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GRAPEVINE September 2015



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ON THE COURSE…”Bob hangs up ear muffs” 2015 MEN’S CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS...programming change A WORD FROM THE GIRLS... Club Foursomes Championships


night is Wednesday 30th September RULE of the month…“Etiquette & Behaviour on the Course”.

FROM THE PRESIDENT…Don Johnson The Strategic Plan is now in its final phase and will be formally adopted after any comments by members have been considered. It is intended to change the Constitution at this year’s Annual General Meeting to include a Vice President Membership with a sub-committee of two people plus three independent people who will not have a connection with any particular Committee. If these positions are not filled at the Annual General Meeting they could be appointed by the Committee of Management. I believe there are times when a person with expertise in a certain field could assist with making decisions for the benefit of the Club. I would like to thank Jim Sundqvist and his team for completing this important document. Recently we have severed our relationship with Cindy Westphalen in regard to her introducing weddings to the Club. The numbers have declined considerably over the last couple of years and we have started to advertise in the Sunday Mail each week to conduct the weddings ourselves. Our kitchen staff has experience in this area gained from previous positions they have held. Our pricing will be very competitive and negotiable to suit the amount of money that people want to spend. I advised last month that we had engaged interior designers to give us ideas as to what changes should be made around the Clubhouse. We expect that their ideas will be put on display shortly for members to give us their comments. I believe we should concentrate on the dining room first as we are having a problem with aging chairs that are breaking and are difficult to repair. We therefore do not have enough chairs in the dining room for a large wedding and I believe we have no option but to replace them. We have had people who make chairs have a look at what we have and they have confirmed that replacing them with new chairs is our only option. The costs involved with upgrading the dining room would come from the Capital Levy income. Shortly members will receive advice about positions available on various committees. Nominations will close on the 7th October. I urge members to consider nominating. Being part of a Committee can be very rewarding.

FROM THE PRESIDENT (continued) One cost to the Club that I came across this week was the amount we have paid this year in Merchant Fees to the Bank. The total is $8,380 which is nearly the subscriptions of five seven day members. In today’s society this is what you have to pay so members have the convenience of paying the Club for various matters using a credit card. Current indications are that we will have a cash flow surplus this year and I will report further on that next month.

ON THE COURSE… from Russell Virgo (Vice President, Course)

Tree Program Our golf course is a beautiful place with its unique character of the narrow tree lined fairways. We aim to continually improve the play-ability for all levels of players by trimming the lower branches. This work also improves the overall appearance of the course. This month trees will be trimmed along the 9th fairway and the RHS of the 11th green. This program will include the removal of a stump on the LHS of the 13th fairway and the Yate tree trunk/stump on the LHS of the 17th fairway. Garden Beds Garden beds along with the native grasses provide definition and assist in the overall beautification of the course and hopefully enhance the golfing experience. To this end Bill and Ben especially Bill have added a pathway/garden exiting the 10th green and shrub plantings either side of the pathway leading to the 13th blue tee. Thank you Bill??? Machinery Our green staff have welcomed a new Toro Sand-Pro 3040 machine replacing the old machine which had a long history of “being in repair”. The new machine has come with the extras to complement our sand bunkers. The Course Team thank the Committee of Management in their approach to the overall machinery program. The only question is will it help any of us get out of the bunkers??? Greens Renovation The greens were renovated on 6th and 7th September with the new "Rotary Broom" once again assisting the process by rubbing the sand into the scarified and cored holes. The shortened time between the sanding and cutting the greens, with this process, is quite remarkable. The green staff should be congratulated on the outcome and for completing the process in 2 days against the planned time of 3 days, a quite amazing effort. Irrigation The irrigation season will be commencing shortly. With all the dams full, both bores at good levels and the installation of the new 35 litres a second pumps, along with the energy savings associated with them, we can look forward to good playing surfaces in the coming months. This time last year irrigation had already been in operation for some 3 weeks…so much for good spring rain in 2015. Master Games The Vines of Reynella Golf Club has been chosen to host a large portion of these games on Monday 5/10/2015 @ 11.15 am, Tuesday 6/10/2015 @ 11.15 am and Friday 9/10/2015 @ 9.00 am As Monday is a public holiday the green staff will be in attendance in the early morning to present the course in the best possible condition for our guests. On the other days, the normal

maintenance program for such an event will take place, with little disruption as possible to players. Members are asked to welcome our guests with "The Vines hospitality”. Course Volunteers

The Vines of Reynella Golf Club has a long history of volunteers assisting in all aspects of the Club from improving the everyday activities to long term projects. I would personally like to acknowledge a long-time volunteer in Bob Bray who is hanging up his ear muffs for his contribution on the course in particular the many hours he has spent on the Rough Cutting Machine to improve the rough for us who may venture into these areas. Bob also has been a member of the Course Committee for many years where his low key common sense approach has kept those more adventurous members on an even keel. Many thanks Bob.

With the departure of one the door opens for others to assist and below is a list of work that is currently carried out by volunteers as individuals or at the monthly Members Working Group:        

Rough Cutting Garden bed planting / maintenance Sanding Tee divots Spraying non preferred weeds Greens rolling Upkeep of course signage Course GUR markings Path maintenance Tree trimming low branches

If you would like to assist in further improving our great golf course, contact any member of the Course Team or go straight to the top, Rob Millington Course Superintendent or Club Manager Matt Chesterman


How about nominating? A lot of satisfaction can be gained from being a committee member at our Club. A lot of us have wonderful ideas. You can use your ideas in a very positive way by being a committee member. Come on...give it a go or at least talk to a current committee member. There will be positions vacant on our Committees this AGM, please see Manager, Matt Chesterman for details. Nominations will be opening soon and will close on October 7th so now is the time to start thinking about what you can do to help your Club!

A WORD FROM THE GIRLS…from Debbie Gill (Vice President, Women’s Golf) Congratulations to our Club Foursomes Champions and Runners Up. A Grade - Cathy Hayward / Emily Dunbar defeating Karen Parsons / Kathy Michaelsen. B Grade - Rose Corbett / Liz Jan defeating Kathryn Hender / Denise Walters. C Grade - Mignon Hogan / Jen Hawkes defeating Denise Blows / Helen Collis. Congratulations also to Lil Maddern and Jan Milne for winning the Arlene Versteeg trophy for the best nett aggregate over the qualifying rounds with 153. It was great to see how many ladies participated this year and we had some interesting pairings that resulted in wins. Don’t forget Monday 21st September at 1pm is our Fashion Parade. $5 includes Devonshire Tea. Clothing from Fashion F’Less, Jewellery and Skincare from Grace, Golf Fashions from the Proshop and Manchester from Loads of Linen. So bring your friends and have a fun afternoon. For catering purposes we require numbers, so ring Julie at the Club or put your name on the list in the locker room to let us know who is attending. Thursday 1st October is our GSA Open Day. Bookings for those with visitors can be made immediately via Julie in the office and MUST be accompanied with your payment. Booking for members without visitors can be made from Tuesday 22nd September and also MUST be accompanied with your payment. Thank you to the ladies who have taken the flyers for the School holiday Junior golf clinics and the Ladies Give Golf a Go clinics to their gyms, children’s schools, places of work etc to help push these programs. I’d also like to thank those who have volunteered their time to be at the club when Steve is having his Ladies clinics. Our aim is to make these ladies feel welcome, walk the course with them and advise what is on offer regarding membership and hospitality.

Cathy Hayward & Emily Dunbar

Liz Jan & Rose Corbett

Mignon Hogan & Jen Hawkes

RULE of the month…explanation …from John Ward

Section 1 of the Rule Book relates to “Etiquette & Behaviour on the Course”. Part of Section 1 refers to “Care of the Course” and it is an appropriate time, just after the spring renovation of our greens, that players are reminded of their responsibilities in looking after the golf course. For instance…


Before leaving a bunker, players should carefully fill up and smooth over all holes and footprints made by them and others, using the rake provided, making sure that the rake is placed in the correct location when leaving the bunker.

Repair of Divots, Ball-Marks and Damage by Shoes

Players should carefully repair any divot holes made by them and damage to the putting green, either made by the impact of a ball or scratch marks (whether or not made by the player himself). On completion of the hole by all players in the group, damage to the putting green caused by golf shoes should be repaired.

Note: The head of a golf club should not be used to remove a ball from the hole. It is a requirement of our Club that golf buggies and golf carts are not taken onto, or driven over any of the tees.

Players should try to prevent any damage to the course or the putting greens and ensure that they protect the course and greens at all times. The Rule Book recommends that disciplinary action be taken if a player consistently disregards these guidelines. So please look after our golf course so we can all continue to enjoy playing it in the best possible condition.

2015 MEN’S CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL ELIGIBLE MEMBERS After careful consideration of the implications of a relatively late programming change the Match Committee has decided that the 2015 Men’s Club Championships will now be held over four consecutive Saturdays, being 17th , 24th & 31st October 2015 with the final round on 7th November 2015. The Par competition scheduled for 31st October will now be a Stroke round, being the third round of the Championships. The fourth and final round on 7th November will also be the Monthly Medal round and first round of the Life Members Summer Cup as per the existing program. There will be no formal entry form required or separate entry fee. A competition fee will be payable on the day of each round and eligible members completing all four rounds of the Championships will be eligible to win the major titles and minor prize categories of the Championships. Standard prizes including ball rundown for the individual rounds will be suspended during the Championships however there will be prizes awarded for each individual round to be presented along with the major titles following the completion of the final round. Members are not required to play all four rounds to be eligible for a prize for the individual rounds. Players will be responsible for their own bookings and tee times as normal however there will be a seeded draw for the top 12 or so in each grade for the final round. Juniors please note that consideration is also being given to allowing girls to compete for the title of Junior Champion. Full details including conditions of entry, prize categories etc will be advertised by various means as soon as possible. The Match Committee envisages that this format will have the least impact on or disruption to member’s normal playing habits and family commitments but with the view to restoring this major honour board event to its former glory days. The Match Committee thanks all members in advance for their understanding and support. Barry Phillips Captain For and on behalf of the Match Committee From John Ford….

SOCIAL NEWS…from Wayne Lines (Vice President, Membership & Hospitality) I know it’s only September but Christmas will soon be upon us, so lock in December 12 for our Club Christmas Show. More detail regarding this event will be in the October Grapevine. The next Social Sunday Competition will be the 27th September. To date we are not getting any open groups playing on these fun days. Any men or ladies wishing to play, put your name on the booking sheet as we will try to match you up with a partner for the mixed category. Twilight is starting again on October 8th, the first Thursday after daylight saving starts. The Pro-shop will be running the competition this year from 3.00 pm till 6.00pm. Fees will be $3 for members, Flexi members 3 credits plus $3, visitors $20 all inclusive. Prizes will be $15 first, $10 second, with a ball run down for lower placings, for men and women categories. Based on minutes from the twilight work shop of members held in June the recommendation was to use the GA system where two 9 hole cards from alternate weeks would be added together to determine handicaps. The intention is to also have end of season prizes for best players over 20 weeks based on points gained each week for first, second and the ball run down. The season will finish 17th March 2016 being one week before Easter. Completed score cards are to be placed in the LEFT slot under the notice board between the Pro-shop and the starters room. Please do not place in the right hand side as this is clearly marked for sevens cards only. There will be more detail in the November Grapevine regarding Twilight to be played on December 17th. Next night is Wednesday 30th September starting at 7.30pm. For the male members who don’t think bingo is their thing let your wife / partner know as they would be most welcome. August attendance was up on the previous month which was pleasing but still room for more.

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