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Congregational Letter What Does It Mean To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit?

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Celebrating 30 Years of Following the Spirit: Our Tribal Story

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ears ago, there was a booklet published by a Christian

“by faith”. Nowhere do you read someone simply saying, “Well,

campus ministry titled “Have You Been Filled with the

I felt nothing. I have experienced nothing. I have no sense of

Holy Spirit?” We used to call it “the little dove book” because it

God whatever, but I am just taking it by faith that I am filled

had a little dove on it and it purportedly taught you how to be

with the Spirit, and I am going to act as though I am.” That is

filled with the Spirit. It said the way to be filled with the Spirit

just auto-suggestion! There doesn’t need to be any interaction

is to pray to be filled, to repent of all known sin, to ask God to

with God for that to happen.

fill you with the Holy Spirit, and then: “Thank him for filling you

Throughout the history of the church, people have had

with the Spirit.” In other words, don’t wait for an experience.

dramatic experiences with the Holy Spirit. It is normal

Don’t expect that you are going to have a dramatic encounter

Christianity to have occasions, not every day, maybe not every

with God. Just stand on the promise that if you ask for the

month, but occasions when the heavens burst upon you and

Spirit, believe God has filled you whether you feel anything

you are thoroughly drenched with the Holy Spirit.

or not.

centuries who has not had one or more dramatic experiences

of “name it and claim it” theology. “Just declare that you are

with the Holy Spirit. I am not thinking only of Pentecostals. I

healed and stand on that whether you feel better or not!” Non-

am thinking of solid, card-carrying non-Pentecostals. Every

Pentecostals laugh at that and say, “That is so silly. You are

one of the successful evangelists had one of these dramatic

obviously not healed. Why would you claim to be healed?” But


if there has ever been a “name it and claim it” theology, it is this idea that having asked God to fill us with his Spirit, we claim to be filled whether we experience anything or not.

We, in the Vineyard, stand in a long line of witnesses to the dramatic touch that we can expect to receive from God. For example, Charles Finney, a great 19th century evangelist and a

With respect to the “filling with the Holy Spirit”, the

president of Oberlin College, explained his experience when he

Pentecostals have it head and shoulders above Non-

was filled with the Holy Spirit:

Pentecostals when they say, “Wait a minute. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is not something you “take by faith”. You should feel something. We know that something happens when God’s Spirit is “poured out” on a person. We know that change occurs when someone has a dramatic experience.” Nowhere in the Bible does anyone take the filling of the Spirit 4

We cannot point to a great evangelist in the last several

Non-Pentecostals often accuse Pentecostals and charismatics


He wrote, “I received a mighty baptism of the Holy Ghost. Without any recollection that I have ever heard of the thing mentioned by any person in the world, the Holy Spirit descended upon me in a manner that seemed to go through me body and soul. Indeed, it seemed to come in waves and waves of liquid love.” He described his experience as “waves

and waves of liquid love.” I love that language. “It seemed

falls upon them or comes upon them or is poured out on them.

like the very breath of God. It seemed to fan me like immense

All of these expressions work.

wings. I wept aloud with joy and love and I do not know, but I should have literally bellowed out with unutterable gushings of my heart. These waves came over me and over me one after

But the most frequently used term for one of these dramatic events is “filling with” the Holy Spirit. I think the best way to

another until I recollect I cried out, ‘I shall die if these waves

describe a dramatic Holy Spirit experience after someone gets

continue to pass over me,’ yet I had no fear of death.”

saved is to say that the person is filled with the Holy Spirit. Not

D.L. Moody was the greatest evangelist of the 19th century. This is what Moody said happened to him: “I began to cry as never before for a greater blessing from God.

as a concept—they are not “claiming it by faith” even though they felt nothing. Rather, these dramatic experiences are best described by the language of filling.

The hunger increased and I really felt that I did not want to live

In Acts 2:4 it says that the disciples at Pentecost were “all filled

any longer. I kept on crying all the time that God would fill me

with the Holy Spirit”. Before the disciples were filled, the house

with his Holy Spirit. Well, one day in the city of New York, oh

was filled. The sound from heaven came like a rush of a mighty

what a day, I cannot describe it. I seldom refer to it. It is almost too sacred an experience to name. Paul had an experience of which he never spoke for fourteen years, I can only say that God revealed himself to me and I had such an experience of his love and presence that I had to ask him to stay his hand.” He was so overwhelmed that he felt that he was going to be physically crushed. And this experience dramatically increased

wind and filled the house where they were sitting. The filling of the house signifies the dramatic presence of God in a very intense way in the upper room where they met. Sometimes you can feel that happen. You may be worshiping God and suddenly there is a filling of the room with the presence of God. Then suddenly, one by one, people themselves are filled.

Moody’s evangelistic effectiveness.

We find this language of filling in the story of Saul of Tarsus.

What terms should we use to label these experiences? One way

Three days after Saul’s encounter with the glorified Jesus,

to describe these dramatic touches by the Holy Spirit is to say

Ananias went to the blinded Saul and said, “Brother Saul, the

that the Holy Spirit “came upon” them. For example, we read

Lord Jesus that appeared to you has sent me to you that you

this in Acts 10:44, “While Peter was still speaking these words,

may regain your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit.” (Acts

the Holy Spirit came on all those who heard the message.” And in Acts 11:15 we read, “As I began to speak the Holy Spirit came on them as he had come on us at the beginning.” We in the Vineyard have become accustomed to praying, “Come, Holy Spirit.” Many people have questioned us and asked, “How can you ask the Holy Spirit to come when the Holy Spirit

9:17) And then in Acts 13:52 there is an account of disciples filled with joy and the Holy Spirit. Some people ask, “How can you be filled when you are already full?” If you are full of the Spirit, isn’t it like a glass of water? Once the glass is full, how can you be fuller?

is omnipresent?”

I like one writer’s suggestion when he says, “No. The filling

Jesus certainly understood that the Holy Spirit was

of the Spirit is not like a glass of water being filled up so it

omnipresent. But when he spoke of the Holy Spirit “coming

can’t hold any more water. The filling of the Spirit is more like

upon” a person he was talking about the difference between

blowing air into a balloon. The same balloon that has a certain

the Spirit’s general, universal presence and his dynamic felt

amount of air can expand to have more air. Just because you


have had an experience with the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean that

One could also term these dramatic experiences as the Holy

you don’t need a fuller experience with the Holy Spirit. And

Spirit being “poured out” on us. As Peter says in Acts 10:45,

after that, a still fuller experience with the Holy Spirit.

“All the circumcised believers who had come with Peter were amazed because the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out on the Gentiles also.” A third way to express these encounters is to say the Holy Spirit fell upon someone. The reason I like these various expressions

Why do you need to be filled with the Spirit? Because you cannot live the Christian life well or do the works of Jesus without the Spirit’s filling. We need to be drenched with, inundated by, totally immersed in the Spirit. We need to have

is that they describe the suddenness or the forcefulness of one

the Holy Spirit fall on us, come on us, poured out upon us and

of these experiences. A person may or may not be searching for

completely fill us up! Ask for the Spirit’s filling! Seek God, for

or seeking out this experience and yet suddenly the Holy Spirit

more of his Spirit! Pray “Holy Spirit, Come!” V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Sunday, September 10, 2:30–5:30pm, Cooper Road Campus Teacher: Senior Pastor Rich Nathan Meet pastors and learn more about the history and beliefs of Vineyard Columbus. This class is required for membership. No preregistration is necessary, unless you need childcare (ages 1-12). Next Class: Sunday, November 5

Sunday, September 10, 2:30–5:30pm, Cooper Road Campus Teacher: Pastor Scott Engebretson Whether you’ve followed Jesus for a short time or many years, discover practical ways to mature and thrive. We’ll offer ways to read the Bible so that it comes to life, pray with more power, and live a life of holistic stewardship. Next Class: Sunday, November 5

Sunday, September 10, 2:30–5:30pm, Cooper Road Campus Teacher: Pastor Craig Heselton Get to know and experience the Holy Spirit, sent by God to bring the Kingdom of God and his presence into our lives and the world. You’ll also learn how to follow his lead in praying for healing in people’s lives. Next Class: Sunday, November 5

Learn more about Meeting God 305 on p. 20 Sunday, September 10, 2:30–5:30pm, Cooper Road Campus Teacher: Pastor Diane Bauman As followers of Jesus, we are all called to serve. Whether you have been around Vineyard Columbus for a week or years, you’ll find this class helpful in discovering where God wants you to serve and grow. Next Class: Sunday, November 5

Sunday, September 10, 2:30–5:30pm, Cooper Road Campus Teacher: Pastor Stephen Van Dop The purpose of this class is to train and encourage every Christian, to share Christ, everywhere, in every way, all the time. Next Class: Sunday, November 5




Membership 101


Teacher: Senior Pastor Rich Nathan

Beginning Thursday, September 7, 6:30-8:30pm

Childcare: Register for free at

Cooper Road Campus

Meet pastors and learn more about the history and beliefs

Beginning Wednesday, September 13, 6:30-8:30pm

of Vineyard Columbus. This class is required for membership.

Sawmill Campus

No preregistration is necessary, unless you need childcare

Contact: Adrienne Ash,

(ages 1–12).

Are you new to Christianity or do you know someone who

Next Class: Sunday, November 5

is interested in exploring faith? If so, come check out our

Learn about all of our Vineyard Growth Classes on p. 6.

Alpha Kickoff and hear why nearly 30 million people have


experienced Alpha. There will be live music, a bite to eat, and a conversation about life and faith.

Baptism Classes Saturdays, September 16 & 30 & October 7, after services Sundays, September 17 & October 1 & 8, after services If you’re a new follower of Jesus, getting baptized is an important next step. It’s a public proclamation of your decision to follow Christ. In order to participate in baptism, you must attend one of the required classes listed above. Find more info online or at the Info Counter in the Lobby.

Youth Baptism Classes Saturdays, September 16 & 30 & October 7, after services Sundays, September 17 & October 1 & 8, after services Contact: Pastors Kerry Davis, 614.259.5502 or Mike Szlapak, 614.259.5317 If you’re a new follower of Jesus between the ages of 10 and 18, please take one of these required classes.

Sunday, September 10, 2:30–5:30pm, Cooper Road Campus

Family Chosen4Love Contact: Julie Pierce (614.625.7335,, Abigail Shaw ( or Peggy Steinbower ( Chosen4Love is a community of families with a passion for adoption and foster care. We serve as a resource for adoptive families and for people who are considering becoming foster or adoptive parents. Please connect with one of us for support and encouragement in this area.

Vineyard Homeschool Network Contact: Martha, Our mission is to support and empower families who homeschool their children. Our vision is that each family involved will feel supported as we all contribute our unique gifts to benefit and build up one another, and to provide

Baptism Celebrations

support to children and parents through classes, field trips,

Saturday, October 14, 6pm, Cooper Road Campus

and social engagements. Find us on Facebook at Vineyard

Sunday, October 15, 9am & 11:30am, Cooper Road Campus

Columbus Homeschool Network.

Next Baptism: Saturday & Sunday, December 2 & 3

Get Connected: Join A Small Group Visit: Contact: Life is better together, and we believe this kind of life happens in a Vineyard Columbus small group. Small groups bring people together from different cultures, life stages, and experiences for a rich community of worship, friendship, growth, and service. Stop by the small group area at your campus to learn more!

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Marriage Journey to Oneness: Committed Dating & Engaged Couples (formerly How2Become1) Thursdays, September 7 – October 12 (7-9pm) Additional two weeks for stepfamilies on October 19 & 26 (7-9pm) Cost: $20 per person (includes required reading material and online relationship inventory) Register: Contact: Mindy Layman, Open to all couples in committed dating relationships, those considering engagement, and engaged couples! Come learn how to have the kind of marriage God intended. Open to all, but required for those getting married at Vineyard Columbus. Couples creating a stepfamily will be encouraged to attend the two additional classes—come and get equipped to create a family plan that will prepare both you and your children for success.

Marriage Seminar: Pursuing the Holy Spirit’s Power in your Marriage Monday, September 11, 7-8:30pm Childcare: $5 per child or $10 per family, ages 1-12 (must register a week in advance) Register: Contact: Mindy, Join us for this month’s marriage seminar and learn how to enrich your marriage through encountering the Holy Spirit together as a couple.

VC Students VC Students (Middle & High School) Weekend Services: Saturdays, 6pm & Sundays, 9am & 11:30am Contact: Shane Huey, 614.259.5341 or VC Students is the name of our community of students from all across the city seeking to experience God and grow deeper in their faith. We'd love for you to see what God is doing in the lives of students just like you.



One Big Weekend

Baby Dedication Classes

September 15-17, Cooper Road Campus

Saturdays, October 7 & 14, 7:45pm

• Friday, September 15, 7pm, North Parking Lot

Sundays, October 8 & 15, 1:15pm

• Saturday, September 16, 6pm, Second Floor Ministry

Dedication Application Deadline: Sunday, October 15

Center • Sunday, September 17, 11:30am, Second Floor Ministry

Contact: Beth Best, Attendance is required on a one–time basis. If you have


previously attended a class for another child, you do not have

Cost: Free

to attend again. Applications are available at the Information

Contact: Sarah Wiechman,

Counter and online. Please bring your completed application or 614.259.5390

to the class.

OR Laura Weiant, or 614.259.5383 If you are in middle school or in high school, then you don’t want to miss out on One Big Weekend. This is hands down one of our best events for our students and a great time to invite your friends. One Big Weekend is a time to come together for the purpose of worshiping and living in community with one another. This is exactly what we were created to do. We have an amazing guest speaker, Ryan Guard from Willow Creek Church in Chicago, IL. We'll also have incredible worship and games. Mark your calendar for this unbelievable event!

VineyardKids AWANA Tuesdays, 7pm (September – May) Cost: $30 per child Register: Contact: Mike Szlapak, AWANA stands for “Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed”. This is a discipleship program for kids grades 1-6 (Grades 7-12 can be student leaders). This program helps shape values, build character, and grow kids' faith through memorizing scripture, making friends, and encountering Jesus.

Baby Dedication Saturday, October 28 Check-In: Registration window, 5:30pm Sunday, October 29 Check-In: Registration window, 8:30am (for 9am service) Check-In: Registration window, 11am (for 11:30am service) Contact: Beth Best,

A D U LT M I N I S T R I E S Seniors Phase III: A Ministry for Retirees 1st Tuesdays, 9:30–11:30am Contact: Ron Schmidt, This ministry is for people of retirement age who want to flourish in the Kingdom of God during the third phase of their lives. We have opportunities to have fun and develop deep relationships with other Christians of the same age; grow personally and spiritually, and give back by serving (typically involves supporting other Vineyard Columbus ministries).

Singles Ministry Free Social Dance Classes 1st Fridays & 3rd Sundays, 7:30-9:30pm Childcare: Not available Contact: Paige Goslin, These free dance classes are followed by practicing to music and socializing. Adult singles and married couples are welcome. No partner is necessary. Not a dancer? Come hang out and make new friends. Dress is casual.

Journey to Oneness: Singles (formerly, Dating without Drama) Saturday, September 9, 9am-1pm Cost: $10 per person Register: Contact: Mindy Layman, The Journey to Oneness brings a fresh and new approach to relationships, dating, and marriage. In Journey to Oneness, singles will receive practical information on how to begin and navigate a healthy dating relationship, including the qualities to look for in a dating partner and how to set healthy relationship boundaries.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Kingdom Seekers Group 2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 6:30–8:30pm, Cooper Road Campus

Contact: Ray Beaumier,

Social Media

2nd, 3rd & 4th Wednesdays, 7–9pm, Upper Arlington

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find out

Contact: Teresa Wilson,

what’s happening with Vineyard Women!

We welcome all singles 40+ seeking first the Kingdom of God for Bible study and fellowship.

International Women’s Breakfast 1st Saturdays, 9:30–11:30am (next meeting: September 2)

Vineyard Men

Contact: Flo Gimei, or


We are a group of women from all over the world that meets

We have multiple volunteer opportunities for men at Vineyard

monthly to experience unity in Christ while we honor our

Columbus. Whether it's helping our community or serving in

diversity. We share a meal, listen to a brief teaching, discuss,

our Prison Ministry. Learn more on p. 33 & 29.

and pray for one another. Please bring a dish to share, but if

180 Men’s Recovery Group

Nicole Gonzalez–Angulo,

you are unable to bring food, come anyway!

Mondays, 7pm, Cooper Road Campus

Mom’s Refresh

(not meeting September 4)

3rd Fridays, 9:30–11:30am (Next meeting: September 15)

Contact: John Doyel, 740.649.6050 or

Childcare: $5/child or $10/family (ages 1-5; must register in

180 exists to help men who struggle with sexual brokenness.


This ministry is open to all men. We emphasize both the

Register: (by Monday, September 11)

healing power of God and the personal responsibility of men

Contact: Erica Roof, or

to pursue purity. We include worship, teaching, small group

Emily Wilkins,

accountability, mentoring, and healing prayer.

Join other moms to experience God and build friendships

Authentic Manhood: A Man and His Fatherhood Wednesdays, October 11, 18, 25 & November 1, 8, 15, 7-8:30pm Registration: Not required

through worship, teaching, and service. Infants are welcome in the room with moms. Toys and mats are provided. Moms are welcome to pack a lunch and stay after from 11:30am-12:30pm

Contact: Joyce Shuster,

Priscilla Shirer Bible Study “The Armor of God”

or 614.259.5303

Evening class: Begins Wednesday, September 13, 7-9pm

Open to all men whether you are a father, step-father, father

Morning class: Begins Thursday, September 14, 9:30-11:30am

to be, or father of the future. Authentic Manhood from 33 The

Childcare: $5/child or $10/family per week

Series is a video series that gives men a vision for manhood

(ages 1-12, must pre-register)

as modeled by Jesus in his 33 years on earth. This six week

Register: (childcare only)

class will be led by Stephen Van Dop. For information about

Contact: Liz Ward,

Authentic Manhood, visit

All day, every day, an invisible war rages around you—unseen,

Workbooks will be available at the first class. You may join at

unheard, yet felt throughout every aspect of your life. A

any time, but the most benefit will be reaped from coming to

devoted, devilish enemy seeks to wreak havoc on everything

all six sessions.

that matters to you: your heart, your mind, your marriage, your

Men’s 12 x 12 Spiritual Formation Group Contact: Joyce Shuster, or 614.259.5303 Are you a man who has a desire to participate with God and become increasingly conformed to the person and ways of Jesus in every aspect of your life? Stephen Van Dop is looking for 12 men to participate in 12 monthly meetings to grow in spiritual formation. Based on response we will determine specifics (day, time, etc.).


Vineyard Women


children, your relationships, your resilience, your dreams, your destiny. The enemy always fails miserably when he meets a woman dressed for the occasion. But his battle plan depends on catching you unaware and unarmed. If you're tired of being pushed around and caught with your guard down, The Armor of God study is for you. Meets for seven weeks. Workbooks are

available at the Cooper Road bookstore.

Soul Provider 2nd Fridays, 6:30–9pm (Next meeting is September 8) Childcare Free childcare available (for ages 1–12; must pre–register by September 6)

I N T E R N AT I O N A L Immigration Services

Register: (childcare & event)

Immigration Intake and Consultation Clinics

Contact: Myiesha,

Thursdays, 10am–12pm, Vineyard Community Center

Soul Provider is a ministry for moms who are single with

Contact : Beth Watkins, 614.259.5322 or

children up to 18–years–old, living at home, and still in high

school. Join us for free dinner, special kids’ programming, and a

Cost : $20 payable at the time of intake

time for spiritual encouragement and renewal.

Vineyard Immigration Counseling Services (“ICS”) provides family-based immigration legal representation to persons

Vineyard Women: Event Team

at 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines and below. ICS

Contact: Liz Ward,

responds to requests for representation and legal questions

We are looking for women who enjoy meeting people, serving

from the public through its Intake Clinic. Consultations will

others, and offering hospitality to join our Event Team.

be available for those who complete the intake process;

Some of the ways you can help include promoting the event,

however, representation decisions will be made on a

administrative help, decorating, greeting, registration, and

case-by-case basis and are subject to ICS availability. Intake

more. We have a great time serving together and would love to

is the mandatory first step to receiving services. We will

have you join us!

provide low-cost consultations for individuals interested in applying for immigration. We will meet with the immigrant

Young Adults VC Twenty All Campus Gathering Sunday, September 3, 6pm, Cooper Road Campus Contacts: Christian Root, christian.root@vineyardcolumbus.

after the formal intake process. Intakes are limited to the first five persons on a first come, first serve basis.

International Ministries

org OR Shane Huey,

VC International Teams

VC Twenty is the young adult community of Vineyard

For more information about our teams sharing Jesus overseas,

Columbus. Whether you're a college student or a young

email us at

professional, we'd love to see you at our All Campus


Gathering where we’ll worship together and look at what it means to follow Jesus as a twenty-something in Columbus. Stick around for the after-party and meet new friends, make connections, and grow together as a community. Invite a friend! Come as you are!

Contact: Stephen Winkelman, Cultivate is an 8-week training group that trains Christians in how to share Jesus with and make disciples among Muslims. The next group will start in late September.

East Campus Missions Prayer Group 3rd Mondays, 7pm, East Campus

Contact : John Olver, If you live on the east side of Columbus or in the Reynoldsburg/ Pickerington area and have a heart for the nations, join us to pray for the nations and Vineyard Columbus’ missionaries in various areas of the world.

Global: Short & Long Term Teams Visit: Vineyard Columbus is partnering with Operation Mobilization in Athens, Greece to serve refugees. Visit for more info about upcoming short and long term mission trips.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Vineyard Columbus Missions Prayer Group 2nd & 4th Mondays, 6:45–8:30pm, Cooper Road Campus

Contact : Tim Hart, 614.557.0395 or Pray for our international ministry work. We typically worship, share updates on our missionaries, and pray for special areas of the world and our VC missionaries.

La Viña: Spanish–Speaking Campus La Viña Service Sundays, 11:30am, in the Chapel, Cooper Road Campus

Contact : Irene Casale–Petrarca, 614.256.5254 or La Viña is a service that is completely in Spanish and meets in the Chapel (la capilla) at Cooper Road. Our vision is to serve the Hispanic community of Columbus, showing them God’s love and seeing their lives transformed by the power of God. We are not only a church, but also a family in Christ. You are welcome as you are!

La Viña Servicio en Español Domingos, 11:30am, en la capilla (Chapel), Cooper Road Campus

Para más información, contactar a Irene Casale–Petrarca, 614.259.5254 o La Viña es un servicio completamente en Español y nos reunimos en la capilla (Chapel) en Cooper Road. Nuestra visión es servir a la comunidad de Columbus, presentándoles el amor de Jesús y ver sus vidas ser transformadas por el poder de Dios. No somos solamente una iglesia además somos una familia en Cristo. ¡Bienvenido como eres!

HELP & WELLNESS Vineyard Columbus Visitation Care Team Contact : Visitation Care Team, 614.259.5239. We want to come alongside our church and their families who are hospitalized, in long–term care, or homebound. If you or a family member would like to be visited, please contact us.

Funeral Needs Contact : 614.259.5372 If you are a member of Vineyard Columbus and need funeral and pastoral care services, please call us.



Career & Financial

Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University

Career Acceleration Class


Thursdays, September 14-November 9, 7-9pm

Mondays, October 2-December 4, 6:30-8:30pm

Cost: Materials are estimated to cost $100, including shipping

(not meeting November 27)

Childcare: Chris Newkirk,

Vineyard Community Center

($45 per child, $90 for two or more children).

Cost: $40

Please plan to pay at the door.

Childcare: not available

Contact: Kent Irwin,

Class Max: 25 people

This class helps you understand and follow Jesus and biblical


financial wisdom to gain control of your money, beat debt,


increase generosity, and build wealth. During this class, we will

Resumes? Interviewing? Networking? This class will help you

cover the following:

tackle all of these and help better position you to get the job

• Learn how to get and stay out of debt and save and build

you are seeking! We have a professional recruiter that leads the class, which provides a real world view of what employers are looking for. This is a fantastic hands-on class that has helped people get new jobs right away. Through learning, practice, and participation, you will learn a lot. The class also lends itself for networking and friendships to build with fellow class members over the course of the nine weeks together.

Career Elevation 3rd Wednesdays, 6:30–8:30pm, Vineyard Community Center

Cost : Free Visit :

your financial resources. • Develop a cash flow plan and maximize money through smart buying. • Relate healthily with your spouse over money matters. A majority of couples report this class significantly improved their marriage. • Lay a foundation for responsibly purchasing a home and investing for retirement and college expenses. • Develop a life of generosity, apply biblical wisdom, and enjoy less stress.

Registration: Not required

Designing Your Legacy: Estate Planning Workshop

Childcare: Not available

Saturday, October 21, 9:30-11:30am

Contact : Kent Irwin,

Cost : Free

Offering one-on-one employment coaching, with the four


most key areas of gaining new employment or making


a change: resume writing, preparing for your interview,

Contact :

networking, and how to set up an effective job search. Please

Childcare: Not available

bring a laptop if you have one, your most recent resume, pen,

At this informal seminar you will learn how to steward and

and paper.

pass on your estate at death, how to obtain a good estate plan, and get documents done at no cost to you.

Community Center The Ohio Benefit Bank Saturdays, 8–11am, 5th Avenue or Northside Food Pantries

Call : 614.259.5441 for an appointment. The Ohio Benefit Bank helps moderate-to-low income families apply for over 20 public benefits, such as food stamps, Medicaid, and HEAP. Veterans can get assistance in accessing records and applying for educational benefits, too.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Empowered Life

• Medical Clinic Cooper Road: Every Tuesday evening

Open Prayer for Healing Sessions

Walk in, first come, first served. Sign-in begins at 4pm.

Cooper Road Campus

Patient visits begin at 6pm. We provide diagnosis and

• Saturday, September 9, 9-11am

treatment of illnesses. Basic work physicals available by

• Saturday, September 16, 9-11am

calling 614.259.5428 (option 6) prior to coming to the clinic.

• Wednesday, September 20, 7-9pm

No lab test, injections, or X-rays.

• Saturday, September 23, 9-11am • Saturday, September 30, 9-11am Contact: Kristi Webster, Open to anyone needing physical, emotional, or deliverance healing prayer. No appointment needed.

Health Lower Lights Christian Health Center 6000 Cooper Road: • Mondays, 8am–5pm • Wednesdays & Thursdays, 1:30–5pm (not meeting September 4) 171 E. 5th Avenue: • Mondays–Fridays, 8am–5pm (not meeting September 4)

• Dental Clinic Cooper Road (appointment only) Call Fridays, 9–9:45am to schedule appointments, 614.259.5428. We provide dental exams, X–rays, fillings, extractions, and cleanings. (No wisdom teeth, bridgework, orthodontics, or dentures). • Vision Clinic Cooper Road (appointment only) Call Fridays, 10–10:30am to schedule appointments, 614.259.5428. We offer eye exams and vouchers for free glasses to those who qualify. • Chiropractic Clinic

Appointments: Call Lower Lights, 614.274.1455 (Option 1).

Cooper Road (appointment only)

LLCHC is a faith–based, non–profit community health provider

Call Fridays, 10–10:30am to schedule appointments,

ministering the love of Christ through full–service cradle–to–


grave medical care focused on whole–person wellness. They

We provide evaluation and chiropractic care for those with

see patients with Medicaid, Medicare, CareSource, Molina, and

pain involving headaches, neck, back, or joints.

private insurance as well as uninsured patients. Services are

Interested in volunteering in our clinics? See p. 28.

offered for the whole family on a sliding fee scale based upon income. However, all patients are seen regardless of ability to pay. Services offered include pre–natal care, immunizations, well–child checkups, physicals, routine care, and chronic

Orphan Care

disease management.

Contact: Diane Bauman,

Vineyard Free Health Clinics 6000 Cooper Road, Westerville

Please contact Diane if you would like to receive updates and ways to help with our Orphan Care Ministry.

Contact: 614.259.5428

Asia’s Hope: PreK Eng 6 Home

Free Medical, Chiropractic, Dental, and Vision Clinics

Contact: Diane Bauman,

Vineyard Clinics provide free medical, chiropractic, dental, and

Vineyard Columbus is partnering with Asia’s Hope by providing

vision care for patients (ages 18 and up) to those who qualify.

support for a home in Cambodia. Twenty children at high risk

Our clinics serve those who are uninsured OR have Medicaid

of sexual and economic exploitation have been rescued and

or are Medicaid–eligible with incomes below 200 percent of

now live together as a family. Staff provide individual care,

the Federal Poverty level. (No Medicare or other government–

education, a Christian environment, and job skills so each child

issued health care programs are eligible for services.) For more

can succeed as an independent adult.

info, call 614.259.5428. Si usted sólo habla español, puede comunicarse con la clínica latina al 614.293.9906.


Mercy & Justice


V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Support for Life September is Recovery Awareness Month!

Amazing Grace: Praise, Dance, Prayer, Creativity and Healing New session begins Sunday, September 10, 2:30-4:30pm

Every September, SAMHSA sponsors Recovery Month to

Contact: Deva, to register

promote the societal benefits of prevention, treatment, and

This class is for women age 25 and above who want to

recovery for mental and substance use disorders, celebrate

continue their journey of healing and freedom through

people in recovery, laud the contributions of treatment and

the Lord. We will be exploring how we can apply the word

service providers, and promote the message that recovery in

through movement and creativity as worship. No experience is

all its forms is possible. Recovery Month spreads the positive

necessary. Christ meets us where we are, regardless of health.

message that behavioral health is essential to overall health,

Expect to receive the love and forgiveness of Jesus...expect a

that prevention works, treatment is effective, and people can

miracle. "Let us praise his name with dancing" Psalm 149: 3

and do recover.

If you need or are walking out recovery, Vineyard Columbus has the following resources to help:

Celebrate Recovery Fridays, 7pm, Cooper Road Campus Childcare: not available

10 Core Competencies


Thursdays, September 14-November 16, 7-9pm


Cost: $25 per person (includes book)

Celebrate Recovery is a biblical, Christ-centered recovery

Childcare: $5/child or $10/family each week (for ages 1 and up;

fellowship for those desiring to heal from any addictive,

must pre–register)

compulsive, or destructive behavior—“hurts, habits, or hang-

Register: (childcare only)

ups.” At Celebrate Recovery you will find a safe place to share

Contact: John Doyel, 740.649.6050 or

pain, struggles, victories, and hope with others focused on

This 10-week class will help singles, husbands and wives, and

Christ-centered recovery. Meetings include a time of worship,

parents of teens understand how to establish and maintain

teaching, sharing, and fellowship. Come experience God’s love

sexual purity. If you, your spouse, or teen struggle in this area,

and power to transform!

this class will help you.

Circle of Love Group

180 Men’s Recovery Group

1st Monday of most months, 7–9pm

Mondays, 7pm, Cooper Road Campus

(Final Meeting: September 11)

(not meeting September 4)

Contact: Fred & Nora Seeman,

Contact: John Doyel, 740.649.6050 or

This confidential group meets to bring hope, support, and

180 exists to help men who struggle with sexual brokenness.

resources to the family and friends of people who have

This ministry is open to all men. We emphasize both the

same–sex attractions.

healing power of God and the personal responsibility of men

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

to pursue purity. We include worship, teaching, small group accountability, mentoring, and healing prayer.

Beginning Wednesday, September 6, 7-9pm, Easton area Cost: $30 for EHS course materials (book, workbook, and

All Things New


Mondays, beginning September 11, 7-9pm

Contact/Register: Debbie,

Cost: $15 (materials)

Do you yearn to be emotionally alive? Support for Life invites

Contact: Mary,

you to Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, a plan for discipleship

Register: at

that can deeply change your relationship with God. The

(pre-registration required)

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course directly addresses

The purpose of this eight-week group is to create a safe place

the reality that emotional maturity and spiritual maturity

for women with past sexual abuse to share their stories and to

are inseparable. It is not possible to be spiritually mature

receive further healing. We will go through Nicole Bromley’s

while remaining emotionally immature. Learn through eight

HUSH and SOAR (companion workbook to HUSH); registration

powerful life changing sessions how to incorporate daily life

and books for a nominal fee are required for participation.

rhythms that lead us to a healthier relationship with Jesus and with others.

Community Life groups may sign up to borrow the DVD sets at any time for their groups. 16


The Emotionally Healthy Relationship

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Beginning Tuesday, October 3, 7-9pm

1st Tuesdays of every month except January, July,

Cost: $30 for EHR course materials (book, workbook, and

and September, 7–9pm


Childcare: $5/child or $10/family each week (for ages 1 and up;

Contact/Register: Debbie,

must pre–register)

This powerful eight-week course will equip you with practical

Register for childcare:

tools to really love people in difficult situations and mature

Register: Kris Garwood,, 614.259.5472

into an adult follower of Jesus. You will learn eight powerful,

This group allows grandparents to share the joys and the

biblically-based, relationship-changing skills in a group setting

struggles of parenting again with those who understand. Each

with reading, questions, and practical discussion to reinforce

month speakers address a relevant topic.

each of the eight skills.

Community Life groups that have completed Emotionally Healthy Spirituality may sign up to borrow the DVD sets at any time for their groups.

The Emotionally Healthy Woman Beginning Wednesday, October 4, 7-9pm Cost: $20 for EHW course materials (book, workbook, and devotional) Contact/Register: Debbie, The Emotionally Healthy Woman provides a way out of an inauthentic, superficial spirituality to genuine freedom in Christ. This book is for every woman who thinks, ‘I can’t keep pretending everything is fine!’ The journey to emotional health begins by quitting. When you quit those things that are damaging to your soul or the souls of others, you are freed up to choose other ways of being and relating that are rooted in love and lead to life. When you quit for the right reasons, at the right time, and in the right way, you’re on the path not only to emotional health, but also to the true purpose of your life.

Healed from the Inside Out Thursdays, September 7—November 2, 7-9pm Childcare: $5/child or $10/family each week (for ages 1 and up; must pre–register) Register for childcare: Contact/Register: Rhonda Bates, A group for women of all ages seeking healing from your past hurts of any type of abuse (mental, physical, verbal, sexual, spiritual), habits gone wild, rejection, abandonment, and the negative thoughts the enemy wants you to play over and over in your mind. Let’s learn together how to understand what it truly means and feels like to be a daughter of the Most High and allow him to heal us from the inside out.

Healing for the Survivors of Domestic Violence Mondays, September 11–October 16, 7-9pm Contact: Teresa, This is an eight-week support group for those who are walking out of and/or have survived domestic violence situations. This

Community Life groups that have completed Emotionally

support group will help you feel safe and secure, trust, forgive,

Healthy Spirituality may sign up to borrow the DVD sets at any

set boundaries, and be kind to yourself again all through the

time for their groups.

love of the Lord.

Free for Women: Finding Freedom and Healing from Your Past

Hearts Restored Class: Recovery from Sexual Betrayal

Wednesdays, September 6–December 6, 7-9 pm

Tuesdays, September 5-October 24, 7-9pm

Cooper Road Campus


Childcare: $5/child or $10/family each week

(pre-registration is required)

Register for childcare:


Contact/Register: Brenda Bixler at or

Hearts Restored is a ministry for women who have been

Shara Collier at

wounded by their spouse’s sexual sin. Find healing, hope, and

Cost: $15 for materials (The Invisible Bond by Barbara Wilson,

strength to move forward with your life in community with

required reading prior to the study)

other women who are committed to experiencing God in the

This study provides forgiveness, freedom, healing, and hope

midst of the crisis. Hearts Restored runs both an eight-week

to those who've been wounded by their sexual past, whether

class that repeats two times throughout the year and an

through choices of their own or choices others have forced

ongoing support group meeting every Tuesday.

upon them. Discover the truth about sexual bonding, how it impacts us, and can continue to impact our current and future relationships. Learn to reverse the lies we've ingrained and replace them with God's truth.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Hearts Restored Support Group: Recovery from Sexual Betrayal

Lay Counseling

Tuesdays, 7–9pm

Contact: Support for Life, 614.259.5289 or


Hearts Restored Support Group is a faith-based outreach

Register: If you're a member or regular attender and would

where you will find a safe, confidential place to share with

like to meet with a lay counselor, please fill out an online

other women who understand the devastating effects of

application or contact Support for Life.

sexual betrayal. We are engaged, married, separated, and

The Support for Life Ministry has a trained team of volunteer

divorced women who do not judge each other but rather

“lay” counselors who come alongside people in difficult

embrace that we are all on a similar journey with a common

seasons or situations to minister insight, healing, and spiritual

goal. Support is a huge part of our recovery. We have seen God

growth in a one–on–one, non–clinical environment. Lay

do amazing things in our lives, bringing healing and restoration.

counseling is not professional counseling, nor is it “free”

We are here to help you as others have helped us. This group is

counseling. Lay counselors meet with individuals on a short-

for and about you, not your spouse or partner. Sexual betrayal,

term basis and are trained to provide a listening ear, supportive

whether it be pornography, emotional or extramarital affair(s),

encouragement, empowered prayer, and biblical guidance.

is traumatic and disorienting. Come let us reassure you that it

Interested in becoming a lay counselor? See p. 25.

is not your fault, that you will make it through this, and that there is hope. We will share/discuss topics on some of the core areas for healing such as anger, identity, disclosure, setting boundaries, detachment, triggers, self-care, his repentance, forgiveness, and trust.


Loving Someone with Mental Illness 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 7–9pm Contact: Karen Twinem, 614.439.8475 This is a support group for families and friends of people with mental illness (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major


depression, borderline personality disorder, etc.). Each meeting

Beginning Tuesday, September 12, 7-9pm

includes a short teaching, discussion, and prayer.

Contact/Register: Dana,

(space is limited, pre-registration required) This is a nine-week closed support group offering hope, healing, encouragement, and accountability for women who want to be more hungry for God and less dependent on food (compulsive or emotional eating) or dieting (obsession with weight or exercise) to meet emotional needs. Meetings will include a short teaching, group discussion, and prayer.

Moving on with Jesus Fridays, 7-9pm Contact/Register: Sue, This group is for women with unwanted same sex attraction. It is designed to help you connect with Jesus and find your identity in him. We use the Taking Back Ground teaching. During our meetings we will recap what was shared in the video teachings, discuss how God is moving in our lives, and

Integrity for Women

spend time praying together. Sue is also available to meet and

Tuesdays, September 5-October 31, 7-9pm

pray with people interested in praying for those impacted by


unwanted SSA, the LGBT community, our SSA ministries here,

This group is for women who desire healing for sexual

and those the Lord would draw in for healing and restoration.

brokenness while finding freedom from addiction, shame, and rejection. Pre-registration is required. This group is cyclical—no new participants after the first class.

Professional Counseling Center Contact: 614.259.5409 The Vineyard Counseling Center’s clinically–trained counselors offer a biblical approach to help people achieve wholeness in all aspects of their lives. We also have male and female Graduate Candidate Interns, $20/session, with experience in seeing children, teens, adults, and married couples.



Redefining Christ Tuesdays, October 3-November 21, 6:30-8:30pm Registration: Gina Harding,


Contact: Gina Harding, This closed, cyclical support group is for women who have

Art Exhibit: Karen Campbell

come from a high control or cult background and now desire

Through September 17

a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is not a

Cooper Road Campus, North Hall Gallery & Café Exhibit Wall

theological debate group. Our purpose is to support these

Karen has been serving at Vineyard Columbus as an artist

women and come alongside of them. Our goal is to springboard

for nearly two decades doing everything from designing

into a praying small group for further discipleship. No participants may join after the first class and pre-registration is required. Each meeting will include worship and teaching, but the main focus will be on sharing and prayer.

Roots Thursdays, 7:30-9:30pm Contact: Tom, or Support for Life, 614.259.5289 or This is a substance (drug/alcohol) abuse recovery group for young men.

curriculum to painting walls with her very personal version of the universe. The exhibit offers some of Karen’s new work that is part of an ongoing series of pieces she calls, “Whose Sleeves Have Brushed Past?” Karen’s work is a combination of art quilts, prints, and paintings. Karen is married to Drew Campbell and has two grown children, Joe and Peter.

Art Exhibit: Gloria Molyneux September 23-October 29 Cooper Road Campus, North Hall Gallery & Café Exhibit Wall Opening, Saturday, September 23 after the 6pm service. The North Hall Gallery will continue to be available to view this

Sisters of Sarah

collection after the 6pm and 11:30am services.

Usually meets 1st Thursdays, 7:15-9:15pm Contact: Melissa,, 614.353.1792 or

Artists of Vineyard Columbus: Christmas Juried Art Show

Jeannine, 614.578.7094 or

Contact: Holly,

Sisters of Sarah is a hope and support group for women facing

Christmas is only a few months away, and we want to

the hardship of primary or secondary infertility. We invite you

celebrate it with you! This Christmas we are looking for a

with open arms for a time of sharing food, socializing, open

Christ- centered theme, "One Original Sacred Art Piece" for our

discussion, and prayer together.

North Hall Gallery (No Santas, Christmas trees, etc). This is a

Sister Sister 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 7–9pm Contact: Elizabeth, 614.397.7764 or We are a group of women who have all survived multiple tragic

juried art show. All artwork must be original, no copies. They must be framed (if they need a frame e.g., paintings, drawings, etc). Hanging art must have wire, not saw tooth hanger. Art is due the week of November 1-5. If you have any questions please email Holly. Open to all campuses.

events and are able to help other women as we share as sisters in Christ. We focus on outreach and discipleship, studying

Deaf Ministry Events

God’s Word, worshiping, and prayer.

Worship Service Interpretation: 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sundays,

Understanding Life and Conflict God's Way Wednesdays, September 6-November 15, 7-9pm Cost: $10 per person or $15 per couple (covers the cost of handouts)

9am Bible Study: 2nd & 4th Sundays, 9–10:30am Contact: Angela Moore, The Vineyard Columbus Cooper Road Worship Service is interpreted in ASL for the Deaf. We also offer a Deaf Bible Study for the Deaf.

Contact: Walt, Life and conflict go hand in hand; it's woven into the human fabric of each individual. Yet, many do not understand the dynamics of life and conflict from a biblical point of view as they live life with their spouse, family, and interact daily with people. Where does conflict in life come from, and how can we resolve conflict so we can live in peace with God, ourselves, and others? Come and equip yourself biblically in understanding how to live life as we look into what God has to say about these basic yet misunderstood issues of life. V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Holy Spirit Conference Light the Fire: A 3 Night Awakening

The Book of Judges

September 27-29, Cooper Road Campus

(Not meeting September 4; classes will resume on

• Wednesday, September 27, 7:30-9pm

September 11 & 18)

• Thursday, September 28, 7:30-9pm

Teacher: Michael Karoly

• Friday, September 29, 7:30-9pm

Childcare: Not available

Childcare: $5/child or $10/family per night (for ages 1-12; must

Registration: Not required

register online for each night)

Michael Karoly, a longtime Vineyard Columbus member, gives

Register: (childcare only) by Sept. 24

an in-depth teaching on one of the Old Testament's most

Contact: Kristi Webster,

challenging books, explaining how to apply God's Word to our

Do you long to see the power of the Holy Spirit increase

lives today. Detailed class notes will be handed out/sent by

and move in your life? If so, you will want to attend this

email each week. Each class stands alone; no need to attend

conference! Together, we’ll experience three nights of life-

each session. Classes are 90-minutes in length in lecture

changing worship, transformational teaching, healing, and

format. In September we will continue to study

demonstration of the Kingdom. Vineyard Columbus’ Shane

Judges 2 and 3:1–6.

Huey will kick off the conference with guest speaker, Jordan Seng. Jordan Seng is the senior pastor of Bluewater Mission church in Honolulu, Hawaii. Jordan is the author of Miracle

Work: A Down-to-Earth Guide to Supernatural Ministries. He is a gifted speaker who operates in the prophetic and Holy Spirit ministry. Come prepared to encounter God and be inspired to bring the power of Holy Spirit into your everyday life.

Joyful Noise Worship Service (Special Needs) 2nd Sundays, 5:30–6:30pm, Cooper Road Campus Contact: Pam Newman, Join our Accessible Worship Service for people affected by disabilities and their families, friends, and neighbors. We have a worship band, brief message, and prayer time. Bring your tambourines and streamers.

Meeting God 305 Friday, September 22, 6:30-8:30pm Cooper Road Campus, Middle School Youth Room Teacher: Nancy Davis (Prerequisite: Meeting God 301) Childcare: $5/child or $10/family (for ages 1-12; must register in advance by September 20) Register: (by September 20) Jesus came preaching the Kingdom of God and freedom for the captives, creating conflict with the present evil age. This class will equip you to obey Jesus' command to partner with Him to set people free from the powers of darkness.

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Mondays, 7-8:30pm, Cooper Road Campus

Campuses Engage: Intercessory Prayer Meeting (Cooper Road Campus) Wednesday, September 20, 7-9pm Contact: If you have a heart to see the kingdom come upon our church, city, and nation, come out to our intercessory prayer session.

Engage (Sawmill) 1st Wednesdays, 7–8:30pm Contact: Dustin Jasinski, Engage is a service of meditation on scriptures and listening to what the Lord is saying to each person attending. Prayer is also available for special needs, congregational leaders, and programs.

Sawmill Campus - New Location Sundays, 9 & 11:30am 4140 Tuller Road, Dublin, OH 43017 We have moved to our new location on the northwest side of town for weekend services. This is an exciting season for Sawmill Campus! We can’t wait for what God has in store for us. Join us as we continue being a community of disciples who experience God, love one another, and partner with Christ to heal the world.

Serve in Prayer (Lane Avenue Campus) Contact: Klodiana Tedesco, or There are many ways you can serve in prayer at Lane Avenue Campus. For more info, contact Klodiana.



V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G



Small Group: Leader Training 1

If you are not sure where to serve, or want to explore other

• Sunday, September 17 from 2-7pm, Cooper Road Campus

opportunities, check out the list of volunteer opportunities

• Saturday, September 23 from 9am-2pm, East Campus

at, or stop by the Ministry

• Saturday, October 28, 9am-2pm, Cooper Road Campus

Counter in the Main Lobby for a Volunteer Catalog.

Contact: or call

Contact: Diane Bauman,


Only one session required:


Bookstore & Library

Small Group Leader Training 1 is an introductory class to

Cooper Road Campus Library Volunteers

recently HOSTed a small group and want to continue or you’re

become a small group leader at Vineyard Columbus. If you’ve

Contact: Jeff Baker, or

new to leading an existing Vineyard Columbus small group, this


is your next step. Small Group Leader Training 1 will give you

Volunteer once a week restocking books, contacting those

the basic tools you need to keep up the good work God is doing

with overdue books, and adding new inventory.

in you and your group. Please register online.

Bookstore Volunteer Opportunities

Attention Small Group Leaders & Hosts

Cooper Road Campus


Contact: Jeff Baker, or

Did you know that we have a resource page just for our small


group leaders? Short on time this week to prepare a small

• Volunteer once a week: 2-3 hours anytime from 12-5pm

group discussion? Wondering how you can get more training

• Volunteer twice a month: 15 minutes before and 20 minutes

after LT1? Need some tips on how to make hosting easier? The

after the service you attend, operating cash register half

Community Life Team wants to help you make the most of your


time as you pray and prepare for your small group gatherings,

• Volunteer Sunday morning: (every other week) Audio/media volunteer.

so we’ve created, a website with several Bible study options as well as other helpful tools. If you have


questions, write us at or

Career Ministry Volunteers–to–use–vcsmallgroups–org/.

Contact: Kent Irwin,

One Child One Community: Adopt A School

The Career Ministry is in great need of new volunteers that

visit our how to use video at

Contact: Anna Fullen, 614.259.5452,

can volunteer in a number of different roles: job coach, career

expert, administrator, database manager, networking pro,

If your small group is looking for a place to serve together,

workplace navigator, and liaison between searchers and

One Child One Community needs groups to partner with us

job providers.

to support Columbus schools. Please consider mentoring,

Community Life

cooking/baking for teachers at our events, donating school

Start a Small Group

can serve, contact Anna Fullen.


Deaf Ministry

If you have a heart for people, can provide a space for people to meet, serve a snack, and turn on a video, then you can start a small group! For more info, send us an email or stop by the small group area of your campus.

supplies or holiday gifts. For additional info on how your group

Deaf Ministry Service Opportunities Contact: Angela Moore, We need skilled volunteer ASL interpreters to sign for adults and children on a rotation at our Sunday, 9am Cooper Road Service.



Early Childhood Early Childhood Worship Ministry Contact: Myra Gaiters, 614.259.5486 or Share your love for Jesus with children through music! Volunteer to lead children in worship once a month during our weekend services.

Global Café Global Café Volunteers Contact: New to the church or want to get connected? Be a part of our family of believers who get to experience God through service and fellowship. The Café is an atmosphere where fresh, made–from–scratch food connects the community with the love of Christ.

Health Clinics Vineyard Free Health Clinics: Volunteers Contact: Carol Achmoody, 614.259.5512 or Current opportunities available for dentists, dental assistants, dental hygienists, and prayer team members (Meeting God 301 required for prayer teams).

Security Ministry Medical Response Team Contact: Jason Pierce, or 614.625.6216 The Medical Response team is looking for volunteers that would be willing to help out with medical emergencies that occur during our weekend services. If you are a doctor or nurse with hospital or ER experience, or an EMT (Basic or Paramedic) and are interested in learning more about the Medical Response Team, please contact Jason Pierce.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


VC International Teams & Ministries

Missions Care Team

English as a Second Language (ESL) Volunteers

working, or want to give gifts, time, energy, or money, then

Contact: Ximena Lozada, • Mondays & Wednesdays, 10am–11:30am

Contact: Dotty Christensen, If you enjoy hospitality, encouraging others, hearing how God’s get involved with missionary care. Use your creativity to help expand care to those we as a church send to the nations.

• Tuesdays, 7pm–9pm

Refugee Ministry Opportunities

We are seeking volunteers to serve in the following areas:

Tuesdays or Thursdays, 6:30-8:30pm

Teachers: If you have a heart for internationals and enjoy

(September 5-December 14)

teaching, we need volunteers to teach and assist our daytime

Contact: Carli Snyder,

and evening ESL classes.

We are looking for committed volunteers to tutor refugee

Greeters: Our ESL students are eager to interact with people

children on a weekly basis for the upcoming fall semester

who enjoy giving warm smiles and speaking welcoming words

(September 5-December 14). Come join the fun! Volunteers will

as they enter the classroom.

be required to complete a training and consent to a background

International Friendships (IFI) Contact: Jon–David Hawks, 740.258.4042 or

check. For more information, please email Carli Snyder.

Media Arts

International Friendships (IFI) partners with Vineyard Columbus

Video, Audio, & Lighting Support

to promote friendships and show hospitality to international


students at OSU.

We’re looking for passionate, quick–thinking people who

• IFI English Conversation Partner or Friendship Partner

value quality to support the sights and sounds of the weekend


service. If you love to use technology to help people encounter

Become a conversation partner and help students practice

God, contact us to start making a difference in your church.

English, learn about American culture, and more. Individuals and families can be friendship partners who meet with

Prison Ministries

an international student or couple monthly for a meal or

Help inmates grow into disciples of Christ. To join us serving


those in prison, contact Deborah Scott, 614.259.5348 or

• IFI Internship Program Contact: Estera Pirosca, Visit: (financial donations) IFI would like to place interns (20 hours/week) in the chemical industry, actuarial science, finance/accounting, statistical analysis, web design/media, and marketing.

Art for Self-Awareness Instructor Contact: Ellice, We are looking for women interested in teaching an art class in the women’s prison. There are two training classes being facilitated by Ellice Park. The training will be facilitated in the

• Meals for IFI Friday Night Bible Studies

prison setting. Learn art techniques that assist us in opening

Contact: Tiria,

ourselves to God and others within the context of the prison

IFI always needs people to help organize, prepare, and

environment. RSVP to Ellice to plan for supplies or if you need

distribute food at our Friday night Bible study when students

additional information.

and volunteers share a meal together. Contact us if you or your small group are interested. • Small Group Outreach for IFI Contact: Jon–David Hawks, 740.258.4042 or jondavidhawks@

Aunt Mary’s Storybook Project: Volunteers at Franklin County Jail, Franklin County Medical Center, and The Ohio Reformatory for Women Days and times vary-2 hours every other month

Sign up:

Contact: Deborah Scott,

International Friendships (IFI) has opportunities for small

We are continually receiving requests for AMSB in the local

groups to help “reach the world” together including prayer,

jails and prisons. Volunteers record parents reading to their

preparing food for a Bible study, making welcome bags,

children, then our small group gift wraps the books and CDs

greeting new students, and hosting a used furniture sale.

and sends them to the children. We need both men and women for this program. The AMSB wrapping group meets every 3rd Monday at the church from 6-8pm. Training is available.



Women Serving Women: Prison Ministry

Special Needs Intervention Support Team

Contact: Deborah Scott,

Sundays, 9am, Cooper Road Campus

There are different ministry opportunities for women to serve

Contact: Deb, 614.259.5418 or

at the Ohio Reformatory for Women and Franklin Medical

Center – Zone A.

If you have training in behavior intervention, special education,

Franklin Medical Center Parenting Class Volunteers Contact: Deborah Scott, We would like to offer parenting classes for pregnant moms at the Franklin Medical Center, the prison hospital. We will provide class materials and necessary training.

autism, and/or mental health support, consider being on call to help us create a safety net when the Special Needs ministry needs extra help.

Support for Life Become a Lay Counselor Contact: or

Men Serving Men: Prison Ministry


We minister to men during worship services at multiple

Application: available at

facilities. Volunteer with worship, prayer team, or help at the

We're looking for leaders to meet with individuals on a


short-term basis to provide a listening ear, supportive

Delaware County Jail: 1–2 Saturdays/month, 10–11:30am

encouragement, empowered prayer, and biblical guidance. If

Franklin County Jail: 3rd Saturdays, 8–10:30am

you've benefited from support and healing during a difficult

Jackson Pike: 3rd Saturdays, 6:45–8:45pm

life season or situation that has resulted in growth and

Contact: Scott Osborn, 740.244.6528 or

freedom, you may wish to help others by providing similar support on a one-on-one basis.

Franklin County Jail: 2nd & 4th Saturdays, 8–10:30am

Caring for People One on One

Contact: John, 614.578.8371 or

Thursdays, September 7-October 12, 7-9pm

Special Needs

Contact: or

Bridge Builders

Application: available at

Contact: (children/middle schoolers) Contact: (teens/adults) Befriend a child, teen, or adult with special needs who wants to be part of our church community.

Body Builders Class (Special Needs)

614.259.5289 Lay counselors meet with individuals on a short-term basis to provide a listening ear, supportive encouragement, empowered prayer, and biblical guidance. This training, taught by Support for Life staff, gives leaders actual tools and activities to use with others on a one-on-one basis to facilitate healing, growth, and a deeper personal relationship with God.

Sundays, 9am, Cooper Road Campus

An application to become a lay counselor can be found on

Contact: Deb, 614.259.5418 or

Caring for People in Group Settings

Adults who are VC members are needed for our Middle School or Teens/Adults classes with special needs. Can you be kind, laugh, sit at a table, color, listen, pray, and sing worship songs? Join us twice a month.

Mondays, October 2-November 6, 7-9pm Contact: Application: available at Taught by Support for Life staff in a small group format, this

Sensory Break Room/Buddy Connection

training provides a general model for working with group

Sundays, 9am, Cooper Road Campus

members, which includes how to use prayer, listening and

Contact: Christy Smith, 614.374.4859 or

empathy skills, the Bible, and group dynamics in the group

Befriend a child who needs an extra hand getting used to

setting and includes plenty of role-playing scenarios. Required

church and children’s ministry. If their special needs interfere

to become a support group leader. An application to become a

with learning Jesus loves them, maybe they can meet Jesus

support group leader can be found on

through your guidance and love. Become a mentor buddy in our nationally–known program called the Sensory Break Room. Serve on a rotation.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G




Become a Support for Life Group Leader

• Check-in Volunteers


Saturdays (two per month), 8am-12pm

Application: available at

5th Avenue Food Pantry, 181 East 5th Avenue

We are looking for leaders who can create groups that offer a

Contact: Chris Blosser,

safe environment for those who are struggling to experience the love of Jesus and the care of his community. If you've benefited from support and healing during a difficult life season or situation that has resulted in growth and freedom, you may wish to help others by leading a support or recovery group related to the same issue. We are currently looking for leaders for the following subjects: • Parents of children/teens on the autism spectrum • Female chemical dependency recovery group • Families impacted by the opioid crisis • Male victims of sexual abuse

Could you help out twice a month checking in people at our downtown 5th Ave. pantry? If so, we would love your help! Please email Chris Blosser, our pantry manager, and talk with him about this opportunity to serve. • Licensed Barbers and Cosmetologists Contact: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or We are looking for licensed barbers to offer free haircuts for 2–4 hours at our pantry locations on Saturday mornings and licensed cosmetologists to volunteer services at our Northside pantry. • Pantry Drivers & Helpers

Urban Ministry

Contact: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or

Urban Ministry is a bridge between our church and the people

Drivers and helpers needed for MidOhio Food pick–up for

of Columbus. We feed the hungry, care for the sick, and bring

Northside pantry. Take a Budget rental truck to MidOhio

hope to prisoners and the homeless. For ways to volunteer,

Foodbank every other week. You pick the day and time.

visit or contact Rhodie Shreve,

Need to be strong enough to unload.

614.259.5441 or

• Food Sorting Contact: Jenney Rice,,

Food Pantries


Our Urban Ministry has two food pantries that serve the

If you have one or more hours during the week, please

community of Columbus. For more info, contact Rhodie

consider helping sort food donations for our pantries.

Shreve, 614.259.5441 or, or visit

Pantry Help Needed!

Opportunities to Serve:

• 5th Avenue Food Pantry

We are in need of men to help deliver food from the Mid-Ohio

Contact: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or

181 East 5th Avenue

Foodbank to our food pantries. Ability to drive a box truck (stick

Saturday, 8am–12pm

shift) and forklift is helpful, but not necessary. Deliveries/Pick-

Small groups need to be scheduled to serve at the pantry, so contact Rhodie. Carpool if possible, parking is limited. • Northside Food Pantry 4664 Cleveland Avenue

ups are on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during the daytime (depends on order). Approximate time commitment is 4 hours every other week. Please contact Rhodie if you can help!

To serve, park along Chester Road to allow guest parking

Homeless Backpack Program

around the building. You can also help once a month to sort

Contact: Jenney Rice,

food at Vineyard Columbus.

We are looking to fill 90 backpacks for men and women who

• Monday Night Service

are homeless in our community. We will accept donations

Mondays, 6pm

for the following items: backpacks, thermal underwear

5th Avenue Food Pantry, 181 East 5th Avenue

(tops and bottoms in sizes L – 3X), winter gloves, hats, socks,

Contact: Jenney, 614.259.5370 or

sweatshirts, flashlights, all size batteries, personal care items,

hand and feet warmers, and cards of encouragement. Please

Small groups can plan, prepare, and serve a meal (we can

label donation packages with “Homeless Backpack Program”.

provide meal ideas).

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Visiting the Elderly Contact: Chuck Fisher, 614.259.5403 or

Coaches and Referees Needed for Vineyard Athletics! (to learn more

Contact: Jerome Smith, 614.259.5395 or

information before you go)

• Heartland of Westerville

Help with our Youth Basketball, Cheerleading, or NFL Flag

1060 Eastwind Drive 2nd Saturdays, 12:30pm • Edgewood Manor 140 N. State Street 3rd Sundays, 10:30pm • Villa Angela 5700 Karl Road 4th Saturdays, 2pm • Bryden Place

Football leagues. We need coaches and referees for grades K-6.

Vineyard Free Health Clinics Volunteers Contact: Carol Achmoody, 614.259.5512 or We need dentists, dental assistants, chiropractors, and prayer team members (Meeting God 301 required for prayer team).

Volunteer with After–School Program Monday–Friday, 3:30–6pm, August–May

1169 Bryden Road

Contact: Nikki Mills,

Thursdays, 7:20–8:30pm

Volunteers can serve as classroom helpers, homework helpers,

VC Students

reading buddies, and tutors with grade school, middle school,

VC Students Small Groups & Weekend Services Leaders

difference in the life of a child.

Contact: Shane Huey, (VC High School) Contact: Michael Doom, michael.doom@vineyardcolumbus. org (VC Middle School) Volunteer with VC Students in two special areas: Small Groups and Weekend Services. We’ll be sure to train you before leaving

or high school students. A few hours a week can make a big

One Child One Community: Adopt A School Contact: Anna Fullen, 614.259.5452, If your small group is looking for a place to serve together, One Child One Community needs groups to partner with us to support Columbus schools. For more info on how your group can serve, contact Anna Fullen.

you alone with teenagers!

Vineyard Community Center Artists Needed Contact: Contact Vineyard Columbus Artists if you are a member of the church and interested in teaching an arts or crafts class.

Artists Small Group (New) Contact: Come with ideas to share and plan a course of growth beginning with a book study. All artists are welcome. Send us an email if you're interested in being a part of this group.

VineyardKids Be an AWANA Leader! Tuesdays, beginning September 5, 6:15-9pm Cooper Road Campus, Multi-Purpose Room Application: Pick up an application from the children’s info desk or the KQ welcome center Contact: Mike Szlapak, 614.259.5317 We are accepting applications for people who desire to invest in our kids to help us make disciples of them. We have a curriculum, ongoing training, and a team to work with. We are flexible when you need time off and offer the fringe benefit of being loved by the kids and leaders. To make disciples we focus

Blood Drive

on scripture memory, friendship, and fun. Consistency is one

Wednesday, October 4, Vineyard Community Center

of the keys where the kids will come regularly and we need

Visit: sponsor code: VineCommCtr.

leaders who will too. Pray about being part of the team and see

Give the Gift of Blood. The need for blood donations is ongoing,

where God leads.

and every donor makes a difference



Kids’ Worship: Campus Volunteer Recruitment

Join the Choir at Vineyard Columbus

We are looking for teens and adults who would like to help lead


kids in worship at our campuses. Each campus handles kids’

“Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you

worship differently and needs people who want to help the

teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through

little ones connect to God through the worship arts. No need

psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God

to play an instrument! We offer training, provide all necessary

with gratitude in your hearts.” Colossians 3:16.

materials, and include you in a volunteer rotation.

Our desire is to join together and sing praises to him. If you

Kidz Quest Leaders Weekend Services at all campuses Application: Pick up an application from the children’s info desk or the KQ welcome center Contact: Mike Szlapak, 614.259.5317

are musically gifted, sense God’s calling, and would like to be a part of the Choir at Vineyard Columbus, please email Danielle Evans.

Other Opportunities

We are accepting applications for qualified people to help us

Baker’s Delight

make disciples out of our elementary age kids and bring them

Contact Mia Byrne, 614.751.5083 or

to Jesus. Our objective is to partner with parents and inspire

We bake for the women’s shelter, single moms, children’s

the kids to follow Jesus through our model and teaching. We

volunteers, women’s ministry events, nursing homes, and

offer curriculum, training, and an AWESOME team to work

others. Great for friends, families, and small groups who

with. We have opportunities of all shapes and sizes where your

are looking for outreach opportunities. Join us!

5 loaves and 2 fish are enough. Interested? Let us know.

Ohio Benefit Bank Counselors Needed

Vineyard Men


Helping Hands

program to access public benefits such as food stamps,

Contact: Joyce Shuster,

Medicaid, free tax filing, etc. If you are a church member,

or 614.259.5303

contact Rhodie Shreve, rhodie.shreve@vineyardcolumbus.

Are you a guy who can fix things? Our Helping Hands ministry

org or 614.259.5441 (for the 5th Avenue or Northside

helps people in our community that are in need of minor home

Food Pantries), or Maria Broeckel, maria.broeckel@

repairs such as leaky faucets, screen door repairs, etc. The or 614.259.5296 (for the Vineyard

families are usually single parent homes, elderly or those who

Community Center).

can’t afford repairs on their own. If you’d like to use your repair skills to help, please contact Joyce Shuster.

Guide clients through a user–friendly, web–based computer

Welcome Ministry Volunteer Opportunity Contact Adrienne Ash,

Vineyard Women

If you love to talk and make people feel welcome, then you

Vineyard Women Event Team

our team calls the visitors who turned in a connect card or

Contact Liz Ward,

decision prayer card during one of the weekend services.

We are looking for women who enjoy meeting people,

We make them feel welcomed and give them information

serving others, and offering hospitality to join our Event

about ways they can get connected at Vineyard. Most

Team. Some of the ways you can help include promoting

importantly we want them to know that in our large

the event, administrative help, decorating, greeting,

church, they were seen and that they are important to us.

registration, and more. We have a great time serving

You can make calls from your home or come to the church

together and would love to have you join us!

and make your calls.

should join the New Visitors Call Ministry! Each Monday

Worship Arts Serve with Worship Arts Contact

The Worship Arts Ministry is looking for experienced musicians (all instruments and vocalists) for all worship teams. We are also looking for bilingual vocalists. Email Danielle for more information. V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


G I V E & D O N AT E

One Child One Community: Donations

Aunt Mary’s Story Book Project: Donations (Prison Ministries)

Contact: Anna Fullen, 614.259.5452, We partner with six Columbus City schools for mentoring

Contact Deborah Scott, 614.259.5348 or

and support and are collecting school supplies for the

2017-18 school year. Please drop off donations in the One

Our women’s prison ministry offers a program to incarcerated

Child One Community bins at the Worship Center & Ministry

moms that enables them to record themselves reading a book

Center entrances.

to their children. We wrap the CD and book to send

Supplies we’re collecting:

to the children. We accept donations of new infant and

• Backpacks

toddler board books. Drop off in bins at entrances and label

• 2-pocket folders

“Aunt Mary’s.”

• Binders • Paper (loose & notebooks)

Automobile Donations

• #2 pencils

Donate used cars to Vineyard Columbus to bless others in

• Pens

our congregation. We accept all kinds and conditions and

• Erasers

provide a receipt for your tax purposes. If a car or small–to–

• Highlighters

medium sized SUV is well–maintained, we check it over and

• Basic calculators

provide it to a person or family. High mileage cars are O.K., as

• Student planners

long as vehicles have been maintained and are in fairly good

• Art supplies (crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue,

condition. Other cars, not suitable due to condition or needing expensive repairs, will be sold, and the funds used for the

safety scissors)

car ministry. To donate a car, contact Mandi, 614.259.5384.

Online Giving & TEXT to Give

If you’re a member of Vineyard Columbus and in need of a

Contact 614.259.5443 or

vehicle, call 614.259.5408. You can make a one time offering or you can schedule regular

Homeless Ministries Donations (Urban Ministries)

giving by visiting You can also

Please donate men’s T–shirts (sizes L–3XL) and any size of

For more info, contact our Finance department.

men’s sweatshirts, socks, and jeans. Also, used/clean or new

TEXT your amount to 614.333.0330 and follow the prompts.

blankets and propane. Please mark and place donations in the

Pantry Donations (Urban Ministries)

Urban Ministry bins located near the church entrances.

We always need personal care items like soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc. Drop off in the metal bins by the Cooper Road Campus entrances.

Planned Giving Contact Kent Irwin, 614.259.5505 or If you would like to discuss estate planning, contact Kent Irwin.



Project Venezuela Contact Irene Casale,, 614.259.5254 There is a severe shortage of food, medicine, and other basic needs in Venezuela. We want to offer some relief to this country by sending some of these necessary items. There will be designated containers at the entrance of the church where you can donate items to ‘Project Venezuela’ for the next several months. These items will then be sent to Venezuelan churches that can distribute them to the populations in greatest need. Please consider participating in this demonstration of God’s love. Specific items needed: • Nonperishable foods: Rice, sugar, pasta, dry beans, corn flour, powdered milk, salt, peanut butter, ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. • Medicines: Tylenol/Motrin, antibiotics, allergy relief, and First Aid supplies. • Babies: Diapers, infant formula, baby food, and wipes. • Hygiene: Soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo, hair conditioner, toothbrush, and deodorant/antiperspirant.

Transitions Ministry Contact Cooper Road Donation Drop–off: Ministry Center lobby

throughout the week. Campus Donation Drop–off: During weekend worship

services. Help us replenish our supplies for those in transition from homelessness. This month we are collecting pots and pans sets, new pillows, queen–sized sheet sets in package, and serving dishes.

Value Life Donations Contact We are completely out of newborn and size 0-3 month boy and girl onesies, T-shirts, and sleepers. We also need all brands of Gerber and Similac formulas and size 3, 4, and 5 diapers. Drop off items in the Ministry Center lobby. There are bins marked “Value Life”. For more info on ways to serve, like Value Life on Facebook or visit value–life.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G




parable is told of an African tribe that lived in a remote

Paul. He made a living as a professor at OSU and served the

village. Every evening they would all gather together

church without pay. We were essentially an independent, non-

by the campfire to hear tribal stories of past victories, great

denominational church of about 140 members.

heroes, close calls, and lessons learned. It was through the

Then in 1985 we encountered the Vineyard Movement and

telling and retelling of these stories that the tribe’s identity

John Wimber. The Vineyard Movement had also started back in

was preserved and passed on from one generation to the next.

the 1970’s in southern California, with a group of “Jesus freaks”

Then electricity was introduced into the village. Everyone now

who “were hungry for more of God” and so began meeting

had light in their own hut and so they stopped coming to the

together in a home to worship and seek the Lord. By 1977 this

nightly campfires to hear the tribal stories. And before long,

group had grown to about 150 people and they asked John

the tribe forgot who they were.

Wimber to be their pastor.

It is also through the telling and retelling of stories that our

John and his wife Carol had no church background when they

identity as followers of Jesus is preserved and passed on—the

initially came to Christ about 15 years earlier, and so they had

biblical stories of God’s people as well as our own Vineyard

no preconceived ideas about what church should be like. They

Columbus “tribal” story. In honor of our 30th anniversary we

did what they believed the Bible said to do. From the start,

want to once again tell our story.

they were both active in ministry and John agreed to lead this

Vineyard Columbus began in the early 70’s as several bible

group—which had now become a church.

studies of college students who had come to Christ through

After preaching through the gospel of Luke (which is full of

the Jesus movement. Our values and commitments back

healing stories), John’s “flock” were convinced that God didn’t

then were simple. We wanted to live as followers of Jesus in

want them to just talk about healing—God wanted them to DO

ALL of life—24/7—not just on Sundays. Within a few years, we

healing! And so John reluctantly led his church in praying for

began meeting at Brookhaven High School in Columbus, where

the sick, initially without any success. But after many months

we stayed for the next five years. We called ourselves Christ

of praying, someone finally got healed! What began as a trickle

Community Church and our average attendance at the time

became a rushing stream of hundreds of healings, miracles,

was 120. During this time, we grew very little, not because we

and powerful experiences of the Holy Spirit! The church

didn’t want to grow or didn’t believe in sharing the gospel.

exploded in size, growing to seven churches across southern

Newcomers just didn’t feel comfortable at our church because

California. By 1982 they began calling themselves Vineyard and

we were such a tight, close-knit community.

John Wimber was the head of this new movement.

In the mid-1980’s we bought our first building on Lehner Rd.

We decided we needed to learn everything we could about

just south of Morse Rd. Danny Meyer (pastor/counselor) and

John Wimber and the Vineyard. We attended Vineyard

Joanne Kay (church secretary) were our only paid staff at

conferences, read John Wimber’s books, and listened to hours

the time. Rich was considered a “tentmaker” like the apostle

of teaching tapes. We practiced praying for the sick and opened


ourselves up to God’s Spirit. Before long, we began to see

approved our loan for our building, saying “Vineyard is a well

healings and deliverances (signs and wonders) for ourselves.

known church all around the world!”

We were convinced these supernatural miracles were authentic and that Vineyard’s teaching about the kingdom was biblically sound. In 1987 (30 years ago this month), we formally affiliated with the Vineyard movement and changed our name to Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Columbus. At the same time, Rich left

In 1992, we moved into our new building with about 1,000 people. The multi-purpose room was the original sanctuary. We continued to experience steady growth, not just in our membership and attendance, but also in our ministries and outreaches.

his position as a law professor at OSU Business College and

Something that is very unique about Vineyard Columbus—

officially became our first senior pastor.

makes us stand out among churches in America—is our

After becoming a Vineyard, we started seeing steady growth. At our little church building on Lehner Road we grew to 900

diversity. Most churches are very homogeneous—very few have any racial or ethnic diversity. For the first 20 years of our

and were forced to do three services every Sunday. We knew

church’s history that’s the way we were—we were an entirely

we had to move to a bigger location and so began looking

white church!

around the northeast side of Columbus. We were hoping

One night soon after we moved into our building on Cooper

to stay within the 270 outer belt, but there wasn’t much

Road, Rich had a series of three dreams he believed were from


the Lord. In the dreams, he was preaching before a racially

We finally landed on an old health club—it needed renovations,

diverse congregation. And he felt the Lord say to him, “This

but the location was good. Once in contract, Rich asked a

will be your heritage—Vineyard Columbus will one day be

prophetically gifted friend if God had any “words” for us. (He

this diverse.” Because of these dreams, we began to pray for

was hoping for confirmation about our purchase of this health

diversity and to do what we could to be more welcoming.

club.) The friend did have a word from God for us, but was a warning about “encountering incredible legal hassles.” But he added, “Don’t worry. God has a surprise for you.” Within two days, our church’s lawyer called to inform Rich that he had “encountered incredible legal hassles” regarding the purchase of the health club! We knew it was not God’s will for us to move to that location. Two weeks later, we learned of a corn field on Cooper Road. We bought the land with money we had saved and then began looking for a loan to build the building. Rich went to bank after bank throughout Columbus, but no one would give us a

We hoped to one day become a reflection of Franklin County, which according to the US census is about 30% non-white. According to our most recent congregational survey, we are 41% non-majority, non-white. Not only do we have racial diversity, we have cultural diversity as well—14% of our church is international—from 120 different countries around the world. We believe diversity is God’s heart for the church— that this is a picture of the Kingdom of God in the book of Revelation, where every tribe, tongue, and nation is together worshipping God before the throne.

loan. They all said, “We’ve heard of Baptist and Methodist and

We never set out to build a multi-cultural megachurch and

Presbyterian, but we’ve never heard of Vineyard! How do we

a vibrant community center with dozens of ministries and

know you won’t be here today and gone tomorrow!” He was

outreaches that impact our city and world for Christ. We were

at the last bank—it was a Friday—the bank officer said the vice

only trying to be faithful to God’s Word and follow the lead of

president would make a final decision over the weekend and

God’s Spirit. We are so very grateful for all that he has done,

let us know on Monday—but it didn’t look good. Rich called all

but we know he is not finished yet with Vineyard Columbus.

the leaders in the church that Friday to pray.

There is still a lot of work to be done and there still are many

On Sunday the bank vice president who usually went to church

lives to be reached with the gospel message, the love of Christ

had to stay home with his sick daughter. He turned on Robert

and the power of God’s Spirit.

Schuller’s “Hour of Power” and listened to Schuler tell a story about being sick while traveling in Europe. He was in a hospital in Germany when he learned that John Wimber (who was known for praying for the sick) was in Germany doing

So this is our tribal story! We’ve been on an amazing journey the past 30 years of God leading us through challenging circumstances, speaking to us through prophetic words and

a conference. Also being from southern California, he knew

dreams and providing for our needs as a church. As part of our

Wimber, and so had his wife call him to come to the hospital to

church family this is now your tribal story. May you embrace

pray. Schuler was healed! On the TV he went on and on about

who you are as a member of our Vineyard tribe; may you

“the man from Vineyard” and how he had been miraculously

discover your calling and may you fulfill the role God has for

healed through his prayers. On Monday the bank vice president

you in our story. We do believe the best is yet to come. V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


CELEBR ATI N G 30 YEARS A Brief History of Vineyard Columbus



Fruit of the Vine Food Pantry (now 5th Avenue Pantry) opens.


Fruit of the Vine Medical Clinic opens.


Value Life begins serving women.

Rich Nathan became the first Senior Pastor of Vineyard Columbus.

Attendance reaches 2,000


Kidz Quest begins.


Rich has a vision of Vineyard Columbus attendance growing to 2,000 by the year 2000.


First annual short-term mission trip to Brazil.


Vineyard Leadership Institute (VLI) begins.


Joshua House begins.

Moved to new building on Cooper Road. Attendance reaches 1,000

First church plant from Vineyard Columbus to SW Franklin County.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G



Moves into new auditorium at Cooper Road.


Vineyard Columbus celebrates 20th Anniversary.


Sawmill Campus launches at Davis Middle School.

2003 Attendance reaches 5,000

Attendance reaches 6,000


After-School Program & Summer Program begins. Attendance reaches 4,000


First annual short-term mission trip to Africa. Fruit of the Vine begins ministry in African churches.


Vineyard Community Center opens.


Vineyard Columbus plants church in Amsterdam.


V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


2012 East Campus launches

at Berwick School with


Pastor Charles Montgomery.

Northside Food Pantry opens.


2013 19 missionaries on the field


Vineyard Leadership Institute (VLI) becomes Vineyard Institute (VI).

2012 2011

Lane Avenue Campus launches with Pastor Andrew Oswalt.

Sawmill Campus moves to Dublin Village Center.

Scott Engebretson becomes Pastor of Sawmill Campus.


Vineyard Columbus celebrates 25th Anniversary.


La Viña Campus launches with Pastor Irene Casale-Petrarca. La Viña es un servicio completamente en español.


East Campus moves to current location in Pickerington.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G



Vineyard USA hosts The Vineyard Global Family Conference at Cooper Road Campus.


Transitions ministry launches during The Good Life, serves over 1,000 people by 2017.

2017 2016

Vineyard Columbus congregation includes people from 125 nations.

Attendance reaches 7,400

Vineyard Columbus holds A World Fully Alive Conference.

15 missionaries on the field 27 Church plants to date


Sawmill Campus moves to Tuller Road location.


Value Life serves 4,000 women to date.

2017 2016

First all-church discipleship campaign, The Good Life.


First VC Twenty All Campus Gathering with Pastors Christian Root and Shane Huey.


Vineyard Columbus celebrates 30th Anniversary.

All-church discipleship campaign, Fully Alive.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G




V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


B O O K S TO R E 614.891.6440 M O N D AY Closed T U E S D AY 12-5pm W E D N E S D AY 12-5pm T H U R S D AY 12-5pm F R I D AY 12-5pm S AT U R D AY 5:30-8:15pm S U N D AY 8:45am-1:45pm Closed during services

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


MIX September 2017  
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