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NEW BEGININGS Welcome back! In this issue of Excellence in Action, you will find out who EFQM’s new CEO is, the outcome of the EFQM Excellence Award 2015, the launch of the EFQM Italia representative office, and a lot more! We have been quite busy these past weeks, find out all the details in the next pages...

Announcement from the Board of Directors EFQM changes CEO Dear EFQM Stakeholders, The EFQM Board of Directors would like to inform you that Mr. Marc Amblard, EFQM Chief Executive Officer, has decided to look for a new challenge in his professional career.

Marc Amblard EFQM CEO from September

2012 to

October 2015

Léon Tossaint EFQM CEO starting November 2015

Therefore the Board has decided to appoint Mr. Léon Tossaint as the new EFQM Chief Executive Officer as of 23 October 2015. Léon will bring  35 years of experience  at Philips where he was Vice President Quality Management & Business Excellence  during the last  10 years of his Philips career. He has supported EFQM from the start in 1989 onwards in several roles, where recently he has been acting as EFQM Change Officer.   On behalf of the EFQM Board of Directors, I would like to express my gratitude for Marc’s valuable contribution as CEO since September 2012.   Please join me in wishing Léon every success in accomplishing the many challenging tasks in front of him.   Kind regards,   Dr. Andreas Wendt Chairman of the EFQM Board of Directors


EDITORIAL After our annual Forum, you are probably wondering what came out of the deliberations of the 2015 EFQM Excellence Awards Jury. I suggest you go to page 6 to find out. I invite you also to regularly check the EFQM website for updates on the presentations delivered during the Forum and pictures of the Gala Dinner. In the meantime, you will find out how we have assessed and refined the Award’s process to create more value for the applicants. The success of the initiative i confirmed by this year’s 16 applicants who have expressed an increased high level of satisfaction with an NPS of 50%. Providing high added value to improve the performance of Award Applicants and impact all our member is the key driver of EFQM. But let’s not forget that in the Award’s process, it is the assessors (102 in 2015) who provide this value to Awards applicants. They expressed again this year a very high satisfaction level with an NPS of close to 70%. Indeed, Award assessments provide them with a unique learning opportunity. So why not join us in 2016? In September, we have welcome a new colleague in our EFQM Team. Alessandra Lomonaco joined us to deploy a new initiative in the life of our Foundation: the opening of a Representative Office in Milan, with the objective to give a new boost to excellence in Italy. This significant event gives us a strong start, as over 100 participants came to listen to enlightening speakers and to network. This November, why not learn from peers from the Excellence Community? Philips Group Innovation, a leading innovator for over 120 years, will open their doors and share their experience deploying excellence. Also, read here how Telecom Italia used the EFQM Excellence Model to completely transform their “People Value” function. Food for thoughts. I hope you had a great time during our annual EFQM Forum and that’s we’ll meet at our Forum in Milan in 2016! Kind regards,

Léon Tossaint Chief Executive Officer, EFQM


EFQM REFINES ITS EXCELLENCE AWARDS The EFQM Excellence Awards recognise role model organisations, whether private, public or non-for-profit, in the industry or service sectors, small or large. These are excellent organisations that have proven their capacity to turn strategy into action, year after year, and to continuously improve their performance. The EFQM Excellence Awards are supported by one of the most challenging assessment processes. To assess organisations and identify role model practices, an international team of 5 to 7 experienced, specifically trained professionals spend one week on site and an average of 500 hours in total per applicant. They review documents and interview individuals as well as focus groups to analyse how mature the organisation is against the EFQM Excellence Model. The feedback report prepared by the assessors provides a wealth of value adding input to help the organisation improve at a strategic level. All reports are then presented to an independent jury that decides the level of recognition for each Nominee. After 23 years, the EFQM Board of directors decided the Excellence Awards needed to be reviewed again and upgraded.

Where do we come from? In

2014, we noticed that the number of Excellence Recognitions delivered by EFQM and its Partners was growing when the number of applicants for the Excellence Awards was not -- even though this number went up 60% in 2015. We also saw room for improvement with the applicants' Net Promoter Score (NPS). A taskforce of 3 people was consequently brought in to assess the end-to-end process. An action plan aimed at improving the process was drawn up and later approved by the EFQM Board with the objective to introduce significant changes where needed. It started with the acknowledgment that the Awards should aim at recognising role model organisations. Winning an Award, a Prize or being a Finalist is certainly a


high motivation factor for all inside the organisation. But award winners should be considered as role models to learn from which they offer to others. Concretely, this meant:

Become an EFQM Excellence Award Assessor!

• Moving the assessment cursor to a more strategic level given the high maturity typically demonstrated by Awards applicants,

Why become an assessor? 
 As a part of a team of independent external professionals you will:

• Putting increased emphasis on identifying good practices, or even role model practices in the most mature cases, or • Discussing their expectations with each applicant to ensure we systematically deliver high value in the end.

Where are we now? The satisfaction level of the 16 applicants in the 2015 Awards has increased (NPS of 50% against a possible range of -100% to +100%) when that of the assessors remains at a very high level (NPS close to 70%). The changes already implemented this year have delivered results! And then what? We felt that the training of the Awards assessors had to be revisited to deliver on these higher expectations in the coming years; we will focus further on strategic thinking and identifying role model practices. The goal is to deliver the highest value adding feedback to applicants and qualify the best Award assessors, offering them significant value as well -- for memory, assessors are volunteers who see great personal benefit in taking part in the Awards process. Furthermore, a more robust qualification gate will be implemented for all potential applicants, in order to make sure that expectations of all sides can be met in the end. An Award assessor training is being created and will be rolled out to support the 2016 and 2017 Awards, and the revised qualification gate is already implemented for 2016. “The whole European experience was an 'eye opener'! The EFQM Team have supported us and the Assessment Team have challenged us to understand ourselves and our capabilities better. We had people with different backgrounds from across Europe, come with a genuine desire to understand us and offer us the opportunity to learn and improve further. Our people appreciated that and have been very positive about their own individual experiences.” (WDH, Applicant & Award winner in 2015)

• • • •

Join the EFQM Excellence Award process; recognised throughout the world as one of the most rigorous one; Assess using the 2013 EFQM Excellence Model ; Be part of an assessment process considered as a unique learning and development experience for every assessor; Analyse a leading organisation and contribute with your ideas on how to improve and grow their business

Eligibility and selection criteria 
 Towards the end of January, EFQM will carry out the assessor selection and allocation according to the following criteria: •

EFQM Member

Valid EFQM Assessor accreditation for Model 2013

Feedback from past assessor training

Past assessment experience and feedback

Professional experience

Knowledge of applicant organisations’ sector/operating environment

Language skills (please note that being fluent in English is a prerequisite)

The EFQM Assessor Training is a 3-day course that provides you with the necessary theoretical and practical, in-depth, experience of assessing an organisation using the EFQM Excellence Model.It is also a pre-requisite to act as an Awards Assessor. • 25 - 27 November 2015 (case study from the industry sector) • 27 - 29 January 2016 (case study from the industry sector)


The EFQM Excellence Award Announcing this year’s Role Models

EFQM is proud to announce the Award winners, Prize winners and Finalists from this year’s edition of the EFQM Excellence Award. Congratulations to all for their hard work and their achievement! All organisations are presented in alphabetical order:

Award Winners BMW AG Werk Regensburg With a workforce of approximately 9,000 people, BMW’s Regensburg plant produces around 1,1000 cars per year. Besides its high flexibility and mastery of a large range of variants, this EFQM Excellence Award Winner’s outstanding efficiency becomes particularly apparent in its great launch expertise. The Jury recognised consistent top level performance and good practices amongst all the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence, including many specific role-model practices. BMW Regensburg are persistently pursuing Excellence.

WDH One of the UK’s largest social landlords, WDH owns 31,000 properties and repairs a further 12,000. As a social enterprise, this EFQM Excellence Award Winner’s vision is to create confident communities and improve the quality of life of the people living in their homes. The Jury was impressed by WDH’s long-term plans to improve the lives of their customers and the outstanding results in all performance areas. On top of that, there is a vision that runs through the organisation like a golden thread, supported by an inspirational leadership and passion in the organisation.

Prize Winners Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, S.A. - Prize for “Leading with Vision, Inspiration and Integrity” Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, S.A. produces a wide portfolio that spans across navigation systems, instrumentation systems and high-end car radios for the automotive industry to only name a few product lines. Over the years, the know-how of the more than 2.000 associates turned the company into a reference in the electronics sector. The Jury was impressed not only by the way the changing business environment has been managed with agility, but more importantly by the strength of the leadership and vision, and the robust foundation that has been established for the future.

Cabinet d'Orthodontie Becker & Associés - Prize for “Adding Value for Customer” With its 5 sites located in Luxembourg, Cabinet Becker’s private dental practice specialises solely in orthodontics. They deliver excellence in their diagnosis, treatment and medical care in line with patients’ needs. The jury was impressed by the excellence service with a personalised patient programme, and considered that Cabinet Becker to be outstanding within their sector.


Coca-Cola Icecek AS Bursa Plant - Prize for “Developing Organisational Capability” Fifth largest Coca Cola bottler, Coca-Cola Icecek produces, distributes and sells sparkling and still beverages in Turkey and across the region with a workforce of 10,000 spread across 24 plants. Within this entity, the jury recognises the Bursa Plant’s very high flexibility to manage the whole portfolio and the excellent execution of operational activities.

Robert Bosch, Blaichach Plant - Prize for “Managing with Agility” With a workforce of about 3,100 people, Robert Bosch’s Blaichach/Immenstadt plant is the biggest industrial employer in Germany’s Allgäu region. It manufactures mainly electronic brake control systems (ABS and ESP®), injection components and sensors for powertrain technology. The jury recognised the continuous flow of improvement activities deployed within processes as well as the extraordinary wide and deep set of technical competencies and the strong deployment of methods and tools.

Robert Bosch, Rodez Plant - Prize for “Sustaining Outstanding Results” & for “Developing organisational capability” Located in France’s Midi-Pyrénées region, Robert Bosch’s Rodez Plant provides work for approximately 10.000 people. The Plant manufactures energy saving and emission-reducing engine components. The jury was impressed by the plant’s strategy deployment, the alignment of people strategy, the high level operations and maintenance excellence as well as the deployment of tools and techniques. They recognised the consistent deployment of excellence approaches.

Sakarya University Esentepe Campus Serdivan - Prize for “Developing Organisational Capability” Founded in 1970, Sakarya University has become a world-class education centre with its over 40 faculties, schools and institutes located in Turkey. The jury was impressed by SABIS, the unique interface to access any information system within the campus. It provides access for all students and staff and allows for effective management and communications.

Sanitas Hospitales - Prize for “Succeeding through the Talent of People” Responsible for managing hospitals infrastructure within their Group, Sanitas Hospitales receives an EFQM Excellence Prize. Their network is composed of 4 hospitals, 20 multi-speciality centres and offers emergency care at home. The Jury recognised their outstanding results, the patient care “green jacket” programme and also the “Everyday hero programme” they have created for employees.

VAMED-KMB Krankenhausmanagement - Prize for “Adding Value for Customer” VAMED-KMB, with its highly qualified staff of 1.000, provides valuable and sustainable operations management services for hospitals on behalf of Vienna’s healthcare system. They have maintained the Vienna General Hospital ever since its construction. The Jury recognises the strong interaction VMED-KMB have with their customer, which justifies an Excellence Prize for Adding Value for Customer.


Finalists General Directorate of IETT Enterprises IETT is the public bus transport directorate operating under İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality. İETT offers services in the province of İstanbul (a total surface area of 5461 km²). İETT owns the General Directorate Building located in Beyoğlu/Tünel, an administrative building located in Karaköy and ten garages for parking and maintenance-repair operations in various districts of İstanbul.

Geriatrische Gesundheitszentren der Stadt Graz The Geriatric Health Centres of the City of Graz, Austria (GGZ) are a competence centre for geriatrics and gerontology. They are a commercially independent and in legal terms an integral part of the City of Graz (100% public ownership). The GGZ consists of 2 clinics, 4 nursing homes, 4 day-care centres and assisted living and other forms of accommodation. The scope of the assessment included the 2 clinics and 2 day-care centres, located in the same street.

Metsä Fibre Oy Metsä Fibre (MF) is a Finland-based responsible pulp producer. The main raw material for its Botnia products is renewable wood from sustainably managed northern forests. MF produces bleached softwood and birch pulp developed for the production of high-quality boards, tissue and printing papers and specialty products. In addition, MF produces biochemicals and bioenergy.

Pierburg S.A. Pierburg S.A., formerly known as Carbureibar S.A., was founded in Eibar, a town in the Basque Country (region of Spain), in 1957 by 2 families. The company initially manufactured carburetors for motorbikes, cars and motor powered machinery, vacuum pumps for braking systems and mechanical fuel pumps. Pierburg S.A. became part of the German Pierburg GmbH group in 1991 and is currently the leading plant of the Pierburg Group in the manufacture of exhaust gas recirculation valves (EGR) and control valves for secondary air systems (SAS).

SCLE SFE SCLE SFE is based in the south of France, with headquarters in Toulouse and an agency in Marseilles. It is specialised in the design, manufacturing and the distribution of products, systems and services for the high-voltage transformer substations automatisms and for railway signalling systems. Safety, quality, performance and availability are SCLE SFE’s focal points.


Why enter the Awards 2016? Play in the Champions’ League Why should you consider entering the EFQM Excellence Awards 2016? •

Enhance your reputation: Be recognised as a high performing organisation, showcase your greatest achievements, build and reinforce the image of your organisation. Receive high value feedback: A team of independent, trained professionals will analyse your organisation and identify your strengths, opportunities for improvement and role model practices. Motivate your people: The ambition and thrill to succeed inspires, motivates and energises your employees at all levels of the organisation in a positive and constructive atmosphere. Find out how good you are: Your maturity is evaluated with a rigorous and time-proven process, which allows you to compare against role model organisations. Announce your success: Your achievement, analysed by the assessors and recognised by the Jury, will be visible and promoted globally. Your role model practices will be shared for others to learn from you. Connect & share with the best: Become part of a network of leading organisations. Share your role model practices, network and learn from peers.

EFQM Excellence Awards 2016 – Key dates:

Applicant webinar – 4th November 2015 Call for Assessors – November 2015 Applicant application: between October 2015 and November 2015 • Completed and signed Application Form EFQM decision about your participation: end of December 2015 Submission document sent to EFQM : 5th February 2016 Assessor briefing events in Brussels: 29 February–4 March; 7-11 March; 14-18 March; 21-25 March 2016 Site visit: 25-29 April 2016

➢ ➢

Jury meeting: July 2016 EFQM Forum, Milan, Italy: 20 - 21 October 2016

➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢

But make no mistake, this Awards process is not for everyone… Applicants must hold a current 5-star EFQM Recognised for Excellence, issued within the last 2 years by EFQM or one of our Partners, before they can enter the Award process. For companies headquartered outside Europe, please contact us. There is a strict qualification gate EFQM will use to validate each of the potential EFQM Excellence Award Applicants. An Applicant has to deserve to play in the Champions’League...


Philips Group Innovation Innovation to Market (I2M) We are delighted to offer you an opportunity to visit, share and network with an expert from the innovation field! This time the good practice visit will be hosted by Philips Group Innovation in Eindhoven, the Netherlands! On November 25, Philips will share with you a process called “Idea to Market (I2M)”.

Philips Group Innovation (PGI) feeds the innovation pipeline, enabling its business partners – the Philips operating businesses – to create new business options. PGI boosts innovation from idea to product as co-creator and strategic partner for the Philips businesses and complementary Open Innovation ecosystem partners. It does so through cooperation between research, design, marketing, strategy and businesses in interdisciplinary teams along the innovation chain, from front-end to first-ofa-kind product development. In an era where companies can no longer rely on technological breakthroughs and incremental product development, innovation is high on management agendas. At the same time, innovation has increasingly become a complex activity in which products, services, user needs and technologies need to be integrated, while bringing a lot of different stakeholders together… This event will allow you to discuss and listen to an EFQM role model, helping you to find answers to these strategic challenges. Like in all good practice visits organised by EFQM you will see for yourself many of the benefits of using the EFQM Model. Click here to find out more or register on our webshop (click here)

What can you expect?? This event is your opportunity to visit a leader from the innovation sector and to better understand how performance and competences issues are tackled to achieve great results. You will also be able to see for yourself how innovation is managed in a research environment through a tour of three labs.

• 9:00 - Welcome and registrations • 9:45 - Opening • 9:55 - EFQM Introduction Speech 10:10 - Introduction from Philips, Accelerate! program and E2E approach


Acknowledging the hard work of the 2015 EFQM Excellence Award Assessors

On behalf of EFQM and the 2015 EFQM Excellence Award Applicants, we would like to thank all the assessors that were involved in this year’s process. Without you, we couldn’t do it!


EFQM Celebration Dinner & Award Ceremony The Celebration Dinner and Award Ceremony took place in the beautiful Autoworld Museum on Monday 22nd of October. Autoworld is located in the exclusive buildings of the Parc du Cinquantenaire, one of the most beautiful locations of Brussels' architectural heritage. It was built in 1880 and tells the car history from 1886 to the 1970s. With its 250 beautifully preserved and restored cars, it is one of the most impressive collections in Europe and most probably also in the world; this will definitely be an added value to the EFQM Celebration Dinner and the Award Ceremony… This 24th edition of the EFQM Excellence Awards was presented by Paul Little, Principal and Chief Executive of the City of Glasgow College and member of the EFQM Board of Directors, with an audience of over 350 participants. Everyone was waiting in anticipation to hear about the changes to the Award process, especially the increased value for Award Applicants.    The Gala Diner started with an address from Marc Amblard, former Chief Executive Officer of EFQM and was followed by a video message from Daniel Calleja Crespo, Director General Environment at the European Commission. He congratulated EFQM and its Partners for all the work that has been done over the years and that contributed to the growth of Europe's economy. He also introduced Joanna Drake,  Principal Adviser to the Director General for Collaborative Economy, New Business Models and SMEs at the European Commission.   David Mills, CEO of Ricoh Europe, member of the EFQM Board of Directors and member of the Award Jury proceeded to explain in more detail the complete Award process and the role of the jury, emphasising the shift from a competition to a recognition of role model organisations.  At this point, it was already time to recognise the participating organisations and hand out the trophies to the Finalists, namely:  The General Directorate of IETT Enterprises (Turkey), The Geriatrische Gesundheitszentren der Stadt Graz (Austria), Metsä Fibre Oy (Finland), Pierburg Gestión S.L., Pierburg Systems S.L. & Pierburg S.A. (Spain), SCLE SFE (France).

This led us to the main course, a right time to congratulate the Finalists and chat to the many professionals of the Excellence Community attending the Ceremony! Prize Winners show role model practices at least in one of the 8 EFQM Fundamental Concepts of Excellence and a very high level of overall maturity...The first winner in this category to be announced after this pause was Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, S.A. who received their trophy from Joanna Drake. Seven other Prize Winners were recognised for their maturity and proficiency: Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, S.A., Cabinet d'Orthodontie Becker & Associés, Coca-Cola Icecek AS Bursa Plant, Robert Bosch, Rodez Plant, Robert Bosch, Blaichach/Immenstadt Plant, Sakarya University, Sanitas Hospitales and VAMED-KMB. Finally, it was time to congratulate not one, but two role model organisations for winning the Award this year! Indeed, BMW Group WERK Regensburg Plant & WDH both demonstrated to be overall role models with many best practices and sustainability results across the EFQM Model....

Congratulations and see you next year in Milan to celebration the 2016 EFQM Excellence Award!



EFQM ITALIA’S FIRST NATIONAL EVENT IS A SUCCESS September 25th, Milan – In June, EFQM (the European Foundation for Quality Management) opened its representative office in Milan. By anchoring its presence in Italy, EFQM aims to more effectively support Italian organisations on their journey towards sustainable excellence. It will promote the principles of excellence, facilitate trainings and assessments on behalf of EFQM and foster the exchange of good practices within the Italian excellence community. Marc Amblard, former CEO of EFQM, comments: “26 years after EFQM's foundation, we decided to commit specific resources to widely deploy organizational excellence in Italy. We will provide Italian organisations with an approach that has proven to be successful in most other European countries to drive continuous improvement and the resulting increase in organisational performance. The first signs show a strong appetite for excellence in Italy." On September 25th, the first event took place at the Robert Bosch Auditorium in Milan and featured several high profile speakers who shared their experience with EFQM and excellence: Gerhard Dambach, CEO of Robert Bosch S.p.A.; Fabio Storchi, President of Comer Industries and Federmeccanica; Giovanni Andrea Iapichino Lead member for the Program Smart Working from Telecom Italia; Vittorio Cesarotti, Director of Executive MBA Tor Vergata; Giovanni Guarrera, Director of Trento Health Authority as well as Dott. Serenella Ravioli, Head of Institutional Communication Ministry of Interior.


event gathered more than 100 participants eager to know more about this

excellence initiative, learn from the speakers and network. Needless to say that


this EFQM Italia event was well received. A number of activities have already been initiated, including training sessions, excellence assessments and sharing events aimed at bringing together executives, managers and entrepreneurs who share a keen interest in sustainable organisational performance. And EFQM will leverage its excellence network in over 50 countries, both to share good practices identified elsewhere and to connect Italian companies with excellence role models. For more information, please contact: Alessandra Lomonaco EFQM Representative EFQM Italy Via Marco Antonio Colonna, 35, 1° Piano, Corpo A, 20149 Milano T: + 39 02 39257399 www.efqmitalia.it

EFQM Italia Sharing Event - 25th September 2015

Special thanks to all speakers and moderators: • Prof. Vittorio Cesarotti from the University of Roma Tor Vergata • Fabio Storchi, president from Comer Industries and Federmeccanica; • Paul GK Little, Principal of the City of Glasgow College,; • Gerhard Dambach, CEO of Robert Bosch S.p.A.; • Marco La Manna, People Value Transformation & Change Management VP at Telecom Italia; • Giovanni Andrea Iapichino, Lead member for the Program Smart Working from Telecom Italia; • Giovanni Guarrerra, Director of Trento Health Authority; • Serenella Ravioli, head of communication at the Ministry of Interior; • Adriano Ruchini, EFQM Italia Champion; • Alessandra Lomonaco, EFQM Italia Representative;

Thank you also to Robert Bosch S.p.A. for hosting this event and their constant support. If you would to download the speakers’ presentations, pictures of the event or the attendees list, follow this link...

Stay informed about the latest training courses and sharing opportunities in Italy, visit the EFQM Italia website > http://efqmitalia.it

More than 100 participants coming from Italy and beyond attended EFQM Italia’s first Sharing Event! 2 of 25


EFQM Italia Representative Office in Milan Alessandra Lomonaco joins the team 1. Can you briefly introduce yourself? I am a professional with over twenty years’ experience in financial management, auditing and management consulting. I worked for several multinational companies in Italy and in Europe in finance departments on acquisition reviews projects, business processes mapping, financial and managerial control. I graduated in Economics and Business Administration at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice in 1993, achieved an Executive MBA in 2013 at MIB School of Management. I am also chartered accountant since 1998.

3. What do you want to accomplish as EFQM Italia Representative? My goal is to assist the EFQM Head Office in Belgium for the development of excellence in Italy. I will co-ordinate all activities in the Italian representative office and I will work in close cooperation with Italian organisations of all types, trainers and assessors. I am aiming also at building a community of managers, entrepreneurs and professional with managerial excellence as main common goal. Italy has a great potential through its SME network and EFQM can provide great value in terms of managerial culture improvement. Also by leveraging its international network, EFQM can help Italian organisations to expand internationally. I am very proud to be part of such a successful team at European Foundation Quality Management, and I look forward to more innovative initiatives in our country.

Make sure to follow Alessandra and EFQM Italia on Social Media...

Since this year until the end of 2017, I am proudly President of Alumni Association at MIB School of Management, a business community of 2500 alumni over 45 countries around the world.

2. Why did you decide to join EFQM Italia as Representative?

I am new to EFQM world, however I knew its reputation in supporting companies achieving successful, sustainable and long-lasting results. Joining EFQM is for me a very important achievement at this point of my career, because I share same values in business such as continuous improvement, research of excellence, enlarging and empowering a community of leading organisations striving for building trust, engaging people, sustainable success and ultimately developing a culture of excellence.


Preparing a new generation of assessors and of Leaders for Excellence • Journey to Excellence will teach you how to start the business excellence programme at your organisation. Find out now how the model is used and implemented in other organisations. • 19 - 20 April 2016 • 12 - 12 October 2016 • Leaders for Excellence is especially designed for managers who want to understand and apply the EFQM Excellence Model within their working environment.  Learn quickly how to identify areas for improvement and adopt a structured approach to effectively address them. • 21 - 22 April 2016 • 13 - 14 October 2016

Join our Training Courses this Fall or next year!

• The EFQM Assessor Training is a 3-day course that provides you with the necessary theoretical and practical, in-depth, experience of assessing an organisation using the EFQM Excellence Model.It is also a pre-requisite to act as an Awards Assessor. • 25 - 27 November 2015 (case study from industry sector) • 27 - 29 January 2016 (case study from industry sector) The rate of change is not going to slow down anytime soon. If anything, competition in most industries will probably speed up even more in the next few decades…This Fall, take the first step towards sustainable excellence and improved performances. Find out more about our trainings on our website > www.efqm.org/trainings 16

An interview with Telecom Italia People Value Transformation & Change Management Telecom Italia is the leading Italian ICT Group and one of the most important player in the large Brazilian market. They are facing a context that is continually changing, combining the traditional telecoms services, with new innovative and digital services. Maria Sole Aliotta tells us more about those challenges and how it all started… In the summer of 2013 the Top Management Team refined the 2014-2016 Strategic Plan to accelerate the delivery of quality and innovative services. During the Strategic meeting - held by the CEO and the Top Management - the new strategic orientations and the kind of leadership necessary for the “new deal” were discussed: in this context, adopting a new approach to leadership, as a real enabler of the strategic and cultural transformation, was deemed necessary. It turned out it was time for a turnaround, including very remarkable changes in practices and policies addressed to employees. Mr. Mario Di Loreto - appointed as the new HR Director - assessed with his first line team current practices, policies and global trends in the HR Management arena, in order to estimate the size of the transformation to be performed. He changed the Department name from «Human Resources & Organisation» to «People Value», to clearly remark the centrality and the value of employees in the transformation process and launched the People Strategy and its nine Programs.

order to build a cross-cutting framework of competencies, which could work as a reference basis for the implementation of evaluation processes (recruiting,assessment of potential, performance management) and development plans (managerial and professional).

What was the state of Telecom Italia at the time? When Telecom Italia started the journey for improvement in 2012, we did not have a clear Leadership Model to refer to, but a wide range of competencies which were used to assess people’s managerial potential and their readiness for succession planning. The path towards a New Leadership Model first started, with a particular focus on Leadership in HR, over a year before the People Strategy was defined and before then becoming one the 9 Programmes of the 2014-2016 People Strategy. The initial scope was addressing the issue given by the 2013 EFQM Recognised for Excellence (R4E) feedback report and from the HR Perception Survey. The final choice was to first use a leadership model inspired by the EFQM Excellence Model as it contained the behaviour we needed to improve.

Telecom Italia Leadership programme: the reason why we changed

Among these, within the Program “Development of a New Performance Management Model”, the Project “New Leadership Model” was put into place in

The People Strategy launched in 2013, was based on the ability to plan and put in place innovative models in order to support the current transformation process. It attributes a central role to people value, the development of competencies and the idea generation. Under these premises, Maria Antonietta Russo, Head of People Development & New Capabilities, based the 2014 Project “New Leadership Model of Telecom Italia” on the assumption that a “diffused leadership” is necessary to boost change.


It is addressed to the entire workforce - managers, professionals and employees focused on the value of the individual and aimed at supporting, evaluating and increasing such a value. Within these premises, the New Leadership Model has been designed to be one of the fundamental instruments of 2014-2016 People Strategy so that the Company expectations for each individual are known and a systematic and widespread monitoring process (Performance Management) will enable a continuous improvement at any organisational layer.

Communication and Training Plan: launched to deeply and widely ✦ disseminate all messages and information useful to understand and make simple the New Leadership Model (video, leaflet, mail, news on the intranet, poster of the Model posted in the common spaces in the Company, training programmes for all PV staff members as well as trainers) Assess and refine: mid-term tests have been administered during the ✦ project planning phase to gather feedback on: clarity of competency definitions, on behavioral descriptors and their observability for the assessment. Feedback has been collected systematically and employed for a first “assessment and refinement” of the prototype. The competencies of the New Leadership Model, translated into behavioral indicators, are now part of the new 2015 Performance Management System where all employees will be assessed in a multirater way. The collection of feedback through systematical and methodologically reliable processes is expected to have a positive impact on the consolidation of the New Leadership Model at all organisational levels.

Expected results and how we plan to achieve them.

Steps already implemented and state of art of the Project New Leadership Model Approval and validation of the Top Management: by the Programme ✦ Steering Committee (some Top Managers), the Chairman and the CEO. Application to evaluation processes: the new Leadership Model will be ✦ applied to the new Performance Management system based on the idea that the total value of the Company’s performance is strictly interrelated with the value of each of the individual performance (enterprise contribution). It will be applied also to recruiting processes and potential assessment.

The main results achieved can be summarised as follows: The goal has been fulfilled: a New Leadership Model, original and ✦ innovative, built on a strong scientific basis, and consistent with company’s expectations, has been designed and put in place. Positive relationships have been built with all the stakeholders, who have ✦ been involved and motivated even in times of difficulty. The communication with the various hierarchical layers – including Top ✦ Managers - has been managed effectively, showing persuasiveness. All the contributions have been integrated, in order to obtain a product the ✦ whole Project Team could identify with. A competency-based leadership has been exercised and recognised by the ✦ Project Team as an asset to achieve the final results. The first outcomes of the Project on the New Leadership Model, have already been available since December 2014: the competencies of the Model will be evaluated in a multirater way during the 2015 Performance Management System and in the process of recruiting but also in potential assessment to be delivered soon.


The People Strategy and its 9 Programmes have also been read through the lenses of the “R4E Feedback Report” achieved by the HR Department in 2013. This analysis made it clear that the Programmes were working on many improvement areas pointed out in the Feedback Report. It looked as if these had been embedded into the programme goals for the People Strategy achievement, highlighting how vital it is to have in place a clear People Strategy that is structured and aligned with Business Strategy as a driver towards excellence.

About Maria Sole Aliotta Born in Rome in 1974, Maria Sole Aliotta has a degree in Communication Sciences and an MBA from the Bocconi University in Strategic HR Management. She started her career in 2000 in the Hospitality industry for Starwood Hotels & Resorts.She passed throught different roles, holding the positon as   Regional Training & Development (Italy & Central Mediterranean) and after as HR Manager for the Westin Excelsior & St. Regis Grand hotels in Rome.

EFQM Excellence Model in our transformation programme When the EFQM thinking was first introduced in our HR Department, it represented an opportunity for change and the acquisition of a different and challenging mindset. Basically, most of the processes, practices and activities were in place but we were not always aware of their overall coherency and consistency. On top of that the drive for excellence was not always systematic, measured and benchmarked. The EFQM Excellence Model helped People Value to acquire the necessary awareness of these aspects and improve them by structuring more our processes, adopting the assessment & refinement approach and keeping in mind the goals to be achieved. Another key learning is related to the involvement of stakeholders in every phase, together with benchmarking and collecting feedback to better assess & refine projects. The 9 programs have been staffed with a mix of managers and professionals coming from different departments in order to ensure involvement and commitment of the entire population. Around 80% of the people involved, are coming from the business lines.

In 2009, she left the Hotellerie for a start up experience in the railways industry, as Service & Personnel Operations Manager for NTV, the first Italian private railways company.In 2014, after having completed both   train and station service design, quality checks, personnel recruiting & selection,  hiring, training and management, she left NTV for     the Telecommunications Industry for a new start up in the HR field, with the role of Transformation & Change Management. She is actually working on the new people strategy ad Telecom Italia.

A few words from EFQM… The new Leadership Model and the other programmes are being implemented within the frame and with the support of the EFQM Change Leader programme. This is an in-house programme designed by EFQM to support and sustain organisational development. The programme is available in two versions: a 2 or 4 day course plus 1 day review at the end of the programme. Managers learn how to prioritise areas for improvement from an available organisational feedback report and design improvement projects from the output of an assessment. They manage the project throughout to completion. The final review takes place around 6-9 months after the initial course to review the impact and the results of the projects. Successful participation and completion of the projects trigger the individual qualification as EFQM change leader and guarantee and sustain organisational development.


Webinars •Free to join •1 hour (maximum) •Online (join from your desk) •No software needed

The latest opportunity to learn and share These web-based seminars allow you to attend without having to leave your desk. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements -- the ability to give, receive and discuss information Our thematic webinars cover the following topics: • 12/11/2015 - Create a management document • 12/11/2015- Adding value for customer - Astana Medical University shares its experience... • 19/11/2015 - RADAR as a management tool • 25/11/2015 - Assessment & Recognition, all you need to know • 04/12/2015 - Are you Committed to Sustainability? • 08/12/2015 - Make the best use of Quick Check • 10/12/2015 - Introductory webinar - Get the Flavour • 14/12/2015 - How EFQM training courses can work for you? Every month you can participate to several webinars introducing you to various Assessment Tools, Trainings, our Knowledge Base and more!


Confirmed speakers • Dr. Wafi Dawood, Chief of Strategy & Excellence at the Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA); • Colonel, Dr., Ali Abdulla Alghufli , Director of Organisation Excellence Department, General Secretary of his highness Minister of Interior office; • Dr. Ahmad Abdullah Al Nuseirat, PhD, General Coordinator at the Executive Council of Dubai Government UAE; • Professor Hadi Eltigani, Chairman of the Emirates Quality Association and Coordinator General, Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA);

Venue Auditorium from the Dubai Knowledge Village BC 1, Block 9, Ground Floor P.O. Box 73000 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What’s next on the agenda?

EFQM Middle East to leverage the Excellence experience Dear Madam, Dear Sir, On November 19th 2015, EFQM (the European Foundation for Quality Management) will officially launch EFQM Middle East, its Representative Office based in Dubai. We would be delighted to have you with us to celebrate this milestone. EFQM has been present in the region for many years now. A wide network of partners have emerged who help us deploy the EFQM Excellence Model in the Region. Together, we have supported many organisations on their journey to excellence, some of which have reached a very high level of maturity. With an already strong excellence movement in place and many local initiatives, we feel that the time has come for EFQM to take a more active role with the launch of the EFQM Middle East Initiative. The purpose of this new office will be to leverage the excellence experience, allow genuine exchanges with excellent organisations within the EFQM network, learn from each other, create a regional excellence platform but also to enhance global visibility for regional organisations. EFQM Middle East will organise training sessions, coordinate assessments and organise good practice sharing events, in English, as well as facilitate relationships between local organisations and the Foundation. This new office will be hosted by the Dubai Knowledge Village. The launch event will take place on November 19th at the Auditorium of the Dubai Knowledge Village. It is scheduled to start at 10.30 and it will be followed by a light lunch at 13.00. The Chief of Strategy and Excellence from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the General Secretary of his highness Minister of Interior office and other influential speakers will take part in this event and share with you their insights. We kindly invite you to confirm your attendance to the event via email: cecile.collart@efqm.org If you require any further information, please do not hesitate in contacting me. Kind regards,

Léon Tossaint Chief Executive Officer


Sharing what works Join the learning experience in Dubai On November 19th 2015, EFQM (the European Foundation for Quality Management) will officially launch EFQM Middle East, its Representative Office based in Dubai. We would be delighted to have you with us to celebrate this milestone. EFQM has been present in the region for many years now. A wide network of partners have emerged who help us deploy the EFQM Excellence Model in the Region. Together, we have supported many organisations on their journey to excellence, some of which have reached a very high level of maturity. This is the case of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), recognised for Excellence 5 Star. The first learning experience following the opening of our representative office will be hosted by KHDA on November 24th. During one day, their team will share with you Good Practices of a high level on Customer Satisfaction, how to succeed through the talent of people but also “how to involve stakeholders in giving back to the Community. For more information, contact us at cecile.collart@efqm.org or + 32 2 775 3514 You can also have a look at the event’s brochure > http://bit.ly/1M1TBfl

Discover how this organisation manages to keep on increasing i t s c u s t o m e r s & e m p l oye e satisfaction results! 22


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