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¡Alabado sea Dios ! Praises to God! -NOV Newsletter

Inside the Issue Mission & Vision p. 2 Communication p. 3 Monthly Calendar p.4, 5 Students Featured p. 6 - 9 Birthday Corner p.10 School Policies p. 11 Announcements p.12-17

Sunset for Sabbath: Nov 4 5:51 pm Friday - Nov 5 5:50 pm Sat Nov 11 4:44 pm Friday- Nov 12 4:43 pm Sat Nov 18 4:38 pm Friday- Nov 19 4:38 pm Sat Nov 25 4:34 pm Friday- Nov 26 4:34 pm Sat EXODUS 20:8-11

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God

Theme of the Year







n o i t a c i n n u m m Co unicació



Teacher Emails:

Communication is key to a healthy community. We are committed to giving our best as we serve you and your family. Please communicate with us to let us know how to better serve you. Share your prayer request and your celebrations! Below are different ways to get in touch! Please do not hesitate to send us an email or talk to us. Please use the method of communication that works best for you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ La comunicación es clave para una comunidad saludable. Estamos comprometidos a dar lo mejor de nosotros al servirle a usted y a su familia. Comuníquese con nosotros para informarnos cómo atenderlo mejor. ¡Comparte tu petición de oración y tus celebraciones! ¡A continuación hay diferentes formas de ponerse en contacto! No dude en enviarnos un correo electrónico o hablar con nosotros. Utilice el método de comunicación que mejor funcione para usted.

Thoughts on Adventist Education

Prek - 1st. Ms. Payamps ppayamps@vhas.org 2nd - 4th Mrs. Acosta yacosta@vhas.org 5th - 8th Mrs. Moreno fmoreno@vhas.org High School Mrs. Fernandez samanthas@vhas.org Other Contacts: Principals: Mr. Custodio acustodio@vhas.org Mrs. Acosta yacosta@vhas.org Treasurer: treasurer@vhas.org Other: Admissions@vhas.org

Principal's Office Hours Horario de oficina del director By appointment: Please contact directly to meet.

These are lessons that our children need to learn. To the little child, … nature presents an unfailing source of instruction and delight Ed 100.2 Estas son lecciones que nuestros hijos necesitan aprender. Para el niño pequeño... la naturaleza presenta una fuente inagotable de instrucción y deleite Edición 100.2


1155 E. LANDIS AVE. VINELAND, NJ 08360 ~ ADMISSIONS@VHAS.ORG ~TEL: (856) 691-9393

Something to Meditate! On these precious times of the holidays, as we look forward to spending time with our friends and families, it is also good to spend time with him who has made it all possible. As we gather together around the table or in a home, my prayer is that together we can rejoice in the Lord and see his many blessings poured out in our lives and others. May our time spent together this thanksgiving holiday be a joyous one. A time when we can look back at the year(s) and acknowledge the many blessings. Considering the time that has passed and how far we have come along. Thinking about the many friendships made, maybe some that we have lost. All our experiences this year is what shapes our understanding and how we move forward into the next day. PSALM 95:1-5 (NKJV) Oh come, let us sing to the LORD! Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving; let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms. For the LORD is the great God, and the great King above all gods. In His hand are the deep places of the earth' the heights of the hills are His also. The sea is His, for He made it; and His hands formed the dry land

May our unchanging God lead us and protect us as we gather from far and wide in these holiday season. May his protection always be before you and your loved one. May the angels of the Most High go with you where ever you go. Many Blessings, Mrs. De La Cruz

School Events

Nov 6 Daylight Savings Time ends Nov 7-8 Parent/Teacher Conference Minimum Days Nov 19 Adventist Education Day Nov 23 Minimum Day Nov 24-25 Thanksgiving Break


1155 E. LANDIS AVE. VINELAND, NJ 08360 ~ ADMISSIONS@VHAS.ORG ~TEL: (856) 691-9393

¡Algo para Meditar! En estos preciosos momentos de las fiestas, mientras esperamos pasar tiempo con nuestros amigos y familiares, también es bueno pasar tiempo con quien lo ha hecho todo posible. Mientras nos reunimos alrededor de la mesa o en una casa, mi oración es que juntos podamos regocijarnos en el Señor y ver sus muchas bendiciones derramadas en nuestras vidas y en los demás. Que el tiempo que pasemos juntos en estas vacaciones de acción de gracias sea gozoso. Un momento en el que podemos mirar hacia atrás a los años y reconocer las muchas bendiciones. Teniendo en cuenta el tiempo que ha pasado y lo lejos que hemos llegado. Pensando en las muchas amistades hechas, tal vez algunas que hemos perdido. Todas nuestras experiencias este año son lo que da forma a nuestra comprensión y cómo avanzamos hacia el día siguiente. SALMO 95:1-5 (NVI) ¡Vengan, cantemos al SEÑOR! Aclamemos con júbilo a la Roca de nuestra salvación. Acerquémonos ante su presencia con acción de gracias; aclamemos con júbilo a Él con salmos. Porque Jehová es Dios grande, y Rey grande sobre todos los dioses. En Su mano están los abismos de la tierra; Suyas también son las alturas de los montes. Suyo es el mar, porque Él lo hizo; y sus manos formaron la tierra seca

Que nuestro Dios inmutable nos guíe y nos proteja mientras nos reunimos de todas partes en esta temporada festiva. Que su protección esté siempre ante ti y tu seres amados. Que los ángeles del Altísimo te acompañen dondequiera que vayas. Muchas bendiciones, Sra. De La Cruz

Eventos Escolares Nov 6 Fin del horario de verano Nov 7-8 Conferencia de padres y maestros Días Mínimos Nov 19 Día de la Educación Adventista Nov 23 Día Mínimo Nov 24-25 Descanso de Acción de Gracias




October Ms. Payamps & Mrs. Belsy Another month to be thankful and see how far we have come! The next few weeks we will continue learning a lot more about Autumn and also we will have the opportunity to have a fun field trip to "Sunny Farm" which is great because we are talking all about Farm Animals. My prayer is that God continue guiding them in class! I am exciting for what is to come and have lots of fun! We have been doing outdoor activities with Pre-K as well.

Contact Information

Pre-k & 1st Grade What we are learning

November is all about Fall! We are learning new vocabulary words related to the season and spending lots of time finding leaves and acorns outside which the kids enjoy a lot! We keep worshiping God with a lot of enthusiasm and we started covering all about the Fruit of the Spirits. This month we are learning about Thanksgiving and being thankful all the time while we also enjoy some activities in the class, reading stories and coloring fun pages!

ppayamps@vhas.org belsy@vhas.org or Classdojo App

Student of the Month! Enmanuel is one of our Kindergarteners in our classroom. Last year, he was part of the Pre-K program and it is a blessing to have him in the school. Enmanuel is a very nice, friendly and quiet little boy but with a very good heart! He is very respectful with all of his friends and it is also very responsible. I have seen a lot of growth in him spiritually and academically. My wish is that God continue to guide him wherever he goes and his family as well. He continue to be that nice boy that every kid wants to be friends with.

Enmanuel E



October From Mrs. Acosta,

Our First Marking Period is over! Please continue to study and do your best for Jesus. We had our Fall Festival and we had such a great turnout! A special thanks to Benjamin Jacobo for bringing the train which the students and other children enjoyed so much. Also, Nancy from the Williamstown Church brought a pony that the kids were able to ride and the bouncy house from the Martinez Family is always something the kids love. I thank those who brought food and helped with the games. We couldn't have done it without you!

2-4 Grades What we are learning

We are learning break apart method for multiplication. We are also learning the fact family connection with division and multiplication. We are learning about the geography of the different regions in the U.S. In Bible class we are learning more about the Battle of Jericho and what happened after. We are reading about Spiders, weather in other places, and endangered birds and sea animals.

Contact Information

acosta@vhas.org or Classdojo App

Student Spotlight! Marckeena is a third grader who has joined our Vine Haven School family this year. She has three other siblings at our school. Her family attends the Williamstown Church. Marckeena has a great smile and likes to make friends. She loves to learn and help around the classroom. Continue to shine for Jesus!

Marckeena P



5-8 Grades

October From Mrs. Moreno, We are starting the 2nd marking period of school and my prayer is we can continue to get ready for Jesus’ second coming. We have been focusing a lot on respect to others and our selves with the help of our Social Worker and our bullying prevention program Olweus.

What we are learning We currently started reading the book of Proverbs for our devotional. Science: We started the physical science unit and are learning about motion. Math: students have been learning about numerical expressions and ratios/unit rates Pathways: Students started the unit Living Things as they ready about butterflies and moths and a golden eagle they are learning about God’s creativity as our designer.

Contact Information

fmoreno@vhas.org or Classdojo App Student Spotlight! Milan is a new student in our school. She is extremely shy but when students talk to her she opens up and shows her sweet caring personality. Milan works hard and is an extremely talented in arts, writing, and full of creativity. She tries her best always. She truly is a pleasure to have in class.

Milan F




High School Facilitator

From Mrs. Sanchez,

What's Coming Up:

We have completed our 1st marking period. As we continue to make sure our students keep growing academically and be successful in their classes, we would like to remind the importance of good study habits that will support and help your child in school. * HomeworkRoutine- they should have a specific time to complete all homework and reading. * Set a schedule- studying for tests ahead and finishing assignments ahead of schedule can be beneficial. Due dates and deadlines should be written in their personal calendars. * Eliminate distractions - cellphones, Facebook and TV get in the way of a useful student routine.

Wednesday 23 1 pm dismissal Thursday 24 no class Friday 25 no class December 4 -High School Banquet

Contact Information

samanthas@vhas.org or 787 516 5489

This may be challenging but you and your teen must be on agreement of shutting down their devices during their study times

Featured Student!

Perfect Attendance! Derek V

Thankful Hearts!


Shout Outs!

¡Corazones agradecido s!

We would like to wish a Happy Birthday to all our November birthdays 12- Mrs. Acosta 17- Mrs. Belsy 18- Haley A 19- Jeremiah C 24- Gabriel C 30- Mrs. Betty May the Lord bless you with many more birthdays to celebrate with your friends and family!

Abraham C

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I am th ankful for my older brother , my grandm a and my par ents!


MY fam ily

Mom and Dad

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dad and mom. For my dog and Fabiola! Antoni M God’s love for me in Jesus Christ and the blessings he has given me Julian C

Alyssa L

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CÓDIGO UNIFORME ESCOLAR Monday & Fridays: (Lunes y Viernes) Students wear the navy blue polo with the school logo embroidered on the left chest over the heart. Boys wear gray pants with navy blue or black socks, black belt, and black dress shoes. Girls wear the plaid skirt with navy blue socks and black shoes. (Los estudiantes usan el polo azul marino con el logo de la escuela bordado en el pecho izquierdo sobre el corazón. Los niños usan pantalones grises con medias azul marino o negras, cinturón negro y zapatos de vestir negros. Las niñas visten la falda a cuadros con medias azul marino y zapatos negros.)

Wednesdays & Special Events: (Miercoles/ Eventos Especiales) Students wear the navy blazer with the school logo embroidered on the left chest over the heart. Girls wear the plaid skirt with navy blue or black socks and black shoes.Boys wear gray pants with navy blue socks, black belt, and black dress shoes. (Los estudiantes usan el blazer azul marino con el logo de la escuela bordado en el pecho izquierdo sobre el corazón.Las niñas usan la falda a cuadros con medias azul marino y zapatos negros. Los niños usan pantalones grises con medias azul marino o negras, cinturón negro y zapatos de vestir negros.)

P.E. (Tuesday & Thursday): Educación Física (Mar. & Jue.) Navy blue sports pants and jacket with with school logo embroidered on the left chest over the heart. A navy blue shirt with school logo embroidered on the left chest over the heart. Black sneakers. (Pantalón deportivo azul marino y chaqueta con el logo de la escuela bordado en el pecho izquierdo sobre el corazón. Una camisa azul marino con el logo de la escuela bordado en el pecho izquierdo sobre el corazón. tenis negras )




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