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elcome to the first edition of the SACR Bulletin for 2013.

Editor-In-Chief Mashudu Magada Editor Athi Geleba

We remain committed to the objective of providing information that helps fellow employees with the process making decisions that have to do with work and improved service delivery.

Editorial Committee Emmanuel Mdawu (Chair), Athi Geleba, Nomazwe Ntlokwana, Kefilwe Mphake, Tumelo Taunyane Contributors Tumelo Taunyane, Ntando Tshabalala, Lebohang Ntemane, Lerato Makoe, Vinolia Chabedi, Gauteng Online Layout and Design Vinolia Chabedi Photography SACR Communications Publisher Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation *All rights reserved

South Africans are known to be quick to take action when faced with adversity. The scourge of violence against women and children calls for the same steadfastness and action.

The next election will effectively mark the closure of the current term, usher in a new one and see the country celebrate its second decade of freedom.

Each one of us has the responsibility to resume our duty to be parents, to be brother and sister, to be a community in our quest to achieve human solidarity.

In recent times the nation has been held captive by horror stories of acts of violence and rape against women and children. Whilst the law makes every effort to mete out appropriate sentences to the perpetrators, the more piercing question is: Why does society allow such brutality?

Lets all stand up and be counted!

Write to us:



In an effort to revamp our internal newsletter, employees are invited to make proposals for an exciting and new name.

28 February 2013 Birchwood Hotel Viewpoint Road Bartlett Boksburg

09h00 - 14h00

Our silence is deafening. We are failing the most vulnerable in our communities when we have it in our power to do something. It is an unfortunate coincidence that it is during the month of love that we have to grapple with such atrocious deeds.

In this edition, we focus on a number of issues that are pertinent to the public service and to delivery - especially given that we are some twelve months away from the next general election.



Indeed twenty years into the democratic dispensation - with hypnotic impunity - women and children, the most valued assets of our nation, are subject to violence by the very men they help bring to life.

We invite you to send us your proposals for a new and unique name to

Enquiries: Vinolia Chabedi 011 355 2681 Closing Date: 15 March 2013

For more info, contact Daddy Nakana SACR PUBLICATION | SACR Bulletin | Jan/Feb 2013 Issue



COMPLIMENTS OF THE NEW YEAR! With regard to the key decisions of the EMT – here is the summary: We are of the view that our environment is dynamic and changes from time to time. As such it is our responsibility to ensure that we remain relevant to the ever changing circumstances that have a bearing on our work. In this regard we have since decided that the EMT sessions will now sit on a monthly basis and the MEC will preside in order to ensure that at all times our work is properly streamlined and there is greater urgency with respect to delivery.


ear Colleagues,

New Year’s greetings! We certainly trust that all of us have had a restful time during the holidays and that we are already making the necessary strides to get with what constitutes the task at hand. As expected of all of us, you will be pleased to know that the Executive Management Team has also hit the ground running. In this regard, we have already held a productive session with the team and would like to communicate a number of milestones in relation to setting the tone and how we are going to proceed with our work this year.

Perhaps to start from the beginning... As part of the ongoing objective of building the capacity of the organisation – we are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Phindile Mbanjwa who assumes the position of Chief Operations Officer. Ms. Nontobeko Tseki has since resigned as Chief Director: Strategic Support in the office of the HOD. We wish her well in her future endeavours.


The Chief Operations Officer will chair the Operations Committee meetings whose principal task will be to ensure that the implementation of organisational programmes is monitored, that interventions are made where there may be service delivery bottlenecks. In ensuring that there is organisational cohesion directorates will also be expected to hold weekly and fortnightly meetings for chief directorates as part of communication and input by all members of staff. We are also reviewing such structures as the Departmental Acquisitions Council in accordance with our objective of ensuring greater compliance with the laws governing procurement processes. The CFO chairs the Council, it will sit weekly and it will occupy the space of providing support to units to ensure that we procure quality goods and services and we get value for public money. The value chain will include the review of the financial delegations, monitoring of spending, enforcing tighter controls and institutionalise demand planning to ensure prudent cash flow management.

• The other critically important part of developing people has to do with the performance management and development system. We are deeply concerned that compliance in this area remains malicious and has very little to do with enhancing the skills we refer to by empowering and providing incentives to employees of the organisation. • The staff in the hubs is not a distant cousin of the department. They are an essential part of the institution and therefore we must improve how we manage, broadly and in the hubs in particular. • It means that all of us must adhere to some of the basic tenets that make an institution exhibit a good reputation. We must dress appropriately for work and wear our name tags, in part to build and maintain a positive reputation. We continue working towards ensuring that the overall performance of the department is optimal. Productivity levels need to improve so that we too can be counted among the departments that are playing a practical role in contributing to the cause of changing the lives of the people for the better. On 6 – 8 February we undertook a strategic planning session and we will be finalising plans for the financial year 2013/14. Consequently as part of the decision of the EMT, feedback will be provided by management.

The essence of the message we are communicating is that:

• Essentially executive management is about leading from the front on the part of senior managers. Their task in leading includes the development of people in order to enhance the skills base of the organisation.

SACR PUBLICATION | SACR Bulletin | Jan/Feb 2013 Issue


auteng MEC for Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation Lebogang Maile has welcomed Samsung Electronics’ Youth Reporter Programme which is aimed at ensuring youth participation in the games by giving them opportunities to express their passion about football. The electronics company, which is the official sponsor of the 2013 Orange Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), appointed three students who will work as a team to cultivate unique content about the tournament and fans. MEC Maile said the department was pleased to see that the corporate sector had taken keen interest on the tournament. “Our rallying call is development and this initiative is welcomed as it helps us respond to all facets of the game and sport in general.

“We have said that we need functioning structures, resources and a supportive media in order for us to progress. Congratulations to those who have been selected and we wish to see more of such going forward,” Maile said. The students will be assigned various themes each week to write about in an atmosphere identical to a real newsroom. Using the latest smart technology, they will take turns editing, writing, taking photographs, interviewing fans and producing articles that will be published One of the selected students Refiloe Machaba who is the overall top student for Samsung Engineering Academy class of 2012, said the project had been fun.

Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation

“It has been so cool to see the games live and interview fans. The programme has improved my writing skills and abilities,” Machaba said. 55




he Head of Department, Ms. Namhla Siqaza organised an informative Financial Management training for SACR employees. The training, facilitated by Momentum, focused on how people should successfully manage their finances. Critical points such as personal financial management, dealing with debt savings and investments were presented in order to educate SACR employees about Financial Management. SACR employees were very keen and participative during the session. “ I am very happy about the training because now i’m knowledgeable about personal financial management, it was a very informative training indeed” said Phindile. The training took place on Monday, 24 January 2013 at the 7th floor boardroom and HOD was part of the session.

IMPORTANCE OF WEARING NAME TAGS • It is imperative that employees of the Department maintain a professional appearance at all times whilst performing their duties and when meeting clients and serving the public at large.

The State of the Province also celebrates the achievements of government in programmes of a socio-political and economic nature by reflecting on specific milestones of delivery within a definitive time frame.

• The wearing of these name tags will assist in good provision of service delivery and also assist in maintaining security in the department’s premises.

The State of the Province Address will be aired on various TV channels and the people of Gauteng can also expect to watch the Premier delivering her speech, in real time, at public viewing areas across the Province. The details hereof will be communicated in due course.Comments and engagement on the speech are invited on social media and more information on the SOPA can be found on

• Name tags serve the purpose of promoting Professionalism in the workplace, the also promote the good image of the department.


• Name tags enable other guests at an event to correctly identify the wearer.

n 25 February 2013 Gauteng Premier, Nomvula Mokonyane, will deliver her fourth State of the Province Address (SOPA) at the Gauteng Provincial Legislature.

• They ease introductions and offer a conversation starter. Name tags are part of the first impression you will make on event attendees.

The SOPA sets the tone for result-based pursuits of government with an objective to challenge or solicit the participation of citizens towards the development of their province and country.



• Name tags are to be worn on the upper right hand side for ease of contact. • The name tag should be on display at all times. The standard information required to be shown on the display side is the name of the wearer and the Department. • No employee is allowed to wear another colleague’s name tag. • It is the name tag policy that all employees must wear name tags while performing their duties.

REPLACEMENT • If a name badge is lost then it is the personal responsibility of the employee to report the loss to (1) Their line Manager and (2) Communications. This should be done within a 24 hour period. For further clarity send us an email on SACR. 66


SACR PUBLICATION | SACR Bulletin | Jan/Feb 2013 Issue


his year, 2013, marks the penultimate year for the current administration. The PCS Branch needs to implement an integrated communication programme. Communications will be informed by commitments made in 2009 and priorities of priorities. Content will be drawn from the M&E reports and packaged by PCS to ensure credibility of content.


• To enhance the profile of the Premier and MECs. • To strengthen government relations with various stakeholders. • To implement a structured integrated GPG communication programme. • To market and promote successful government projects. • To position Gauteng as a Province that delivers

President Jacob Zuma delivers the State of the Nation Address on 14 February 2013 and the Gauteng Premier is expected to take her lead on government’s key areas of focus for 2013 from the president’s speech. Source: Gauteng Online

Priorities of Priorities

• Implement the Gauteng TV platform • Enhance door to door stakeholder engagement • Identify service delivery beneficiaries and let them be our ambassadors • Enhance sector specific engagement • Branding of key infrastructure-approval, implementation of projects-CI audits and ensuring compliance • Coordinate the implementation of Marketing/ Advertising • Our communication will be split 80/20 • Integrated planning


• Identify and segment 10 stakeholder groupings that GPG must interact with. • Public Participation Programmes should cover all 5 regions of Gauteng and involve municipalities at least each quarter. • Premier should have an event with each MEC at least once a year. Full presentation accessible on SACR Intranet.CR Intranet 7





• A total of R300 000 is allocated for 2012/13 financial year bursaries • A total cost of R214 126 was allocated for new applicants. • A total cost of R81 935 was allocated for current bursary holders. • HRD granted bursaries to 34 applicants

• HRD develops a Workplace Skills Plan (implementation plan) for the financial year. • Proper consultation with relevant directorates is done according to the training needs taken from the Workplace Skills Plan on the implementation plan. • Nomination are signed by both the employess and their supervisor. • Procurement process begins (HRD sources Service Providers). • Attendees are informed about the logistics (date of the training, venue, time etc) via email. • Supervisors must conduct briefing sessions on the intended outcomes of the training. • Training is implemented as per Workplace Skills Plan. • Employees are given evaluation forms to evaluate the impact of training. • Human Resource Development updates the training database as well as personal profiling of the employee(s) • Training reports are developed by Human Resource Development .


What to take into consideration when requesting training:

Within the framework of the Department Human Resources Developed bursary Policy, the selection of candidates is based on the following criteria: • Employees who were historically disadvantaged as defined by the Employment Equity Act. • People with disabilities and under graduates • Applicants seeking to further their education and training in areas considered critical by Department, Province and National Directives • Applicants who have already started tertiary studies within the critical-cross cutting skills that are required in the Department • Current bursary holders

Budget Allocations

• The department is currently hosting 18 SETA interns of which the contract ends 31 April 2013. • The interns sourced by the department are expected to start the beginning of the financial year 2013/14. The department will not advertise internships, but will source from the Gauteng City Region Academy (GCRA) database and implement accordingly. Managers are requested to allocate necessary workstations and resources for the interns.

• HRD does not implement any training that was not included in the training needs analysis because of budget purposes.

Phindile Mbanjwa COO

Lungile Msiya ASD: Library Services

Vuyo Nomadolo DD: Finance,Admin & Planning

Neo Madlopha DD: PMDS

Jacob Tsotetsi DD: HRD (Contract)

Sizwe Mbuyisa ASD: Archival Services

Paballo Mogoje Accounting Clerk

Bongile Ndlakuza AFCON Project Manager

Tshepo Modikadika AFCON Project Coordinator

Nompumelelo Yingwane AFCON Project Coordinator

Sithabile Mdlalose AFCON Project Coordinator

Judith Sehlangu ASD: Arts (MPP)

Mpho Motsepe AFCON Project Coordinator

Jacob Serekwane Training Officer - HRD

It’s been a Giggle and it’s been Fun, just having you around... And yet so disappointing that a new job has been found... We wish you good luck on your new ventures!!!

• It is the responsibility of HRD to outsource service providers and compile procurement documents on behalf of the employee to avoid outsourcing non registered institutions. • For cancellation purposes, the employee must notify HRD in writing to cancel the training on his/ her behalf in order to avoid unnecessary fruitless expenditure.

Nonto Tseki Strategic Support

Jolene Pinto Events Management

Varineeck Remley Policy, Planing & Research

Boitumelo Lebeko Registry

Innocentia Mokoena HRA Intern

Bobby Johnston Asset Management

*HRD would like to appeal to management to give support to the subordinates regarding personal growth and development. Bonke Mlungwana Information Technology 8

SACR PUBLICATION | SACR Bulletin | Jan/Feb 2013 Issue

SACR PUBLICATION | SACR Bulletin | Jan/Feb 2013 Issue

Faith Herbert Heritage Contract 9




he 2013 Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa has brought the fun, flair and fantastic football to Mzansi, providing inspiration for those who will take part in the 2013 Future Players Talent Search. Didier Drogba, Seydou Keita, Emmanuel Emineke, Asamoah Gyan and Jonathan Pitroipa are all now stars of the African continent that helped light up the finals. But all were also once undiscovered gems, youngsters who dreamt of making it big in football, but needed their skills to be recognised by those who can set them on the path to a

under way this weekend with the first two district trials, part of 10 sets of trials to take place across the province between now and March 17. In conjunction with the Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation and the Gauteng Department of Education, organisers aim to have 10 000 young boys and girls participate in the structured talent identification programme this year, which not only gives them a chance to showcase their football ability, but also receive life-skills training from Grassroots Soccer.

young people, to show that your talent can take you far if you put in the hard work necessary to realise it fully,” said the Gauteng MEC for Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation, Lebogang Maile. Aside from the trials and football training that the youngsters will receive, there will also be a life skills program led by Grassroots soccer, which focuses on HIV/AIDS awareness and motivates learners to lead a healthy lifestyle. “We believe that sport has a huge role to play in helping our youngsters realise their potential. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. We are delighted that so many thousands of learners will not only get to enjoy the fun of the sport, but also be exposed to the crucial life skills programme that could one day save them from a life lived with HIV/AIDS. It is a hugely important education for these youngsters and we would like to thank all those involved for their efforts,” Gauteng MEC for Education, Barbara Creecy, says. Each set of trials for the 2013 Future Players Talent Search will get under way at 09h00 and finish at 15h00. The best youngsters from the 10 district trials will be chosen for the semi-finals on March 23, with the final to be staged at the Nike Football Training Centre in Pimville on March 30.

career in the game. The stars of the Nations Cup will therefore be the inspiration for thousands of budding young male and female footballers from around the Gauteng province who will have similar dreams and aspirations of one day playing at the continental finals. The 2013 Future Players Talent Search is now in its fifth year and forms part of the Future Champions Gauteng tournament that sees some of the best Under-17 club sides from around the world descend on the province for an international tournament to be played between 25 and 30 March 2013. The search to unearth the budding football talent of tomorrow will get



t was a super Sunday for Sunday Mba as he led his country to a third Africa Cup of Nations triumph with his solitary goal at the National Stadium on Sunday. The calabash-like stadium which was bursting at the seams with colourful regalia ended in style with the Nigerians proudly lifting the prestigious trophy. The Super Eagles who dominated position throughout the game, beat Burkina Faso in a game that was not only fast-paced but kept the fans on their edges too.The supercharged final was preceded by an entertaining closing ceremony which saw the likes of Kelly Khumalo, Thembisile Ntaka as well as Micasa mesmerising fans with their melodic African tunes. The electrifying mood in the stadium was heightened when the Nigerian musician D'Banj took to the stage and had the crowds eating out of his hands.

The youngsters also get treated to a food pack from loyal partner, Pick ‘n Pay. The 2013 top three winners will receive a once in a lifetime opportunity to train with an overseas team and learn just what it takes to be a professional footballer for a top club.

The closing ceremony which was attended by among others South African President Jacob Zuma and FIFA President Sepp Blatter, also reminded the continent to unite in fighting challenges such as malaria.Thabo Sekeng, who came all the way from Botswana to witness the final, said he was proud of the country for hosting such a successful tournament.

"The Future Players Talent Search has proven that it can unearth our champions of tomorrow and we are excited to see what fine young footballers come forth this year. The 2013 Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa has many, many stories of footballers who came out of disadvantaged backgrounds and went on to make a success of themselves. They should be role-models to our SACR PUBLICATION | SACR Bulletin | Jan/Feb 2013 Issue

by Melitah Madiba

SACR PUBLICATION | SACR Bulletin | Jan/Feb 2013 Issue

11 11





“We are excited to see the increase in the number and quality of applications over the years. The money invested in music bursaries is the seed we plant to grow the music luminaries and legends of tomorrow.” said SAMRO CEO, Mr Le Roux There is a growing need for research into, and understanding of, the complex business of music and the technological developments that are affecting how music is produced and consumed.


rospective Gauteng students wishing to study music have an opportunity to turn their dreams into reality through the Southern African Music Rights (SAMRO) bursaries.


he Creative Industries in Gauteng will undergo a major shake up. This follows an announcement by MEC Maile that there is a need to streamline the sector in order to ensure that it is efficient and effective in delivering on the vision of creating jobs.

Maile added: "We need to develop skills and this can be achieved through putting in place strategies whose sole purpose would be to develop people working in the sector. This is one of the ways in which we will get Mzansi's Golden Economy going."

As part of taking forward the idea of transforming the sector, the Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation will host a Creative Industries Indaba on February 28.

In terms of the current institutional set up, Film is the only component of the creative industries that's catered for through a dedicated commission. Maile argues that this must change to include all the other components "if we are to reach our full potential".

"We will table various sets of proposals to industry stake holders in order to see how ensure that we take Gauteng to the next level. Part of our proposal is one that says we need a dedicated agency that will provide the necessary support and propel us forward" ~ MEC Maile. The Indaba will bring together practitioners in film, fashion, publishing, music and the performing arts sectors in order to consider and refine various strategies and establish an accord that will see all of them co-operate on various projects aimed at spurring the creative economy to greater heights.


The Indaba is an opportunity for government and industry to come together and share ideas on what should be the basis for a way - forward. It is expected that the meeting will conclude with a well consulted and clear implementation plan of the various sub-sector strategies that have been developed which include film, crafts, music, performing arts as well as visual arts.

SACR PUBLICATION | SACR Bulletin | Jan/Feb 2013 Issue

Every year SAMRO grants a number of music study bursaries to deserving candidates to study towards degrees and diplomas at universities across the country. Over the past 30 years, more than 1 500 promising music students have received bursaries.

"We are introducing these new bursary categories to keep pace with the times and hopefully help contribute to a vibrant and progressive Southern African music industry,” le Roux said. For more information, visit



n an effort to refocus and speed-up the pace of the geographical renaming process, the Gauteng Geographical Names Council and the Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation hosted a workshop on the tandardisation of geographical names for the province. According to MEC Lebogang Maile “the issue of naming and renaming is long overdue and needs to be speeded-up as part of nation building and social transformation” The workshop was aimed at assisting municipalities in handling matters relating to the renaming process including consultations with various stakeholders.

SACR PUBLICATION | SACR Bulletin | Jan/Feb 2013 Issue




UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH MS. PHINDILE MBANJWA, NEWLY APPOINTED COO In 2004 she joined the public service through the Gauteng Department of Housing and in 2005 moved to the then GSSC to assist with the establishment of a Project Management Unit. In 2006 she was transferred to the Gauteng Department of Public Transport, Roads and Works where she worked on various projects including the migration of the capital works functions from the Department of Education to another line Department. She became the Chief Operating Officer in 2008 and the acting Chief Executive Officer for an entity of the Gauteng Provincial Government.

1. Who is Phindile Mbanjwa? She is an ordinary girl with dreams of living an extra-ordinary life. She does not believe in reinventing wheels but strives to find innovative ways to oil an already operational machine for improved performance. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences from the University of Cape Town, a Post graduate Diploma in Public Policy and Development Administration from the Wits School of Public and Development Management, a Project Management Certificate from Wits and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration from the Wits Business School. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Infrastructure Design and Management with the University of Cape Town.

2. Where is your hometown? Soweto

3. Tell us about your work history? Phindile Mbanjwa started working in 1999 as a projects co-ordinator for Wits University. She later resigned and joined an NGO in the health sector and worked as a senior manager.


She is well vested with the public sector and has worked with all the provincial departments of Gauteng as well as local authorities extensively on numerous infrastructure projects.

4. Do you have any children, how many? 1 Daughter (6 years old)

5. How do you define good leadership? It is the ability to take people along and make them believe in one’s own vision. Understanding diversity and practicing tolerance for diverse views. It is the power to persuade people to follow you without commandment. It is valuing human capital and acknowledging the role people play in any arena.

DO WE HEAR WEDDING BELLS? by Vinolia Chabedi

Ntando Tshabalala is based in the Corporate Communications dIrectorate and we get into details about her upcoming wedding... Where did you meet your partner and what attracted you to him I first my partner at Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation. I was attracted by his original character and his intelligence.

We hear you are tying the knot soon, tell us more... We are on a stage whereby, we have accepted each other for who we are, and we are both committed and loyal to each other. And soon we will be approaching the beginning of our adventures together. Yes we will be tying the knot in March this year and the preparations are going well. It will be the best day of my life.

If you had lots of money, where would you go to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Paris, Paris is known to be the city of love, I will definitely go there.

How many kids are you planning to have and why? Three kids because I love it when they are running around and making noise in the house. The more, the merrier!

Any advice for the ladies out there? You need to have self respect and respect those around you. Love life and God will do the rest.


6. What advice would you give to SACR employees for 2013? Speak from a position of knowledge not assumption. Read and educate yourself both formally and informally to give credence to your views. Focus on the job at hand to achieve your objectives; Pay attention to detail and always strive to be the best that you can be at what you do. Wear a positive attitude every day and speak kind of and about others!

Hlompho Tshifhiwa Sibusiso Mosia Mommy: Dineo Mosia from IT

SACR PUBLICATION | SACR Bulletin | Jan/Feb 2013 Issue

Tebogo Thipe Mommy: Nkanyezi Njoli from School Sport




GET IN TOUCH WITH EHWP The SACR Employee Health & Wellness Programme (EHWP) offers integrated services. It offers counselling, health promotion, physical wellness and other related wellness services.

GGNC Workshop

14-15 February 2013


OR Tambo protea hotel

Financial: Manage your money better and get

Future Players

16 February 2013


Braamfisher Sport Complex


20 February 2013


Johannesburg Stadium

National Offenders Football Championship Born to Read

21-22 February 2013 22 February 2013

07:00 10:00

Pretoria Central Prison (Pretoria Management Area Zithobeni Library, Bronkhospruit

alcohol and drug-related problems.

Future Champions

23 February 2013


Highland North Boys High

Health Issues: HIV /AIDS, disease management

Ishashalazi Theatre Festiva

26 - 27 February 2012

10:00 - 17:00

Soweto Theatre, Jabulani

Soweto AFCON Cup

26 - 27 February 2012


Nike Stadium/Soweto Pimville

Creative Industries Indaba

28 February 2013


Birchwood Hotel

debt counselling and advice

Legal: Get help with your legal queries Relationship: Deal with personal, social and work related relationship challenges

Substance Abuse: Get help to deal with

• Figure out how much debt you are in. Take all your bills and write them down in a notebook. Once you have a good idea of how much you are in the hole, you can start to plan how to get out of it. • Ask your credit card company for help. Sometimes a simple phone call can lower your interest rate. This will translate to less debt and more money to pay off debt.

family planning.

Work: Deal with stress or harassment at work, and get career advice

How do you get in touch?

0800 011 123


16 16



OTHER GAUTENG EVENTS ABSA Premiership - Kaizer Chiefs vs Free State Stars Date: 16 February 2012 Time: 20h15 Venue:FNB Stadium, Soweto

ABSA Premiership -Moroka Swallows vs Orlando Pirates Date


4 February 2012 15 February 2013 12 - 18 February 2013

• Use cash as much as possible. With cash, you can only buy what you can afford and can't splurge. If you can do it, cut up those credit cards! If they aren't around to use, you can't put more purchases on them.


EHWP Helpline:

• Start pinching your pennies. Look at what you spend your money on. You can do without your fancy coffee and save about lots of money per week. If you want to get out of debt, you have to stop creating it. • Visit a credit counselor. A credit counselor can help you consolidate your loans and point out which debt to pay off first. Many people find this helpful because their counselor is able to put them on a specific plan with variables they may not have thought of themselves.


12 - 18 February 2013 17 February 2013 20-26 February 2012

World Cancer Day International Childhood Cancer Day Pregnancy Awareness Week STI / Condom Week Healthy Lifestyles Awareness Day Eating disorder Awareness Week

SACR PUBLICATION | SACR Bulletin | Jan/Feb 2013 Issue

Date: 17 February 2012 Time: 15h30 Venue:Dobsonville Stadium, Soweto

ABSA Premiership -Golden Arrows vs Mamelodi Sundowns Date: 17 February 2012 Time: 9h30 Venue:Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Pretoria

SACR PUBLICATION | SACR Bulletin | Jan/Feb 2013 Issue

ABSA Premiership - Orlando Pirates vs Platinum Stars Date: 20 February 2013 Time: 19:30 Venue: Orlando Stadium

ABSA Premiership - Bidvest Wits vs Chippa United Date: 20 February 2013 Time: 19:30 Venue: Bidvest Stadium,City Johannesburg

ABSA Premiership - Orlando Pirates v SuperSport United Date: 26 February 2013 Time: 19:30 Venue Orlando Stadium, Soweto


SACR Bulletin: Jan/Feb Issue  

Employee Internal Newsletter

SACR Bulletin: Jan/Feb Issue  

Employee Internal Newsletter