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GRAPEVINE November 2014



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FROM THE PRESIDENT…Don Johnson It is now less than 2 weeks to the Annual General Meeting. I would like to remind members that if they require any further explanation regarding any item or items in the financial statements that they make a request for the information via the office at least five days before the Annual General Meeting. This is in line with The Constitution…clause 24(e). With another year drawing to a close it is appropriate for me to thank both Rose Corbett and Steve Beaty for their contribution and time while on the Committee of Management. It has been a fairly hectic year with a number of additional, and at times long, meetings to finalise issues that had to be resolved. It is with pleasure that I advise that Funeral Directors, Alfred James and Sons, have come on board as sponsors. It was necessary to purchase a new projector for the Bingo Nights and they have generously paid for the cost of the projector. Membership of Golf Clubs is still a major issue because this is where the majority of income is derived. A number of members who resigned this year have indicated that when the Flexible Membership is included in our list of memberships they will re-join the Club. We will also have to advertise aggressively this year to maintain our membership numbers. It is apparent that we are going to have a long hot and dry summer with little rain expected. We are currently waiting for two reports, which we expect in the next week, on alternatives to further increase the volume of water that could become available. As always water is an important commodity for us. Finally it is disappointing that all the positions on Committees have not been filled. I have received a number of comments from members during the year about various matters but I do not see these people putting their hand up to assist. I have received the Annual Reports from other clubs and it is obvious that more people are involved in other clubs than ours. I know being involved is voluntary but at the same time it can be very gratifying to see the results of your efforts. I would be pleased to speak to anyone that is prepared to step forward and assist in any area.

AGM MONDAY 24TH NOVEMBER 7.30PM…be there and put

your hand up to help.

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