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In this last issue of the Member Newsletter for 2015, you will read about the opening of EFQM’s Middle East office and who its representative will be, starting January 2016. We will also share with the highlights of the launch event, pictures and videos. It is also time to celebrate the end of 2015 by looking back at the main event our partners hosted.


Dear readers, dear EFQM friends, At the end of 2015 we can look back to an exciting year for EFQM, with many great events happening during the last months. It is this period where we celebrate achievements in Excellence and for some National Partners their 25th anniversary. In this EFQM News, we start with an event and for us so important new activity: the launch of our EFQM Middle East Office, located in Dubai. You will read about the many honourable speakers from that region enriching this event and about all the regional Partners’ support. We have also introduced at the launch event and now here in this newsletter our EFQM Middle East Representative: Isra’a Mobideen. Isra’a will start her challenging role by the 1st of January 2016. You’ll read more about her background in this article, which shows her capabilities to support EFQM in leading our drive for Excellence in the Middle East region. During this launch event, we, the Brussel’s EFQM Team, met with the leading people active in the field of Excellence, and together we will be building and driving a strong network in the region. Furthermore you will be impressed – at least I am - by the many Celebration Events of our national Partners, e.g. the “Quality Days in Kiev”, the “LudwigErhard-Preis” event to celebrate the Germany Excellence Award, the Austrian Excellence Award event, the Swedish Institute for Quality 2

celebrating their Swedish Quality Award, the Hungarian National Quality Award and the British Quality Foundation delivering the U.K. Excellence Award. At the Quality Congress in Istanbul, our Turkish Partner, KalDer, celebrated their 25th anniversary. The EFQM Chairman of the Board, Dr. Andreas Wendt, and myself were present. An equally impressive event took place in Athens where I could congratulate EEDE, our Greek Partner, for their 25th anniversary of their relationship with EFQM. Last, but not least, you will find more about the 7th Innovation Summit organised by the European Union in Brussels, where a “Pact for Innovation” has been launched and signed. EFQM was a sponsor and took part in this event as Innovation is a key driver for Excellence in Europe, the Middle East and beyond. On behalf of the entire EFQM Team, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and those dear to you happy holidays and an excellent new year!

Léon Tossaint CEO, EFQM


EFQM MIDDLE EAST On November 19, EFQM opened of its representative office in the Middle East. More than 150 participants joined us at the Dubai Knowledge Village to celebrate this important milestone and listen to influential speakers delivering passionate presentations and sharing their experience with EFQM and its Excellence Model...

EFQM OPENS MIDDLE EAST OFFICE IN GLOBAL PUSH EFQM, the European Foundation for Quality Management, a not for profit membership foundation with over 20 years’ experience of supporting over 50,000 organisations throughout Europe, has launched its Middle East branch in Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV). With a long track record of operating in the region and a wide network of partners, its new office cements a more global strategy for EFQM. From its new location, EFQM will be able to leverage its excellence experience, foster greater collaboration between international organisations, and enhance global visibility and reach. To celebrate this special milestone, EFQM held a launch 5

event at DKV, bringing together more than 250 professionals in the field of excellence for half a day of sharing sessions and networking opportunities, enabling EFQM to connect with its local partners, whilst showcasing its line of products and services that will be offered. During the event speeches were given by Wafi Dawood, Chief of Strategy & Excellence at the Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA), Colonel, Dr. Ali Abdulla Alghufli, Director of Organisation Excellence Department, General Secretary of his highness Minister of Interior office , Dr. Ahmad Abdullah Al Nuseirat, PhD, General Coordinator at the Executive Council of Dubai Government, Professor Hadi Eltigani, Chairman of the Middle East Excellence Council (MEEC) and Coordinator General Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA), and Dr. Ayoub Kazim, Managing Director of DKV and Dubai International Academic City (DIAC). EFQM was originally founded in 1988 to bring together organisations for sustainable excellence, building a network of members comprising private and public organisations of every size and sector from around the world.

groups, conferences and thematic events. EFQM seeks to prepare a new generation of business leaders by offering training and development opportunities built on practice-based learning and exchange between organisations. Dr. Ayoub Kazim, Managing Director of DKV and DIAC commented: “We are delighted to partner with EFQM and honoured that it has chosen DKV for its launch location in the Middle East. DKV has become a truly international platform and meeting place for leading education and training organisations. Working with such an esteemed company like EFQM, one that helps bring together numerous companies and encourages ‘sharing that works’, will not only enhance our credentials as an integrated collaborative community.’ Gianluca Mule, Director of EFQM Partners and Representative Offices, said: “Shawqi Sajwani, a UAE national and founding member of excellence drive in UAE, explained that EFQM being closer to its

The company is the custodian of the EFQM Excellence Model, created by a team of experts from industry and academia, a nonprescriptive framework that can be used to gain a holistic view of any organisation, regardless of size, sector or maturity. Since its inception, the EFQM Excellence Model has been a blueprint for EFQM members and organisations across and beyond Europe to develop a culture of excellence, drive innovation, and improve results. In practice, EFQM applies know-how and extracts outstanding approaches by engaging with executives and front-line managers, sharing what works through case studies, online webinars, working 6

stakeholder in the region demonstrates its commitment to Excellence globally. The UAE has used the EFQM Excellence model since 1998 when DQA was initiated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai & Vice President of the UAE. The application of the model is universal and in the UAE a wide range of businesses have benefitted, this includes government sector organisations. We wish EFQM all the best.”

Thank you to all our partners for their support!

Dr Wafi Dawood, Chief of Strategy & Excellence at Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), commented: “The EFQM model has allowed organisations to continuously improve and sustain outstanding performance. Aligning our organisational aspirations with the excellence model has helped us enhance our services and create a culture of happy people and happy customer experiences. The opening of EFQM’s Middle East Office in Dubai will extend opportunities for organisations to share best-practices and create more success stories in the region.”


WHAT DID YOU MISS? • Welcome to the EFQM Middle East Launch Event Gianluca Mulè, Director of Partnerships & Representative Offices, EFQM • Welcome to the Dubai Knowledge Village Dr Ayoub Kazim, CEO of the Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) • Introductory Speech Léon Tossaint, CEO of EFQM • Building Sustainable Government Excellence... DGEP Success Story Dr. Ahmad Abdullah Al Nuseirat, Phd, General Coordinator at the Executive Council of Dubai Government • Presentation from Dr. Wafi Dawood Chief of Strategy & Excellence at the Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA) • Presentation from Colonel Dr. Ali Abdullah Alghufli Director of Organisation Excellence Department, General Secretary of his Highness Minister of Interior Office • Business Excellence Evolution in the Middle East: Past, Present and Future Professor Hadi Eltigani, Chairman of Emirates Quality Association and Coordinator General, Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA)

What the recording of the event now via our YouTube Channel

• Recognising our Partners Gianluca Mulè & Léon Tossaint, EFQM • The future of EFQM Middle East Gianluca Mulè, EFQM & Emmanuel Perakis, Stream • Closing Léon Tossaint, CEO of EFQM

Welcome message from DGEP Welcomes EFQM to the Middle East and specifically to Dubai, the cradle of Excellence. A place where leadership leads efforts and initiatives in the innovation field to become a culture and a way of life. He also shares several inspirational quotes from influential personalities.


KHDA’s journey to Excellence by Dr Wafi Dawood Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said: Innovation is not an option it’s a necessity. Governments and organisations that do not innovate risk losing their competitiveness. As such, innovation is a very important pillar for KHDA. To implement excellence, they put innovation at the heart of everything they do and Dr Wafi Dawood will talk about two specific experiences: The first is about Leadership and People criteria and the second will be about Process and Customer Results... The EFQM Model in action within the Ministry of Interior by Lt. Colonel Dr Ali Abdulla Alghufli The model was an important driving force for sustainable developments in UAE…..It has been adapted by the local and federal levels over the past 7-10 years and contributed to the current competitiveness of the country. In his presentation, Lt. Colonel Dr Alghufli highlights several milestones achieved to enhance the excellence culture in the UAE and more specifically within the Ministry of Interior and Abu Dhabi Police. He is also provides recommendations for the future of EFQM and Excellence in the region... Business Excellence Evolution in the Middle East: Past, Present and Future by Professor Hadi Eltigani Professor Hadi Eltigani offers a review of the past, present and future of excellence in the UAE over the last 20 years speaking not only as an observer but also as someone who took part in shaping this particular chapter of the region’s history. He explains the unique position of Dubai for the Excellence Community but also underlines the commitment of its leaders... In his presentation, Professor Eltigani defines the current focus being on more than Excellence and talks about the need for innovation for tomorrow...




EFQM MIDDLE EAST HAS A REPRESENTATIVE STARTING JANUARY 2016 I’m looking forward to start my journey with the European Foundation for Quality Management as the EFQM Middle East Representative. Isra’a Mobideen I am Isra’a and it’s my privilege to represent EFQM in the Middle East.

I completed my Master’s Degree in Quality management from the University of Wollongong in Dubai and a bachelor degree in Agriculture from Mutah University in Jordan. I’m an EFQM Award assessor, assessment team Leader with Dubai Quality Award and an EFQM Licensed trainer. During my tenure at the Knowledge and Human Development Authority as the Director of Strategy & Excellence, I have led the ISO certification and the implementation of the EFQM and Dubai Government Excellence Program models. This materialized into obtaining the first EFQM five-star

I have been passionate about

rating within the region and achieving the Best Entity in implementing

quality and excellence since I

Self- assessment and Best entity in customer satisfaction from Dubai

started my career, I always

Government excellence program.

believed that is the way to improve and achieve outstanding results, it is simply a way of life. While applying the model and assessing organizations, I realized

Working with EFQM; the leaders in developing and applying excellence model, will allow me to achieve my goal of spreading the culture of excellence and supporting organizations to apply the model and benefit from it.

that organizations need support

My aim as EFQM Middle East Representative is to collaborate with the

to understand the model and

excellence professionals in the region, government and private sector to

implement it in a way that suits

raise the bar, help the various entities Middle East to improve their

their culture.

performance and services, come up with innovative and practical solutions that will add value in the region and eventually improve the quality of life.


WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT IN 2016? EFQM’s representative in the Middle East, Isra’a Mobideen, will join the new office starting January. She will coordinate a series of events and trainings as well was support local organisations. As of now, you can already book your seat for the EFQM Assessor Training & the Sustainability Assessor Training, a new product launch at the EFQM Middle East Launch Event: Sustainability Management Training - Dubai • 25 & 26 January 2016 Sustainability Assessor Training - Dubai • 27 & 28 January 2016 EFQM Assessor Training - Dubai • 1 - 3 February 2016

Visit our website : http://www.efqmmiddleeast.org


IN THE PARTNERS NETWORK A lot has happened in EFQM’s network this year! It is time to find out more about the most significant events our partners have organised and the organisations they celebrated. Congratulations to all for their achievements!

QUALITY DAYS IN KIEV Since 1992 the Ukrainian Association for Quality holds annually an International Forum called "Quality Days in Kiev", dedicated to the World Quality Day (since 1993 the Forum became the central national event of the European Quality Week in Ukraine). The organisers of the Forum include: Ukrainian Association for Quality and Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs with the support of the Council of Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Public Council under the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and the Bogomolets National Medical University. Considering the importance of holding the European Quality Week events in Ukraine and because of the difficult socioeconomic conditions, the Ukrainian Association for Quality decided to hold the 24th International Forum “Quality Days in Kiev» without registration fee. A series of quality events have been held within the Forum: meeting of the UAQ Board, Conference "Ukraine paves the way to the EU: how to achieve the competitiveness of enterprises and the economy", number of thematic seminars on topical issues of organisations management improvement, as well as jubilee meeting of the UAQ’s veterans. The conference "Ukraine paves the way to the EU: how to achieve the competitiveness of enterprises and the economy" became 14

the central event of the Forum. More than 500 participants have attended the Conference, among which were teachers of educational institutions, managers and specialists of enterprises and organisations, representatives of businesses associations and students. Considering the need to involve young people to the movement for excellence and quality it was decided to invite much more students and young specialists to attend the conference. The first session of the conference was devoted to the 25th anniversary of the Ukrainian Association for Quality with its President, Petro Kalyta, delivering a presentation on the topic "Ahead the time: 25 steps of Ukrainian Association for Quality to the future". During the first session, several high ranked representatives have congratulated the Ukrainian Association for Quality on its 25th anniversary. Greetings were received from the European Organization for Quality (EOQ), EFQM, International Quality Professionals Guild, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Council of Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Public Council under the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, leaders of many national quality organizations and Ukrainian NGOs, enterprises and institutions. Afterwards, the President of Ukrainian Association for Quality has awarded some managers and specialists of organizations with the UAQ Honorary Diplomas for long-term cooperation and support the deployment of the Ukrainian movement for business excellence and quality. An EFQM certificate Recognised for Excellence 5* was also awarded to the CEO of "Plaske" from Odessa.

quality. The presentations highlighted that improving the competitiveness in the whole sphere of the Ukrainian economy is inevitable, moreover, in some fields structural changes have to be implemented. Later, the Director of UAQ Personnel Certification Body Mr. Kabakov has presented possibilities of personnel trainings and certification. He also shared information about the experience of involving young specialists and students in the movement for excellence and quality but also about results of Grand Prix of the Second International Competition on management for youth which has been held in Gomel (Republic of Belarus). The Grand Prix winners Alina Strelets (student of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute) and Alexander Gavrilko (auditor of Management Systems Certification Body “PRIROST – member of DQS Group�) have shared their thoughts about the International Competition on management for youth with the conference participants. Meanwhile, the Director of the Institute of Higher Education of the Kiev National Economic University, professor Larysa Antonyuk has informed participants about the new discipline "Business Excellence Management", which for the first time in the practice of Ukrainian universities has been introduced in KNEU. Best practices from Ukrainian companies have been presented during the fourth session of the conference. The representatives of a number of successful companies explained the methods they used in order to achieve a high level of excellence.

During the Forum high ranked representatives of Ukrainian NGOs and key Government offices made presentations on how the Ukrainian economy can cope with the economic crisis bearing in mind the crisis management methods and the requirements of 15

VERLEIHUNG DES LUDWIG-ERHARD-PREISES 2015 This year the German Excellence Award – called Ludwig-Erhard-Preis – has a new Symbol. After almost 20 years the old “Trophäe” is replaced by a new, freshly designed version that will from now on be the Symbol for Excellence. This year’s applicants and assessors joined the congress of the “Gesellschaft für Organisation” in Düsseldorf to celebrate the winners of this year’s award process. They include : • • •

Jökel Bauunternehmung, an SME organisation, as 2015 Award Winner. The Munich Plant of BMW as Prize Winner. Several organisations like ABB Business Service GmbH, TESAPlant Offenburg or Bankwitz Architekten were celebrated as Finalists.

A number of organisations were recognised for Excellence within the recognition scheme of the Levels of Excellence. During the congress, Mr. Seehofer, chairman of the Sparkasse Ingolstadt was the first key note speaker. He described the journey to Excellence of his organisation which was Prize Winner in 2014. Afterwards Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Hermann, the Sports Psychologist of the German National Football Team gave some exciting insides of how to make a team win.


THREE COLLECT EXCELLENCE AWARDS AT 21ST CENTRE FOR COMPETITIVENESS GALA AWARDS Public, private and voluntary organisations awarded in prestigious scheme THREE organisations, two of them from Northern Ireland, have won EFQM Ireland Excellence awards in a prestigious recognition scheme that culminated today. (January 29) Ballymoney based Triangle Housing Association, a non-profit making charity providing supported accommodation, family housing and specialised care and support services for tenants, and Moy Park’s Craigavon Coated Operations, which produces convenience coated chicken products, took the top accolades in the Centre for Competitiveness (CforC) organised event at the Clandeboye Lodge in Bangor. The event, celebrating its 21st year, was supported by Ulster Bank, Capita, the Department of Finance and Personnel and NIE. Through the process, which awards organisations from a range of industries and sectors in Ireland, applicants from across the island can measure themselves against each other, learning from a wide pool of best practice. In total this year 15 organisations, including 12 from Northern Ireland, won awards of various levels of recognition. Winners undergo rigorous examination and must illustrate their employees’ dedication, low absenteeism, high productivity, customer satisfaction and superior financial performance.


Crowne Plaza Northwood in Dublin, a hotel and conference centre, also picked up an Ireland Excellence Award, the highest award available in the highly-regarded EFQM scheme. All three of the Ireland Excellence Award winners were also recognised for Excellence 5 Star, an award which also was presented to Ashton Community Trust, a social enterprise organisation in North Belfast. Springvale Employment and Learning Solutions and the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust received Recognised 4 Excellence 4 Star awards. CforC Chief Executive Bob Barbour said: “This years’ award recipients represent a range of industries across sectors who have a commitment to ensure excellence is an integral part of what they do so I warmly congratulate them on their achievements.” “There are many advantages for organisations in taking part in the Excellence Awards process, and by passionately pursuing quality excellence they become leaner, more profitable, more sustainable and therefore more competitive,” he adds. Those attending the event heard speeches from Marc Amblard, CEO of EFQM and Alastair Ross MLA, Chairman of the Justice Committee.

Ireland Excellence Award winners (also Recognised for Excellence 5 Star) • Triangle Housing Association Ltd • Moy Park (Craigavon Coated) • Crowne Plaza Northwood (Dublin) Excellence 5 Star Award • Ashton Community Trust Excellence 4 Star Award • Springvale Employment and Learning Solutions • South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust • Capita Business Services Excellence 3 Star Award • RTA INTL (Kilkeel) • Department of Finance and Personnel – Enterprise Shared Services • NU-Track Ltd Gold Star Service Excellence • H&J Martin • AF Davision • Connect Telecom • Newtownabbey Borough Council – Customer Services


THE AUSTRIAN EXCELLENCE AWARD Award Winner 2015 • Kostwein Holding Category Winners • University of Applied Sciences Vienna (Category Non-Profit Organisation) • IkP Vienna (Category Small Enterprises) • WIFI Carinthia (Medium Sized Enterprises) • Kostwein (Big Enterprises)   Jury Prizes Winners • Pollmann Austria • Technosert Electronics

The Austrian Excellence Award is presented by the Ministry of Economics in cooperation with Quality Austria. It is one of the most prestigious awards in Austria and has been existing for 20 years. The Award is presented on the occasion of a glamorous award ceremony. Next year’s award ceremony will take place on 16th June 2016 in Vienna. The objective of the Award is to promote and anchor business excellence in as many organisations as possible and thus to strengthen their competitiveness. The most excellent organisations will be honored in the course of the award process. Like in many other countries the assessments are conducted against the EFQM Excellence Model. In order to participate in the Award process the participating organisations are obliged to hand in a submission document that is based on the EFQM model. As a second step experienced assessors conduct a site visit and give feedback on the organisation’s strengths and areas for improvement. The results of the assessments are forwarded to an impartial jury. The members of the jury decide about the winners and finalists.



Background The Swedish Institute for Quality (SIQ) has the assignment to promote quality development in Sweden by creating, gathering and spreading knowledge within the field of quality and Business Excellence. SIQ is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 with the support of the Swedish Government and the SIQ Member's Association counting today approximately 100 companies and institutions. These important stakeholders represent an important national network with unique conditions for sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences within the field of quality and business excellence. As a national institute, SIQ strives to support and inspire all types of organizations to work with continuous improvement and learning from others. In order to promote business excellence and quality management, SIQ drive several activities with focus on research and development, education, opinion making activities as well as conferences and events within the field.


In 1992 SIQ established the” Swedish Quality Award” which for the past 25 years has been an inspiration for companies and organizations throughout Sweden to work with quality management and be passionate about it. The vast diversity of organizations evaluated during the years have become a unique foundation of role models, not only to admire but also to learn from. As a national institute SIQs mission is not only to to support but also inspire all types of organizations, small as well as large, to develop their way of working and become successful. − We are represented in all parts of society and thanks to the fantastic network of scientists, entrepreneurs, quality managers, listed companies, universities, government agencies and much more we have the broad base and experience to evaluate all kinds of businesses, explains Jerry Karlsson, Managing Director at SIQ. SIQ developed the “SIQ Model for Performance Excellence” which has become the fundamental tool for all types of organizations when monitoring and evaluating their improvement and progress. Since 1992 approximately 200 organizations have been thoroughly evaluated and in total 26 organizations have received the award it from the hands of The King of Sweden, His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf. The award has two categories; one for large organisations with 200 employees or more and one for small organizations with less than 200 employees. Recognition is given to all organizations and thoroughly organized site visits are made as a complement to the traditional paper work.



National Quality Award winner: B.Braun Avitum Hungary Ltd. On the picture: • Béla Glattfelder, Deputy Minister - Ministry of National Economy • Tamás Kállai, Sales and Operations director

National Quality Award winner: Szandaszőlősi Általános Iskola (Primary School of Szandaszőlős) On the picture: • Béla Glattfelder, Deputy Minister - Ministry of National Economy • Éva Mladoniczki Hegyi, director • Dr. Mária Kállai, former director

National Quality Award winner: GRUNDFOS Manufacturing Ltd. On the picture: • Béla Glattfelder, Deputy Minister - Ministry of National Economy • Zoltán Kocsis, factory director


BQF 2015 UK EXCELLENCE AWARDS The UK Excellence Awards Ceremony (UKEA) is the prestigious event that completes our awards cycle each year. This year, the glittering gala evening was held on the 15th October at the Intercontinental Hotel on London’s Park Lane. The night is always well attended and this year was no exception. Everyone appreciates the chance to dress up in their finery and to meet up with people they may not have seen for the last year or even longer. Whilst our Patron, HRH Princess Anne, The Princess Royal was unable to be with us this year, we were fortunate enough to have broadcaster and business woman Karren Brady CBE as our host and she presented the awards together with our President, David Callagahan and representatives from the Achievement Awards sponsoring organisations. The excited buzz at the welcome reception flowed through to the beautiful dining area as everyone waited for the winners of the awards to be revealed. As announcements were made there were many cheers, and even those who did not win managed to hide their disappointment and congratulate those that did. This year we had two UKEA winners, from very different organisations, Bishop Burton College and Ricoh UK.


The event was tinged with a little sadness however as this was the last to be organised by Sally Green who has been part of this event for 21 years. Sally was thanked for her long standing contribution and commitment. The evening also provided an opportunity to recognise all those that had received recognition of their progress on the excellence journey throughout the year as well as appreciate the efforts of all our hard working Assessors. Whilst the 2015 UK Excellence Award cycle is now complete, there is no time to rest as plans for 2016 swing into action. The BQF is already accepting registrations for the 2016 Award and full details can be found on our website www.bqf.org.uk. For more information about all of the 2015 Award Winners and Finalists see https://www.bqf.org.uk/awards



UK Excellence Award

Bishop Burton College

UK Excellence Award

Ricoh UK

Achievement Award Customer Satisfaction Achievement Award Employee Engagement

Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank

Interserve Construction

Siemens Transmission &



Achievement Award

Greater Manchester

Sustainable Future

Fire & Rescue Service

Leadership Gold Medal for

Photos: David Copeman Photography 2015.

Phoenix Futures

Achievement Award

Achievement Award

Excellence Lean Six Sigma Award Lean Six Sigma Award


Phoenix Futures

TNT GlaxoSmithKline Abellio

GSK CooperVision Forensic Science Northern Ireland


KALDER’S 24TH QUALITY CONGRESS SUSTAINING EXCELLENCE Quality Congress which has been held by Turkish Society for Quality (KalDer) for 24 years, was organized between the dates of 17-18 November 2015 at Istanbul Congress Center with the participation of more than 3,000 attendees. In the congress where EFQM President Andreas Wendt and EFQM CEO LÊon Tossaint participated as speakers, the 25th year of KalDer was celebrated and the organizations and people who contributed to the establishment and improvement of the society were honored and announced as the Excellence Ambassador. In 5 special and 16 parallel sessions 90 senior speakers shared their experiences and realized 1,440 minutes of presentations in total. 1000 news about 24th Quality Congress published by more than 130 press members, on printed, visual media and internet press and thus a significant contribution was made for the country-wide spread which is one of the most important targets of KalDer. 25

World, Corporate Sustainability In Energy Production: R&D, Technology and Customer Satisfaction From The Rafinery To The End User, Entrepreneutship, One Who Does The Job Knows The Best: Quality Circles, Occupational Health And Safety, Collaborations in The Journey To Excellence, Art and Quality, NGOs And Quality, The Quarter Century of Excellence and Its Sustainability were presented to the participants with the current excellence approaches.

In the 24th Quality Congress, Sabancı Holding Board Chairwoman Güler Sabancı who is one of the most Powerful Business Women of the World, Eczacıbaşı Holding Board Chairman Bülent Eczacıbaşı, The Grand National Assembly of Turkey Secretary General Assoc. Prof. Dr. İrfan Neziroğlu were some of the speakers. In addition Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualitat-Germany Board Chairman Udo Hansen, Club Excelancia en Gestion-Spain Board Deputy Chairman Eduardo Rodriguez, Quality-Austria Board Member Franz-Peter Walder participated and presented quality issues in their countries with the moderation of EFQM Trainer and Assessor Celal Seçkin. In the event, lots of subjects were discussed such as The Culture Of Excellence In Turkey And The Top Players, Development Prospectus For Turkey: More Women Employment, More Women Managers, More Women Entrepreneurs, New Horizons With Design-R&DInnovation And Technology In Automotive Industry, Following G-20, Business World and Digital Communication, Transition From Industrial Revolution To Digital Revolution, New Trends In Business 26

In the last day of the Congress, the successful organizations within the EFQM Excellence Model were awarded in Levels of Excellence and Award Ceremonies. In the 24th Quality Congress, IGDAS won Turkish Award of Sustainability for Excellence; Antalya Muratpaşa Sabiha Gökçen Kindergarten, Damla Su Sapanca Plant and IETT became entitled to receive Turkish Excellence Awards. Additionally Mr. Léon Tossiant re-presented the EFQM Award to the Turkish Finalists; Sakarya University and Coca-Cola Icecek Bursa Plant, at the beginning of the Award Ceremony.


BUSINESS EXCELLENCE CERTIFICATION CEREMONY “ARISTEIA 2015” EEDE SENT A STRONG MESSAGE OF EXCELLENCE! EEDE (Hellenic Management Association) organizes for the last 14 years the prestigious Certificate Ceremony “ARISTEIA” for the European Distinctions Committed to Excellence and Recognised for Excellence (Greece & Cyprus) as part of the EFQM Levels of Excellence program. The event is characterized as the Big Fest of Business Excellence! This year, the event took place on November 25th at EEDE’s Conference Hall “G. Kontogeorgis”. The event entailed several happenings, speeches and best practice sharing, related to the Business Excellence theme.

EEDE welcomed more than 400 participants, CEOs, executives, professors, students etc. It is worth mentioning, that - as every year – the event attracted extensive press coverage and moreover it was presented in the news of national T.V channels. Participants to the event were welcomed warmly by Mr Constantinos Lambrinopoulos, Chairman BoD EEDE, Mr Miltos Kozanis, Chairman of the Selection Panel for the Quality Leader of the Year and Mr Léon Tossaint, CEO of EFQM. It is worth noting that during the event EEDE received an award in recognition by EFQM for the 25 years of successful collaboration between the two organisations. 28

This year EEDE awarded special awards to the EFQM Levels of Excellence Assessors, in an effort to honour these people, who throughout the years passionately support EEDE’s work and vision regarding the dissemination of Business Excellence Principles in Greece and in Cyprus, while assisting numerous companies in their journey towards Excellence, with their know-how and expertise. More specifically, distinctions were awarded to Senior Assessors, Konstantinos Adamopoulos, Alexandros Antonaras, Vassiliki Vlachopanagioti, Antonios Glaros, Angeliki Dimaratou, Dimitris Zamanis, Angeliki Karella, Giorgos Pierrakos, Antonis Spanos, Giorgos Stampoulis and Eleni Tzavara, as well as to Assessors Thomas Aggelopoulos, Michalis Gkioulmpaxiotis, Dimitris Mpilmezis, Cleopatra Nteliou and Zoe Christogerou. Subsequently, the following companies were certified with the EFQM Committed to Excellence (1 star): GAIA Epicheirein SA, (Mr Yannis Koufoudakis, Managing Director, received the certificate), DOMOTECHNIKI SA (Mr Efthimios Alexopoulos, Vice-president BoD and Director of Studies, received the certificate) and OTECOSMOTE/ Subdivision of HR Safety and Health (Ms Maria Kolovou, Director of Human Resources, Business Partner for Information Security & Continuity and Head of Occupational Health and Safety, received the certificate).

The Recognised for Excellence certification (3 stars) was awarded to the Postgraduate Program in Human Resources Management of the Athens University of Economics And Business, (the certificate was received by Ms Nansy Papalexandri, Professor Emeritus, former Director of Program, and Mr Ioannis Nikolaou, Assistant Professor, Director of Program). Moreover, the following companies were certified with the EFQM Recognised for Excellence (4 stars): Interamerican, Shared Services Center (the certificate was received by Ms Paula Bannerton, Director Client Services Division, Mr Xenophon Liapakis, Chief IT and Services Officer, and Mr Stratos Chatzipaylis, Shared Services Center Director); SABO SA (Ms Evgenia Kiliari, Factory Manager, received the certificate).

The Committed to Excellence certification (2 stars) was awarded to the following companies: ALLSEAS MARINE SA (Mr Ioannis Kallioras, Designated Person Ashore/CSO/MLC, received the certificate), CYTA HELLAS TELECOMMUNICATIONS SA/ Customer Service Division (Mr Georgios Athiainitis, Deputy General Director and Director of Customer Service, received the certificate), LARSINOS SA (Ms Maria Bekou, General Manager, received the certificate) and HARLAS INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTS SA (Ms Vassiliki Nassi, President and Managing Director and Mr Grigoris Vlachos, Executive Director, received the certificate). 29

The Recognised for Excellence certification (5 stars) was awarded to the following companies: ATHENIAN SEA CARRIERS LTD (Captain Ioannis Sifis, Fleet Operations Manager, received the certificate), INTRALOT SA, Integrated Lottery Systems and Services, Group Technology Division (Mr Lefteris Kororos, Group Director of Engineering, received the certificate) and UNI-PHARMA-Kleon Tsetis Pharmaceutical Laboratories SA (Ms Ioulia Tseti, Managing Director, received the certificate).

Participants to the event had the opportunity to wander around the Village of Business Excellence, to share best practices and experiences from the pathway to excellence led by the following companies: Cyta Hellas, Edenred, Sabo SA, Center of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Excelixi S.A., Intermed SA and Uni-Pharma SA.

Also, it should be noted that ALLSEAS MARINE and Athenian Sea Carriers are the first two Shipping Companies in Greece that applied the EFQM Marine Excellence Framework, specifically adapted for the Shipping Sector (EFQM Marine Excellence Framework). This adaptation constitutes an EEDE initiative with global significance. The said companies were granted the “EFQM Marine Excellence� award.


THE 7TH EUROPEAN INNOVATION SUMMIT: LAUNCHING THE "PACT FOR INNOVATION" Today, perhaps more than ever, Europe is torn between several priorities, all of which are equally high. Challenges we face become only more complex and grandeur with time. To some of them - innovation is able to respond. Europe has a strong commitment to innovation. It sees the crucial role innovation can play in its economy on the long run. To celebrate and manifest this commitment 7th European Innovation Summit took place from 7-10 December 2015 in the European Parliament in Brussels. At the heart of this summit was the launch of the Pact for Innovation: a brave initiative of the knowledge4innovation, supported by key innovation stakeholders and European Institutions. The goal of the Pact for Innovation is to support and enhance a direct collaboration between stakeholders and policy makers. The signatories of the Pact share a common vision of a globally competitive, agile Europe, supported by success of its industry, academia and entrepreneurship. They have an ambition to create a healthy, innovation-driven economy, able to take risks and win, thus bringing a long-term prosperity to this continent. The Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, welcomed the Pact and invited Knowledge4Innovation for a close cooperation. The President of the European Committee of the Regions, Markku Markkula commented on the Pact for Innovation: "As President of the European Committee of the Regions, the EU assembly of 350 regional and local political representatives, I welcome initiatives like the Pact on Innovation which is today proposed by members of the European Parliament. I am also glad that the Pact takes on board the need to work at EU and national but also at regional and local level in order to achieve growth and jobs. For this to happen we need to effectively orchestrate innovation ecosystems at all levels. We need to move from strategies and planning into concrete action to boost innovation policies on the ground. I will pass 31

on this message to all members of the European Committee of the Regions and propose them to support this initiative." The Chair of the K4i Forum Governing Board Lambert van Nistelrooij explained that ‘The Pact for Innovation’ embodies the concept for a bottom-up entrepreneurial spirit in European regions and cities. According to him "The initiative of the 'Pact for Innovation' will lead to a stronger EU wide commitment and a closer cooperation in the field of innovation in the European Union. We focus on the achievements at all levels in the EU. We will work on a targeted revision on the EU 2020 strategy in 2016, together with strong performance based programmes for innovation in the years to come."

Click here to view the photo gallery of the event

A special focus of the Summit was on youth involvement in order to spark a debate which provided constructive, sustainable and precise contributions to future EU-policy making. Young innovators from all over Europe actively engaged with policy-makers and innovation leaders. The Summit served these young innovators as a unique platform to enhance cross-border networking. The Summit was covered extensively via social media providing everyone with the possibility to participate in the debates. Follow us on Facebook (Knowledge4Innovation) and Twitter (@k4innovation), and join the conversation by using the hashtags #7EIS or #impact. Wondering about the full content of the “Pact for Innovation”? Follow this link and find out > Why Europe needs a pact for innovation... If you would like to watch what happened during the previous editions of the European Innovation Summit, visit the official Yo u Tu b e C h a n n e l o f K n o w l e d g e f o r I n n o v a t i o n > https://www.youtube.com/user/k4innovation 32

WEBINARS 2016 In 2016, we challenge. We improve. We evolve. Webinars are one-hour online sessions delivered by experts presenting a specific theme, sharing some of his/her knowledge and interacting with the audience. The point being to provide a value-adding experience to the participants. Starting 2016 the webinars scheme EFQM offers will change : 1.

Webinars delivered by EFQM (Introductory webinar, Training courses, Assessment & Recognition);


Expert Webinars delivered by expert from the EFQM network on various topics;


Learning Webinars delivered by EFQM Excellence Award Applicants sharing their knowledge and experience working with the Model;

So make sure to check the EFQM website for updates on the new sessions scheduled! Soon you will also have access to most of our recordings via the Knowledge Base!



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