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n the past month, two of the strongest hurricanes ever to hit the

other Galileans because they suffered this way? 3 I tell you, no! But

United States in recorded history brought economic devastation,

unless you repent, you too will all perish. 4 Or those eighteen who

suffering, and at least 85 deaths to Texas, Florida, and several other

died when the tower in Siloam fell on them—do you think they were

states. How should a thoughtful Christian think about hurricanes and

more guilty than all the others living in Jerusalem? 5 I tell you, no! But

other natural disasters? There are several unhelpful ways to think

unless you repent, you too will all perish.”

about hurricanes:

the unjust alike. Hurricanes and earthquakes happen to Christians and

PA R T I C U L A R P E O P L E F O R T H E I R W I C K E D N E S S .

non-Christians alike. We have no basis to speculate on why God allows

During Hurricane Katrina, various Christian pastors and televangelists

a natural disaster!

publicly speculated that Katrina was God’s judgment on the wickedness of New Orleans. Lost, of course, in this speculation about

There’s another bad way to think about hurricanes:

what God was up to in Hurricane Katrina was the fact that many of the

2 . H U R R I C A N E S A N D O T H E R N AT U R A L D I S A S T E R S

victims of Katrina were New Orleans’ most vulnerable—the elderly, the

A R E A S I G N T H AT J E S U S I S C O M I N G S O O N .

disabled, and the poor. On the other hand, notorious Bourbon Street with its seedy bars and strip joints was largely spared. Lost also was the fact that hundreds of New Orleans churches were damaged and many faithful Christians were drowned. I am aware of no such speculation about Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Perhaps TV preachers are mostly from Texas or Florida. Or perhaps

One frequently hears the idea that with an uptick in the number of wars or earthquakes or hurricanes, Jesus is returning soon. But here is what Jesus actually said: Matthew 24:6-7 (NASB) 6 You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are

preachers have been sufficiently chastened by the reaction to their

not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet

Katrina comments. Unfortunately, it’s likely that if San Francisco is

the end. 7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against

finally shaken by a long overdue earthquake, the “this is judgment on

kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes.

them” crowd will be back in force.

Wars and earthquakes and other natural disasters are what I would

We dare not speculate on secret counsels of God regarding particular

call the Not Yet signs of the Lord’s return. There is only one great sign

tragic events. When Jesus was asked in Luke 13 about some Galileans

that Jesus’ return is near; the preaching of the gospel to every nation.

who were murdered by the bloodthirsty Pontius Pilate, Jesus

Here’s what Jesus actually said was THE sign of his return:

responded by saying:

Matthew 24:14

Luke 13:2-5

14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world

“Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners than all the



In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus tells us that it rains on the just and



as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

So, if these are bad ways to think about hurricanes and other natural

in Bengal, the crop was only down 5%, yet hundreds of thousands of

disasters, what are good ways to think about such things?

people starved.

1 . H U R R I C A N E S , L I K E A L L N AT U R A L D I S A S T E R S ,

What’s going on? Keneally shows that in each of these famines,


political powers did one of three things: they forcibly took food away

T O R E P E N T.

from the hungry and gave it to other people who already had enough.

Again, in Luke 13, when Jesus was questioned about the murder of some Galileans by Pontius Pilate, Jesus used that as an opportunity to call the questioners to repentance. He said: Luke 13:2-3 2 “Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners than all the

Second, they sabotaged and vandalized the means of producing food. And third, when people began to starve, they neglected them. But you might ask: what about other natural disasters like earthquakes? Surely, you can’t blame the suffering inflicted on people in Haiti, for example, on other people.

other Galileans because they suffered this way? 3 I tell you, no! But

A few years ago, Nature Magazine, did a piece which analyzed the link

unless you repent, you too will all perish.

between government corruption and deaths from earthquakes. What

Rather than speculate about other people’s wickedness when disaster strikes, it is always good to examine our own hearts before God and to personally repent for our own sins. After all, we don’t know how long we have left or when a hurricane or a tornado will strike us. It’s always right for us to be ready to face God in judgment.

they discovered was, as a general rule across the globe, it is not the strength of an earthquake which determines the number of deaths, but rather the corruption of the government. The authors looked at places where an enormous number of deaths from earthquakes took place around the globe and then considered where each of those places ranked on a study of corruption from Transparency

2 . T H E D A M A G E C A U S E D B Y “ N AT U R A L

International. Here is what the authors of this Nature article

D I S A S T E R S ” I S O F T E N E X P O N E N T I A L LY I N C R E A S E D


B Y H U M A N F O L LY A N D G R E E D .

83% of those hundreds of thousands of deaths occur in particularly

We often struggle with God’s goodness as we look at the sheer

corrupt nations. Put another way, it is likely that most people crushed

amount of human suffering. But when we dig in and ask why people

to death under falling masonry, do so because of corrupt building

suffer, the vast, vast bulk of human suffering is not the result of

practices. Corners cut and palms greased to put up homes cheaply end

God’s doing, but the result of our sin—what we human beings do to

up with coffins being carried to cemeteries.

each other. From the Holocaust to child abuse, from torture to sex trafficking, from war to embezzlement, it’s not God who is doing these terrible things to people. It is we who lie and steal and maim and murder.

Scientists believe that the human contribution to climate change has caused the rise of sea levels resulting in vastly more flooding in coastal areas. Climate change also causes higher sea-surface and subsurface ocean temperatures which results in way more precipitation

You say: “But what about natural disasters—things like famines and

due to more moisture evaporating from warmer waters. This causes

earthquakes and floods? You can’t blame the vast majority of suffering

unprecedented rainfalls like that of Hurricane Harvey. In addition,

from natural disasters on people. Don’t let God off the hook so

lax zoning laws which permit the paving of marsh land, results in the

easily! All the natural disasters around the world that cause so much

loss of absorption of surface waters and much greater flooding. All of

suffering, its God who causes all of this suffering, not people.”

this is to say that before we blame God for suffering, we may want to

I read a powerful book several years ago by Thomas Keneally titled

consider our own human contribution to the suffering equation.

Three Famines: Starvation and Politics. What Keneally does is detail how famines happen. There’s been a revolution of thinking regarding famines. As recently as the mid-1980’s, it was thought that a famine was an “act of God”—a failure of rains, or crops, or seasons. But in the 1990s a Nobel Prize-winning economist named Amartya Sen showed

Finally, the most helpful way for us to think about hurricanes and any other tragic situation is this: 3. HURRICANES ARE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR US TO SERVE AND TO RELIEVE THE VICTIMS’ SUFFERING.

this was wrong by proving one clear fact. He said: “No famine has ever

There are hundreds of stories of people racing to Houston in an

taken place in the history of the world in a functioning democracy.”

armada of small fishing boats to pluck people out of flood waters.

Famine, it turns out, is not caused by a failure to produce food. It is caused by a failure to distribute food fairly because the government is not accountable to the starving. So Keneally examines three famines. One was the Irish Potato Famine in 1845. The second was the Bengal Famine during World War II in 1943-44. The third were the Ethiopian

There are many stories of great heroism and sacrifice. This is where we want to live as a church. Vineyard Columbus is a church that refuses to speculate on the secret counsels of God regarding any particular tragedy. Instead, we simply want to be there to help people, bind up the broken, offer comfort, and help victims rebuild their lives.

Famines of the 1970s and 1980s. Even though these famines were

To that end, Vineyard Columbus is organizing dozens of work teams

scattered across centuries and across continents, Keneally says all

and teams of health professionals to assist in providing relief for the

they share the same DNA. In every instance of famine, there is a natural

victims of Harvey and Irma. If you’d like to be a part of this effort,

trigger, but it is not nearly enough to explain the famine. For example,

simply go online at V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Sunday, November 5, 2:30–5:30pm, Cooper Road Campus Teacher: Senior Pastor Rich Nathan Meet pastors and learn more about the history and beliefs of Vineyard Columbus. This class is required for membership. No preregistration is necessary, unless you need childcare (ages 1-12). Next Class: Sunday, January 28

Sunday, November 5, 2:30–5:30pm, Cooper Road Campus Teacher: Pastor Scott Engebretson Whether you’ve followed Jesus for a short time or many years, discover practical ways to mature and thrive. We’ll offer ways to read the Bible so that it comes to life, pray with more power, and live a life of holistic stewardship. Next Class: Sunday, January 28

Sunday, November 5, 2:30–5:30pm, Cooper Road Campus Teacher: Pastor Craig Heselton Get to know and experience the Holy Spirit, sent by God to bring the Kingdom of God and his presence into our lives and the world. You’ll also learn how to follow his lead in praying for healing in people’s lives. Next Class: Sunday, January 28

Learn more about Meeting God 302 & 304 on p. 20 Sunday, November 5, 2:30–5:30pm, Cooper Road Campus Teacher: Pastor Diane Bauman As followers of Jesus, we are all called to serve. Whether you have been around Vineyard Columbus for a week or years, you’ll find this class helpful in discovering where God wants you to serve and grow. Next Class: Sunday, January 28

Sunday, November 5, 2:30–5:30pm, Cooper Road Campus Teacher: Pastor Stephen Van Dop The purpose of this class is to train and encourage every Christian, to share Christ, everywhere, in every way, all the time. Next Class: Sunday, January 28





Baptism Classes


Saturday, October 7, after services Sunday, October 8, after services


If you’re a new follower of Jesus, getting baptized is an

Contact: Julie Pierce (614.625.7335,,

important next step. It’s a public proclamation of your

Abigail Shaw ( or Peggy Steinbower

decision to follow Christ. In order to participate in baptism,


you must attend one of the required classes listed above. Find

Chosen4Love is a community of families with a passion for

more info online or at the Info Counter in the Lobby.

adoption and foster care. We serve as a resource for adoptive

Youth Baptism Classes Saturday, October 7, after services

families and for people who are considering becoming foster or adoptive parents. Please connect with one of us for support and encouragement in this area.

Sunday, October 8, after services Contact: Pastors Kerry Davis, 614.259.5502 or

Parent Seminar: Introducing Orange!

Mike Szlapak, 614.259.5317

Monday, October 16, 7-8:30pm

If you’re a new follower of Jesus between the ages of 10

Childcare: $5 per child, or $10 per family, ages 1-12

and 18, please take one of these required classes.

(must register a week in advance)

Baptism Celebrations Saturday, October 14, 6pm, Cooper Road Campus

Register: Contact: Mindy, Join the Family Life Team as we discuss the benefits of the new

Sunday, October 15, 9am & 11:30am, Cooper Road Campus

Orange Curriculum being used in our Vineyard Kids ministry and

Next Baptism: Saturday & Sunday, December 2 & 3

VC Students small groups! We will introduce and demonstrate

Get Connected: Join A Small Group Visit: Contact: Life is better together, and we believe this kind of life happens in a Vineyard Columbus small group. Small groups bring people together from different cultures, life stages, and experiences for a rich community of worship, friendship, growth, and service. Stop by the small group area at your campus to learn more!

Membership 101 Sunday, November 5, 2:30–5:30pm, Cooper Road Campus Teacher: Senior Pastor Rich Nathan Childcare: Register for free at

the resources available for parents to utilize at home, as we partner together to disciple our children.

Vineyard Homeschool Network Contact: Martha, Our mission is to support and empower families who homeschool their children. Our vision is that each family involved will feel supported as we all contribute our unique gifts to benefit and build up one another, and to provide support to children and parents through classes, field trips, and social engagements. Find us on Facebook at Vineyard Columbus Homeschool Network.


Meet pastors and learn more about the history and beliefs

Journey of Hope

of Vineyard Columbus. This class is required for membership.

Tuesdays, October 3–November 7, 7-9pm

No preregistration is necessary, unless you need childcare

No class Tuesday, October 31

(ages 1–12).

Cost: $25 per person

Next Class: Sunday, January 28

Childcare: Childcare is included, ages 1-12

Learn about all of our Vineyard Growth Classes on p. 6.

(must register a week in advance) Register: Contact: Mindy, Journey of Hope offers help to couples experiencing a crisis in their marriage. You and your spouse can receive a renewed hope for healing and restoring your marriage.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Marriage & Family Relationship Coach Training: Become a Dating, Premarital, or Marriage Coach

Baby Dedication Classes

Saturday, October 21, 9am-4pm

Sundays, October 8 & 15, 1:15pm

Follow-ups: Tuesdays, November 7 & 14, 6:30-9pm

Dedication Application Deadline: Sunday, October 15

Contact/Register: Mindy,

Contact: Beth Best,

Are you looking for a fun and rewarding way to serve

Attendance is required on a one–time basis. If you have

together with your spouse, in your own home, around your

previously attended a class for another child, you do not have

own schedule? Our relationship coaches receive training and

to attend again. Applications are available at the Information

resources (including an online relationship inventory) to pass

Counter and online. Please bring your completed application

along to other couples the grace God has given them in their

to the class.

own relationship. Relationship coaches meet 4-6 times with dating, engaged, or married couples. Attend this one-day training and follow-ups to join our community of coaches, and experience a new sense of God’s love, grace, and truth in your own marriage.

Saturdays, October 7 & 14, 7:45pm

Vineyard Kids presents: FamBlitz Live! Friday, October 27, 7-9pm, Cooper Road Campus Cost: Free Contact: Pastor April Murphy or Pastor Mike Szlapak FamBlitz Live is a high energy, crowd participation event

VC Students

that the whole family can enjoy. With the theme of inspiring

VC Students (Middle & High School)

on stage and from their seats in a variety of games and

Weekend Services:

challenges. A Biblical message is woven in throughout games

Saturdays, 6pm & Sundays, 9am & 11:30am

and crowd challenges time to simply sit and listen. With a

Contact: Shane Huey, 614.259.5341 or

unique blend of music, visual effects, original games and

crowd energy, this is the most exciting event you will attend

VC Students is the name of our community of students from

this year.

all across the city seeking to experience God and grow deeper

families to think like a team, parents and kids participate

in their faith. We'd love for you to see what God is doing in the

VineyardKids Choir (Grades 1-8)

lives of students just like you.

Rehearsals: Begin Sunday, October 1, 2-3pm (weekly) Cost: $8 (T-shirt)


Register: or VineyardKids info counter


Our Cooper Road Campus’ VineyardKids Choir will be helping

Tuesdays, 7pm (ongoing through May 8)

lead worship Saturday, October 28 & Sunday, October 29.

Cost: $30 per child

Please contact Lilia Morales with questions.

Register: Contact: Mike Szlapak, AWANA stands for “Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed”. This is a discipleship program for kids grades 1-6 (Grades 7-12 can be student leaders). This program helps shape values, build character, and grow kids' faith through memorizing scripture, making friends, and encountering Jesus.

A D U LT M I N I S T R I E S Seniors Phase III: A Ministry for Retirees 1st Tuesdays, 9:30–11:30am Contact: Ron Schmidt,

Baby Dedication

This ministry is for people of retirement age who want to

Saturday, October 28

flourish in the Kingdom of God during the third phase of their

Check-In: Registration window, 5:30pm

lives. We have opportunities to have fun and develop deep

Sunday, October 29

relationships with other Christians of the same age; grow

Check-In: Registration window, 8:30am (for 9am service)

personally and spiritually, and give back by serving (typically

Check-In: Registration window, 11am (for 11:30am service)

involves supporting other Vineyard Columbus ministries).

Contact: Beth Best, Next Baby Dedication: Saturday, May 12 & Sunday, May 13


Contact: Lilia,


V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Singles Ministry

Men’s 12 x 12 Spiritual Formation Group

Free Social Dance Classes

or 614.259.5303

Friday, October 6, 7:30-9:30pm

Are you a man who has a desire to participate with God and

Sunday, October 15, 7:30-9:30pm

become increasingly conformed to the person and ways of

Childcare: Not available

Jesus in every aspect of your life? Stephen Van Dop is looking

Contact: Natalie Struttmann,

for 12 men to participate in 12 monthly meetings to grow in

These free dance classes are followed by practicing to

spiritual formation. Based on response we will determine

music and socializing. Adult singles and married couples are

specifics (day, time, etc.).

welcome. No partner is necessary. Not a dancer? Come hang out and make new friends. Dress is casual.

Vineyard Women

Kingdom Seekers Group

Social Media

2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 6:30–8:30pm, Cooper Road Campus

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find out

Contact: Ray Beaumier,

what’s happening with Vineyard Women!

2nd, 3rd, & 4th Wednesdays, 7–9pm, Upper Arlington

Contact: Teresa Wilson, We welcome all singles 40+ seeking first the Kingdom of God for Bible study and fellowship.

International Women’s Breakfast 1st Saturdays, 9:30–11:30am (next meeting: October 7)

Not meeting November 4 Contact: Flo Gimei, or

Vineyard Men

Julie Franks,


monthly to experience unity in Christ while we honor our

We have multiple volunteer opportunities for men at Vineyard

diversity. We share a meal, listen to a brief teaching, discuss,

Columbus. Whether it's helping our community or serving in

and pray for one another. Please bring a dish to share, but if

our Prison Ministry. Learn more on p. 33 & 26.

you are unable to bring food, come anyway!

180 Men’s Recovery Group

Mom’s Refresh

Mondays, 7pm, Cooper Road Campus

3rd Fridays, 9:30–11:30am (Next meeting: October 20)

Contact: John Doyel, 740.649.6050 or

Childcare: $5/child or $10/family (ages 1-5; must register in

180 exists to help men who struggle with sexual brokenness.


This ministry is open to all men. We emphasize both the

Register: (by Monday, October 16)

healing power of God and the personal responsibility of men

Contact: Erica Roof, or

to pursue purity. We include worship, teaching, small group

Emily Wilkins,

accountability, mentoring, and healing prayer.

Join other moms to experience God and build friendships

Authentic Manhood: A Man and His Fatherhood Wednesdays, October 11, 18, 25 & November 1, 8, 15, 7-8:30pm Registration: Not required Contact: Joyce Shuster, or 614.259.5303 Open to all men whether you are a father, step-father, father to be, or father of the future. Authentic Manhood from 33 The

Series is a video series that gives men a vision for manhood as modeled by Jesus in his 33 years on earth. This six week class will be led by Stephen Van Dop. For information about Authentic Manhood, visit Workbooks will be available at the first class. You may join at any time, but the most benefit will be reaped from coming to all six sessions.


Contact: Joyce Shuster,


We are a group of women from all over the world that meets

through worship, teaching, and service. Infants are welcome in the room with moms. Toys and mats are provided. Moms are welcome to pack a lunch and stay after from 11:30am-12:30pm.

Priscilla Shirer Bible Study “The Armor of God” Evening class: Wednesdays, through November 1, 7-9pm

Young Adults

Morning class: Thursdays, through November 2, 9:30-11:30am

VC Twenty All Campus Gathering

Childcare: $5/child or $10/family per week

Sunday, October 1, 6pm, Cooper Road Campus

(ages 1-12, must pre-register)

Contacts: Christian Root, christian.root@vineyardcolumbus.

Register: (childcare only)

org OR Shane Huey,

Contact: Liz Ward,

VC Twenty is the young adult community of Vineyard

All day, every day, an invisible war rages around you—unseen,

Columbus. Whether you're a college student or a young

unheard, yet felt throughout every aspect of your life. A

professional, we'd love to see you at our All Campus

devoted, devilish enemy seeks to wreak havoc on everything

Gathering where we’ll worship together and look at what it

that matters to you: your heart, your mind, your marriage, your

means to follow Jesus as a twenty-something in Columbus.

children, your relationships, your resilience, your dreams, your

Stick around for the after-party and meet new friends, make

destiny. The enemy always fails miserably when he meets a

connections, and grow together as a community. Invite a

woman dressed for the occasion. But his battle plan depends

friend! Come as you are!

on catching you unaware and unarmed. If you're tired of being


pushed around and caught with your guard down, The Armor of God study is for you. Meets for seven weeks. Workbooks are

available at the Cooper Road bookstore.

Immigration Services

Soul Provider

Immigration Intake and Consultation Clinics

2nd Fridays, 6:30–9pm (Next meeting is October 13)

Thursdays, 10am–12pm, Vineyard Community Center

Childcare Free childcare available

Contact : Beth Watkins, 614.259.5322 or

(for ages 1–12; must pre–register by October 11)

Register: (childcare & event)

Cost : $20 payable at the time of intake

Contact: Myiesha McCrary,

Not accepting any new clients at this time.

Vineyard Immigration Counseling Services (“ICS”) provides

Soul Provider is a ministry for moms who are single with

family-based immigration legal representation to persons

children up to 18–years–old, living at home, and still in high

at 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines and below. ICS

school. Join us for free dinner, special kids’ programming, and a

responds to requests for representation and legal questions

time for spiritual encouragement and renewal.

from the public through its Intake Clinic. Consultations will be available for those who complete the intake process;

Vineyard Women: Event Team

however, representation decisions will be made on a

Contact: Liz Ward,

case-by-case basis and are subject to ICS availability. Intake

We are looking for women who enjoy meeting people, serving

is the mandatory first step to receiving services. We will

others, and offering hospitality to join our Event Team.

provide low-cost consultations for individuals interested in

Some of the ways you can help include promoting the event,

applying for immigration. We will meet with the immigrant

administrative help, decorating, greeting, registration, and

after the formal intake process. Intakes are limited to the first

more. We have a great time serving together and would love to

five persons on a first come, first serve basis.

have you join us!

International Ministries VC International Teams For more information about our teams sharing Jesus overseas, email us at

Cultivate The next group will be on Mondays starting early October.

Contact: Stephen Winkelman, Cultivate is an 8-week training group that trains Christians in how to share Jesus with and make disciples among Muslims.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


East Campus Missions Prayer Group

Perspectives 2018

3rd Mondays, 7pm, East Campus

Wednesdays, January 17–May 2, 2018, 6:30- 9:30pm

Contact : Edna Wright,

Rosedale International Center 2120 E Fifth Ave

If you live on the east side of Columbus or in the Reynoldsburg/

Columbus, OH 43219

Pickerington area and have a heart for the nations, join us to

Cost: $250. University credit is available for $550.

pray for the nations and Vineyard Columbus’ missionaries in


various areas of the world.


Global: Short-Term & Long-Term Teams Visit: Vineyard Columbus is partnering with Operation Mobilization in Athens, Greece to serve refugees. Visit for more info about upcoming short-term and long-term mission trips.

Living Between Cultures Conference Friday, October 13, 7-9pm, Cooper Road Campus Saturday, October 14, 9–11am, Cooper Road Campus

Cost: Free Contact : Jenifer Mullineaux, Do you live between two or more cultures? Did you grow up, are you growing up, or are you raising children in an immigrant, bi-racial, multi-cultural, or refugee family? Were you raised

A 15-week life changing course on God’s heart for the Nations for believers from every walk of life: high school students, professionals, retired, business leaders, college students, homemakers, church leaders, and many more. 15 different speakers, different perspectives, one main point: God made you for more!

Vineyard Columbus Missions Prayer Group 2nd & 4th Mondays, 6:45–8:30pm, Cooper Road Campus

Contact: Tim Hart, 614.557.0395 or Pray for our international ministry work. We typically worship, share updates on our missionaries, and pray for special areas of the world and our VC missionaries.

La Viña: Spanish–Speaking Campus

as a child of international travelers, or perhaps international

La Viña Service

workers such as diplomats, military, international business, or

Sundays, 11:30am, in the Chapel, Cooper Road Campus

missionaries? If you answer yes to any of these questions you

Contact : Irene Casale–Petrarca, 614.256.5254 or

and/or your children may be Cross-Cultural Kids (CCKs). A CCK

is a person who is living/has lived in or meaningfully interacted

La Viña is a service that is completely in Spanish and meets in

with two or more cultural environments for a significant

the Chapel (la capilla) at Cooper Road. Our vision is to serve the

period of time during the first 18 years of life. While CCKs have

Hispanic community of Columbus, showing them God’s love

tremendous strengths, they and their families face unique

and seeing their lives transformed by the power of God. We are

challenges related to identity, belonging, and family dynamics.

not only a church, but also a family in Christ. You are welcome

Our church family has the privilege of learning from Ruth Van

as you are!

Reken, a renowned expert on CCKs and their families. Ruth, an American who grew up and raised her children in Africa, has studied global family lifestyles extensively, spoken internationally, and co-authored the book “Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds.”  This conference is open to individuals and families from all ethnic and religious backgrounds, teachers, counselors, and others working with multicultural families. Friday is for those, age 12-99, who are growing up or grew up as CCKs. Saturday is for parents or other individuals working with CCKs.

La Viña Servicio en Español Domingos, 11:30am, en la capilla (Chapel), Cooper Road Campus

Para más información, contactar a Irene Casale–Petrarca, 614.259.5254 o La Viña es un servicio completamente en Español y nos reunimos en la capilla (Chapel) en Cooper Road. Nuestra visión es servir a la comunidad de Columbus, presentándoles el amor de Jesús y ver sus vidas ser transformadas por el poder de Dios. No somos solamente una iglesia además somos una familia en Cristo. ¡Bienvenido como eres!




Career Elevation

Vineyard Columbus Visitation Care Team

Cost : Free

3rd Wednesdays, 6:30–8:30pm, Vineyard Community Center

Contact : Visitation Care Team, 614.259.5239.

Visit :

We want to come alongside our church and their families who

Registration: Not required

are hospitalized, in long–term care, or homebound. If you or a

Childcare: Not available

family member would like to be visited, please contact us.

Contact : Kent Irwin, Offering one-on-one employment coaching with the four

Funeral Needs

most key areas of gaining new employment or making

Contact : 614.259.5372

a change: resume writing, preparing for your interview,

If you are a member of Vineyard Columbus and need funeral

networking, and how to set up an effective job search. Please

and pastoral care services, please call us.

bring a laptop if you have one, your most recent resume, pen,

Career & Financial

and paper.

Budgeting Class Saturday, October 14, 9-11:30am

Designing Your Legacy: Estate Planning Workshop


Saturday, October 21, 9:30-11:30am

Contact: Kent,

Cost : Free

In this class, we will review stewardship concepts of budgeting


and how to use tools like Financial Peace University Systems,


Every Dollar, Mint, and YNAB. Please register in advance.

Contact :

Career Acceleration Class

Childcare: Not available At this informal seminar you will learn how to steward and

Mondays, October 2-December 4, 6:30-8:30pm

pass on your estate at death, how to obtain a good estate

(not meeting November 27)

plan, and get documents done at no cost to you.

Vineyard Community Center

Cost: $40

Goal Planning

Childcare: not available

October 17, 6:30pm, Vineyard Community Center

Class Max: 25 people

Contact: Kaydian,




Lay the ground work for a successful 2018 now by learning

Resumes? Interviewing? Networking? This class will help you

how to set and design a plan to achieve goals. A professional

tackle all of these and better position you to get the job you

career coach will lead participants through a six-week journey.

are seeking! We have a professional recruiter that leads the

Community Center

class, which provides a real world view of what employers are looking for. This is a fantastic hands-on class that has helped people get new jobs right away. Through practice and participation, you will learn a lot. The class also lends itself for networking and friendships to build with fellow class members over the course of the nine weeks together.

The Ohio Benefit Bank Saturdays, 8–11am, 5th Avenue or Northside Food Pantries

Call : 614.259.5441 for an appointment. The Ohio Benefit Bank helps moderate-to-low income families apply for over 20 public benefits, such as food stamps, Medicaid, and HEAP. Veterans can get assistance in accessing records and applying for educational benefits, too.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Empowered Life

• Medical Clinic Cooper Road: Every Tuesday evening

Open Prayer for Healing Sessions

Walk in, first come, first served. Sign-in begins at 4pm.

Cooper Road Campus

Patient visits begin at 6pm. We provide diagnosis and

• Saturday, October 7, 9-11am

treatment of illnesses. Basic work physicals available by

• Saturday, October 14, 9-11am

calling 614.259.5428 (option 6) prior to coming to the clinic.

• Wednesday, October 18, 7-9pm

No lab test, injections, or X-rays.

• Saturday, October 21, 9-11am • Saturday, October 28, 9-11am Contact: Kristi Webster, Open to anyone needing physical, emotional, or deliverance healing prayer. No appointment needed.

Health Lower Lights Christian Health Center 6000 Cooper Road: • Mondays, 8am–5pm • Wednesdays & Thursdays, 1:30–5pm 171 E. 5th Avenue: • Mondays–Fridays, 8am–5pm Appointments: Call Lower Lights, 614.274.1455 (Option 1). LLCHC is a faith–based, non–profit community health provider ministering the love of Christ through full–service cradle–to– grave medical care focused on whole–person wellness. They see patients with Medicaid, Medicare, CareSource, Molina, and private insurance as well as uninsured patients. Services are offered for the whole family on a sliding fee scale based upon income. However, all patients are seen regardless of ability to pay. Services offered include pre–natal care, immunizations, well–child checkups, physicals, routine care, and chronic disease management.

Vineyard Free Health Clinics 6000 Cooper Road, Westerville Contact: 614.259.5428 Free Medical, Chiropractic, Dental, and Vision Clinics

• Dental Clinic Cooper Road (appointment only) Call Fridays, 9–9:45am to schedule appointments, 614.259.5428. We provide dental exams, X–rays, fillings, extractions, and cleanings. (No wisdom teeth, bridgework, orthodontics, or dentures). • Vision Clinic Cooper Road (appointment only) Call Fridays, 10–10:30am to schedule appointments, 614.259.5428. We offer eye exams and vouchers for free glasses to those who qualify. • Chiropractic Clinic Cooper Road (appointment only) Call Fridays, 10–10:30am to schedule appointments, 614.259.5428. We provide evaluation and chiropractic care for those with pain involving headaches, neck, back, or joints. Interested in volunteering in our clinics? See p. 22.

Mercy & Justice Orphan Care Contact: Diane Bauman, Please contact Diane if you would like to receive updates and ways to help with our Orphan Care Ministry.

Vineyard Clinics provide free medical, chiropractic, dental, and

Asia’s Hope: PreK Eng 6 Home

vision care for patients (ages 18 and up) to those who qualify.

Contact: Diane Bauman,

Our clinics serve those who are uninsured OR have Medicaid

Vineyard Columbus is partnering with Asia’s Hope by providing

or are Medicaid–eligible with incomes below 200 percent of

support for a home in Cambodia. Twenty children at high risk

the Federal Poverty level. (No Medicare or other government–

of sexual and economic exploitation have been rescued and

issued health care programs are eligible for services.) For more

now live together as a family. Staff provide individual care,

info, call 614.259.5428. Si usted sólo habla español, puede

education, a Christian environment, and job skills so each child

comunicarse con la clínica latina al 614.293.9906.

can succeed as an independent adult.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Support for Life

Circle of Love Group

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Contact: Linda Parker,

The physical and emotional scars of domestic violence can

This confidential group meets to bring hope, support, and

cast a long shadow. Too many individuals, regardless of age,

resources to the family and friends of people who experience

ability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, circumstance,

same–sex attractions.

or race, face the pain and fear of domestic violence. During National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we partner with

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

the Domestic Violence Awareness Project to shine a light on

Begins Wednesday, October 11, Sawmill area

this violation of the basic human right to be free from violence

Cost: $30 for EHS course materials

and abuse, pledge to ensure every victim of domestic violence

(book, workbook, and devotional)

knows they are not alone, and foster supportive communities

Contact/Register: Debbie,

that help survivors seek justice and enjoy full and healthy lives.

Do you yearn to be emotionally alive? Support for Life invites

Contact Support for Life at for resources available at Vineyard Columbus.

you to Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, a plan for discipleship that can deeply change your relationship with God. The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course directly addresses

180 Men’s Recovery Group

the reality that emotional maturity and spiritual maturity

Mondays, 7pm, Cooper Road Campus

are inseparable. It is not possible to be spiritually mature

Contact: John Doyel, 740.649.6050 or

while remaining emotionally immature. Learn through eight

180 exists to help men who struggle with sexual brokenness.

powerful life changing sessions how to incorporate daily life

This ministry is open to all men. We emphasize both the

rhythms that lead us to a healthier relationship with Jesus and

healing power of God and the personal responsibility of men

with others.

to pursue purity. We include worship, teaching, small group

The Emotionally Healthy Relationship

accountability, mentoring, and healing prayer.

Beginning Tuesday, October 3, 7-9pm

Celebrate Recovery

Cost: $30 for EHR course materials (book, workbook, and

Fridays, 7pm, Cooper Road Campus


Childcare: not available

Contact/Register: Debbie,


This powerful eight-week course will equip you with practical


tools to really love people in difficult situations and mature

Celebrate Recovery is a biblical, Christ-centered recovery

into an adult follower of Jesus. You will learn eight powerful,

fellowship for those desiring to heal from any addictive,

biblically-based, relationship-changing skills in a group setting

compulsive, or destructive behavior—“hurts, habits, or hang-

with reading, questions, and practical discussion to reinforce

ups.” At Celebrate Recovery you will find a safe place to share

each of the eight skills.

pain, struggles, victories, and hope with others focused on

Community Life Groups that have completed Emotionally

Christ-centered recovery. Meetings include a time of worship,

Healthy Spirituality may sign up to borrow the DVD sets at any

teaching, sharing, and fellowship. Come experience God’s love

time for their groups.

and power to transform!

Circle of Grace Group 3rd Tuesday of most months, 7–9pm Contact: Linda Parker, Circle of Grace is a discussion group seeking to explore how the church can be a safe place for people with same-sex attraction to explore their relationship with Christ in a loving, biblicallyfaithful environment. Discussions are focused around books, videos, and other resources. We also seek to be in dialogue with church leadership to this end.


1st Monday of most months, 7–9pm


The Emotionally Healthy Woman Beginning Wednesday, October 4, 7-9pm

Hearts Restored Support Group: Recovery from Sexual Betrayal

Cost: $20 for EHW course materials (book, workbook, and

Tuesdays, 7–9pm



Contact/Register: Debbie,

Hearts Restored Support Group is a faith-based outreach

The Emotionally Healthy Woman provides a way out of an

where you will find a safe, confidential place to share with

inauthentic, superficial spirituality to genuine freedom in

other women who understand the devastating effects of

Christ. This book is for every woman who thinks, ‘I can’t keep

sexual betrayal. We are engaged, married, separated, and

pretending everything is fine!’ The journey to emotional

divorced women who do not judge each other but rather

health begins by quitting. When you quit those things that are

embrace that we are all on a similar journey with a common

damaging to your soul or the souls of others, you are freed up

goal. Support is a huge part of our recovery. We have seen God

to choose other ways of being and relating that are rooted in

do amazing things in our lives, bringing healing and restoration.

love and lead to life. When you quit for the right reasons, at the

We are here to help you as others have helped us. This group is

right time, and in the right way, you’re on the path not only to

for and about you, not your spouse or partner. Sexual betrayal,

emotional health, but also to the true purpose of your life.

whether it be pornography, emotional or extramarital affair(s),

Community Life Groups that have completed Emotionally Healthy Spirituality may sign up to borrow the DVD sets at any time for their groups.

is traumatic and disorienting. Come let us reassure you that it is not your fault, that you will make it through this, and that there is hope. We will share/discuss topics on some of the core areas for healing such as anger, identity, disclosure, setting

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

boundaries, detachment, triggers, self-care, his repentance,

1st Tuesdays of every month except January, July,

forgiveness, and trust.

and September, 7–9pm Childcare: $5/child or $10/family each week (for ages 1 and up; must pre–register) Register for childcare: Register: Kris Garwood,, 614.259.5472 This group allows grandparents to share the joys and the struggles of parenting again with those who understand. Each month speakers address a relevant topic.

Lay Counseling Application: Contact: Support for Life, 614.259.5289 or Register: If you're a member or regular attender and would like to meet with a lay counselor, please fill out an online application or contact Support for Life. The Support for Life Ministry has a trained team of volunteer “lay” counselors who come alongside people in difficult seasons or situations to minister insight, healing, and spiritual growth in a one–on–one, non–clinical environment. Lay counseling is not professional counseling, nor is it “free” counseling. Lay counselors meet with individuals on a shortterm basis and are trained to provide a listening ear, supportive encouragement, empowered prayer, and biblical guidance. Interested in becoming a lay counselor? See p. 26.

Loving Someone with Mental Illness 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 7–9pm Contact: Karen Twinem, 614.439.8475 This is a support group for families and friends of people with mental illness (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, borderline personality disorder, etc.). Each meeting includes a short teaching, discussion, and prayer.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G




Moving on with Jesus

Sisters of Sarah

Fridays, 7-9pm

Usually meets 1st Thursdays, 7:15-9:15pm

Contact/Register: Sue,

Contact: Melissa,, 614.353.1792 or

This group is for women with unwanted same sex attraction

Jeannine, 614.578.7094 or

(SSA). We use the Taking Back Ground teaching. During our

Sisters of Sarah is a hope and support group for women facing

meetings we will recap what was discussed in the Taking Back

the hardship of primary or secondary infertility. We invite you

Ground videos, discuss what was learned and how God is

with open arms for a time of sharing food, socializing, open

moving in our lives, and end by spending time praying together.

discussion, and prayer together.

Moving on with Jesus: Prayer Group

Sister Sister

Time: TBD

1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 7–9pm

Contact: Sue,

Contact: Elizabeth, 614.397.7764 or

A regular prayer meeting for people interested in praying for

We are a group of women who have all survived multiple tragic

those impacted by unwanted SSA, the LGBTQ community,

events and are able to help other women as we share as sisters

our SSA ministries here, and those the Lord would draw in

in Christ. We focus on outreach and discipleship, studying

for healing and restoration. Please contacted Sue if you're

God’s Word, worshiping, and prayer.

interested in this group.

Professional Counseling Center Contact: 614.259.5409


The Vineyard Counseling Center’s clinically–trained counselors offer a biblical approach to help people achieve wholeness

Art Exhibit: Gloria Molyneux

in all aspects of their lives. We also have male and female

On display through October 29

Graduate Candidate Interns, $20/session, with experience in

Cooper Road Campus, North Hall Gallery & Café Exhibit Wall

seeing children, teens, adults, and married couples.

The North Hall Gallery will continue to be available to view this

Redefining Christ

collection after the 6pm and 11:30am services.

Registration: Gina Harding,

Artists of Vineyard Columbus: Christmas Juried Art Show

Contact: Gina Harding,

Contact: Holly,

This closed, cyclical support group is for women who have

Christmas is only a few months away, and we want to

come from a high control or cult background and now desire

celebrate it with you! This Christmas we are looking for a

a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is not a

Christ-centered theme, "One Original Sacred Art Piece" for our

theological debate group. Our purpose is to support these

North Hall Gallery (No Santas, Christmas trees, etc). This is a

women and come alongside of them. Our goal is to springboard

juried art show. All artwork must be original, no copies. They

into a praying small group for further discipleship. No

must be framed (e.g., paintings, drawings, etc). Hanging art

participants may join after the first class and pre-registration

must have wire, not sawtooth hanger. Art is due the week of

is required. Each meeting will include worship and teaching,

November 1-5. If you have any questions please email Holly.

but the main focus will be on sharing and prayer.

Open to all campuses.


Deaf Ministry Events

Thursdays, 7:30-9:30pm

Worship Service Interpretation: 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sundays,

Contact: Tom, or Support for Life,

9am Bible Study: 2nd & 4th Sundays, 9–10:30am

614.259.5289 or

Contact: Angela Moore,

This is a substance (drug/alcohol) abuse recovery group for

The Vineyard Columbus Cooper Road Worship Service is

young men.

interpreted in ASL for the Deaf. We also offer a Deaf Bible Study

Tuesdays, October 3-November 21, 6:30-8:30pm

for the Deaf.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Joyful Noise Worship Service (Special Needs) Contact: Pam Newman,

Engage: Intercessory Prayer Meeting (Cooper Road Campus)

Join our Accessible Worship Service for people affected by

Wednesday, October 18, 7-9pm

disabilities and their families, friends, and neighbors. We have


a worship band, brief message, and prayer time. Bring your

If you have a heart to see the kingdom come upon our church,

tambourines and streamers.

city, and nation, come out to our intercessory prayer session.

Meeting God 302: Discerning God’s Voice

Engage (Sawmill)

Sunday, October 15, 2:30-4:30pm, Cooper Road Campus

1st Wednesdays, 7–8:30pm

Teacher: Nancy Davis

Contact: Dustin Jasinski,

Prerequisite: Meeting God 301

Engage is a service of meditation on scriptures and listening

Childcare: Register for childcare at

to what the Lord is saying to each person attending. Prayer is

Childcare Cost: $5/child or $10/family

also available for special needs, congregational leaders, and

Register: by Friday, October 13


2nd Sundays, 5:30–6:30pm, Cooper Road Campus

Contact: Kristi Webster, You will learn practical ways God spoke to his people in the Bible and today. You will also practice methods to sharpen your ability to discern his voice.

Sawmill Campus - New Location Sundays, 9 & 11:30am 4140 Tuller Road, Dublin, OH 43017 We have moved to our new location on the northwest side

Meeting God 304: Healing the Heart

of town for weekend services. This is an exciting season for

Wednesday, October 25, 6:30-9pm, Cooper Road Campus

Sawmill Campus! We can’t wait for what God has in store for

Teacher: Pastor Lorie Kaufman Rees & Assistant Pastor

us. Join us as we continue being a community of disciples who

Adrienne Ash

experience God, love one another, and partner with Christ to

Prerequisite: Meeting God 301

heal the world.

Childcare: Register for childcare at Childcare Cost: $5/child or $10/family Register: by Monday, October 23 Contact: Kristi Webster, Did you know that in Biblical times, the “heart” didn’t just refer to one’s emotions but to their mind and will, as well? Join us to learn how to pray for people who need healing or growth in these areas in order to experience spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Class will include both lecture and practice time. And who knows—you might experience some healing yourself!

The Book of Judges

Serve in Prayer (Lane Avenue Campus) Contact: Klodiana Tedesco, or There are many ways you can serve in prayer at Lane Avenue Campus. For more info, contact Klodiana.

VOLUNTEER & SERVE If you are not sure where to serve, or want to explore other opportunities, check out the list of volunteer opportunities at, or stop by the Ministry

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Mondays, 7-8:30pm, Cooper Road Campus

Counter in the Main Lobby for a Volunteer Catalog.

Teacher: Michael Karoly

Contact: Diane Bauman,

Childcare: Not available

Bookstore & Library

Registration: Not required Michael Karoly, a longtime Vineyard Columbus member, gives an in-depth teaching on one of the Old Testament's most

Cooper Road Campus Library Volunteers Contact: Jeff Baker, or

challenging books, explaining how to apply God's Word to our


lives today. Detailed class notes will be handed out/sent by

Volunteer once a week restocking books, contacting those

email each week. Each class stands alone; no need to attend

with overdue books, and adding new inventory.

each session. Classes are 90-minutes in lecture format. In October we will continue our study by looking at Judges 4 through 6.




Bookstore Volunteer Opportunities

Small Group: Leader Training 1

Cooper Road Campus

Only one session required:

Contact: Jeff Baker, or

• Saturday, October 28, 9am-2pm, Cooper Road Campus


Contact: or call

• Volunteer once a week: 2-3 hours anytime from 12-5pm


• Volunteer twice a month: 15 minutes before and 20 minutes


after the service you attend, operating cash register for half

Small Group Leader Training 1 is an introductory class to


become a small group leader at Vineyard Columbus. If you’ve

• Volunteer Sunday morning: (every other week) Audio/media volunteer.

Care Caller Ministry Contact: Diane,

recently HOSTed a small group and want to continue or you’re new to leading an existing Vineyard Columbus small group, this is your next step. Small Group Leader Training 1 will give you the basic tools you need to keep up the good work God is doing in you and your group. Please register online.

We need your help! If you’d like to be a part of a behind the

Attention Small Group Leaders & Hosts

scenes ministry you can do from home, on your own schedule,


please consider joining Care Callers. We connect with and pray

Did you know that we have a resource page just for our small

for our Vineyard family through phone calls. Our goal is to call

group leaders? Short on time this week to prepare a small

every member of the church in the next 18 months. This is a

group discussion? Wondering how you can get more training

one-year commitment with a mandatory one-hour training

after LT1? Need some tips on how to make hosting easier? The

session (our first training will be in mid-October). Contact

Community Life Team wants to help you make the most of your

Diane for more information.

time as you pray and prepare for your small group gatherings,


so we’ve created, a website with several

Career Ministry Volunteers

questions, write us at or

Contact: Kent Irwin,

visit our how to use video at

The Career Ministry is in great need of new volunteers that–to–use–vcsmallgroups–org/.

can volunteer in a number of different roles: job coach, career

One Child One Community: Adopt A School

expert, administrator, database manager, networking pro, workplace navigator, and liaison between searchers and job providers.

Bible study options as well as other helpful tools. If you have

Contact: Anna Fullen, 614.259.5452, If your small group is looking for a place to serve together,

Community Life

One Child One Community needs groups to partner with us

Start a Small Group

cooking/baking for teachers at our events, donating school


supplies or holiday gifts. For additional info on how your group

If you have a heart for people, can provide a space for people

can serve, contact Anna Fullen.

to support Columbus schools. Please consider mentoring,

to meet, serve a snack, and turn on a video, then you can start a small group! For more info, send us an email or stop by the small group area of your campus.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Community Outreach

Men Serving Men: Prison Ministry

The following outreach opportunities are a bridge between

facilities. Volunteer with worship, prayer team, or help at the

our church and the people of Columbus. We want to bring hope


to prisoners, feed the hungry, care for the homeless and visit

Delaware County Jail: 1–2 Saturdays/month, 10–11:30am

those in nursing homes. Contact Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441

Franklin County Jail: 3rd Saturdays, 8–10:30am

or for general questions

Jackson Pike: 3rd Saturdays, 6:45–8:45pm

or contact the person designated for the outreach.

Contact: Scott Osborn, 740.244.6528 or

Prison Ministry Opportunities Contact: Deborah Scott, 614.259.5348 or

We minister to men during worship services at multiple Franklin County Jail: 2nd & 4th Saturdays, 8–10:30am Contact: John, 614.578.8371 or

Help inmates grow into disciples of Christ. To join us serving

Food Pantry Opportunities

those in prison, contact Deborah Scott.

Our church has two food pantries that serve the community

Aunt Mary’s Storybook Project: Volunteers at Franklin County Jail, Franklin County Medical Center, and The Ohio Reformatory for Women

of Columbus. Please contact Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or, for important

information about each location before serving.

Days and times vary-2 hours every other month

Opportunities to Serve:

Contact: Deborah Scott,

• 5th Avenue Food Pantry

We are continually receiving requests for AMSB in the local

181 East 5th Avenue

jails and prisons. Volunteers record parents reading to their

Saturday, 8am–12pm

children, then our small group wraps the books and CDs and

Small groups need to be scheduled to serve at this pantry.

sends them to the children. We need both men and women

Please contact Rhodie. Carpool if possible, parking is limited.

for this program. The AMSB wrapping group meets every 3rd Monday at the church from 6-8pm. Training is available.

Women Serving Women: Prison Ministry Contact: Deborah Scott, There are different ministry opportunities for women to serve at the Ohio Reformatory for Women and Franklin Medical Center – Zone A.

Franklin Medical Center Parenting Class Volunteers

• Northside Food Pantry 4664 Cleveland Avenue Saturday, 8am–12pm If possible, please carpool or park along Chester Road to keep parking available for guests around and behind the building. Small groups do not need to schedule at this location but please contact Rhodie for an info sheet. • Monday Night Service Mondays, 6pm 5th Avenue Food Pantry, 181 East 5th Avenue

Contact: Deborah Scott,

Contact: Jenney, 614.259.5370 or

We would like to offer parenting classes for pregnant moms

at the Franklin Medical Center, the prison hospital. We will

Small groups can plan, prepare, and serve a meal (we can

provide class materials and necessary training.

provide meal ideas). We are looking for families and small groups to help us purchase and prepare our holiday meals at the Monday Night Service in November and December. Please contact Jenney for more details and to sign up! • Check-in Volunteers Saturdays (two per month), 8am-12pm 5th Avenue Food Pantry, 181 East 5th Avenue Contact: Chris Blosser, Could you help out twice a month checking in people at our downtown 5th Ave. pantry? If so, we would love your help! Please email Chris Blosser, our pantry manager, and talk with him about this opportunity to serve.



• Licensed Barbers and Cosmetologists Contact: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or We are looking for licensed barbers to offer free haircuts for 2–4 hours at our pantry locations on Saturday mornings and licensed cosmetologists to volunteer services at our Northside pantry. • Pantry Drivers & Donation Pick-up Helpers Contact: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or We are in need of strong men to help pick up food from the Mid-Ohio Foodbank for pantries. Ability to drive a box truck and/or use a forklift is helpful, but not necessary. Pickups are on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Approximate time commitment is 4 hours every other week. If you are free to pick up donated items from local grocery stores/bakeries, we could help with that too, usually on Fridays.

Homeless Outreach Opportunities Backpack Holiday Program Contact: Jenney Rice, We are looking to fill 90 backpacks for men and women who are homeless in our community. We will accept donations for the following items: backpacks, thermal underwear (tops and bottoms in sizes L – 3X), winter gloves, hats, socks, sweatshirts, flashlights, all size batteries, personal care items, hand and feet warmers, and cards of encouragement. Please label donation packages with “Homeless Backpack Program”.

YWCA Family Shelter Breakfast 900 Harvey Court, Columbus, OH 43219 2nd Saturdays of the month, 6:30-9:30am Contact: Rhodie Shreve Help cook and serve breakfast to the 50 families at the shelter. Great outreach for the kids too!

Friends of the Homeless Shelter 924 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43205 1st Thursday of the month, 5:30-7:30pm Contact: Rhodie Shreve Help prepare and deliver a meal to 150 homeless individuals. Leave from 5th Ave. pantry to the shelter.

Nursing Home Outreach Opportunities Contact: Chris Flores, 614.263.0606 •

Heartland of Westerville (worship & bible study service) 1060 Eastwind Drive Fridays, 1pm

Edgewood Manor (bedside visits) 140 N. State Street Sundays, 10:30am

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G




Deaf Ministry Deaf Ministry Service Opportunities Contact: Angela Moore, We need skilled volunteer ASL interpreters to sign for adults and children on a rotation at our Sunday, 9am Cooper Road

VC International Teams & Ministries English as a Second Language (ESL) Volunteers Contact: Ximena Lozada, • Mondays, Wednesdays ,and Fridays, 10–11:30am


• Tuesdays, 7pm–9pm

Early Childhood

We are seeking volunteers to serve in the following areas:

Early Childhood Worship Ministry

are always in need of volunteers to assist us as Conversation

Contact: Myra Gaiters, 614.259.5486 or

Table Leaders. Wednesdays and Fridays, 9-10am

Teachers: If you have a heart for internationals and enjoy

Share your love for Jesus with children through music! Volunteer to lead children in worship once a month during our weekend services.

Global Café

Conversation Table Leader: We have a vibrant ESL program and

teaching, we need volunteers to teach and assist our daytime and evening ESL classes. Greeters: Our ESL students are eager to interact with people who enjoy giving warm smiles and speaking welcoming words as they enter the classroom.

Global Café Volunteers

International Friendships (IFI)


Contact: Jessica Burchett, 740.816.6518 or

New to the church or want to get connected? Be a part of

International Friendships (IFI) partners with Vineyard Columbus

our family of believers who get to experience God through service and fellowship. The Café is an atmosphere where fresh, made–from–scratch food connects the community with the love of Christ.

Health Clinics

to promote friendships and show hospitality to international students at OSU. • IFI English Conversation Partner or Friendship Partner Visit:–cuisine–church–small–groups.pdf Become a conversation partner and help students practice English, learn about American culture, and more. Individuals and families can be friendship partners who meet with

Vineyard Free Health Clinics: Volunteers

an international student or couple monthly for a meal or

Contact: Carol Achmoody, 614.259.5512 or

activity. Current opportunities available for dentists, dental assistants,

• IFI Internship Program Contact: Estera Pirosca,

dental hygienists, and prayer team members (Meeting God 301

Visit: (financial donations)

required for prayer teams).

IFI would like to place interns (20 hours/week) in the

Security Ministry Medical Response Team Contact: Jason Pierce, or 614.625.6216 The Medical Response team is looking for volunteers that would be willing to help out with medical emergencies that occur during our weekend services. If you are a doctor or nurse with hospital or ER experience, or an EMT (Basic or Paramedic) and are interested in learning more about the Medical Response Team, please contact Jason Pierce.

chemical industry, actuarial science, finance/accounting, statistical analysis, web design/media, and marketing. • Meals for IFI Friday Night Bible Studies Contact: Tiria, IFI always needs people to help organize, prepare, and distribute food at our Friday night Bible study when students and volunteers share a meal together. Contact us if you or your small group are interested. • Small Group Outreach for IFI Contact: Jessica Burchett, 740.816.6518 or Sign up: International Friendships (IFI) has opportunities for small groups to help “reach the world” together including prayer, preparing food for a Bible study, making welcome bags, greeting new students, and hosting a used furniture sale. V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Missions Care Team

Sensory Break Room/Buddy Connection

Contact: Dotty Christensen,

Sundays, 9am, Cooper Road Campus

If you enjoy hospitality, encouraging others, hearing how God’s

Contact: Christy Smith, 614.374.4859 or

working, or want to give gifts, time, energy, or money, then

Befriend a child who needs an extra hand getting used to

get involved with missionary care. Use your creativity to help

church and children’s ministry. If their special needs interfere

expand care to those we as a church send to the nations.

with learning Jesus loves them, maybe they can meet Jesus

Refugee Ministry Opportunities Tuesdays or Thursdays, 6:30-8:30pm (September 5-December 14)

through your guidance and love. Become a mentor buddy in our nationally–known program called the Sensory Break Room. Serve on a rotation.

Contact: Carli Snyder,

Special Needs Intervention Support Team

We are looking for committed volunteers to tutor refugee

Sundays, 9am, Cooper Road Campus

children on a weekly basis for the current fall semester. Come

Contact: Amanda Fessehazion,

join the fun! Volunteers will be required to complete a training

and consent to a background check. For more information,

If you have training in behavior intervention, special education,

please email Carli Snyder.

autism, and/or mental health support, consider being on call

Media Arts Video, Audio, & Lighting Support Contact:

to help us create a safety net when the Special Needs ministry needs extra help.

Support for Life

We’re looking for passionate, quick–thinking people who

Become a Lay Counselor

value quality to support the sights and sounds of the weekend

Contact: or

service. If you love to use technology to help people encounter


God, contact us to start making a difference in your church.

Application: available at

Special Needs Bridge Builders Contact: (children/middle schoolers) Contact: Amanda Fessehazion, (teens/adults) Befriend a child, teen, or adult with special needs who wants to be part of our church community.

Body Builders Class (Special Needs) Sundays, 9am, Cooper Road Campus Contact: Amanda Fessehazion, Adults who are VC members are needed for our Middle School or Teens/Adults classes with special needs. Can you be kind, laugh, sit at a table, color, listen, pray, and sing worship songs? Join us twice a month.

We're looking for leaders to meet with individuals on a short-term basis to provide a listening ear, supportive encouragement, empowered prayer, and biblical guidance. If you've benefited from support and healing during a difficult life season or situation that has resulted in growth and freedom, you may wish to help others by providing similar support on a one-on-one basis.

Become a Support for Life Group Leader Contact/Register: Application: available at We are looking for leaders who can create groups that offer a safe environment for those who are struggling to experience the love of Jesus and the care of his community. If you've benefited from support and healing during a difficult life season or situation that has resulted in growth and freedom, you may wish to help others by leading a support or recovery group related to the same issue. We are currently looking for leaders for the following subjects: • Parents of children/teens on the autism spectrum • Female chemical dependency recovery group • Families impacted by the opioid crisis • Male victims of sexual abuse



V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


VC Students

One Child One Community: Adopt A School

VC Students Small Groups & Weekend Services Leaders

Contact: Shane Huey,

One Child One Community needs groups to partner with us to

(VC High School)

support Columbus schools. For more info on how your group

Contact: Michael Doom, michael.doom@vineyardcolumbus.

can serve, contact Anna Fullen.

org (VC Middle School) Volunteer with VC Students in two special areas: Small Groups and Weekend Services. We’ll be sure to train you before leaving you alone with teenagers!

If your small group is looking for a place to serve together,

VineyardKids Be an AWANA Leader! Tuesdays, through May, 6:15-9pm

Vineyard Community Center

Cooper Road Campus, Multi-Purpose Room

Artists Needed

desk or the Kidz Quest welcome center


Contact: Mike Szlapak, 614.259.5317

Contact Vineyard Columbus Artists if you are a member of the

We are accepting applications for people who desire to invest

church and interested in teaching an arts or crafts class.

in our kids to help us make disciples of them. We have a

Artists Small Group (New) Contact: Come with ideas to share and plan a course of growth beginning with a book study. All artists are welcome. Send us an email if you're interested in being a part of this group.

Blood Drive Wednesday, October 4, Vineyard Community Center Visit: sponsor code: VineCommCtr. Give the Gift of Blood. The need for blood donations is ongoing, and every donor makes a difference

Application: Pick up an application from the children’s info

curriculum, ongoing training, and a team to work with. We are flexible when you need time off and offer the fringe benefit of being loved by the kids and leaders. To make disciples we focus on scripture memory, friendship, and fun. Consistency is key. The kids will come regularly, and we need leaders who will, too. Pray about being part of the team and see where God leads.

Kids’ Worship: Campus Volunteer Recruitment We are looking for teens and adults who would like to help lead kids in worship at our campuses. Each campus handles kids’ worship differently and needs people who want to help the

Coaches and Referees Needed for Vineyard Athletics!

little ones connect to God through the worship arts. No need

Contact: Jerome Smith, 614.259.5395 or

materials, and include you in a volunteer rotation. Help with our Youth Basketball, Cheerleading, or NFL Flag Football leagues. We need coaches and referees for grades K-6.

to play an instrument! We offer training, provide all necessary

Kidz Quest Leaders Weekend Services at all campuses Application: Pick up an application from the children’s info

Vineyard Free Health Clinics Volunteers

desk or the Kidz Quest welcome center

Contact: Carol Achmoody, 614.259.5512 or

Contact: Mike Szlapak, 614.259.5317

We are accepting applications for qualified people to help us

We need dentists, dental assistants, chiropractors, and prayer

make disciples out of our elementary-age kids and bring them

team members (Meeting God 301 required for prayer team).

to Jesus. Our objective is to partner with parents and inspire

Volunteer with After–School Program

the kids to follow Jesus through our model and teaching. We offer curriculum, training, and an AWESOME team to work

Monday–Friday, 3:30–6pm, August–May

with. We have opportunities of all shapes and sizes where your

Contact: Nikki Mills,

5 loaves and 2 fish are enough. Interested? Let us know.

Volunteers can serve as classroom helpers, homework helpers, reading buddies, and tutors with grade school, middle school, or high school students. A few hours a week can make a big difference in the life of a child.


Contact: Anna Fullen, 614.259.5452,


Vineyard Men

Ohio Benefit Bank Counselors Needed

Helping Hands

Guide clients through a user–friendly, web–based

Contact: Joyce Shuster,

computer program to access public benefits such as

or 614.259.5303

food stamps, Medicaid, free tax filing, etc. If you are a VC

Are you a guy who can fix things? Our Helping Hands ministry

member/attender, contact Rhodie Shreve, rhodie.shreve@

helps people in our community who are in need of minor home or 614.259.5441 (for the 5th Avenue

repairs such as leaky faucets, screen door repairs, etc. The

or Northside Food Pantries), or Maria Broeckel, maria.

families are usually single parent homes, elderly, or those who or 614.259.5296 (for the

can’t afford repairs on their own. If you’d like to use your repair

Vineyard Community Center).

skills to help, please contact Joyce Shuster.

Vineyard Women Vineyard Women Event Team


Welcome Ministry Volunteer Opportunity Contact Adrienne Ash,

If you love to talk and make people feel welcome, then you should join the New Visitors Call Ministry! Each Monday

Contact Liz Ward,

our team calls the visitors who turned in a connect card or

We are looking for women who enjoy meeting people,

decision prayer card during one of the weekend services.

serving others, and offering hospitality to join our Event

We make them feel welcomed and give them information

Team. Some of the ways you can help include promoting

about ways they can get connected at Vineyard. Most

the event, administrative help, decorating, greeting,

importantly we want them to know that in our large

registration, and more. We have a great time serving

church, they were seen and that they are important to us.

together and would love to have you join us!

You can make calls from your home or come to the church

Worship Arts

and make your calls.

Serve with Worship Arts Contact

The Worship Arts Ministry is looking for experienced musicians (all instruments and vocalists) for all worship teams. We are also looking for bilingual vocalists. Email Danielle for more information.

Join the Choir at Vineyard Columbus Contact

“Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through

G I V E & D O N AT E Aunt Mary’s Story Book Project: Donations (Prison Ministries) Contact Deborah Scott, 614.259.5348 or Our women’s prison ministry offers a program to incarcerated moms that enables them to record themselves reading a book to their children. We wrap the CD and book to send to the children. We accept donations of new children's books. Drop off in bins at entrances and label “Aunt Mary’s.”

psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God

Automobile Donations

with gratitude in your hearts.” Colossians 3:16.

Donate used cars to Vineyard Columbus to bless others in

Our desire is to join together and sing praises to him. If you

our congregation. We accept all kinds and conditions and

are musically gifted, sense God’s calling, and would like to

provide a receipt for your tax purposes. If a car or small–to–

be a part of the Choir at Vineyard Columbus, please email

medium sized SUV is well–maintained, we check it over and

Danielle Evans.

provide it to a person or family. High mileage cars are O.K., as

Other Opportunities

long as vehicles have been maintained and are in fairly good

Baker’s Delight

expensive repairs, will be sold, and the funds used for the

Contact Mia Byrne, 614.751.5083 or

We bake for the women’s shelter, single moms, children’s volunteers, women’s ministry events, nursing homes, and

condition. Other cars, not suitable due to condition or needing car ministry. To donate a car, contact Mandi, 614.259.5384. If you’re a member of Vineyard Columbus and in need of a vehicle, call 614.259.5408.

others. Great for friends, families, and small groups who are looking for outreach opportunities. Join us! V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Homeless Ministries Donations (Community Outreach) Please donate men’s T–shirts (sizes L–3XL) and any size of men’s sweatshirts, socks, and jeans. Also, used/clean or new blankets and propane. Please mark and place donations in the Urban Ministry bins located near the church entrances.

One Child One Community: Donations Contact: Anna Fullen, 614.259.5452, We partner with six Columbus City schools for mentoring and support and are collecting school supplies for the 2017-18 school year. Please drop off donations in the One Child One Community bins at the Worship Center & Ministry Center entrances. Supplies we’re collecting: • Backpacks • 2-pocket folders • Binders • Paper (loose & notebooks) • #2 pencils • Pens • Erasers • Highlighters • Basic calculators • Student planners • Art supplies (crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue, safety scissors)

Online Giving & TEXT to Give Contact 614.259.5443 or

Contact Irene Casale,, 614.259.5254 There is a severe shortage of food, medicine, and other basic needs in Venezuela. We want to offer some relief to this country by sending some of these necessary items. There will be designated containers at the entrance of the church where you can donate items to ‘Project Venezuela’ for the next several months. These items will then be sent to Venezuelan churches that can distribute them to the populations in greatest need. Please consider participating in this demonstration of God’s love. Specific items needed: • Nonperishable foods: Rice, sugar, pasta, dry beans, corn flour, powdered milk, salt, peanut butter, ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. • Medicines: Tylenol/Motrin, antibiotics, allergy relief, and First Aid supplies. • Babies: Diapers, infant formula, baby food, and wipes. • Hygiene: Soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo, hair conditioner, toothbrush, and deodorant/antiperspirant.

Transitions Ministry Contact Cooper Road Donation Drop–off: Ministry Center lobby throughout the week. Campus Donation Drop–off: During weekend worship services. Help us replenish our supplies for those in transition from homelessness. This month we are collecting pots and pans sets, new pillows, queen–sized sheet sets in package, and serving dishes.

Value Life Donations

You can make a one time offering or you can schedule regular

deodorant, toothpaste, etc. Drop off in the metal bins by the

Contact We are completely out of newborn and size 0-3 month boy and girl onesies, T-shirts, and sleepers. We also need all brands of Gerber and Similac formulas and size 3, 4, and 5 diapers. Drop off items in the Ministry Center lobby. There are bins marked “Value Life”. For more info on ways to serve, like Value Life on Facebook or visit value–life.

Cooper Road Campus entrances.

Vineyard Christmas for Kids

giving by visiting You can also TEXT your amount to 614.333.0330 and follow the prompts. For more info, contact our Finance department.

Pantry Donations (Community Outreach) We always need personal care items like soap, shampoo,

Planned Giving Contact Kent Irwin, 614.259.5505 or If you would like to discuss estate planning, contact Kent Irwin.


Project Venezuela


Contact Myra Gaiters, As we approach the holidays, we want to remember God’s generosity to us and extend generosity to others. Vineyard Christmas for Kids is a ministry of our church that’s designed to help kids and families in our church who might not be able to celebrate Christmas without our support. If you are interested in donating, please make checks payable to “Vineyard Columbus” with “VCK” in the memo line. You may also text-to-give by texting the amount along with VCK in the message to 614.333.0330. For more info, contact Myra Gaiters.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G



arents, we have exciting news for you! The Family Life

become leaders here at Vineyard Columbus. We are committed

Ministry Team at Vineyard Columbus is developing a

to help our young people develop personal transformations

pathway to disciple our young people from preschool to age 27.

and meaningful expressions of faith by loving and serving

Research tells us that there are many factors that contribute

others, building meaningful relationship within the church, and

to a young adult’s decision to disconnect from their church.

having the ability to defend their faith in all arenas of life.

Some of these factors include:

To fulfill this vision, we are launching a new curriculum for our

• Viewing the people at church as judgmental. • Feeling disconnected from the people at church. • Disagreeing with the church’s political or social stance. • Being unprepared to respond to critics of Christianity. • Believing their faith to be unmeaningful.1 The two above-mentioned factors that concern me the most are young adults being unprepared to respond to the critics of Christianity and believing their faith to be personally unmeaningful. We are committed to equip our children and youth to develop a personal and meaningful relationship with Jesus. I believe that a meaningful relationship with Jesus includes a personal transformation and an outward expression of faith. Our children’s faith needs to influence everything they

children and youth ministries. The curriculum is called ORANGE and is widely used by hundreds of churches and denominations nationwide. ORANGE is a web-based curriculum that provokes discovery and invites our children to grow in their relationship with Jesus. The relationship between home and church is crucial in the spiritual development of our children and youth. Perhaps at no other time in our history as a church is this relationship so vital in raising up empowered Jesus followers. Vineyard Columbus has a rich history of providing curriculum and passionate teachers to introduce and invite our children and youth into a personal relationship with Jesus. It starts with two individual influences in a child’s life:

do, say, and accomplish in life. You, as a parent, are crucial to this vision. In the past, our strategy has primarily been to focus on the classroom. However, after extensive research, we recognize that empowering parents is essential to raising up passionate Jesus followers who will influence the world and possibly 1 32

Firsthand Faith , by Ryan and Josh Shook


To this end, we have partnered with ORANGE to equip you, as a parent, with the resources you need to build upon the

foundation of faith that our Children’s and Youth ministries are

Scriptures and will be presented to our children and youth in an

forming in the lives of our children. As a parent, you will have a

age-appropriate way.

direct link into what is happening in our classrooms and small groups. We believe you will be able to guide your children further in their journey of discipleship than any other person or organization. Your home is a sacred shelter, where family members experience acceptance, nurturing, forgiveness, grace, and empowerment. Sacred shelters do not create isolated environments where people are hidden away from the

The ORANGE Parent Cue App will give you access to your child’s classroom resources along with podcasts, blogs, discussion topics, and activities that will help you grow your child’s faith. This app allows parents and the church to be in-step with each other as we raise up a generation of passionate Jesus followers. Each week you will be given the Scripture, theme, and application of your child’s lesson for the week. We are

pain, brokenness, or secular influences of the world. Rather, in

asking you to make a one-year commitment to partner with us

sacred shelters, families learn to overcome the brokenness of

by using these resources. As a parent, you will receive quarterly

the world and live out a redeemed and reconciled life in their

surveys to give us feedback on how the ORANGE resources are

neighborhoods and communities.

being used in your home. We are fully committed to walking

Vineyard Columbus is made up of approximately 1,400 sacred

this out with you.

shelter homes that are uniquely positioned in our city to be

The average church attendance for a family is 2.3 weekends

a witness of God’s grace, power, and salvation. Our homes

per month. This means that we only have about 60 minutes of

represent the best chance of transforming our neighborhoods by expressing the love of Jesus. The most natural way for this expression to occur is for families to love and serve one another and their neighbors. The resources that you receive from ORANGE will be a great way to encourage and introduce

teaching time per month to influence and deepen your child’s faith journey. However, as we partner together, our children will receive many additional hours of Christian education in your home through the ORANGE resources.

the parents in your neighborhood to the ministry of Vineyard

The parent and church partnership forms a powerful team. We


believe that the Holy Spirit is doing something transformative

We believe that ORANGE is one of the best church-wide

in the body of Christ that allows us to dream about our

curriculums available and is based upon the value of parent

children and youth becoming present and future leaders in our

and church partnerships. Each ORANGE lesson is built upon the

church and community. V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


B O O K S TO R E 614.891.6440 M O N D AY Closed T U E S D AY 12-5pm W E D N E S D AY 12-5pm T H U R S D AY 12-5pm F R I D AY 12-5pm S AT U R D AY 5:30-8:15pm S U N D AY 8:45am-1:45pm Closed during services

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


MIX October 2017