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On February 26-28, 2013, the IC Virtual Music Conference and Expo ™ is bringing the global independent music industry together for 3 days of high-level international networking, dozens of expert presentations by industry leaders, a complete virtual trade show, artist and record label showcase, contests, industry discussions and much more! And best of all, it will all occur online in a virtual environment! No wallet-busting plane flights or hotels! No maddening crowds. No exorbitant ticket or showcase prices! Screenshot of Main Lobby

This will be a truly interactive event, not just a ‘talking head’ seminar. Just by logging in, participants can:        

Join dozens of topic-driven chats or start their own (screenshot of Networking Lounge below) Have a one-on-one video chat with anyone at the conference Participate in chats or teleconferences moderated by the speakers immediately after their presentations Exchange v-cards with conference attendees Exchange internal messages with anyone at the conference Interact with and conduct business with the businesses in the expo Interact with and conduct business with the artists, songwriters and labels Conduct ongoing business, discuss issues and more!

Music Industry Trade Show

Screenshot Of Exhibit Hall In their virtual booths, music-related businesses can:  Demonstrate your products/services live from your booth (or w/videos)  Offer downloadable videos, brochures, testimonies etc.  Giveaway samples, catalogs, coupons etc.  Recruit new customers, clients; form strategic alliances  Sell your products or services directly to attendees (no middle man)  Add prospects to your mailing list by hosting a contest  Chat or video chat live with potential clients/customers  Exchange v-cards (virtual business cards) with all other participants  Provide free or for-fee services live (such as song critique)  Set appointments to meet later in the conference or at an upcoming land-based conference  Direct prospects to your website, social network pages etc.

Artist & Record Label Exhibits are where you can showcase your music and act. You can:            

Showcase your act live from your booth via webcam Offer video or music downloads Show your music videos, EPK etc. Promote your fan funding campaign Offer downloadable one-sheets, reviews etc. Recruit new fans; add new fans to your mailing list Direct prospects to your website, social network pages etc. Connect with entertainment buyers and promoters worldwide Network with all of the other participants, speakers, businesses etc. Exchange v-cards (virtual business cards) with all other participants Sell your music directly to attendees or through any site like iTunes or Amazon Set appointments to meet at upcoming land-based conferences (e.g. SXSW etc.)

Artist Booth – Judy Rodman and 6 Play

Speakers The conference features over 50 expert speaker presentations from around the globe, followed by live Q&A via chat or teleconference. All talks relate to being a successful indie artist.

Presentation Theater

How does an online conference compare to a land based event? Attendees Spend thousands of dollars on tickets, hotels, meals and airfare Showcase your ac and music by performing live for attendees Watch dozens of speaker presentations and workshops Interact in real time with the speakers Make hundreds (or thousands) of new connections from around the globe and exchange business cards See info on every person in attendance and choose who you want to interact with or meet Have face-to-face private conversations with other participants Get company and product information from exhibitors Conduct live product demonstrations Download every piece of literature you want directly to your computer without having to carry it around with you all day or carry it home Participate in group discussions on any and all aspects of the industry

Virtual Conference No

Physical Conference





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Promote sand sell your music and your act Interact face-to-face, one-on-one with exhibitors Participate in post-presentation discussions hosted by the speakers Watch speakers and presentations that you missed up to 30 days after the conference Watch the same presentation multiple times Stop and take a nap any time you want to. Attend the conference without leaving your house (or even getting dressed), studio or office Particpate any time, day or night Catch a rare disease from shaking hands with the wrong person

Yes Yes

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No Yes

Featured Speakers Ariel Hyatt Cyber PR Topic: ‘Why Do They Buy? Using Smart Social Network Marketing To Sell Mosre Music Online’ Hessel van Oorschot Tribe of Noise Topic: 2013 The Triumph of DIY Musicians and Songwriters

Jay Warsinske Indie Power Topic: ‘Building Your Ultimate Success Team!’

Andrew Apanov Dotted Music Topic: ‘The Immortal Music Promotion Channel: Leveraging Email Marketing In 2013’

Madalyn Sklar GoGirls Music Topic: "Expanding Your Presence With Social Media"

Nancy Moran Independent Artist and Music Career Coach Topic: ‘How to Get More (and Better) Gigs!’

Vinny Ribas Indie Connect and the IC Virtual Music Conference and Expo Topic: ‘Taking Advantage of Being An Indie Artist’

Judy Rodman All Things Vocal; # 1 Selling Artist, Hit Songwriter, Vocal Coach and Producer Topic: ‘Singing In The Studio’

Chanel Summers Syndicate 17 - Co-Founder & Executive Producer Topic: ‘High Score! Tips & Techniques for Writing Game Music’

John Oszajca Music marketing consultant and founder of Music Marketing Manifesto Topic: ‘Direct to Fan Marketing in the New Music Business’

Bob Baker Music marketing expert, author and founder of The Buzz Factor Topic: ‘Guerrilla Music Marketing Online Masterclass’

Rand Bishop Hit songwriter with over 250 cuts; Co-writer of Toby Keith’s hit ‘My List’ Topic: ‘So You Want A Career As A Songwriter’

Tom Jackson, Live Performance Producer and founder of Onstage Success Topic: ‘Developing Confidence Onstage’

Brian Thompson Music industry consultant and founder of Thorny Bleeder Topic: ‘Stand Out From The Crowd. Tap into the Full Potential of the Social Web’

Devine Taylor The Ultimate Management Group & Du North Records Inc. Topic: ‘The Basics Of Artist Management’

Khaliq Glover Grammy winning engineer, author and producer; Founder of Khaliq-0-Vision Topic: ‘Vocal Mixing Secrets’

Kim Copeland Producer, songwriter and founder of Kim Copeland Productions Topic: ‘Produce Me A Hit’

Amy Wolter and Lang Bliss Live Performance Producers at Onstage Success Topic: ‘Conquering the Small Stage’

Donna Caldwell Music Supervisor (formerly w/Paramount Pictures); Founder of Music Cue Review Topic: ‘Licensing For Film and TV’

Ian Clifford Make It In Music Topic: ‘Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Your Artist Website But Were Afraid To Ask’

Bob Dellaposta Music publisher – founder of My 3 Kids Music Topic: ‘Licensing Your Music Worldwide’

Aly Cook 2012 New Zealand Female Country Artist Of The Year Topic: “Successful Fan Funding’

Brett Manning Voice Coach and founder of Singing Success Topic: ‘Discovering Your Voice’

Gary Earl Gary Earl Productions; Music Producer Topic: "Get your Music a Competitive Edge in the Film & TV Market”

Panel Discussions Bram Indie Hit Maker Moderator for entire panel series: Topic: Finding Success In Today’s Music Industry - Leveraging Your Live Performance

John Stringer Partner, Indiehitmaker Panelist: What It Takes To Be A Professional Musician (Goal setting & mindset micro panel) Panelist: Touring Secrets (Pt.2 Micro Panel) Alex Vitoulis Assoc. Chart Production Manager, Billboard Magazine Panelist: Creating Leverage (Panel Series Summation) Use a billboard logo for his image)

Fred Croshal Owner, Croshal Entertainment Group Panelist: Creating Leverage - Panel series wrap up

Mike Shea Owner, Alternative Press Magazine, Inc. Panelist: What It Takes To Be A Professional Musician (Goal Setting & Mindset Micro Panel) Panelist: Good Touring Health Micro Panel Jan Smith Owner, Jan Smith Studios “Vocal Coach To The Stars� Panelist: Good Touring Health Micro Panel

Bryan Calhoun Digital Strategy and Business Development at The Blueprint Group (formerly at SoundExchange) Panelist: Creating Leverage - Panel series wrap up

Brian Felsen President, CD Baby Panelist: Marketing Yourself Micro Panel

Kent Aberle Partner, Music Guanxi Panelist: Sponsorships & Endorsements Micro Panel

Michael Brandvold Owner, Michael Brandvold Marketing Panelist: Touring Secrets Micro Panel (Pt.1) Panelist: Marketing Yourself Micro panel

Rich Levy Senior VP Live Nation Panelist: Sponsorships & Endorsements Micro Panel

Staci Rothchild Partner SoundArt Management (Band to Band Combat, Virgin College MegaTour, Next American Star, Benco Productions) Panelist: Touring Secrets Micro Panel (Pt. 1) Panelist: Sponsorships & Endorsements Micro Panel

Stephanie Christie Owner, Stephanie Christie Management & Publicity Panelist: Marketing Yourself Micro panel

David Codr Founder, Panelist: What It Takes To Be A Professional Musician - Building a Team Micro Panel Panelist: How To Get Gigs, Find A Booking Agent Micro Panel

Chris Siciliano Senior National Director, Pop Promotion at EMI Music Panelist: Touring Secrets Pt.1 Micro panel

Jen Lowe Formerly with Fender, Now with Banding People Together, Friedman, Kannenberg & Company P.C. Panelist: Sponsorships & Endorsements Micro panel

Chris Tanner Owner, State of the Artists Panelist: Touring Secrets Pt.2 Micro panel

Tyler Palmer Director of Artist Relations Panelist: Touring Secrets Pt. 2

Steve Ceragno Vice President / Business Development, Dropcards Panelist: Touring Secrets Pt 2 Micro panel

Beth Bachman Moore Executive Director National Association of Record Industry Professionals (Atlanta Chapter) Founder, Entertainment Attorney at The Beth B. Moore Law Firm Panelist: What it takes to be a professional musician – Building a Team

Scott Shapiro Legal Counsel (Umphrey’s McGee, Lovehammers, Ezra Furman) Panelist: What It Takes To Be A Professional Musician (Building a Team Micro Panel)

Featuered Speakers In The Indie Connect Nashville Booth Steve Bloch Publisher, Song Plugger and Independent A&R Rep Topic: ‘Publishers and Song Pluggers in Nashville’

Debra Russel Business Coach For The Arts And Entertainment Industry; Founder of Artists Edge Topic: ‘Multiple Streams Of Music Income’

Marc Alan Barnette Songwriter; Songwriter ‘Tour Guide and Mentor’ In Nashville Topic: ‘Preparing For Your Trip To Nashville’

Melissa Ellen Vocal Coach and Indie Artist Topic: ‘Singing Tips For Songwriters’

Featured In The Indie Connect for Christian Musicians Booth Lynn ‘Royce’ Taylor Elvis’ Imperials, The Stamps Quartet, The Vogues Topic: ‘What It Means To Be A Christian Artist (or an Artist Who Is Christian)’

Dr. Naima Johnston Bush Independent Artist, Speaker, Author, Music Minister Topic: Using Social Networks To Promote Your Ministry and Get More Gigs’

Mohr Creative Group - Keith and Sue Mohr Founders of Indieheaven and The Inner Vizion Topic: The Discovery Process – The what, who, why, where and how of the Independent World of Musicians.

Greg Seneff Sr. Esq. Entertainment Attorney Topic: ‘Legal and Business Mistakes Christian Artists Make’

Featured Speakers In The Indie Connect New York Booth Dr. E. Michael Harrington Topic: ‘How Musicians Can Avoid Copyright Trouble & Other Legal Issues’

Cassandra Spangler, ESQ Music Attorney "Intellectual Property Primer: The Different Between a Copyright, a Trademark, and a Patent".

Ken Umezaki, COO Section 101 "Dynamics Of The Digital Music Business: Music Industry Overview (Part 1)" "Dynamics Of The Digital Music Business: Artist Implications (Part 2)"

Q. Where will the conference be held? A. The conference is completely online, so you can participate from any computer that is connected to the internet, worldwide. Q. What is ‘virtual music’? A. The name does not refer to ‘virtual music’. We are referring to the fact that the entire music conference and expo is exclusively online. Q. When will the conference be held? A. The conference will be live from 11 AM EST on February 26, 2013 through 11 PM EST on February 28, 2013 (new date!). After that it will be archived for 30 days so you can revisit it. Q. But I can’t stay up for 60 hours straight. What do I do?

A. The entire conference will be recorded and archived for you to revisit for 30 days after it’s over. So, there is no need to try to take in everything all at one time. Q. You say that there are 50 speakers but I don't see that many listed on the website. Where are the rest of the speakers? A. There will be 30 speakers in the main Presentation Theater. In addition, there will be many speaker presentations within the individual Indie Connect chapter booths in the Business Hall of the trade show. These presentations show the caliber of speakers that address the local chapter meetings. In addition, many other exhibitors may show prerecorded presentations or present them live. Q. How much does it cost to attend? A. The registration price for an attendee is $47.00. Q. How much does it cost to purchase a business booth? A. The early registration fee for a business booth is $247 (US).through January 10. After January 10 the price is $277. Q. How much does it cost to showcase my act or music? A. The early registration cost for an artist or record label showcase booth is $147 through January 10. After January 10 the price is $167. Q. How many people are expected to participate? A. Since this is the first event of its kind, it is hard to say. Early indications are that 2500-3500 people will participate. Q. Who will be there? A. Conference participants will include: Independent artists of all genres and from all parts of the world Songwriters Musicians Record labels Producers and engineers Live and online service providers Instrument and gear manufacturers Retailers Music supervisors Entertainment buyers (venue managers, booking agents, promoters etc.) The press Entertainment attorneys Coaches and consultants There will also be a wide variety of other music professionals from around globe! Q. What language will the conference be in? A. The conference will be posted in English. Q. Will the booths be open all of the time? A. The exhibit halls will be open throughout the conference. However, you schedule the time(s) that you can available to monitor your booth. You are not expected to be there throughout the event.

Visitors to your booth can request an appointment with you if you are not available at the time they visit. Q. Will the chat rooms be open all of the time? A. Yes, the chat room will be open all of the time. However, there will be specific times designated for moderated and pre-scheduled topic-based chats. Q. Is there parking close by? A. Yes – in your driveway! Q. What are the technical requirements for my computer? A. This expo runs on Adobe Flash software, so you need to have the latest version. Download the latest version of Adobe Flash - it’s free and only takes a couple of minutes. Please note that iPads and iPhones do not support Flash. This means that you be able to see everything in the conference except the featured videos. We will post those videos in another location for you to see them. However, you may find an app for your device that enables you to view Flash. You should have the most current version of your browser. To be able to access everything the virtual event has to offer, it is important that you have the latest browsers installed. Upgrading your browser is FREE and we recommend you do so prior to logging in. This event is best viewed with a Screen Resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Should your screen resolution be smaller than recommended, you may have to use scroll bars to see sections of the interface. Q. I am interested in speaking at the conference. How do I apply? A. Contact Vinny Ribas at Q. I would like to participate in your affiliate program. Who do I contact? A. Sponsors and exhibitors are automatically qualified to become affiliates. If you are unable to become a sponsor or exhibitor but have a large mailing list or following of people in the music industry and wish to become an affiliate, please contact Vinny Ribas at Q. I am considering becoming a sponsor. Who do I contact? A. Contact Vinny Ribas at

Passes PRESS PASS* Indie Connect welcomes and is providing complimentary passes to members of the media from all over the world. BOOKING AGENT, PROMOTER OR OTHER TALENT BUYER PASS* Indie Connect is also offering free passes to booking agents, promoters and other talent buyers who are in search of new talent! MUSIC SUPERVISOR PASS* Indie Connect is also offering free passes to active music supervisors who are in search of new music (or song libraries) for licensing!

To apply for a Press, Booking Agent, Promoter or Music Supervisor pass, please click here: REQUEST FOR PASS * Please note! A conference pass is good for entry to all of the events held during the conference. Please keep in mind that registration is a courtesy and your pass is non-transferable. You may not transfer or sell your access. In addition,, a pass does not allow multiple users. To videotape, film and/or record any portion of the conference that will be used for commercial purposes (non-news) you must first obtain written permission from Indie Connect as well as permission of related participants. The issuance of a pass is at the sole discretion of Indie Connect and may be denied at its sole discretion.

Affiliate Partner Program Indie Connect has established set up an affiliate program for our sponsors and exhibitors (and select partners with large mailing lists). We are paying a 20% commission for every ticket or booth sale that our affiliates generate. If you do the math, you can see that 20% commissions on all purchases can add up quickly. To participate in the program, all you would do is register as an affiliate and then place a banner or hyperlinked text on your website, in your newsletters, in a blog or anywhere else where it will be seen and clicked on,. The software will track that the click-through came from you. We will be paying the commissions within 2 weeks of the conference ending. To apply for the affiliate program, contact Vinny Ribas at 615-568-4736 or at

Vinny Ribas - CEO – Indie Connect

615 568-4736

Connie Ribas - VP of Administration – Indie Connect615-800-2021

IC Virtual Music Conferece Guide  

Official guide to the IC Virtual Music Conference and Expo - the world's first global music conference, artist-songwriter-label showcase and...

IC Virtual Music Conferece Guide  

Official guide to the IC Virtual Music Conference and Expo - the world's first global music conference, artist-songwriter-label showcase and...