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Nha be New Town I/L Approved (Investment License Approved May 25, 2007)


1. Overview - The first independent new town project designed by a Korean company - Ground-breaking in 2008, 1H - New business model for overseas projects • On May 25, “Nha Be I/L Ceremony” was held with the presence of GS E&C CEO Kab-Ryul Kim, CFO MyungSoo Huh and Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee (HPC) Vice Chairman Mr. Nguyen Huu Tin along with local relative parties. • GS E&C’s Vietnam development project gets on the track after receiving I/L for Nha Be followed by Cu Chi resort I/L approved last March. • Nha Be project, completed MOU in 2004 with HPC, is a mega-size development project in 1 million pyong of Ho Chi Minh land, and it is the first independent development project designed by a Korean company. • Starting with the I/L, approval process and design will be completed soon. Site development will start in 2008, and the project will be completed in 2019. Due to its vast size, Nha Be project will be executed by four phases, and is expected to be a new business model for GS E&C’s overseas projects. 1/6

2. Ho Chi Minh Development Vietnamese economy has improved since the joining of WTO and

According to recent development plans in HCMC, one of the

the continuous rise of income in the recent 10 years. Thus, demand

major plans is Southern development line connecting the

for city development has been increased. Since 1990’s, new town

Southern Saigon Belt(including Phu My Hung), Nha Be new

development like Phu My Hung has been accelerating and

town, and Hiep Phouc. NorthEastern development line

development in Southern part of Ho Chi Minh will be active within

connects Tu Ti Am, Sports City, and Tanda Island, and the

10 years.

NorthWestern development line includes NorthWestern new

Ho Chi Minh Southern Dev. Line

towns. Development Condition Original Road New Road (Plan)



NorthSouth Road (Width 60m)

Beltway (Plan)

• Developed


Phu my hung Southern Saigon •C

Southern Saigon Belt


Phu My hung

Nha Be


Southern Dev. Line

Nha Be New Town

Small Local Housing Development Plan

New Town

Hiep Phouc Industrial Complex

Hiep Phouc Industrial Complex


* Central Business District

3. Nha Be Project Overview - Present Nha Be is located 10km from the heart of Ho Chi Minh City (CBD: Central Business District), and is the center of Southern development line. The Northsouth Road (Width: 60m, plan) adjacent to the site enables easy access, and the river running through the site (Width: 30~120m) allows water-friendly environment.

Northsouth Road (Width: 60m)

<Northsouth Road>

<Site View>

(currently width 12m â&#x2020;&#x2019; 60m)

<River within Site>

<River within Site> 3/6

4. Nha Be Project Overview - Future Along with its unique waterside region, Nha Be new town will feature many convenient facilities such as residential complex for 68,000 residents, hospital, schools and commercial complex, a self-supporting city in the southern HCMC. Single Unit Housing Town House Apartment Residential-Commercial Bdg Commercial Business School Administration Hospital Greens Gymnasium

■ Summary Main Main Features Features Dev. Dev. Term Term

• 10km from CBD • Southern Ho Chi Minh City

Villa & Town Houses

Phase 1

• Proj. Start : 2007

Central Commercial Area Residential-Commercial Bdg

Phase 2

• Completion : 2019

■ Project Scheme

Dev. Dev. Index Index Housing Housing Units Units

Main Main Facilities Facilities

• Size : 349ha • Population : 68,000 (plan) • Units : 17,000 (plan)

Waterside Central Park

Phase 3

• Villa & Town Houses : 1,800 units • APT & Residential-Commercial Building : 15,200 units • Local / Neighborhood commerce, offices • Green Network (Waterside, Central/Local Parks) • General hospital, Clinics (commercial complex) • Int’l School / Local School 4/6

Phase 4 Multi-unit Housing

5. Prospect & Significance • Nha Be new town, the future-oriented Korean style town with clean residential area, active

Nha Be New Town (Bird's-Eye View)

industrial complex, and technological infrastructure facilities will greatly influence Ho Chi Minh economy by designing the secondary city center in Southern Saigon, stabilizing housing supply, and introducing a new residential culture. • A combination of an overseas business project and a long-term development project, GS E&C puts lots of significance on this project. Based on the core competence acquired from Nha Be project, GS E&C will seek growth strategy by expanding its business areas geographically and diversifying construction patterns. • Nha Be New Town Project is “Designed by GS E&C using Korean new town development know-how, so that the project displays GS E&C’s strong will to build NO.1 private new town in Southeast area based on strength of Korean new towns.” 5/6

6. Vietnam Project


BT Project (SPC 1)




Build and Transfer

• Road Construction 14km (Airport ↔ Ho Chi Minh City) - Transfer the road to Ho Chi Minh Government • Development project in substitute land (5 pieces of land in downtown)

• Submitted I/L (April 2) • To be approved (2007)

• New Town in Nha Be (349ha) - 10km from the heart of HCMC • Apartment (17,000 units) • Convenient facilities - Hospital, school, park, etc.

• Approved I/L (May 25) • Start construction (’08.1H)

Nha Be New Town (SPC 2)

Development Project by GS E&C

Cu Chi Resort (SPC 3)

Development Project by GS E&C

• Golf resort (200ha), 36 Holes • Villa and town houses, etc.


• Approved I/L (Mar 27) • Start construction (’07.4Q)

Nha Be GS City  

Nha Be GS City

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