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Türi Rural Municipality (Estonia) Partner: NPO “Imperatorskii Vokzal” (Russia) Budget: 261 285,00 EUR Programme financing*: 234 285, 00 EUR Duration: 18 months In the light of tourism the history of railway transportation has not been presented in a very attractive manner. Nevertheless the history holds out a lot of interest making it possible to take a look back to the shaping of cultural history, development of society and many events with historical importance. The project idea is to promote narrow gauge railway goods and services, commonly accepted strategy of tourism

preparations such as necessary technical documentation, plans and studies for the creation of narrow gauge railway museum in Türi (Estonia) and exposition in St.Petersburg (Russia). A book of the history of narrow gauge railway “St. Petersburg to Tallinn by Train” has been produced in two languages - Russian and English. Book’s author is the popular Estonian writer Tiit Pruuli.


Latvian Campsite Association Partners: 1. Regional Sports Federation of Sports Tourism of Leningrad Region (Russia) 2. Estonian Caravan Club Budget: 289 440,00 EUR Programme financing*: 260 496,00 EUR Duration: 18 months The key idea of the project is to improve competitiveness of the project territory by using its potential and demonstrating its appeal to the local and foreign tourist, as well as to create a long-time cooperation between tourism organizations in Latvia, Estonia and Russia. The project has worked out ready 2 thematic routes through 3 countries, including not only particular tourist sites but also all the necessary service offers, published apromotional booklet “Enjoy the best in Latvia, Estonia and Russia”, a tourist map for families with children and gourmands. The project has contributed to the development of the region as its aim was attracting more tourists and making them to want to stay in the region for a longer time which stimulates the commercial activity of the local people.

ADVANCING REMOTE AREAS BY DEVELOPMENT OF CROSS-BORDER VIA HANSEATICA TOURISM ROUTE ON THE BASIS OF LOCAL RESOURCES Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia) Partners: 1. Committee for Culture of the Leningrad Region Administration (Russia) 2. NCO “ICSER “Leontief Centre” (Russia) 3. Foundation Valga County Development Agency 4. Foundation Tartu County Tourism (Estonia) 5. Foundation Jõgeva County Development and Enterprise Centre (Estonia) 6. Foundation Ida-Viru County Enterprise Centre (Estonia) 7. Koceni Mucipality Council (Latvia) 8. MA “Cēsis Culture & Tourism center” (Latvia) 9. Sigulda district council (Latvia) 10. Strenči Municipality Council (Latvia) 11. Valka Municipality Council (Latvia) 12. Valmieras City Council (Latvia) 13. Palupera Municipality Council (Estonia) 14. Foundation Luke Manor (Estonia) 15. Jõgeva Municipality Council (Estonia) 16. Saare Municipality Council (Estonia) 17. Avinurme Municipality Council (Estonia) Budget: 1 803 966,30 EUR Programme financing*: 1 623 569, 66 EUR Duration: 36 months The project’s aim is to make maximum use of the international Via Hanseatica tourism route in the territories of Estonia, Latvia and Russia to apply the potential of ready cross-border tourism products and to provide ground for sustainable regional and local development. Joint VH tourism package and modules including at least 90 VH tourism products, objects, services are elaborated by the project.


Narva City Government, Department for City Development and Economy (Estonia) Partners: 1. Administration of Municipal Formation “City Ivangorod Kingisepp Municipal District” (Russia) 2. Narva Museum (Estonia) Budget: 1 824 564,85 EUR Programme financing*: 1 642 108, 36 EUR Duration: 28 months

Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007–2013

Supporting Tourism in Estonia, Latvia and Russia 2013

In Narva-Ivangorod twin cities at the Estonia-Russia border there is a unique fortresses ensemble of great cultural, historical and tourist value that is not fully used due to undeveloped tourism infrastructure and poor accessibility. The keypoint of the project is the development of the Narva and Ivangorod fortresses ensemble as a single tourism product. It is undertaken to ensure faster development and regional competitiveness of the Narva/Estonia – Ivangorod/ Russia cross-border region as a united tourism destination and the main centre of tourist attraction. The project results are: access roads and areas to fortresses reconstructed and improved, necessary tourism infrastructure created, and a joint audio tour around Narva and Ivangorod fortresses developed and promoted.


Latgale Planning Region (Latvia) Partners: 1. Latgale Region Development Agency (Latvia) 2. State Committee for Culture of Administration of the Pskov Region (Russia) 3. Pskov Tourism Development Centre (Russia) Budget: 1 681 815,20 EUR Programme financing*: 1 513 633, 68 EUR Duration: 24 months Analysis of tourism infrastructure shows that Latgale and of water-based tourism that would make the regions more attractive for tourists and business. The project is aimed to develop cooperation and establish permanent network in tourism sector among Latgale and Pskov regions in order to increase their attractiveness and recognisability the European Union and Russia. It is attempting to raise capacity of regional administration and tourism professionals, improve quality of services, and develop infrastructure in interregional tourism routes. Rural, Sacral, Crafts, Cultural, Eco - 5 joint tourism routes are developed and promoted in regional and international fairs. It is working on improvement of 19 water-based tourism sites and 7 infrastructure sites in Latgale and Pskov regions. It is also planned to increase the capacity of the Pskov Tourism Development Centre and equip it with multimedia techniques.

ESTABLISHMENT OF ENVIRONMENT IN VÕRU (EE), SIGULDA (LV), ST.PETERSBURG (RU) FOR DEVELOPMENT OF TOURISM Sigulda District Council (Latvia) Partners: 1. Committee for physical culture and sports Government of St.Petersburg (Russia) 2. Võru Town Government (Estonia) Budget: 1 700 000,00 EUR Programme financing*: 1 530 000, 00 EUR Duration: 26 months Sigulda, Võru and St.Peterburg are attractive places for tourists during summer time; however, to overcome seasonality it is essential to create new and improve existing infrastructure which would be used for active tourism both in winter and summer. Recent active tourism development is often associated with sports tourism which implies movement of sportsmen and observers from one country to another to take part in sports competitions and activities. The solution offered by this project is to create new infrastructure, for the development of active and sports tourism in all cross-border regions, including ski tracks, service houses.

DEVELOPMENT OF HISTORICAL RIVERSIDE PROTECTION AREA IN NARVA/ESTONIA AND IVANGOROD/RUSSIA – II STAGE Municipality of Narva, Department for City Property and Economy (Estonia) Partner: Administration of Municipal Formation “City Ivangorod, Kingisepp District” (Russia) Budget: 1 742 338,67 EUR Programme financing*: 1 568 104, 80 EUR Duration: 26 months The implemented studies showed that riverside area, being located in historical medieval city parts, is in poor condition, needs improvement of landscaping, access ways and basic infrastructure. The idea of the project is to improve the image of the cities of Narva and Ivangorod, their living environment and recreation possibilities. Construction of promenades in historical medieval parts in Narva and Ivangorod making the riverside zones attractive recreation areas thus giving strong impetus for further development of promenades as tourist products.


Contacts: Joint Technical Secretariat LV–1010, Riga, Latvia Tel.: +371 6750 9520 Fax: +371 6750 9523 E-mail:

Municipality of Narva, Department for City Property and Economy (Estonia) Partner: “Museum Agency” Leningradskaya Oblast State Budget Institution of Culture (Russia) Budget: 6 871 455,00 EUR (Large Scale Project) Programme financing*: 4 347 822,00 EUR Funding of the Republic of Estonia: 1 836 487,00 EUR Duration: 47 months Narva fortifications are the object of national importance. The mightiest bastions, Victoria, Honor and Gloria, are of unique historical value; though at present their condition is crucial. In Ivangorod fortress Small Powder Granary of the 17th century is of considerable interest as tourist attraction; nowadays it needs reconstruction to be opened for visitors. With an aim to create new tourist products the project is undertaking the works on conservation and reconstruction of Narva-Ivangorod fortifications (Narva Victoria bastion and Ivangorod fotress Small Powder Granary of the 17th century); beautification and conservation of the quadrangular fortress of 1492 in the structure of the Ivangorod fortress complex. The project is also developing the necessary tourism infrastructure and improving the quality and accessibility of tourist information.


Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within the European border development activities for the improvement of the region’s competitiveness by Federation. “This map has been produced with the assistance of the European Union The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Joint Managing Authority of the Estonia-

the views of the European Union.”

*Programme financing includes EU Funding and Funding of the Russian Federation

Photo: Jānis Ence, Via Hanseatica; Daugavpils TIC archive, Tour de Latgale and Pskov; Anton Võlitok, EstRusFortTour-2 and Narva-Ivangorod

Tourism Routes, Objects and Instalments supported by the Programme River promenades II 1. Reconstruction of the upper level of historical promenade in the Pimeaed (Dark Garden) Park and the road along the park territory, Narva 2. Construction of the northern part of historical river promenades thematically meant for Fisher market, Ivangorod EstRusFortTour-2 Single audio-tour around Narva and Ivangorod Fortresses and Fortifications developed and promoted 1. Audio-tour (Narva Castle, Peterburi maantee 2, Narva, Estonia), improved access road to fortress and landscaping works implemented 2. Audio-tour (Ivangorod Fortress, Kingiseppskoye shosse 1/6, Ivangorod, Russia), improved access road to fortress and landscaping works implemented

Enjoy the best in Latvia, Estonia and Russia Tourism Routes – Recreation for Families with Children and Gourmands developed and promoted Via Hanseatica Via Hanseatica Tourism Route – it is a corridor – 30 up to 50 km from the main road and the places on route at this stage are samples of the main objects. 1.

2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7.


Three electronic information terminals for provision of tourism information, Central railway station, Castle complex and Cable car station, Sigulda, Latvia Windows and doors, Cesis Exhibition Hall, Pils square 3, Cesis, Latvia Parking lot near the lake “Mazais Ansis”, Rubene, Latvia Reconstruction of stairs, Valmiera old town, Zilonu street, Valmiera, Latvia Improvement works (parking lot, stands for bikes, benches), Seda Culture House Square, 21, Parka Street, Seda, Strencu district, Latvia Reconstruction of driveway and parking place, Valka local history museum, Rigas street 64, Valka, Latvia Technical documentation for exposition of mummies, Hargla Chapel Taheva Municiplity, Valga county, Estonia Technical documentation for parking place, Hummuli manor Hummuli, Valga county, Estonia




12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Technical documentation for visitors centre, Barclay de Tolly Mausoleum, Jõgeveste village, Helme municipality, Valga county, Estonia Technical documentation for Pühajärve event area and singing stage, Pühajärve, Otepää municipality, Valga County, Estonia Reconstruction of supporting infrastructure, Lustimäe recreational area and development (purchase and installation of swings, sheds, toilet and dressing cabin also ground works, building grilling places) of Hellenurme recreational area, Palupera municipality, Valga county, Estonia Reconstruction of floors, Luke Manor estate manager house, Nõo district, Tartu county Technical documentation for Pala light –traffic road, Pala, Jõgeva county, Estonia Construction of Voore light-traffic road, Voore recreational area, Voore, Jõgeva county, Estonia Construction of outdoor event area, ruins of Laiuse stronghold, Jõgeva municipality, Jõgeva county, Estonia Creation of Avinurme “Wood Park”, Avinurme municipality, Ida-Viru county Technical documentation for mill cultural centre, Mäetaguse manor, Mäetaguse, Ida-Viru county, Estonia Technical documentation for landscaping, Sillamäe Museum, Sillamäe, Ida-Viru county, Estonia Technical documentation, “Hanseactic Court” of the Ivangorod fortress, Ivangorod, Russia Technical documentation for Observation deck, Yam fortress ruins, Kingisepp district, Russia Technical documentation for “Mystic Hansectica of Ingria”, Kobrino village, Gatchinskij district, Russia Technical documentation for arts and crafts work-shop area, museum “Stationmaster’s House” in Gatchina, Gatchinskij district, Russia

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

Nirzas Lake (Ludza municipality) Pilda Lielais Ezers Lake (Ludza municipality) Zvirgzdenes Lake (Ludza municipality) Kovsu Lake (Rezekne city) Svatezers Lake (Baltinava municipality) Balvi Lake – 2 sites (Balvi municipality) Vilaka Lake (Vilaka municipality)

Pskov Region – improved water based infrastructure sites: 19. Utroya River (Pytalovo town) 20. Gorokhovoye Lake (Ostrov city) 21. Velikaya River (Ostrov city) 22. Smolinskoye Lake (Palkino town) 23. Rogozino Lake (Pechori town) 24. Pskov Lake (Pskov municipality) 25. Velikaya River (Pskov municipality) SVS Activetour 1. Construction of 1,4 km of ski track and cooled 1,1 km ski track as a part of it, Stadium and service house at the Active and sports center in Sigulda, Laurenči (Puķu iela 4, Sigulda, Siguldas novads, LV-2150) 2. Renovated and developed – sports and playgrounds, soccer fields, volleyball and handball courts, paths at the Kubija Sports and Recreation Centre, Võru (Männiku road 45, Võru, Estonia) 3. Building of 2 sports service houses, St. Petersburg (1. Primorskiy district, Primorskiy prospect, 56, korpus 2., St.Petersburg; 2. Kurortniy district, poselok Serovo, ul.Lesnaya, 9, St.Petersburg – Russian Federation)

Tour de Latgale and Pskov Rural, Sacral, Crafts, Cultural, Eco – 5 joint tourism routes developed and promoted

Exploring the history of narrow gauge railway 1. Marketing strategy, feasibility study and the technical documentation for building a narrow gauge railway museum, Turi Railway Museum (Jaama st 12, Türi, Estonia) 2. Marketing strategy, feasibility study and technical documentation for the narrow gauge railway exposition, Oktyabryskii Vagonoremontny Zavod, St. Petersburg (Sedova st 45, St.Petersburg, Russian Federation)

Latgale Region – improved water based sites: 1. Bicenu Lake (Riebini municipality) 2. Cirisa Lake (Aglona municipality) 3. Skeltovas Lake (Aglona municipality) 4. Jazinu Lake (Aglona municipality) 5. Asunica River (Dagda municipality) 6. Dagda Lake (Dagda municipality) 7. Ezezers Lake (Dagda municipality) 8. Dzilezers Lake (Ludza municipality) 9. Rundeni 10. Audelu Lake (Ludza municipality)

Narva-Ivangorod 1. Conservation and reconstruction of the Victoria bastion in the Dark Garden, Visitor’s welcome centres and interactive expositions created, Narva, Estonia. 2. Conservation and reconstruction of the Small Powder Granary, Visitor’s welcome centres and interactive expositions created, Ivangorod Fortress (Kingiseppskoye shosse 1/6, Ivangorod, Russia)

21. 22.

Supporting Tourism in Estonia, Latvia and Russia, 2013  

Tourism Routes, Objects and Instalments supported by ENPI Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme, June 2013

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