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ON THE COURSE…practise nets & practise fairway RULES A WORD FROM THE GIRLS…”a day in the country” and “the tosser” SOCIAL NEWS…lots of happy pics

Honest Geoff beats his age!!!


Sponsorship is a very important part of our Income but unfortunately in the current financial climate it is getting more difficult to obtain funds from Sponsors who feel they will be receiving value for their money. We endeavour to give Sponsors as much exposure as possible and ask members to support them whenever they can to make sure the Sponsor can justify supporting the Club.

If any members have any ideas on how we can find new Sponsors and increase Sponsors’ exposure I would be pleased to receive a phone call or email.

Pennant Teams only have three more games to play. Our Simpson Cup team is very keen to ensure that we stay in the Simpson Cup next year. They play at Glenelg on the 21st June, at our Club on the 28th June and at Royal Adelaide on the 5th July. Members’ support is vital to their success and I am sure they would appreciate members supporting them over the last three games. We anticipate that the Strategic Plan will be available to members during July. The Plan will be emailed to members and hard copies will be available in the office. There are a couple of items included in the Plan that we will need to addressed at this year’s Annual General Meeting. I would appreciate any comments from members on the overall Plan. The Finance Committee are about to commence work on Budgets for the next Financial Year… completion by the end of July. There are a number of issues to be considered to be covered by the Capital Levy…e.g. work that is required to get water from the new bore to the top dam before next summer. There are also a number of items around the Clubhouse that need upgrading and replacement and are mentioned in the strategic Plan. Members Loans for the Happy Valley Drain Project have now been repaid. There has been some discussion regarding the $45 that we have been paying. Should it now go to a water levy to improve our watering system? For example; the sprinkler heads have been in place for a number of years are not as efficient as those that can now be purchased. There are a number of other items where we can improve the watering system to improve the course.

Finally, I would like to thank Jarret Fox and Rod Gorton for taking on the job of formalising the Club’s Policies into one document. It will be a valuable document in the day to day running of the Club.

From the Manager…Matt Chesterman (Manager)

Hello Members, Well winter has well and truly set in and the mornings have become quiet chilly! Having said that the weather gods have been pretty friendly so far this winter and the days have been conducive to good golf once the sun pops up a little and we haven’t lost too many days on the golf course due to rain so far! Congratulations to Dave Jolly & the Membership & Hospitality Committee who put on two great events over the long weekend to celebrate our 90th birthday! It was great to see some old and new faces around the club enjoying themselves. In response to some feedback from members, the Match Committee is undertaking a review of the opening times of the Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday timesheets that currently open 9 days prior at Midday. The proposal put forward suggests that they should open at 9am so that you don’t have to be in front of your computer in the middle of the day to make your booking for the busy times. If you have a view on this matter then your feedback is welcomed to the Match Committee which you can do via my email address or drop in your feedback in writing to the office. Congratulations to Geoff Downey on ‘Shooting His Age’ a couple of weeks ago, an effort he should be extremely proud of! Father & Son Cup and Family Pairs Cup event will be held this year on Sunday the 19th July from a very leisurely 11am! Entry fee $30 per pair, 4BBB, entries close Sunday 12th July. The Father & Son Trophy is the oldest trophy in the club dating back to 1933 so it is well worth having a crack at getting your name on this wonderful piece of silverware. The Family Pairs is just that, open to any family pair you can think of! Brother/Sister, Husband/Wife, Aunty/Uncle and is a serious but social event that is a lot of fun. Entry Forms available from Pro Shop and Office. Don’t forget that our pennant teams are still in action with our A2 Ladies on top of the table! All players would appreciate your support, and you are welcome at every event. Simpson Cup will be here at The Vines on Sunday the 28th of June and is a great opportunity to watch some fantastic golf. I’ll be here cooking a sausage sizzle for everybody and there will be 56 golfers battling it out on the course! Our men will be in action from 11.15am off the 10th Tee. Pennant Calendar – Get out and Support The Vines! Simpson Cup Sunday 21st June @ Glenelg VS Royal Adelaide @ 12.10pm Sunday 28th June @ The Vines VS Glenelg @ 11.15am Sunday 5th July @ Royal Adelaide VS Blackwood @ 12.15pm Sunday 12th July FINAL @ Kooyonga TBC Women’s A2 Monday 22nd June @ TTG VS Kooyonga @ 8.30am Monday 29th June @ Flagstaff Hill VS Glenelg @ 9.30am Monday 6th July FINAL @ West Lakes TBC Bonnar Cup Sunday 21st June @ North Adelaide VS Royal Adelaide @ 10.25am Sunday 28th June @ The Grange VS Kooyonga @ 12.10pm Sunday 5th July @ TTG VS TTG @ 11.15am Sunday 12th July FINAL @ Flagstaff Hill TBC Cleek 2 Monday 22nd June @ West Lakes VS North Adelaide @ 10.30am Monday 29th June @ North Adelaide VS Thaxted Park @ 8.30am Monday 6th July FINAL @ West Lakes TBC

Anyhow, that’s all for now, Good Golfing to All!

ON THE COURSE… from Russell Virgo (Vice President, Course)

Rainfall The Happy Valley catchment and the Ernest Crescent drain pumps have been pumping water into the main dam (alongside the 6th hole). This dam overflowed on Thursday 21st May. Our strategy is for the overflow to run into the small dams alongside the 2nd and 18th fairways. The first of these was full on Thursday 4th June. Bunker Rake Trial As published in the Grapevine last month a trial has commenced on two holes (1st and 10th) of a cradle type rake holder positioned on the non-green side edge of the bunkers for the rake handle to be placed. Players are requested to give the proposal their support by placing the rakes in the holders after use. The holders are like the white hoops placed to prevent wear around the course and are a moveable obstruction. The Course Team welcomes and looks forward to your written responses, successful or otherwise. Flag Colours Information for new and a reminder for existing members that on the 4th and 11th greens the hole location is indicated by a red flag when the hole is in the front half and a yellow flag when the hole is in the back half of the green. The Practise Nets The use of the practise nets is strictly from the mats. Hitting outside of these areas into the nets is dangerous and strictly prohibited. If by chance you are currently hitting from the turf area you must stop this dangerous and damaging practise immediately. If in doubt please read the notice board adjacent to the nets, thank you. The Practise Fairway

All players are required to hit off from the roped area at all times with no exception.

The use of drivers etc and deliberately hitting golf balls onto the 4th fairway or into the dam at the eastern end is not permitted. The direction of practise is always to the east. If in doubt please read the notice board adjacent to the fairway, thank you. Members Working Group

This group of members, under the direction of course staff, meet on the third Thursday of each month. Last month they trimmed trees along the 5th fairway and also the large pine tree at the back of the green. This month, on Thursday 18th June, drizzle caused the cancellation of work. The group members are a happy band. I am sure that you would be most welcome to join them as they work to improve our course…if not this month then perhaps in the future. Club House Improvements…Door Safety Upgrade Project To meet safety requirements, Club house entry and exit points have been revised. The necessary doors have been revised to open outwards and have exit signs positioned to suit. This work has been carried out by members Allan Johnston, Graham Ottaway and Mat Whitford (Ned Kelly Electrical). We thank them for their prompt service.

A WORD FROM THE GIRLS…from Debbie Gill (Vice President, Women’s Golf) A message of commendation and thanks from the Pennant Ladies.

Women’s A2 Pennants were played at The Vines on Monday 18th May. This was our home match where we hosted seven visiting teams. Many opposition players made comment on how impressed they were that Club Manager Matt Chesterman made himself available prior to hit off, “to wish us luck”. Not only that but Club Pro Steve Krause was driving around in a cart throughout the day, checking how the games were going. Also on 1st June, while on his day off at Grange, Matt made a point of coming over to chat to us and give us some encouragement prior to hitting off for a game himself. We certainly haven't seen any other Manager or Club Pro do the same at our other games. That’s why we’re known as “The Friendly Club”! At the time of writing, our Pennant ladies are sitting in top position. They will be playing Kooyonga & Glenelg in the next few weeks, so we’re wishing the girls all the best. Well done girls and keep it up!! The Cleek team played at The Stirling on Monday 15th in very muddy, slippery conditions and unfortunately could not get a win. All of their games have been close and they’re sitting 6th. The Hickory team are 7th and so far our Nomad girls have had a win and a loss against Flagstaff Hill. A lot of those games have gone to 17th and 18th, so keep up the good work girls; the wins are not far away.

A day in the country

On Friday 4 June, Chris Schubert and Marg Carruthers attended a gala day at Strathalbyn Golf Club. The theme was “Scottish”, playing a McKenzie Foursome. “We rummaged through the wardrobes and came up with authentic Scottish clothing, including tartan plus fours and Tam-o-Shanters. We duly arrived to be greeted by cars disgorging every type of tartan ever invented including pyjama pants and shorts, and homemade bagpipes. The sound of real bagpipes was in the air as we entered the clubhouse, which was festooned with Scottish flags and memorabilia. Big platters of shortbread biscuits and slices were provided along with tea and coffee. The piper was playing Scottish music on the bagpipes while we had our coffee, and wondered what was really under his kilt! It seemed a shame to have to leave such stirring entertainment to go to our tee and play golf. However we hit off the second tee after the sound of a real shotgun blast. Incidentally the course is nine holes, but was full of surprises. On the third hole we discovered a large tree with a hollow base filled with Hobbits dressed in tartan. We arrived at the sixth tee, a Par 3 (similar to our 6 th but a long deep ditch across the fairway). A group of men had a log fire burning to keep us warm and produced tins of lollies, biscuits and bottles of Port and Whisky, so we indulged while we waited for the green to clear. They also had a betting sheet for players to place bets on themselves whether they would land on the green (130 metres) or between two lines on the fairway. Some large amounts of money changed hands. Other holes had the Loch Ness Monster and highland sheep strategically placed, with prizes for nearest to the Nessie or sheep! After these diversions, on passing the clubhouse we were offered a cup of soup to keep us going for the back nine. The fairways were in good condition and the greens tested our judgment, although we did improve the second time around. Lunch was provided by the lady members, and was home cooked shepherd’s pie and trifle, placed on each table for us to serve ourselves. Local sponsors provided trophies for the day, and a huge array of raffle prizes. Visitors from 12 clubs attended, but alas we did not win any major prizes but had some luck with the raffle. The cost of this fabulous fun filled day was only $15. Can’t wait to go there again next year.” We have a National Identity in our midst!! Die hard Port supporter; Liz McHugh became famous on Friday night at the Port - Geelong match. She won a competition to toss the coin at the beginning of the game. There was a lot of ‘tossing practice’ and ‘tosser sledging’ in the days prior but it all went well without any mishaps. The 3 TV’s at the Golf Club were set to watch the historic occasion; we nearly missed the event though, as the moment went very quickly for those of us who were watching. I’m sure it will be burnt into your memory forever Liz…. well done!! I believe

she still hasn’t washed her right hand. Oh, only thing was, she lost the toss and Port lost the game…oh, well…

“Bernie takes Sick Leave”

I urgently needed a few days off work, but, I knew the Boss would not allow me to take leave. I thought that maybe if I acted 'Crazy' then he would tell me to take a few days off.

So I hung upside-down on the ceiling and made funny noises.

My co-worker (who's blonde) asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was pretending to be a light bulb so that the Boss might think I was “Crazy” and give me a few days off. A few minutes later the Boss came into the office and asked, “What in the name of goodness are you doing?” I told him I was a light bulb. He said, “You are clearly stressed out. Go home and recuperate for a couple of days.” I jumped down and walked out of the office... When my co-worker (the blonde) followed me, the Boss asked her, “And where do you think you're going?!” (You're gonna love this....) She said, “I'm going home, too. I can't work in the dark.”

Junior Pennant 2015 - Sharp Cup (Div. 2)‌from Wayne Corbett Sunday 31st May saw our Junior Team commence their 2015 Pennant campaign on a fine yet chilly day at the Kooyonga Golf Club. We played the Kooyonga 2 team. Players representing our Club were (in playing order) Lingli Courage, Ryan Francis (Captain), Jarred Clarke, Caitlin Peirce and Emily Dunbar. Our Reserve for the day was Alex Manton. Play got underway with each team member hitting good drives down the first and by the 4th hole some of our team had established strong leads. Lingli was 3 up, Ryan was 1 down, Jarred 1 up, Caitlin 1 up and Emily 2 down. By the 8th both Lingli and Jarred had surged to commanding 5 up leads and were continuing to display great golf skills. Not unexpectedly, they finished their respective games early to run out comfortable winners – Lingli winning 7 and 6 whilst Jarred won 8 and 7. Ryan, Caitlin and Emily continued their very close and competitive games despite having some difficulty with the pace of the greens and their short shots. After being down for most of his game and then down by 3 holes at the 13th, Ryan persisted and got his game back to square after the 17th. Unfortunately, he lost the 18th and his game, 1 down. Caitlin was holding a solid 3 up advantage after the 13th. She lost the next three holes but then holed a great putt to win the 17th and go back to 1 up with the 18th to be played. On the 18th tee she struck a long, powerful and accurate drive down the 18th which perfectly opened up the green and then, with her opponent in some trouble, struck a soaring iron into the middle of green. Unluckily, it continued to roll and trickled over the back into the deep grassy swale. Completely unaffected by this she then, after surveying her shot, confidently and, to the great delight of her team mates and the many spectators watching, holed her chip to win her game 2 up. Emily was also having a titanic game with her opponent and came back from being 2 holes down after the 15th to go down the 18th with a chance to square her game. Unfortunately she lost her game 1 down. There were many highlights and exceptional shots played by our Team during the course of their games. The wonderful chip that Caitlin played from the back of the 18th was matched by the bunker shot Ryan played on the 4th hole. His approach shot took an unfriendly bounce and his ball ended up plugged deeply into the steep up-slope of the bunker. Showing little concern for the extremely difficult lie, he confidently played a magnificent shot onto the green but sadly missed his putt for what would have been a great par. Our Team has made a great start to the 2015 season, winning the match 3 games to 2. Our Junior Team journeyed to Tea Tree Gully on Sunday 14th June for their match against the Kooyonga 1 Team. Each Team member got away with accurate and lengthy tee shots from the first tee and this helped set the tone for what was anticipated to be a tough match. After the first 5 holes of play had been completed, it was clearly evident that each individual game was going to be a closely fought affair and some great golf was being displayed by all players. At this stage, Emily Dunbar was 4 holes down, Caitlin Peirce was square, Jarred Clarke was 2 up, Ryan Francis , our Captain, was 1 up and Lingli Courage was also square. At the turn, all games continued to be very close with scores fluctuating after each completed hole. Caitlin was having a titanic game with her opponent but her determination and skill saw her get back to square after the 14th. Jarred had also established a solid lead of 3 up whilst Ryan was holding steady at 2 up and Lingli continued with her great form to post an excellent 5 and 3 win. Despite her great tee shots and fairway shots, Emily lost her game 8 and 6. With one win apiece for each Team, the final outcome rested on the games of Caitlin, Jarred and Ryan. Both Jarred and Ryan were playing solid golf and, seemingly, were oblivious to the pressure of the situation. Despite some scary putts and a couple of wayward shots over their closing holes, both held their nerves and weathered the pressure to go onto win their games quite comfortably at 3 and 1 respectively.

After some very determined and excellent play, Caitlin got herself back to 1 up after the 17 th and, with all players from both Teams following this game up the 18th, both players were extremely focussed whilst being aware of the considerable pressure. Unfortunately Caitlin lost the hole to a great putt by her opponent, and squared her game. The overall result was a great fighting win of 3 ½ to 1 ½.

Honest Geoff beats his age!!!

(extract from “Club” website…”Latest News”)

Let me tell you readers that this something special. We make a big song and dance every time someone scores an ace, but this is much, much harder! Geoff Downey on Saturday scored an amazing 43 Stableford points, which equates to an 80 off the stick! That alone is great golfing but when you add that Geoff is 83 years old, that my friends is amazing! For a golfer to beat their age is a wonderful achievement for many reasons, firstly to be playing golf at that age is good, to be playing to that level is brilliant. Geoff plays golf at least twice a week and is a familiar figure at all the clubs Social Activities. Geoff the Pennant Teams will be calling soon, don’t worry about that!

From Bernie… ON THE OTHER SIDE…This happened to an Englishman in France who was totally drunk. A French policeman stops the Englishman's car and asks if he has been drinking. With great difficulty, the Englishman admits that he has been drinking all day, that his daughter got married that morning, and that he drank champagne and a few bottles of wine at the reception, and many single malts scotches thereafter. Quite upset, the policeman proceeds to alcohol-test (breath test) the Englishman and verifies that he is indeed totally sloshed. He asks the Englishman if he knows why, under French Law, he is going to be arrested. The Englishman answers with a bit of humour, "No sir, I do not! But while we're asking questions, do you realize that this is a British car and that my wife is driving . . . . . on the other side?"

Proofreading is truly a drying art....

Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over What a guy!

Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead Did I read that right? Red Tape Holds Up New Bridges You mean there's something stronger than duct tape?

SOCIAL NEWS…from David Jolly (Vice President, Membership & Hospitality) Hello everyone!

Members Draw! Has reached $1000! If the main jackpot does not go off, you could still win $25 on your house credits account. Happy Hour is 5.30-7.30. Make sure you are in the club at 6.30 when the draw takes place for your chance to win! Social Sundays- Now available on Mi-club. Mixed pairs or Open pairs! Social Sundays have been growing more and more popular, and we now invite and welcome the “OPEN” players to join the fun. So you can now pair as two men, two ladies, or still in the traditional mixed to play in the competition. This new format kicks off our winter season from Sunday 26th April. –last Wednesday of every month Next one is Wednesday 24th June! Get into the club for a fun evening. More people mean more cash prizes up for grabs. Bring your friends. Members, please join us, we need the numbers to keep this night a success! Quiz Night – A great night out! Thanks for all those who attended. We had over 120 people attend our annual quiz night. Well done to the winners and runners up. Great to see a good mixture of members and guests attending. Winners: Table One

Marino/Vines turns 90! It was an enjoyable afternoon celebrating the clubs 90th Birthday. Thanks to all members past and present who attended, and a special thank you to John Crosby for his guest speaking about the past history of our great club. All that came enjoyed the day.

Life Member, John Crosby

“A 90th Golf cake to celebrate”

Queens Birthday Ambrose The Queen’s birthday was also very much enjoyed by all, with a pre golf complimentary drinks and bacon and egg rolls. Thanks to Rod Gorton and daughters for their cooking help, and Pam

Baverstock for her help with the drinks and competition.

Congratulations to the winners and runners up. We had a massive field of over 120 players, which was fantastic to see, so thank you for getting involved everyone.

Rod Gorton and daughters cook up a treat

Pam Baverstock greets all the players with a courtesy drink

Winners Open: James Sitter, Nathan Bradford, Ben Hopkins and Brett Vayro

Winners Mixed – Viv Dahl, Adam Lord, Dave Colquhoun and Lil Maddern Membership: Remember members, introduce a member, to receive 10% off your own subscriptions, of their membership. Example, sign up a 7 day member, to receive close to $200 credit off of your own membership the next financial year. Great bonuses for our members to encourage new, and introduce new members to our club. Flexi membership continues to bring in new members to our club, and with recent changes to our constitution, it allows current members to renew as a flexi in the future. Flexi is a premium membership, designed to attract new players, or players who have limited time to play. We also have extended our promotion for an 18 month membership for $1495. This now will be continued until the end of June. We look forward to welcoming new members to our Club, and in turn, keeping all of our golfing fee’s to a minimum. If you know anyone who might like to take up a new membership, please get them to speak with the office. Having a function? Need a venue? Remember as a member you get to hire our club room for free for any function you book. Special function packages are available, catering ranges from birthdays, engagements, weddings to baby showers, hen’s shows, social groups. To find out more enquire with Matt Chesterman, Manager. He will ensure you have a successful event that you and your guests will enjoy! See you around the clubhouse soon. Have a suggestion or feedback? Email the office on or in person.

RULE of the month…explanation …from John Ward

WHAT DOES “RUB OF THE GREEN MEAN”? DEFINITION: A ”rub of the green” occurs when a ball in motion is accidently deflected or stopped by an outside agency (see Rule19-1). RULE 19:


19-1. BY OUTSIDE AGENCY If a player’s ball in motion is accidently deflected or stopped by any outside agency, it is rub of the green, there is NO PENALTY and the ball MUST be played as it lies. There are a number of OUTSIDE AGENCIES on our golf course which are a rub of the green e.g. green control boxes, hoops, rake cradles, signs, trees, bushes, stakes (any colour), pump sheds, the bridge, rocks, rakes, hoses, another ball (unless both balls are on the putting green in which case there is a penalty), bucket holders, paths, roads, seats, water (drink) fountains, buildings, sprinkler heads, sand boxes, taps, falcon poles, holes, edges of tees, tee blocks (permanent or fixed) fences, walls and so on. I am sure there are other outside agencies not listed above. There are a number of exceptions;   

by player, partner, caddie, opponent or equipment (Rule 19-2 & 19-3) by fellow-competitor, caddie or equipment (Rule 19-4) by another ball (Rule 19-5)

that are all included in RULE 19, when the ball in motion is deflected, therefore it is suggested that, to be sure you don’t call a penalty on your mates by mistake, you have a quick check of the

RULE BOOK (we all carry one in our golf bags) before you sign their scorecards.

Be aware that if the ball in play hits a power line, stobie pole or a guy wire the stroke is cancelled and the player MUST play a ball as near as possible to the spot from which the original ball was played.

Junior Golf Sponsors…

Main Club Sponsors…

Club Sponsors… Christies Beach

Happy Valley

June 2015 grapevine  
June 2015 grapevine