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In this edition…  ON THE COURSE…”drilling for water”  SOCIAL NEWS…50th Anniversary and lots more  WORD FROM THE GIRLS…Pennant, Cleek and Hickory seasons are well underway.  JUNIORS…Sharp Cup

FROM THE PRESIDENT…Don Johnson The Solar Panels have now been installed for 9 months and comparing the accounts this year against last year there has been a saving of $11,171.17 or $40.92 per day. It would appear that the savings will be sufficient to cover the repayments of the loan that was taken to repair the roof and install the panels. We are looking at every area to save on electricity costs. An example being the outside down lights where 150watt globes have been replaced with 13 watt LED globes. It is with pleasure and a big thank you to the Vice President of Commercial Activities, Steve Beaty, for his $1,500 donation to be used for Junior Development. These funds will assist with the costs associated with having a Junior Pennant Team and the McMillan Shield Team. I must also thank Mary and Damien O’Hagan for donating funds for the cost to hire a bus for the McMillan Shield team again this year. A question was asked recently as to how much can be deposited on a house credit card. There is no limit and let’s face it where can you get 10% on your money. The Committee is currently in the process of completing the budgets for the next financial year and also considering the subscriptions. We are all aware that membership of Golf Clubs is declining and in the current climate it is difficult to finalise budgets until after the 30th September when we know how many resignations have been received. You will recall last year that there was a promotion of $1,500 which ends on the 30th September this year. Contact has been made by the way of a phone call to these people and 23 of the 39 have indicated that they will take out full membership this year. There comments were that they are more than satisfied with the course and they find the Club very friendly. I am sure you will agree that these are the comments that we like to hear. To enable the Club to keep records of the use of the Course it is a requirement in future that members advise the Pro Shop whenever they intend to hit off from any tee even if it is just a practice round. It has been noted that a number of people have been starting on the 4th and 10th tees and therefore do not go near the Pro Shop. Your assistance in adhering to this would be appreciated.

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June2014 grapevine  

June2014 grapevine