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December 2012

Marc Amblard Dear Readers, As we look forward to the challenges ahead in 2013, it’s good to pause and recognize the achievements we’ve accomplished in 2012. And, dare I suggest it, celebrate our successes? The global economy remains turbulent but, throughout our network, we’ve been privilidged to see some outstanding examples of organisations not just surviving but thriving. EFQM and our Partners run annual excellence awards not just to recognise the achivements of these organisations but also to share their experience and learnings throughout the network. In this special issue of Excellence in Action, we’re showcasing the winners of the EFQM Excellence Award but also the National and Regional Awards run by our Partners. I hope you find someone within this rich network who inspires you to achieve great things in your own organisation during 2013. Finally, I want to wish you a very joyful holiday season and much happiness and success in 2013 Enjoy the reading,

Marc Amblard, Chief Executive Officer, EFQM

The Bosch Group is a leading international technology and service enterprise. More than 300,000 associates generated a turnover of 51.5 billion euros in the fiscal year 2011 through automotive and industrial technology, as well as consumer goods and building technology. With approximately 7,300 employees, Bosch Bamberg Plant manufactures components for Gasoline and Diesel injection systems, sensors and spark plugs for the business sector automotive technology. As a lead plant it contributes its high technological competence to the international production network, supervising 20 locations in 11 countries worldwide.

“We are overwhelmed with joy and gratification. Winning the EFQM Award makes us really proud. It gives us the recognition for all the efforts and the consistent work on our areas for improvement over the last years, and for the achievements we have reached by that. Now we got more certainty that we are on the right path to Business Excellence, but through the assessors feedback we also see that there is still room for improvement and the journey will go on�

Why would you recommend companies to use the Model? How has the Model changed your way of working? The EFQM Model is the most sound and comprehensive framework to improve and develop all aspects of the business of an organisation. Besides working on processes which was common to us, it made us reconsider our leadership behavior as well as our relationship to our people, customers, suppliers and all other partners relevant to us. Most of all, the Model taught us to develop a well reflected and balanced strategy and to implement it through a consistent policy deployment process, aligning all processes, activities and targets with the strategy.

The model can be used in different ways, to map strategies or to assess performance for instance. What’s its most beneficial use for you? Both are important for us. The EFQM Model gives us support and security through valuable hints when refining the strategy and important processes, especially regarding the approaches and procedures how to develop them. Our regular EFQM assessments supply feedback also to the contents of the approaches. To improve fast and targeted it is necessary to have a good understanding of the Model and a specialist to give you advices, but also to conduct assessments with people from outside of the organisation, to get a fresh eye on your challenges and activities.

What has been the financial impact of using the Model? Can you share an example with us? Focusing all improvement actions on deploying our balanced strategy and the aligned business plan, we could achieve a cost reduction in our plant of more than 22% since 2005, although the economics (wages, material, energy) raised by over 20% in the same period. This was managed while safeguarding the employment even through the crisis 2009 and increasing the customer satisfaction to a top value.

The EFQM Assessors are the backbone of the EFQM Recognition processes. They are trained volunteers from member organisations. How to become an assessor?What do you need to do?

Is a 3 days pass or fail course addressed to individuals who intend to become a qualified EFQM Assessor. During the course you will be assessed casedon your tema work contributions, evaluation of information, feedback and written exercises.

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Learn to effectively apply the RADAR scoring to produce value adding performance analyses Individual Coaching and personal development Understand the EFQM Excellence Model and its links to the Fundamental Concepts Understand the culture of an organisation Act as an EFQM Award Assessor

What is the main difference with the 2010 version?

“When we launched the 2013 Model it gave us the opportunity to remodel the EFQM Assessor training. We decided to go back to the original purpose of the training which was to train assessors and get them ready to assess. Hence we have realigned the training to the EFQM Excellence Award Process, made the training more dynamic and increased the focus on developing interviewing skills.” Maxim-Henri Lagrillière, Programme Manager- Training Delivery at EFQM

We are always looking for new people, with new skills and experience, to enhance our assessor pool. We need people with practical experience from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. We need people who thrive in a team environment and want to learn, both from their peers and the organisations they assess. If you want to join the EFQM Assessor Community, you need to complete the EFQM Assessor Training course. This will give you the basic skills you will need to assess an organisation using the EFQM Excellence Model. To refine these skills, you will need to join an EFQM Assessor Team, whether for EFQM or with one of our Partner Organisations. For more information, please see our website for details.

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Award Winner & Prize Winner in Robert Bosch GmbH Bamberg Plant –  Leading with Vision, Germany Inspiration & Integrity With approximately 7,300 employees, Bosch  Succeding through People Bamberg Plant manufactures components for Gasoline and Diesel injection systems, sensors and spark plugs for the business sector automotive technology. Prize Winner in BMW Plant Regensburg- Germany The BMW Regensburg plant has  Managing by Processes approximately 9,000 employees with a daily production of around 1,100 units of vehicles. Each individual customer's requirement is always fulfilled on time and in accordance with the highest quality standards Prize Winner in Bosch Tecnologie Diesel e Sistemi Frenanti  Managing by Processes S.p.A. – Italy With 2,000 employees, the Bosch Bari Plant is the largest automotive production facility in southern Italy, mainly producing high pressure pumps for diesel engines. Finalist B. Braun Avitum Zrt. – Hungary With its 650 employees and more than 20 years of history, B. Braun Avitum Hungary Zrt. provides dialysis treatments for renal patients in 18 dialysis centers.The company provides life-sustaining care for more than 40% of the Hungarian kidney patients Prize Winner in Coca-Cola İçecek A.Ş. Ankara Plant- Turkey Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI), a publicly traded  Taking Responsibility for a Sustainable Future company on the Istanbul Stock Exchange, is the 6th largest bottler in the Coca-Cola System in terms of sales volume. CCI’s core business is to produce, sell and distribute sparkling and still beverages of The Coca-Cola Company.

Dzierżoniów Town Hall Dzierżoniów is a town with a total area of 20 square kilometres and a population of 34 thousand located in the southwest of Poland in the Dolnoslaskie Voivodship, Poland.


Hospital Galdakao-Usansolo Ospitalea Finalist (Osakidetza) – Spain The Hospital Galdakao-Usansolo (HGU), from Osakidetza, is a Health Services organisation that provides health care coverage to a population of around 300,000 inhabitants belonging to the Interior Region of Bizkaia. Prize Winner in JSC “Medicina”- Russia “Medicina” Clinic (Moscow, Russia),  Adding Value to Customers established in 1990, is an interdisciplinary medical centre. It has a polyclinic, inpatient facility, trauma section, cancer centre and a 24-hour ambulance. The clinic employs over 300 doctors of 44 specialties.

Mutualia- Spain Finalist Is a not-for-profit business association of joint liability which collaborates with the Social Security System in the management of workrelated accidents and illness and non-workrelated temporary disability for member organisations, their dependent workers and the self-employed. Nilüfer Municipality– Turkey Finalist Nilüfer, one of the seven central district municipalities of Bursa Metropolitan, was established in 1987. The city is hosting nearly 320.000 citizens and is the most rapidly urbanising region of Bursa. Prize Winner in pom+Consulting AG- Switzerland pom+ offers services for properties, technical  Leading with Vision, Inspiration & Integrity infrastructures and organisations in the following areas: building, facility, property, portfolio and asset management. The focus is on life cycle assessment.

VAMED-KMB Krankenhausmanagement und Prize Winner in  Nurturing Creativity& Betriebsführungsges.m.b.H.- Austria Innovation It provides valuable and sustainable operations management services for the Vienna General Hospital – Medical University Campus. Wakefield and District Housing (WDH) Finalist Wakefield and District Housing (WDH) manages 31,000 properties occupied by 60,000 tenants and employs over 1,400 people, making it one of the largest employers in Wakefield

This prestigious annual event was held in London on 25th October 2012. More than 500 guests, including our Patron, HRH the Princess Royal, enjoyed an excellent evening and heard inspiring words from many outstanding organisations. The winners were:         

UK Excellence Award – private sector: Interserve Construction UK Excellence Award – public sector: Merseyside Probation Trust Achievement Award for Customer Satisfaction: DPD UK Ltd Achievement Award for Employee Engagement: William Grant & Sons Achievement Award for Innovation: Roke Manor Research Achievement Award for Leadership: Interserve Construction Achievement Award for Sustainable Future: Marks and Spencer Lean Six Sigma Award: St Helen’s & Knowsley NHS Trust BQF Gold Medal for Excellence: Abellio

“Using the EFQM Excellence Model has always kept our business agile. Obtaining external validation that the approaches we have embedded in our business processes meet the excellence requirement is very reassuring. However, there is always room for improvement and the feedback from the assessors is invaluable in continuing to keep us agile.” Richard Jones, Associate Director for Interserve Construction

On 11 October 2012, the Austrian Excellence Award was presented by Quality Austria in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Youth and Family for the 16th time in the Economic Chamber of Austria. The Winners of the Austrian Excellence Award 2012 were for:  Winner Austrian Excellence Award: Infineon Technologies Austria AG  Finalist & Prize Winner: Alpenresort Schwarz  Finalist & Prize Winner: Österreichische Wertpapierdaten Service GmbH Find a complete report here

The German Excellence Award – called “Ludwig-Erhard-Preis” – was celebrated in Berlin in November 2012. The Jury found 3 awards winners, out of the 40 organisations that applied in 2012:  Robert Bosch GmbH, Werk Stuttgart-Feuerbach (large organization),  Schindlerhof Klaus Kobjoll GmbH (SME),  Allresist GmbH (small organization). Further on organizations like BMW Werk Regenburg, Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH and Klinik Öschelbronn were celebrated as excellent organizations in Germany. You wil find all the names here.

HMA, EFQM Partner in Greece HMA, EFQM Partner in Greece, organizes for the last 11 years the prestigious Certificate Ceremony for the European Distinctions Committed to Excellence and Recognised for Excellence (Greece & Cyprus) as part of the EFQM Levels of Excellence program. The event is characterized as the Big Fest of Business Excellence! Findthe names of the winners here .

This year was an extra reason to celebrate: HMA has been certified for EFQM Committed to Excellence!

On 8 October 2012, Bbest delivered the "Benelux Excellence Awards" during a prestigious ceremony in Brussels. The objective of these trophies is to recognise Benelux’s best performing organisations, whether private, public or non-profit.For this second edition, three organizations were recognised:  Smals: Large organization - Public or not-for-profit  SYNTRA Vlaanderen: Small scope – Public or Not-for-Profit  Recupel: Small scope – Private Find more information here.

The Finish Excellence Awards Ceremony was celebrated in Helsinki in November 2012. More than 300 people attended this gala, presented by Finland Mr. Eero Hein채luoma (Speaker of the Parliament of Finland) Ambassador Mart Tarmak (from Estonia) Mr. Matti Lievonen (Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Finnish Quality Association) Ambassador Juris Bone (from Latvia) H책kan Ekengren (State Secreaty of Sweden). Organisations from 4 countries ( Latvia, Sweden, Estonia and Finland) were Awarded in the different categories, you will find the complete list of winners here.

The Northern Ireland Quality Award process is the key stimulator of business excellence for organisations in Northern Ireland. The annual process is fully aligned to the EFQM levels of recognition, with teams of Voluntary Assesors completeing the the assessment process before a Judging panel determines the appropriate level of recognition to be awarded to recipients. Winners of the overall Award are able to demonstrate a mature approach to continuous performance across all areas of organisational activity. The Awards process has been in place since 1994, with N.Ireland as a region having a strong record in the European Excellence Awards process.

The Slovenian National Quality Award Ceremony for the year 2011 was held in Congress Centre Brdo near Kranj, on the 18th of january 2012. The Award was given by president of Republic Slovenia dr. Danilo Turk to the company TPV. d.d. from Novo mesto . You will find thelist of finalists here. There were more than 400 participants on the Ceremony including executive managers from the most successful Slovenian companies, managers from public sector organisations and the most prominent participants from institutions from public sector and the politics.

The goal of Stiftung ESPRIX, co-founded in 1998 by SAQ and Credit Suisse, is to increase the competitiveness of Swiss and Liechtenstein companies and organizations by managing the national excellence award, the ESPRIX Swiss Award for Excellence. The ESPRIX Swiss Award for Excellence, the most demanding, and most prestigious award for sustainable excellence in Switzerland, is to recognise best performing organisations, whether private, public or nonprofit, and it was celebrated in March 2012. More information here.

Since 1992 Kalder has been organising the annual National Quality Congress, where professional from different sectors can meet and share experiences. One year later, they started to celebrate the National Quality Award. In 20 years 77 Awards have been given (45 prizes, 27 Awards and 5 sustainability Prizes). This year the prizes went for 3 large and private org (Petrokimya Holding A.Ş, Boytaş Furniture Industry & Trade CO, İstikbal Furniture Industry & Trade CO) and Şanlıurfa Municipality and Tarsus Municipality (public sector). Here more details.

A company which manufactures airbags for the automotive industry was the overall winner of the North of England Excellence Awards 2012. Milliken European Airbag Products, part of the Milliken Group, was named Business of the Year and won Special Awards for Lean and for High Growth. The ceremony also contained a special tribute to the man who founded North of England Excellence in 1994. Clive Jeanes, who died recently. The list of winners is: Milliken European Airbag Products (part of Milliken Industrials), SIA Service Liverpool Direct Limited, SABIC Maintenance Service Group, Siemens Energy Service Fossil, York and North Yorkshire Probation Trust, Trafford Council; but there were more Special Awards, click here to see the complete list of winners.

Euskalit, Basque Foundation for Excellence, have being disseminating and providing training in Business Esxellence in different industrial and service sector companies, education centres, not-for-profit organisations, consultancies, public administration and health centres. They also manage, organise and administer the EFQM model based Quality Awards in the Basque Country that was celebrated the 18th of December. You will find more information here.

“The holistic approach of the EFQM Model resulted in a more mature plant strategy inspired by continuous learning and meeting the different stakeholders’ expectations. The EFQM motto “Shares What Works” not only led to several best practice events organised at Bosch Bari, but also - and more importantly - in a steady extension of our benchmarking activities” Jens Last, Commercial Plant Manager at Bosch Tecnologie Diesel e Sistemi Frenanti S.p.A

Using the EFQM Excellence Model has always kept our business agile. Obtaining external validation that the approaches we have embedded in our business processes meet the excellence requirement is very reassuring. However, there is always room for improvement and the feedback from the assessors is invaluable in continuing to keep us agile.” Richard Jones, Associate Director for Interserve Construction – BQF Award Winner-

“Major benefits of implementing the Model have been more effective use of improvement tools, involvement of people, strengthening the innovation culture, increasing stakeholder focus, benchmarking and learning from other organisations. The basis of our improvement and innovation culture has been formed by TQM implementations such as TPM, Maintenance Excellence, Lean Six Sigma and Operational Excellence (OE) most of which were introduced in 1998”. Şahin Keykan, Plant Manager at Coca-Cola İçecek Ankara Plant

The EFQM award assessment supports our company in the determination of our position on our path to excellence. External assessments allow a holistic picture of the company`s success, due to the comparison of the findings of external assessors with our self-perception, which the organisation gains through annual self-assessments” Otto Müller, Managing Director at VAMED.

The Prize is a proof for us that we are on the right track. It shows us that we have a competitive advantage with our flexible production process and that we meet the expectations of our customers. The Prize both motivates and drives us to continuously improve ourselves. Andreas Wendt, Plant Director at BMW Regensburg

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