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GRAPEVINE August 2016



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Keep the Field Moving – Calling Up

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Pennant Presentation Lunch THE “ODD JOB” WORKING GROUP

A WORD FROM THE GIRLS…plenty happening and Caitlin Peirce

From the Manager…Matt Chesterman (Manager)

Well the beginning of spring can't come soon enough as I'm sure you would all agree! We thank all members for their patience over the past months with cart closures wreaking havoc on many members golf calendar. Whilst we hope that the worst conditions have passed us now, we are still asking all players to take a little bit of extra care out on course, not only to protect the playing surface, but also some slopes may still be quite slippery under-foot. Credit to Rob Millington and his team who have kept the golf course in largely a very playable condition, with no periods of complete course closure, despite some of the highest rainfalls on record. Many of you may have noticed that Don Johnson has been absent from the club the past month. Don had a spell in hospital with a twisted bowel, and is currently at home resting up from surgery to rectify the condition. Don is on the way to a full recovery, however in the meantime we wish him the all the best with his recovery and look forward to seeing

him back out on course in the coming weeks.

You should have all received your 2016/17 subscription notice in the mail by now. We have worked hard to keep the fee increase to a minimum while continuing to provide a leading golf facility for your enjoyment. 2016/17 will continue to provide challenges as we work towards the goals listed in the Strategic Plan. Our Committee of Management and Sub-Committees are confident the modest increase of 3% will allow the continued improvement of The Club. With subscriptions notice also comes resignations & transfers. Please don't hesitate to speak to either Julie or myself if you are looking to do either this year. For those who are finding that they aren't getting on course as much as you'd like, we'll be more than happy to review your position and recommend the right membership category to suit you playing needs and also

your budget.

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(From the Manager…continued) Now is also a good time to begin thinking about nominations to the different committees within the Club. Although the AGM is not until November, nominations are called for in September and close in October.

I strongly suggest to anyone who is considering a role on committee…come and have a chat to me about it and I can outline the details about the position that you are looking at.

Being a part of the Committee can be very rewarding as you help to continue to achieve goals in the Strategic Plan and shape the future of The Vines Golf Club. On a golfing note, good luck to those playing in the Men’s Foursomes Championships next week, followed by the Men’s Club Championships after that! Good Golfing!

Keep the Field Moving – Calling Up All our par three holes are identified as “discretionary call up holes”, which means a group has the opportunity to exercise it’s “discretion” and call up the group following them, if it is appropriate. This will keep the field moving by not wasting time waiting on the tee. When there is a full field of players in the competition have you noticed that at the par three tees, more often than not, there is a hold up with more than one group waiting to play those holes? Why is this so? A quick answer is that there is only one group of players on that hole, whereas, the hole has the capacity for three (yes three) groups to be on the hole at the same time. We can make this happen by having one group putting out, one group walking to the green and the third group on the tee ready to play the hole, (there’s your three groups) This can be achieved if the first group “uses its discretion” and calls up the next group and waits at the back of the green for the second group to hit their shots towards the green, then, as the second group is making it’s way to the green, the first group putts out. The third group would then be preparing for the second group to “use their discretion” and to call up the next group and so on. However, calling up on par three holes, “at the discretion” of the first group, should only be applied if the group on the next tee has been delayed from teeing off and is still waiting on the tee or has just teed off. If all groups are vigilant and are prepared to “use their discretion” properly and when the time is appropriate, there is an opportunity for playing groups to reduce a round of golf on our course by a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes.

Be very careful

Notwithstanding the application all of the above procedures it is imperative that all care is taken by all members of the group calling up the next group, to ensure no player is put at risk of being hit by a golf ball and that all golfers in the group on the green stand at the back of the green and watch all the players hitting up.

THE “ODD JOB” WORKING GROUP …from John Ward (on behalf of the Course Committee)

ODD JOBBERS…NEXT THURSDAY 18th AUGUST Hi All Odd Jobbers and others, We will be resuming our tree trimming next Thursday 18th August at 0830hrs and will start on the Sheoaks between the 15th and 17th Fairways. Weather permitting and the condition of the course (soft and muddy) we will the move to the Sheoaks on the left side of the beginning of the 18th hole.

There are some Major Championships coming up at the end of September…the Women’s Foursomes Championships and the Golf SA Amateur Championships (All Matchplay Finals). To ensure that our golf course is presented in the best possible condition I will be calling for some helpers to polish up the Tee Signs, paint the Tee Markers and any other tidying up required. I am sure we can complete this work prior to the abovementioned Championships. I will send out and post notices on the notice boards when the work program has been finalised.


“in black & white”

actual on left…average on right

Pennant Presentation Lunch…from Wayne Corbett

Sunday 24th July saw the Simpson Cup, Bonnar Cup and Junior Pennant teams combine for a Presentation lunch in the Garden Room of our Clubhouse. This combined function was a “first” and provided the ideal opportunity for our Juniors to mix with our senior Pennant players over a wonderful meal and in a relaxed environment. After addressing the gathered players and family members, our Club Captain (Barry Phillips) presented the following awards:Geoff Hardiman trophy winner 2016/17 Junior Scholarship Recipient 2016/17 Robert Neagle Trophy winner

Craig Rivett Ryan Francis Jordan Percey

Our Course Vice President (Robert Neagle) also proposed a toast to the improved health and speedy recovery of our Club President, Don Johnson.

“happy Juniors with Wayne Corbett”

Did you spot Wayne?

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Old Reynella

Robert Neagle, Ryan Francis, Wayne Corbett

Robert Neagle, Jordan Percey, Wayne Corbett

RULE of the month…explanation …from John Ward

REPAIRING SPIKE MARKS ON THE PUTTING GREEN Under Rule 16-1: The Putting Green a. Touching Line of Putt The line of putt must not be touched except: i. the player may remove loose impediments, provided he does not press anything down; ii. the player may place the club in front of the ball when addressing it, provided he does not press anything down; iii. in measuring; iv. in lifting or replacing the ball; v. in pressing down a ball-marker; vi. in repairing old hole plugs or ball marks on the putting green; vii. in removing movable obstructions. c. Repair of Hole Plugs, Ball marks and Other Damage The player may repair an old hole plug or damage to the putting green caused by the impact of a ball, whether or not the player’s ball lies on the putting green. If a ball or ball-marker is accidently moved in the process of the repair, the ball or ball-marker must be replaced. There is no penalty, provided the movement of the ball or ball-marker is directly attributable to the specific act of repairing an old hole plug or damage to the putting green caused by the impact of a ball. Otherwise, Rule 18 applies.

Any other damage to the putting green must not be repaired if it might assist the player in his subsequent play of the hole.

A WORD FROM THE GIRLS…from Debbie Gill (Vice President, Women’s Golf)

July was a challenging month with very difficult weather conditions for playing golf. Congratulations to the Ladies who managed to play more than two games of golf during the month! The Representatives Dinner was held on 1st August. Thank you to all of the ladies who represented the club in the past year. Thank you also to the Ladies Committee for providing salads and slices and to Phil Parsons and Steve Beaty for cooking the meat. Thank you also for the donation of wine from Barry Phillips. Due to conflicting dates, our Fashion Parade will now be on 19th September. We will be having some new stalls and also an exhibit by our own Local Artist Chris Creese. So keep the date free ladies, everyone is welcome, bring your friends along to a day of Fashion, Bubbles, Devonshire tea and more! Please contact the office or write your name on the attendance listing in the locker room, to assist with catering. The dates for foursomes; 26th, 27th, 29th and 30th September. So starting hunting down a partner. Entry forms will be e-mailed out on Monday 15th. Entries close on the 12th of September. Give Golf a Go starts in October - dates will be confirmed by Steve in the Pro Shop. So get your friends, relatives, co-workers, WIVES to come along, join in on the fun and become our newest members!! Monday 8th August Lyn Cummings, Ros Brunton and Mary O’Hagan ventured down to Glenelg to play in the Rhonda Watson Brooch. This is an 18 hole Stroke Aggregate event, with a team consisting of three players whose handicaps do not exceed 18. The weather was perfect and the course was fantastic - no mud to contend with. Glenelg won with gross 248 and Flagstaff Hill won the net with 238. Overall it was a great day. Tuesday 9th August saw the Final of the Laurel Wreath between Kathryn Hender and Trish Phillpotts. Well done to you both for making it to the final. It was a great tussle and they had to go up the 19th with Kathryn being the victor. Congratulations Kathryn. Nomads played their last game for the year at home on Thursday 11th August and had a win. Well done girls! A big thank you to all the ladies who represented our club in these games, it has been a challenge at times to field a team. The Southern Shield ladies have had one loss and one win. They are playing Flagstaff Hill at Thaxted on the Monday 15th August, so good luck to them We have 16 players off to West Lakes on Thursday 18th to take the opportunity to play at a different course by using our Club Advantage Cards. The tee times are 9:39, 9:46, 9:53 and 10 am. Don’t forget to bring your Club Advantage and Golflink cards ladies. I WOULD ENCOURAGE ALL MEMBERS TO TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO USE THEIR CLUB ADVANTAGE CARD. THEY ARE FREE AND IT ENABLES US TO PLAY AT 5 OTHER COURSES FOR UP TO THREE ROUNDS A YEAR FOR FREE. CAITLIN PEIRCE Caitlin has been selected to play in the School Sport Australia Golf Championship played in the Southern Fleurieu region (South Lakes GC, Victor Harbor GC and McCracken GC) on the 14th to 19th August 2016. Selected for the South Australia JNJC International Junior Classic in NSW from 4th to 7th

October 2016 as she is the winner of the SRIXON Junior International State Event in the under 14 girl’s division. The 2016 Cudmore-Cheney Junior Girls interstate team held on 12th to 14th March 2016 in Heywood, Victoria. The 2016 Golf SA Junior State Team (17 years and under) held on 13th to 19th April in Devonport, Tasmania. With these and more accomplishments under her belt, on Saturday 13th August our Lady Captain Karen Parsons and Vice-Captain Pam Deacon had the pleasure of presenting a cheque for $200 to Caitlin, on behalf of the Lady Members, to assist with costs incurred for these events.

Nomads Team: L to R: Heather Chapman, Gwen Figg, Pam Deacon (Manager) Marina Langer, Anne Binnie. (Absent Glenys Roberts)

L to R:

Lady Captain Karen Parsons,

Chris Peirce, Caitlin Peirce, Lady Vice Captain Pam Deacon

The Committee & Members mourn the passing of our former Member Jack Maddern who passed away Monday 18th July‌Member for 23 years I would like to sincerely thank the Members & friends who sent cards, emails and phone calls to me on the passing of my husband Jack. They are of great comfort to me. Many thanks. Lil Maddern

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August 2016 grapevine  
August 2016 grapevine