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By wisdom a house is built,

and through understanding it is established; 4

through knowledge its rooms are filled

with rare and beautiful treasures. Proverbs 24:3-4 Proverbs tells us that if we build a home with wisdom,

romance within marriage. In the 1980’s, other “experts” discovered that so-called open marriages destroyed trust and destroyed marriages. Again, back in the 1970’s, “experts” said that divorce really didn’t hurt one’s children, at least not in any lasting way. Children were said to be able to recover from a divorce just like children recover from the common cold. But other “experts” in the 1990’s discovered that a parents’ divorce created devastating consequences for children, even 25 years later.

understanding and knowledge, the rooms will be filled with rare

Who should we listen to? The wisest approach to life is to listen

and beautiful treasures. The writer is not talking about tangible

to the Architect, the Creator of life. This is only common sense! If

possessions. The concern is not with our homes being filled with

you were trying to build a house with a load of wood delivered by

antiques, Tiffany lamps or paintings over the fireplace. Wisdom

a lumber yard, you could take a number of different approaches.

and understanding are not prerequisites to the acquisition of

You could just start nailing boards together and guess at what

material possessions. All that takes is money.

the house ought to look like. Or you could listen to people who

A foolish person may hit the lottery or inherit a fortune. Having

were passing by on the street shouting advice to you, especially if

a lot of things does not mark someone off as being wise. In fact,

they claimed to be “experts” in home building. But it would make

Jesus had nothing. He said, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests,

the most sense to consult the Architect and follow his plan for

but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” (Matthew 8:20)

building your home.

Jesus had nothing, yet he was the wisest person who ever lived.

God is the Architect! His wisdom in building a home doesn’t go out

It doesn’t take wisdom to fill our homes with a lot of things. But it

of fashion. And his wisdom is not contradicted by later studies.

does take wisdom to fill our homes with joy, satisfaction and love. It takes wisdom to have healthy relationships between all the members of the family; to have family members who want to be together, great memories, children with depth of character or to


that sexual exploration outside of marriage would encourage

God’s Word offers us wise principles for filling our homes with treasures. Let me suggest three principles from God’s Word that will build a great home in any culture and at any time in history.

grow old with one’s spouse and still be in love.

Principle One: Love God more than you love your spouse.

Where do we find wisdom to fill our homes with treasure? If you

The first commandment in the Old Testament is this: “You shall

listen to the “experts” we hear contradictory advice. In the 1970’s,

have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20:3) In other words, don’t

certain “experts” advocated for “open marriages”, suggesting

put anything on earth, including our own spouses, ahead of God.


that the most important commandment is this: “Love the Lord

your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all

God is the Architect! His wisdom

your mind, and with all your strength.” (Mark 12:30)

in building a home doesn’t go out

Jesus reiterates this Old Testament commandment by telling us

If we put God first, we will love our spouses well. We will obey God by forgiving our spouses when they sin against us. We will tell

of fashion. And his wisdom is not contradicted by later studies.

the truth and not lie to our spouses. We’ll serve our spouses and not try to dominate them. We will put our spouse’s needs ahead

of our own. We will pray for our spouses. And we will want, above anything else, for our spouses to put God first as well. Principle Two: The most important thing you can do for

created them to be. The phrase “his way” literally means “his bent”.

your children is to love your spouse.

This phrase was also used to describe the bend of a bow in the Old

Back in the Garden of Eden, we read these words: “That is why


a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife,

In other words, Proverbs is telling us that there is no standardized

and they become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24) The parent/child

way to raise a child. There are standards—standards of respect,

relationship is only temporary in terms of a child living in our home or being under our authority. Only the marriage relationship is permanent! We are glued together for life. A healthy marriage is the foundation for raising healthy children. There is nothing more

standards of spirituality, the standards of the 10 Commandments.

But there is no standardized, cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to raising a child.

undermining to raising children well than a bad marriage between

Other people can give us advice regarding how to raise our

spouses. If we want to have secure children, we must first secure

children. Wise counselors can assist us. But no other person knows

our own marriages.

“the way” of our children as well as a parent does. No one else

Principle Three: After loving God and loving your spouse,

knows our child’s sensitivities or our child’s temperament the way

the key to loving your children is to know them.

we do as parents. Every parent ought to have Psalm 139 graven

The most famous verse on childraising in the Bible is Proverbs 22:6

on their hearts regarding our own children “you know me… I am

which says:

fearfully and wonderfully made”… (Psalm 139:1, 14). Every parent

Start children off on the way they should go,


and even when they are old they will not turn from it. The classic interpretation of this verse suggests that we teach our children from a young age about God. Teach them the 10

ought to be able to look at their child and say: “You’re absolutely unique in the way that God has formed you. I want to bless your temperament. You are optimistic. You’re melancholic. You’re a gifted musician. You’re a gifted artist. You love science. You’re

Commandments. Bring them to church. Make sure they see you

kind. You are a sharer. You are sensitive. You are a leader.” And, of

praying. The promise then is that even if they rebel in their teenage

course, we ought to know our child’s negative tendencies as well.

years, when they get older they will remember the lessons that

“You have a tendency to lie when you are confronted. You deny

they learned as children and will return to God.

responsibility. You go along with the crowd. You struggle with

There’s certainly truth in this classic perspective. We followers

working hard.”

of Jesus ought to raise our children with a strong spiritual

Do you want a home that is filled with treasure? Listen to the

foundation. And for the most part, when parents take their jobs seriously regarding building a spiritual foundation for their children I have watched most children return to the faith after a

wisdom of God found in God’s Word, especially the book of Proverbs!

period of rebellion. Of course, this is not an absolute promise. Even Jesus did not bat 1000! He lost one of his disciples, Judas. Our children are still able to make their own choices for and against

In the month of February, we’ll be doing a sermon series


on the family matters.

But another way to look at this verse in Proverbs to understand

The messages in the series:

the writer to be saying: “Raise up a child according to his way”—

Marriage Matters

not the way but his way. That is literally what it says in the original

Singleness Matters

Hebrew. Or to put it differently, raise up a child according to her

Breaking Free of Family Mess

wiring, according to her temperament, according to her gift mix.

Parenting with Purpose

In other words, raise up a child according to the way that God has V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G




“On a scale of one to ten, how much does it hurt,”

audibly heard something pop, and the collarbone appeared to snap

he asked. “About an eight,” she said. “The doctor

into place.

said if the pain doesn’t go down, I’ll need a cast.”

John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard Movement, practiced

He placed his hands on her sprained ankle and

laying hands on people and asking the Holy Spirit to heal them for over a year before he witnessed his first supernatural healing.

said, “Holy Spirit come.” After a little while, he

He encouraged everyone to open themselves to the Holy Spirit’s

asked, “Where is the pain at now?” Wide-eyed,

power, be willing to make mistakes, and learn from them.

she said, “A four.” “Let’s pray again,” he said with

“Here’s my advice: join the ‘200 club,’” he stated in his book

a smile. Placing his hands on her ankle again, he asked the Holy Spirit to come and take the pain

Kingdom Evangelism. “Step out 200 times in faith in the ways that I have described in this book (and in my other book on this topic,

Power Evangelism) during the coming year, and your life will be

away. “The pain is at a two,” she was excited.

changed. You’ll make a lot of mistakes, but I also guarantee that

“Well, let’s keep praying,” he said. “Holy Spirit,

you’ll see excellent results.” These results not only come in the

please come and take it all.” “It’s like almost all gone!” she was thrilled.

form of healing or gratitude, but an opportunity to be invitational and evangelistic towards people. I recently had the chance to pray for an airport clerk with arthritis.

He is nine years old. She is eight years old.

Placing my hand over her fingers, her hand grew very warm. She

In KidzQuest, there are breakout classes where kids can learn and

was shocked as the fingers relaxed and moved again. I told her God

practice the Vineyard prayer model. The children are seeing the

loved her and wanted to show it. She chuckled that she believed

Holy Spirt move as they listen to him and ask him to come. As a

it considering what just happened. I had the opportunity to invite

result they are asking family members, friends and teachers if they

her to church because I stepped out in faith in praying for her.

can place their hand on them and ask the Holy Spirit to act. At this

“If you don’t take a chance, you miss the opportunity to see God

young age, our kids are learning to practice inviting the Holy Spirit,

move,” said Kerry Davis, who is the pastor over our Empowered

and are seeing results.

Life Ministry. “I think it really comes down to realizing God’s love

In the bestselling book Outliers, author Malcom Gladwell says

for you is greater than the fear of what people think of you.”

that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve

In the class Meeting God 302: Discerning God’s Voice, participants

mastery in a field. This is even more necessary in the Christian life.

practice trying to hear a word from God for someone else.

Jesus declares that he wants us to practice as he said in Matthew

Students are asked to share when the word they thought they

24, “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts

heard meant nothing to the recipient. The class then applauds the

them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the

person for trying, and almost all the recipients say they feel loved

rock.” He wants us to practice what the Holy Spirit tells us to do.

and cared for even if the word shared didn’t have any meaning for

He inspires us to build a solid foundation of living biblically and


releasing the power of the Holy Spirt. In our church, we take this call to practice seriously in all aspects of ministry.

Recently I was paired with a woman who had never prayed in this way before. She was very hesitant to say what she thought she heard, but eventually said the word “patience” came to mind. I

Christopher Ledezma, our Singles Ministry assistant pastor,

laughed because the Lord had been encouraging me to be patient

often takes a group to local Walmart stores to practice praying

about something I am waiting upon. I asked her to lay hands on

for people. Not everyone they pray for gets healed, but almost

me, to ask the Holy Spirit to come, and release his fruit of the Spirit

everyone who receives prayer expresses gratitude. “People will

— patience. It felt like something heavy rested on me, and she felt

tell us, ‘you don’t know how much I needed that,’” said Ledezma.

it too. Since then, I have not been struggling with impatience in

“That someone cared enough to offer to pray for them is a blessing

one area.


When we step out in faith, the Lord blesses our attempts. By

On these prayer outings, they ask the Holy Spirit to highlight

practicing prayer openly, we are inviting God into our everyday and

people to receive prayer, or they look for people who have obvious

growing closer to him. I encourage you to try and achieve your ten

signs that they need healing. One man had a shoulder that was

thousand hours of practice in prayer.

about two inches higher than the other, with the ear touching the shoulder. They asked if they could pray for him. He had a broken collarbone which never healed properly. While praying, they

Nancy Davis is a volunteer with Empowered Life Ministry. V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Upcoming Class Dates Sunday, April 28 & Sunday, July 14, 2:30-5:30pm, Cooper Road Campus Learn more and register for free childcare at v

Meet pastors and learn more about the history and beliefs of Vineyard Columbus. This class is required for membership. No preregistration is necessary, unless you need childcare (ages 1-12). Teacher: Senior Pastor Rich Nathan

Whether you’ve followed Jesus for a short time or many years, discover practical ways to mature and thrive. We’ll offer ways to read the Bible so that it comes to life, pray with more power, and live a life of holistic stewardship. Teacher: Pastor Scott Engebretson

Get to know and experience the Holy Spirit, sent by God to bring the Kingdom of God and his presence into our lives and the world. You’ll also learn how to follow his lead in praying for healing in people’s lives. Teacher: Pastor Craig Heselton

Learn about Meeting God 304 on p. 26.

As followers of Jesus, we are all called to serve. Whether you have been around Vineyard Columbus for a week or years, you’ll find this class helpful in discovering where God wants you to serve and grow. Teacher: Pastor Diane Bauman

The purpose of this class is to train and encourage every Christian—to share Christ—everywhere, in every way, all the time. Teacher: Pastor Stephen Van Dop





Baptism Classes | Youth (Ages 10-18) & Adult

Abigail Shaw (, or Peggy Steinbower

Saturdays, February 9, 16 & 23, after services


Sundays, February 10, 17 & 24, after services

Chosen4Love is a community of families with a passion for adoption


and foster care. We serve as a resource for adoptive families and for

Children's Contact: Mike Szlapak, 614.259.5317 or

people who are considering becoming foster or adoptive parents.

Please connect with one of us for support and encouragement in

Middle School Contact: Michael Doom, 614.259.5517 or

this area. High School Contact: Santos Chaparro, 614.259.5404 or If you’re a new follower of Jesus, getting baptized is a public statement of your decision to follow Christ. To participate in baptism, you must attend one of the required classes. Baptism Celebrations: Saturday & Sunday, March 2 & 3

Join A Small Group Visit: Contact: Doing life in community is important. Small groups bring people together from different cultures, life stages, and experiences for a rich community of worship, friendship, growth, and service. Stop by the small group area at your campus to learn more!

Contact: Julie Pierce (614.625.7335,,

Vineyard Columbus Homeschool Network Contact: Martha, Our mission is to support and empower families who homeschool their children. We all contribute our unique gifts to benefit and build up one another, and to provide support to children and parents through classes, field trips, and social engagements. Find us on Facebook!

Marriage Journey of Hope Tuesdays, January 15–February 19, 7-9pm, Cooper Road Campus Cost: $25 per couple Childcare: Available for ages 1-12 (must register a week in advance) Register:

Membership 101

Contact: Mindy,

Sunday, April 28, 2:30–5:30pm, Cooper Road Campus

If you and your spouse are experiencing conflict or crisis in your

Teacher: Senior Pastor Rich Nathan

marriage, the Journey of Hope classes will help you find healing

Childcare: Available (must register in advance online)

and direction. You will learn spiritual & practical applications

Meet pastors and learn more about the history and beliefs

from pastors and marriage coaches to restore hope and trust to

of Vineyard Columbus. This class is required for membership.

your relationship. Couples who attend this class and meet with a

Registration is only required for childcare.

Marriage & Family pastor are eligible to participate in our Journey of

FAMILIES & MARRIAGE Family Baby Dedication Dedications: Saturday & Sunday, February 17 & 18 Classes: Saturday & Sunday, February 2 & 3, after services Dedication Application Deadline: Sunday, February 3 Contact: Beth Best, Class attendance is required for baby dedication. If you have previously attended a class for another child, you do not have to attend again. Applications are available at the Information Counter and online. Please bring your completed application to the class.

Reconciliation program.

VC Students VC Students | Middle & High School Weekend Services: Saturdays, 6pm & Sundays, 9am & 11:30am Middle School Contact: Michael Doom, 614.259.5517 or High School Contact: Santos Chaparro, 614.259.5404 or VC Students is our community of students from across the city seeking to experience God and grow deeper in their faith. See you there!

service begins. Our next baby dedications will be Saturday & Sunday,

VC Students | High School Student Core

June 15 & 16.

Application: Pick up an application during high school services

On the day of dedication, please check in 30 minutes before the

Contact: Santos Chaparro, 614.259.5404 or Student Core is our leadership team where we partner with Christ to heal the world. We have so much fun doing God’s work together— join us!

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G





Phase III: A Ministry for Retirees

Tuesdays, Through May 2019, 7-8:30pm

1st Tuesdays, 9:30–11:30am, Cooper Road Campus

Vineyard Community Center

Contact: Ron Schmidt,

Cost: $30

This group is for people of retirement age who want to flourish in


the Kingdom of God. We have opportunities to have fun and develop

Contact: David Grace, 614.769.4413

deep relationships with other Christians our age, grow personally

Awana is a discipleship program where parents and children (grades

and spiritually, and give back by serving (supporting other ministries).

1-6) memorize and learn the Bible, have fun, and become more like Jesus. It’s a lot of fun and a great way for the church and the family to partner together in raising up our kids to love Jesus. There is

Singles Ministry

register in advance.

Before You Begin the Journey: Becoming Relationship Ready

Girls of Grace

Cost: $10 per person, includes class materials and online inventory

Wednesdays, January 16-February 20, Cooper Road Campus


Cost: $10

Contact: Mindy,


Rather than assisting you in finding “the one”, this class will

Contact: Glenda Martin at

equip you to stand firm in your identity in Christ and bring your

The purpose of this six-week course is to focus on building and

best self to current and future relationships. You’ll also receive

creating a positive self-image in the lives of girls. We will focus

practical information on beginning and navigating healthy dating

on Psalm 139 and explore the definition of being fearfully and

relationships. Including the qualities to look for in a dating partner

wonderfully made. Each one and a half hour course is structured

and how to set up healthy relationship boundaries. Open to singles

around discussion, activity, and a take-home concept to develop

and dating couples.

a limit to the number of children that can participate, so please

a community of girls who love Christ, love themselves, and love

Saturday February 9, 9am-1pm, Cooper Road Campus


Vineyard Men


180 Men’s Recovery Group

Wise Guys and Women, Worship and the Word | Wisdom: Truth for Life

Contact: John Doyel, 740.649.6050 or

Beginning Wednesday, January 16, 7-9pm (four-week series) Cooper Road Campus Childcare: Available (must register in advance online) Contact: Liz Ward, For the first time, Wise Guys is partnering with Women, Worship and the Word for a bible study series from the book of Proverbs called “Wisdom: Truth for Life.”

Mondays, 7-9pm, Cooper Road Campus 180 exists to help men who struggle with sexual brokenness. This ministry is open to all men. We emphasize both the healing power of God and the personal responsibility of men to pursue purity. We include worship, teaching, small group accountability, mentoring, and healing prayer.

Men’s Prison Ministry If you are interested in serving in our Prison Ministry, many opportunities are available. For information, see Prison Ministries

Never before have we as a society been in such desperate need of

under “Volunteer & Serve” in this edition of the MIX for training and

wisdom as we are today! The good news is wisdom can be learned.

opportunities to serve at various jails throughout Central Ohio.

The bible gives us a wealth of insight and understanding so we can avoid the pitfalls of unwise life decisions! We hope you can join us Wednesday evenings for this four-week series. Men and women will continue to meet in their separate communities. Light snacks will be served and childcare available, but you must register in advance online.

VCC Men’s Golf League Spring League: Tuesdays, April 16-June 25, Tee Time: 4:30pm Summer League: Tuesdays, July 16-September 24, Tee Time: 4:30pm Royal American Links, 3300 Miller-Paul Rd, Galena, OH 43021 Cost: $220 (per league) Contact: John Wilcox, or 614.891.3922 The VCC Men’s Golf League will be playing again this season at Royal American Golf Course, south of Galena, OH. All skill levels welcome. Whether you’re a hacker or a scratch golfer, you’re welcome to play… (Just ask John!) You do not need to be a member, or even attend VCC to play. The season will be split into two parts (a spring league and a



summer league).

Vineyard Women


International Women’s Breakfast

Immigration Services

1st Saturdays, 9:30–11:30am, Cooper Road Campus Contact: Flo Gimei, or

ICS Walk-in Clinics

Julie Franks,

1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 6:30pm–8:30pm

We are a group of women from all over the world who meet the

Vineyard Community Center

first Saturday of every month to experience unity in Christ while we

February Clinic dates: Wednesdays, February 6 & 20

honor our unique cultures and diversity. We share a meal, listen to a

Contact: Trudy Ann Badillo, 614.259.5322 or

brief teaching, discuss and pray for one another. Please bring a dish

to share, but if you are unable to bring food, come anyway!

Cost: $20 payable at the time of intake (Intake & Consultation) Vineyard Immigration Counseling Services ("ICS") provides

Soul Provider

humanitarian-based immigration legal assistance to persons at or

Friday, February 8, 6:30–9pm, Cooper Road Campus

below 150% of the US Federal Poverty Guidelines. ICS responds to

Childcare: Available for ages 1-12 (must register in advance)

requests from members of the public through our monthly intake


clinic. After intake is completed, clients will be given a 30-minute

(childcare & event by Wednesday, February 6)

consultation with an AILA immigration attorney in a timely manner.

Contact: Myiesha McCrary,

Attorney referrals may be necessary upon consultation. ICS also

Soul Provider is a ministry for moms who are single with children up

provides legal representation for a limited number of clients per

to 18 years of age. We meet the second Friday of every month. Please

year; representation decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

join us for dinner, special kids' programming and a time of spiritual

Intake is the mandatory first step to receiving services.

encouragement and renewal.

Types of cases we currently handle:

Stay Connected!

• Defensive Asylum

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find out what’s

• U Visa

happening in Women’s Ministry!

• Other Humanitarian

Young Adults VC Twenty Weekly Gatherings Beginning Sunday, February 10, 6pm, Cooper Road Campus Contacts: Shane Huey, We are excited to announce that we will begin having weekly VC Twenty services every Sunday at 6pm at our Cooper Road campus. VC Twenty is a place for young adults from Columbus to connect. We’d love for you to come hang out with us at our gathering for a night of worship, teaching, and community. Whether you’re a college student, young professional, or somewhere in between, we’re saving a seat for you!

• Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ("DACA")

Please bring all relevant immigration documents to the appointment or clinic so that we may best serve you. All matters discussed are kept privileged and confidential.

Servicios de Consulta de Inmigración Las clínicas ambulatorias se ofreceránel primer y tercer miércoles 6:30pm to 8:30pm en Vineyard Community Center. Costo: $20.00 (Entrevista y Consulta) Contacto: Trudy Ann Badillo, 614.259.5299 o Vineyard Immigration Counseling Services (“ICS”) provee asistencia legal de inmigración en casos de protección humanitaria a personas que cualifiquen mediante los índices de pobreza de 150% o menos, de acuerdo a las Guías Federales de Pobreza en E.U. ICS responde a solicitudes de miembros de la comunidad, a través de las entrevistas realizadas en las clínicas mensuales. Luego de completar la entrevista los clientes tendrán una consulta de 30 minutos en un tiempo razonable, con un(a) abogado(a) de inmigración afiliada a AILA . Es probable que su caso sea referido a un abogado de la práctica privada posterior a la consulta. ICS también provee representación legal a un limitado número de clientes al año; dicha representación se determinará caso a caso. La entrevista es el primer paso obligatorio para brindarle nuestros servicios. Tipo de casos que manejamos actualmente: • Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia (“DACA”) • Procedimientos defensivos de asilo • Visa U • Otros procesos humanitarios Por favor traiga a la cita los documentos de inmigración relevantes a su caso para poder servirle mejor. Todos los asuntos se mantienen protegidos y confidenciales.  V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G




International Ministries

Designing Your Legacy | Estate Planning Workshop

VC International Teams

Cost: Free

Saturday February 2, 9:30–11:30am, Cooper Road Campus

For more information about our teams sharing Jesus overseas, email


us at

Contact: Kent Irwin,

East Campus Missions Prayer Group 3rd Mondays, 7pm, East Campus Contact: Edna Wright, If you live on the east side of Columbus or in the Reynoldsburg/

Learn how to pass on your estate at death, how to obtain a good estate plan and get documents done at no cost to you. This seminar is informational. One-on-one private meetings scheduled in February with estate planners.

Pickerington area and have a heart for missions, join us to pray for

Financial Coaching

the nations and Vineyard Columbus’ missionaries in various areas of

Learn more:

the world.

Financial coaching sessions with a trained financial coach are

Cooper Road Missions Prayer Group 2nd & 4th Mondays, 6:45-8:30pm, Cooper Road Campus Contact: Tim Hart, 614.557.0395 or Pray for our international ministry work. We typically worship, share updates on our missionaries, and pray for special areas of the world and our VC missionaries.

HELP & WELLNESS Vineyard Columbus Visitation Care Team Contact: Visitation Care Team, 614.259.5239 We want to come alongside our church and their families who are hospitalized, in nursing homes, in long–term care, or homebound. If you or a family member would like to be visited, please contact us.

Funeral Needs

available to give direction to members or regular attendees, whether you are in crisis, struggling, wanting less financial stress, or just wanting to have Godly financial management. One-on-one coaching provides you an opportunity to receive personal and confidential guidance. Sessions are with a trained coach in a gracefilled environment.

Vineyard Job Club Tuesdays, 9:30-11am, Vineyard Community Center Visit: (weekly updates) Contact: Paul Nicholson, or 614.832.0471 Participants in this group will share experiences of their job search and discuss challenges, strategies, and resources. The job club meets weekly for 90 minutes where we'll share job leads, receive group support, guidance, and career developer feedback followed by a time of prayer and encouragement. This group will particularly

Contact: 614.259.5372

appeal to those that have been unemployed for a while, and need

If you are a member of Vineyard Columbus and need funeral and

more ongoing support and accountability.

pastoral care services, please call us.

Career & Financial Budgeting for Freedom and Generosity Workshop

Empowered Life Open Prayer for Healing Sessions Saturday, February 9, 16 & 23 , 9-11am, Cooper Road Campus

Saturday, March 23, 8:30-12:30am, Cooper Road campus

Contact: Kerry Davis,

Cost: Free

Open to anyone with a need for physical, emotional or deliverance

Childcare: Available ($5/child or $10/family)

healing prayer. The Open Prayer for Healing sessions are held at the


Cooper Road campus. No appointment needed. Sessions end at 11am,

Contact: Kent Irwin,

so please allow enough time for the prayer team to effectively pray

Learn how to create a simple, easy-to-follow budget so that you

for you.

can experience financial freedom and live by Biblical stewardship and generosity principles. This may be particularly helpful for determining your capital campaign commitment.

Career Coaching Application: We offer comprehensive career coaching by appointment from one of our expert volunteer team members, to assist with your resume, and skills in job search, networking, interviewing, negotiation and conducting a job search plan. To apply for coaching, please submit the application (link above).

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G



Professional Counseling Center

Lower Lights Christian Health Center

Contact: 614.259.5409

6000 Cooper Road:

The Vineyard Counseling Center’s clinically–trained counselors offer

• Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, 8am–5pm

a biblical approach to help people achieve wholeness in all aspects

• Tuesdays, 8am-3pm

of their lives. We also have Graduate Candidate Interns, $20/session,

• Fridays, 8am-1pm

with experience in seeing children, teens, adults, and married

171 E. 5th Avenue: • Mondays–Fridays, 8am–5pm


Appointments: Call Lower Lights, 614.274.1455 (Option 1).

Internship Opportunity

LLCHC is a faith–based, non–profit community health provider. They

Contact: Yolanda Zellars,

see patients of all ages with Medicaid, Medicare, CareSource, Molina,

The Vineyard Counseling Center is currently seeking two Master’s

and private insurance as well as the uninsured. Whole family services

level social work and/or counseling interns for 2019 (Spring/

are offered on a sliding fee scale based upon income. However,

Summer/Fall). Interns must be available to commit to 15-20 hours

all patients are seen regardless of ability to pay. Services offered

per week providing clinical support to clients seeking counseling

include prenatal care, immunizations, well–child checkups, physicals,

through the Center. Interns are also responsible for providing

routine care, and chronic disease management.

administrative support and attending professional staff meetings

Vineyard Free Health Clinics 6000 Cooper Road, Westerville Contact: 614.259.5428 Free Medical, Chiropractic, Dental, and Vision Clinics We provide free medical, chiropractic, dental, and vision care for patients (ages 18 and up) who are uninsured OR have Medicaid or are Medicaid–eligible with incomes below 200 percent of the Federal

weekly. Our professional counselors offer guidance for individuals and families as they journey towards wholeness and healthy relationship with God and others. Interested parties should email their resume to Intake Coordinator, Yolanda Zellars.This opportunity will remain open until filled.

Mercy & Justice

Poverty level. (No Medicare or other government–issued health care

Orphan Care & Anti-Human Trafficking

programs are eligible for services.) For more info, call 614.259.5428.

Contact: Diane Bauman,

Si usted sólo habla español, puede comunicarse con la clínica latina

Please contact Diane if you would like to receive updates and ways

al 614.293.9906.

to help with our Orphan Care Ministry and our efforts to end human

• Medical Clinic


Cooper Road: Every Tuesday evening Walk in, first come, first served. Sign-in begins at 4pm. Patient

Support for Life

visits begin at 6pm. We provide diagnosis and treatment of

180 Men’s Recovery Group

illnesses. Basic work physicals available by calling 614.259.5428

Mondays, 7-9pm, Cooper Road Campus

(option 6) prior to coming to the clinic. No lab test, injections, or

Category: Addictions


Contact: John Doyel, 740.649.6050 or

• Dental Clinic

180 exists to help men who struggle with sexual brokenness. This

Cooper Road (appointment only)

ministry is open to all men. We emphasize both the healing power

Call: Fridays, 9–9:45am to schedule appointments, 614.259.5428.

of God and the personal responsibility of men to pursue purity. We

We provide dental exams, X–rays, fillings, extractions, and

include worship, teaching, small group accountability, mentoring,

cleanings. (No wisdom teeth, bridgework, orthodontics, or

and healing prayer.


All Things New

• Vision Clinic

Cooper Road Campus

Cooper Road (appointment only)

Category: Healing

Call: Fridays, 10–10:30am to schedule appointments,

Contact/Register: Support for Life,


Cost: $15 per person (includes book and workbook)

We offer eye exams and vouchers for free glasses to those who

The purpose of this 8-week group is to create a safe place for


women with past sexual abuse to share their stories and receive

• Chiropractic Clinic

further healing. We will go through Nicole Bromley’s book HUSH

Cooper Road (appointment only)

and SOAR workbook. Registration and books for a nominal fee are

Call: Fridays, 10–10:30am to schedule appointments,

required for participation. Pre-registration is required.

614.259.5428. We provide evaluation and chiropractic care for those with pain involving headaches, neck, back, or joints. 14

Cooper Road Campus


Celebrate Recovery

Dealing with Difficult People 1 & 2

Fridays, 7pm, Cooper Road Campus

Saturday, February 9, 9am-3pm, Cooper Road Campus

Category: Addictions & Healing

Category: Relationships

Childcare: not available

Registration: Required


Contact: Dave Kuta, or



Celebrate Recovery is a biblical, Christ-centered recovery fellowship

As a leader, you encounter a lot of the “mess” in people’s lives—and

for those desiring to heal from any addictive, compulsive, or

often may not feel equipped to handle it! This class—which will also

destructive behavior —“hurts (like abuse or divorce), habits (like

include “lab time” to practice what you’re learning—will give you

addictions to drugs, alcohol, or pornography), or hang-ups (like

some basic skills on how to handle things like self-harm, suicidality,

anger, co-dependency, or pride).” Here you will find a safe place

difficult emotional situations, mental illness, and the exposure of sin

to share pain, struggles, victories, and hope with others focused

issues as a group leader.

on Christ-centered recovery. Meetings include worship, teaching, sharing, and fellowship. Come experience God’s love and power!

DivorceCare for Men

Circle of Grace Group

Cooper Road Campus

3rd Tuesday of the month, 7-9pm, Cooper Road Campus

Category: Relationships & Loss

Category: Relationships

Cost: $15 for workbook

Contact: Linda Parker,

Contact: Dave Kuta,

Circle of Grace is a discussion group seeking to explore how the

DivorceCare is a 13-week support group for separated and/or

church can be a safe place for people with same-sex attraction to

divorced men. This friendly and caring group of men will walk

explore their relationship with Christ in a loving, biblically-faithful

alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences and

environment. Discussions are focused around books, videos, and

can be joined at any time.

other resources.

Next session begins January 16, 7-9pm (13 weeks)

DivorceCare for Women

Circle of Hope Group

Wednesdays, 7-9pm (13 weeks)

Cooper Road Campus

Cooper Road Campus

Category: Relationships

Category: Relationships & Loss

Contact/Register: Sue,

Cost: $15 for workbook

A confidential group for women with unwanted same sex attraction

Contact: Susan,

(SSA). Using material presented in the Taking Back Ground teaching,

DivorceCare is a 13-week support group for separated and/or

discussion will focus on topics presented via video as well as

divorced women. This friendly and caring group of women will walk

personal experience. The goal is to discover how God is working in

alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences and

our lives, engage Him in the process, and offer prayer and support to

can be joined at any time.

each other. Please contact Sue for more information.

Families of Addicted Loved Ones

Circle of Love Group

2nd and 4th Mondays, 6:30-8:30pm

1st Monday of the month, 7-9pm, Cooper Road Campus

Cooper Road Campus

(Not meeting in February)

Category: Addictions & Relationship

Category: Relationships

Contact: Melinda or Larry,

Contact: Linda Parker,

Cost: $10 for workbook

This confidential group meets to offer hope, support, prayers, and

This group is designed to bring education, hope, support, and prayer

resources to those affected by same-sex attraction. This group is

to friends and family members of addicts. If someone you love is

primarily for parents and friends of people with same-sex attraction

suffering from any type of addiction, please join us. It’s okay to get

but is also open to those who experience it. In an environment of

the help YOU need while we pray they are willing to get the help that

grace and truth, we seek to share experiences and help all to love

THEY need!

each other well. Please contact Linda Parker to confirm meeting date.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Generating Learning Opportunities with Family Values

Hearts Restored Support Group | Recovery from Sexual Betrayal

Friday, April 12, 6:30-8:30pm, Vineyard Community Center Category: Relationships Childcare: No Childcare Provided Fee: $19.99 (Includes Book) Register: Contact: Gloria"Glo" Redding, This interactive class will identify where and how family values are learned, and ways to enhance your core structure. Do not miss this time to assess how belief systems and environments create actions that influence decisions and play a major role in academic achievement. Glo will candidly share her life experiences, professional insights, practical advice and unwavering walk with Christ from her new book "Generating Learning Opportunities". The

Tuesdays, January 15-March 5, 7–9pm

book is available in the Vineyard bookstore.

self-care, his repentance, forgiveness, and trust.

Grace//Truth 1.0

How to Resolve Conflicts Peacefully at Home and Work

Next session begins Thursday, May 2, 6:30-9pm, Cooper Road Campus Cost: $8 (includes book and materials) Contact: Linda Parker, Grace//Truth is a five-week small group learning experience that introduces Christians to LGBT+ people, the language to use and avoid, a theologically faithful view of marriage and sexuality, and practical guidance on how to embody the love of Christ toward sexual and gender minorities. This group is currently open for leaders who have signed the Vineyard leadership covenant.

Category: Relationships Contact: This support group is a faith-based, safe, confidential place to share with other women who understand the devastating effects of sexual betrayal—whether it's pornography or emotional/extramarital affairs. We are engaged, married, separated, and divorced women and are here to help you as others have helped us. This group is for and about you, not your spouse or partner. It is not your fault, you will make it through this, and there is hope. Discussion topics are anger, identity, disclosure, setting boundaries, detachment, triggers,

Session 1: Tuesday, February 26, 6-9pm Session 2: Tuesday, April 2, 6-9pm Session 3: Tuesday, May 7, 6-9pm Please note: These are stand-alone classes Vineyard Community Center Category: Relationships Childcare: No Childcare Provided Register: Cost: $5 for materials

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Contact: Ron Mead,

1st Tuesdays of every month except January, July, and September, 7–9pm Category: Relationships Childcare: $5/child or $10/family each week (for ages 1 and up; must pre–register) Register for childcare: Register: Kris Garwood,, 614.259.5472 This group allows grandparents to share the joys and the struggles of parenting again with those who understand. Speakers address

Are you stressed by unresolved conflicts with your family members,

relevant topics.

GriefShare Wednesdays, 7-9pm (13 weeks) Cooper Road Campus Category: Loss Cost: $15 for workbook Contact: Chuck Clark, GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. This 13-week co-ed discussion/support group is for those grieving the death of a loved one and can be joined at any time. This session began January 23.


Cooper Road Campus


friends and colleagues? Do you have trouble forgiving others? This one-time, stand-alone workshop might be for you! You will learn how to use conflicts as opportunities to bring glory to God; grow to be more like Jesus, help others grow and strengthen your relationships. You will gain proven conflict resolution and reconciliation skills. Ron has conducted conflict resolution workshops for churches, government agencies, colleges and Wycliffe Bible Translators. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” (New International Version, Matthew 5:9)

How to Strengthen & Deepen Your Relationships/ Relational Needs

Loving Someone with Mental Illness

Session 1: Tuesday, February 12, 6:30-9pm

Category: Relationships

Session 2: Tuesday, March 19, 6:30-9pm

Contact: Karen Twinem, 614.439.8475

Session 3: Tuesday, April 30, 6:30-9pm

This is a support group for families and friends of people with mental

Session 4: Tuesday, May 14, 6:30-9pm

illness (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, borderline

Please note: These are stand-alone classes

personality disorder, etc.). Each meeting includes a short teaching,

1st & 3rd Thursdays, 7–9pm, Cooper Road Campus

Vineyard Community Center

discussion, and prayer.

Category: Relationships

MOM: Moms of the Military

Childcare: No Childcare Provided Register: Cost: $5 for materials Contact: Ron Mead,

1st & 3rd Thursdays, 7-9pm, Cooper Road Campus Category: Relationships Contact: Lynn Getz, Moms of the Military is a Christ-centered support group for moms,

In John 13:34, God commanded us to “love each other, just as I

spouses, or any woman who has someone they love serving in the

have loved you.” Many of us want to love others, but don’t always

military. In this group, we will study the Bible, pray together, and

know how. In this practical, interactive workshop, you will learn

support each other as our loved ones serve our country.

how these intimacy (love) needs can be met. When you apply them, your relationships will strengthen and deepen. You will begin to experience wonderful blessings in your close relationships. Your instructor has taught interpersonal communication classes for government agencies, churches, and colleges.

One-Minded in Christ 1st and 3rd Tuesdays 7-9pm, Cooper Road Campus Category: Healing Contact: Angela Fontanini, 614.943.4588 or

I Am Not My Hair

Modeled after Philippians 2:1-2, this is a co-ed support group for

Beginning Monday, April 29, 6:30-8:30pm (five weeks)

those affected with mental health (brain based) issues, other than

(not meeting Memorial Day, Monday, May 27)

addiction. The meeting format consists of relevant resources or

Cooper Road Campus

teachings, and share and prayer time. Find us on Facebook, search for

Contact: Crystal Allen, 614.410.1313 or

the closed-group, One-minded In Christ.

Who does God say that I am? In whose image am I made? Am I still

Redefining Christ

beautiful without my hair? Society says our hair should look like the actresses on hair model commercials and the overall image they portray…but I’ve lost my hair. Am I less of a person without it? There has to be more to me than just my hair. "I Am Not My Hair" is a 5 week

Tuesdays, 6-8pm (8 weeks) Cooper Road Campus Category: Healing Contact: Gina Harding at

support group for women who are experiencing various forms of hair

This closed, cyclical co-ed support group is for women and men who

loss. It is designed to help you gain confidence and self-esteem and

have come from a high control or cult background and now desire a

see yourself as God sees you; as MORE than just your hair

close personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is not a theological

Life Support Mentoring Application: Contact: Support for Life, 614.259.5289 or

debate group. Our purpose is to support these women and men and come alongside them. Our goal is to springboard into a praying small group for further discipleship. No participants may join after the first class has begun, and preregistration is required. Each meeting will include worship and teaching, but the main focus will be on sharing

Register: If you're a member or regular attendee and would like

and prayer. Please contact Gina for more info and to register. This

to meet with a Life Support Mentor, please fill out an online

session began January 8.

application or contact Support for Life. Our volunteer Life Support Mentors come alongside people in

Roots (Men)

difficult seasons or situations to minister insight, healing, and

Thursdays, 7:30-9pm

spiritual growth in a one–on–one, non–clinical environment

Cooper Road Campus

on a short-term basis. They provide a listening ear, supportive encouragement, empowered prayer, and biblical guidance. Interested in becoming a Life Support Mentor? See p. 28.

Category: Addiction Contact: Tom, or Support for Life, 614.259.5289 or This is a recovery group for those that struggle with life-controlling addictions such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, work, or anything else that keeps you from experiencing the abundant life God wants for you. Come join us as we share our experiences, lift each other up, and find hope and healing as we walk with Jesus one day at a time. Although we are a Biblically based group, you do not need to be a Christian to attend. We are here to walk through recovery with you! V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Roots (Women)

With God’s Grace & Dignity

Mondays, 4-5:30pm, 5th Ave. Food Pantry

Online Support Group

181 E 5th Ave, Columbus, 43201

Contact: Francine,

Category: Addiction

Category: Healing

Contact: Shelly Moss or Debi Evans,

This group is for women who suffer from Fibromyalgia, Lupus,

This is a substance (drug/alcohol) abuse recovery group for young

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Psoriasis, Type 1 Diabetes, or any number

women. Come join us as we share our experiences, lift each other up,

of other autoimmune diseases. What you are going through is real,

and find hope and healing as we walk with Jesus one day at a time.

and is often misunderstood by friends, family members, and even

Although we are a Biblically based group, you do not need to be a

doctors! Come and join us as we share resources, discuss scriptural

Christian to attend. We are here to walk through recovery with you!

topics for encouragement, and support and pray for each other.

Sister Sister

Vineyard Community Center

1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 7–9pm, Cooper Road Campus Category: Healing

VCC After School Program (K-5)

Contact: Elizabeth, 614.397.7764 or

Monday-Friday, 3-6pm

We are a group of women who have all survived multiple tragic


events and can help other women as we share as sisters in Christ.

VCC After School K-5 works toward the goal of developing students

We focus on outreach and discipleship, studying God’s Word,

of character. This holistic program offers social emotional

worshiping, and prayer.

development, academic enrichment, homework support, physical recreation, and experiences with STEAM (science, technology,

Sisters of Sarah

engineering, arts, and mathematics). Youth will engage in service

1st Thursdays, 7:15-9:15pm, Cooper Road Campus

projects, student led learning initiatives, leadership development,

Category: Loss

and learn foundational social skills essential for growth and

Contact: Melissa,, 614.353.1792

development. Parents will also have leadership opportunities

Sisters of Sarah is a hope and support group for women facing

to serve, be a voice, and provide support for development of the

the hardship of primary or secondary infertility. We have a time of


sharing food, socializing, open discussion, and prayer together.

With our new design, the fee is paid either up front or on a monthly

Understanding Life and Conflict God's Way Beginning Wednesday, April 24 (8 weeks), 7-9pm Cooper Road Campus Category: Healing Contact: Walt, Life and conflict go hand in hand; it's woven into the human fabric of each individual. Yet, many do not understand the dynamics of life and conflict from a biblical point of view as they live life with their

available for families with multiple children enrolling in after school programming. Registration & Contact Information VCC After School K-5/Summer Nikki Mills, Program Manager of VCC K-5 Email: Phone: 614.259.5244

spouse, family, and interact daily with people. Where does conflict

Lizz Birkhoff, Administrative Assistant

in life come from, and how can we resolve conflict so we can live


in peace with God, ourselves, and others? Come and equip yourself

Phone: 614.259.5251

biblically in understanding how to live life as we look into what God has to say about these basic yet misunderstood issues of life.

Unequally Yoked: Healing the Loneliness in Your Marriage 2nd and 4th Mondays, 6:30-8:30pm Cooper Road Campus Category: Relationships Contact: Laurel, or 614.886.1749 We are a group of married women who feel alone in our Christian walk with our husbands. Please come and join us as we support one another, pray for our husbands, fellowship, and become Sisters in our Journey as we walk together with Christ as our ‘First Love’.


schedule and includes a seat in the summer program. *Discounts


VCC After School Program (Middle & High)

A Journey Through Exodus

Monday-Friday, 3-6pm

Monday, February 4, 11 & 18, 7-8:15pm


Sawmill Campus (4140 Tuller Road, Dublin OH 43017)

VCC MS/HS After School Program is building experiences and

Teacher: Pastor Schott Engebretson

exposure for our youth. We cover a range of experiences that

Childcare: Not available

will help support and develop life readiness skills, career/service

Contact: Myra Gaiters, or

learning exploration & workforce readiness, college & post-high


exploration, and academic enrichment along with individualized

Have you ever noticed that the Old Testament can be hard to

academic support. Youth will also engage in leadership opportunities, mentoring development, identity and relationship capacity building through our holistic life readiness program. Parents will also have leadership opportunities to serve, be a voice, and provide support for development of the youth.

understand? Many books seem strange—from a distant time and a distant place. Even worse, for Christians, the Old Testament can seem disconnected from what we find in the New Testament—law vs. grace, judgment vs. love, angry God vs. Jesus. But in fact, the story of the Old Testament is our story as followers of Jesus. In

With our new design, the fee is paid either up front or on a monthly

this class, Pastor Scott Engebretson will guide us on “A Journey

schedule and includes a seat in the summer program. *Discounts

Through Exodus.” The book of Exodus is one of the great Old

available for families with multiple children enrolling in after

Testament books. In these four sessions, we will journey through

school programming.

the book together to find that many of the things we’ve thought

Registration & Contact Information

about the God of the Old Testament need to be reshaped.

VCC MS/HS After School and Summer

The journey of the exodus people is our story too. Come journey

Kevin Gilmore, Program Manager of VCC MS/HS

with us!

Email: Phone: 614.259.5523

VCC Summer registration is coming in March! Keep a lookout at for more information about our program and when registration is opening!

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT 12-for-12 Spiritual Formation Groups

Alpha Thursdays, through February 28, 6:30-8:30pm (Not meeting Thursday, February 14) Vineyard Community Center Childcare: available (must register in advance) Register: Registration required only for childcare. Please register the Monday before the session you will need childcare ( Contact: Alpha is a safe and open environment created especially for people


who want to understand more about Christianity or for those


who don't identify as Christians, and are open to learning more.

12-for-12 Spiritual Formation Groups are groups of about twelve

This course is for your friends, family members, co-workers and

people who meet monthly for 12 months and whose members are

neighbors who have questions about spirituality and if you you

committed to intentionally deepening their lives with Jesus in the

have questions you should come too.

process of spiritual formation. 12-for-12 groups are designed for people who regularly lead or serve in the church, and who want to build spiritual ballast into their lives in keeping with the ways they are giving themselves away – groups are designed not to interfere with existing commitments. *Group membership is by application only*

Ash Wednesday Service Wednesday, March 6, 5:30 & 7:30pm, Cooper Road Campus

Spanish translation will be provided at the 7:30pm service Join us for one of these Holy Spirit empowered services as we begin the season of Lent. The services will include a message, reflection and the receiving of ashes. All are welcome. Please invite someone to join you in worship.

Deaf Ministry Events Worship Service Interpretation: 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sundays, 9am Bible Study: 2nd & 4th Sundays, 9–10:30am Contact: Angela Moore, The Vineyard Columbus Cooper Road Worship Service is interpreted in ASL. We also offer a Bible Study in ASL.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


B E G I N N I N G S A T U R D A Y & S U N D A Y, F E B R U A R Y 1 6 & 1 7 The weekend is just where church starts. But we believe life is better when it’s done together. The best way to go through the The Story Continues campaign is in a small group. We have video curriculum and workbooks you can only get when you’re in a group. If you don't already attend a small group, you can join a group today. You can sign up online or after services at your campus.



Cooper Road Campus Decision Prayer Team Training Saturday, February 2, 7:30-8pm, Cooper Road Campus

DISCover Your Bible Personality Level 2 Learning How to Communicate the Bible Way

Sunday, February 3, 10:30-11am, Cooper Road Campus

Wednesdays, March 20-April 24, 7:15-8:15pm

Sunday, February 3, 1-1:30pm, Cooper Road Campus

Vineyard Community Center

Prerequisite: Must currently be serving on the Prayer Ministry Team

Childcare: No Childcare Provided

No registration needed or childcare provided.

Fee: $60



If you are currently on the Cooper Prayer Ministry Team and you

Teacher: Eric J. Watts, Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Coach,

would like to be trained to pray for those who stand to accept

Trainer & Speaker

Christ during weekend services, please plan to attend just one of

Now that you have learned more about yourself in DISCover your

the brief training sessions after services listed above. This class is a

Bible Personality Level 1, you are ready to learn more about how

requirement to be on our Decision Prayer Team at our Cooper Road

to better/best communicate with and relate to others. If you only


understand life from your own perspective, which is the most

Discover The Bible | Genesis

natural way to view things, you will often fail to communicate well and work effectively with others. We need to learn to see things

Mondays, through March 11, 7-9pm, Cooper Road Campus

from another personality perspective, which is a supernatural way

Teacher: Pastor Stephen Van Dop

of viewing things. In this Level 2 course, participants will grow

Contact: Nada Attallah,

personally and professionally by developing the following skills: (1)

Join us for a 9-week study of the book of Genesis. This class will be a

better understand another person through their personality style, (2)

combination of lecture and discussion. All are welcome.

adapt their style to create better relationships, and (3) build better

DISCover Your Bible Personality Level 1 Learning About Me

relationships through role and responsibility dynamics. (Participants are strongly encouraged to complete Level 1 before enrolling in Level 2. Sign up for both courses and receive $10 total discount.)

Wednesdays, through March 6, 7:15-8:15pm Vineyard Community Center

Holy Spirit Encounter

Childcare: No Childcare Provided

We will not be meeting in February or March

Fee: $60

Childcare: Available for ages 1-12 ($5/child or $10/family)


Registration: Only required for childcare (please register online by

Teacher: Eric J. Watts, Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Coach,

Monday, February 25)

Trainer & Speaker

Contact: Diane Bailey,

Your Personality Quotient or PQ is your ability to understand

Join us for Encounter. Encounter is a time of worship, prayer and

yourself and others for more effective relationships. However,

seeking more of the Holy Spirit together. Pastor Amanda Nash will be

before you can connect well with others, you must learn about you

leading our Encounter for February.

and better understand your personality. In this course, participants about their behavior patterns through the lens of Biblical principles

Joyful Noise Worship Service (Special Needs)

and characters from the Bible, with Certified Human Behavior

2nd Sundays, 5:30–6:30pm, Cooper Road Campus

Consultant, Eric J. Watts, Sr. (Participants are strongly encouraged to

Contact: Pam Newman,

complete Level 1 before enrolling in Level 2. Sign up for both courses

Join our Accessible Worship Service for people affected by

and receive $10 total discount.)

disabilities and their families, friends, and neighbors. We have

will complete the DISC personality assessment and learn more

a worship band, brief message, and prayer time. Bring your tambourines and streamers.

Meeting God 302: Discerning God’s Voice Sunday, February 3, 2:30-4:30pm, Cooper Road Campus Recommended: Meeting God 301 Registration: Required only for childcare at by February 1 Childcare: Available for ages 1-12, $5/child or $10/family Contact: Diane Bailey, You will learn practical ways God spoke to his people in the Bible and today. You will also practice methods to sharpen your ability to discern his voice. V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Meeting God 304 | Healing the Heart

La Viña | Service

Wednesday, February 20, 6:30-9pm, Cooper Road Campus

Sundays, 11:30am, in the Chapel, Cooper Road Campus

Teacher: Pastor Lorie Kaufman-Rees

Contact: Irene Casale–Petrarca, 614.256.5254 or

Registration: Childcare registration only

(register online by February 18)

La Viña is an all-Spanish service that meets in the Chapel (la capilla)

Childcare: Available for ages 1-12, $5/child or $10/family

at Cooper Road. We serve the Hispanic community of Columbus,


showing them God’s love and watching their lives be transformed by

Did you know that in Biblical times, the “heart” didn’t just refer to

God’s power. We are not only a church, but also a family in Christ. You

one’s emotions but to their mind and will, as well? Join us to learn

are welcome as you are!

how to pray for people who need healing or growth in these areas in order to experience spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Class will include both lecture and practice time. And who knows—you might experience some healing yourself! We recommend taking Meeting

Domingos, 11:30am, en la capilla (Chapel), Cooper Road Campus

God 301 before taking this class.

Para más información, contactar a Irene Casale–Petrarca,

Vineyard Institute

La Viña es un servicio completamente en Español y nos reunimos

Learn more:

en la capilla (Chapel) en Cooper Road. Nuestra visión es servir a la

Vineyard Institute exists as a global education provider to equip the

comunidad de Columbus, presentándoles el amor de Jesús y ver sus

people of God to go out into the world as workers of the harvest,

vidas ser transformadas por el poder de Dios. No somos solamente

whether that calling is as a disciple in the workplace and community,

una iglesia además somos una familia en Cristo. ¡Bienvenido como

a parent, a small group leader, ministry worker, missionary, church-


planter or a pastor.

614.259.5254 o

Noche de Adoración de La Viña

Art Ministry

7-8:30pm, Primer miércoles de cada mes.

Invitation to VC Artists for North Hall Gallery Exhibits 2019

Contact: Jordan Espino-Arvizu,

Contact: Holly Messerall,

Una noche de alabanza extendida, y encuentro con el Espíritu Santo

If you are interested in exhibiting your work as one of our featured

a través de la alabanza, palabras proféticas, y un tiempo extendido

artists in the North Hall Gallery during 2019, contact Holly Messerall.

de oración.

A minimum of 10 pieces required (more than 10 can be considered). Please submit a portfolio for review.

Seeing God’s Creation On display now through February 16, Café Exhibit Wall Photographs by Vineyard Columbus staff member, Ron Kochanowski. Ron’s love for photography began in his teens. But it wasn’t until after coming to Christ that his eyes opened to see the world that God created. His beauty is everywhere!

Vineyard Artist Community Contact: Holly Messerall, If you are interested in connecting with other artists in the VC art ministry, please contact Holly Messerall for more information.

Childcare: Hay cuidado de niños.

An extended worship night, and encounter with the Holy Spirit through worship, prophetic words, and ministry time.

Sawmill Campus | Engage 1st Wednesdays, 7–8:30pm Contact: Dustin Jasinski, Engage is a service of meditation on scriptures and listening to what the Lord is saying to each person attending. Prayer is also available for special needs, congregational leaders, and programs.

Community Life Midpoint | Onsite Small Group Thursdays, 7pm, Cooper Road Campus


Childcare: $5/child and $10/family (must register online)

Lane Avenue Campus | Serve in Prayer

Contact: Deb George, 614.259.5358 or

Contact: Klodiana Tedesco, or There are many ways you can serve in prayer at Lane Avenue Campus. For more info, contact Klodiana.


La Viña | Servicio en Español


Learn more: If you want to get in a small group, then Midpoint is the place for you! Midpoint is an on-site small group. It is a weekly gathering that consists of worship, teaching, table discussions and community in a familiar space-your church.

The Story Continues | All Church Campaign

Bookstore Volunteer Opportunities

March 2–April 13

Contact: Jeff Baker, or



The weekend is just where church starts. But we believe life is better

• One day a week, 2-3 hours anytime from 12-5pm, Tuesdays-

when it’s done together. The best way to go through the The Story Continues campaign is in a small group. We have video curriculum

Fridays • Two Saturdays or Sundays per month, serve as a cashier for the 15

and workbooks you can only get when you’re in a group. If you don't

minutes before and the 20 minutes after the service you attend

already attend a small group, sign up to HOST a group or join a group

• Cooper Road Library volunteer: Volunteer once a week restocking

today! You can sign up online or after services at your campus.

The Story Continues | Join a Group: Connect Event Saturday & Sunday, February 23 & 24, after services Visit: We’ll be having a connect event following services. If you do not have a small group yet, we encourage you to attend!

The Story Continues | Material Pick-up Beginning Saturday & Sunday, February 16 & 17, after services Already lead a group or just signed up to HOST a Story Continues Small Group? You can pick up your materials after service or at the Cooper Road bookstore during open hours.

books, contacting those who have overdue books and adding new inventory. • Volunteer with Printing: The bookstore is seeking volunteers to help print and display products created using our new direct to garment printer.

Career Career Ministry Volunteers Contact: Kent Irwin, The Career Ministry needs new volunteers to serve in different roles like: job coach, career expert, administrator, database manager, networking pro, workplace navigator, and liaison between searchers

The Story Continues | HOST Orientation Meetings

and job providers.

Saturdays, February 16 & 23 and Sundays, February 17 & 24


After services, Cooper Road Campus If you have signed up to HOST a group for The Story Continues and you feel you need a bit more guidance, please join us after services for a brief training.

VOLUNTEER & SERVE If you are not sure where to serve, or want to explore other opportunities, check out the list of volunteer opportunities at, or stop by the Ministry Counter in

Volunteer with Communications Contact: Our Communications department is looking for talented creatives that would like to use their talents to reach our church community. If you are passionate about story-telling, we’d love to meet you. If you’re interested, please contact us using the email above.

Community Life

the Main Lobby at our Cooper Road Campus.

Alpha Leader Training

Contact: Diane Bauman,

Register/Contact: or sign up at the

Bookstore & Library Audio Master Volunteer Opportunities Contact: Jeff Baker,

Alpha counter. Are you interested in serving with our Alpha team for one of our upcoming Alpha courses? Please contact us for more information and to register!

We are seeking a volunteer to curate the cassette master tapes from

Attention Small Group Leaders & HOSTs

the past 30 years. Schedule for this volunteer oppoturnity is flexible.


Bookstore | Meet the Author Contact: Jeff Baker, Are you an author and member of Vineyard Columbus? We'd love to have an event at the bookstore where people have the chance to meet you!

Did you know that we have a website just for our small group leaders? Short on time this week to prepare a small group discussion? Wondering how you can get more training? Need some tips on how to make hosting easier? Check out—a website with several Bible study options as well as other helpful tools. If you have questions, write us at

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Community Outreach

Franklin Medical Center Parenting Class Volunteers

The following outreach opportunities are a bridge between our

church and the people of Columbus. Contact: Rhodie Shreve,

We would like to offer parenting classes for pregnant moms at the

614.259.5441 or for general

Franklin Medical Center, the prison hospital. We will provide class

questions or contact the person designated for the outreach.

materials and necessary training.



Contact: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or

We minister to men during worship services at multiple facilities.

Volunteer with worship, prayer team, or help at the service.

Help inmates grow into disciples of Christ. To join us serving those in

Delaware County Jail: 1–2 Saturdays/month, 10–11:30am

prison, contact Rhodie Shreve.

Franklin County Jail: 3rd Saturdays, 8–10:30am

Training for Prison Basics Saturday, March 30, 9am-12pm, Vineyard Community Center Contact/Register: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or This training is the first step in a basic understanding of the culture,

Contact: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or

Jackson Pike: 3rd Saturdays, 6:45–8:45pm Contact: Scott Osborn, 740.244.6528 or Franklin County Jail: 2nd & 4th Saturdays, 8–10:30am Contact: John, 614.578.8371 or

rules of the institutions and how we build a bridge of friendship in

Aunt Mary’s Storybook Project

the context of prison. If you are interested in this transformative

Days and times vary (One day every three months)

area of ministry, please contact Rhodie Shreve for more information

Contact: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or

or to register.

Prison Ministry Gathering Saturday, January 12, 10am-12pm, Cooper Road Campus Contact/Register: Rhodie Shreve, As a follow up to Prison Basics, this meeting offers an opportunity to ask any additional questions you might have and receive assistance filling out state applications. This will also be a time for you to have conversations with volunteers currently serving in the ministry in order to help you determine how the Lord might be leading you to serve and to enjoy a pastry with a cup of coffee! Please register by contacting Rhodie Shreve.

WOMEN'S PRISON MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES Contact: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or There are different ministry opportunities for women to serve at the Ohio reformatory for Women, Franklin Medical Center-Zone A and the Franklin County Jail.

We need men to help record father’s reading to their child(ren) at the Franklin County Jail.

FOOD PANTRY OPPORTUNITIES Our church has two food pantries that serve the community of Columbus. Please contact Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or rhodie., for important information about each location before serving. Children ages 7+ are welcome with parents. Opportunities to Serve: • 5th Avenue Food Pantry 181 East 5th Avenue Saturdays Only Free breakfast starts at 8am, food orders given out from 9:30-11:30am. Small groups of 10-15 need to be scheduled to serve at this pantry. Carpool if possible, parking is limited. • Northside Food Pantry 4664 Cleveland Avenue

Aunt Mary’s Storybook Project: Volunteers at Franklin County Jail, Franklin County Medical Center, and The Ohio Reformatory for Women Days and times vary (2 hours every other month) Cooper Road Campus Contact: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or Volunteers record incarcerated parents reading to their children,

Saturdays Only Free breakfast starts at 8:30am, food orders given out from 9:30-11:30am. If possible, please carpool or park along Chester Road to keep parking available for guests around and behind the building. Small groups do not need to schedule at this location but please contact Rhodie for an info sheet. • Kitchen Anchor Adult Volunteers

then we wrap the books and CDs and send them to the children. We

Northside Food Pantry, 4664 Cleveland Avenue

need both men and women for this program. The AMSB wrapping

Saturday mornings, once or twice a month, 7am-1pm

group meets every 3rd Monday at the church from 6-8pm. Training is

We are looking for volunteers to help set up the kitchen and


prepare for serving food, cleaning up, and closing the kitchen. Volunteers will be serving with 1-3 other anchor volunteers. It is



busy, but fun! Training is available.

• Monday Night Church Mondays, 6pm 5th Avenue Food Pantry, 181 East 5th Avenue Contact: Jenney, 614.259.5370 or We are looking for small groups and families to plan, prepare and serve a hot meal at our weekly church service at the 5th Avenue Food Pantry. Please contact Jenney Rice for more details and to sign up. • Check-in Volunteers Saturdays (two per month), 8am-12pm 5th Avenue Food Pantry, 181 East 5th Avenue Contact: Chris Blosser, Could you help out twice a month checking in people at our downtown 5th Ave. pantry? If so, we would love your help! Please email Chris Blosser, our pantry manager, and talk with him about this opportunity to serve. • Licensed Barbers and Cosmetologists Contact: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or We are looking for licensed barbers to offer free haircuts for 2–4 hours at our pantry locations on Saturday mornings and licensed cosmetologists to volunteer services at our Northside pantry. • Pantry Drivers & Donation Pick-up Helpers Contact: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or We are in need of strong volunteers to help pick up food from the Mid-Ohio Foodbank for pantries. Ability to drive a box truck and/or use a forklift is helpful, but not necessary. Pick-ups are on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Approximate time commitment is 4 hours every other week. If you are free to pick up donated items from local grocery stores/bakeries, we could use help with that too, usually on Fridays.


Homeless Wednesday Night Outreach Contact: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or Help us bring food and supplies to the homeless living outdoors. We travel together as a team to various outdoor stops. Serve with a small group or individually. Groups must be scheduled through Rhodie and children ages 10 and older are welcome. If you or your small group would like to make a meal for this outreach, we can cover the cost. Just email for details!

YWCA Family Shelter Breakfast 900 Harvey Court, Columbus, OH 43219 2nd Saturdays of the month, 6:30-9:30am Contact: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or Help cook and serve breakfast to the 50 families at the shelter. Great outreach for the kids too!

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


OHIO BENEFIT BANK OPPORTUNITIES Saturday mornings, 8-11am, 4664 Cleveland Avenue Contact: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or Help connect low and moderate-income Ohioans with free tax preparation and access to potential public benefits and work supports. We are always looking for volunteer counselors and training is provided. Contact Rhodie to make an appointment to meet with a counselor or be trained.

VINEYARD COLUMBUS COMMUNITY GARDEN Contact: We are looking for volunteers year-round to help tend our downtown garden at 1455 N. 4th St. in the Short North area where produce is grown and then donated to our 5th Avenue food pantry. We have experienced gardeners who oversee this project and there are year-round opportunities.

Video, Audio, & Lighting Support Contact: We’re looking for passionate, quick–thinking people who value quality to support the sights and sounds of the weekend service. If you love to use technology to help people encounter God, contact us to start making a difference in your church.

Outreach & Connect Care Caller Ministry Contact: Denise Birkhoff, or 614.259.5313 We need your help! If you’d like a behind the scenes ministry you can do from home, on your own schedule, please consider joining Care Callers. We connect with and pray for our Vineyard family through phone calls. Our goal is to call every member of the church in the


next 18 months. This is a one year commitment.

Contact: Jenney, 614.259.5370 or

Outreach Call Ministry

Contact: Kerry Davis,

Contact Jenney Rice to sign up for our prayer newsletter and

Do you like to talk and make people feel welcomed? Each week we

intercede for this ministry area.

call people that turned in a connect card or a decision prayer card

Deaf Ministry Deaf Ministry Service Opportunities Contact: Angela Moore, We need skilled volunteer ASL interpreters to sign for adults and

during one of the weekend services. We welcome them, and give them information about ways they can get connected and upcoming events they can attend. We want them to know that in our large church they were seen, and that they are important to us. Make calls from your home or the church.

children on a rotation at our Sunday, 9am Cooper Road Service.

Security Ministry

Early Childhood

Medical Response Team

Early Childhood Worship Ministry Contact: Debi Leake, Share your love for Jesus with children through music! Our Early Childhood ministry is in need of musicians to lead children in worship once a month during our weekend services.

Global Café Global Café Volunteers Contact: New to the church or want to get connected? Be a part of our family of believers who get to experience God through service and fellowship. The Café is an atmosphere where fresh, made–from– scratch food connects the community with the love of Christ.

Health Clinics Vineyard Free Health Clinics: Volunteers Contact: Carol Achmoody, 614.259.5512 or Current opportunities available for doctors, chiropractors, dental assistants, dental hygienists, and prayer team members (Meeting God 301 required for prayer teams). 26

Media Arts


Contact: Jason Pierce, or 614.625.6216 We are looking for volunteers to help with medical emergencies that occur during our weekend services. If you’re a doctor or nurse with hospital or ER experience, or an EMT (Basic or Paramedic) and are interested in learning more, please contact Jason Pierce.

Special Needs Bridge Builders Contact: (children/middle schoolers) Contact: Amanda Fessehazion, (teens/adults) Befriend a child, teen, or adult with special needs who wants to be part of our church community.

Body Builders Class (Special Needs) Sundays, 9am, Cooper Road Campus Contact: Amanda Fessehazion, Adults who are VC members are needed for our Middle School or Teens/Adults classes with special needs. Can you be kind, laugh, sit at a table, color, listen, pray, and sing worship songs? Join us twice a month.

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Sensory Break Room/Buddy Connection Sundays, 9am, Cooper Road Campus Contact: Christy Smith, 614.374.4859 or Befriend a child who needs an extra hand getting used to church and children’s ministry. If their special needs interfere with learning Jesus loves them, maybe they can meet Jesus through your

VC International Teams & Ministries Cross Cultural Friendships Contact: Carli Snyder, Throughout scripture it is evident that God loved the foreigner, and

guidance and love. Become a mentor buddy in our nationally–known

calls his people to love them, too. If you love meeting new people,

program called the Sensory Break Room. Serve on a rotation.

and you would enjoy coming alongside a refugee in their transition

Special Needs Intervention Support Team

to Western culture, please contact Carli Snyder for more information

Sundays, 9am, Cooper Road Campus Contact: Amanda Fessehazion, If you have training in behavior intervention, special education, autism, and/or mental health support, consider being on call to

on how to serve our local refugee population through the gift of cross-cultural friendship.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Volunteers Contact: Jackie Williams, We are seeking volunteers to serve in the following areas for Fall ESL

help us create a safety net when the Special Needs ministry needs

classes (September 4-May 21) :

extra help.

Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, 10–11:30am (Cooper)

Support for Life

Tuesdays, 7pm–9pm (Sawmill and Cooper) • Greeters: Our ESL students are eager to interact with people who

Become a Life Support Mentor

enjoy giving warm smiles and speaking welcoming words as they

Contact: or

enter the classroom.

614.259.5289 Application: available at We're looking for leaders to meet with individuals on a shortterm basis to provide a listening ear, supportive encouragement, empowered prayer, and biblical guidance. If you've benefited from support and healing during a difficult life season or situation that has resulted in growth and freedom, you may wish to help others by providing similar support on a one-on-one basis. We are currently looking for leaders for the following subjects: • Parents of children/teens on the autism spectrum • Female or male victims of domestic violence • Caretakers of the elderly or those with a disability

Become a Support for Life Group Leader Contact/Register: or 614.259.5472 Application: available at

• Teachers: If you have a heart for internationals and enjoy teaching, we need volunteers to teach and assist our daytime and evening ESL classes. Fridays, 9-10am Contact: John Olver, • Conversation Table Leader: We have a vibrant ESL program and are always in need of volunteers to assist us as Conversation Table Leaders.

International Friendships (IFI) Contact: Jessica Burchett, 740.816.6518 or International Friendships (IFI) partners with Vineyard Columbus to promote friendships and show hospitality to international students at OSU. • IFI English Conversation Partner or Friendship Partner

We are looking for leaders to create groups that offer a safe


environment for those who are struggling to experience the love

Become a conversation partner and help students practice

of Jesus and the care of his community. If you've benefited from

English, learn about American culture, and more. Individuals and

support and healing during a difficult life season or situation that

families can meet with an international student or couple monthly

has resulted in growth and freedom, you can help others by leading

for a meal or activity.

a group related to the same issue. We are currently looking for leaders for the following subjects: • Parents of children/teens on the autism spectrum • Families impacted by the opioid crisis • Female or male victims of domestic violence

• IFI Internship Program Contact: Estera Pirosca, Visit: (financial donations) IFI would like to place interns (20 hours/week) in the chemical industry, actuarial science, finance/accounting, statistical analysis, web design/media, and marketing. • Meals for IFI Friday Night Bible Studies Contact: Tiria, IFI always needs people/small groups to help organize, prepare, and distribute food at our Friday night Bible study when students and volunteers share a meal together.



• Small Group Outreach for International Friendships

Movements to Jesus in the Muslim World

Contact: Jessica Burchett, 740.816.6518 or

Sunday, February 24, 2-3:30pm, Cooper Road Campus

Speaker: Nathan J’Diim

Sign up:

God is on the move in miraculous way in the Muslim world! Come

IFI has opportunities for small groups to help “reach the world”

hear one of Frontiers’ most experienced trainers share stories from

together including prayer, preparing food for a Bible study,

his travels around the world of what God is up to overseas. Come

making welcome bags, greeting new students, and hosting a used

ready to be encouraged and inspired!

furniture sale.

Missions Care Team Contact: Dotty Christensen, If you enjoy hospitality, encouraging others, hearing how God is working, or want to give gifts, of time or money, then missionary care is for you!

VC Students VC Students Small Groups & Weekend Services Leaders Middle School Contact: Michael Doom, 614.259.5517 or

Refugee Ministry Opportunities

High School Contact: Santos Chaparro,

• Cross Cultural Friendships

614.259.5404 or

Contact: Carli Snyder,

Volunteer with VC Students in two special areas: Small Groups and

Throughout scripture it is evident that God loved the foreigner,

Weekend Services. Training is provided.

and calls his people to love them, too. If you love meeting new people, and you would enjoy coming alongside a refugee in their transition to Western culture, please contact Carli Snyder for more information on how to serve our local refugee population through the gift of cross-cultural friendship. • Drop-in Center Wednesdays, 3-5pm

Vineyard Community Center Artists Needed Contact: Contact Vineyard Columbus Artists if you are a member of the church and interested in teaching an arts or crafts class.

Contact: Carli Snyder,

Artists Small Group

This drop-in center is located at our Vineyard ministry apartment.


On a typical day volunteers will be making phone calls (contacting

Come with ideas to share and plan a course of growth beginning

doctors/schools/utility companies/etc.), reading mail, doing

with a book study. All artists are welcome. Send us an email if you're

research on the computer, and helping refugee families navigate


tasks related to daily life and our government systems. Volunteers need to be flexible, able to multi-task, and have basic computer skills. Contact Carli Snyder for more details. • Tutoring Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:30–8:30pm Contact: Andrea Tawney, We’re looking for committed volunteers to tutor refugee and immigrant children on a weekly basis for the Winter school semester. Come join the fun! Volunteers are required to complete

Coaches and Referees Needed for Vineyard Athletics! Contact: Jerome Smith, 614.259.5395 or Help with our Youth Basketball, Cheerleading, or NFL Flag Football leagues. We need coaches and referees for grades K-6.

Vineyard Free Health Clinics: Volunteers Contact: Carol Achmoody, 614.259.5512 or

an application, attend a training, and consent to a background

check. Please contact Andrea Tawney for more information and a

Current opportunities available for doctors, chiropractors, nurse

volunteer application.

practitioners, dental assistants, dental hygienists, and prayer team

The Church in the Age of Jihad

members (Meeting God 301 required for prayer teams).

Thursday, February 21, 7-9pm, Cooper Road Campus

Volunteer with After-School Program: Elementary

Speaker: Rev. Bob Blincoe, President of Frontiers

Monday-Friday, 3-6pm, September-April

Listen to a veteran missionary leader discuss how God is moving in


the Muslim world in these unsettling times and the need for Jesus

We are looking for volunteers for our after school program for our

that still remains.

elementary aged children. We are looking for helpers, who will assist our facilitators with tasks in the classrooms once a week throughout the school year. We are looking for reading buddies to spend 30 minutes with a specific child every week, reading together and building relationships. We are also looking for homework helpers to assist children with homework. V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Volunteer with After-School Program: Middle and High School Monday-Friday, 3-6pm, September-April Contact: We are looking for volunteers who are willing to help our middle and high schoolers with academics. But more importantly, we are looking

Serve with Worship Arts Contact: The Worship Arts Ministry is looking for experienced musicians (all instruments and vocalists) for all worship teams. We are also looking

for volunteers willing to spend time with our students. Volunteering

for bilingual vocalists.

with our program is a great opportunity for mentorship. We would

Join the Choir at Vineyard Columbus

love to have you on our team.

One Child One Community: Adopt A School Contact: Gregg Hay, 614.259.5462 or

Contact: Our desire is to join together and sing praises to him. If you are musically gifted, sense God’s calling, and would like to be a part of

the Choir at Vineyard Columbus, please email Shannon Gott.

If your small group is looking for a place to serve together, One

Other Opportunities

Child One Community needs groups to partner with us to support Columbus schools. For more info on how your group can serve, contact Anna Fullen.

Car Ministry Contact: Jeff,


Do you work in the auto industry doing mechanical or auto body

Be an AWANA Leader!

for you to participate!

Tuesdays, September through May, 6:15-9pm

Baker’s Delight

Cooper Road Campus, Multi-Purpose Room Application: Pick up an application from the children’s info desk or the Kidz Quest welcome center Contact: Mike Szlapak, 614.259.5317 We are accepting applications for people who desire to invest in our kids and disciple them. We have a curriculum, ongoing training, and a

work? If so, we are looking to develop a car ministry and would love

Contact: Mia Byrne, 614.751.5083 or We bake for the women’s shelter, single moms, children’s volunteers, women’s ministry events, nursing homes, and others. Great for friends, families, and small groups who are looking for outreach opportunities. Join us!

team to work with. We are flexible when you need time off and offer

Ohio Benefit Bank Counselors Needed

the fringe benefit of being loved by the kids and leaders. To make


disciples we focus on scripture memory, friendship, and fun.

Church members guide clients through a user–friendly, web–based

Kids’ Worship: Campus Volunteer Recruitment Teens and adults are needed to lead kids in worship at our campuses. Each campus handles kids’ worship differently and needs people who want to help kids connect to God through the worship arts. No

computer program to access public benefits like food stamps, Medicaid, free tax filing, etc.

G I V E & D O N AT E

need to play an instrument! We offer training, materials, and include

Anti-Human Trafficking

you in a rotation.

Contact: Nicole,

Kidz Quest Leaders Application: Pick up one at the children’s info desk Contact: Mike Szlapak, 614.259.5317 Jesus said that if we are to inherit the kingdom of God we need to humble ourselves as little children. If this is true, why don’t we hang with kids more often to learn to be like them? We have opportunities this summer and also starting in September.

Vineyard Women Vineyard Women Event Team Contact: Liz Ward,


Worship Arts

We assist an organization that works with victims of human trafficking by providing the following items: nail polish, face wash, body wash, body lotion, hand sanitizer, Dove soap , facial/skin care gift sets, journals, deodorant, lip balm, restaurant gift cards Donations for these items are items are collected on an ongoing basis at our Ministry Center and our Cooper Road Campus.

Aunt Mary’s Story Book Project: Donations (Prison Ministries) Contact: Deborah Scott, 614.259.5348 or Our women’s prison ministry offers a program to incarcerated

We are looking for women who enjoy meeting people, serving

moms that enables them to record themselves reading a book to

others, and offering hospitality to join our Event Team. We need

their children. We wrap the CD and book to send to the children.

help promoting the event, administrative help, decorating, greeting,

We accept donations of new children's books. Drop off in bins at

registration, and more. We have fun serving together—please join us!

entrances and label “Aunt Mary’s.”


Automobile Donations

Transitions Donations

Contact: Mandi, 614.259.5384


Donations of all kinds of cars are accepted, and we provide a receipt

Cooper Road Donation Drop–off: Ministry Center lobby throughout

for tax purposes. Well-maintained cars or small/medium-sized SUVs

the week.

are provided to a person or family. High mileage cars are okay in fairly

Campus Donation Drop–off: During weekend worship services.

good condition. We sell cars in poor condition and use the funds for

Thank you for your continued support! Last year we served 399

this ministry.

families! We currently need new sheets (twin, full, queen and king),

Men’s Reading Glasses Donations (Men’s Prison Ministry)

can openers and toilet plungers.

Value Life Donations

We would love to have reading glasses for men in the prisons we


serve, prescription 1.25 thru 2.75 strength. Drop off in our metal bins

Our Value Life ministry is in desperate need of newborn-6 month

at the church entrances and clearly mark the bag for men’s prison

baby boy clothing (onesies, sleepers and socks). Gently used


clothing is great. We also need receiving blankets, bottles and

Online Giving & TEXT to Give

diapers (size 1, 4 and 5). We appreciate your giving! Please drop off in the Ministry Center Lobby – Value Life Donations containers.

Contact: 614.259.5443 or

Thanks so much for your support, this fiscal year we have served

more than 600 women and babies! Like Value Life on Facebook and

You can make a one-time offering or you can schedule regular


giving by visiting You can also TEXT your amount to 614.333.0330 and follow the prompts. For more info,

Yarn Donations Needed for Baby Blankets

contact our Finance department.

Our ministry has received an offer from the ladies at the Ohio

Pantry Donations (Community Outreach)

Reformatory for Women to make 25 crocheted baby blankets for Vineyard’s Value Life ministry and we are truly excited to have this

Our pantries are in need of personal care items. Please consider

opportunity! The women in the prison will crochet the baby blankets

donating the following: shampoo, soap, toothpaste and deodorant

BUT we need your help to collect any color of infant quality yarn for

(men’s & women’s). Please drop off donations in the metal bins at

them to use! Drop your donations of yarn bagged and marked in the

our Cooper Road campus or the designated location at the campus

Community Outreach metal bins to the attention of Tiffany Fluellen.

you attend. We appreciate your generosity!

Planned Giving Contact: Kent Irwin, 614.259.5505 or If you would like to discuss estate planning, contact Kent Irwin.

Project Venezuela Contact: Irene Casale,, 614.259.5254 Venezuela is experiencing a shortage of food, medicine, and other basic needs, and we want to offer some relief by sending these things to Venezuelan churches. You can donate items in designated containers at the entrance of the church for the next several months. Specific items needed: • Nonperishable foods: Rice, sugar, pasta, dry beans, corn flour, powdered milk, salt, peanut butter, ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard • Medicines: Tylenol/Motrin, antibiotics, allergy relief, and First Aid supplies • Babies: Diapers, infant formula, baby food, and wipes • Hygiene: Soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo, toothbrush, and deodorant/antiperspirant

V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G




A Brief History

“Vineyard Columbus has asked, why can’t we support

The Value Life ministry of Vineyard Columbus traces its beginnings to 1994 with what former member of Vineyard Columbus, Margi

both mothers AND their

Moriarty, called "a vision for a women's group with a ministry

unborn babies? Value Life

focus on the Pro-Life cause..." This women's group committed themselves to be counselors and intercessors for women

does not attack women

considering abortion. The goal was to reach out to those women

who are facing unintended

coming in to women’s health clinics to make critical decisions regarding their unborn babies. Many were hopeless and had no one to go to. Many were cast out by their families due to their

pregnancies, but rather comes

unexpected pregnancies.”

alongside of women offering

While the church looked to provide help for women in crisis

spiritual, emotional and

pregnancies, it also explored how it could help with the legislative

material support.”

aspect. "My focus was more on the legislative and political side of this" says Rhodie Shreve, an early leader in the ministry. " we did legislative signups. It was a political focus for a little bit for a lot of people."

starting in 2006 when they served 56 women. In just the last year, the ministry has helped 631 women.

There was a point though where leadership felt that the focus should transition from political action to compassion and

Value Life pastor, Diane Bauman, who had a crisis pregnancy of her

providing real options for women in these tough situations.

own, described how the ministry operates today. Someone meets

Various groups were started to help with that cause. Groups like

face-to-face with every woman in a crisis pregnancy situation

"HEART" that focused on emotional support for women who have

to assess their needs, provide them with initial resources and

had abortions in the past and "MotherHeart" provided spiritual

offer to pair them up with a mentor. Resources are not limited to

support and mentoring.

baby clothing, formula, and diapers, but extend to GED classes,

Senior Pastor, Rich Nathan, put his full support behind this

resume help and many other services that are available through

ministry from the beginning. “The abortion debate has been

the church and the Vineyard Community Center. Mentors commit

framed as one in which you are either pro-woman or pro-baby.

to assist each mom for a full year from the time of birth. Resource

But here at Vineyard Columbus, we have always rejected these

assistance is available for up to two years from the time of birth.

false either-or choices. Instead, Vineyard Columbus has asked, why can’t we support both mothers AND their unborn babies? Value Life does not attack women who are facing unintended

"Most of the time, the mentors and the mentees become really good friends", says Diane.

pregnancies, but rather comes alongside of women offering

As the number of expectant mothers grows, so does the need for

spiritual, emotional and material support. Our Both-And approach

members of the church to be involved. Whether it's mentoring,

to women and children has resulted in thousands of women being

donating baby necessities, or volunteering in a variety of areas,

cared for AND thousands of babies being born.”

all help is appreciated. For a list of items that are in regular need,

Since 1973, when the Roe vs Wade decision came down, the Center

please visit If you feel God is

For Disease Control estimates that approximately 61 MILLION

calling you to be involved, please visit the Volunteer counter in

abortions have taken place in the U.S. alone. Thankfully, since

the lobby after any of our weekend services at our Cooper Road

2006, abortion numbers have been trending downward. While


changing the legislation and political stances may be unattainable, what we can do is be a place that provides real options for women who are considering these tough life choices. Vineyard Columbus started tracking the number of women who have been helped V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


B O O K S TO R E 614.891.6440 M O N D AY Closed T U E S D AY 12-5pm W E D N E S D AY 12-5pm T H U R S D AY 12-5pm F R I D AY 12-5pm S AT U R D AY 5:30-8:15pm S U N D AY 8:45am-1:45pm Closed during services



V I N E YA R D C O L U M B U S . O R G


Our all church campaign is coming up! Throughout this campaign, we want ALL of our church committed to intentional community through one of our small groups. If you would like to host a group and help people in our church get connected through meaningful community, you can sign up in the lobby after services or visit



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