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BUILD  BRAND   O N   S OCIAL  MEDIA   V P S   D i g i t a l   M e d i a ,   1 0 0 %   w o m e n   o w n e d  




ARE  YOU  SOCIAL  MEDIA  SAVY??   Do  you  consider  the  world  to  be  your  market?     Do  you  know  your  customer  could  be   anywhere  in  the  w orld?       Do  you  know  that  today  social  media   recommendations  are  biggest  trigger  for   buying  decisions?       Do  you  know  social  media  can  help  you   specifically  target  the  customer  in  locations,   age  groups  that  you  w ant?       Did  you  know  Social  Media  is  an  advertising   tool  that  allows  you  to  measure  the  impact  o f   money  you  spent?       Do  you  know  building  a  brand  on  social   media  is  an  exercise  that  goes  beyond  mere   release  of  solitary  advertisements?  

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We are   witnessing   the   biggest   revolution   since   Industrial   revolution.   Today   the   newspapers   sales   are   seeing  a  record  decline.  The  radio  and  television  reach   has   been   taken   over   by   Internet   &   social   media.     Today   with   almost   90%   of   the   world   connected   via   Internet,   the   way   we   live,   communicate,   buy,   travel   has   changed   forever.   We   live   in   a   global   village   and   what   happens   in   Tokyo,   Ghana   or   any   part   of   the   world,   it  s till  b ecomes   and   impacts   the   way   we  l ive.      

OUR NEW  FRIEND:  SOCIAL  MEDIA   Your   customer   trusts   more   on   peer,   friends   and   families  recommendations,  which  are   s hared  on   s ocial   media.   The   s ocial  media   i s  ever   e volving  and  manages   to  reach   y our  customer  in  locations   y ou  want,   t he  age   group   you   target   and   at   a   budget   that   can   be   controlled.   F urther   these  c ommunications   can   b e   seen   in   languages   of   the   customer’s   choice.   Gone   are   the   days   o f   expensive   newspaper   a dvertisement.   T he   best   part   is   these   advertisements   can   be   measured   and   changed   and   controlled   as   we   set   our   new   market   targets.  

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1.Gather Business  Intelligence  

O ur   Social   Media   services   offer   to   gather   business   intelligence   about   your   web   profile,   your   current   image.   The   business   intelligence   includes.   It   answers   all   the   questions   as   to   who,   when,   f rom   w here   is   e valuating   y our   p roducts   / services.  

2.Analyze   Once   we   have   gathered   the   web   intelligence,   we   analyze   the   data  against   the   organizations   goals  and  develop   a   media   plan  /   social   strategy   for   your   products/services.   We   carefully   evaluate   the   source   of   your   current   reach   in   the   market   and       focus   on   getting   the   same   either   corrected   or   enhanced   to   reach   to   revenue   g oals.  

3.Create &  Promote   Once   the   new   goals   are   set,   we   create   &   maintain   Social   profile   pages   for   Face   Book,   Google+,   Twitter   and   Linked   In   etc.   We   create   &   promote   advertisements   for   social   media.   We   create   founder   videos,   which   have   an   instant   connect   with   audience.   Create,   promote,   increase   fan   base   and   connect   with   your   audience   instantly.    

4.Measure &  Improve  


Every p romotion   h as   a   m echanism   to   measure   the   s pent   on   branding   e fforts.   We   w ill   a ssist   y ou   in   e valuating   the   F an   B ase,   Increase   in   s ocial   page   visits   &   R OI.  

It’s not  just  about  advertising  on  Social  Media.  Promotion  on  Social  media  is   a  double-­‐edged  sword  and  the  message  needs  to   be  managed  innovatively   &  consistently  to  build  a  successful  brand.       Vindhya   Systems   is   a   proudly   South   African   100%   owned   by   Women   Company.  Our  team  is  passionate  about  creativity  &  visual  media.  We  love   what   we   do.   We   cater   to   small   and   big   businesses   in   Africa   and   our   value   proposition   is   to   ensure   that   your   advertising   spent   is   well   focused,   well   measured  and  concludes  in  the  goals  you  have  set  out  for.  

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2.Confidence Is  Yours   Create    

Creating a nd   m aintaining   Social   M edia   profile  p ages   o n   F acebook,   Linked  i n,   Twitter   and  G oogle  a nd   m ore.  

3.Stand Out  in  the  Crowd   Creation  o f   Text  o r   Video   Advertisement   t hat  i s  u nique   t o   h elp   you   stand   out   i n   t he   c rowd.  

*Text Advertisement:  Min  R  5000   *  Video  A dvertisement:  Min  8000  

*Once Off:  R  7500                        *Quarterly:  R  5500                 *Annual:  R  5000  

Pre mium Pro du ct s

1.Founder   Video     We   Create   Founder   video   Promotions   that   create   instant   connect   with   your   customers.      

1.  Right  Choice  is  made-­‐Business  Intelligence  &  Analyze   •

Once y ou   m ake  a   choice   a   choice   to   c hange  y our  b usiness   i mage   and   promote   y our  p roduct   /   s ervices   o n  s ocial  m edia,   w e  h ave   range  o f   services   to   o ffer   w hich  c an   b e   taken   i ndependently  o r   as   a   combo  p ackage.  

Web Intelligence:    

Website &  S ocial   P age  v iewership  p erformance  

You can   c hoose   t o   t ake   single  s ervice   o r   combination  o f  a ll   3 .   C ontact    

Repeat a nd   n ew   visitors  

Location, countries,  c ities   l ooking  u p   y our  p roducts   &   services.   More   customized  r eports  

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*Once Off:  R  3000                  *Quarterly:  R  2000/pm          *Annual:  R  1500/pm                  

We conduct  Electronic  Fund  raising,   charity  DIGITAL  promotions  that   include  complete  digital  media   promotions    package  and  a  top  up  of   electronic  press  interviews  .    

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2.Electronic Fund  Raising    

*Conditions A pply     *All  prices  are  ex  VAT   4   [Insert  Date  \  Issue]  

VPS Digital Media  

Build Your brans online

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