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RULE of the month…Mud on the ball ON THE COURSE…6th and 14th CARE OF THE GREENS…please read

 No Smoking Laws…new laws from July 1 

JUNIORS…match reports

FROM THE PRESIDENT…Don Johnson Over the past few months we have been negotiating with a Company called LDC to assign the rentals to them for the Telstra tower next to the dam for an upfront payment of $325,000. The negotiations have now been completed and they are preparing documents for us and the ANZ Bank (who have a mortgage over the Club’s property) to execute and we will shortly after receive the above amount into our Bank Account. On receipt of the funds we will payout a loan to the ANZ Bank and the loan with Capital Finance which in total is approximately $245,000. The balance will be used to reduce our overdraft which is gradually being cleared. Taking into account the payments of the above loans and the rents we would have received there is a saving of $158,000 in our cash flow from now until the 30th September 2020. The current lease to Telstra expires 2021. Telstra does not have any equipment on the tower, it is Optus and Vodaphone and the Vodaphone lease expires 2029. If we were to continue receiving the rents it would take 13 years to receive the $325,000. Technology can change dramatically in 13 years. During the process we have obtained legal advice on documents that we have had to sign to ensure that there can be no come back to the Club in the future. The working for the dole exercise is progressing very well. All of the work that has been undertaken has been paid for from the funds we have received for each participant. We expect the Dining Room to be completed by Friday the 24th June and we will then move into the Members’ Lounge commencing with painting the ceiling. Shortly we will be getting another group of 20 people which will probably give us surplus funds from the whole project. I know there will be some inconvenience to members but the bottom line is it is a saving of about $30,000 to the Club.

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(FROM THE PRESIDENT…continued) You will have noticed on Mondays and Fridays a person cleaning up around the Club House. His name is Mark and he has come to us under a volunteering program. He does 15 hours per week which saves the course staff time therefore allowing them to work on the course. The Ladies and the Junior Pennant sides are performing very well and both have a chance of winning this year. The Simpson Cup team play at the Vines on the 26th June and I am sure they would appreciate your support to ensure that we continue with a team in the Simpson Cup. The Course staff have installed a new drain from the left hand side bunker on the 14th Green. The existing drain was completely blocked and the new drain should assist with reducing the amount of water which accumulates in the bunker during winter.

ON THE COURSE… from Robert Neagle (Vice President, Course) As most of you have noticed there has been quite a bit of work put in on the sixth and fourteenth fairways and surrounds. This project is finally nearing completion and all we are waiting for is the start of the growing season for Santa Ana. Seeding and planting runners will occur after some levelling on both fairways to achieve good coverage as a whole. The drainage problem of the fourteenth green left hand side and the bunker has been fixed. The complete drainage system had to be replaced due to the severe ingress of tree roots into the old drain. It will take a while to dry out properly. The monthly working bees are proving to be very successful involving tree removal, tree pruning and the helping with the general appearance of the course. As you all know many hands make light work, so a few more ODD JOBBERS would be greatly appreciated. The automation of the watering systems for the garden beds is well and truly underway with only a few left to do. These require piping up to the nearest water supply. In my opinion, the course as a whole is in excellent condition for this time of year due to the input of our course superintendent and his ground staff. Well done.

A WORD FROM THE GIRLS…from Debbie Gill (Vice President, Women’s Golf) Congratulations to our A2 Pennant Team who are currently on top of the ladder. They’re playing Glenelg at Glenelg on Sunday June 19th. So I wish them luck. I encourage everyone to get down to Glenelg on Sunday at 11.30 and cheer the girls on. Unfortunately, our Cleek, Hickory and Nomad teams have not been so successful. Thank you to all of the ladies who make themselves available to play in these Club representative teams. I’d like to congratulate the winners of our Club Championships: A Grade Cathy Hayward, B Grade Carolyn Salisbury, C Grade Angela Beaty, Qualifiers Plate Jan Windows and 9 holers Mary McNab. The weather was kind to us, thank goodness, and we had a number of spectators on the final day. I’d also like to thank Happy Valley Foodland for once again sponsoring our Gala Day. We had a huge field, great weather and a wonderful trading table, thanks to donations from our lady members.

RULE of the month…explanation …from John Ward


Lew and Dowski were playing on a particularly wet and rainy day when Dowski asked Lew a question on rules. “Hey Lew, my ball has got mud on it. Can I clean the mud off before I play my next shot?” “Dowski, you know you can only clean mud off your ball if it is on the putting green, or, if there is a specific local rule in place that allows you to do so.” “If you move your ball and clean it, other than permitted by the rules you will incur a penalty of one stroke. The ball must be replaced.” Rule 18: Ball at rest moved; Covers the situation if a ball is moved by a player, partner, caddie or equipment.


Our greens’ surfaces can be soft during winter so we need to pay attention to their proper care to enable the putting surfaces to be maintained in their best possible condition. Every member has a responsibility to repair plug marks (whether their own or caused by other players) in the proper manner. Every member has a responsibility to avoid damaging the greens by ensuring they don’t lean on their putter, they don’t lean on the flagstick and that they repair any spike marks before they leave the putting surface. Also when marking the position of the ball or the “nearest to the pin marker” they use a ball marker and they don’t score the green putting surface with scratch marks (e.g. arrows). It has also been noticed that the holes on the greens are being damaged by players not taking sufficient care in replacing the flagstick, hooking the ball out of the hole with putter heads, lifting the ball out with a ball retriever attached to their putter grip and holding the flagstick on an angle in the hole hence damaging the edge of the hole. Players are requested to refrain from the above practices so as to ensure all other members enjoy the best possible playing conditions.

Please refer to; - The Rules of Golf, SECTION 1 ETIQUETTE; BEHAVIOUR ON THE COURSE, (among other guidelines), cover the above relating to the responsibilities of all players whilst playing the game of golf.

From Bernie A little girl had just finished her first week of school. 'I'm just wasting my time,' she said to her mother. 'I can't read, I can't write, and they won't let me talk!'





PROHIBITED (See the sign adjacent to the practice nets) BY ORDER OF THE COMMITTEE

Members may have in the last week received an email to say that Sevens Golf has ceased to operate. Members are assured that we will run a competition over the summer season in a very similar fashion.

From the Manager…Matt Chesterman (Manager) No Smoking Laws From July 1 the State Government will introduce new laws about smoking in eating areas. As Sandwiches and Pies & Pasties are classified as 'Meals' the tables and chairs adjacent to the clubhouse under the veranda and shade sails are no Non-Smoking during times that we are serving food. The area affected is the paved and concreted area bound by the bollards, garden bed and the clubhouse up to the double doors into the members lounge Smoking will only be allowed in that area when food is not made available during the following times; -

After the completion of meal service, after 9pm During Functions, as all dining is inside After approx. 3.30pm on a Saturday Before the clubhouse opens at 10am

Smoking would still be permissible, on the bench seating in front of the proshop, on the course, in other outdoor areas around the clubhouse. You may still smoke while drinking in any of the non-dining areas. Staff will ask anybody who is smoking during a prohibited time to move out of the area or butt out. We thank all members for their cooperation as we do our best to abide by these new laws.

NOTICE TO MEMBERS PRACTICE AREAS & ON COURSE PRACTICE Dear Members, A couple of incidents have occurred at the club in the past couple of weeks in regard to the miss-use of the practice facilities. Members are reminded to follow the rules signposted at both the Practice Range and the Chipping Green. These rules are in place for the safety of all people in the vicinity of the club and to protect the condition of the playing surfaces at all times. Repeated “Drill Practice” is not permitted on the Golf Course under any circumstance. If members notice any person in breach of the rules please don’t hesitate to contact the proshop on 8381 3300 before 5pm or Matt Chesterman on 0401 968 557 after hours. We thank you for your co-operation on this matter. Committee of Management.

JUNIORS…from Wayne Corbett

On Sunday 15th May the 2016 Junior Pennant season commenced with our Junior team playing at home against the team from Kooyonga in ideal conditions and on a perfectly manicured golf course. Our Team was Jarred Clarke, Ryan Francis (Captain), Jordan Percey (Vice Captain), Boston Price, Ryan Scovell with Louis Pretty as our Reserve player. Ryan Scovell registered our first win. He came in with a huge smile and an impressive 7 and 6 win only to be closely followed by Boston Price who recorded a great 6 and 5 win. Jarred, after a slow start, eventually hit his straps as well as hitting his drives enormous distances, scored a wonderful 5 and 4 win. Both our Captain, Ryan Francis, and our Vice Captain, Jordan Percey, continued their entertaining matches until the deadlock was broken on the 16th for both to record fighting 3 and 2 wins for the Team. The end result was a comprehensive 5 to Nil win.

On Sunday 29th May our highly talented Juniors played a very tightly contested game against the extremely competent and long hitting team from Glenelg on their home course. Our team for this match was Ryan Francis (Captain), Jordan Percey, Louis Pretty, Boston Price and Ryan Scovell. Emily Dunbar was our reserve player. Ryan Scovell registered our first point with a dominant 7 and 6 win. Jordan ended his day of misery and woe with a 7 and 6 loss which left the outcome of the overall game in the balance and dependent on the final 3 matches still in play. Then Boston Price, who really hit his straps to win his last 6 holes of play, came in smiling and with a wonderful 3 and 1 win, which included a birdie on the difficult 16th hole. For an overall win, we needed to register one more win from one of the two matches still in progress. Louis Pretty and our Captain Ryan Francis continued the pressure against their extremely long hitting opponents and both were playing wonderful golf. Young Louis recorded a very respectable and competitive 1 down loss. Ryan Francis, after a close, tense and entertaining tussle all day, took his opposing Captain to the 18th .Where, unfortunately, Ryan’s downhill birdie putt for the win, shaved the hole by less than ½ inch to leave him with a tap in for par (which surprisingly was not conceded by his opponent). I was extremely proud of our young teams performance as they played exceptional golf to record a tied result against the extremely strong and formidable Glenelg team of 2 ½ wins each. Sunday 5th June saw our talented Juniors travel to Tea Tree Gully to tackle the team from Country Districts and were welcomed with extremely cold, overcast conditions and a very heavy rain soaked course. Our team for this game was Ryan Francis (Captain), Emily Dunbar, Louis Pretty, Boston Price and Ryan Scovell.

Play started from the 10th tee on time and after the first 3 pairings had teed off, the heavens opened up with a torrential downpour which ultimately lead to a suspension of play for about 35 minutes. Once play was able to resume our players quickly got back to the serious business of winning this game. Boston Price continued with his great form to post a wonderful 6 and 5 win closely followed by Ryan Scovell with a fantastic 5 and 4 win. Unfortunately, our Captain continued with his horror day to post 6 and 5 loss. This left the team with 2 wins in hand, 1 loss and two close matches still in progress. After some solid golf and displaying great shot making skills over her final holes, Emily, who was clearly enjoying her return to the Junior team, posted a great 3 and 2 win. She played extremely well given the heavy conditions and considering her long lay-off from competitive golf as a result of a broken arm. The 18th was an eventful and exciting hole as Louis’ opponent, despite his length, was spraying his ball into and out of the tree line whilst Louis, who listened intently to the advice of his caddie, played sensible and trouble free golf to reach the back of the final green with 4 great shots. Under the watchful eyes of all of his team mates and the many other spectators surrounding the final hole, Louis carefully rolled his first putt to within a foot of the hole to maintain the pressure. His opponent then missed with his first putt to then concede Louis’ short putt and the match which allowed Louis to post a terrific 2 up win for the team. The team, despite the heavy and demanding conditions, posted a great 4 and 1 win to maintain their unbeaten record in this year’s competition. Our next game is on Sunday 19th June against Tea Tree Gully at Kooyonga.

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June 2016 grapevine  
June 2016 grapevine