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Vino Strumenti Now Launches Unique Golfing and Surfing Designs of Wine Bottle Holders of Wood Vino Strumenti speaks class with its suave range of wine accessories that now has wine bottle holders of wood in unique golfing and surfing designs. Crafted to look like golf clubs and surf boards, these bottle holders are the pride of the store, owing to their excellent quality lamination and first rate wood. The wood used in both the styles is perfectly sanded and has around eight coats of lacquer to give these a piano like flawless finish. The offered products with their classy designs are impressive choices for gifting. Handmade Wine Bottle Stoppers from Vino Strumenti are carved out from premium quality and exotic hardwoods such as Ebony, Rosewood, Padauk, and Teak. Elaborating on the finesse of these products, a representative of the company mentions, “These elegant wine bottle stoppers are hand turned on the lathe at Vino Strumenti; Excellence in Wine Accessories. With a highly lacquered finish, these solid hardwoods, stainless steel and high quality seals make fabulous hostess gifts.” Moving ahead, at Vino Strumenti is well-known for bringing in elegantly designed and developed wine gifts and bar accessories. The company ensures high quality in the basic material, whether wood or any other metal, these are then aesthetically hand crafted into attractive designs by a team of creative and skilled craftsmen. Vino Strumenti firmly believes in the perfection of its range and this belief is reflected in its offer 'no Question 30 day no hassle return Policy'. About Vino Strumenti Began in 2012, Vino Strumenti prides themselves in offering the highest quality wine accessories including wooden wine preservers, wine corkscrews, wine foil cutters, and with great prices and exceptional service. They have got the best and uniquely designed wine accessories that one can receive. With a goal to continually provide the best prices, services, product information to their customers’ products sold by Vino Strumenti provide years of enjoyment and ease of use. To know more, please visit: Contact Detail: 507 Hwy 65 Manly, IA 50456 888-454-2068

Vino Strumenti Now Launches Unique Golfing and Surfing Designs of Wine Bottle Holders of Wood