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Know exactly what to do at the time of labor pain! By Nathen Martin on October 16, 2013 Like


Pregnancy is a very complex procedure and involves lots of elements. One such element is labor pain. Every woman has a different labor pain. So, let us understand how you can tell others that your labor pain is going to start, what you should do when going through pain and other things related to it. Moreover, it can be said that some specific changes take place in prelabor, early labor and established labor stage. The labor pain differs from one woman to another. Always remember that Labor pain is not a symptom of injury or illness. When pain signals that something is wrong, then anxiety can increase the painful sensation. In labor pains, it simply indicates that your body is working hard and well. It is self-limiting; it rarely takes more than twenty four hours. It is rhythmic, i.e. the contractions last no longer than a minute or so and come in a regular pattern with one to several. It usually has pain free minutes in between. This simply means that you can predict and prepare for each contraction and rest between them. Labor pain intensifies gradually over time, i.e. contractions almost start off mild and gradually grow longer, stronger and closer together thus allowing you time to adapt. There are many signs of labor through which you can know that labor pain are going to occur. In the pre-labor or early labor you may have persistent lower back pain or abdominal pain with a pre-menstrual feeling and cramps. Painful contractions which occur at regular and increasingly short intervals gradually become longer and stronger in intensity. A brownish or blood tinged mucus discharge occurs. If you pass the mucus then labor can be imminent or it can also be several days away. It’s just a sign that things are moving along. You can also experience upset tummy or loose bowels. You can also feel very emotional or moody. You can also have a disrupted sleep as well. Whenever you have labor you just need to be calm and relaxed. Being clam will help you to cope with the contractions. You can watch your favorite film; go for a walk, pottering around the home and many more things which can keep you relaxed. During the early labor you can feel hungry and you can eat and drink if you feel like. This will surely help you in relaxing and will also make you comfortable. When you are relaxed; your labor pain progresses smoothly. At the time of early labor, you can also try out different positions and breathing techniques which will help you to cope up with the contractions. This is possible that when you are about to have a labor, you can tell someone. Listening, when your baby’s head begins to drop into position in your pelvis can also indicate you something. You may be able to breathe more deeply and eat more, but you may also need to wee more frequently and walking may become difficult for you. You may also have heavier and more mucus vaginal discharge. You can also have mood swings and a surge of energy. May be it is the time when you can deliver the beautiful baby very soon.


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Know exactly what to do at the time of labor pain!  

This is possible that when you are about to have a labor, you can tell someone. Listening, when your baby’s head begins to drop into positio...

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