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Inside Story


Inside Story


Meaning of Life Life can play tricks on you sometimes, once

happiness. They are really just settling and

you think that you have figured it out an un-

not finding what will make them happy. It is

expected event turns everything upside down.

at those lowest moments, the moments of

At these points it seems that the whole world

despair that we find who we really are, what

is against you and you can not do anything to

we want, and where we want to be in the fu-

stop it. Its at these moments that people find

ture. All of the problems in life we endure

out who they really are. They find out where

shape our lives for the better, acting as a lad-

their morals stand. They find out what they

der to happiness.

really want in life. So I believe that the true meaning of life is being able to deal with and thus go through the trials and tribulations of

Inside Story


one’s own life to find happiness. Everyone is always searching for what they want or love in life but rarely and it. Instead they find substitutes that pass for a sense of

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The People Coach Ed Pendowski Ed Pendowski, my former wrestling coach, is easily the most influential person in my life. He has a swagger about him that demands respect. The room seems to go silent when he opens his mouth to speak. I met Coach Pendowski as we call him in eighth grade when I attended Central Indiana Academy of Wrestling or CIA for short. I did not know his back ground of being an All American wrestler for Purdue University, but on first glance I knew he was someone I wouldn’t want to mess with. He taught me essential skills every week at our practices, skills that help me win on the mat. He didn’t just teach the fundamentals, he taught us to make smart choices and he taught us to be tough. The toughness he instilled in me is not only on the mat but the ability to handle myself when I have to make tough decisions off of it. It is very clear to me also, that the only reason that I have this toughness is because Coach Pendowski brought it out of me. He is the most influential person in my life because he has made me a better me. (199)

A Wrestling Family A school-sponsored sport can connect students while building bonds with people one might have not related with otherwise. I am involved with the sport of wrestling, a sport that allowed be to build relationships that will hopefully last a lifetime. When I traveled to New Castle High School with select members of the team to participate in the semi-state, I know that I made a memory that will last forever. The tournament easily became the biggest I have ever competed in, in my entire life, with a grand total of three thousand people in attendance. As I walked down those troubling steps in Chrysler Arena, the crowd staggered me, with the gym in a bowl shape I felt surrounded. If it were not for five of my teammates and close friends suffering just as I suffered, I don’t think that my nerves would have let me onto the mat. Throughout the warm up I joked with my teammates to lighten the ominous mood, but during that warm up I always kept an eye on the crowd. Just before my match I jumped around on the floor, surrounded by teammates and coaches, I felt comfort, making me ready to wrestle my match. Although the day did not end with me advancing to the state finals it still had a major impact on my life. That day taught me that as long as I trust in my coaches, teammates, and friends, nothing, no matter how troubling, can knock me down. (248)

The Memories Remembering the Past My mother has always had a very simple picture of me and what I looked like when I was a child. I always had a blue baseball cap on with a little red bat in my hand. A bat that was small enough to fit into my tiny, three year old hands, but large enough to get back at my sisters when they were mean. My mother she showed me a picture of me that fit this description perfectly. I was four years old, sitting in my one person stroller riding around Disney world in a tan tank top that read, “Disney World.” Of course I accompanied this outfit with a pair of jean shorts, my red bat, and my navy blue, old navy baseball cap. Another strong memory my mother had of me was when we lived in our old house in the Pendleton Pike area. I had just turned two years old and it was a hot summer day. I had an accident in my diaper and It was my mother’s turn to take care of it. She sat me down on the floor and started to change my diaper. When she was reaching to get another diaper I sprung up to my feet and darted toward the door. Bare bottomed I made my way out the door before my mother could get to me. By then it was too late anyways, my neighbors who had decided to take that Saturday afternoon to try and mend to their garden had already gotten a show. My mother went back into the house and laughed about this situation for about ten minutes. (272)

Remembering Friends I sincerely hope that my friends, who we call the Tamanini Famanini, stopped calling ourselves that but I hope we all stay in touch. We were all best friends in high school and we would hang out everyday. We would go to my house and play basketball at the park until our legs did not support us anymore. Then we would go back to Nick Tamanini’s house and play ping pong. Those ping pong games got a little too intense but I would not take anything back about them, it was pure competition. I also want to remember all of the nights were we would sit in the basement, with whomever we made plans with at the time. We would all sit down there and just listen to music. The music would vary from Justin Timberlake, Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra all the way to Juicy J, Kendrick Lamar, and my personal favorite Rockie Fresh. I just want to never forget all the good times that you had with your five best friends. The same friends that you suffered through wrestling with and decided to hang out on a daily basis with. (192)

The Achievements My Greatest Triumph Making it to regionals my freshman year, gave me expectations when I cracked the varsity line-up again at the one hundred and thirteen pound weight class. Expectations that came from my coaches, parents, and most importantly myself. I was planning on making it to the semi state meet. I trained all summer at a wrestling club named Central Indiana Academy of Wrestling with the best wrestlers in the state. Preparing myself for a season where if I only advanced to regionals then it was considered a failure. I had no choice but to make it to semi state. My junior year I wrestled through the year and finished second at the sectional finals. That ranked me third at the regional finals, where I wrestled a match that was probably my greatest triumph. I wrestled, Jamie May, who had only lost 4 matches all season in the match to advance. It was early and I was tired from cutting weight but I knew how mad I would have been at myself if I didn’t try hard. I was close to my bottom but I knew what I had to do to make myself happy. I won the match by pin after taking a demanding 8 point to 0 lead in the second period. The joy I felt after that match in not comparable to any other experience I have felt in a long time. It was a great day to be Vinny Pavan. (242)

Lessons Learned too Late If I have learned anything while living with my mother, It is that you should always do what she wants. No matter what she will always be right so just accept that as fact. I learned my lesson because I have a lazy attitude while at home. This does not work out for my mother, she will not take this behavior no matter the excuse. One of her biggest pet peeves is when you don't put you shoes in the shoe basket. The seems like a very simple task when I take my shoes off randomly in the house on accident she will blow up. I understand why however, it is because she has found her happiness in life and that is to take care of people that need it. That is why she adopted my little brother and my two little sisters. She knew that if they stayed in their homes then they would have been neglected or worse, and she did not want that to happen. She is a great mother and I wish I knew that if I just did the little thing she asked then our relationships would have worked out a lot better. (198)

Time Capsule I want to plant a time capsule that would encompass me as a whole in high school. As a person in this school I would describe myself as a personable character. That meaning a person who loved to talk to other people and also knew how to have fun. My favorite thing to do in the world was to hang out with friends and just make jokes about each other. We all knew that we were joking so we were free to make fun of each other as we pleased. So to remember my favorite things about high school I will include five joking materials into my capsule.

1. Whoopie Cushion– I want to put this in because I loved to pull pranks on my friends. I do not want to forget this fun loving personality I had.

2. Basketball– Even though we were wrestlers my crew and I would try our hardest to play basketball. We actually ended up being pretty good at it and I want to remember the fun times I had playing with my friends.

3. Ping Pong Paddles– This is probably the most important because it changed our lives. Once the Tamanini household introduced the table we went from outgoing to hermit and I don't mind it a bit.

4. iPhone- I am ashamed to have to admit that my phone is one of the most important things of my high school career. It was my connection to the outside world and I let it take over a little bit at some points.

5. Car Keys- I never want to forget my first car, we bought it for only 500 dollars and it wasn't in the best condition, but it was mine. It was my first section of freedom I had to get away from my parents and family, it was my baby.

Top 10 Wrestling School in the Country 1. Penn State Nittany Lions- The Penn State wrestling has found a new sense of dominance in the college wrestling community. Overtaking the former powerhouse of Iowa with the acquiring of coach and Olympic champion Cael Sanderson. This past year the Lions finished the season with 4 wrestlers placing 1 or 2 in the NCAA championships.

2. Oklahoma State Cowboys- Lead by wrestler Jordan Oliver, who recently won back to back national championships at 131 and 149, the cowboys are as strong as ever. Posting a 20-1 dual meet record with their only loss coming to the number three team in the nation. The cowboys had a great season and will continue to succeed under the leadership of John Smith, 2013 Big 12 coach of the year.

3. Minnesota Golden Gophers- The golden gophers have finally worked out of the shadows of the Iowa Hawkeyes by beating them in dramatic fashion. In the national dual semifinals. They went on to dfeat the Oklahoma State Cowboys to claim the dual meet championship. They are ranked third overall because they failed to capture the more important individual title, placing third.

4. Iowa Hawkeyes- The Iowa Hawkeyes had a very special year, due to the fact that they are coming off a poor finish last season. The Hawkeyes made it all the way to the national semifinals for dual meets before being knocked off by the powerful Minnesota team. At the individual finals, Coach Tom Brands, lead four wrestlers to All-American statuses.

5. Missouri Tigers- Coach Brian Smith, has brought the tigers back from what seemed like to be the end of their program. The Tigers posted a 16 win and 3 loss dual meet record over the season with their only losses coming to top ranked powerhouses whom also are in the top five. After a tough finish as the seventh overall team in the individual finals, the Missouri tigers have earned their spot as the fifth best wrestling team.

6. Ohio State Buckeyes- The buckeyes were led by Coach Tom Ryan, an influential and motivational leader for the squad. The Ohio State team finished with an 11 and 4 record with big wins of the Northwestern Wildcats and the Michigan Wolverines. Both powerful squads in the big ten showed no answer for the overwhelming and deep team

that the buckeyes had this year.

7. Cornell Big Red- The Cornell team was headed this year by one of the most dominant wrestlers to ever come through the NCAA. Kyle Dake is a beast on the mat, this year he won his fourth national title. The most astounding fact of this is that it was at his fourth different weight class, proving his dominance over wrestlers all over.

8. Oregon State Beavers- Oregon State wrestled a tough schedule in the Pac 12, finishing the season with an 11-4 record. They defeated tough opponents but lost to an unranked team which knocks them down to 8th for me.

9. Oklahoma Sooners– The sooners wrestled in the big 12 and posted an a very good record on the year. With power house wrestlers at the 141 and 184 weight classes the Oklahoma wrestling team earned their spot at 9.

10. Virginia Tech Hokies- The Hokies wrestled esteemed competition like the NC State wrestling team and won largely. Winning the ACC conference they toppled over competition to snab the ten spot.

Article Reflections Rags to Riches Ben McLemore started and lead the Kansas College basketball team to the NCAA tournament. However his past does not match his flashy dunks and high flying attitude he has on the court. Ben was born in poverty in St. Louis, in one of the worst cities in the entire country. Being the second youngest in a large family of six children McLemore struggled everyday for food. Yet somehow he managed to make his way to a court and practice. He practiced until he wasn't able to go anymore. He was unable to go longer because his energy supply had run out, day after day this happened, but he had a love for the game that was incomparable so he stayed out there. Shooting day after day until he was the best in his city. Just him, a basketball and a rim, away from the pressures of life, doing what makes him happy.

Back to Work A boston officer was injured in a shootout with the marathon bombing suspects. This was no ordinary injury either, this was a gun shot wound. An injury that could put even the toughest of men down for longer than expected. Officer Richerd Donahue however was determined to get him self back into the line of duty. He decided this even while he knew that the nerve damage, he had the determination to work through the pain and get back to protecting the people of boston, whom he had the deepest desire to serve again. The injury makes even sleeping a hard task for him, but he wont let this injury keep him down. He will do what he needs to make him happy, and that task is to get right back in the line of duty to save the citizens of Boston.

Art Reflections “No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile, pursuit to be happy got me laughing like a child” -Mac Miller in “Best Day Ever” This quote is so relatable to the meaning I hold to life. He states that no matter where life takes him he will find joy in it. He will find the silver lining that will make him happy. He knows that even when he is feeling horrible where he is at, at that moment, he still knows that everything will be fine. Everything will work out because he is doing what he loves and what makes him happy. He has found his true passion in life.

This picture is so simple yet so elegant and encompassing. The simplicity in the picture leaves the mind to wander about what it actually means. To me I believe that the person is holding the sheet that says happiness because everyone knows their own happiness. I think everyone has the ability to be happy with what they do but they have not found the right thing yet. I believe that one must go through problems to truly be happy. I am happy in what I do right now but I have not reached my potential, I do not know what I would love to spend my whole life doing.

Senior Portfolio

Vinny Pavan

Vinny Pavan  

Senior Valedictory Portfolio

Vinny Pavan  

Senior Valedictory Portfolio