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[S C E NA R I O] Italian wine has changed. After the euphoria of the 1990’s and the early 21st century, the wine industry presents itself to the world with greater coherence and a big personality. Producers and produce are becoming more and more recognizable within the territory they belong to. This is now the most distinguishable and appreciated trait by both consumers and operators worldwide. The regions no longer appear as disjointed entities, but as a unified system imposing its own style. The keywords in this new scenario are ‘understatement’, ‘groundbreaking’, ‘unique’, and ‘local’. The core values are now native grapes, territorial specificity, drinkability as well as a more contained price. While this fermentation of culture and cultivation was still finding its feet in 1996, Radici del Sud came into existence pursuing the goal of generating a synergy of experiences and willingness. At the time wine produced in South Italy was reaching the height of its success and popularity. Radici soon established itself as a special workshop that presented and spread past and present distinctive traits of the Apulian native grapes and later of those belonging to the rest of South Italian regions.

Sharing mutual objectives between wine producers and neighbouring regions has been the key to success. It is a virtuous model, which has given drive to the Southern regions, allowing the wine-growing sector to reaffirm the strength of the “SOUTH” brand within the Italian wine system.


RadicidelSud is the event that turns the spotlight on the wines produced from native grapes of Apulia, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria and Sicily. It is planned and arranged by the ProPapilla Association and its Chairman Nicola Campanile offering a stage to display the labels which best representthe typicity of the grape variety they are produced from. Mission: to enhance the enology of the South Italian areas safeguarding the rich and varied cultural heritage they boast. Under the emblem of Radici, the Association carries out initiatives which offer opportunities for visibility, creating a direct connection with both national and international markets offering the best representations of their terroir.

The key point of interest in theRadicievent is the blind tasting which involves critics, experts and journalists from all over the world. It is a system of comparison which allows the juries to get to know the South Italian wines better and examine their characteristics in a playful way.

Photo by Stephane Ait Ouarab /Courtesy Intorno a Ferrocinto - Rubbettino Editore


To encourage the knowledge of the wines produced from native grapes both locally and abroad, as well as within those markets interested in “made in Italy” typicity relating to the evolution and land history.


To promote native wines, encouraging supply and demand and showing the eno-food and tourism characteristics of each region.


To enhance from a qualitative point of view, that’s to say contributing to place the South Italian wine in the most prestigious market segments through targeted marketing operations within the main national and international agro-food exhibitions.


Photo by Stephane Ait Ouarab /Courtesy Intorno a Ferrocinto Rubbettino Editore


To increase the wineries’ export capacity, helping the South Italian producers to arrange and strengthen their presence within the foreign markets.


To open communication channels between the region and international observers.


To diversify the areas of intervention, keeping the position acquired on mature markets, identifying new geographical areas which may represent market segments of high level and profitability.





It started as a simple festival where to taste wines, but over the years RadicidelSud has become a real exhibition. A multi-event which lasting a number of days, some devoted to the BtoB meetings between foreign buyers or experts and wine producers taking into consideration their affinity from a productive and territorial point of view. Some are instead devoted to the competition between all South Italian wines, arranged according to the grape they are produced from. The tastings are rigorously blind and are held by two different panels of tasters: one made up of international wine buyers and writers and the other composed of Italian experts, restaurant and wine bar owners and sommeliers. Besides the meetings and the tastings, the guests will be offered exciting tours throughout the beauty of landscapes, monuments, villages, vineyards and selected wineries. At night there will be scheduled dinners and themed tastings aimed at enhancing exchanges between the protagonists and event guests, producers, buyers, experts, restaurant owners and journalists and local associations. On the last day there will be an open meeting among institutions, operators, experts, producers and public that will end with the tasting of the wines produced by every participating winery. The dinner will be prepared by renowned chefs. Each of them will propose his/her interpretation of the raw material and recipes belonging to the area they come from. These dishes will be paired with Radici wines.

Photo by Stephane Ait Ouarab /Courtesy Intorno a Ferrocinto Rubbettino Editore


The closing day of the annual RadicidelSud edition is dedicated to the presentation of the guidebook as well as the opening of the wine-tasting of the prize winning wines to the general public.


This includes the series of events leading up to theRadicidelSud. They are held throughout South Italian regions and prove to be an opportunity for producers from different areas to meet and get in touch. The events related to Waiting for Radici steadily include the chefs working in the South Italian catering.


Over the years Radici has developed in other directions to join such prestigious events as the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, one of the most important agro-food exhibitions in the USA, but also the European Wine Blogger Conference, the yearly meeting of wine bloggers coming from all over the world which took place in 2011 in Europe and Franciacorta, or even the â&#x20AC;&#x153;The wines of Apulia meet Europeâ&#x20AC;? event held in Brussels.

In these pages photos by Manuela Laiacona

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The added value of Radici Wines lies in the relationships it is able to establish. Year after year our network of “friends” has developed hand in hand with the attention the South Italian regions have captured. It’s exactly this comparison formula that has allowed Radici to become a landmark for journalists, tasters, Masters of wines, operators and buyers from all over the world. Hundreds of authoritative wine representatives have felt involved in the revival of interest and enhancement of our wines over the last number of wines.

Natascha Hughes

Carlo Macchi

Rosemary George Wojciech Bonkowski

David Furer

Luigi Cremona

Vito Intini

Angelo Peretti

Luciano Pignataro

Bruno Gambacorta

Franco Ziliani

Gregory Dal Piaz

Cristina Pikard

Mayumi Nakagawara Tom Cannavan

Marek Bienczyk

2006 2009

Juancho Asenjo

Tom Hyland


Charles Chicolone

Giampaolo Gravina

Kerin Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;kefee

Witney Adams

PAOLO ZACCARIA, Italia - Gambero Rosso FRANCO ZILIANI, Italia - CARLO MACCHI, Italia - LUCIANO PIGNATARO, Italia - il Mattino / WILFRIED MOSELT, Germania - wine-writer LILIAN TURMES, Lussemburgo - wine writer TOM CANNAVAN, Gran Bretagna - Decanter MAYUMI NAKAGAWARA, Giappone - Winart TOM HYLAND, Usa - Reflections on Wine / / KILE PHILIPS, Usa - CHRISTINA PIKARD, Gran Bretagna - Market Kitchenn BBC JUANCHO ASENJO, Spagna - wine writer WHITNEY ADAMS, Usa - wine blogger

Jane Hunt

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Kyle Phillips

Maurizio Gily

Pierre Casamayorm

Jeremy Parzen

Gary Grunner , Tom Maresca, Anthony D’anna


Ole Udsen

TOM MARESCA, Usa - Decanter TOM CANNAVAN, UK - wine writer JOAN GÓMEZ PALLARÈS, Spagna - MICHEL RITTER, Germania - ZB FRED NIJHUIS, Olanda - wine writer OLE UDSEN, Danimarca - “Italiensk Vin” TOMASZ PRANGE-BARCZYNSKI Polonia - Magazyn Wino, KYLE PHILLIPS, Usa - wine writer ANGELO PERETTI, Italia - VITO INTINI, Italia – Presidente Nazionale Onav ANTHONY D’ANNA, Australia - importatore GARY GRUNNER, Usa - importatore / Grapes on the go MACIEJ BOMBOL, Polonia - importatore MICHELE CIANCIULLI, Usa – importatore / Enoclassica DAVID SMITH, Usa - wine buyer / Classified Wine & Spirits SALVATORE EVANGELISTA, Usa - wine buyer / Supreme Wines ROGER LIGGENSTORFER, Svizzera wine buyer Michele Cianciulli

Kyle Phillips Jancis Robinson

Tomasz Prange-Barczynski

Ryan Opaz

Fred Nijhuis


Daniele Cernilli

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Bil Nesto Nicola Biscardo

Walter Speller

Fabio Giavedoni

20 FEBBRAIO 2012

Radici Wines seleziona il miglior vino bianco per la mozzarella di bufala campana


6 GIUGNO 2013


A Radici del Sud ospiti sorprendenti…

3 GIUGNO 2011 • sez. Roma

Il mezzogiorno del vino si da’ appuntamento a “Radici del Sud” per presentare vini, incontrare wine merchants e guardare al futuro grazie ad un panel di degustazione internazionale diretto dalla wine-writer Jancis Robinson. 5 GIUGNO 2013 “Radici del Sud” 2013, l’orgoglio dei vitigni del Mezzogiorno

di Puntarella Rossa.

24 MAGGIO 2013 • sez. BARI

Vini in festa a Radici del Sud.

04 GIUGNO 2013 Photo by Stephane Ait Ouarab /Courtesy Intorno a Ferrocinto - Rubbettino Editore

Radici del Sud, 140 cantine del meridione in concorso.

29 MAGGIO 2013

16 APRILE 2012

Radici del Sud: dal 5 al 9 giugno a Carovigno.

Ritorna Radici del Sud

11 GIUGNO 2011

Puglia - the tasting notes

22 LUGLIO 2011

in the Radici del Sud wine by Jancis Robinson

9 GIUGNO 2013

In alto i calici per Radici del Sud 10 GIUGNO 2013

“Radici del Sud” premia 67 eccellenze. In gara 247 vini del Meridione. GIUGNO 2012

Radici Festival 2012, Puglia di Tom Cannavam

Monopoli capitale dei vini da vitigni autoctoni con “Radici”


Great red hopes

Radici del Sud: tutti i vini vincitori, vitigno per vitigno di Luciano Pignataro

Italiens Stiefelabsatz di Michael Ritter

8 GIUGNO 2013

Le Donne del Vino di Puglia e Radici del Sud.

8 GIUGNO 2011

Korzenie, czyli co zrobi ze karbem di Tomasz Prange-Barczyński

From Piemonte to Puglia’s ‘Radici del Sud’ Tasting of Southern Italian Wines

The best wines from native grapes of Radici del Sud Dell’equilibrio dei vini …sono andato in giro per l’Europa facendo il giudice internazionale in alcuni concorsi enologici. Il Decanter World Wine Award, il Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Radici del Sud, Friulano & friends di Daniele Cernilli

19 MARZO 2010

GENESSIEN Flachlandwein im hoch

3 Top Puglian Wines in the U.S. Market Surprising examples of Nero di Troia By Gregory Dal Piaz

PA R T N E R ISTITUZIONI Unione europea ICE Regione Puglia Assessorato al turismo Assessorato allâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;agricoltura Sprint Puglia Provincia di Bari Unioncamere Puglia COMUNI Andria Margherita di Savoia Noci Gioia del Colle Fasano Sannicandro Minervino Murge Monreale Rossano Calabro

Progetto grafico e impaginazione Daniele Madio_SocialDesign e Francesca Palermo Equipe Restauro Le foto non firmate fanno parte dellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Archivio Radici Wines

Radici Wines_Presentation eng

Radici Wines_Presentation eng