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W hole Photo Story In Full Color \~

IONUS I Cyodi Lauper's GooDies Music & Video



u • The Coonies find an treasure map. Will it to One-ued Willy's stuff?"



inside or chicken out? • Welcome to the lighthouse Lounge, abo the

hideout of tbe Fralelli

Gang. • What or who hat Mlkey found in tbe FrateUlt'



• The Goonies Cast • The GooDies Crew E:.1

• On a rainy summer day, Jake Fratelll busll out of jail. Cauldron Poiot and tbe Goon Docks kids will never be tbe same. • Me,el Chunk, Mouth, Mlkey, Brand, and Data - The Goonies. And the Trufne Shufne.

HE GOONIES is the stOI)' 01 a '''''.. ~~ . adventure. Mikey, his brother Point's seaside Goon Docks. Ibus th~1 call 10 make w3!j for the country dub's new

COl'en a setret underground entrance. The other Goonies are

lured by tbe Fratellil.

• The Goonies di&CO . . er Chester Copperpot'lskelelon , his mysterious medallion, a booby trap, and bats. • Andy takeI the Goony oath, wbile Chunk makes • baogry new friend.

• T'be Mut Over Troubled Walen keepI cut aad crew 011 tbtIr loa

• 1be Fratellllift bot 011

fnencb who are drawn together during an incredible !lata live with their middJe<:Jao; famiJ., in CauWron " es. tilt Goomes. Th~r homes are about to be destroyed . Mikey is especial~ depressed about n. but what can

he do? Will this be the last Goonies Wgile rummaging around in his parenlS' attic, Da~ tecaJls the local pirate legend 01 One-Eyed

Can the Goonies find "the nch stuff." Mlkey Joined by "'" local girls, Andy and St~. the

fin<! an old map and a mvsterious doubloon. .that no one has ever located the Goon Docks' in search of On~Eyed Wil~'s booty. They cleverly unravel They enter, on~ to learn that it's also the hideout

tilt map's tricky riddles. whkh i<ad tiltm to an 01 the notorious Fratclli Gang, a Jumbling threesome t Eventually, the Coonies sneak into the basement, where they come across a strange creature - Sloth - nd the secret entrance to a maze of underground tunnels. But as the othe~ crawl down inside, Chunk is captured by the Fratcll. and locked up with "It."The FrateJlis figure out what the kids are up to and they go off in pursuit The Goonies meet with all sorts of perilous obstacles as they v.ind their v.a), through the spooky tunnels: eerie skel~ons . dead~ booby traps, screeching bats- a _herous bridge over raging wate~, the threatening FrateJJis. a menac· ing organ made from human bones a water slide thol Jeads to



the Goonies' hetls, but Slick Shoe. slow. tbem

down. • Andy





plano playing wben lbe kid. enter the .keletal

organ chamber.


G e mule foet


ud the Gooniel end up wltb • dllflwlge•. ~ I'. a bumpy ricIe, bat

._. t'e

water . lIde


• ~rekal ODe-Eyed WU1~' 1oo1 pin" obIp. Who',


• Tbe 'D'eTao wu • mooameutaJ labor of love. • It IookIlike the Goomet have . trlck It ricb .. . • •. . Bat Mama aad tbIt

boys _ .p .... . Not eYtD tbe IDtfmkI·,..

"' '''10-· • M tbe kids walk tile

., .... __

pIu1, SIoIh .... Cbuk


· TIIe _ _ .....

""".p,,"--' • 1bey IIDd .... jeW"

• Meet the Goonles


• Cui & Crew CmIlb .

........ Gooo Docb ... • Meet the Movlemakerl

....... A _lie, happy


Pullllsblq Ad",owteqe.

• AI !be _


ODe-EJOd WIlly ODd r.ten.o 11ft opInl


• 1be Goo. Mule & Video, Cyodl LlUper, rocklo' wmtJus, aDd Dave GnuID.


ABOUT THE SOUVENIR MAGAZINE; This Official Coilectols Edilioo is oompiled from preproduction art. Coomes artm, sIo/yIx>aJds, sIiIl phoI~ taken duri~ filming, and exclusr.'e inter· views willi membe~ 01 the casI and crew. In laking )00 behind me scenes 0/ The

GoonRs, the magazine also presen~ oor chronologkal recreaoioo 0/ the film's ~OIy. Bear in mind that certain scenes and materi~ featured final editi~ 0/ me film Then, too. yoo may SjXJI some 0/ lJne.Eyed \\1I1y's pirate


AST I N Mikey


B. COHEN Chunk


K ER R I Andy





ROBERT DAY) Jake Fralelli



Mama Fralelli



HARVEY BERNHARD (aoo\'e left) Prod ucer KATHLEEN KENNEDY (above right) Executive Producer

(above right) Direttor & Producer

Execulh'e Producer

CHRIS COLUMBUS (left) Screenplay Writer

FRANK MARSHALL (below) Exetullve Producer

MICHAEL RIVA (below) Production Designer


MATI SWEENEY SPECIAL EFFECI'S Special Mechanical Effects ~ (~~v rlZ OfV\U路 roll.

fl'il >.t 6' A

F1~ 88 rr

or A~ Ar, .,


INDUsnHAl. UGHT & MAGIC lDiv. o!l.ucUl\ltn Ud.) S~Ia! ,,\loa! £,lIects

MICHAEL KAHN, A.C.£., labO vt) tditor


pRi. T

FEEDING TIME IN son, but it looks like swinging eon Jake frateUi won' t be taUng.


Ja1ler. Great balls


! -









" "'':, / (lAI â&#x20AC;˘I.

, I

for the time being.


,j "

with the frenzied jailbreak, during which we _ the trat,"IIS--trnnos, Jake, and Mama. The jailbreak scene quickly establishes the dual identity of the FrateUi Gang, alone moment clever criminals, the next moment cartoon cutups. Here they've SIaged Jake's daring escape oompl~e "ith Makicw oocktail. Bu, ,,1len he reaches the geta"'y car, his brother Frands fum~ing madly to get the car door unlocked.The ensuing chase by the oops through introduces seven local kids-the Coonies-a11 but one ~ivious to the uncommon :::"'~ent in this <JiherI,ise ~~ town. Shin to the Walsh house, home 01 Coonies Mikey Brand What the artist's rendering cannot show is the ori~nal slate of the house. Ioond the location and really liked i'," says Production Designer Michael Riva. "It ",'OII00ks the whole bay and port 01 Astoria." But the house was in disrepair. not moviemak路 materiaL 'The morning we chose the house," Riva continues, "we asked the woman owns it if she'd like us to restore it lor her. She looked at us as if we were crazy. said we were from Hollywood, and she understood immediately. We redid the house -jirLlide and out, and now she has abeautiful home." And the Goonies have a terrific loea~nning of their outrageous adventure.

LIKE WORKER ANTS, the Astoria crew is all over the Walsb bOUle. The weather during the .hoot wu typical Pacific Northwetl fare: foggy , rainy, cool. But that did tittle to dampen the d路

forti of the spirited crew and cut.


rrs CALLED THE TRUF路 fie Shuffle, Cbunk', twisting, .haklng, belly juggle. He gives a com路 mand performance befOre the other Goonlet activate

the Rube Goldberg device (oppo,Jte page, lower rigbt) that finally opens tile gate Qul,lde tbe Wahh'l. Eat your mOODheart out,

R1GINAI1Y CAllED 'The Goon Kids," the idea lor The Goonies, recalls Screenplay Writer auis Columbus. carr< Irom St,,'en Spiel~ "He knew there was a bunch 01 kids. The concept was Wh~ do you do on a rainy summer day and you're bored' The ~ds live in the Goon Docks, and """ has a ~range quirk." Director Richard Donner credits the O1Sting directo~, Mike Fenton and Judy Taylor, lor finding the right ~. "E<>ch 01 the ~ is realo/ his nickname in reall'~" says Donner. JOt [alUnk) is chunky, Key [Data) is fascinated ';th electronics, Corey [Mouth) never shuts up." Spielberg sums up just who the Goon" are 'They are an oIIen ridiaJloos, rag-tag, ;.mk400d bunch d American ~ wOOse biggest enemy- besides the local bullies and snobby ~r1s-is weekend boredom. Never bore a Goony or you11 be facing an adventure bigger than the entire neighbortJood and stum~ed upon by sheer outTag6JUS accident. To ~ay these 'rejects,' Dick Donner and Isaw hundreds of laces. Our selections were based on gnarly behavior, inexhausti~e energy, and big quantities of weird humor. Every kid in The Cconies has a mushy, sentimental center. Donner has the mushi~, which is why he wurked., brilliantly.;th them" And speaking 01 mushy, how about Chunk's Truffle Shuffle? Jeff Cohen describes it. 'The on~ way they let me in the Goonies club is if I do this dance. I make rumbling chicken noises and

ONE BY ONE , THE GooDies gather at Mikey

and Brand's. Mouth , nicknamed for hiJ wit, eolen. Data, a secrtl路 agent type. makes a daring if somewhat nawed

chicken movements with my arms, while moving my stomach in and out."

swing over from his houae

nexldoor. Cbunk.buffles In next. Brand, the jock, i. unimpressed. SaY' hi, asthmatic brother Mikey in behlo'e(!.D .bots from his breathalizer: "Nuthin' ex路 dling ever bappem around here anyway." Ha! Just you wait. .. .

MIKEY EAStLY SOLVES the AI Jaffee fold路ln 00 the back cover of Mad. His knack pay. off in .padee later that day.

@ = ---

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... /tIt.A~ .....-......... ~


, ",'TO . ,., ....'".. "'-'-

I. 'J.I...... t"

....... ,.

..... ,.,....


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i '1!-..;; , _

'; ~ +/ 'i-

~ ""---<-f ~ ~'" 1r:拢~ -"''''''''''''''.. ...... . .o:.ys , s;-~..;

- !'r''' ",,"'


, I


MO UTH TRANSLATES the Spanish phrase that headlines the map: "-Ye Intruders bewan, rusbing death and grief, Soaked with blood, Of the tres路 passing thief."

EFORE THE adventure begins, aconHict is introduced in this scene, pitting

the middle-class Goonies and their homes against the countl)'.cJub set and their golf course. The Goonies love excitement, but they love their homes, too, and are \It~lling to defend them. The scene also ~rtrays the ultimately dose retationship between Mikey and Brand, and how Mikey resotves to find a sotution to the Goonies' plight. Says Josh Brolin about this scene on the porch: "Brand is a vel)' dominating older brother, but I try to bring out different perspedives 01 the chaJ>Cter. Mikey's feeling is that this is it, that the Goon Docks are gone. I come

up and he runs into my anns. I tell him it's going to come out ~I right. I felt so much that [ broke dovm and cried. Then Jgo back to slapping him around, but it's a nice, real moment." Sean Astin talks about Mikt-y's detennination to save the Coonies. "Mikey's depressed because he's going to have to move. Then he finds what he thinks could be the way out, and that's ~I he thinks about through the rest 01 the movie, how we cannot move. There are a lot of underl~ng things that Mikey has to think about, too, but his overall view is: I've got to save my home, my parents, my brother, and my friends." Por路 traying the little brother is not a completely new role for Sean. Offstage, he has m'o older brothe~, and he explains how this drew him to the part of Mikey. "I felt close to the part because, in a way, Mikey is like me. He's got an older brother. One of my older brothe~ was the 'big man on campus,' and I was ~ways trying to be like him." And as a result of their close working relationship during The Goonies, Sean has built an off路 camera kinship with Josh. "I consider him my big brother, my buddy."

ber wben the leisurelulted country club ,nobs

band Brand tbe Walsb', eviction notice. The Goon DockI are to be lorn down to make way for a golf count. Mlkey is espeda1路 Iy deprased about It, and bis big brotber biet to console blm.

IKEY'S RElATIONSHIP "ilh On~Eyed Willy is Ihe key 10 the Goonies' lreasure hunt. The pirate prankster has lei! a 300-year-01d riddle behind, and he dares Mikey to fig.Jre il 001. Produdion Designer Riva explains how he ,,~rked with ~redor Richard Donner 10 nesh oul this association. "We wanled 10 make Willy an interestin& atenl!ic character. The job was 10 transIale this into the rum with the use 01 mechanical devices [such as Ihe map and doubloonj. We allo injected JrivoJity and humor inlo his devices. By making Willy more interesting. we made Mikey more interesting, since he dio:uvers ~I the stuff that Willy is doing. So il really be::arne a ~Ienge betI>"", Ihe two characters." In Ihe film, Ihe shot 01 Mikey lining Ihe doubloon up with Ihe rocks in Ihe ocean is adu~ly a speciaI-effects composile from Industri~ Lighl & Magic. The doubloon and Ihe ~ds were filmed in front of ablue screen, which was later matched to l:I matte ~nting

01 Ihe rocks and a shot 01 Ihe rest 01 !he background.

nnE 00 the Goonies know what adventure lies waiting lor them inside-and below- the decrepit Ught!Jouse LDunge. This scene demonstrates the incredible lengths Director Donner and the production crew went to bring verisimilitude-complete believability- to the film, What appears to be an abandoned logging camp, complete with a beat-up mess hall and lighthouse, is really an intricately constructed set. It was erected in a state park overlooking Cannon Beach, south of Astoria. The original idea, says Production Designer Riva, was to have

a cemetery on the hill, .;t!J the Goonies hiding behind gravestones. But o.;ng to the area's rich lumbering history, they opted lor the loggng camp look. It took about 3 ~ weeks to build the set: the crew was hampered much 01 the time by 60 mph winds. The paint department weathered the lumber and even created "moss" on the woo:l by mixing sawdust with green paint. The top 01 the lighthouse looks like it's been through a fire: the crew lastened some chanred pieces 01 wood up there. The crowning touch was to shatter the railings, walls, and windo....'S, to give it that rufi-OOwn look. This was the handiwork of Riva, who was left alone at the site for a while v.ith a sledgehammer. Finally, the surrounding area was littered with pieces of driftv.,oOO, old logs, and railroad ties. No. . . that's verisimilitude!


â&#x20AC;˘ ,,







) "








\, .11' c,




\ ~ ,

" BEFORE THE GOONtES go down 10 the LigbtboUle Lounge to see if thai', wbel"! the treUIll"! IIdgbt be buried, two "aIItomeIs walk into the raDlIbadde reat,uranl. Cbuok is uneuy about the whole IhIog and wooId "the< go R

bome for dinner. But Mlkey Inslsta that they ~jolnt the case." L..."~-=-=::..:.;=..;!;,..:....:,-.;;c,-_"",,,-.-J




LIGHTHOUSE Lounge, which on film looks like a long·.bandoned buUdlng, was ac-

early concept for the

'::ongu"oIIy the IIghthoout







"1 ,

'., ...

" ,,

, "

. _. "



fearsome foursome ven· tures to the lIghthoue. they bear two loud crack· Ing toaada from IllIlde.

Galllbotl, say. .klttitb

ChInk. Mlkey say. be', parmold, that IOmebody probably jut dropped • pot In the kitchen. If only that were the cue ....


...-" .

~ ....

- -:..,. •






, "



NSIT.AD OF treasure, the emnies find the menacing yct larcical Fratellis inside the ughthouse Lounge. From their hidoout, the thugs aren't serving up seafood but rather oounterieit money. While the Fratellis (.tidl means "brothels" in Italian) IX'" a threat to the wies, they are classic bumble~, in the Three Stooges tradition. Director Donner explains: 'The Frat.lis have to be an hones! threat, because they push us through the 5101)'. When the kids mea them, they scare the heck out 01 them. But the way the audience sees them, oot only are they threatening they're hilarious, too. They're jus! a bunch 01 wonderful screw-ups." Anne Ramsey talks about her role: "Mama is a mother who loves her boys; they can do 00 wrong The tatoo I "'''' is sort 01 the essence of my charader: It sa), 'Son.' In the end, I want to be the kind of villain the audience loves tohale." Toume. Darth Vader. Not knowing whether it was cut out or noI, Anne recalls a runny finale to this scene inside the LigIUhouse wunge. 'The ~ds have jusliefl. I'm exhaJIIed.liean back on the door and say, 'Kids suck.'" AIIbluF Mama loves IxJIh her txr,-s. she plays favorites iII1Iiht!y are always hassiing each 0Iher. "Francis is basiaIIy Mama's boy," says Joe Pantofiano 01 his role. "And IIIle's frusIraIed with him, she takes ~ ... on lIIte." Says Robert Davi 01 Jake "Mama ;.es me a hlllllime.l can't ~ her, so I take the brunt cI. iL SoiI\IIIIIIi!II los< 01)' paIieIKe . ith Francis, because be lil*ilma& me ... bod."

wbat's supposed to be water all around, Mouth is bls wisecracking self and quickly draws the wratb - and switcbblade - of Mama, wbo'd like to sbarpen tbe blade on bls precious tongue,

USPENSE SETS in during this sequence. The (';)onies find themselves underground and oow their adventure really begin; Director Donner explains that a major challenge throughout the film was to create the sense 01 jeopardy that surlaces here. "lEopardy," he says, "like the shoI 01 the kids in the Fratellis' basement, thin~ng aroong themselves: What the heck are we doing here and how are we going to get out?" We also now meet Sloth, who at first is another threat. At this point, all we koow is that this huge, hairy, delormed, growling creature is another Fratelli son. He's kepi chained in the basement, watching 1V all day. Donner speculates on Sloth's origins. "He's a throwback. Maybe the Fratellis were walking past the circus one day, saw baby Sloth, and in a moment of compassion .. .. Or maybe Sloth is lrom another planet" Wherever he came lrom, ~oth eventually turns oullo be a hero. Spielberg describes the character ' My concept lor ~oth was to effect a sort 01 modem-day Hunchbo:k 01 Notre Dame, the one with Charles laughton - a bi~ super-Goony that you're at fiO! repelled by but very shortly grow to like, il not outright woot to hug."

Into the buement. Tbey bur the frightening grow.. of the "thin(' Mlkey saw earUer, They

dlleover a counterfeiting machine, a dead body 10 the freezer, and "Wanted" po.ters burlng th e FraleW'. map - jut u the gang rtturDl. Now they're tWJy in troublel LuddIy, \bey oJoo _ _

a bidden entrance under !be nr.plac:o leading !bem

to who know. where .. . or what.

TIlE GOONIES I1ND ler Copperpot, an unlucky treuure hunter, pinned under a boulder - a victim of One-Eyed Willy's booby trap. Mikey finds a mysterious medallion, Data some flares.

ANDY'S SPOOK拢D. SHE daru ahead and triggers another booby trap. Giant boulders drop from above. Each one barely m1ues the Goonles as they rtln for Ibelr lives. Indy Jones oo'er bad it 10 lough! But unlike poor Chester, the kids .lip through One-Eyed Willy'. prank.

HESTER COPPERPOT, 50 yem earlier than Ihe Goonies, was also hot on the lrail 01 ''the rich ~uff. " One-Eyed Willy cooled him off. iJJckily, the Goon", don'l suffer the same crushing defeat. The intrigue and hair路raising action lhal mark Ihis sequence com~ne the Ialents 01 set designers and mechan~ects wizards. Production Designer Riva talks aboul creating the ambience in Ihe cave. "We lried 10 stay away from Ihe Journey 10 Ihe Center oflhe Earth feeling; we d~n'l wanllarge crystals and Ihings like that." Riva adds thatlighling was a big challenge. 'The kids find some lanterns and Ihey creale a certain ambienllighl. We also assumed Ihatlhis close 10 Ihe suriace, there's some lighl ",ming through cracks in the ground." Finai~, for Ihe benefil of Ihe ado~, Ihey conladed a perfume expert and had him make up some fragrances of damp caves and mu~ old rooms. Matl Sweeney's FX crew added robwebs - spun like COIIon candy from a plastic solvenl - and spide~ - made from pipe deane~'nged wilh a 100d!. They buill and rigged the boolde~ (chunks of painled plastic foam) that fall at Ihe kids' heels, and Ihey shot Ihe "bats" oul of an air cannon. Actually, the horde of bats consists of dozens of pieces of crumpled, black crepe paper - an impromptu idea, or "dream up," from Steven Spielberg.


cle. aside the boulder that'l dead-ended the hm路 nel. Then bit voca.l COrdi unleub a . warm of bats.

THE FRATELUS SPARE Cbunk but find the doubloon. Thus they find out what the others are up

to and set off in pursuit. Locked up with Sloth and stared 10 death Chunk whips out a Baby Ruth, and they become fut friends.


NDY ~ Irom the other side 01 the tr芦ks - the wealthy side - and she nearly abandons the Goonies lor the good lile before Mikey inspires her to stay and take the Goony oath. Kerri Green recalls her portrayal 01 An路 in the Wishing Well ""ne. '~he proves hersell a Goony. She has a to get out but decides to stay and battle it out with the rest 01 them. She sees how imjX>rtant it is 10 Mikey and how the treasure can help save the Cmnies. I think she gets caught up in the adventure, too." Chunk, in the meantime, is caught up in lright. The Fratellis have chained him up with Sloth. Jell Cohen remembe~ how Chunk reacts. "I can only see the back 01 his head. Then he turns and he's got this terrible lace. I start jumping around in my chair because I'm '" scared. Then I say, 'Hey, I've got a candy bar: and I throw the Baby Ruth at him. But he can't reoch it and he gets real mad. He pulls the chains out 01 the wall to get the Baby Ruth, breaks it in two, and ~ves me half. From then on, we're good lriends." John Matuszak tols how Sloth lelt ~'Ihou,t rTliiki~g a friend. "It made him realize ",mebody else had it as bad as I did."

K[SS is just a kiss. Unless it's from the lips of Sloth. Witness Chunk's reaction: "Man! You smell [ike Phys Ed!" Creating Sloth combined many talents. "We wanted to make Sloth a G:xmy who hadn't yet joined the club," says Screenplay Writer Columbus. "He could be the president of the Goonies. It was our intention, too, to make Sloth a hero at the end of the film. We also wanted him to be an older I v,"ior of Chunk. They ooth like to eat and watch 1\1, and each, in his own way, has been blocked off from the world." Once the concept jelled, the makeup was the trick. "This is probably the most diHicult makeup I've ever done, and J don't know of another that has as many pieces [[5 overlapping sections in all] or this much involvement .and such a hell of a guy to wear it," says Makeup Chief Tom Burman during one of the daily lour-hour sessions. Each morning, he and his wife Bari and brother Sonny laoored to transfonn Matuszak into Sloth. Their proprietal)Ifoam latex was sculpted, fresh each day, around a mechanical headpiece that allows Sloth's droopy eye and Dumoo ears to move, via radio controls. Nonetheless, the character was nowhere without the abilities of fonner Raiders defen路 sive lineman Matuszak. Says Director Donner: "] think the best thing I can say aoout Sloth is that aoout 10 minutes after we've met him, evel)lOOdy's going to want to own a Sloth. But a lot of Sloth is Matuszak. He's one of the sweetest, most sensitive, and interesting actors I've worked with." Finally, Matuszak offers his own impressions of the character. "Sloth is a big old ooy, who was oorn deformed but has a heart of gold. Even though he's mistreated by his criminal family, he sees his way clear to be a kind and g<xx1 kid."

. . ....


dead end , Mouth lrans· late. another Spanish phrase on the map: MCopper bones, Triple stones, We.tward foam.," Mikey deciphers the riddle. He fi ts Copperpot's medallion into Ihree . tone pegs in the wall. He tums it , ..

oul of a secret compart· ment. In Rube Goldberg fasbion, it sets off a chain of events. The noor beneath Data flips open and be disappears, But hold e\'erything ... His Pinch· ers of Peril hal'e SIll'eeI the pint·size 007, and he spots a new pas.ageway,

Sloth go down into thelunnels, they stop at the Fratellis' freezer fo r a brief feeding frenzy. Part of this scene (upper Jelf), in which Sloth devours a froze n T·bone, was cut. At left are sequencu of the Incredible makeup process for acto r John Matuszak (sbo ,'e, sealed)• The makeup was created by The Burman Studio team (from left), Bari, Tom, and Sonny.

HEN i - which seems 10 be the only way things ill for the uxmies -Ihey ~ways manage 10 rome oul on lop. This time, with Ihe Fratcllis closing in and buUets whizzing past their '0/.', Data pulls yel another gadgel oul of his bag of secret-agenl lricks. Bul wail. .. don'l most of his ronlraptions ill haywire? Thank goodness, his ~ick Shoes (f)Jillhe bad guys. Making sure Ihey did was another speci~ effects show of ingenuity. FX Coordiruilor :5w~'ney expl~ns. "We look a ~r of r.gular shoes and slillhe heels. We hollowed lhai area oul and ..,pUI in a spring and lalch on Ihe bad. Theil we 100)< vinyllubing and ran il oUllhe back; il !IJes up Dala's leg to a pressure pot out of which we squirt a black oily substance. That's glycerine, water, and food coloring. Glycerine ~ves il the lexture, thickness, and slipperiness of oil\ and Ihe food coloring ~ves il Ihe righllook. It's also waler soluble, so we could wash iloff the mast for other takes." The effects of Ihe ronoocted slipperiness were fcil most directly by Jake and Francis, who slip, slide, burp, and grind across the mast. Robert Davi did his own stunl work; a stunl double performed Francis' ree<juarter back flip:'



AT 11IE m1IER END OF tile _ •• _1IIiped . . . . . Ibat'. Aft to Irad

tIIe_Io,.._ periJOIII momeDt

Mouth. It', Mama taking aim with ber pistol. Two

\ J

.bob just mils and a third', about to tome. Data thinkl ful OD b.b feet ... Uterally. He pulk a cord inside his shirt and

screams, "Slick Shoes!" From bls heels .boob •

• Uppe.ry black 011 thai lends Mama OyiDg before tbe geu ber .hol off.



UBUIAR BON[s' One-Eyed Wil~ has outdone himself tho time. The Cooni" mu~ play the pirate king's skelctal organ perfectly in order toescape \\ilh their own bones intact. "We needed a big action sequence at this point," says Screenplay Writer Columbus. "And it ~\'es us a little more ba<kgrOUM on Andy's character, she can play the piano." Actress Kern Green ro:alls how her character lelt during this

breathless scene: "In the organ chamber, evel)1xx!y is depeIl<ling on AIMly. That was real~ scary. Andy took piano lessons lor a couple of months when she was a little girl. Now she doesn't know whether she can play the bone organ or not. But this is where she proves herself, as a Coony and as a ~ick·through·it type." FJ( Coordinator Sweeney explains that the organ itsell is built from real bones all<l pieces 01 bamboo. The actual music that Andy plays was dubbed in later, but Sweeney's crewadded wonderful visual acrompaniment 'We put in little flIJHs of dust,

coming out of the organ tubes."The results of the music, however, make this scene a real cliffhanger. THE MAP REVEALS smudged music notes and another riddle: 1'0 move

play the tuDe, ~ each Dole i.s said, For too many miJlakes, Ye will surely be dead." Stef real.lI thai Andy can read music. Her recltaJ brings down tbe house.


sketc.hes of the so-called


1 I

~ tr, I



t j

"bone organ,"sbow lOme of the intricate details builder Doyle Smiley foJ· lowed 10 complete this


amazing set.

'!J • . \'

VERYONE IS petrified'lVith but a final note left for And)' to play. the Goonies once more stand at the brink 01 disaster. If she strikes the wrong one, it's byetime. This scene's nail biting tension results from the collaborative efforts the mechaniml-effects crew and the l,;,ards at IndU51riai Ught & Ma@cOI1.D. . bone organ chamber was quite a deal," recalls FX Coordinator Sweeney. "We built a large set with six floorsections des~ned to fal! away on cue. They drop - bangl Just like that - five and a half feet. In fad, the whole Slag< shakes." Patty B~u . Production Goordinator lor ILI1. explains the special visual effects. "There are matte paintings and miniature sets designed to ~ve the organ room a"'"" of depth and jeopardy to it When the kids are leaning over the edge, it will look as if th~'re leaning over a pit that's 100 f~t deep. A matte and miniature set will give the sense of looking up at these little kids in this little cave at the top. Rocks lalling palt the camera will be added later by blue screen." Chris Evans, Frank Ordal, and Caroleen Green are the 111.1matte artists.

NOTE BY NOTE. ANOY _ sennades the gbOit of One-Eyed WlUy. Each correct note moves the rock obstructing tbe ex it another Inch. When sbe', off key, a different section of the noor falls into a

dee p, deadly cavern below. And the Fratellis are gradually approacb路 Ing. There are only a few more notes ... and pre-

.- .-

ciou. little floor left!





....'..,. . . -l-......~ '.












ANDY'S MUSICAL TAUNr leave. JOmelhlng to be desirtd, It alto leave. the

~: Ule from

Goonle. banging for dear the chamber, ODe l'eDlaUJiag Jettioo of aoo r. The lin.., note ia completely obscured. 10 she bUndly hit. • random key, Eucore! The rode ... open., barely wide enough lor tbe kldJ to e.cape - jUlt u the floor and the organ tumble in . to oblivion.


• ,


~ /



VEN THE waler slide poses 300ther seal)' advenlure lor Ihe Goonies. Bul ';Ih Ihe Fralellis close behind, it's Ihe only way out Production Designer RNa Ialks about building this incredible set. "The water slide is about 250 feet long, with various $\\'eeping curves in it. It's a wonderful ride. It's got walls about 20 feet high on either side, and iI'Scovered with seaweed and hanging vines. The iong slide is actually a big fiberglass ~ide, which we purchased lrom a New Jersey company [lan~ord Surl Coaster Corp., Cape May Court House, N~. We added walls 10 Ihe sides and the seaweed and vines. In a couple of places are hanging skeletons, and there are some wooden stakes that the kids have to walch out for." The Coonies shoot down the one long slide, which then splits in (\0,'0 near the rottom, just before the kids drop into the water. The FX crew employed a huge diesel pump to keep water flo....'ing continuously Ihrough Ihe syslem. Equally lricky as building and ouill"ing Ihe ~ide was filming the Goonies zipping down it. But it was done, with the camera following the kids, head{)n, right into the water. ''We built a little traveler for the cameraman," says FX Coor路 dinator Sweeney. "It's a kind 01 sled, that keeps the coml:t dis1ance beIII""n the GlTT1eTaTTIaTI and the kids. First we built one from wetsuit rubber, with a nylon lining on the outside. Then we ~~Iched 10 a piece 01semi.ri~d loam, kind 01 like a long, flexible ~e board. The cameraman hung onto the camera, which was in a special waterproof bag supplied by Panovision. They just shot down the slide and ran oul inlo Ihe drink."


rrs ~~~~~--~~~~~~~~~~~.--~~~--~::::--~~~~

A BUMPY RIDE TO the boHom. Finally, the water slide .pill tbe

Goonles oulinto a pool of water. They've landed in an enormous, magical cavern, ill high ceiling. and wall. lined with sparkling rocks.

.~. -

. "".....


tbe roiling d.11 and dlscover a Spo"",, phrase, the same ODe as on the treasure map: "Ye intruders beware rushing death and grief, Soaked with blood, Of the trespassing ibid." This i, it, says Mlkey, and the kids leu

the boards away. They dlmb up into a large room IilIed with ....

WITH A LOOK OF TOTAL respect and admiration, Mikey stands aJone before One-Eyed Willy. He introduceJ himself. "Here

we are. We made it, all in one piece . .. so fa r."

Curious, he reaches over and lifts WiUy's eye patch. There', no eye socket, just solid skull! So that's bow he got his name. Mike)'

grins. "One-Eyed Willy, yo u wert tbe original



THE GOONIF.I ARE EC路 slatic. The Goon Docks ,.i ll be sa\'ed! They load themselves up with riches. Mikey fills his

marble bag with rare jewett.

Sudd en ly,


Fralellis crash the party. The fUD 'S o\'er! But not before Data yells, ~ In 路 timidalor'" His IitUe body

starts to expand - Hulk路 style - bigger and bigger and . .. boom! It explodes. He yanks every other

cord, bul all his contraptions fail . Looks like cur路 tains for the Goonies.

'"""""''' AT last ... Ihe Goonies an<! OnN:yed \Vd~. The legend of the pirate king is lold in Chris Columbus' script by Francis Frat~li. "WiII~m B. Pordobei. beller known as One-Eyed Wil~, was one a' the most ingenious pirates of Ihe 161h Cenlury. The guy Slarted oul as a coun jester bul was hanished from five Spanish couns because 01 his ofl<olor Slories and practi~ ~kes. So Willy Ihis pirate band, and Ihey sel sail on Ihis ship, Ihe Inlemo. Willy and his men marauded hundreds of the Kings shil'. They acrumulaied a lreasure "llrth millK>ns. 1.egeIld has il Ihat while bein' allacked by Ihree of the Kings shil', Willy Sleered his Slricken ship into a hidden, underground cavern, which the British sealed ~ilh their cannon fire. Willy an<!lhe other survivors spent Ihe next coup~ of yea~ hidin' OUI, l!)'in' 10 repair Ihe Inlerno. They built a bunch 01 underground caves, loaded w;lh all kindsa' w<ird buoby traps. toprotect the treasure. Oneof his men escaped 10 tell Willy'sstOI)'." For a moment,

it looks like the C'oonies ....~Il inherit the pirates' fortunes, but Mama and her bo}';'~ha~v~e----_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _~ diHerent plans. As she raises herpistol at the kids, Data raises Cainwith his Intimidator. FX Coordinator Sweeney describes the "urkings of the outrageous devire. "Data's", ruhbel bladde~ inside his dOlhing Ihat make him ~I'cll up. They reach a certain point, lhey pop, and lhen he shrinks back 10 normal. Even his shoes ""' up. lVe had a section of the noorwith shoe rut{)Uts, and ....~ had an apparatus that raises him up three inches." The smoke is created with simple pyrotechnics. Does this mean that the Goonies entire adventure has just blown up in their faces?


WEET ROMANCE has been an undercurrent throughout The ililnies. Mikey is infatuated \\~Ih Andy, who has a crush on Brand. The younger brother even sneaks a blind kiss from Andy back in the tunnels, Now, safely on shore, away from the claustrophobic caves, Brand makes his move. Another "thing" has been brewing between Mouth and Stellt takes her touching gesture on the plank to move Mouth to words free of sarcasm The GJony kids talk about the romantic entanglements in the movie. "Andy has a ooyfriend, Troy," says Josh Brolin. "But they're on the wealthy side of the tracks and the Cixmies are on the other side. She and [ have something going; lots of looking at each other. We did the kissing scene on the beach at Bodega Bay [CaliforniaJ. We got an applause for it" Kerri Green talks aoout Andy's predicament. "She has acrush on Brand, and Mikey has acrush on Andy. But Andy's main role, besides getting throogh all this alive, is to kiss Brand." Corey F~dman explains Mouth's view of Stef. "[ think she's the greatest thing in the world, and through the course of the movie she starts liking me more - but neither of us wants to admit it. Until on the pirate ship when she offers me her air." Martha Plimpton gives Sters side of the sto!),. "Sters relationship with Mouth is a reallove/hate kind of thing. We don't get along unless we're in a life-and-death situation."

THE GOONtES ESCAPE to the beach, where their parents and the cops are wailing. RosaJita finds Mikey's stash of jewels, which means the Goon Docks will be saved! Finally, Andy and Brand find each other.

CHIEVING THE dramatic shot 01 the Inferno sailing off in the hor""n called on the optical-effects and model-building talents at In· dustrial Ugh! & Magic. Afive-foot replica of the Inferno was constructed from \\'000 and plastic, with silk sails. It resembles the full· scale vessel perfectly, right down to the cannonball hole on its side and the rips in the sails. Actual footage of the ocean, combined with ILl'll animation, allow the miniature Inferno to ride the high seas as the credits roll. Director Donner contemplates this inspiring scene. ''There's a treasure out there for all of us. I don't mean just Wealth, but the treasure of life. One-Eyed Willy is sailing off from his captivity he's been in for hundreds 01 years. Your dreams can come true," Steven Spielberg talks 300u1 the overall effect of The Goonies. "What it's really about is friendship. And slicking together. It is every kid's dream, [ think, to be in control of his or her own destiny, if only for one Saturday. This is a 'wouldn'l-it·be-great-if movie. The magic is less a part of what the GJonies actually discover as much as what they

become to each other in real emotional ways." In other words, after seeing this movie, evel)'one will want to pin the adventure and take the oath. "... 1am proudly de<:lared one 01 the Goonies'"


~.A"' , .

"'''"'lIII''-' _ .


WHILE THE GOONIF.\ including the newest one, Sloth - rejoice the hap-_ py ending to their incredible adventure, a won· drous sight appears out in " the ocean: One-Eyed Wit. :;;&! Iy's pirate ship sailing off to sea. As everyone stares ~ ~ in awe, the magical \·essel heads for the horizon.

workers at Lucasfilm's ILM shop lovingly built a miniature of the Inferno that sails away at the end of the film. The five¡fool replica has incredible details, including one that many might miss. In the above,

',.; , .'





......... : .,;..,. , ",.. - ,.:~ ~ , . ~",:",:,. ~ ~ ~-yJf~ :':,~



~. ,...,I!'\;.





The seven young actors who play the Goonies come from variety of back-"'! IUllIIU', and each has a strong, unique personal> ty. Most important, though, ~ how wonderfully they work together as a group of friends entangled In the adventure of a lifetime. No doubt, The Goonies will put all of these u{}-3Tld-mming kids on Hollywood's map. Here, each Goony talks about his or her personal background and the characters they portray in the film.

d~plays Jeffs physique, too. "You see, Chunk has a compulsive eating habit, so he's a real good character for me." Although this is Jeffs first movie role, he's no newcomer to acting. "I've done a lot of lV, such as Fads of fjf~ Family TIe5, and Webster." Besides h~ natural acting talents, Jeff ~ one funny II year old. He's sort of a small version of John (Scrv, Stripes, Splash) Candy. He's quick with a joke and even quicker with impersonations, imitating everyone from Mr. T to Mae West to Groucho Marx. While shooting The Goonies, Jeff was forever the film student, wanting to know howeverything was done. "I can run a dolly and the camera, and Dick Donner showed me howto direct." So when will he direct his first movie? "As soon as I get my own production company," he says with conviction. In the meantime, Jeff is content to continue his education, acting ... and rather peculiar hobby of collecting hats. "Yeah, hats. I've got about 530 of them." After seeing him do his thing in The Goonies, there should be lots of moviegoers taking theirs off to Jeff B. Cohen.




is Brand Walsh, the handsome, muscular jock pretty much the opposite of his younger brother Mikey. Josh describes his character.. with such words as dominating, tough, the one who keeps the others out of trouble. The biggest and oldest of the Goonies, Brand is always trying to keep his little brother in line. But he's also right there when Mikey and the others need Brand's strength and leadership. And, like the others, Brand has his quirk. "He has claustrophobia," OV1YS Josh. "I'm in these little caves throughout the movie and slowly going nuts. I don't really want to be there, but I'm also trying to keep everybody together. And there's the romantic part," he adds, referring to his on-going


Lawrence ''Chunk'' CDhen. Loveable, laughable, full of siories, pudgy, funny, talented. These are just a few of the adjectives describing the actor and the character. "Chunk looked like a pretty good part for me alter I read the script," says Jeff, the youngest member of the cast, and who actually first read for the part of Mouth. "Chunk ~ the one everybody loves but they don't let him know it. They like me a lot, but they never believe me." For example, in the beginning of the mOVie,


when Chunk tries to tell the other Goonies about the incredible cops-and-robbers chase he's just seen, they don't believe him. Instead, they make him perlorm his hilarious Truffle Shuffle. This comical dance

I \

flirtations with Andy, the pretty cheerleader who wins her place among the Goonies, as well as Brand's heart. Even though he comes from an acting family, this is Josh's first role. "My father James (Hole~ Brolin, ahl'3YS told me not to get into the business, and so I'd set my mind to do other things. Then, in my junior year in high school, I took an acting class, just to see what it was like. I played Stanley in A Sireetcar Named Desire. I loved it, other people loved it, and I was hooked. There's no looking back." At 17, Josh is looking ahead to a successful acting career. And somewhat like his character in The Goonies, he's quite athleti~ He's into surfing, karate, scuba, mountain climbing, skiing, and motorcycling.

SEAM ASTIM is Mikey Walsh. He may play Brand's little brother, but he has a big part as the Goony who's out to unravel OneEyed Willy's prankish riddles leading to the treasure. Mikey deals with being an asthmatic (he's always taking shots from his breathalizer) and having a one-way crush on Andy, but his main quest is the "rich stuff." "In this movie, what I want most in life is to get this treasure." Sean, 14, also comes from an acting family. His parents are John (TheAddams Family) Astin and Patty (Hall to the Chief) Duke. His younger brother, Mackenzie, is a regular on lYs Facts of life. Despite the fact that this is Sean's first feature film part (he appeared in two 1V specials), he makes and stars in his own Super 8 movies. "I write the scripts, I raise the money (by mowing lawns), I do the casting with my friends, and I shoot the movies. I even do the credits on my

home computer." This considered, it's no surprise hearing what Director Dick Donner has to say about Sean. "I think he's going to be the director ofthe crowd. My problem with Sean - and don't get me wrong, I love the kid - is that he's always saying to me, Why don't you do it this way! And half a dozen times he came up with ideas I've never thought of and they're smashing." For now, director-to-be Sean is content to continue making movies on the home front and to pursue his acting career. He also considers himself an all-around athlete, who enjoys baseball, grass hockey, and football, plus a player of another field. "I love girls," he says. 'They're right up there in front of sports and moviemaking."

KERRIGAEEM is Andrea "Andy" Carmichael. Andy is one of the Hillsiders, who live on the wealthy side of the tracks, opposite the Goon Docks. As the pretty ffieerleader gets caught up in the Goonies' treasure hunt, she ~ves up her Hillsider boyfriend Troy for Brand and takes the Goony oath. "I like the character," says Kerri. "She's a dreamer, an idealist, who's been pampered. But she's not obnoxious or bratty. Deep in her heart she wants t6 be a Goony and to be accepted by them. She's tom between what her family says and what Troy says - but she comes into her own in the end." At 18, Kerri is coming into her own, too. She makes her movie debut in The Wonies, but while growing up in New Jersey, she did a number of modeling jobs (including Jordache jeans) and had parts in 1V soap operas, such as Search for Tomorrow and Another World. She'll attend a prestigious Northeast college in the fall; she plans to study fine art. Afonmer high school cheerleader and star gymnast, she recently began practicing martial arts. Kerri's come a long way since her junior high school acting part as Woodstock in Youil? AQxxj

Man, Charlie Brown. She's been looking forward to college for a long time, "but I don't want to give up acting." From the looks of things, she doesn't have to wony. Hot off her role in The ililnies. she just completed filming Carl Reiner's Summer Rental, co-starring John Candy.

ICE HUY-QUAN is Data, the high-tech Goony who fashions himself after James Bond. Yet unlike Secret Agent 007's flashy gadgets, Data's homemade contraptions usually go kaput. Even so, his Bully Blinders, Pinchers of Peril, Slick Shoes, Intimidator, and other gags are a riot in the movie. 'That's why he's funny," says Ke. "He invents all these gadgets and thinks everything works, but his friends know they don't." What does work ~ Ke's onscreen presence and acting ability. Millions already know the 13 year old's happy face from Steven Spielberg's Indiana .!ones and the Temple of l>:xJm, in which he plays Indy's sidekick Short Round. Although Spielberg and Donner looked at hundreds of kids for the

Goony parts, Ke's role as Data was certain from the start. "After Indiana .!ones," Ke recalls, 'Steven told me he was making another movie and he said, 'You're going to playa character called Data.' And I said, 'Great, it sounds wonderful.' "I was born in Vietnam, but I'm Chinese," says Ke, who is very close with his family, including six sisters and ~vo brothers. In fact, his mother is always on the set with Ke and has even been known to prepare exotic Chinese meals for the crew. Wonder if she'll do the same once he's the director he dreams of becoming?

MARTHA PLIMPTON is Stephanie "Ster' Steinbrenner. Even though she's from the Goon Docks, the daughter of a fisherman, her best friend is Andy. "Stef is kind of a punk nerd," Martha says about her character. "And although Stef is a little bit more on the ball than Andy, they're very good friends." Stef dresses a bit weirdly ("She wants to be like Cyndi Lauper'l, right down to her fishinglure earrings. Adding another dimension to the character, Stef has a funny sort of "thing" for sarcastic Mouth. At 14, Martha is an experienced actress. She has starred in The River Rat with Tommy Lee Jones and waS featured in Rollover with Jane Fonda and Kris Kristofferson. She's also the tomboy star of several Calvin Klein jeans ads. New York City native Martha comes by her acting abilities honestly; her mother Shelly is an accomplished stage actress and her father is actor Keith Carradine. And, yes, she is related to celebrity author George Plimpton. Martha sees acting as her future, but "I'd like to change and grow," she adds. That means college and perhaps branching into directing

and producing. With her impressive Ii~ of previous credits and her funky role in the Oxmies, Martha should have no problem changing and growing into anything she likes.


should be able to talk himself into even more challenging roles.


Sloth, the forgotten Fratelli son and the newest member of the Goonies. Th~ gentle ~ant, chained is Clarke "Mouth" Devereaux, in the basement by hiscarrupt but the wisecracking son of a plumber camical family, teams up with (played by Director of to save the other kids from Photography Nick Mama and the boys. "He's basicMclean). Quick ally a good, big kid,' says John, who, at6 '8" and 300 Ibs., knows what big on the wit , is all about. But "Tooz," as his friends Mouth is also a call him, also brin~s a heap of natural senrather hip Goony with his New sitivity to the role - and ahearty appetite. Wave haircut and Prince T-shirts. Mouth'stongue gets him into trouble -like "Sloth loves candy, ice cream, steak, when Mama Fratelli nearly slices it salami ... he loves to eat." up like an Italian sausage - but John's had a smashing movie career it's also a key to the Goonies far - . he's a familiar face in NMh treasure hunt. Mouth is the only Dallas Folly, Caveman, and Ice Pirates, as one who can translate the Spanish well as many 1V guest appearances - but he'd riddles on One-Eyed Willy's map. previously done his own smashing on the foot"None of us would get through ball field as an All-Pro defensive lineman for the this adventure without Oakland (now Los Angeles) Raiders. He proudly each other," says sports hvo Super Bowl rings. Corey. The character of Sloth - huge but huggable - applies to John off-camera, too. He's very active in charity youth organizations and does regular benefits. As such, he finds a beautiful "We all do something that helps us get message in Sloth's actions. "I'd like the public to through." realize that no matter how you look or how big like Ke, Corey ~ a Spielberg veteran. you are, you're capable of wonderful things." He co-starred in last summer's Gremlins, John has recently formed his own production i by Joe Dante. He followed that company, Tooz Productions. Obviously, we can astarring role in Fn'day the 13th, The expect giant things from Tooz in the future. Anal Chapter Yet, Corey, 13, began his acting career at age three with a 1V cammercialthat ran for five yem;. Heappeared in nearly 60 other cammercials over the next four years and has numerous 1V credits, including The Bad News Bears and Mark and Mindy. In between acting chores, Corey . listening to music, playing video games, baseball, swimming, and horseback riding. Following his appearance as Mouth in The Goonies, Corey




RtCHARD DONNER Director & Producer

The Goonies are seven extraordinary kids who come together for one day to share an incredible adven· ture. Bringing this ~ory to life on the silver screen combines the talen~ of literally hundreds of dedicated individuals, from actors to camera operators to special· effects wizards to film editors. Yet two men - Direc· tor Richard Donner and Executive Producer Steven Spielberg-<feserve the major credit for bringing The GJiJnies all together. Separately, Donner and Spiclberg have reached dizzying heigh~ in I Native New Yorker Donner, 52, began his career as an Off· Broadwayactor·tumed· ,. director.. He ~ablished himself right away in live ]V productions in New York. He moved to Los Angeles in 1958. He assembled an impressive list of credits, including pilot episodes of Illmted: Dead or Alive, Kojak, and Bronk, and the highly acclaimed ]V movie Panrait of a Teenage AlrohoIk. In 1976, Donner launched his filITKIirecting career with the occult thriller The Omen. This was followed by Superman - The Mooie, the lVarner Brothers box-office blockbuster that proved a man could fly. Superman also proved beyond a doubt that Dick Donner is an exceptional director. Since then he has reiterated the fact with his films Inside Moues, The final Conflld, The Toy, and ju~ prior to the release of The Goonies, Lad)'hawke, a medieval romantic adventure executive produced by The Goonies Producer Harvey Bernhard. Oddly enough, it was another of Donner's direc· torial m~erpieces that drew the attention, long ago, of Steven Spielberg. "I've been a Donner fan ever since he directed my favorite Twilight Zone episode, , ightmare at 2O,!XX) Feet,''' says Spielberg. "lVe first met in a sushi bar in 1973, and I haven't stopped laughing since. His voice is like the public·address sy~em at Candl~ick Park. His big-kid sense of fun and prank is infectious to be around. I thought the pai ring up of Donner and the Goonies was ideal casting. Dick can so easily combine big-screen values with tender human emotions, which for me was the main reason whySuperman worked as wei as it did."

As easily as Spielberg chose Donner to bring his original ~ory idea to cinematic life, Donner chose to work on The Goonies. However, he quickly realized that you can't always judge a script by its words. "At first, f thought it was going to be a snap," Don· ner recalls, alter reading the Chris Columbus screen· play. "It was a fun adventure picture, and f always wanted to do something like it. Just go out and shoot a bunch of kids in natural locations, I thought, and I'll be done in to weeks. But then, as we got into it, and I ~arted surrounding myself with people like IProduction Designerl Mike Riva, it took on a much larger scope. IVhat I thought was going to be a little shoe-in turned into probably the most difficult pic· lure I've ever done." More difficult than making Superman fly? 'This is more difficult because you have seven kids in a1m~ every scene. Sometimes their attention span is about to seconds. Although I love them dearly - I've become incredibly attached to these kids - it's mind blowing." Added to that, says Donner, were the mon~rous sets, some ju~ in themselves a challenge to shoot, and the huge number of intricate physical eff~, from falling boulders to a giant octopus. There were ways to prepare for the other challenges, but ';th ~ds it's different, the director says. "Either you like kids and get along with them lor you don'tl· And I love kids, f have fun with them." Even so, Donner had to take on many roles as the film's ringm~er. "I became somewhat of a disciplinary figure, a confidante, a father at times, brother, buddy .. .. ft's brought me into a new at· titude, a relationship \~th children that I never had before: that they're amazingly deep and convoluted." The mixtu re of Donner's attitude and skills, plus the seven young actors' natural abilities, blended pertectly. ''I'm in awe," says Donner. "I'm the kind of person who takes a script as an idea, but I don't ~ay married to it. I ask the actors to improvise and expand. And I am awed with these kids and what came out of thcir minds. They came up ';th the most wondertully imaginative, romanti~ exciting, funny things I've ever seen. Their acting method is in their madness." Another unique feature of Donner's work on The Goonies was, again, something he hadn't anticipated but that turned into a remarkably positive experience. "When we got into this thing," he says, "and real· ized how difficult it was going to be, I had to have a second unit." In moviemaking terms that means Donner would direct the main action scenes while a second director and crew coordinate background

shots, close-ups, and other seconda!)' elements in the same scenes. "I asked Steven if he could do it, and he said, 'Oh, could 11!' '' Two such dynamic directors working on the same movie might create havoc in other situations, but in

The Goonies, the combination is ideal, says Donner. "As far as I'mconcerned, what he's done is a blessing and I love him for it. It's been an amazingly goo:! relationship. What's directed is our style, which is last, choppy, non·analytical, move.on·to-the-next·piece. Both our styles are ve!)' similar in that way." Spielberg, too, thoroughly enjoyed the rare ex· perience. "I had such a goo:! time working with the cast and second·unit crew," he says, "especially \~th my cinematographer, Bobby Stevens, that it became a real pleasure." To be sure, Steven Spielberg is no stranger to the principal director's chair. At 37, he has strung together 3n unmatched chain of motion'picture gems in a lit· tie more than a decade. IleWnning as a young, backyard home-moviemaker in Phoenix, Spielberg made his first big mark while in college. After viewing his student Iilm, Amblin ', Universal Studios put the filmmaker under contract. Subsequentially, he directed the 1V movie Duel, and his Iirst Ieature Iilm was Sugarland Express. Then, with Jaws and Close Encounter.; of Ihe Third Kind, his career skyrocketed. Following 1941, he teamed up with George (Star Wa"l Lucas to make Raide" of the Lost Ark. In 1982, Spielberg made Hollywood histo!), with ET - The Extrale/1'estrial, which remains the No.

I box-office smash 01 all time. He last directed STEVEN SPIELBERG Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Executive Producer Through his independent production company, Amblin Entertainment, Spielberg has been intimately connected with Poltergeist, Cremlins, and Twibght Zone - The Mouie. At Amblin, he teams up with Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall, who have served in executive production roles in several Spielberg films. Both are executive producers 01 The Goonies. Spielberg describes how his idea lor The Goomes came about. "I was the original Goony in my early stage 01 adolescence. Unlike a<ne, the problem never cleared up. I am also somewhat of a fanatic about Mark Twain and his legenda!)' collection 01 charade". This, combined with my love of pirate lore - Treasure Island, Tom Sawyer, Sea Hawk are among my favorite 'lust lor gold' adventures prompted me to come up with the idea for this film." From there, he had numerous skull sessions with Screenplay Writer Chris Columbus. Spielberg describes the script's development. "uke myself, Chris Columbus is still a Goony. I know this from working with him on Crembns. He was my Iirst and only choice as the writer lor The Goonies. We sat down one day and began thrOl~ng around ideas, set pieces, and all sorts of crazy notions like a 'technicolor tossed salad: until something resembling a narrative and something resembling this club 01 little adventurers began to nesh out. The next week, Chris went home to New York and returned several months later with a first dralt. On and off, we spent the next several months working on the revisions. When Dick Don· ner came on board, he contributed another layer of 'Goonisms' from his own memories of growing up."

The rest is histo!)" and like all his previous works, Spiclberg sre; The Goonies as a unique opus. 'What's goo:! about The Goonies is that it is not like any 01 my other pictures. It's easy to liken it, perhaps too easily, to a Raide,,·ish blend 01 spills and thrills, stirred in with a lot 01 the same sort 01 humor Don· ner put into 5upeJman" But, Spielberg concludes, the distinction of The Goonies is that it's a kids movie, ultimately dealing Mth emotions, Iriendship and stick· ing together through thick and thin. When it comes down to it, those same words could easily sum up the friendship and working relation· ship between Dick Donner and Steven Spielberg. uke the seven kids from the Goon Docks tell each other in the Goony Oath, they'll "stick together until the whole world ends."





Qmnk ........... . Mexnh .




Jake .



Francis .

Mama Frate/Ii. Rc6alita . Mrs. Walsh .. Mr. Walsh . Mr. Perkins . Troy Backup Troy Sheriff . Prison Guard ...

Gas Station Attendant . Chunk's Falher . Chunk's MOIher Data's Father . Mouth's Fatlle! .

Keesler .


u. ..

Troy's Friend 'I . Trof5 Friend "'l .

Man in Show,er'] . Man in Shower -2 . Man in $hoIo-er "3 . Simon (Photo Ooul*l Reporter 'I . Reponei' "'l ... Tennis PIaj.-er . G:>rilla Driver .. Gorilla om'er Wife .. FBI Man & Dead FBI Man .






Second Assistant Camera



..... GENE ROSS ............ MAX SEGAR HEWTON Df.NNIS ARNOLD , ........ ANDY STEINFElD " JACK O'Lf.ARY ..... PAllOCK CAMERON ....... ERWIN HARVEY . .JAKE STIlNfTlD .......... EVE SMIllI .......... TED GROSS.\IAN


Oirectedby RICHARD OONNER """""by






"""'" """"'"



Director 01 Photography NICK Md.IJ.N Production Desigoo J. MICHAEL RlVA Film Editor MICHAEL KAHN, A.C.E. Music Score by DAVE GRUSIN Unit PrOOuction Manager ROBIN S. Q).RK JAMfS HERBERT

flfSl: Assistant Oirooor DAN KotSRUD Second Assistaru Oif!dof PAllOCK COSGROVE SHARON G£RHARD

'" o.oor~ UNDA DeSCENNA Art Dirooor

Slill Photographer .K>HN SHANNON


Post ProdIJdion Supervisor AR1l{UR F. R£POIJ,.



Boom MARVIN"'"llWIS Cable Man BOBH_ Re-recordi


.u. VARN"!,;

1:«:. Assistant Art Dirooors DAli PELroN, JR. .JOSEPH NEMEC III








Assistant Editors




Assistant Music Editor JIM RAMBERG Assistant Sound Editors DAVID WlWAMS GIL HAIMSOHN JANET F. MASON


"OCTOPUS" Designed & Crealed ~ ruE BUR.MAN STUDIOS



Assistant to Mr. Rep:>la ruDY lllOMASON "SLOTIf' Makl'Up Created 8)' CRAIG R£AROON TIJOMAS R. BUR.IJ..\N BARI DREIBAND BUill-IAN ElliS BURMAN "'Sl.011i" Makeup ExE't"llted By lliOMAS R. BURMAN BARl DRElBAND BURMAN EU.15 BURMAN


Foley Services T.A.I SOUNDWORKS


.,.'" '"""



Dolly Grip WIlliAM YOUNG Script Supervisor BmY NORTON



Director 01 PIxqraph)' BOB STEVF.KS Firsl Assi5tant Oireaor NEWf ARNOlD Se:ood Assistant Oireaor STEVE COHEN Script Supervisor


c.m..o,..... I.El..MD NAKAHARA Special EtIeas Coordinator MATI S\l.'EENEY

""'" """ F"""", JON BELYEU """,fJferu


-""'-" ERIK NWON

DAVID NEWEU. ""'" """""


"""'" ,'''-

TONY AMArulLO Stunt Coordinator GEORG: ROBOTHA.\I Unit Publitisl ROB HARRIS Richard Donner's Assistant MICHAEL TliAU Executil'e Assistant to Mr,



Assistant 10 1.11. Bernhard (AURA HOFFMAN




OffICe Assistants

l.1dies' Costume Supe!'\isor


Make Up Mist




K.,. Go;>



W1WAM TUR."f.R Hair St)1is1

AssistanI kI Mr. Spiebetg



Boom "'" JU\iS SI1!ASS拢R


IOCHAW """""""" AIDA SWINSON Wardrobe f1Iects ERIC flEDlER


Special f1Iects foreman MIKE STIPE


Assistarn 10 ~h. Marshall

Men's Cosrume Supervise.





",,",""" CREG ffi\SEN RICK LOPEZ

AssisIanI 10 Ms. Kennedy KATr. SAAKER


VIS UAL EFFECT S Pn:xIul-ed aI INOt.5TRlAL LIGHT & MAGIC. Marin County, California Supervisor 01 Visual Eiferu MICHEAL McAUSITR

P U BL I S HI NG ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This publication represents the combined efforts of many indi-

viduals whose behind-thescenes cooperation helped make the souvenir magazine possible. These rontnbutors indude members 01 The G::lonit:s cast and crew woo gramed us interviews, the entire Goonies production scaff, members of Warner Bruhers' Li:ensing and Pub/icily Slaffs, and lhe helpful indi\'iduals at Amblin Enler路 lainment We are also indebted

10 The Goonies Still Photog. raphers John Shannon and

Randy Tepper, as well as Jeff

GIancz. who provided our O'<'o'n

specia] photographic effeds. l'hanks 10 Fooe & Davies!

Mid,America Webpress. Kable Nev.'S Co., and Tappan Printing Co. SPECIAL THANKS TO: Laura Adler. Laurie Arncrv." Pal' Ii Blau. Luana Chambers, Jill DiDomenico. Sam EpsIein. ROO Fnroman, Jess Garcia. Adam Gellman, Blossom Gralz. Rob lIarris, Llura Hollman, Jennie Lew, Julie MoskO'olilz. Mike Ri\'a and The Goonits all

department. Da\'e Wolff, and Max and Susan Feleppa Woods. Fronl (noer art by Drew SIrman,



By ilsell, The I1ionies is a least 01 action·packed Ihrills and chills. Now, extracl some dips Irom Ihe lilm. add a heap ollunky Cyndi Lauper music, a ringlul 01 rockin' wrestlers, a d~h 01 zaniness, and you've go\ ... The Wonies RGlad Enough. ThaI's jhe name 01 Cyn· di's hil single and Iwo-part music video, direcled by Dick Donrer. A"Ieaser" version of Ihe video ~red a few weeks before Ihe movie's release, the olher ju~ after il opened. Cyndi's single ~ ~so included on Ihe Epic/CBS Records soundlrack ~bum. II fealures Ihe film's fabulous Dave Grusin SOlre and original songs by The Bangles, Phillip ~Iey, REO Speedwagon, Lulher GRUSIN Vantlross, Teena Marie, Arthur Baker's Goon Squad, ---~\ Joseph (son of composer John) Williams. In Laup.r's palenled off-beal ~Ie, the videos lell Ih~l1ionies·like I~e of Cyndi, her boyfriend Greasy Dave (Dave Wolff, Cyndi's manager), Capt~n wu Albano, Wendi Richler, and Ca-

Dominique (Cyndi's mom). Their gaudy gas station and veggie·burger ~and are being taken over by a bunch of Ihe wrestlers: Roddy Piper, The Iron Sheik, Fred· 1IIas&ie, and Moolah ... plus Ihe Benihana chefs. Cyndi save Ihe day? If only Ihere were a t(e1l;ure. ... W~I, he may not be as prankish as OneWilly, bUI wu's greal, greal grandfalher, CapOne-Eyed Peg-Legged Rum-Guzzling Mean wu Albano, gives her a secret map. Uke Alice in ():>onyland, Cyndi dimbs inlo a hidden tunnd, where she calches up wilh Ihe Goony kids, who are in Ihe rbiddle of Iheir movie. They show her - and Ihe 1V liewers - dips from Ihe film. , Yipesl Now Ihey're being chased by a band of cui· pirates - none olher Ihan our villainous 1:~"1 I Nichol~ Volkolf and his cow. They're t~ can help Ihem? Fasler Ihan you can "exl ralerreslri~," we're whisked off to the wild

1~~K:eof Sleven Spiell):erg.

Cyndl asks him how Ihey sions wilh

and viewing clips certain themes. some SCENES Of THE VIDEO. nvo. example. there are con· from left: 10 the end. the The second video opens ~llh zippy montage of linuing themes for the pirales. \hkey and One-Eyed good gays ah.aya 'A'in ; Andrei gives Cyodi 8 liff; first right 10 the c1iffhan r. Shift like magic Willy, Chunk and Sloth, and Ihe Fralellis. Capt. Lou and greal, great the deck of whe the pirate wrestlers In general. Grusin says. he chose a large symphon~ grandpa; the Goo nies enslaved eve." by a sea ag score, interspersed with contemporary electronic sing . .·ed by i' While the par· elemenls. He conduded the orcheslra and layered in . animals gorge sushi and h~ own electronic in~rumenlalions afteevard. Greasy Dave wriggles free; The Goomes marks Grusin's first work ~ilh others. They find the chest, filled with Spielberg bul surely not \\il~ filmsconng. H~ 23 film movie dips and, 0/ . After scoop- scores have earned four Academy A\\.rd nomina· up some jewels, the ship and run tions. His credits include The Graduate (the sound· through Ihe gas station. Cyndi track album won a Grammy), Heaven Con Wait, The , off The Iron Sheik Her fnend, Andrei Ihe Champ. Eledric Horseman, On Golden Pond, Toot· • I. forces Ihe unruly Thus Cyn· SII'. and Racing ullh the Moon. Grusin has also wnt· her far-out friends, and the Qoonies all live hap- ten themes for hit]V shows, such as Maude, It Takes , ever after. Yeah. yeah, yeah! a Thiel, and St. Elsewhere. He has won high acclaim Dave Grusin took a more c9nventional, though for his own jazz i~rumental albums (Ihe lalest is One I ~,,,lIv arti~ic approach 10 his fficlodic score f<lr The Of a Kind) and has arranged, composed, and per· (.()(lmes. Beginning wilh the rousing Goonies theme, formed with a h~ of flO9Ular musicians, including musically Iracked the action '- from sad to funny Quincy Jones, AI Jarreau, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, [})n· ITIl'~erious to romantic 10 SGlry to vidonous. na Summer. and Phoebe Snow. Finally. Grusin and Cirusin began the project after preliminary discus- h~ long-lime associate La'D' Rosen produce albu ms ~_......_:;: on:.:lheir Grusin/RU'jen Records label.

gel Oul of Iheir predicament. He sal's .• "I don't from the film He 1,1'Il00'''' CUi 10: stAY 11INED OR PART that repeallhemselves.


vin nierd tlolle ,bl aogopa t,co m

The Goonies Souvenir Magazine  

Tie-in magazine for the now-classic movie

The Goonies Souvenir Magazine  

Tie-in magazine for the now-classic movie