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Grapevine Newsletter Blessed Thanksgiving to You! Thursday, November 28th, 2013

In This Issue Our Tasting This Weekend

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Every wondered about "what ifs"? What if this event would have happen or what if another event never happened? How would the world be different? The story of the Pilgrims and the Mayflower has and should be taught during our earliest school years. The story is inspirational, romantic and a story of courage. The people of the Mayflower brought to the New World the concepts of our Republic. Did you know wine was an important part of the story? God does work in mysterious ways! After two months at sea, the Pilgrims arrived at Cape Cod. Imagine the sight that greeted their eyes on that cold November morning. It was as though they had landed on another planet, a strange, unfriendly place with no signs of civilization; a stark, barren landscape. There were no friends or relatives to greet them, no warm homes for their comfort and no jobs to be had to earn a living. Trans-Atlantic trips during these days usually lost 20-40% of its passengers due to illness, most likely to common bacterial infections, which we fight with antibiotics today. Aside from the accounts of Governor William Bradford, the only facts we have concerning the Mayflower are some records of her earlier voyages, a partial list of her crew in 1620, and mention of her cargo carrying capacity. She had been engaged in fur trade with Norway and had experienced the storms of the North Sea, a most treacherous body of water. We also know Mayflower had been used in the merchant trade with Spain, France and possibly Italy for about twelve years before setting sail to the New World. If she were strong enough to travel the North Sea, she was surely strong enough to endure the Atlantic crossing. On January 28, 1620, the Mayflower of London unloaded a cargo listed as 153 tons of French wines plus 4 tons of red wine and 16 hogsheads of unspecified wine. This totals 161 tons. The dimensions of the first Mayflower were 90 feet in length (12 Feet more than a tennis court), 26 feet in width, with a tonnage of 180. Small as it was it was larger that the Discovery, which landed at Virginia in 1607. The Mayflower had been engaged in the wine trade in the Mediterranean since 1616. Employment in the wine trade had made her a "sweet ship." Leakage from the wine casks over the space of years had neutralized the garbage and other filth that sailors in those days threw into the hold instead of bothering to drop it overboard. Effectively, the wine acted as an antiseptic killing the bacteria throughout the ship. That explains why the Pilgrims lost only one of their numbers by illness on the long, rough, cold voyage. Everyone would be needed to establish the new settlement. The Pilgrim leaders knew it would take a lot

of hard work to survive that first winter. They would have to cut down trees, haul logs and thatch roof and other labors needed to build shelters. They knew they would need all the help they could get. Wine did change the course of history! What ifs? What if the pilgrims didn't make it? What if they were unable to come to an agreement in the form of "The Mayflower Compact"? The Compact states that they would choose their own leaders and make their own laws. It also stated there was to be equal justice for all. This Compact became the constitution of the Plymouth Colony for over 70 years. It was the first document of American experiment to establish "government of the people, by the people, for the people." This Thanksgiving give thanks to God for wine and the Pilgrims for providing a base for this great country! We at The Vineyard are thankful for all our customers and their support. Please enjoy the day with your families and enjoy each others company; you never know how many more times you will all be able to get together with each other.

Our Tasting This Weekend If You Have Family in Town, Bring Them By and Enjoy!

This week's tasting will be Saturday only from 2 to 6 PM. No tasting on Friday! Click here for some fun facts about the Mayflower.

If you haven't seen the store, come by. We are different! We are not a liquor store. The Vineyard has the largest wine selection in the CSRA; no one else comes close! We have over 2200 different wines and over 200 different craft beers. We add more each week. We don't just bring any old wine into the store. It has to meet our standards. For every 5 wines that make it into the store, we will taste 100. We only bring in the best leaving the others for liqour stores. But It doesn't matter if you have the largest selection if its not quality! Our wines are quality, we know, we have tasted them! From $3 to $300, quality is the goal. This Thanksgiving we want to thank all our customers for making us the number one wine store in the CSRA! Thank you and have a blessed holiday! Cheers!

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November 28, 2013 Newsletter for Vineyard Wine Market  

November 28, 2013 Newsletter for Vineyard Wine Market

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