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Towers of Shadows - Chandigarh

“Design is nothing but a humble understanding of a materials, a natural instinct for solutions and respect for nature. - BV. Doshi



DREAM PUBLIC SCHOOL The Happiest child is the child who is most interested in what he is doing,and at whose hand are the materials for his work or play.


SITE DESCRIPTION The given site is located in the yelagiri hills of vellore district. It is at an altitude of 1110.6 metres above mean sea level. It is surrounded by orchids and rose gardens and also other cash crops.

DESIGN BRIEF We were given the flexibility to choose either performing art school or progressive school for our instituition design.I chose to design a Progressive school because I felt Education as something that has to be actively persued not passively recieved.Learning from day to day activities from a very young age prepares a person’s stay in this world com fortable and easy.



There are seperate blocks for kindergarten,senior secondary and higher secondary. A central courtyard becomes the special feature of all the academic blocks.The senior secondary block has a curved classroom structure making it more flexible and interactive.There are many spaces that serve as interaction spots along with nature.The open amphitheatre is situated in the middle of the site and becomes a very busy spot during lunch hours.Auditorium is situated in the entrance which makes it easier for public access without entering the main campus. The canteen is a nice place to relax.Surrounded by Glass walls enables natural Light to enter which makes the ambience more relaxing.



Library is located between the higher education blocks which makes it easier for them to refer to whenever needed.Glass roof in the central space allows natural light which keeps them fresh and energetic whenever they are here.There are ample space for sports.They are located in the last part of the school making the institution a silent place. Nothing is extra curricular they all are a part of their daily life. They get to experience nature at its best in there outdoor classes.






A Sculpture is just a painting cutout and stood up somewhere. Artist or sculptor both bring art to life.


SITE DESCRIPTION: The proposed site for this design is situated in the foothills of palamathi mountains, 4 kilo -meters from the vellore town. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, This became a thriving hotspot for birds and various plant species.This place has cool weather although situated in a hot and humid place like Vellore.


DESIGN BRIEF : We were given the flexibility to choose between Retirement community, Rejuvination centre,community for professionals, and community for Artisans. I chose community for Artisans because gathering people of the same skill and interest would increase their knowledge. This community is mainly for painters and sculptors.Residences are designed in such a way that it accomodates as per their requirements.There is three 1BHK,three 2BHK and two 3 BHK units.A central club house along with an artificial pond enhances the work culture and ambience.


The Residential units are placed in such way that it gives a good view from the balcony. The entrances of all the blocks overlook to the lake. The cafeteria is in the centre of the community along the lake . Stepped footing is provided as seaters. No vehicle is allowed inside the Community making it a pollution free land. The ClubHouse is also along the lake and has a Gallery space that allows other people to visit and buy the Artworks. Each Residence has a seperate walkway that keeps their privacy secure.There is a swimming pool within the community along with other indoor games in the Clubhouse promoting a healthy lifestyle.





RURAL STUDY INTERVENTION Village is the better way to know about real life.


We were split into groups of 8 and 5 villages were chosen for the documentation. We were given Chinnacheri , Vellore.It is a small village with just 7 streets. The only problem was caste discrimination.People of the lower caste were not allowed to enter the village.They were denied the basic rights like waste disposal,water and also were not allowed to enter the temple.After the judgement of the court one temple was specialy dedicated to those people.It is an Agriculture thriving village,children from this village study at 13 different schools around this place.It is in a developed condition,no more thatched houses,tiled houses.mostly it wasof concrete.


Chinnacheri is a less populated village with 350 people.There is no health centres,they take medical help only from the nearby villages.Therefore a need for medical Care.A small scale medical health care is my proposed design as an intervention to improve the Village’s state and need. This place comprises of two Doctor rooms,Pharmacy and First Aid room.There are two nurses from the same village.Primary Health Care is done here.Also an ambulance to take patients to towns in case of an emergency.







The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean of a beach .


We were given the liberty to choose our client as well as the site.I choose to design a dwelling unit for a Biker near the Beach. My client comes here thrice in two months. He is passionate about Bikes and wanted to keep it in front of him always therefore he has space inside the Living room.


This Villa is a G+1 structure with a curved walled bedroom on both the floors.This is to done to enhance the view of the beach.There is seperate back door that leads to the shore from the house. The house meets all the necessary requirements of a biker. An indoor gym is provided to keep him engaged.This is an Individual villa with all amenities that is needed for his stay. A balcony is in the front of the house and overlooks the forest nearby.




OTHER WORKS Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.


VERNACULAR DOCUMENTATION This 100 year old house is found in Ambur town of Vellore district.It is 1.2m below the road level and was previously a part of a bigger unit. Due to family issues other half of the building was demolished.Only this part of the building owned by the second brother remained.Dravidian style ofArchitecture is seen in this house.The major materials used are wood, Brick, Lime plaster, pantile, Glass and Steel.A Big foyer leading to the Living room which has rooms on either sides which are symmetrical.Each bedroom is provided with 9 windows and 2 doors.The first floor consists of 2 bedrooms with a centrtal balcony and restrooms



BAMBOO WORKSHOP PRINCIPLE : The fractal unit has two active triangles and one passive tetrahedron. The passive tetrahedron holds the fractal unit together while the active tetrahedrons provide the faces for the form to grow.The active tetrahedrons have equilateral triangular faces that are marked in red and green ink in a particular fashion.The form grows by connecting two equilateral triangles of the same size such that the red side of one unit coincides with the green side of the second unit.

SITE ANALYSIS AND CONCEPT : The site allotted for the project is located on the North-East corner outside the Vellore Fort. It is a fairly level land, with a very slight dip on the edge, towards the moat. On the Eastern side of the site is the Bangalore main road and to the left is the fort. Although the site is dotted with a lot of trees ranging from heights of about 7-10 m,there is an unobstructed direct visual axis to the gopuram and fort wall from the road.The main idea we worked with was to build a pavilion that does not over pow5 er the context of the fort. The pavilion was meant to be subtle and blend in with the landscape. The use of triangles was to create an interesting eye catching structure but at the same time the subtlety was maintained by using heights that were very low and an almost transparent form that doesn’t obstruct vision.



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