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GRAPEVINE February 2014



In this edition…  Flexi or Executive Membership…membership drive  ON THE COURSE…weather, 5th hole, shade sails  MEALS & MENUS…summer special lunch menu  FROM THE VICE CAPTAIN…juniors


What a week we have just had with over 40 degrees one day and rain the next. I now know what climate change means. We had a similar situation last year making it very hard for Rob Millington to produce the course that the members would be expecting during summer. Russell Virgo has done a tremendous amount of work on costing’s to increase our water storage facilities and obtain water from a bore. From a cost point of view; a bore appears to be the appropriate way to go. This will be considered over the next few months. We will keep you informed. The Flexi Membership promotion is about to be launched. From the comments I have received to date it is seems that it will be appropriate for a number of people…specifically, those not able to play on a regular basis. If a person takes a Flexi Membership and plays regularly it will cost them more per round than if they paid for one of the existing Memberships. We have now received and compared our electricity accounts for the last six months against the same period for the previous year. The saving, because of the solar panels, is $7,956.07. The average daily use of power has dropped significantly and it will be interesting to make a comparison for the full year to ensure that the savings are paying the loan that was taken out to repair the roof and install the panels. With the hot weather there has been a reduction in turnover for the Kitchen and the Bar. Action has been taken to improve the profits in both of these areas. Arrangements are currently in hand for the Club to conduct the Pro Am during May. Details for the event will be will be issued shortly. The new $9.90 lunch appears to be proving a success. I have tried a couple of the items on the menu and can recommend them. It is good value.

BALL CHANGE………… At a recent meeting of the Club’s Match Committee a decision was made to vary the prizes/ball rundown provided for our weekly competitions. "Commencing from Saturday 1 March 2014, prizes will be awarded to the first, second and third placed players in each grade whilst balls will be provided in a COMMON rundown rather than being divided into each grade as is now the case.”

ON THE COURSE‌from Russell Virgo (Vice President, Course)

The Weather The hot weather, especially the days of 38 degrees and above, was beginning to taking its toll on the grasses, so the rainfall on last Thursday and Friday was truly welcomed. The pumping system from Ernest Crescent and the Happy Valley drain began operating on Thursday afternoon without a hitch and continued to operate to get the maximum water available from both systems. Rain, Rain beautiful rain‌we have had 61 mm since last Thursday which has resulted in harvesting approximately 10 mega litres from both pumping systems. The following is from a report by Course Superintendent Rob:-

"I was very surprised at how quickly the pumping stopped once the rain had finished. The drain at Happy Valley went from full flow to a series of puddles in less than a day and therefore pumping was back to a stop/start by Saturday night. The impact to the course has been significant. The fairways have already greened-up on the whole, with even the scorched areas showing green shoots appearing. Very pleased with what I saw during my course inspection this morning!!" Mounding on the 5th Hole The shaping has been completed with 3 distinct mounds now in position to take into account the flow of water from rainfall across the 5th fairway. The next step is to add watering points in suitable locations to get maximum coverage with the irrigation sprinklers. Next will be the sodding of the fairway side of the mounds and garden beds with mulch on the tree side of the mounds. This two type method will help with the irrigation of the fairway side and improve the appearance along the path between the 5th hole and the 15th tees. The soil for the 3rd mound, which is the one at the bottom of the hill, was kindly donated by Cheryl and Vic from "RAMS- Home Loan Centre of Southern Vales", telephone Cheryl Haywood on 0423 027 843 for a home loan, a sponsor/supporter of the club in many ways. Shade Sails The approval from the Onkaparinga Council is a step closer with only engineering data on the attachment strength to the club house to be approved. Member Dave Roberts is assisting so it should be forth coming soon. The paving under the Sails will be a feature as it is proposed to have a limited number of pavers for members to purchase and have a suitable family name or a suitable comment inscribed. Further details on the actual cost and timing at a later date but the office will take names of those members or families that may want to participate. (Nothing like reserving your paver) The Environment - Sustainability of Operations (part 1 of 5) Fertilising Timing of applications. * We aim to apply fertiliser to gain full effect from the applied product. Not allow heavy down pours to waste through run-off. * Reduce winter applications. Foliar vs granular * The majority of fertilising for greens, tees and surrounds is foliar applied. This reduces the amount of applied product but helps even out the 'boom and bust' impact of granular application. * Foliar applications are less practical for the fairways but we can use the irrigation system to apply various products. * Foliar fertilisers can be applied without the need for irrigation, therefore reducing water requirements. * They reduce overall stress on the plant by reducing the assimilation process of root uptake and allowing for better use of carbohydrate reserves.

From The General Manager‌Neil Mackenzie Summer Special Lunch Menu

What happened to the days when you went out for lunch? Why not start again and bring your friends for lunch at The Vines. We are open Wednesday to Sunday from 11.30am to 2.30pm and as well our scrumptious bistro menu, we offer a $9.90 menu.

Evening Meals We are open Wednesday to Sunday from 6pm and as well as the bistro menu there are always daily specials that currently include $12 rump steak on Wednesdays and $12 schnitzels on Thursdays.

Celebrate your Birthday at The Vines Have you got a big birthday coming up? Why not hold your party at The Vines. You know already that our food is excellent and there’s not many places with such good bar prices...and you get the place for free. Why not give Matt a call on 8381 1822 and have a chat to him about how we can make your celebration a night to remember. Chatting is free!

SOCIAL NEWS…from David Jolly (Vice President, Membership & Hospitality)

Hello everyone! Friday Nights! Our members draw has reached $750 for a lucky member who is present on Friday night around 6.30pm! The weekly draw and raffles, plus a happy hour continues this year from 5.30pm. Bookings essential if staying for a meal. Social Sundays- Have been very popular and so we will continue this throughout the winter months. Stay tuned for dates. The final of the summer series will be on March 9th. Thanks for all the Sunday golfers who have supported this event monthly! New menu and new lunches! You will see some new offers on our menu, updated specials, and the introduction of a $9.90 lunch, with plenty to choose from. If you are in the area, pop in and support our kitchen as it continues to expand business.

Some dates for your diary: BINGO is back! Wednesday 26th February and every last Wednesday of each month until the end of November! 7.30pm start. June 20th, 21st and 22nd – The Vines 50th anniversary at our Reynella location. Our committee is planning an exciting weekend to celebrate the milestone. Golf, party celebrations and a reunion style luncheon is on the cards. So add the dates to your diary. This will be one you don’t want to miss being involved with. Show your true club support, by attending one or all of our proposed events of the weekend!! Membership: You would have read recently that the Committee of Management have agreed on a membership drive for a new “Flexi Member”. All details are within “The Grapevine”. This is an exciting time for the Club to attract a new style of member and ensure that our Club keeps growing! If you have family or friends who may be interested, speak with the office for further information. It’s a great way to introduce people you know to our wonderful club without the stress or commitment of a full time membership (until they get hooked like the rest of us!!!). Having a function? Need a venue? Remember as a member you get to hire our club room for free for any function you book. Special function packages are available, catering ranges from birthdays, engagements, weddings to baby showers, hen’s shows, social groups. To find out more enquire with Matt Chesterman, Hospitality Manager. He will ensure you have a successful event that you and your guests will enjoy! See you around the clubhouse soon. Have a suggestion or feedback? Email the office on or in person.

A WORD FROM THE GIRLS…from Karen Rama (Captain) & Helen Brereton (VC) Unfortunately we have missed a lot of our Summer Tuesday competitions due to extreme heat or wind. The good news is that the Ladies Opening Day is on 4th March. We commence the 2014 winter season with a 9-hole Stableford competition with a shot gun start at 8:30am, followed at 11.00 am by our Opening meeting. Opening day marks the beginning of all our special rolling competitions which continue throughout the winter season. The last day to enter the special competitions is on Opening day at 2.00 pm. Also happening in the coming month are some GolfSA Open Days at other metropolitan and near country golf courses. Echunga Golf Club Open Day is on Monday 24th February with a Canadian Foursomes, Flagstaff Hill Golf Club Open Day on Thursday 6th March with a 3BBB and Mt Barker-Hahndorf Golf Club on Friday 28th March with an Individual Stableford competition. Entries forms for these events are available in the ladies locker room. For ladies 55 and over there is also a Senior Women’s event at McCracken Golf Club on Monday 3rd March. Please see our club representative, Karen Hender, if you wish to join the Senior Women’s Association. Our final Wild Cards and Gifts Monthly Medal will be played on Tuesday 18th February. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Wild for their valued sponsorship – please remember Wild when you’re looking for that special card or gift.

TEEING GROUNDS…from John Ward Golf Australia requests that:“A sign stating the hole number, length and par should be clearly visible at each tee to avoid a group or match playing from a wrong teeing ground.” Each of our holes has a large distance marker (Blue & Red) set into the turf of the teeing ground which indicates the length of the hole, the hole length is also printed on each player’s score card. On all of the teeing grounds of each of the four rated courses (Men’s and Women’s) DAILY TEE MARKERS will be positioned day to day to indicate the areas within which players must play their tee shots. Players will also be aware of the permanent rating markers set into the turf on the teeing grounds. These permanent markers are small round painted concrete discs coloured blue, white, gold and red and are used to rate each of our four courses. (The three men’s courses and the women’s course.) For all competitions our green staff will place the DAILY TEE MARKERS within the prescribed parameters as dictated by the Golf Australia Guidance & Regulations Regarding the positioning of Permanent Plates & Daily Tee Markers (Version, 29 July 2013). Although the staff have a large degree of flexibility in positioning the daily tee markers they must always place these markers in the correct locations so that all player’s scores can be handicapped.

Dear Member, Traditionally at this time of year we undertake a membership drive and in the past this has included 18 months for the price of 12, $1,000 for a year and 2 for 1 deals. While these types of discount deals have proven successful, the Committee of Management has agreed to promote something new this year. It’s called Flexi Membership and is an 18 month membership drive rather than a new membership category. Flexi Members buy Golf Credits and each time they play credits will be deducted according to whether they play socially, competitively, 9 or 18 holes. When Flexi Members run out of credits they simply top up. We will be offering three Flexible Membership levels – Flexi 400 (that costs $400), Flexi 600 (that costs $600) and Flexi 800 (that costs $800). Flexi 400 members receives 70 playing credits, Flexi 600 120 playing credits and Flexi 800 180 playing credits. If you play a Saturday comp it will cost 10 credits. If you play other 18 hole comps it will cost 7 credits. If you play a social round it will cost 5 credits and 9 hole rounds will cost 3 credits. So what does this work out as? The table below shows that if you become a Flexi 600 member you will be able to play 12 Saturday comps which works out at $50 a round or 17 Wednesday comps that works out at $35. Of course Flexi Members can spend their credits when they like. ROUNDS OF GOLF Flexi 400 Flexi 600 Flexi 800 Saturday Competition 7 ($57) 12 ($50) 18 ($44) Other Competitions 10 ($40) 17 ($35) 25 ($32) Social rounds 14 ($28) 24 ($25) 36 ($22) 9 holes 23 ($17) 40 ($15) 60 ($13) Flexi Members benefit from most other member benefits apart from the following: 1. They can only book 5 days in advance 2. They cannot vote 3. They cannot play Honour Board events or pennant 4. They may not benefit from Club Advantage Flexi Membership will expire on 1st October 2015. This means Flexi Members can top up until then after which they lose any outstanding credits. Attached is a frequently asked question sheet that will give you further information and we aim to launch this towards the end of February. We will also be offering an 18 for 12 deal for category A, B and C but Flexi Membership will drive our promotion. Members will continue to receive a finder’s fee of 10% of the subscription value and this amount will be credited on your next year’s subs.

Executive Membership… The Committee has agreed to offer five 5 year Executive Memberships that are open to category A, B and C members. The cost of the Executive Membership is based on last year’s subscription rate which was, in fact, the 2012 rate. The table below indicates the cost of the Executive Membership. Please note that the Executive Membership will be transferable, include GST but does not include any levies, affiliation fees or house credits which will be billed annually at that year’s rate.

Category A Category B Category C

5 Year Executive Membership $7,510 $6,510 $5,540

As mentioned above, only five Executive Memberships are available on a first come first served basis. Full payment must be made on application and the membership is valid from 1st October 2014. Credit Card payments will not attract any fees. Please contact me if you require further information on either Flexi or Executive Membership. Best regards Neil General Manager, Vines Golf Club of Reynella

Flexi Membership Frequently Asked Questions Q. A.

Is Flexi Membership a new membership category like A, B and C Categories? No. Flexi Membership is a membership drive that expires on 1st October 2015.

Q. A.

So, can existing members transfer to Flexi Membership or resign and rejoin as a Flexi Member? No. Flexi Membership is available only to golfers that are currently non members.

Q. A.

Can golfers who resigned in September become Flexi Members? Yes.

Q. A.

Might Flexi Membership be available to current members in the future? Possibly. We have to see how many people take up Flexi Membership first. We can then assess the financial impact of introducing it as a permanent membership option.

Q. A.

Flexi Membership expires on 1st October 2015. What happens to Flexi Members then? Some of them will leave us and but we hope some will take up one of our existing memberships.

Q. A.

Do Flexi Members have full playing rights? Yes. However, they may only book a tee time 5 days rather than 8 days in advance. Flexi Members may not play Honour Board events or pennant. Neither may they vote.

Q. A.

Do Flexi Members pay fees and levies. Yes. The Flexi 400, 600 and 800 all includes Golf Australia and Golf Link levies as well as a proportion of Drain and Capital Expenditure levies.

Q. A.

And house levy? No. Flexi Members receive an unloaded House Credits Card.

Q. A.

Can Flexi Members bring guest? Yes. Their guests pay the Members Guest green fee rate but they do not get complimentary Green Fee passes.

Q. A.

How will Flexi Members learn about course care and dress standards. All new members receive an information pack that includes details of these.

FROM THE VICE CAPTAIN…Wayne Corbett McMillan Shield Competition 2014 - First Round Our Junior Team had their first match in the 2014 McMillan Shield competition on Sunday 9 Feb at the Thaxted Park Golf Club. Those Junior members who represented our Club in this match were: Stephen Bartlett (11) , Chris Gibbie (12), Jarred Clarke (21), Emily Dunbar (28), Ryan Francis (30), Kyle Dickenson (30), James Percey (33) and Jordan Percey (33) was our Reserve. Prior to the commencement of play, the Team was asked to nominate a player to be their Captain. Chris Gibbie was the unanimous choice and the Team Manager has nominated Emily Dunbar as Vice Captain. Whilst conditions were warm our Team was extremely eager to play our opponent, Kooyonga who have entered the McMillan Shield competition for the first time this year. After a rather lengthy delay both Teams were able to commence play albeit about 40 minutes behind time. Throughout the front 9, individual games continued to be close and despite some element of comfort, very few putts were being conceded. This clearly highlighted how tight and tense the competition was. Emily Dunbar, in her first competitive match play game for our Club, was playing an exceptional game against her opponent. She is a very competent young golfer with a great golf swing and was steady and methodical as she went about destroying her male opponent to run out a comfortable 7 and 6 winner. (Also, it was fantastic to see that she had written the word “WINNER” under her score on the card she handed to me after finishing her game). It was obvious when we got into the back nine holes that both our number one and two players, Stephen Bartlett and Chris Gibbie had their work cut out for them. Their opposition was playing extremely well and making some great putts to add to their pressure. They eventually succumbed losing 4 and 3 and 6 and 5 respectively. Little Jarred Clarke had a massive task in front of him with his game. His opponent was a huge and extremely well developed youngster who towered over Jarred and hit the ball an absolute mile. Despite this enormous difference in size and strength, young Jarred stuck with his golfing abilities and usual determination and took his opponent to the 18th hole which he unfortunately lost to go 1 down. Both Ryan Francis, who was also playing his first competitive match play competition for our Club, and Kyle Dickenson were providing stern resistance and showing strong determination to their immediate opponents. The lead in their respective games was continually changing and to the extent that Ryan was, at one stage, 4 holes down. He rallied and got back to just the one hole down with 3 holes left to play and, along with Kyle who had also dropped a couple of holes on the trot to be one down, they each journeyed along the 16th to decide their outcomes. Unfortunately, both lost their games 2 and 1. Prior to this drama unfolding, young James Percey (another also playing his first competitive match play competition for our Club) was methodically giving his direct opponent a classical lesson in how to play the short game. Whilst playing the 9th hole, James had an ordinary tee shot followed by an ordinary second shot. Despite me watching, I thoroughly enjoyed him later relating

to me, that he smoked his fairway wood then hit a majestic wedge into the flag which left a putt of less than a metre. It was a pure delight to watch this young man play his game and his determination and resolve was obvious. Our Reserve player, Jordan Percey was able to play a practice game with the Kooyonga reserve player. Despite our loss to Kooyonga of 2 games to 5, our Team clearly demonstrated that they have the skills, determination and ability to play high quality golf and will benefit from this experience. Our next match is at the Glenelg Golf Club on Sunday 16 Feb against The Grange “Gold” Team.

McMillan Shield - Round 3 “You Beauty – our fantastic Juniors achieved their first win in emphatic fashion at Glenelg Golf course on Sunday 16th Feb. Our match was against the Grange Gold team and was played in fine conditions with a gentle cross breeze pushing any less than perfect shot away from the fairway and into

trouble at the very enjoyable yet demanding Glenelg course. This, of course, created much angst and frustration for players of both teams and resulted in several shots being played from many unusual places and with very creative stances. Nevertheless, our players displayed great determination, skill and a “never give up” attitude to achieve their first win in this season’s competition. Both Stephen Barrett and Chris Gibbie lead the Team out from the first tee, followed by Jarred Clarke and Emily Dunbar then came Ryan Francis and Kyle Dickenson with James Percey playing a lone role against his direct opponent. Whilst the Grange Gold team never had a reserve player we were able to arrange a game for our reserve player, Lingli Courage, with a reserve player from the Glenelg team so she could also experience playing at Glenelg. Stephen and his usually reliable driver were on “unspeaking terms” very early and to the extent that his drive off the 7th tee lodged in a pine tree resulting in a lost ball and lost hole. He persevered but eventually lost his game to a player with a much lower handicap, 4 and 3. Chris was also playing against an opponent with a much lower handicap but their game was very tight until they reached the 16th when Chris told his caddy (his father Michael) that it was time to close this game out completely. He then struck a great iron into the Par 3 16th green to inside 2 metres, made the birdie, then went on to win the 17th and his game, 2 and 1. Jarred and Emily were also having very close games with Emily competing gamely against her more proficient and stronger opponent before eventually going down 2 and 1. Jarred was having difficulty in finishing off his opponent but with determination and some great golf, won the 17th to go 1 up with the 18th still to play. He played the 18th in a very mature manner and, despite the pressure from the team mates of both sides and several spectators, held his nerve to win this hole and his game, 2 up. Ryan Francis and Kyle Dickenson also endured extremely close games with their opponents as their scores fluctuated with each completed hole. Unfortunately, Ryan lost 1 down but played a great game. Kyle was square after the 17th with the long and demanding 18th left to play for a result. Once he struck his tee shot down the middle of the fairway, his opponent was under extreme pressure having lost his first shot before hitting his next into the water. Both finished in bunkers around the green but when Kyle played a lovely long bunker shot close to the front of the green and his opponent’s bunker shot came out well short, the outcome of the game, and the Team’s overall result, rested on Kyle shoulders. With several supporters and Team mates from both sides watching closely, Kyle took the required number of putts to win the hole and his game 1 up. James Percey, playing with determination and flair, won his contest in great style 2 and 1 despite being a victim of some terrible lies which required some very creative stances. He handled these with maturity and great skill. To win this match 4 and 3 against physically stronger and more competent opponents was a great win for our Juniors and, as most of our Team members are between 10 and 12 years of age, it was a great experience to witness their determination, persistence and Team camaraderie. Our next match is against the Grange Green team at The Vines on Sunday 23rd.”

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