesting talk on his last visit to the USA. Included were some very interesting insights into the Amish way of life. He also gave us a quick look at his next project, a very rare Chrysler. This is an advance warning that we have our AGM coming up in June and this is the perfect time to start thinking about what you would like to see happening in the club and who you would like to see in the various offices. Just because a position has not been vacated, it doesn’t mean you can’t elect someone new. The MG Rally and the Alvis Rally were apparently a great success, we will hopefully have some reports on these in next months Puff’n Stuff. I am going to use the remainder of this page for a few photos of the scenicland rally. Cheers for now. Don Right: Not again? Below: That rope looks shorter as the kms per hour increase.

Below left and right: The logistics of turning about 40 cars around on a road we shouldn’t be on.


Sunday Run 17 March 2019 This month’s Sunday run was organized by Greg and Karelan Doran. Lynne and I were away to Greymouth so were unable to attend but by all the remarks that we have heard and from the photos that have been sent in to us, it was a very enjoyable day. Everyone met at Lake Hayes for a picnic lunch and then off to Creeksyde, a very unique Holiday park run by Toni and Erna Spykerbosch. This was followed by afternoon tea in Arrowtown. We’ll let the photos tell the story. Don

Below: Herb and Angus obviously up to no good. (photos Murray and Maryann)


Scenicland Rally 2019 Lynne and I were the only COVCC entrants to the Rally so we duly packed up the wee TR2 (can only take one small bag each) and headed off late morning on Thursday 14 March. We had the top down and bundled up warm as it was cool and cloudy. We had lunch at Omarama and then carried on towards Mt. Somers. We struck some drizzle from Burkes Pass through to almost Geraldine when it stopped raining for a bit so we finally gave up and put the top up. We then carried on to Mt. Somers where we spent the night. The next morning there was no rain but we left the top up as it was supposed to be raining on the West Coast, one forcast said “tons of it”. All was well until we were not quite half way between Springfield and Arthurs Pass township and the TR started to splutter and die. After about 5 minutes of gazing forlornly at the motor and fiddling with anything I could fiddle with, I started it again and it ran ok. Off we went again only to have the same thing occur about 2 km further on. After checking it out again I said to Lynne that it sounds like a fuel problem but I don’t know what is causing it. At this point a good Samaritan ( in a vintage car of course ) pulled in behind us and as luck would have it, he was a retired mechanic. He then checked the front carburettor and said that there was no petrol in it, so we checked the mechanical fuel pump, it was ok. We checked the fuel lines and they appeared ok so he said that he would tow me with his Hillman to Arthurs Pass township and we might be able to get it looked at there. I had a long tow rope but he wanted to use his stretchy one ( dang that rope was short ) and away we went and the next thing I know we are doing about 90k’s per hour and that rope looked shorter than ever. On reaching Arthurs Pass township we all decided that we probably would have a better chance of getting something done at Greymouth so Alistair Day ( the good Samaritan ) insisted on towing us to the top of the pass and we could then freewheel down the other side and he would pick us up at the bottom and tow us into Greymouth. So somewhere not far above the viaduct we unhooked the cars. What a relief to not see the rear bumper of that Hillman about 2.5 meters in front of me. It was decided to use the motor as well as the brakes to control our descent and as I needed the wipers on, I needed to have the key on. Off we went and safely negotiated the trip down. When we reached the bottom I said to Lynne “the motor is running nicely again” so we carried on for another km just to make sure. Alistair pulled in behind us and we decided to carry on under our own steam to our motel and Alistair would follow us. At our motel when Alistair finally caught up with us, it was decided that there was no point in getting a garage to check it out as it was running well again. We finished checking in and I went to start the TR to move it to our room and guess what, dead battery. The motel owner took me and my dead battery to a battery shop to have it checked and was informed “ battery is pretty old and pretty buggered”. $185 later the car started like a charm and no that was not the original problem, that was definitely fuel related. On Saturday morning we were up and away by 8:00am to pick up our rally info and get our little pep talk (it was still raining ). We were off on the rally shortly after 9:00am and the first stop was about 8.3 miles down the road to see and open cast gold mine. We only stopped for about 5 minutes before we The worker decided to carry on ( it was still raining ). A mile down the road we came to


where the directions said “ gravel starts” and then shortly after there was a “Y” in the road and the right hand branch had a locked gate so we naturally went up the left side. The road became narrower and rougher as we went along and we soon caught up with a few other vehicles. We stopped twice and debated about turning around but by this stage the road was one lane only and there were still cars coming in behind us with no room to pass any that we might meet ( and it was still raining ). We slowly carried on as the track continued to deteriorate to two muddy tracks with a high ridge in the centre with numerous rocks . I hit about 5 or 6 of them even though I tried to keep one set of wheels on the centre ridge so as not to get hung up. The mud holes were getting bigger ( it was still raining ) and finally everyone in front of us stopped. After slogging through wet grass and mud we met some of the drivers walking in our direction who said “we’ve run out of road, the track ends and there is no place to turn around”. We all did a quick evaluation and decided that we need to go back out the way we came in, however we can’t back out down this track. How do you turn approximately 40 cars around when they are lined up nose to tail and no place to turn? Well about 3/4 of an hour later we achieved the impossible and we had all the cars facing out (it was still raining ). We slowly made our way out and finally found the morning tea stop. It turned out that “someone” was late at turning up to unlock the gate and we had all ended up on a forestry track meant for 4WD vehicles only. Lunch stop was next just down the road at Kumara Racecourse, inside of course ( it was still raining ). The field trials were to take place here but we skipped them as we can’t throw a ball or quoits with the top up ( it was still raining ). The next stage was more gravel roads and as we were getting a bit wary of these we asked a some locals how to get to our next destination without going on the designated gravel. Off we went accompanied by a Mercedes and guess what, another rough gravel road. We came off this road again back at Kumara where we had a coffee and waited for the ones on the true rally to catch up. We then all headed back to Greymouth for the final destination, a tour through The Gold Shed ( it was still raining). We were met there by one of the organizers only to be told that the owner was away and that he had someone jacked up to take his place but they didn’t show up. So off we went and filled up with petrol and went back to our motel to get ready for the evening meal and prizegiving at Shantytown ( it quit raining ). The meal and prizegiving were spot on, ran smooth as clockwork and the food was great. Next day we put the top down ( to dry out ) and headed for home. Great trip home, arrived about 5:00pm with no further problems. This is a true and accurate portrayal of events, leaving out just a few of the more mundane parts. You will find photographic evidence of our escapade throughout the newsletter. Cheers Don & Lynne

P.S. This rain pales in comparison to what the West Coast has had to put up with the past couple of days. ( Editor: 27 March 2019 )


ARROWTOWN 2019 Golden Times Rally

Saturday 27th April 2019 The Central Otago Vintage Car Club invites you to join the Autumn Festival in Arrowtown and to take part in our annual Golden Times Rally. As usual the Rally will have a strong emphasis on a relaxed social time with the chance to drive through some of the country’s best scenery. Period Dress to the era of your car is encouraged. There will be awards for your participation. Rally entrants will meet in the main street of Arrowtown, where the cars will be displayed from 8.30 am (access down Wiltshire Street). Morning tea will be from 9:00 am on the Main Street Green. Rally packs will be distributed there. Cars will depart from the main street starting point at one minute intervals from 10:15am finishing at the lunch venue. Lunch will not be supplied and so you will need to bring a picnic lunch. After lunch (or after the parade, for those taking part) you can proceed in your own time to Cromwell taking in some festival activities or visiting some of the following points of interest on the away. Gibbston Tavern, Gibbston Valley Wineries, Highlands Cafe Bar (great views of the track) or grab some fruit at any of the Cromwell Orchards.

Parade: The Autumn Festival Committee have notified us requiring to limit the number of vehicles in the Festival Parade to 20. On the entry form there is an option, to participate in the parade or not. On this basis the first 20 entrants wishing to go in the parade will get the spot. The vehicles in the parade will need to report to Autumn Festival helpers on Wilcox Green by 1.20pm. Afternoon Tea & Prize Giving: Will be held at 4.00 pm in our clubrooms at Litany Street in Cromwell (about a 45 minute drive from Arrowtown). The clubrooms will be open from 3.30pm. With this in mind out of town entrants may wish to book accommodation in Cromwell. Closing Date for entries is the 15th April 2019 Enquiries:

Greg Doran Email: Home: (03) 442 0962 Cell: 027 221 6105

Noel Hassed (03) 442 3908 027 291 5654


Central Otago Branch’s Golden Times Rally Saturday 27 April 2019 Entry Form Entrants Name: ....................................…………………………………………………………………………….. Address: ......................................……………………………………………................................................. Phone and Email: …………………………………………...… Membership Number: ...……………..........


Branch: ...................................................

Vehicle Make, Model : ............................................. Year: ................……………………………......... Registration No.: ................................ Vehicle Class: (Please circle)




PWV P60 Motorcycle


Do you wish to take part in the Autumn Festival Parade: Yes No

Costs: Rally entry @$ 35.00 (Includes morning & afternoon tea for Driver and Navigator &rally plaque)


Additional adults (School age children free)


......... people

@ $10.00 ea

Total $ ………………. Entries close: 15th April Cheques payable to the Central Otago Vintage Car Club or to Bank a/c 06 0921 0035742 01 with your name as reference. All Correspondence to Rally organiser: Karelan Doran. Email: 101 Morven Ferry Road, Arrow Junction, 9371.

Phone 027 274 3361

Note: Local Members please bring a plate for morning tea. The rally will be non competitive with the usual strong emphasis on providing participant with an opportunity to enjoy the local countryside and each others company. The Road Code to be observed and all entrants are reminded to allow faster traffic to pass where this can be done safely. It is the drivers’ responsibility to ensure their vehicle complies with applicable vehicle and safety regulations. (Warrant of Fitness, Registration etc.)


Dunback All British Day Sunday March 10 the Prydes and the Yeamans, in Jaguar XK150 and Triumph TR2 respectively, left Wanaka with tops down heading for Dunback. Morning coffee at Lauder and then back on the road reaching Dunback around noon. Great drive with only a light mist for the last 15 minutes. There was possibly 75 to 100 cars attending. Cars from the Rootes Group were the featured vehicles but there was a good representation across all the British marques although Jags outnumbered the others. At the prize giving both the XK150 and the TR2 received an award and people’s choice went to a very nicely restored Morris Minor Pickup. Although the weather at Dunback was overcast with a few light hearted attempts at mist, it was a great day. The trip home was good with three of us in tandem this time, the XK150 then an XK120 and the TR2 playing tail-end-Charlie. The weather improved as we got further inland and it proved to be a great afternoon drive. The XK120 left us at Ophir and we carried on to tea at Luggate and then home.



For Sale 1964 MK !! DAIMLER Full engine & parts (250 V8) Full interior, door cards, seats, wood trim, dash and gauges. Full body (dismantled) Motor gasket kits (new) Phone ; Phil 027 660 3859 Anita 021 062 5691



Parts Dept. The Parts Department is the place to go if you are looking for that electrical and related bits; points, condensers, spark plugs, distributor caps including some magneto caps, and that is only part of two shelves. A lot of this is NOS . At the working bee the floor in the tunnel barn has been cleared, there are quite a few bits for Triumph 2000 s and Hillman hunters including instruments Carburettors manifolds, steering racks, also quite a lot of BMC stuff. There are filters, fanbelts, gaskets, motors, gearboxes, new speedo conversion drives ie mph to KPH make your car 20% faster! We are selling a quantity of 200 universal beam (RSJ) in good condition. 3x 6m , 6x 3.1m, 4 x 3,9m $25per m or $1000.00 the lot. Build mum a clothesline.





For Sale Paul Crump (member) 03 445 0478 Paul is still clearing out some of his collection. Below are some of the items, an IH T6 and a 1937 Caterpillar RD4 (both in running order), a Classic “Starlight� Caravan and a previously advertised 1926 Model T Roadster (reconditioned motor shown below). The Model T has plenty of spare parts and pretty much just needs assembly, paint and upholstery. For more information and or photos, contact Paul (as above) or Graham Taylor 443 1416

Puff N Stuff DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENT RATES From June 2017 Full Page $300.00 Half Page $ 150,00 Quarter Page $ 75.00 Contact the Ed for info.


Watch Repairs



Level 2 O’Connells Pavillion Queenstown 027 217 0442 5-14

Graham Taylor Mechanical Ltd 114 Shortcut Road, Luggate. 443 1416 027 248 9942 MAXXIS TYRES -- MIXTECH BATTERIES — SPAREX AG PARTS


Return Address: 10 Clan Mac Road, RD2, Wanaka, 9382


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