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NATIONAL WORKSHOP A National Workshop on Modern Trends in the Operation of Power System was organized by the Department of Electrical Engineering, on 26th & 27th February 2011.The workshop had a number of distinguished dignitaries from the field of Electrical Engineering.Prof. B.Subudhi,Head, Department of Electrical Engineering, N.I.T, Rourkela, graced the inaugural function as the Chief Guest and spoke at length on ‘Distributed Generation such as wind power, water & solar power generation’. Er.P.K.Routray, Ex-Managing Director, NALCO gave an enlightening lecture on ‘A Case Study of Different types of faults & its rectification in the NALCO Captive Power Plant’. Er.P.K.Ray, Asst.Prof., I.G.I.T, Saranga & Er.A.K.Tripathy, Ex-DGM,CPRI, Bangalore were among the other guests who discussed ‘Development of Harmonics & its Elimination in Power System’ and ‘New Trends in Different Types of Power Generation’ respectively .Er.N.Panda,Ex-General Manager(EE), Power Distribution, Rourkela Steel Plant, gave a brilliant speech on ‘Planning & Estimation of Transmission System’. Another speaker of eminence was Dr.R Sahu, Asst. Prof., VSSUT, Burla, who Above(right to left) Mr.Binod Dash, CMT, Dr.S.S.Hota, Principal, discussed an important dimension of Prof.(Dr.) A.Sarangi, Director Academic, Prof.B.Subudhi,Chief Electrical Engineering in his lecture on Guest, Prof.(Dr.) U.C.Pattanaik, Mr.R.N.Dash, Convenor (Below) Participants at the workshop ‘Application of Nanotechnology in Electrical Engineering’. The workshop also had Er.D.Mohanta,Dy.Director,OREDA,Dhenkanal, who spoke on ‘Development of Renewable Energy Sources in Orissa’.Mr.R.N.Dash & Mr.R.K.Mohanta,Asst. Profs.,Department of Electrical Engineering were the convenors of the workshop.

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Technical Events... NATIONAL SEMINAR As part of the national Productivity Week 2011 Celebration, a national seminar on Green Productivity for Sustainable Energy & Environment was organized by the Department of Electrical Engineering, on 21st February 2011. Er. A.C.Mallik, ExDirector(Commerce), GRIDCO, graced the inaugural function as the Chief Guest. Er. P.K.Routray, Ex-Managing Director, NALCO was the Chief Speaker of the function. The workshop also had Er. A.K.Tripathy, Ex-DGM, CPRI, Bangalore, who chaired the inaugural session. Mr. L.Dhalsamant, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Electrical Engg. was the convenor of the workshop.




A two day workshop on Ethical Hacking was conducted in the Institute by the Society of Computer Science & IT in collaboration with Kyrion Technology Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi on 18th & 19th February 2011.A total number of 79 participants had registered for the workshop. The workshop generated huge response and appreciation. All the participants were provided with authorized certificates from I.I.T, Kanpur. Mr.S.R.Dash, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Computer Science & Engg. was the coordinator of the workshop.

Faculty Accolades... Prof.(Dr.) M.Das, Department of English,was felicitated by the Alumni Association of the Department of English,Ravenshaw University on his lifetime achievement for his contribution in the field of English Language Teaching & Literature,on 16th January 2011. Mr. B.Tripathy, Department of Computer Science Engineering,has been selected as a reviewer of the International Conference on Digital Information Processing & Communications(ICDIPC-2011) to be held at VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, from 7th to 9th July,2011, the proceedings of which will be published in the “Communications in Computer & Information Science”(CCIS)Series of Springer LNCS.

FACULTY HONOUR Dr. Jitendra Kumar Das, Deparment of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering was awarded with a Ph. D degree from N.I.T,Rourkela on the thesis titled, “Low Power Digital Filter Implementation in FPGA for Hearing Aid Application”,on 22nd December 2010,under the supervision of Prof. Kamal Kanta Mohapatra,Department of ECE,N.I.T,Rourkela


Synergy congratulates Dr. Das on his achievement.

Faculty Accolades... PAPER PUBLISHED / PRESENTED Prof.(Dr.) M.Das, Department of English,published a paper titled Translation :Art of the Possible in Critical Endeavour,Vol-17,January 2011, pp.237-247.

Prof.(Dr.) M.Das, Department of English,presented a paper titled The Blinkered Vision of V.S. Naipaul in the National Seminar on Travel Literature and the Novel,organized by the Department of English,Ravenshaw University,in collaboration with United States-India Educational Foundation(USIEF), Kolkata Branch,on 26th February 2011.

Prof.(Dr.)R.K.Panigrahi, Department of Civil Engineering, published a paper titled Measurement of Snow Avalanche Parameters over Inclined Chute at Dhundi in the International Journal of Computer Application in Engineering,Technology & Sciences,Volume-3,Issue-1,October 2010-March 2011.

Mr.B.B.Sahoo, Department of Mechanical Engineering,published a paper titled Theatrical Performance Limits of a Syngas-diesel fueled Compression Ignition Engine from Second Law Analysis,in Energy ,Vol. 36, pp. 760-769.(Impact Factor:2.952)

Dr.J.K.Das, Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering,published a paper titled Adoptive Filter Design using Booth-Wallace Tree Multiplier in the International Journal for Logic & Computation,September 2010.

Dr. C.R.Deo & Mr. C.K.Mishra, Department of Mechanical Engineering presented a paper titled Wear Characterization of Lantana-Camara Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites in Multi pass Abrasive Wear Application at the International Conference on Industrial Tribology,RDCIS,SAIL,Ranchi.2nd to 4th December,2010.

Dr. C.R.Deo & Mr. C.K.Mishra, Department of Mechanical Engineering presented a paper titled Influence of Lantana Camara Fiber Loading on Tribology Behaviour of Epoxy Composites at the 3rd International & 24th AIMTDR Conference held at Vishakhapatnam,India on 16th December 2010.

Mr.B.B.Sahoo, Department of Mechanical Engineering presented a paper titled Dual Fuel Mode Performance Studies of a Small Diesel Engine Using Green Fuels in the International Conference on Mechanical,Industrial & Manufacturing Technologies,Vol.1, pp. V1578-V1582,February 26-28, 2011. Singapore.

Mr.J.K.Pati, Department of Mathematics published a paper titled Necessity & Sufficient Condition for Oscillation of Differential Equation of the form y”+ay’+by’+cy=f(t) in the Electronics Journal of Differential Equation,6th December 2010.

Mr. M.P.Sahoo, Department of Management,presented a paper titled Development & Use of Productive Potential of SC & ST People in the Changing business Scenario:A Case Study of Odisha,India, in the 9th Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship Development,at EDI, Ahmedabad,from 16th to 18th February 2011.


Faculty Accolades... SEMINAR / WORKSHOP / CONFERENCE ATTAINED Prof. (Dr.) M.Das, Department of English,attended a National Seminar on Reconfigurating Myths & Folk tales in Indian Literature,under the auspices of Researchers’ Association,Cuttack,at Hotel Ashoka,on 23rd January 2011. Prof. (Dr.) I.Mohanty, Mrs.I.Sahoo & Ms.L.Pattnaik, Department of Chemistry attended a National Seminar on Plastic & Composites(PLASTICON-2011) at NMIET,Bhubaneswar on 29th January 2011. Prof. (Dr.) B.K.Patel, Mr.J.K.Pati, Ms.P.Jena & Mr.K.Patra, Department of Mathematics, attended a Conference on Recent trends in Industrial Mathematics,organized by Orissa Mathematical Society on 8th & 9th February 2011. Mr.J.K.Pati, Department of Mathematics, attended an International Conference on Probability & Statistics on 15th & 16th December 2010. Mr. M.P.Sahoo, Department of Management,attended the 9th Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship Development,at EDI,Ahmedabad,from 16th to 18th February 2011. Mr.R.N.Dash, Department of Electrical Engineering,attended an International Conference on Industrial Electronics, Control & Robotics, at NIT, Rourkela from 27th to 30th December 2010. Mrs.P.P.Pradhan, Department of English,attended a National Seminar on Travel Literature and the Novel,organized by the Department of English,Ravenshaw University,in collaboration with United States-India Educational Foundation(USIEF), Kolkata Branch,on 26th February 2011.

HIGHER QUALIFICATION ATTENDED Mr.R.N.Dash, Department of Electrical Engineering, received an M.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from NIT,Rourkela. Mr.S Punyakanti, Department of Mechanical Engineering, received an M.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering from VSSUT,Burla. Mr.K.Patra, Department of Mathematics,received an M.Tech degree in Computer Science from Utkal University,Vani Vihar.

BOOKS PUBLISHED Prof (Dr.)A.Sarangi, Director Academic, authored a book titled “Production of Sponge Iron in Rotary Kiln” published by Prentice Hall (India) in February 2011, co-authored by Prof. B.Sarangi, Dept. of Training & Placement, IGIT, Saranga. Mr.J.K.Pati, Department of Mathematics, authored a book titled “Optimization Engineering”, published by JPH Publication, Cuttack.


Mr.G.Muduli, Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, authored two books on Microprocessor & Digital Electronics, published by JPH Publication, Cuttack. Mr.Prafulla Parida, Department of Electrical Engineering, authored a book titled Energy Conversion Devices, published by India tech Publishing House, New Delhi.

Institute Highlights... TROPHY FOR HIGHEST BLOOD DONATION On 26th January 2011, the Institute received a Trophy from Mr.Prafulla Ghadai, Hon’ble Minister, Finance, Govt. of Odisha, for the highest blood donation in the Dhenkanal district.

ROAD SAFETY WEEK To observe the Road Safety week, on 7th January 2011, a speech on ‘Safety Measures on Road” was organized in the institute with the cooperation of the NSS student volunteers where Mr.Sanjay Kumar Biswal, R.T.O., Dhenkanal sensitized the students about the rules and regulations of road.

WORLD AIDS DAY In collaboration with Odisha State AIDS Control Society (OSACS) the Red Ribbon Club of the Institute observed the World AIDS Day on 1st December 2010,where Dr. Bishnu Charan Behera , CDMO,and Mr. Gobinda Chandra Sethy , ADM,Dhenkanal had been invited to sensitise students against the deadliest disease which has grown to epidemic proportions in recent times.




Under the auspices of the Red Ribbon Club of the Institute a Road Rally was organized on 24th December 2010 to create awareness about AIDS among people who are prone to the disease . As part of the programme, Prof.(Dr.)R.K Panigrahy,Department of Civil Engineering & staff members accompanied by the student members visited the Dayananda Service Mission to create awareness among the volunteers of the organization. Mr. A.K. Jena with the NSS and the Rotaract members took part in the awareness programme.


Swami Ramdev’s Visit


n a rare move of science embracing spirituality, the Institute added a feather to its cap by welcoming His Holiness, Swami Ramdevji, the spiritual guru who was on a tour to create awareness among people to include yoga in their daily routine. On 21st January 2011, Swami Ramdev addressed the students and the staff of the Institute. Swamiji started his speech by characterizing the Institute with the abundance and exuberance of its youth power. In his short speech, interspersed with personal anecdotes, he impressed upon the students to realize the importance of decisions in life. We are what our decisions have made us. Right decision at the right time takes one to the zenith of success. Thus it is tremendously important for all of us to take right decisions in life. Further he impressed upon the students to be disciplined & to make discipline a way of life and to inculcate values in life. Stressing the importance of time, he urged upon the students to make the best use of opportunities being provided to them. He concluded by exhorting the students to dedicate their mind and soul to each of their endeavors and weed out negative thoughts from mind which restrict its ability to realize its potential to the fullest.


Sant Rajinder Singh Maharaj


n 23rd February 2011, Sant Rajinder Singhji Maharaj, the current head of the Science of Spirituality, gave a mesmerizing talk on Science of Spirituality at May Fair Lagoon Convention Hall. The programme was organized jointly by Orissa Private Engineering College Association (OPECA) and Synergy Group of Institutions . In his soothing voice to a packed hall, comprising audience from all parts of the world, Maharaj ji explained the relation between Science and Spirituality which are often considered diametrically opposite to each other. They are linked to each other by a common purpose as both seek to reveal truth. Where as Science reveals truth about the physical world, Spirituality deals with the world beyond the material existence. He further emphasized the role of “Meditation” to experience “world beyond”. Meditation is the process which helps us to withdraw ourselves from the “outer world” and focus on the “world within us”. Elaborating on the difference between Meditation and Prayer, Maharajji said, Meditation is listening to God and Prayer is talking to god. We keep asking for transitory things in our prayer, but in meditation we surrender ourselves before God and promise to keep faith in his judgement. The fear of the unknown disappears when we place our faith in God. And this “Realisation” is possible only through “ Meditation” . Being himself an engineer, Maharaj Ji was able to connect with the engineering students in the audience impeccably. The programme was a huge success with the coordination of Mr. Binod Dash, Chairman, Synergy Group of Institutions & Secretary, OPECA.


Students’ Spotlight... LAURELS EARNED OUTSIDE Aniket Pallav Nayak,1st year Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering student won the best Odissi dancer award at the National Youth Festival 2011,held at Udaipur, Rajasthan on January 16,2011,organized by the Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs,Govt. of india.Earlier he topped the Odissi dance competition at the State Youth Festival,2010,held at Keonjhar,Orissa.A student of the Natraj Sangeet Mahavidyalaya,affiliated to Prachina Kalakendra,Chandigarh,Aniket has won numerous prizes at several competitions. His penchant for the dance form dates back to his early childhood, when he started picking up Odissi dance steps from dance programmes on the television.Aniket’s contribution to preserve the unique dance form of Orissa comes at a time when the cultural awareness among the youngsters is at low ebb. Nitin Kumar,1st semester Electrical Engineering student has been selected to represent BPUT in the 3rd Inter-University Panel Discussion for the award of Governor-Chancellor Cup on the topic “Campaign Against Illiteracy” on 19.02.2011.

NCC 18 NCC Cadets including 4 girls participated in the Combined Annual Training Camp –IX-2011,at Chandikhole from 10th to 19th January 2011 & have been selected to appear the NCC ‘B’ Certificate. 7(Seven) 2nd year NCC cadets participated in Annual Training Camp at C.I.S.F Campus,Mundali under 1(O) BN NCC,Cuttack from 11.02.11 to 21.02.11 & six of them have been selected to appear in the NCC ‘C’ Certificate test.

ROTARACT CLUB On 17th December 2010 the students members of Rotaract Club visited an orphanage at Social Security Complex, Govindpur, Dhenkanal run by Dayandanda Service Mission. They had a long interaction with the inmates of the orphanage and organised a number of events for them in which they participated very enthusiastically. They also distributed sweets among them and entertained them with a number of cultural programmes.

8 Our Students interacting with the inmates of the Social Security Complex.

Students of the Institute took some time off to dabble with Red FM 93.5 on 22 December 2010

Alumni News... ANNUAL ALUMNI MEET (Bangalore Chapter) This New Year brought together the alumni of the Institute again for the second time in Bangalore for an Annual Alumni Meet on 22nd January 2011.The programme of the Alumni Meet commenced at 7:30PM. in the Banquet Hall of Hotel Solitaire. Prof.(Dr.) A. Sarangi, Director, Academic presided over the meeting. Mr.Debasis Dash, Sr.Training & Placement Officer, extended a hearty welcome to the alumni and the dignitaries to the Alumni Meet. In his welcome speech Mr.Dash informed that the Meet was dedicated to those who had completed their graduation from the Institute. He described the alumni as pillars of the institute and the catalyst of growth for the institute and requested them to participate actively in all alumni activities. Mr. Prabin Nayak and Mr. Raj Bhusan Dash as alumni coordinators, on behalf of the student community of the campus, extended a warm welcome to the alumni members. With a Welcome Note and New Year wishes to everybody Prof(.Dr.)A Sarangi delivered the presidential address. He welcomed all the alumni and others to the Alumni Meet, which he felt was a chance to pay tributes to them for their dedicated and steadfast support to the Synergy Institute. He addressed the alumni as leaders in innovation, research and shared with them the vision of the Institute which is based on student-centered learning,He also stated that he has witnessed the remarkable contributions of the alumni of NIT Rourkela where he was recently felicitated for his contribution in making NIT Rourkela a world-class institution, renowned for its student-centered approach and unique research-intensive learning environment. Dr.Sarangi exhorted the members to start contributing to the growth and development of their alma mater. Dr.Sarangi further outlined the priority areas and goals of the Institute which can be materialized with the contribution of the alumni. Under his supervision, positions like President, Secretary and Treasurer were nominated from among the members who will coordinate the alumni activities. The event came to a close with Mr.Debasis Dash, Sr.Training & Placement Officer proposing vote of thanks. He offered his deep sense of gratitude to the alumni and recalled some of the alumni who are currently placed abroad and a few of them who are associated with education in places like Guangchow University, China. Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon for pursuing their higher studies. He had a special mention for Mr.Barada Mohapatra, (Faculty Incharge of alumni and Coordinator) and Mr.Prabin Nayak,alumnus of the Institute for the exemplary work done by them in organizing the event so successfully.


Alumni News... ALUMNI MEMBERS PRESENT IN THE MEETING Mr.Rajbhusan Dash(2006)


Neha Namrata(2009)


Ambarish Ray(2005)

Juniper Networks

Anup Kumar(2004)


Chandan Raj(2009)

Noldev semiconductor

Subhendu Patra (2004)


Debasis Dutta(2006)


Anshuman Pani(2004)


Shilpa Sahoo(2006)

HR @ Wipro

Saswat Panigrahy(2009)


Balaram Behera (2006)

LG India

Jitendra Gupta(2009)


Rakesh Mohan (2002)

TAVANT Technology

Sumeet Kumar Mohanty(2008)

CGI Technology

Soumitra Behera(2006)

HCL Technology

Prabin Nayak(2008)


Sicon Mishra(2008)


Somnath Ghosh(2008)


Bikram Mishra(2006)

Xsysys Technology

Kumar Kuldeep(2008)


Narendranath Panda(2004)

Logica CMG

Soumya Ranjan Das (2008)


Aspect Technology

Vineet Kejriwal (2008)


Soumya Ranjan Mohanty(2004) IBM

Vivek Vikash (2008)


Rupam (2009)


Kundan Raj(2009)

Perfectus Technology

Sunayana Hazarika(2009)


Purnendu Kumar(2009)

System Centric

Nisha Singh(2009)

Tech Mahindra

Sujit Kumar Pati(2009)


Saswat (2008)

VSM Software

Pranav Kishore Sahoo(2009)


Monalisa Mohanty(2008)

3i Infotech

Nishant Mohan(2008 )

BM Bytes

Abhilipsa Sahoo(2008)

Unity Infotech

Shamik Kumar Pradhan (2008)

Aris Global

Banalaxmi Baruah (2009)

Ignite Intelligence

Suneeta Mishra(2004)


Placement News... TRAINING • •

AutoCAD Training for Mechanical & Civil Engineering Departments from 22nd November to 23rd December 2010,by Extencore Solutions (P) Ltd.,Pune.57 students,3Faculty members & 2 Hardware Assistants were trained. Pre-Placement Training for the Final Year Students conducted from 8th December to 19th February 2011 through VSAT, Instructor Led Classroom Training & Online Test.Bangalore based Educom company,Purple-Leap conducted the training.Subject experts invited to train the students for better placement.

PLACEMENT 13 Campus events of various companies of repute were conducted from November 2010 to February 2011,where 43 students of different departments were selected.


Syntel Technology



Santosh Sagar Mishra Pramod Kumar Sahoo Ashok Kumar Pati Arti Singh Dipanjana Dev Swati Swarupa Rath Idrisha Das

(ETC) (CSE) (IT) (CSE) (CSE) (CSE) (CSE)

• Zensar Technology

Archana Nayak Saurabh Kumar Das



Nitish Pande Manish Kumar Diwakar Agrawal Bhabani Shankar Singdeo Nitesh Agrawal

(ME) (ME) (ME) (ME) (ME)

• Sew Infrastructure

Nitish Pande Aurobinda Mitra Kamalakanta Ghada Mithilesh TRipathy Sunil Kumar Deepti Ranjan Sahu Ipsita Mohanty Nitesh Agrawal

(ME) (ME) (ME) (ME) (ME) (ME) (ME) (ME)

• Jai Balaji Industries Ltd.

Ajit Singh Sandeep Pati

(ME) (ME)

• Rolon Seals

Alok Ranjan Mishra Anshul Baral Anupam Ghosh Supriya Swain

(ME) (ME) (ME) (ECE)

• Orissa Cement Ltd. (OCL)

Upasana Pattnaik Nitesh Agarwal

(EE) (ME)

• Espire Infolab

Idrisha Das Rimpy Patel Ipsita Jena Manaswi Kishore

(CS) (CS) (ETC) (CS)

• Ramky

• Park Controls


Dignitary Visits...

Mr. Vijendra Singh, President, Air Navigation Commission to ICAO, Canada & Mr. Vivek Pattanayak, Retd. IAS with our CMT & Prof. J.Dash

Mr. Vijendra Singh, Mr. Vivek Pattnayak, Mr. S.S.Singh Deo, Dr. D.K.Pattnaik on a tour of the campus with our Chairman.

Prof. Harold J. Raveche, President, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA, with Dr. A.Sarangi, Director Academic

Prof. Harold J. Raveche interacting with the students of our Institute.

Different Lores ...


Our Chairman delivering a speech as the Chief Guest at Annual Athletic Meet of Ravenshaw University

Mr. Binod Dash, Vice-President, Ravenshaw Alumni Association with the other dignitaries of the Athletic Meet.

Sri Binod Dash, CMT, Synergy Group, with the Asian games Bronze Medalists in Rowing

Sri Binod Dash, Vice-President, Rowing Federation of India at the Reception of the Team of Asian Games

Chief Patron Mr. Binod Dash Patron Mr. A.K.Sahu

Advisory Board Dr. A.Sarangi Dr.S.S.Hota Prof. P.K.Misra Dr. D.Pattnaik

Editor Mrs. Pragnya Pradhan

Graphics Design Mr. Pravat Behera

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