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CAMPER Vol. 8, No. 2, Issue: 42 March/April 2019


VCT INSURANCE What You Need To Know The magazine for all vintage camper trailer collectors, restorers, admirers and dreamers.






We picked up a 62 Shasta trailer and the side looked like a kid took a stick to the side of it. It was bad. We brought the skin to Hemet Valley RV and they Made a new piece. The Bottom skin is new and the top skin was old, but they look identical. It had 6 inch lines and it turned out perfect. Thanks Guys. Great job. -Barry

What We our have customers NEW siding for your have to say about us



Five Star Plus!!! Steve and his company demonstrate what customer service should look like. Thanks so much! -Glenn I recently purchased all of the siding,trim and entry door for an 1970 11’ foot trailer that I rebuilt using only the metal frame of the original trailer. I contacted Steve at Hemet Valley RV and sent him a side view of the trailer with the dimensions on it. Steve figured out what material I needed and the amount and sent it. Everything that I needed I received in a timely fashion and it was packaged in very strong boxes...Thanks so much for the great job Steve, I have no doubt that your business will have continued success, Great Job. -Wayne M.

3 Ways to increase your trailers resale value...

1. Fix all of the leaks. 2. Repair the dents and dings and quality materials. Very fair pricing 3. Get a shiny new paintExtensive job orknowledge polished finish and quick turn around time. Steve and Tammy are always

Located in Hemet, California, we offer a wide variety of RV siding and camper siding for a variety of vintage camper trailers. Our panels and products are ideal when it comes to completing seamless repairs to siding, roofing and edging on your vehicle. Hemet Valley RV guarantees to deliver the results that you expect right to your door.



helpful. -Larry

By Ashlee Nawrocki

Born from a dream and a mission to make a sustainable difference...


remember my first time walking down the Red Light District, I was 17 living in the Himalayas. I can't explain the weight shift of an atmosphere like this other then simply it felt heavier. Row after row of bars. Hundreds of women sitting outside waiting to be “bought.” I made it my intention to look them eye to eye and smile. Looking deeper. I promise you this- if eyes are the window to the soul all I could hear was a cry out. A haunting reality that 27 million enslaved in the world today now had a face. The eyes of a Himalayan girl no older than 8 still burn in my memory. She, with a ripped up dress and dirt covered hands, looked me eye to eye. I saw brokenness, I saw her wandering mind as she was high on glue, I saw what was unfortunately the reality of many. My memory after just sitting with her speaking my broken Nepalese and many a hugs later, fades out to her running away from the other street boys who were pushing and teasing her. I should’ve done more. While now I have continued to work in

Red Light Districts as well as at risk areas throughout Asia, Africa and more recently Central America over the past 3 years. My heart has been broken and broken again. Only catalyzing my dream more and more. This brings us to the birth of the Wear Love Wagon. Born from a dream and a mission to make a sustainable difference, even if it is just for the one. Our roots always carrying a fighting pioneer spirit. The idea of a mobile boutique to create mobilization of educating every person who steps foot in the Wagon to learn of Human Trafficking and how they too can be a solution to worldwide problem. An awareness model I hope to utilize and catalyze others into cultivating their dreams. We carry with us to each event the ability to be an atmosphere shifter. Creating our own culture of redemption and movement of love. We get to be more of a showcase then a store. To show off our sisters' beautiful handmade pieces with an even more beautiful backstory. Each piece made from artisans worldwide who are survivors of human trafficking, women in at risk

situations, as well as refugee women. Early 2018- this brings us to Brooke and how her and the whole American Travelers Restoration team became a literal God send. I met Brooke on Facebook Marketplace during the time she was selling her beloved trailer, Penny. I reached out to her initially interested in turning Penny into my dream store. I felt comfortable with Brooke to tell her my hopes to make a boutique and our mission behind it, not knowing of course she restores trailers. Our Facebook Messages turned into Skype calls of her excitedly showing me a 1965 Dalton trailer that she promised would be my dream store. I’ll tell you something, Brooke is a true visionary. I had no idea what her and the team were going to do with it but she delivered a hundred fold beyond my expectations. She asked for my help with basic layout ideas, color of trailer, and wood flooring choice: and she did the rest BEAUTIFULLY! I cannot emphasize this enough. She took my wildest dream and made it beyond my wildest expectations in just 2 short months. My favorite part of this story to tell is that Brooke and I never met before the day I Continued on page 23



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www.vintagecampertrailers.com vintagecampertrailers@gmail.com Published by: Paul and Caroline Lacitinola American Trailerites The VCT Magazine is published bi-monthly January, March, May, July, September & November. She was a labor of love, I built her up from the bottom to the top, She's anything but perfect but she'd give me a ride til I wanted to stop. -The Vintage Vandals Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine is a non-denominational supporter of the vintage camper trailer hobby. We welcome all collectors, restorers, admirers and dreamers.

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Way before vintage trailers were a part of my life, road tripping was something I enjoyed immensely. Living in Northern California means that you can be at the coast, in the mountains, surrounded by redwoods, or in the high desert in a matter of hours. A long weekend, a little time behind the wheel (or handlebars of a Harley when I was younger) and you could feel like you were a million miles from home. What I was not able to do back then was to take several weeks to enjoy destinations beyond much more than a day’s drive. Time and money made the dream of a road trip across the USA difficult, if not impossible. Now we are immersed in the vintage trailering and RV hobby. We have the perfect excuse to set out on the road and see the USA! We will be logging a lot of miles on a trip this summer to Jackson Center, Ohio, but we have tried to leave time in our agenda to stop and do some camping along the way. We hope to meet new people at The Pioneer Village camp out in Minden, Nebraska or the Rally on the Range in Gillette, Wyoming. (More info on these events in the rally calendar in the back of this magazine.) Some people have also expressed an interest in joining us on our journey and traveling in a caravan. Not something we expected, but it sure would be fun! The Golden Caravan project includes the restoration of a one-of-a-kind Airstream trailer that will be featured in a documentary on a TV show called Ultimate Restorations. At the moment, the trailer is gutted and the interior is repainted. Next, we start reinstalling the refinished cabinets. We have a lot to do to be ready to leave in June! More details, photos, and our complete calendar of stops along the way at www. goldairstream.com

WE BUY Vintage Camper Trailers, Bicycles, Cars, Motorcycles and Pick-Ups. (916) 992-1427

GOLDEN CARAVAN Rescue • Restore • Road Trip • Rally

W W W. G o l da i r st r ea m . c o m www.vintagecampertrailers.com



e n i l Stream

The Smartest Trailer on the Road Two years ago I got a call from a good friend of mine, Christian, about an amazing vintage trailer for sale at the University of California, Santa Cruz. As it turns out, the University has had a trailer park on the campus since it opened in 1965. Christian calls me to tell me about this trailer he knows about for sale and he wants to get it into the vintage trailer crew. Because I restored a 1959 Shasta a few years earlier he wanted to know what to look for when considering buying. Well he sends pictures and it is a 1965 Streamline Duke. He then tells me he doesn’t have anywhere to store it and asked if I would like to talk to the owner about purchasing it. So, like any good vintage camper addict knowing it’s not on craigslist, I say absolutely. The University trailer park was a great service to the few lucky students that lived there because it was roughly 1/3 of the price per month to live compared to anywhere in Santa Cruz County. However, the University had come to the conclusion that the trailers where too old and needed 6


to be replaced with new trailers owned by the University. Up until then, the students had always owned the trailers and once a student graduated they would sell it to the next lucky student and so on. This small trailer park on Campus is tucked back in the redwoods and the trees have grown a substantial amount around these relic trailers. The redwoods have grown so much, in a few situations there is no longer a way to get the trailer out and will need to be torn apart to leave the park. Having family in Santa Cruz makes it easy to make a trip to visit. As I am talking with the current owner about selling the trailer, I am looking all around the trailer. There is a deck attached to the door side of the trailer. The redwood pine needles have taken over the roof and are sticking off the top of the trailer by about a foot. The metal is way past being oxidized, and the inside defiantly looked as if, it had been lived in by several college students! The current 18-year old owner of the trailer had no idea how

Story By Steve Morris

Photos by Jared Lehman Productions & Photography www.vintagecampertrailers.com


long it had been in its spot. Even in its current state when I dug down past the pine needles on the ground to get underneath it, I looked at the brakes and brake lines, and they looked as if they were brand new! With the massive amount of pine needles that were on and around it, the level of oxidation, and the super clean brakes and brake lines, my guess was that this trailer hardly ever saw the road, if ever. If my theory is true, then that would mean that it had a bunch of students that lived in it over decades while they were learning at university level – hence the “smartest trailer on the road”. I am still trying to find someone who has more info on exactly how long it was in its spot. My friend did talk to a few people that said the trailer had been there before they started working there 30 years ago.

I absolutely love the rustic look but I also like a more contemporary look, and my wife requested more updated amenities. So I landed on a vintage meets modern theme. Happy wife, Happy life.

Then comes the big day to pull it out of its home. My cousin Pete comes with to give me a hand. Luckily the deck had already been removed but there was still a lot to do. We had to take apart a small garden because it was in the path to get out. We had to wench it out straight because if we hooked up to it and pulled, the back end would hit a very full grown redwood tree. (Oh, and did I mention, it is raining hard during all of this.) A few hours later it is free and ready to leave. We decide to take it to Pete’s house on the other side of Santa Cruz to grease the bearings. Driving down Highway 1 doing 65 mph, I am expecting the decades of pine needles to fly off, NO LUCK. Later, the needles would need to be scraped off by hand. Once spring came, I brought it home to Truckee so I could start working on it. After restoring my 1959 Shasta and keeping it as original as possible, I decided to do this trailer a bit different. I absolutely love the rustic look but I also like a more contemporary look, and my wife requested more updated amenities. So I landed on a vintage meets modern theme. I started with demo, flooring, and paint. I then talked to a friend of mine, Eric, who owns a metal shop with a very appropriate company name (Riveted). We then templated the old faux wood wall panels 8


Steve and Penny with kids Lilly and Stella, enjoy their latest vintage trailer at Hot August Nights Vintage Trailer Revival in Reno, Nevada. Not too far from their home in Truckee, CA.

We now have an amazing trailer for our family to use and create memories for many years to come. Our goal in the next few years is to drive from California to Michigan with Duke the, “smartest trailer on the road”. (Note the rear bathroom has been re-purposed to create another sleeping space. and replaced them with a matte finish light gauge stainless. Eric then made me an amazing stainless counter top and table to match. But before we put the wall panels back in I decided re-wiring the trailer was probably the right thing to do. I then made new benches out of rough sawn cedar. Upgraded the heater, fridge, stove, and AC. During the restoration I am thinking to myself, “I really need to find time to polish the trailer.” But, between work, family, a baby due in two months and this trailer project, it’s not looking good for me to get to it. At this time I had a mountain bike I had listed for sale, and in the ad I put I was willing to trade for trailer polishing. I get a response from a great guy named, Nick. I ended up selling the bike to my neighbor but Nick asked if he could polish the trailer for cash. Nick was living in his Volkswagen bus and looking to get some cash to

get back to New Hampshire. So he ended up living in the front yard or the woods close by and we fed him, had beers with him and it was like he was part of the family for three weeks while he knocked 50+ years of oxidation off the trailer. This is a dirty and hard job, but Nick was a champ and stayed until it was done! After Nick was done I told him he could make money wherever he went polishing trailers and he said, “I will never do it again.” Restoring a vintage trailer takes a lot of time, money, and knowhow. And when you are on a time crunch and don’t have time to do everything by yourself it is good to have friends to help you out. I would like to thank a few friends and newfound friends for their help. Christian, Pete, Nick, Keith, Eric with Riveted.

I told him he could make money wherever he went polishing trailers and he said, “I will never do it again.” www.vintagecampertrailers.com


Florida Keys: After the Storm Story and Photographs by Richard Cook An article titled “Camping in the Florida Keys” by Caroline Lacitinola was published in the September-October 2017 issue of “Vintage Camper Trailers” magazine just as Hurricane Irma swept across the island chain on a northward trajectory toward This article was Florida’s mainland. submitted after Most of the islands hurricane Irma but in the Keys lost before hurricane water, sewer, and Micheal. We did electrical service. not run it at that Many businesses time in light of were destroyed, the devastating beating our friends including some of in Florida were those mentioned in getting again. With Caroline’s article. healing underway Almost every now, we wanted residence sustained to share Richards damage, either journey with you. partially, severely, or totally blown off the face of the earth, including thousands of trailers, many of them vintage.

Curious about the rebuilding of the Florida Keys, I towed my trailer there seven months after Irma’s destruction to witness the situation at trailer parks and campgrounds throughout the island chain. My first stop was Chokoloskee Island Park & Marina, a campground on the southernmost spit of inhabitable land before reaching the Ten Thousand Islands area along the western tip of Florida Bay. The manager of the campground explained that Irma’s storm surge completely washed over the property, flooding most of the trailers, including a few park models dating back to the 1960s. Following several months of clean-up work, the campground was operational again by December 2017. If you like fishing or eating seafood, Chokoloskee is a great place to visit, and Everglades City, the stone crab capital of the world, is just to the north. Best of all, the campground welcomes vintage trailers.

Having lived in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area since 1959, the Keys were oftentimes my playground, whether While touring Goodland, a working via travel trailer, airplane, sailboat, fishing village near Everglades City, mom-and-pop motel, or upscale resort. I spotted a brightly-painted vintage 10 www.vintagecampertrailers.com

trailer parked on a double residential lot with airboats and marine equipment scattered around. Jay McMillen, the owner of a marine services business, told me the trailer came with the lot when he purchased the land to store his equipment. The solidly-built metal trailer, which McMillen rents out, had no documentation when he took possession of it several years ago (no title, no registration, no bill-of-sale, no data plate stating the type of trailer). While building a house-on-stilts on the property for his family, McMillen also started the long process of getting his undocumented trailer legalized in the state of Florida, which is a title state. After lots of time, money, and research, he finally succeeded in legalizing the once-orphaned trailer. Unfortunately, Irma’s wrath flooded the interior of the rental trailer with three feet of water, leaving a layer of mud several inches thick that was still being shoveled out while I was there. The good news is that McMillen and his renter have gutted the interior in order to rebuild it, thereby extending the useful life of this mural-covered vintage trailer.

When I asked McMillen what type of trailer it was, he couldn’t remember, but said the documentation was in a safety deposit box at his bank. Fortunately, Tim Heintz, renowned vintage trailer historian, was able to solve the mystery from photographs I sent him. According to Heintz, the soon-to-be restored trailer is a 1955 Mon-O-Coach 45-footer that features an all-aluminum monocoque body. Mon-O-Coaches were built in lengths from 26 feet to 45 feet at a manufacturing plant in Louisville, Kentucky. Per Heintz, these trailers “kept a bit of flair and looked like they were moving forward even while sitting.” Mon-O-Coaches are rarely seen these days, so McMillen’s undertaking must be appreciated for the trailer’s historical value. Driving west to east across the Everglades via the Tamiami Trail, I soon reached US-1, where I turned south towards Key Largo, the easternmost residential island in the westwardslanted island chain. Because Hurricane Irma bull’s-eyed the Lower Keys (westernmost islands), I drove through the Upper Keys (easternmost islands), where the devastation wasn’t as bad, and continued to the Middle Keys, where I rented a site at The Jolly Roger RV Resort & Marina. This fullservice campground (pool, boat ramp, boat docks, tiki huts, pavilion) on the bayside of Grassy Key welcomes

1954 Spartan Manor located on Grassy Key

vintage trailers. Although Irma’s tidal surge washed across this beautiful campground, the property experienced minimal damage since management made everyone evacuate their trailers prior to the storm. The Jolly Roger’s trees, however, suffered severely, experiencing total defoliation during Irma, with not a single leaf remaining

on the gumbo limbos, nor a single palm frond hanging from the coconut palms. Fortunately, nature has a way of recovering, so by the time I visited the palms were full and the gumbo limbos were showing signs of greenery as if the storm never happened. While taking sunset photos at The Jolly Roger, I met Joe and Robin Bank from Bend, Oregon, who towed their 2016 Airstream Flying Cloud cross-country to visit the Keys. Conversation flowed easily, exposing the fact that the Banks were vintage trailerites at heart, having recently sold a 1972 Airstream Safari they used extensively for fifteen years. In 2017 the Banks took the Safari on the adventure of a lifetime by traveling with it throughout Alaska prior to selling it to buy the newer Airstream. After a threeday ferry transit from Bellingham, WA

1955 Mon-O-Coach

to Haines, AK, they towed the vintage Airstream as far north as the Top of the World Highway, a muddy road connecting Tok, AK with Dawson City, Yukon. The Banks sent me a photo of their muddied Safari to share with readers of “Vintage Camper Trailers” magazine. (Facing page.) When I asked the Banks why they traveled over 5,000 road miles to the Keys knowing the islands were still being rebuilt following a major hurricane, they had two answers. The first was simple: “Despite the devastation, the Keys were still beautiful,” which can be attested to in a sunset photo I took of their Flying Cloud silhouetted against a colorful sky and coconut palms. The second answer was more philosophical: “It’s exciting to watch the reconstruction of the Keys with everyone pitching in during the rebirth.”

Next door to The Jolly Roger on the bayside of Grassy Key is the Pelican RV Resort & Marina, a Sun Community where trailer owners take out long-term leases and live full-time. Although most sites have newer rigs, I spotted several vintage trailers in excellent condition, including a beautiful Spartan, which Tim Heintz identified as a 1954 Manor. Although the storm surge washed over this property, no visible damage was noticed as I drove through the manicured grounds. Rumor has it that management is trying to force older rigs off the premises, but office staff denied the rumor. Driving west on US-1 to Marathon, I found evidence of extensive hurricane damage at Key by the Sea, an oceanside condominium trailer community where owners purchase their sites. Almost all the trailers had been destroyed at this trailer park, replaced by 2017 and 2018 models purchased with insurance money. Though the property had been cleaned up, the canal behind the trailers still looked as if the hurricane had just come through that morning, filled with trailer debris, aluminum siding, roofing material, ripped apart docks, sunken boats, and even two entire trailers almost completely submerged in the water (no joke...see the photo below). Apparently the canal isn’t owned by the condominium association, so the owners don’t want to pay for the clean-up bill, which will be huge. Furthermore, because the canal isn’t used as a navigable waterway per U.S. Coast Guard definition, the government doesn’t seem concerned with cleaning up the storm debris. Continuing west on US-1, again on the oceanside in Marathon, I saw a trailer park that had been leveled. Occupying perhaps a dozen acres, only a handful of trailers remained, the rest of the property bulldozed flat after the debris had been hauled away. No sign remained at the Continued on page 39





The best place you can get insurance advice is from a licensed agent in the state that you reside. Vintage Trailer and RV insurance can get very confusing regarding the types of policies, coverages and valuations. In this article we will look at all the different options associated with different types of coverages, valuations and appraisal needs and which ones will benefit you best.


Tragically, the Kemps lost this, and several other classic cars and vintage trailers (along with everything else they owned) in the devastating Paradise, California Camp Fire that ravaged Northern California in 2018.

basic types of coverage for RVs/Travel Trailers: Liability, Uninsured/Underinsured & Comprehensive

by Tim Heintz

1. Liability Coverage

(RV & Trailer): This type of coverage protects you from legal liability for bodily injury and property damage you cause to others. It does not cover the injuries to you and your family and it does not cover damage to your own rig. Liability is the coverage that is legally required in almost every state for RVs (Drivable) but not for Travel Trailers that are towed. Liability coverage is required for the tow vehicle which carries over to the towable RV while driving. The Liability Coverage required varies by state and is usually expressed in the state laws as minimum coverage limits. If you only have Liability Coverage please note that state minimum coverages may not be adequate to protect you from the potential liability of an RV accident. Large RVs tend to cause more serious bodily injury and property damage, which you could be personally liable for with claims that exceed your state-required minimums.

2. Uninsured & Underinsured

Motorist Coverage (RV & Trailer): This type of coverage protects you and your passengers when someone without insurance or someone without enough insurance hits your RV. About half of the states require you to have at least Uninsured Motorist Coverage (required for motorhomes and tow vehicles, but not travel trailers). States where it is not 12


required will allow the coverage to be added to your policy as an option for an additional premium. Most people will get both coverages because the premiums are relatively low. You can get uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage for Bodily Injury and/or Property Damage. Uninsured and underinsured Motorist coverage is basically the opposite of the Liability coverage first discussed. Liability Coverage covers other people when you hit them, while uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage protects you and your family (including passengers) when someone hits you.

3. Comprehensive Coverage

(RVs): This type of coverage is typical of RVs only (drivable rigs) and covers damage to your RV not covered by Collision which can include such damage as: • Impact with an animal (including a bird) • Fire • Malicious Mischief or Vandalism • Missiles or Falling Objects • Riot or Civil Commotion • Theft or Larceny • Windstorm, Hail, Water, or Flood • Breakage of glass not caused by collision Not all policies cover all of the above, so be sure to understand what is included in your particular comprehensive policy.

What You Need

To Establish Your Trailers Value: •

Proof of the purchase price. A bill of sale or other Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork. A copy of the for sale ad.

Receipts for repairs and improvements.

Photos of everything. Interior, exterior, inside cabinets, undercarriage, roof etc. You need at least a couple of dozen photos. Once you do that, take a video of everything.

An appraisal by a recognized appraiser within the last 12 months. (More information in this article and more appraisers on our on-line classifieds.)

Comparable trailers for sale. Collect ads for similar trailers when you see them. If possible find out what they actually sold for. Although the asking price does not necessarily indicate the selling price, it is a gauge for what things are going for in the market.


This type of coverage is typically the best option for Vintage Trailers and RVs as it covers most of the previous listed items (Please be sure to check all details of your policy as each company varies) Now the question ‘How much will the insurance company pay if we have a total loss of our rig through an accident, flood, fire, etc.? This is where the actual types of policies (valuations) come into play. You will find that there are two types of total loss valuation - Market Value (Actual Cash Value), and Agreed Value

Market Value

(Actual Cash Value): Usually the basic standard among insurance companies offering RV/Travel Trailer policies. However, it means that you will be paid the actual market or cash value of your RV at the time of the loss (less the deductible). Insurance companies will use the NADA, Kelly Blue Book, or comparable market data to valuate the value of your rig pre-damage. Unfortunately, with vintage trailer/RVs there is very little correct data available and will possibly result in the insurance company making the final determination of the value of your rig, regardless of what proof you may be able to provide stating a different value.

Agreed Value This coverage is the best for vintage

camper trailers, bus conversions, custom RVs, and vintage RVs that do not have a standard market value (Blue Book). The Agreed Value is usually based on an appraisal of the rig. Appraisals should be updated every 4/5 years.


Liability Coverage covers other people when you hit them, while uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage protects you and your family (including passengers) when someone hits you. Most people will get both because the premiums are relatively low.

Liability Coverage Your vehicles policy extends to

your travel trailer while towing. While this holds true with your daily driver vehicle insured by a major carrier, it may not be true with your classic car insurance carrier. Check with your agent/broker to see what your policy covers.

Agreed Value

An upgrade option (additional premium) and the best for vintage RVs and Travel Trailers. In the case of a total loss, the insurance company will pay the Agreed Value which is exactly what it states - it's a value for your rig that you and the insurance company agreed on from the beginning with a provided professional vintage RV/Trailer appraisal. This coverage is the best for bus conversions, custom RVs, and vintage RVs/Trailers that do not have a standard market value. The Agreed Value is usually based on an appraisal of the rig. Each insurance company will vary, but some companies do not require such an appraisal to be supplied, but it is highly recommended to have an appraisal on file regardless, just in case there is any disagreement by the insurer after a claim has been filed. Such appraisals should be updated every 4/5 years. If your Agreed Value policy is $35,000 and there is a total loss, you should be paid $35,000 (less the deductible) although the current market value of the RV at the time of the loss may only be $25,000. Because this coverage puts you in better shape than just "making you whole" (It protects you from possible depreciation).

Compare Asking Selling Prices at: http://classifieds.VintageCamperTrailers.com/ www.vintagecampertrailers.com




Whats left of my 1951 Lighthouse Duplex Two Story Trailer....missing the entire 2nd floor and the entire front of the trailer :( — at Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restorations.

Whats left of my 1960 Manorette factory Prototype....it was tossed like a toy and parts are all over the facility grounds :( — at Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restorations.

Which type of coverage(s) will best serve you? It really depends, if you are trying to keep premiums as low as possible and you have the funds to cover significant damage or total loss of your rig, you could probably go with just Liability Coverage (you might even be able to add your RV (Drivable) to your auto coverage, if you go that route).

total loss, and the premiums may be a bit higher, but if a total loss would be financially difficult and you can swing the extra premium, then this type of policy is the best option to protect your vintage rig and your investment in it.

If you are trying to keep premiums low, but you still want to be covered for any damage to your RV from any cause, then you will want Liability (RV not Trailer) and Comprehensive Coverages, but you may opt for the standard Market Value/ Cash Value total loss coverage. However, if you go this route you must understand that the insurance company will likely use NADA, KBB, and/or their own determination for the value of the rig after a claim is filed with the possibility of deducting value due to age of the trailer (depreciation) regardless of the initial pre-claim policy value.

Professional Vintage Trailer Appraisal: As previously mentioned, an ‘Agreed Upon’ policy will most likely require a professional vintage trailer appraisal and if it is not a requirement it is still a good idea to have one done and dated before a potential claim happens. Our company Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restoration is one of the few sources for such an appraisal. Our process is very simple and can even be done based on detailed photos sent by email which allows us to offer our services to any part of the US, Canada, and Europe. For more information about our appraisal services send an email to HeintzDesigns@aol.com

If you care more about being able to replace your vintage RV/ Trailer in the case of a total loss, and you don't have the funds to make up the difference after a Market Value payout, you will probably want Liability, and Comprehensive Coverages with Agreed Value Coverage. The risk may be relatively low for a

Tim Heintz CEO Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restorations Panama City, Florida www.HeintzDesigns.com 850.481.8339




Chandler McCallum, senior manager of specialty insurance at Hagerty, said the company is close to launching coverage for vintage trailers in California and Washington, with coverage in other states to follow. "Like our collector car program, our vintage trailer insurance will offer Guaranteed Value physical coverage, meaning that in the event of a covered total loss, you receive every cent of your trailer's insured value. No depreciation, no hassle." NO appraisal required to purchase a policy. Hagerty vintage trailer policies also will include liability coverage for damage incurred at campsites and to frequently damaged items like awnings. "Also, like our collector car program, any claims are handled in-house by our expert claims team, providing dedicated and efficient service and giving you the choice of where to take your trailer for service - we'll even pay you to do the repairs yourself," McCallum said. For more information on the Hagerty vintage trailer program, call 1-877-922-9701.

1959 Shasta Deluxe 19' Paul and Caroline Lacitinola Prepared for: OLA PAUL LACITIN

6:30 PM 01/31/2019 01/31/2019 33683669  

PO Box

Salem, 3199 ● Winston

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99 NC 27102-31

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All household resid ents who operate the vehicles desc interest in any of ribed in the appl these vehicles and ication, all oper any other

ators that have an regular operator ……………… of these vehicles ownership ……………… are listed below. ……………… Paul Lacitinola ……………… birth ……Date Sex ……of…… ………… Marital status License status: Valid ……………… Aug 13, 1964 ……………… ………………Relationship Male Principal vehicle: Marr …………….. ied 1959 Shas Name

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License Number

Paul Lacitinola

icle(s) Insured Veh Vehicle Veh# 19 1 1959 Shasta Coverages Vehicle-Level Coverage Veh# ision Other Than Coll Limited 1 ed Value Agre Includes

$18,000 le $500 Deductib $18,000 $3,000 dent $750 Each Acci Accident $250,000 Each

ber Discount Good Sam Mem ount Homeowner Disc ount Paid in Full Disc ation Discount

Good Sam Affili

ta Deluxe

Outline of cov erage


1959 Shasta Delu xe VIN: Garaging Zip Code : 95626 Length: 19

State: CA


Use: Occupied 30-1

……………… ……

Limits/Deductib le

$500 Deductib


Vehicle Level #1

and does not

Gender g Driver Status Points FR Filin Male ship Age Rated Driver State Relation No 0 54 red Named Insu CA Radius n atio Garaging Loc Usage 95626 VIN Pleasure

Collision Value 1 Includes Agreed cts 1 Personal Effe ense Exp cy 1 RV Emergen ility 1 Vacation Liab

Discounts Off Policy Level

 

Drivers and hou sehold residen ts


Drivers and Drv# Name

 



50 Days/Yr Pleas ure

……………… Com ……………… e ……preh …………Limits ……ensiv ………… ……………… ……………… ………… Collision ……………… ………… …………Agre Value $18,000 …………………………………… Deductible ……………… ……ed …… ……………… ……………… Premium ……………… Included with Com ……….. ……………… preh Value $18,000 …………………………………… $1,000 ensiv ……Agre e and (if ……ed …… ……………… purchased) Collis ……………… $101 Marital Status ……………… ……….. ion: ……………… $1,000 ……………… Mexico Coverage 92 le …………….. Sing Fire Department Service Emergency Expe $1,000 nse Disap peari Amt ng Deductibles ……………… $750 Stated …… Vacation Liability ……………………………… ………… ……………… ………… ……………… ……………… Replacement Cost ……………………………… ……………… ………… …………$100 nal Effects …………Perso ……,000 ……………… ……………… ………… ……………… ……………… ……………… Road side ….. $3,0 Assis …… ……………… ……………… tance ………………00 ……………… …… ……………… ……………… 5 Premium ……………… Total premium for …………………………………… ….. ……………… $100 1959 Shasta ……………… ………… ……………… ……………… $106.00 ……………………………… 17 ……………… ……….. ……………… Subtotal policy ……………… ……………… prem ……………… ……………… ium 4 ……………… …………….. ……………… ……………… Included Anti-Fraud …………………………………… ……………… $219 fee ……………… …… ……………… …… …… ……………… ……….. ……………… $75.00 Total 12 ……………… month policy ……………………………… ……………… $219.00 ……………… ……………… premium and Included ……………… ……………… fees ….. ……………… The dollar amount ……………… listed above for Included ……………… a vehicle reflects ……1.76 ….. Purchase Price one of the following $220.76 Included The amount show loss settlement optio n is used to rate ns: 0 unt should represent vehicles with $8.0amo


Vehicle 1 Tota

Premium: Subtotal Quoted ense: Acquisition Exp Fraud Fee: and ent ssm CA Vehicle Asse mium: Quoted Pre nth Mo 12 Total


the purc

Loss Replacement/P hase price (including inclu urchase Price cove tax and title fees $189.00 ding all the permanently attac rage. This paid effect on this vehi cle and

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reduce the Purchase the new vehicle, must increase it if .00 Tota $189has more permanently Price amount whil l Loss Replacement/P attached equipme e this coverage is urchase Price cove 00hase Price $10. Purc nt is added. If we in rage, the amount . See your policy replace a vehicle we spend on the contract for deta that $1.7 replaceme ils. Agre6 nt may be different ed Value - The listed than the amount should repre sent the current mark nt. We may requ et value of the vehi ire you to provide years, support is cle, including all support for this valu the purchase docu permanently e. For vehicles purc ments. For vehicles your expense. hased within the purchased more last two than two years ago, Actual Cash Valu support is an appr e - Applies to the aisal at most economical should represent physical damage the actual cash valu option. This listed e (not including tax attached equipme amount (called the or title fees) of the nt. You should perio "rating base") vehicle today, inclu dically review the cash value of your ding all permanen ratin vehicle, including tly all permanently attac g base to ensure it continues to All recreational vehi reflect the current hed equipment, cle physical dam actual and notify us of age losses, regardles subject to the appl any chan ges. s of loss settlemen icable deductible. t option and whe Primary Residence ther partial or total use is for an insur , are ed who uses his or her vehicle more than six months per year.

0.76hed equi $20attac pme

7) 10134 (0401201

These two quotes for our 1959 Shasta Deluxe, for an agreed value policy came in within 10% of each other. When choosing a policy, compare deductibles, coverage limits and any exclusions when comparing the prices. Club memberships and multi vehicle policies may also come with discounts.



More Resources Can Be Found at: http://classifieds.VintageCamperTrailers.com/ www.vintagecampertrailers.com



RESTORED AND READY TO ROLL Prepare for the unexpected. Stan went for the ride of his life when his truck and AIrstream trailer lost control and both were totaled. Mike and Jody lost two completely restored trailers in one fire. A Holiday House and a Curtis Wright (Valued at about $70K each). The trailers caught fire in the summer heat in Folsom, CA It's thought that the reflection from the polished aluminum ignited dry grass and totaled both trailers. Proper insurance coverage dampened the financial blow.

See before photos, top of page 19

When talking with your insurance agent, do yourself a favor and confirm that your trailer is covered both when connected and disconnected from your tow vehicle. Not all policies cover a theft loss at a park, at your home or while in storage.

After months, or years, of restoring your trailer you’re ready to roll to that vintage trailer show and soak up the accolades from your fellow trailerites. Everything about your fully restored trailer looks as good, and functions better, than when your prized possession rolled out of the manufacturer’s door decades ago.

damage. Actual Cash Value is what your vintage trailer is worth at a specified point in time compared to other vintage RVs of similar year, model and condition.

Today we know that owning a vintage recreational vehicle has become very popular across all demographics. Whether you are an employed weekend warrior or have chosen the fulltime lifestyle as a retiree or working millennial, it’s important that you have your trailer appraised for its Actual Cash Value.

Your vintage coach may have been fully restored by an accomplished restorer, a weekend project completed by you, or simply maintained in serviceable, original condition. Whatever the condition, today it is more difficult and expensive to find a good quality replacement in the event you sustain damage or loss of your coach. In addition, it’s not in your best interest to have an insurance adjuster simply look up the book value of a vintage coach to determine its value. A third-party, professionally completed appraisal by a certified appraiser is necessary to substantiate the value of your coach, preferably before an incident occurs.

Establishing and protecting the value of your trailer is one of the most important things you will do before hitting the open road. The critical figure, as to whether there will be a cash settlement, repairs or a totaled coach, is based on the Actual Cash Value immediately prior to loss or 16


An after-the-fact appraisal will be more difficult and more costly to assess. Insuring a vintage RV is the most common reason for an accurate trailer valuation followed by financing, buying or selling a trailer. An insurance contract is a legally binding contract between you and your insurance company. Be sure to properly describe your vintage coach and agree to a value with your insurance company who will be responsible to pay the value in the event of a total loss or damage. By insuring your trailer, your insurance company is agreeing to make you whole if you have a loss. They may choose to repair your RV to your satisfaction, however, most disputes begin when a theft or total loss occurs. This is when your insurance company will reimburse you the Actual Cash Value immediately prior to the loss or the maximum value of the policy, whichever is less.

Even years of experience towing a trailer doesn't make you immune from the actions of others. Heading home from Trailerfest 2017, Marti (www.martisawnings.com), was caught in a downpour on Interstate 5 when a car passing her hydroplaned, struck her and caused her to lose control causing extensive damage to the tow vehicle and totaling her restored vintage Shasta. Marti had "Actual Cash Value" coverage which required some effort to finally settle on a modest value.

What's left of two 1957 Airfloats (30' and a 35'). These were parts trailers but were complete looking units before the storm. — at Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restorations.

(Right) The fire department concluded that the fire that leveled Joe and Nancy's 1964 Shasta was started by spontaneous combustion of the linseed oil based stain. The trailer had just been completely restored and was uninsured. The Owen's homeowners insurance (AAA) came through and paid them $4,400 for their loss. Hardly the actual value of the trailer but certainly better than nothing. A proper appraisal would have valued this trailer at 3-4 times that amount and the right coverage would have covered the entire loss.

To rest assured as you roll to that vintage trailer show or rally with your newly restored classic RV or vintage camper trailer, be sure to work with a fully certified appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers (ASA).

Insurance applications require your signature and will include terms and conditions that may allow, at time of claim, revaluation of the value of your vintage RV. They also require that you agree to settle disputes through arbitration. When your vintage RV is insured under a stated value or specialty vintage RV policy, its value should be noted as supplied by you or a professional appraiser. This value will be the limit of the insurance company’s obligation. Often the first time an insurance professional will look at the given value of your RV is when you submit a claim. At this time your given value will be carefully evaluated. If your value has been established by a valuation professional, you’re good to go, however, don’t wait till this point to establish the value of your vintage trailer.

resort to clipping ads from newspapers or on-line selling services. Should a dispute arise with your insurance company, your best bet is to retain a certified appraiser who is current in appraisal certification. An appraisal completed in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice is widely accepted as the industry standard by the insurance industry, financial community and in the event of arbitration.

An appraisal completed by a competent professional will be your best asset. Many owners, when making a claim,

www.PolkValuations.com www.Appraisers.org

Article submitted by James A. Polk, ASA, PE 25 years experience with the ASA JamesPolk@PolkValuations.com (805) 646-7293

Polk Associates’ vintage trailer valuation services run $295 and include a 20-25 page online report based on vehicle condition and photos. Reports are accepted by insurance companies, banks and the IRS, in the event of donation. My services can be provided anywhere in the United States with owner-provided photos and a couple of phone conversations. www.vintagecampertrailers.com






Anti-Theft Device A tool designed either to reduce the chance a vehicle will be vandalized or stolen, or assist in its recovery. Examples include decals, alarms, keyless entry, starter, ignition and fuel disablers, motion detectors and tracking systems.

Declarations Page The Declarations Page is usually the first page of your Auto, RV or Home Insurance policy. It specifies the details of your coverages, including coverage limits and deductibles.

Appraisal Professional inspection of a vehicle or property after an accident or covered incident in order to estimate the damage and cost of repairs. Auto & RV Insurance protects you and your family from legal liability resulting from an accident or in the event that your vehicle is vandalized, damaged or stolen. Coverage may pay for automobile and RV repairs, doctors and hospitals in case of injury, repairs to property such as mailboxes or fences - these are just a few of the things that automobile and recreational vehicle insurance help with. B▲ Bodily Injury Liability Coverage Bodily Injury Liability Coverage takes care of injury or loss to other people caused by your covered vehicle. It also helps pay for your legal defense costs if you are charged with causing harm to others with your car or RV. Bodily Injury Limits A bodily injury limit is the maximum amount of bodily injury liability coverage you select when purchasing an insurance policy.

Deductible The amount of money you are responsible for paying out of your own pocket when a loss occurs. A deductible is a standard element of any vehicle insurance policy. You can save on monthly premiums by setting a higher deductible in your insurance policy. E▲ Endorsement A specifically written modification to your insurance policy that modifies coverage. An example of an endorsement is a higher coverage amount for an appraised item with a value that exceeds what is provided in standard policy provisions.

Claimant The person presenting their insurance claim to the insurance company for payment. Collision Coverage Covers damage to your vehicle caused by a collision with another vehicle or object, or a vehicle rollover. While subject to deductibles and limits, your car is covered no matter who caused the accident. Coverage The dollar amount of protection and benefits you choose in your insurance policy in the event of a loss. Examples include bodily injury and collision coverage. Customized Equipment Permanently installed parts and equipment like customized wheels, spoilers, paint, decals and sound systems which were not originally part of the original factory vehicle.



I▲ Insurance Quote A no-obligation estimate of insurance coverage options and costs. Insurance Score A confidential ranking based on various factors and information found on your consumer report. An insurance score is one measure of the potential risk of loss. It is not a record of assets, income or demographic data. Insurance scoring is not used in all states.

H▲ Homeowners Insurance Whether you live in a house, condo or apartment, homeowners insurance protects you and your assets from unforeseen events. Catastrophes like fire or other damage may mean temporary loss of home, damage to valuable possessions and a need for somewhere to stay until repairs can be made. Homeowners insurance also protects you against theft and vandalism.

L▲ Lapse in Coverage/Policy Lapse A period of time when your insurance policy is not in effect. Your coverage will lapse if your policy is cancelled or terminated because you failed to pay the premium, misrepresented essential information in your policy contract or for other reasons that may vary by insurance company and state. Liability Coverage Coverage that protects your assets if you're legally responsible for injury or property damage in the event of an accident.

C▲ Catastrophe An event that causes massive devastation, such as a tornado, hurricane, typhoon, flood or hailstorms.

Not only can safety and security devices such as fire and burglar alarms, cameras, GPS locators, sprinkler systems, and dead bolts help protect you and your family from harm - they can bring down your homeowners or RV insurance rates.

Are You Hosting a Rally or Other Event? Consider an Event Policy from

www.TheEventHelper.com They offer low cost insurance with superior coverage and support for thousands of events. Some events require you have your own coverage, Sometimes it's just a good idea for your peace of mind.

Loss Prevention Proactive steps that can be taken to prevent loss of your vehicle thus reducing insurance claims, including use of visible and audible deterrents, vehicle immobilizers and tracking systems. Loss of Use Generally refers to the inability to live in your home, condo or apartment due to damage or destruction during repairs. Home insurance policies providing Loss of Use coverage pay towards alternate accommodations in a similar dwelling while repairs or construction is taking place following a covered loss. M▲ Medical Payments Coverage Payments toward the cost of medical and funeral expenses resulting from injuries sustained in an accident involving a covered vehicle. Your expenses, as well as the expenses of other passengers traveling in your car, will be paid

The Good Sam Club offers insurance plans and reminds us to consider the following coverages....

up to your selected medical payments coverage limit, regardless of who causes the accident. Mexico Insurance Coverage Mexican law requires vehicle liability coverage for when you are traveling in Mexico. Your U.S. policy may not include this coverage. Motorcycle Insurance If you ride a motorcycle, then you need specialized insurance coverage. Motorcycle insurance coverage applies to a variety of cycle types like cruisers, touring bikes and sport bikes. It even covers classic motorcycles, golf carts and many ATVs.

Something as common as a dog bite is an example of personal liability where a 3rd party is injured and you may be responsible for medical/legal expenses that result. Personal liability coverage protects your assets when this occurs.

N▲ No-Fault Protection This type of insurance protection provides coverage for your losses in the event of an accident, regardless of who caused the accident or who was at fault. No-fault protection is not available in all states. O▲ Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) OEMs are federally licensed to warrant and guarantee their parts, unlike providers of after-market parts. The Good Sam Insurance Agency guarantees the use of OEM parts in the repair of your vehicle following a claim, which helps ensure that your warranties are not compromised by the use of after-market parts. P▲

result of an accident, in which you are at fault. Your property damage liability coverage is the third number in the liability coverage split limits. For example, with liability coverage of 50/100/50, you would have property damage coverage up to $50,000. Personal Liability Personal liability coverage protects you in the event of an injury or other covered loss that occurs on your premises. For example, medical expenses may result from a visitor being injured at your home, condo or in your apartment. In the event that a lawsuit results, legal costs may also be incurred. Q▲ Quote Form A form allowing you to see the coverages and cost of a proposed insurance policy. R▲ RV Insurance Coverage designed for most recreational vehicles, including motor homes, fifth wheel trailers, Airstream travel trailers, mounted truck campers and more. Specialized RV coverage from the Good Sam Insurance Agency provides the features RVers need that are not normally available with ordinary auto insurance policies. S▲ Short Rate Penalty A charge by some insurance companies when a customer cancels their coverage early. Split Limits Three numbers are used on your insurance policy to describe the amount of liability coverage you are carrying. For example, your liability coverage may be represented as 25/50/25. In this example, your (the insured's) liability coverage limits are $25,000 for bodily injury per person per accident, $50,000 total for all injuries per accident, and $25,000 for property damage per accident.

Storage Options You should always maintain your comprehensive coverage to protect your RV against threats like animals, fires, stores, wind and theft. However, the Good Sam VIP Storage Option lets you save money by suspending the other coverages you don’t really need during the months your RV is off the road. Full Timer Coverage The Full-time Protection Plan covers personal liability losses, other than in an auto accident. This coverage is provided worldwide. The full-time protection plan is available to clients that use their RV 6 or more months out of the year and DO NOT own their primary residence. Personal Effects Coverage Personal Effects Coverage covers the full replacement cost of your personal items (from laptops and linens to attachments and accessories) in your RV. You can add more coverage to your custom RV insurance policy if you need it. value of the vehicle or the property involved. Because repair costs would exceed the value of the car or property, the loss is considered "total." U▲ Uninsured Motorist Coverage Uninsured Motorist (UM) Coverage covers damages and injuries resulting from being hit by an uninsured or hit-andrun driver. UM coverage varies by state. Some states treat Underinsured Motorist Coverage and Uninsured Motorist Coverage separately, while some states combine UIM and UM coverages. This list was condensed from a list found at goodsamrvinsurance.com/advice-hub/glossary


Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a form of no-fault insurance required in states with no-fault laws. It pays for medical care, lost wages and replacement services for the injured party, regardless of who is at fault in an accident.

Third Party Coverage The "third party" is anyone other than the insured or the insurance company who might potentially be involved as the result of an accident involving your covered vehicle. Third Party Coverage protects you against possible lawsuits that might be filed by a third party.

Property Damage Liability Coverage for the damage your vehicle causes to someone else's property as the

Total Loss Automobile or property damage sometimes requires more money to repair than the



Retro Roadmapping the South Jersey Shore with Mod Betty

By Beth Lennon

East coast vintage camper trailer rallies are such a rarity that when I learned of one happening at the New Jersey shore I was thrilled! Not only because a rally is the perfect place for East Coast VCTers to meet n’ mingle in person, but because the rally location is so close to many of Mod Betty’s favorite “cool vintage places” in South Jersey that I am excited to share with you.

So many 1950s and 60s era motels remain dotted along the island, that it is considered to have the highest concentration of mid-century motels in the world.

If you are looking for a reason to take a June jersey jaunt with or without your vintage camper, here are some destinations to inspire you to get out on the road, and into some retro inspired fun.

The rally is the 4th Annual Jersey Shore Wingz Rally at the Avalon Campground, located just moments off of the Garden State Parkway. The campground itself is a picturesque spot, family owned and operated since 1967, with a special section with 18 spots reserved just for the vintage rally. Inspired to start the rally by a longtime camper who purchased a Shasta (hence the “Wingz” moniker) nowadays all models of retro and vintage campers are most welcome at this fun weekend event, held June 7-9. (See the rally calendar in this magazine for details.) For those who are unable to attend the entire weekend rally there’s an open house on Saturday June 8 from 11-1 for campground visitors to visit and meet like minded folks who live the vintage-inspired travel lifestyle. Lucy The Elephant Margate City, NJ


Gillian’s Wonder Pier



Wildwood Crest, NJ

And whether you’re spending the weekend rallying or just visiting, you’re perfectly located to experience the authentic vintage fun of the Jersey Shore. Here are a few tips from Mod Betty’s Retro Roadbook of South Jersey: My first suggestion is to head south to Wildwood, if you’re a fan of fifties fun. This is the place where rock and roll started on the shore, where Bill Haley, Chubby Checker and Bobby Rydell would croon to throngs of young vacationers. Today when you visit you’ll find yourself transported into that time when cars sported chrome and tail fins, and families vacationed in colorful seaside motels with dramatic neon signs and exotic names. So many 1950s and 60s era motels remain dotted along the island, that it is considered to have the highest concentration of mid-century motels in the world. They’re a sight to behold as you drive around town, especially at dusk when the neon lights flicker on and set the streets aglow with color. A must-view motel in Mod Betty’s book is the Caribbean Motel, located in Wildwood Crest, just a few blocks from the Doo Wop Experience Museum, chockablock full of vintage decor and signs from the heyday of this seaside town. Cross the street, “mind the tramcar, please” and walk the boardwalk, getting a sweet treat at Douglass Fudge or a slice of pizza at Mack’s. Wildwood is the perfect place to

that time when cars sported chrome and tail fins, and families vacationed in colorful seaside motels with dramatic neon signs and exotic names

dip your toes in the Atlantic as it is one of the only New Jersey beaches not to charge you to get on the sand. Stop at Cool Scoops for a sweet treat on the way out of town and you’ll want to linger, admiring the thousands of pop culture items on display in this neovintage ice cream parlor. North of the campground is the charming family destination of Ocean City. With a boardwalk that can be walked, biked, even surreyed depending on the time of day, you’ll feel like you’re walking back in time. Folks of all ages will be charmed by the vintage carousel at Gillian’s Wonder Pier, and you can spy the salt water taffy being twisted into bite-sized pieces at Shriver’s. Feel like a little old-school exercise? Ocean City is one of the few places in the entire state where you can play deck shuffleboard at the Ocean City Shuffleboard Club at the north end of the boardwalk. Don’t forget to stop in downtown Ocean City, where you can pick up sundries at Hoy’s 5 & 10 and try scrapple pie at the adjacent Wards Pastry shop. No stop at the Jersey shore would be complete without a photo op at Lucy The Elephant, located in Margate City. A national historic landmark, you can pose yourself - or your camper! - in front of our pretty pachyderm who has been delighting shore visitors for over 100 years. Make sure to www.vintagecampertrailers.com


fun at and supporting the authentic vintage places that make us all want to take a roadtrip, plan on heading to South Jersey and you won’t be disappointed! Over 50 “authentic vintage places to eat, shop, stay and have fun” are featured in Mod Betty’s latest book The Retro Roadmap Roadbook of South Jersey. Available at retroroadmap.com/shop, she’ll also be appearing with her books at the Jersey Wingz open house on Saturday June 8, from 11-1. Stop by, get your book and introduce yourself as a Vintage Camper Trailerite! take time for a tour, where you can step inside and even climb up onto her back, for a breathtaking ocean view. If you’re feeling hungry, I suggest you head to Atlantic City where a number of authentic vintage eateries hold their own against the encroaching national chains. White House Subs are rightly famous, the pizza at Tony’s Baltimore Grill hits the spot, and if all this seems too casual for you, the Knife and Fork Inn offers elegant dining in a historic atmosphere. This is but a mere sampling of the unique vintage places that make South Jersey a must visit, with or without your camper. So if you’re the kind of person who loves having



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went to get my trailer. There's something about her grit and passion that makes her instantly trustworthy. And rightfully so. There's no part of this whole process I would change. It was nothing short of a modern day miracle. The Wear Love Wagon opened its doors for its first show in June of 2018. We are proudly Colorado's first Non Profit Mobile Boutique. And today Wear Love is growing beyond my wildest dreams. And I so strongly believe when you work hard and dedicate

your dreams to helping others- watch how beautifully the world will work with you. At the moment we have Artisans in 7 different countries on 3 different Continents. Raising over $30,000 in sales to help women worldwide rewrite their redemption stories. Helping women who have escaped trafficking, at risk situations, and refugees who are fighting for freedom that will be passed down for generations. One of my favorite things that Brooke and American Travelers Restoration did

was hear my story behind the name and write our Bible verse (Colossians 3:14) in which our name was formed through in the foundation of our trailer. We believe Wear Love is not just our name but each of our original designs. To wear out the love and purpose in which we were created. I am forever grateful to American Travelers Restoration for making my dream my reality. So if you find yourself in Denver be sure to stop by Wear Love Clothing and the Wear Love Wagon.

R.V. Doctor George

Surplus & Used R.V. Parts The Largest in Northern California Tue-Fri 7-5, Sat 7-3 Closed Sun-Mon

• Custom Remodel • R.V. Repairs • Insurance Work

(916) 927-RVDR (7837) 1142 Dixieanne Ave. Sacramento, CA 95815 The Doctor is equipped to give your RV an End to End Exam for Recreanitis!!


VintageCampers.com !





We specialize in SPARTAN !

and other riveted trailers.

2574 S. Strawtown Pike - Peru, Indiana (765) 473-8088 info@vintagecampers.com dan@vintagecampers.com www.vintagecampertrailers.com





The Story of Clyde by M. Erik Matlock Senior Editor PSW/LSI – erikmatlock.com

"Clyde, as we affectionately call him, is a 1968 Frolic,” says Stephan Stewart, co-owner of In Good Spirits mobile bartending that he owns with his wife Shannon. Stephan said “Clyde was named after my grandfather and the name works perfectly with our other glamper named Bonnie". Bonnie, is a '61 Shasta Aeroflyte, named after Shannon's grandmother. “We began on the renovations the day we got home from picking him up. He joined the family officially, on Septem24


Shannon and Stephan Stewart-Owners www.ingoodspiritscampers.com Cover photo and full page photo by Crystal Pittman Other photos provided by Shannon and Stephan



ber 10, 2017, Shannon's birthday. We pulled out the mounds of trash that had accumulated over the years (his home for more than two decades was the middle of a pasture). “We then gutted the interior, down to the framing. The floor was rotted, so we kept going, down to the metal trailer. Next, we started peeling up the siding and replacing the studs. We removed and replaced all of the sill plates and studs, up to about window height. A New Life For An Old Camper “After buttoning him back together, we went to cutting open the serving windows. We knew from the get-go, that we would be transforming the camper into a mobile bar. Each window was custom made or modified to fit the application. We installed running water and a holding tank, plus a 12V system, with an inverter. “One of the greatest features is the tap system. We can pour from two kegs, if needed. We also have ice bins and recessed lighting. Our running lights are powered by either the vehicle or the on-board battery, so he can really shine at events. We get a lot of compliments on the wallpapered ceilings and walls, plus the reclaimed 5 V groove metal roofing, looks pretty slick, along the back wall. “The bar is made from yellow pine, stained to match the trim and openings. The floor is commercial grade vinyl composite, but the wood pattern adds a lot of flair. All of the work was done

by Shannon and myself, but for some minor welding which was performed by Pedal Driven Cycles, and the exterior paint from Modern Body and Frame. A Matter Of Time “We spent 9 months bringing Clyde to where he is today. During that time, I took a two month sabbatical from work to work solely on the renovation. I can only guess at the number of hours that we have invested... more than 1000. “Clyde was originally sold in South Carolina, which is where we found him. We were initially inspired after working in a camper bar, based out of North Carolina. For a long time, we have bartended at events that we enjoyed. This time, we were volunteering at a bluegrass festival in Athens, Georgia. The hosts had taken an early '60's Shasta and created a mobile bar. When we finally got home, we looked at one another and, almost in unison said, "We could do that! We looked on Craigslist and two weeks later, came home with a camper! Piecing The Puzzle Together “This is our first go at owning a bar. I owned and operated a construction company for 15 years. Shannon spent a number of years running a music venue. The puzzle pieces just seemed to fit. We saw a niche that was not filled. Mobile bars like ours are popular out West, but we are the only one (we know of) in Georgia. “This project put us to the test, both individually, and as a couple. It was the biggest undertaking that we had ever pursued as a couple. We consider ourselves to be lucky that we survived it, but most importantly, stronger as a unit. There is never a boring moment in Clyde What’s Next? “You can expect to see Bonnie soon. But this time, we are creating a photo-booth. The two campers together will look amazing at those special events.”



Linda Morgan's dog grooming business. (No other information provided.)

Emerald Nomad Born from what started off as a venture to make a side income. Emerald Concepts was developed when owner, Nakia Scarborough (Phoenix, Arizona), realized her passion for event planning after planning her own wedding. Nakia shortly found herself falling down a rabbit hole of Instagram posts for mobile bar companies that had been created from vintage campers and horse trailers. A trend that is common in Europe and is now making its way to the states. Nakia had American Travelers Restoration restore the trailer to her liking. -by Brooke Bickler

At the Hop

We are The Hop, a vintage shop on wheels! We specialize on 1940's-1960's clothing, accessories, and gifts for women and men. Our shop is set up in a 1956 Mercury camper. We purchased the camper in January of 2017 by June of 2017 we refurbished the camper (once a hunting camper) into our mobile shop that we fondly call Tootie. You can find us set up at various events and at other local businesses in Colorado. Customers can also book us for private shopping parties and vintage hairstyling. Hey there, love vintage? So do we! www.atthehopshop.com

Jessica & Co Vintage My name is Jessica and I own and operate Jessica & Co Vintage. I'm based out of west Michigan and currently roll with a '66 Banner. The sweetest little 12' footer I ever did see. I bought it 5 years ago and it's been my travel buddy since. When I'm not pulling it to vintage markets, it lives here at my farm and becomes part of my shop display. Cheers from the mitten state--Jessica Instagram: jessica.co.vintage 


Pearl My mobile hair & makeup salon and photo lounge in a 1959 Shasta Deluxe '19. From Dana Risvold

Fab Trailers Since 2015, Fab Trailers has brought their retro inspired trailers to events across Southern CA, adding a unique guest experience. They are also available for styled shoots and offer unique branding concepts for companies. www.fabtrailers.com. www.vintagecampertrailers.com


Mobile Hair Salon This crazy ride all started seven years ago, when my oldest daughter had her first birthday, and we bought our first Airstream travel trailer to use for family travel. Every time we headed off on our next adventure, I thought about how cool it would be to have a mobile hair salon built into an Airstream. Weird? Maybe, but being a hairdresser for over 18 years, owning my own business for 10 of those, and loving what I do makes me always relate things to back to that love - hair. I knew our big new big aluminum baby could be something more; curiosity got the best of me, and I began to research. I quickly found out that mobile hair salons were popping up all over the West Coast, and I got excited. Like, really excited. Like, instantly-started-looking-for-yet-another-Airstream excited. But not a family-toting, travel-ready one: this time, I wanted a fixer-upper - one we could really customize into exactly what I envisioned for the salon. After three long years of searching for the right one at the right price, we found one in Kansas City, Missouri. My husband Dave and I (let’s be honest, mostly Dave) spent the next two plus years turning a trash can into a treasure. I’m lucky: Dave’s been doing carpentry and rehab work for as long as I’ve been doing hair, and he’s got 15 years in TV and film production under his belt - he was more than equipped to handle anything this hunk www.theclippermobilesalon.com of metal threw at him. The hard work has finally finally! - paid off and we couldn’t be more excited to share this special little place with you. by Jennifer Kube

Tin and Tonic My name is Amanda Quintana and this my 1959 Santa Fe Cub. It is now a traveling bar, we rent her out in Southern California for weddings and parties. Find us on Instagram @tin_and_tonic. 28


We have had a vintage trailer boutique for the last 4 years, with each of our trailers. It started with a '72 Cardinal, then '65 Shasta and our newest is a '64 Yellowstone double door vintage trailer (Indie) she is all original and perfect for markets. We also use our 66 VW Single Cab for the vintage markets. Our business is Flea Market Flair! Michelle and Jeff Nall

Vintage Views A wandering bar in a 1964 Shasta from Annapolis, MD. Serving draft beer, wine & cocktails from our camper and having a blast! Cheers! Brooke Mihoces


Coastline PhotoBooth We are Coastline PhotoBooth Trailer from Southern California. We have a 1964 Trotwood trailer we use as a photo booth for events and weddings. This is our trailer, Gracie. www.coastlinephotoboothtrailer.com www.vintagecampertrailers.com


Market Detour I run a women's clothing boutique out of my 1972 Prowler. Our store looks a little different. We've got wheels! Market Detour is a vintage trailer turned into a totally adorable babe cave. We offer hand curated, on trend, women's clothing,accessories and small gifts. Our style is a little bohemian, a little country, punny tanks & tees and a lot of comfy wearable everyday clothes. As a one woman show, I am totally devoted to changing things up, taking the detours, meeting new friends and making everyone look good in the process! My husband and I have done all the renovations and turned it ino my dream store. I started out in Texas Hill country, and have since moved back to my home town Temecula in sunny SoCal. I pop up at local wineries, festivals, and markets. It's been a total blast and I'm loving every detour this adventure has been bringing.


by Ashley Flanagan Whiskey-a-go-go This vintage bar trailer is called 'Whiskey-ago-go', she'll have your guests talking about your event for some time to come! A vintage trailer all spiffed up and ready for a party. We bring this vintage trailer to your location, set it up, style it for your theme. YOU use her and supply her as you need. All you need to add is the alcohol and a bartender and you are set to party in our vintage 'Whiskey-ago-go' party trailer. The 'Whiskey-a-go-go' is a 1959 Fireball restored into a modern mobile bar and lounge. A faux fireplace, pop-up television and mp3 system, it can be towed anywhere and brings the party wherever it goes. We took a year to restore it from the frame up, saved original parts as we could and replaced with new elsewhere. Its fun to take to rallies and on trips, and earn some extra income when we're rented out. 30


Ambers Winny We were introduced to this little1962 Winnebago a few years ago when we took a trip up to Washington to visit family. Our brother-in-law Fred, discovered it near his home. He made a deal to acquire it and cut it out of a heavily wooded lot where it had been sitting for more than 30 years. Fred sent pictures of his find and we knew it would be a great candidate for restoration so we brought it back to our shop in Placerville, CA. Shortly after that we were contacted by Amber, who shared with us her vision of a perfect bar trailer. A deal was struck, the plan was drawn up and the build was underway. As with most vintage trailers 50 plus years of age there was lots of rot so we completely rebuilt her. Amber loved the look of vintage birch wood and had us incorporate it wherever we could. The new floor plan with its large serving windows and re located door required all new exterior skin. The double keg beer cooler and additional appliances added a little more weight requiring a heavier axle with all new electric brakes. This little party trailer has all new electrical including colored LED lighting. The required plumbing was installed with stainless sink and on demand water heater to handle a thirsty party crowd. We even custom built the radius tow 1958 Shasta hitch cover bar table adding additional Recently rescued and built as a custom bar trailer by Retroluxe. "We take an existing outside seating and safety for bar trailer such as a Shasta, Winnebego or Aristocrat and turn them into beautiful custom patrons. The original build was for food and beverage service trailers!" Cocktails, currently she is a working concessions and coffee bar.

www.VintageCamperTrailers.com CLASSIFIEDS www.vintagecampertrailers.com


Sweet Water Caravan Sweet Water Caravan is a vintage camper rental company. We have two very unique vintage campers available for hire...a 1969 Scotty bar and a 1960 Shasta photo booth. Our bar camper comes with everything you need to bring a little vintage sophistication and whimsical charm to your next outdoor event. From fun yard games to copper mugs you won't find a bar like ours anywhere else in the Midwest. We believe any event bar is a focal point, a gathering spot for guests to mingle. Why not give them something to remember. Giving guests something more then just a memory but an experience as well.

Penny The Photo Lounge “It all started with a love story. 8 years ago I met the love of my life, best friend and now business partner. Like many, when we got engaged I turned to Pinterest and started going crazy with wedding planning. I knew we were going to do some D.I.Y. projects but wasn't expecting a project this big! I fell in love with the idea of having a Vintage Trailer Photo Booth at our wedding, only problem was the only one in Northern California was already booked for our date. It took a little convincing but I got Chris on board to help build one of our own that reflected our style and love for all things vintage.







Vagabond (above) used one of their own trailers as a billboard and a traveling sample of their quality construction. The holes in the siding were cutaways so you could see "inside" the walls. (Photos provided by Gordon Collins). The ad below is from an Auto Cruiser sales brochure. The Auto Cruiser Company of America was based in Baltimore, Maryland.




Above: Covered Wagons used as business trailers in the 1930's. Below: A page from the Aerocar brochure touting all of the different companies using their trailers in their business. Even General Electric used them (bottom left). See also the ad on the facing page (bottom left.)



Schultz (a trailerite friend) shared this photo with us. The man in the tall hat may be Sam Houston, and the picture may have been taken in Oklahoma. Mr. Houston was originally involved with the Gentry Dog and Pony Show. He eventually became known for his independent show which traveled the US and Mexico. He owned Balto the Dog who Saved Nome, Cheetah, the Pancho Villa death car and many other exotic items. Miss Adonna Houston was the daughter of J. Sam Houston. Miss Houston worked at Fairyland children's park in Oakland, CA. She was the Old Woman in the Shoe but when Count Popo De Bathe (resident clown) went on UNICEF trips, she filled in for him as Lolo the clown. Schultz knew Adonna (Lolo) very well and worked with her at Fairyland for years. A trailer would have made perfect sense if you were traveling with the circus!

“Home-A-Long coaches with all the appointments of modern homes�

This image was in the Trailer Travel Magazine, 1937. It is one of the Knapp-Monarch units which was highly successful in promoting good will and sales. The article read: "We manufacture a popular-priced line of label electrical appliances, which includes such items as toasters, waffle irons, electric sad irons, electric curlers, etc. Then we have in our motor division a complete line of electric fans, small whippers, food mixers, etc. We also have another line, namely, the nationally known "Therma-Jug" which is used by hundreds of thousands of persons for outings, picnics, etc. These are one gallon jugs with which you no doubt are familiar. "We cover the entire United States with twelve men, so you can visualize that our distribution must be done through jobbers. It was principally with the idea of working with the jobber that we became interested in the trailer. After considering several different manufacturers they selected Schlem Brothers. (See ad above left.) The article went on to say: Keeping in mind that we belong to the "younger set," and we do not sit around the table with such fellows as General Electric, Westinghouse etc. We pull up to the retailer's store and immediately the Knapp-Monarch Company becomes something alive and real rather than simply another page in a jobbers catalog.




Another Way To

Cool the Air By Gary Williams

I just got my first issue of VCT and was glad to see the articles on air conditioning. Since I live in southern California, I'm not a fan of camping in a tin box without AC. One thing I didn't see though was a mention of mounting a window-type AC high in an upper cupboard. Most installations I have seen put the unit in a dinette seat or other lower cabinet, which has two big disadvantages. First, the cool air comes out at floor level, and since cold air sinks, a lot of efficiency is lost. The second problem is that providing a way for the AC to breathe is complicated, since you only have the wall for both

air intake and exhaust. The reason window air conditioners hang outside is that they need to take in air from the top and sides and exhaust heat out the back. The advantage of mounting the unit in a high cabinet, like the top of a closet, is that intake air for the condenser can come in through a roof vent, exhaust can go out through the wall, and cool air will blow into the trailer close to the ceiling, where it will settle on happy occupants.

Aside from a white-painted low-profile roof vent, all you see outside my trailer is a standard refrigerator vent. Inside, the AC is hidden behind a door until needed.

The first unit I installed didn't have a built-in drain pan, so I made one out of plexiglass. It is important to make sure condensation drains properly if the unit is mounted high in a cabinet. (Left) A piece of paneling separates the 'inside' part of the AC from the 'outside' part, as shown in the drawing, and foam board wedged around the back of the unit isolates the hot exhaust from the ambient air coming in from the top.



Out of sight, out of mind. Gary was able to cleverly hide a functional yet modern and not particularly attractive A/C unit behind a hinged door in an upper cabinet. When closed, left, even a discerning eye would not know the creature comforts hidden inside the classically styled cabinetry.

If you have something to contribute to the VCT Magazine, don't be shy, we want to hear from you too!



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FLORIDA Continued from page 11

entrance, so I don’t know what the name of the trailer park was prior to Irma. Two of the half-dozen trailers that occupied the property when I visited were vintage, including a Spartan, which according to Heintz is a 1955 Manor. Plastered on the front window is an UNSAFE notice posted by local authorities, as well as a sign posted by the owner of the trailer stating PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE TRAILER. The owner’s name and telephone number were printed on the sign, so obviously she knew the value of the Spartan and didn’t want it hauled away as trash. As for the other vintage trailer...well, it was so damaged that even Heintz couldn’t identify it. In his own words, he wrote, “Unknown...it looks familiar to me, but with so much gone/covered I cannot pinpoint it. I can tell you it dates from 1955-1956.” Near the western end of Marathon there’s a trailer community that’s a working-class neighborhood. It’s one of the few areas where blue-collar workers can afford to live in the Keys...maids, cashiers, barmaids, construction workers, waitresses, deckhands, etc. Unfortunately, these workers are priced out of most residential areas in the Florida Keys. Packed like sardines, most of the trailers in this community are old and in need of repair. Many are vintage, including a Spartanette with a piece of plywood nailed across one of the front windows. According to Heintz, it’s a 1949 Spartanette 24. Because dozens of vintage trailers occupy this oceanside neighborhood and most of the people living in them probably don’t know the value of what they’re living in (historically, as well as monetarily if restored), there could be a gem of a barn-find in this trailer park for someone looking for a project. Just saying! So why did this trailer park survive Irma’s wrath? Because the western end of Marathon was protected from the storm surge by Boot Key, which sits just off the southern shore of Marathon.

Traveling further west on US-1 to Ohio Key, I found a bayside campground that had been totally wiped out, but was in the process of being rebuilt from the ground up. This upscale campground was the Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina operated by Encore RV Resorts, where last year Paul and Caroline Lacitinola had spent two nights in a rental trailer during their Keys vacation. The trailer in which the Lacitinolas stayed was demolished, as were all the rest of the trailers that occupied the property. The good news is that Encore RV Resorts has a lot of money behind it. At the time of my visit the parking lot was lined up with brand new trailers waiting to be placed on the new full hook-up sites that were just being finished. Continuing still further west on US1, I reached Bahia Honda State Park, a beautiful area that spans ocean to bay. Located just east of Big Pine Key, where the worst of Irma’s damage occurred, Bahia Honda saw its share of destruction. In 1949 Spartanette 24 in Marathon fact, the oceanside campground is still closed and won’t reopen for another year-and-a-half. The good news is that the bayside campground reopened in early 2018, including the tranquil beach area with its interesting view of the old Overseas Highway Bridge, which campers can ascend to get a bird’s-eye view of Bahia Honda State Park and its surrounding turquoise waters. Though I didn’t

All Bigfoot Ultra Pads carry a full lifetime guarantee.

Our RV Pads are made from the same materials we use to make pads for heavy construction equipment and military use.

www.outriggerpads.com Visit our website for pricing. (888) 743-7320 www.vintagecampertrailers.com



stop at Long Key State Park during my drive through the Keys, the Park Ranger at Bahia Honda told me the campground at Long Key was washed away by Irma’s storm surge and the park will remain closed indefinitely. There was no point driving further west past Bahia Honda because all the locals I spoke to told me there was almost total destruction on Big Pine Key, with nothing remaining except concrete structures and tons of debris. Also, I knew from news reports that Key West (the western tip of the island chain) was up and running. Because Key West was on the weak side of Hurricane Irma, it made a quick come back.

business, which was floundering due to a lack of tourists in addition to the damage done to several of his jet skis during Irma. As for restaurants, some survived, such as Lazy Days in Islamorada, but others didn’t, such as Snappers in Key Largo, which was shredded into splinters by Irma. According to the owners of this popular family-run seafood eatery, Snappers will be rebuilt and reopened to feed hungry locals and tourists alike. So yes, the Florida Keys are open for business. Hook up to your trailer and come on down!

To sum up my post-hurricane travels through the Keys, I will say they’re open for business. Not yet 100% operational, but enough to make the islands a worthwhile destination. In fact, the Keys need your business to get their tourist-based economy back up to full running. Fishing and scuba diving are big draws, as are museums, shopping, beachcombing, parasailing, and jet skiing. Without tourists, however, businesses in the Keys won’t survive. I met an older couple from Michigan at The Jolly Roger RV Resort who were helping their son salvage his jet ski


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March 7-10, 2019 Spartanburg, SC Join us for the first Gathering of the 2019 upstate camping season at Croft State Park. NO Open House. info@southernvintagetrailers.com March 7-10, 2019 Hollister, CA The 4th Annual VCT Boot Camp at the Casa de Fruta RV Park. Sold Out. Attendees from across 24 different states! NO open house. See ya next year. www.vctbootcamp.com. April 5-6, 2019 Roswell, NM Tin Can Tourists turns 100 years in 2019 and centennial celebrations are being planned by all the regional chapters. The Southwest chapter will be hosting a UFO themed rally in Roswell, NM. Gail Leggett for registration: ggleggett@hotmail. com or Karen Campbell Karencampbellwithrt66@ hotmail.com or 505-620-5276. April 5-7, 2019 Folsom Lake, CA Oasis West 2019 Vintage Trailer MicroRally. 7755 Folsom-Auburn Rd, Folsom, CA 95630. Join us for the 4th annual Oasis West 2019 Vintage Trailer MicroRally. 17 sites with full hook-ups, Friday night cocktails, Saturday morning hike, Private

Trailer viewings, a Saturday night potluck / Vintage game night and a Sunday Pancake fest. Trailer Tour Saturday at 2pm. ChristianSalmon@ comcast.net. Chris Salmon 916-715-1258 April 25-28, 2019 Three Rivers, CA LOCATION & DATE CHANGE West Coast Kencrafts and Friends Gathering for Good Times. We are going to Sequoia RV Park. This campground is about 20 miles east of Visalia off Hwy , and only 8 miles from the south gate to Sequoia National Park, it's on Kaweah River. Fishing on the river or at the lake and hikes in Sequoia, Giant Redwoods, Crystal Cave. Call the RV park 559.561.4333 and be sure to say you are with West Coast Kencrafts, (request to be in the lower loop) or as close as possible. This is an "easy peasy" camp out. No Open House. The group is on Facebook at West Coast Kencrafts and Friends. Charles and Virginia Diffey 559-3048054 or email us at vcdiffey@yahoo.com. April 24-28, 2019 Jekyll Island, GA Groovy Beach Bash - 1197 River View Drive This is the SVTF spring fundraising event. This years theme is a Rat Pack Weekend. All details can be found on our website www.SouthernVintageTrailers.com Open House, Saturday 11-3 (Charity) Kimberly Hoke info@southernvintagetrailers.com 864-285-1228

April 25-28, 2019 Hampton, GA Summit Racing Equipt. Atlanta Motorama Vintage Trailer Show 2019. 1500 Tara Place, Hampton, GA, 30228 Come spend a weekend in the infield of the legendary Atlanta Motor Speedway. Only $35 for the whole weekend! Includes two nights dry camping(bath house nearby), and more. Bruce Wilson. bwilson4020@gmail.com (770) 954-1237 April 25-28, 2019 Hemet, CA Gear up your Woodies and VW Buses and get ready to cruise back in time to SoCal in the ’60s at Golden Village Palms’ 5th Annual “Surfin’ USA” Pre-1985 Vintage Trailers, Campers & Classic Car Show. Sixties beach vibes never looked so good on some of the finest vintage trailers and campers, plus classic cars, motorcycles and trucks! On Saturday, pull on your best beach getup and tune in to a Beach Boys tribute band that will have crowds twisting to classic surf jams. Celebrity impersonators, vintage vendors, and more. www. goldenvillagepalms.com/vintage 866-468-9033 May 3-5, 2019 Ventura, CA Waypoint Ventura Vintage Trailer Rally 2019. Waypoint Ventura Vintage Trailer Hotel and RV Park, 398 S Ash Street, Unit E, Join us at a vintage trailer park for a cozy rally with just 15 full hookup sites. Activities: Friday meet and greet,



nightly s’mores at the fire pits, group-walk to the beach on Saturday. Make reservations via the website https://WaypointVentura.com or phone. Use promo code “Rally!” & save 10%. NO Open House. Rod Wylie, VintageRodandReel@gmail. com 818-427-2919.

campground $22 - $25 per night. Call the campground directly to reserve a spot. 870-405-9619. A TCT event. GPS Target: 1616 Bull Shoals Dam Site Blvd. May 3-4, 2019 Pismo Beach, CA Aristocrats Anonymous SoCal 2nd Annual Rally. 165 S. Dolliver. Open House: May 4, 2019 10am to 2 pm open to public. Rudy Hernandez. rhernand@verizon.net. 909-630-3777 May 9-12, 2019 Sylva, NC Newadi Vintage Trailer Rally. 2486 Dark Ridge Rd, NO Open House. Pete Whitley pete_whitley@yahoo.com 678-378-3725

May 2-5, 2019 Red Bluff, CA Durango RV Resort. Any vintage trailer at Glamperfest can compete in the Glampolicious contest. (See the website for details. The contest has nothing to do with your type of trailer.) First prize is a weekend escape for two to Napa, CA (see: www.1948spartan.com) www.glamperfest. com, (916)572-8554 May 2-5, 2019 Bull Shoals, AR 3rd Annual - Best Dam Vintage Trailer Rally at Bull Shoals Dam Site Campground. No rally fee,

May 16-19, 2019 Manchester Beach, CA Trailers by the Sea. 44300 Kinney Rd, Vintage trailer campout, Pot luck dinners and breakfast. Community Campfire, Please contact Yolanda at Manchester Beach KOA (707) 882-2375 to NO Open House. Steven Chiurcoinfo@steelgeishadesigns.com 707-328-0431 May 18-19, 2019 Fullerton, CA Muckenthaler Motor Car Festival. 1201 W. Malvern Ave. 25th Anniversary of the Muckenthaler Motor Car Festival, hosting Hot Rods and customs Saturday the 18th and Concours d'Elegance vehicles on Sunday the 19th. Travel Trailers will be admitted Saturday afternoon and will be allowed to CAMP Saturday night May 20th. Vintage Travel Trailers both days. Come enjoy the true classics of the automotive and travel trailer industries spread out over eight rolling acres of treelined lawns. Open to the public, $5.00 Saturday, $10.00 Sunday. Tom McDonnell carshow@ themuck.org (714) 323-8611 May 23-27, 2019 Salida, CO “Kick Off To Summer” Gathering. Four Seasons RV Park. 4305 E. US Hwy 50. (719) 539-3084. We are excited to have our first trip of the year over Memorial Day Weekend in Salida, CO! It’s a beautiful mountain town with loads of things to do. Happy Hour, Potluck, Raffle, White Elephant Exchange, and Trailer Tours TBA. Make your own reservations and be sure to mention FAC!



Friendly Average Campers of Colorado (FAC) Request to join FAC on Facebook! May 30 - June 2, 2019 LaPine, OR June Bloom. Rosland Park 16525 Burgess. You can show up anytime on Thurs. There will be a pot luck on Friday.The Lions club will be there to cook breakfast and lunch, we will have a pot luck BBQ on Sat. with a band for music. This park is right on the river so bring a floaty. Cost $40.00 for the weekend. Open House: Saturday June 1st. 11AM to 3PM.Suzanne Rhoades. hishotrodgal@gmail. com, 541-771-0010 May 31- June 2, 2019 Hot Springs, AR Hot Springs Vintage Camper Rally. Hot Springs National Park KOA, 838 McClendon Road, Hot Springs, Ar 71901. A gathering of tin canners in the "spa city" Hot Springs, Arkansas. Come a day early or stay a day late and check out the city, which is a popular vacation destination. Visit historic bath house row, the beautiful lakes or Magic Springs theme park. Open House 1:00-4:00 pm Danny Baker danbak123@gmail.com. 501-2071020 May 31-June 2, 2019 Grass Valley, CA Rally in the Pines. 11223 McCourtney Road, Grass Valley CA. Come join us for a great weekend in the pines. Bring your vintage trailer and family for a relaxing time. There will be a free to the public open house on Saturday from 10am2pm, BBQ, a presentation about the local area, swap meet, and too much fun to mention! Open House Saturday from 10am-2pm. Liz Park Harpsrv@hotmail.com 530-273-6217 ext 221 May 30- June 2, 2019 Pine Mountain, GA Vintage campers and glampers rally, 8804 Hamilton Rd. at the Pine Mountain RV resort. The rally is for participants only who have paid admission and shared pot luck dinner and yard sale with fellow campers. The open house is NOT public and is for participants only. The rally is open to campers 1979 and older but please ask if you don't fit the bill. We can always make exceptions to the rule! wparducci@aol.com 334-201-4811 May 31-June 2, 2019 Cheyenne, WY The Terry Byson Ranch has reserved our area of the common and "A" "B" rows. Dry camp and full service is available close together. The tractor group will be back and bring some classic cars along .T.C.T sponsored ,but all trailers are welcomed. Curiosity seekers encouraged. Sarah Mc Reynolds,from Texas will be bringing the Sat. dinner makings and Sat lite lunch for the tractor gang. $10.00 for the diner, $20.00 for the rally fee. Early arrivals fine. Call Terry Bison Ranch @ 307634-4171 for reservations. Ricka is the "informed rep", Confused?, call/text me @ 435-730-3840 June 6-9, 2019 Hollister, CA Rockabilly Rally. Casa De Fruta RV Park. ​Saturday Open House, 10 am to 2 pm, Traditional Hot Rods, Custom Classic Cars and Vintage Motorcycles are invited! (Tell your friends to drive in between 8 am to 9 am Live Music by the Vintage Vandals! This event will sell out, get a spot today! www.trailerfestrally.com, (530) 728-0411





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JUNE 6-9, 2019

Open House Saturday, June 8. 10 am to 2pm

June 6-9 2019 Ravenna, OH 2019 Annual Serro Scotty Camper Enthusiast Rally. Country Acres Campground 1-330-3582774 to make a reservation http://www.countryacrescamping.com/ no rally fee pet friendly. Open House Sat. Sara Nicholls saranicholls@ yahoo.com (602) 708-4127 June 7-9, 2019 Cape May Court House, NJ Jersey Shore Wingz Rally. 1917 ROUTE 9 N.

All makes and models are welcome! Enjoy the nearby beaches of the Jersey Shore. Minutes from Historic Cape May. Visit the boardwalk and amusements, local wineries, antiques and an excellent selection of shopping and dining destinations. Easy traveling distance to Atlantic City. Open House. Avalon Campgroundavaloncmpg@ gmail.com. 1-800-814-2267 June 11-July 18, 2019 Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine Cross Country Road Trip Beginning in Northern California and traveling across the country to Jackson Center, Ohio (and back). Several stops along the way. Camp with us at Pioneer Village in Minden, Nebraska or at the Rally at the Ranch in Gillette, Wyoming. Come and see our Golden Caravan restoration at one of our stops at Airstream dealers and museums along the way. See our scheduled stops and contact information to make your reservations for our camp-outs. www.goldairstream.com. June 14-16, 2019 Minden, NE Pioneer Village Campout. Make your reservations directly with the park and we will see you there! One of our many stops on our cross country Golden Caravan Road Trip. See our complete schedule at www.goldairstream.com. Reservations: (308) 832-2750 www.pioneervillage.org. Wagonmasters: Paul and Caroline Lacitinola. June 13-16 2019 Olema, CA Olema by the Sea. 10155 Hwy. 1 Olema, CA 94950. A small group of trailers enjoying the com-

pany of others. Thursday evening is fried turkey, Friday dinner is chowder cook off, Saturday is pancake breakfast, no host cocktail party followed by dinner. Sunday is pack up and see you at the next event. No Open House. Robin Gutierres kristinagutierres@sbcglobal.net (510) 604-3117 June 14-16, 2019 Virginia City, NV Step Back in Time. 355 F St. Open house 10-2 p.m. The RV Park has a deli, store, laundry, restrooms and showers. Hurry, limited spots with full hook ups available. If you would like to join us, call or email the RV Park in VC at 775-8470999 or www.vcrvparknv.com to reserve a site at a discounted rate. Please contact Wes and Diana at 775-240-9049, loyds_pss@sbcglobal.net after you made the reservation so we can get your contact info and space (this is very important). June 20-23, 2019 Three Forks, MT Big Sky Vintage Trailer Rally. 15 Koa Rd., SOLD

June 7 - 9, 2019

Avalon Campground Clermont, NJ

Join us for the 4th Annual

Jersey Shore Wingz Vintage Trailer Rally

Enjoy the nearby beaches of the Jersey Shore. Minutes from Historic Cape May. Visit the boardwalk and amusements, local wineries, antiques and an excellent selection of shopping and dining destinations. Easy traveling distance to Atlantic City.

All MAkES And ModElS wElCoME.

2 breakfasts and 2 dinners included in the $35 per adult rally fee. E/w/S site is $50.00 per night. Craft workshops ($)

Don’t have equipment? Ask about cabin and trailer rentals. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Call Avalon Campground for more details and reservations: 1-800-814-2267 www.avaloncampground.com www.vintagecampertrailers.com


July 11-15, 2019 Deadwood, SD Once again FAC is heading to the Black Hills of South Dakota! Fish N Fry Recreation Campground. 21390 US Hwy. 385. 605-578-2150 Www. fishnfrycampground.com This is one of our favorite campgrounds and areas! Unlimited activities: off-road trails, casinos, fishing, historical sightseeing, Custer State Park. Happy Hour meet and greet, trailer tours, karaoke! Make your own reservations and be sure to mention FAC! Friendly Average Campers of Colorado (FAC) in The Black Hills! Request to join FAC on Facebook! July 11-14, 2019 Gillette, WY Rally on the Range. Cam-Plex Multi Events Center. Make your reservations directly with the park and we will see you there! The Little Levi Rodeo event is July 13th at the outdoor Wrangler Arena. Contestants ages 6 to 14 will compete in Pole Bending, Barrel Racing, Breakaway Roping, Team Roping, Steer Riding, Sheep Riding, and Goat Tying. One of our many stops on our cross country Golden Caravan Road Trip. See our complete schedule at www.goldairstream. com. Reservations: www.cam-plex.com (307) 682-0552. Wagonmasters: Paul and Caroline Lacitinola.

OUT, Currently taking reservations for waiting list. Open House: Saturday 10am to 3pm. Kelly and Matt Boldy Giggler664@yahoo.com (707) 7388607 July 1st to 7th, 2019 Brooks, OR All American Vintage Trailer Rally. 3995 Brooklake Rd NE in Brooks, Oregon. Oregon's largest vintage trailer event. New for 2019: vintage trailer historian Tim Heintz will be with us to answer trailer questions and camp with the Northwest crew. No reservations required, just show up and join the fun, there is plenty of room for everyone. On site museums for cars, trucks, motorcycles, trains, tractors and there's an antique trolley that runs right through our camp. Also, one of the largest Civil War reenactments in the Northwest. All the info is at www.all-american-rally.com Open House Friday and Saturday open house, 9am to 3pm. Bob Gallagher usn@comcast.net 503-999-6626.

unique trailers and RV's. Please join our Facebook group, Great River Road Vintage Trailer Rally, for more details. Open House-Saturday July13, from 12-3. Kevin Isaacson austinoaks22@gmail. com 309 235-4448 July 18-21, 2019 Brownsville, OR The Rally On The River. This is a family rally meaning kids and grandkids are encouraged to come. We have plenty of stuff for the kids to do. Cost is $35.00 per night with power, bathrooms, and showers. Everyone is in the shade . You are 200 feet from downtown Brownsville Oregon. If you want to make a vacation out of it you can come as early as July 16th. We have a full kitchen there so breakfast is served every morning. Go to our Facebook group page Rally On The River and check out all the video and pictures. This is a open registration which will open January 2nd 2019 everyone gets a shot to come join the fun. We had 86 trailers last year and we are shooting for 125

July 11-14, 2019 Hampton, IL Great River Road Vintage Trailer Rally. 201 State Ave. Join us on the banks of the Mississippi River for the 5th Annual Great River Road Vintage Trailer Rally. Vintage trailers 1978 and older, and

g n i p m a C c i Class Sponsored by

TH - 11 TH 7 T S U G U A R ENO NV | , K R A P L E A F A R RANCHO SAN • Open house show times Friday, Aug. 9, 5pm – 8pm Saturday, Aug. 10,10am – 2pm

• $100 Entry Fee to include: - 1979 and older trailer plus 1 tow vehicle - 2 credentials (Entry into: MAG Auctions, Swap Meet, Drag Races - $270 value)










• $10 Spectator Fee HAN Participants are free along with children 6 and under









hotaugustnights.net | 775.356.1956






this year. Any questions feel free to send me a text or call me at (541) 206-3572 Hope to see you all there! Wade and Lisa Long p.s dogs are welcome to. This is a handicap accessible park so we will work with you. July 18-21, 2019 Elkhart, IN Silver Avion Fellowship (SAF) 25608 Co Rd 4, Elkhart, IN 46514. All Avions and Cayos manufactured from the mid-1950's through 1990's are welcome to participate in the Silver Avion Fellowship (SAF) Summer Rally. All stages and types of restoration are welcome. Children and pets are welcome. The rally fee is $25 pp. The rally fee does include evening snacks, meals and morning continental breakfast same as last year. Your camping fee will be paid directly to Elkhart Campground upon arrival at a reduced rate of $35 per night for two persons. All sites are full hookups. The rally is very informal with few activities planned so you can visit with friends, explore Elkhart including the RV/MH Hall of Fame/Museum and surrounding areas. Early arrivals and late departures are welcome. No public open house. Terry Prentkowski Keyholeren@aol.com 317-258-8671. July 19-21, 2019 Taylorsville, CA Taylorsville County Park and Campground 1/2 mile east of Taylorsville, next to the Indian Creek/ River. This is a County campground with fire pits and water in various locations in campground, no electric. Restrooms w/showers available. General store w/Deli in town (great food and prices.). Public swimming pool, tennis court, fishing, and more. Bring your water stuff and play on the Indian Creek. Motorcycles, minibikes, or whatever you want to bring are allowed. Friday night meet & greet, Potluck Saturday night in the campground. $14.00 per night. Contact us if you need additional information or a reservation. Wes 775-813-7960, loyds_pss@sbcglobal.net Come and view the vintage trailers 10:00-2:00pm Saturday July 20th, 2019. July 24-Aug 23, 2019 California to Colorado Jackrabbit Sprinter to Fiddlers Picnic. Paul and Nanci Drag have invited 2018 VAC Caravaners and others to accompany them to our Fiddlers Picnic Rally just north of Yellowstone. The

“Sprinter” is not quite a caravan but rather a sort of mobile rally much like the one Lee Cantrell is sponsoring. The name ‘Jackrabbit” has historical AS roots. Just before WBCCI was formally born a group of Wally supporters and volunteers had an informal group known as the Jackrabbits. One of their signs is on display at the Baker City Museum, gifted by Pee Wee. It will start in McCloud CA, move to the Fiddlers Rally and end in Cortez CO. Participants could join for the entire trip or parts. The motto is “come along, play along”. Lots of music will be played the entire time just like last summer. Contact pdrag1933@gmail.com For the Fiddlers Picnic only, contact dalsmiie@aol.com August 2- 4, 2019 Livingston, MT The Fiddlers Picnic is a 44 year old acoustic music jam held on the Old Mercier Ranch on the South side of Livingston, MT, just North of Yellowstone National Park and on the banks of the Yellowstone River. Dry camping. The meat portion of a potluck is included as well as a pancake breakfast. Old Timey, bluegrass, Celtic and more acoustic music is heard throughout the event, all over the grounds. Bring your instrument when you come or just tap your toes. Dalsmilie@aol.com for details August 7-11, 2019 Reno, NV Hot August Nights. See ad on facing page. August 8-11, 2019 Grand Lake, CO Elk Creek Campground. 143 County Road 48 970-627-8502Www.elkcreekcamp.com The biggest FAC blowout of the year! At the beautiful Elk Creek Campground in Grand Lake, CO. This is an amazing campground! Another one of our all-time favorites - and they ADORE FAC :-). There is so much to do - minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park and the gorgeous town of Grand Lake. Meet and greet, happy hours, trailer tours, and more TBA. Make your own reservations and be sure to mention FAC! Friendly Average Campers ( FAC ) in Grand Lake, CO! Request to join FAC on Facebook!

August 8-11, 2019 Truckee, CA Happy Campers Rally by the River. 10068 Hirschdale Road, Truckee CA. Truckee River RV Park This will be a fun family friendly event filled weekend of campfires, a potluck, and splashing and/or relaxing by the river. We are aligning this weekend with Reno’s Hot August Nights Vintage Trailer show (Aug 6-11, 2019) so you can enjoy a day trip to this awesome event if you’re interested.1979 or older. Book your reservation through Truckee River RV Park (http://www.truckeeriverrv. com/home.html) When booking let Truckee River RV Park know you’re attending the “Happy Camper Rally by the River” so we can plan events accordingly. FlyingFlorence66@gmail.com Angela, Danielle and Julie (The Three Gals) NO Open House. 530-320-6303 August 16-18, 2019 Lakeport, CA Lakeside RV, Car, Boat, and Motorcycle Show 2019. 1 First Street, Lakeport, CA 95453. Come join us and display your Vintage RV at the 2019 Lakeside RV, Car, Boat and Motorcycle show. The show is on the banks of Clearlake in downtown Lakeport, CA. There will be vendors, bands, awards, fast nitro-fueled boats demonstrating their power on the water, and lot's of beautiful cars and motorcycles. Vintage RVs, 1978 or older. Call the Willow Point Campgrounds to reserve your site at 707-262-2785 more info you call Al Fox at 707321-0811 www.curbside.tv/lakeboatshow. Saturday, Aug 17th9am to 3pm. Al Fox foxdelivery@ aol.com 707-289-4017. Aug 16-18, 2019 Claresholm, Alberta, Canada Vintage Trailer Rally & TeePee Homecoming 366 46 Ave W, Claresholm, AB T0L 0T0 Come to the birthplace of the TeePee trailer! We welcome all vintage trailer enthusiasts to enjoy a Potluck supper, Lawn Chair Movie Night, Open Trailer Tours and of course, Making New Friends in Old Trailers! Open House. Aug 16-17. Terri Mason, terri.mason@sasktel.net, (403)506-2896 August 23-24, 2019 Denver, CO Friendly Average Campers @ The Denver Modernism Show. EXHIBIT ONLY (pre-1970) FAC Vintage Trailer Exhibit. Once again Friendly Av-


California RV Show is moving to the Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA.

OCTOBER 4 - 13, 2019

www.CaliforniaRVShow.org www.vintagecampertrailers.com


erage Campers will be exhibiting trailers at The Denver Modernism Show! Trailers will be open for tours and the owners will be on hand to answer questions. The show is Friday evening 8/23 (6pm-10pm) and Saturday 8/24 (11am - 5pm), and Sunday (11am - 4pm) is the vintage car show with several trailers hanging around for an additional day :-). Purchase tickets at http://www.denvermodernism.com September 3-9, 2019 Lynden, WA Mt. Baker Vintage Trailer Rally. NW Washington Fair & Event Center 1775 Front St. Lynden, WA 98264. 19th Annual Mt. Baker Vintage Trailer Rally. Washington State's Largest Annual Vintage Trailer Rally. This is field camping with no assigned spots. You pay and register upon arrival. Showers, restrooms and a rv dump station are on site. Power and water is abundant and available for most everyone with extension cords and water splitters. $30 per night plus a one time rally fee. (Add 3% for credit card payments). This years theme is: Cowboys and Indians. Open House: Saturday, September 7, 2019 12-4:00pm. Rene Perret DownRiver11@yahoo.com (360) 431-7311

September 6-8, 2019 Winthrop, WA Wheel into Winthrop. 316 Castle Avenue. Vintage Trailer Enthusiast Extravaganza! A laid back gathering for folks who own vintage trailers. A great time to make new friends, show off your RV and Oooh and Ah over other folks' vintage RV's, Tractors, Motorcycles, Bicycles and collectible Automobiles. There will be an Auto Show including vintage Semis, Motorcycles, Parade of 120ish autos that come through our Campground on Saturday the 8th. Join the Party! Open House Saturday from approx 11-2. Anna Kominak pinenearpark@ gmail.com 509-341-4062

September 13 -15, 2019 Newport, OR South Beach ROVT Rally.South Beach State Park. Join Rollin' Oldies Vintage Trailers for our annual rally on the Oregon Coast. Soup Bar, Potluck, Night Glow & more! Reserve sites thru Reservations Northwest in A, B & C Loops. We welcome 1980 and older trailers. Contact your hosts Priscilla Lewallen & Ashley Morrison-Roberts at lewallenw@msn.com & morrison.ashley1@gmail. com to register with the ROVT after you book your spot. Open House. Ashley Morrison-Roberts, morrison.ashley1@gmail.com (503) 522-6179 Priscilla Lewallen 503-831-1268

September 12-15, 2019 Red River, NM Road Runner RV Resort, 1371 E. Main Street. 575-754-2286. www.roadrunnerrvresort.com. Join FAC in the Land of Enchantment! So much to do - arts, spas, music festivals, historical tours....they have it all! Meet and greet and activities TBD. Make your own reservations and be sure to mention Friendly Average Campers @ Red River, NM. FAC! Request to join FAC on Facebook!

September 18-22, 2019 Dolores, CO International Rally in Dolores, CO. Dolores River Campground. 18680 Hwy 135. 970-882-7761. www.doloresrivercampground.com. FAC is joining the Streamline Royal Rovers at their International Rally in beautiful Dolores, CO! This is a Royal Rovers event, so all inquiries should be directed to Jim Flint - rattlesnakejim@icloud.com . There is a rally fee of $25 per person in addition to your campsite reservations. Make your own reservations and be sure to mention Streamline Royal Rovers. Request to join FAC on Facebook! Friendly Average Campers & Streamline Royal Rovers.

September 12th -15 2019 Thermopolis, WY Fountain of Youth vintage trailer rally. 250 Highway 20 Thermopolis Way, This is the third annual vintage trailer rally located at the fountain of youth Campground and RV Park. Open House: Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Russell Schwartz wyominggemstones@yahoo.com (307)250-0911

September 5-8, 2019 Branson, MO Branson KOA Annual Vintage Camper Rally. 397 Animal Safari Rd. 8th Annual Vintage Camper Rally. All campers dated 1976 and older receive special pricing. Events include a swap meet and trailer tour. Tour on Saturday, September 7 from 12 - 3 pm. Open to the public. Asking for donations to KOA Care Camps. Angie Dickerson angie@bransonkoa.com 417-334-4414

September 20-22, 2019 Perry/Willard, UT RALLY ON THE FRUIT WAY "Journey" KOA. We are back in the country! Rates are $35.00 flat rate,no discounts,per nite,per trailer. Most spaces are full hook ups. James and Kristan Settlemire

Package for Vintage Trailer Owners

Oct. 25th to 27th, 2019 Breakfast provided Saturday & Sunday - Best Halloween Costume Contest - Best Halloween Decorated Vintage Trailer Contest - Murder Mystery Dinner Friday Night - Saturday Trick Or Treating Open To The Public - Pumpkin Carving Contest. Secure your site today.

Call To Book 877-624-4140 Visit www.EmeraldDesert.com/vintage 46


are our camp hosts. Go to BrighamCity@ko.com for information or call 435-723-5503.You can book now. 435-730-3840. Orbie September 20-22, 2019 Lenartsville, PA Rally on the Rocks. 341 Sousley Rd. Located the heart of the Eastern Pennsylvania wilderness. It occupies over 100 acres of beautiful forest divided by mountain streams and is surrounded by miles of hiking trails that offer incredible views of the Pennsylvania countryside. Topped off with our breathtaking Blue Rocks boulder field that gives our campground its name. Open House Saturday. Visit www.bluerockscampground.com and our facebook page for updates. Reserve your spot and REGISTER TODAY!!! (610) 756-6366 Bryan Rimbey rimsvet@ rcn.com 610-462-6537

September 26-29, 2019 Plymouth, CA TRAILERFEST! White Wedding, An 80's Love Story. Karaoke, Fast Times- a live 80's cover band, muscle cars and over 250 Vintage Trailers! Register ASAP for this sellout event: www.trailerfestrally.com September 26-29, 2019 Nancy, KY Somernites Cruise and Pulaski Co Park are proud to announce the 3rd Annual Campin' the Cumberland Vintage Camper Rally!! 1,200 -1,500 classic/ collector cars & trucks and about 10,000 spectators! Keith Floyd at kfloyd@somernitescruise.com or 606-872-2277. September 26-29, 2019 Eagleville, MS Exactly half way between Des Moines, IA and Kansas City, MO on I-35 at Eagle Ridge Camp-

ground located at 22708 W. 182nd Street. For CAMPING reservations, Call (660) 867-5518. October 4 -13, 2019 Fontana, CA The 67th Annual California RV Show is moving to the Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA. The move will improve the customer experience with FREE Parking, real bathrooms and yummy food courts! On exhibit will be 1,200 brand new 2020 model year RVs with over 120 booths of camping accessories and RV related products. Over 40 camping seminars and RV test drives available. Take Hwy 10 and exit off Cherry St, head north to the track entrance. FREE PARKING! Adult Admission $15. See www.TheBestRVShow.com. October 10 - 13, 2019 Laconia, IA So Harrison Vintage Camper Rally. South Harrison County Park. 35 vintage campers pack a secluded campground for a weekend of fun to include 4 large group meals, a Fri night band, a special observatory event, a nightly bonfire, Open House-Saturday 1-3pm. Abby Kincaid-Bohnsoharrisonpkvintagecamperrally@gmail.com 502994-3832. November 1 - 3, 2019 Jackson, CA Rancheria Rally. 11407 Dalton Road, 4th annual Located at the beautiful Jackson Rancheria RV Park. Join us for a fun weekend with friends who love the vintage lifestyle. A great 'end of year' rally. No Open House. Greg and Wendy Burns rancheriarally@yahoo.com 209-605-1305. September 5-8, 2019 Dolores, CO Four Corners Vintage Trailer Campout. The Views Rv Park, 24990 County Road 184. No frills, no fees (except for your site space) camp out with old and new friends. Host club is Classic Campers of New Mexico, check us out on FB. Reservations recommended by calling (970)749-6489 and mention the Vintage Campout. Check out: www.theviewsrvpark.com to see what there is to do in this area. Spaces are full hookup and are assigned when you check in. Open House: Saturday 2 to 4:30 Mark Camrud, mjcamrud@yahoo. com (505) 360-0661 Send us your rally info. Visit the "RALLIES" page on our website to link to a simple form to give VCT the details about your event Also make sure and post your event on our classifieds (FREE) http://classifieds.VintageCamperTrailers.com/ Even if your event is sold out, let us know if you are having an open house that is open to the public. Many readers just want to come and see the trailers. This list can not be reproduced in whole or part without written permission from VCT Magazine.




PO Box 354, Elverta CA 95626



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The Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine #42  

The magazine for all collectors, restorers, admirers and dreamers. Always made in the USA. If you collect and preserve mid-century camper tr...

The Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine #42  

The magazine for all collectors, restorers, admirers and dreamers. Always made in the USA. If you collect and preserve mid-century camper tr...