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Knockhill July 21/22 JUNE/JULY 2012 JULY

It was virtually dry all weekend as we had a huge 30 race programme with races for visiting Mazda MX5s who had lots of races for MK1s, MK3s and the new MX150R kit cars plus National Legends Cars who had a double header. The paddock was packed over 160 cars, and it all ran well with only one red flag race and a couple of races when the safety car came out. Well done to all the officials, marshals and the new Competition / Membership Secretary team.

S cotti sh Legends Cars Champi onshi p Heat One: 8 laps

Ross Mickel leads Ross Marshall and Paul MacKay

Ross Mickel was at the front chased by Paul MacKay and Ross Marshall who was into 2nd at Clark. Marshall was leading at Duffus on lap 2 and opened up a second lead by lap 4. But Ross Mickel didn’t give up he slowly cut the gap to half a second by lap 7 though Marshall took the win on the road. He was later penalised 10 seconds for a flag infringement and placed 5th. Ross Mickel had the win having held off Carol Brown over the last lap as they ran nose to tail after Carol had slowly caught Ross following her moving into 3rd on lap 2. The top 3 were well clear of David Newall who took 4th off Gerard McCosh on the last lap after Gerard had been there since lap 2. Robbie Burgoyne was 6th he moved up through the pack having been 13th on lap 1. Robbie had taken 6th from Duncan Vincent on lap 4 but Duncan stuck with him until the end. Duncan had done a good job as he races only occasionally these days and it was his first Legends race for a while. He was also miked up for commentary but we didn’t hear much until the last race, he was rather busy. 1 Ross Mickel 8 laps in 8m17.2s (74.1mph); 2 Carol Brown +0.07s; 3 David Newall; 4 Gerard McCosh; 5 Ross Marshall; 6 Robbie Burgoyne;. Pole Position: David Meiklejohn. Fastest lap: Marshall 1m00.79s (75.79mph). Starters: 22. Heat Two: 8 laps The cars charged into Duffus with Scott Hynds leading chased by David Allan as we had had an 11 car train at the front. By lap 2 David Newall was 3rd. He had rocketed up from 12th. A lap later he had Ross Marshall on his bumper, he had started alongside him. Lap 4 saw changes at the front Newall took 2nd going up the hill then Marshall grabbed 3rd at Duffus before taking 2nd at the bottom of the dip as they went through Leslie’s. David Allan still led but on lap 5 Marshall dived past him on the inside at Clark. Newall was on Allan’s bumper and they stayed close until the last lap when Newall took 2nd at the hairpin. Marshall had taken the win a second clear in a good race. Robbie Burgoyne came into 4th passing Scott Hynds

at Clark on the last lap after running 6th for much of the race. Carol Brown started 15th and worked her way up getting through a big gaggle of cars by 6 then chased down a second gap to Robbie Burgoyne catching him as he got on Scott Hynds bumper on the last lap. Carol slipped past late on the final lap for 5th with Scott a whisker behind in 6th. Duncan Vincent came through to 8th behind Ross Mickel having started 14th and been up in the leading group in 8th on lap 1. He stayed with Robbie Burgoyne to mid distance and was up to 6th but then was passed by Carol Brown then Ross Mickel on lap 6 at Scotsman. David Hunter demoted Duncan on lap 7 but he fought back and regained 8th on the last lap. He had a good race with quick regulars.

Ross Marshall on his way to winning heat two

1 Marshall 8 laps in 8m22.25s (73.39mph); 2 Newall +1.024s; 3 Allan; 4 Burgoyne; 5 Brown; 6 Scott Hynds; Pole Position: Hynds. Fastest lap: Brown 1m00.80s (75.78mph). Starters: 22. Final: 10 laps It was damp and dull as the final started. Kevin Ketterwell shot past the front row cars and led into Duffus, he overcooked it and went down the dip on the gravel, but showed good car control as he hit Leslie’s still leading. Paul O’Brien had shot up the order and passed lots of cars in the first lap melee. He was 2nd from 10th then took the lead on lap 2. He was never headed and opened up a second lead by lap 5. Ketterwell gave chase and kept with him for 2 laps before Robbie Burgoyne went past into 2nd , but he was under pressure as 6 cars chased him all running nose to tail, though Robbie had a terrific first lap going from 16th to 8th then up to 4th on lap 2. Carol Brown had started 18th one place ahead of Ross Marshall she was zipping through the field and took 5th on lap 4 from Daniel MacKay. She was into 2nd by lap 6 demoting Burgoyne, but by now O’Brien was 2 seconds clear. Carol closed the gap a little but Paul had a well deserved win. David Newall got up from 19th, into 6th by lap 5 he was 4th a lap later passing Kieran Gallagher as cars swapped places throughout the pack. He took 3rd from Robbie on lap 9 but was a couple of seconds behind Carol. Ross Mickel was also in amongst the

21 JULY 22 Knock hil

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traffic and moved up from near the tail of the grid dicing with Scott Hynds late on as he finished 5th. Ross Marshall spun at the hairpin on lap 3 when in 8th and charging, but he had mechanical woes and retired on lap 7. Gerard McCosh also had a spin at the hairpin on lap 8 when in the middle of a train and holding 10th, he lost 6 places. 1 Paul O’Brien 10 laps in 10m57.39s (70.09mph); 2 Brown +1.30s; 3 Newall; 4 Burgoyne; 5 Mickel; 6 Hynds; Pole Position: John Bushby. Fastest lap: Marshall 1m02.13s. Starters: 22.

S cotti sh Ford Fi esta Champi onshi p i s associ ati on wi th Yokohama Tyres

Race One: 10 laps Blair Murdoch led from pole chased by Dave Colville both in STs and then came the fast starting XR2s of Peter Cruickshank and Wayne MacCauley. George Orr was on the back row of the 16 car grid having missed qualifying, but he rocketed through the field in his ST. He was 9th on lap 1 and caught the top 2 XR2s on lap 2 diving past both of them at the hairpin to be 3rd. He was a second down on the leaders but drove the wheels off his car and closed them down, so by lap 4 he was with them. A lap earlier a racy Dave Colville had taken the lead, and he used his vast experience to ease away a few lengths. Blair stuck close though and eventually these two started to drop George by a few car lengths until by lap 9 when George was a second back. Dave sprinted on the final lap to grow the gap to a second as Blair, who was 2nd on the road. Blair was penalised by officials for a jump start and had 10 seconds added to his time. He was classified 5th as George took 2nd. Fourth place had seen a good race long scrap. The top XR2s are a match for even quick STs now that they are all on Yokohama treaded tyres. Peter Cruickshank led a bumper to bumper group with MacCauley and Stuart Haston’s ST closely followed by Mike Strong’s XR2 . By lap 5 Haston had finally got past the top two XR2s but

Dave Colville leads Blair Murdoch

they didn’t let him go, and on lap 9 these 3 were still nose to tail. He finished half a second ahead of Peter at the flag. Mike Strong had stayed with them until mid distance in his best performance of the year before dropping back quickly from lap 7 as if he had a problem. He kept 7th as the group behind scrapped furiously. Stephen Russell took 8th on the last lap from Craig Taylor as this pack of 3 had contact at the final corner and Craig limped home last as Hamish Smart who was right in this bunch finished 9th a few hundredths of a second or a bumper width clear. Ian Donaldson returned to racing but his ST seemed down on power as he was 10th half a second back and often mixing it with this bunch of XR2s. Dave Colville said: “I saw George getting up to 3rd early in the race which was a bit of a shock, but he’s a good racer, so is Blair. It was a nice clean race.” 1 Dave Colville (ST) 10 laps in 10m44.37s (71.51mph); 2 George Orr (ST) +1.874s; 3 Stuart Haston (ST); 4 Peter Cruickshank (XR2); 5 Blair Murdoch (ST); 6 Wayne MacCauley (XR2); Class winners: XR2 Cruickshank, XR Newcomers S Robertson. Pole Position: Murdoch 1m03.65s (72.39mph). Fastest lap: ST Murdoch 1m03.35s (72.53mph). XR MacCauley 1m04.3s Starters: 16. Race Two: 10 laps Dave Colville was outdragged into Duffus as George Orr took the lead. George was chased hard as Dave sat right behind all the way. These two had Stuart Haston for close company for 3 laps then he drifted back a little as Blair Murdoch put him under pressure. The top 4 cars were STs. By lap 8 the gap was 2 seconds as Stuart defended then Blair took 3rd at Clark, but Stuart stayed on his tailgate to the flag. The top XR2s were dropped this time as Blair had got past Peter Cruickshank on lap 1 and the top 2 XR2s were in a scrap. Wayne MacCauley took 5th

Peter Cruickshank chased by Wayne MacCauley

on lap 2 at Clark only for Peter to dive past as they exited Scotsman a lap later. Peter said later he defended all race so they dropped back from the top STs but kept ahead of a pack of 7 cars all running nose to tail. Stephen Russell’s XR2 was at its head until lap 6 then Mike Strong’s XR2 took over at Scotsman followed through at that corner by Ian Donaldson’s ST. Russell was back ahead of Donaldson next time round and pressed Strong before retaking 7th on the last lap. Donaldson was trying hard and was well up on 2 wheels at Clark on lap 9 as he held off Stephen Emslie, who would lose places on the last lap at Butchers as he did a bit of rallycross. This let Hamish Smart through and he dived past Donaldson at the end to be 9th. The race winner was George Orr he only had a car‘s length or two at the end but it was enough. Dave still leads the ST Cup points chase and has increased his lead. Peter Cruickshank has reduced Wayne MacCauley’s points lead in the XR2s. 1 G Orr 10 laps in 10m47.05s (71.21mph); 2 Colville +0.58s; 3 Murdoch; 4 Haston; 5 Cruickshank; 6 MacCauley; Class winners: XR2 Cruickshank XR Newcomers Robertson. Pole Position: Colville. Fastest lap: ST Colville 1m03.64s (72.40mph) XR2 MacCauley 1m 04.6s . Starters: 16.

S cotti sh Formul a Ford 1600 Champi onshi p supported by the Garage Door Company

Jordan Gronkowski was on the podium twice

The Champion returns - Ken Thirlwall won both races

Race One: 12 laps The Champion was back, Ken Thirlwall who won every FF race last year in a terrific season came out for his first race of the year at Knockhill, and it was déjà vu. Kenny did his normal fast first lap to establish a half second lead then slowly pulled out the gap. It was 2 seconds by lap 9 and he had time to relax on the last lap letting his long time pursuer Alistair Dow cut the gap a little. Alistair didn’t have it so clear cut with Ian Munro always around half a second back, and even closer a few times but Dow finished 1 second clear in 2nd. Jordan Gronkowski chased the top 3 all race and was never far away. He kept Munro very honest rarely more than a couple of car lengths back until lap 9 then he drifted back a few seconds over the closing 3 laps. Jordan took the newcomers class with ease, his closest rival being Greg Stark who was 7th. The battle for 5th saw Ross McEwan have Michael Gray tied to his exhaust pipe all race. These two spent lap after lap running nose to tail, they dropped back over 7 seconds on 4th place but McEwan held on well. 1 Kenneth Thirlwall (Van Diemen) 12 laps in 11m17.93s (81.56mph); 2 Alistair Dow (Ray GR809) +1.473s; 3 Ian Munro (Van Diemen); 4 Jordan Gronkowski (Van Diemen); 5 Ross McEwan (Van Diemen); 6 Michael Gray (Vector); Newcomers class: Gronkowski. Pole Position: Thirlwall 55.62s (82.84mph). Fastest lap: Dow 55.93s (82.38mph). Starters: 10 Race Two: 12 laps Kenneth Thirlwall did it again, a flawless performance which saw him a second clear after 2 laps . Alistair Dow never gave up and kept that gap constant until lap 6. We then had a change for 2nd place as Ian Munro took the place. He’d been hounding Dow, then Alistair slowed and pitted with steering problems. Kenneth upped his pace and was nearly 4 seconds clear by the flag. Munro finished 2nd on the road with Jordan Gronkowski all over him during the last 3 laps. Munro was penalised 5 seconds for exceeding track limits then was disqualified for a technical infringement. This boosted Ross McEwan to 3rd . he had been running a few seconds back on Gronkowski all race chased by Michael Gray, who had closed down the gap between them from 2 seconds to half a second by lap 10. The race was red flagged as lap 11 was under way. We had a car stuck on track at the hairpin. Mathew Chisholm and Andy Paterson had been nose to tail fighting over 8th, Chisholm having grabbed the place on lap 7. They clashed at the hairpin and were stationery there on lap 8. Officials decided the track wasn’t getting cleared so stopped the action early. Thirlwall returned with two wins, he’s a way back in the points but there are 6 rounds to go, will he be back to mount a late challenge as Dow failed to finish this race. Ivor Mairs also failed to start


either race, while Gronkowski again took newcomers honours from Stark. Race Two: 1 Thirlwall 10 laps in 9m30.49 (80.77mph); 2 Gronkowski +3.75s; 3 McEwan; 4 Gray; 5 Stark; 6 Kopec; no other finishers. Pole Position: Thirlwall. Newcomers’ class Gronkowski. FL Thirlwall 56.27s (81.89mph). Fastest lap: Thirlwall 56.27s (81.19mph). Starters: 10.

S cotti sh S al oon and S portscar Champi onshi p

Race One: 10 laps We had a guest driver Colin Noble joining the regulars. He brought out his Radical which was on pole, but started slowly so was 4th into Duffus, before grabbing 3rd at Scotsman on lap 1. Ahead was Stewart Whyte in his Escort Cosworth and Gary Watson’s Westfield. These two cars had a power advantage, but the Radical had superior cornering and braking. Whyte raced away to be 3 seconds clear by lap 3 as Noble pressed Watson on lap 2 then ran wide at Scotsman on lap 2 and dropped back 20 car lengths on the Westfield. He closed the gap within a lap but it wasn’t until lap 5 that he got past, diving up the inside at Clark. The chase was on as Whyte was nearly 4 seconds clear. Noble was on the flying Escort’s bumper by lap 8, but the Escort has serious grunt in a straight line. We saw the Radical all over the Escort at Scotsman and Clark only for turbo power to open 15 – 20 lengths gap down the straights, so by Duffus Dip Whyte had a crucial gap, then the Radical would close right up as Whyte defended on the corners. This worked a treat as Whyte won the race by a second despite having the Radical looking up his exhaust at Clark on the last lap. Watson had a lonely run to 3rd from mid race yet behind him there was a good scrap over 4th as Cameron Purdie had the similar Westfield of Philip Duncan all over him. They stayed that way for the entire race. In a safe 6th was Stuart Walker, his Porsche GT3 quickly got away from Alex Bruce’s Evo though the gap reduced to 3 seconds over the final few laps. 1 Stewart Whyte (Ford Escort Cosworth) 10 laps in 8m50.12s (86.92mph); 2 Colin Noble (Radical SR3) +1.01s; 3 Garry Watson (Westfield);

Stewart Whyte won a terrific race 1 in his Escort Cosworth

4 Cameron Purdie (Westfield); 5 Philip Duncan (Westfield); 6 Stuart Walker (Porsche GT3); Class winners: Noble; Watson; Clark Sutherland. Pole Position: Noble 50.71s (90.86mph). Fastest lap: Noble 51.44s (89.56mph). Starters: 10. Race Two: 10 laps Stewart Whyte led from a fast starting Gary Watson

at Duffus but Colin Noble dived past him as the track dropped down to at Leslie’s. Whyte kept a second lead with Watson a second behind Noble in 3rd. They pulled clear of Philip Duncan who had got past Cameron Purdie at the start. Purdie retired on lap 2 at Butchers as could only watch the action. Noble closed to within a car length of Whyte at Clark on lap 3 whose Escort powered away on the Railway straight as the Radical spun off at the hairpin and restarted 3rd. Noble took 2 laps to catch Watson who held him off for a lap before the Radical outbraked him at Duffus on lap 6. He was now 3 seconds behind the Escort. He hunted the Escort down catching it on lap 7 but it was back to Escort power pulling it away from the nimble Radical. The Radical was on its bumper by Scotsman every lap. On lap 9 after 3 laps of this cat and mouse game Noble pulled off a surprise move going round the outside of the Escort Cosworth at Clark. He opened up a second gap as Whyte came under pressure from Watson and the Westfield went

Colin Nobleʼs Radical was quick in both races

past a slightly rough sounding Escort to be 2nd on the final lap. Philip Duncan was a lonely 4th well clear of the rest headed by Stuart Walker. Robert Drummond gave chase in his Escort Cosworth finishing 3 seconds back while Alex Bruce was never more than a couple of seconds behind him all race. Clark Sutherland took his BMW to its second class win of the day in 8th holding off Mark Dawson’s VW Corrado. 1 Noble 10 laps in 8m51.14s (86.75mph); 2 Watson +1.66s; 3 Whyte; 4 Duncan; 5 Walker; 6 Drummond; Pole Position: Whyte. Class winners: Watson; Whyte; Sutherland. Fastest lap: Noble 51.27s (89.87mph). Starters: 11.

S cotti sh Cel ti c S peed Mi ni Cooper Cup i n associ ati on wi th Yokohama Tyres, S uperchi ps and Wheel saround

Race One: 9 laps Tim Sleigh started well from pole and led a big train of cars on lap 1. He had Kyle Reid on his tail but Stefan Di Resta slipped past into 2nd on lap 2 at Duffus. A lap later the Mini rookie Di Resta was leading as he went past Tim at the hairpin. Tim was back in front a lap later taking the lead at the same corner. A 7 car train at the front went up the hill on lap 5 Kyle Reid got good drive out of the hairpin and sat side by side with Stefan before taking 2nd. Kyle was fired up and retook the lead on lap 6. He kept cool under non stop pressure as Tim Sleigh was glued to his bumper all the way to the flag. Very close behind them Stefan got jumped at the hairpin

on lap 8 as Ross Wylie and Steven Brewster went through. Then a lap later Brewster went into 3rd as

Kyle Reid took his first two wins in style

Di Resta got 4th but the race was over. Only 1.5 seconds covered the top 5. David Sleigh came home 6th. He’d been 8th early on then followed in the train working up to 6th by lap 7 only to run wide at Scotsman on lap 8 and drop behind Hamish Brandon. But then Hamish went wide at the same corner on the last lap and lost a few places as the closely knit field powered past. Malcolm McNab had qualified 11th and got home 7th but it was tough getting through a big pack. He was 10th on lap 6 then demoted Guy Johnstone and was past Brandon and Steven Clarke on the final lap. It was a good 1st win for Kyle Reid. He said: “I’m chuffed to bits, its my first victory, and there was some brilliant racing between me, Tim Sleigh and Stefan Di Resta. I’ve been pushing for a year and a half and finally got it.” 1 Kyle Reid 9 laps in 9m46.80s (70.67mph); 2 Tim Sleigh +0.17s; 3 Steven Brewster; 4 Stefan Di Resta; 5 Ross Wylie; 6 David Sleigh; Newcomer’s class: Di Resta. Pole Position: Tim Sleigh 1m03.81s (72.21mph). Fastest lap: Di Resta 1m03.74s (72.28mph). Starters: 23. Race Two: 9 laps We had a slight delay to the start as Ross Wylie’s car broke down on the green flag lap and had to be taken away on the breakdown truck. Tim Sleigh started well and led Kyle Reid and Steven Brewster as the big pack chased them on lap 1. Stefan Di Resta was 4th with David Sleigh and Malcolm McNab with him. Di Resta then dived into 3rd at the hairpin on lap 3. He repeated the move on lap 4 taking 2nd for a moment then dropped back a few yards as Kyle Reid went past Tim Sleigh as they exited. The top 6 had opened out a few seconds gap on a 5 car pack led by Steven Clark. Lap 5 saw Brewster pass Di Resta for 3rd at Duffus as McNab took 5th from David Sleigh. A lap later Clarke slowed and dropped towards the back before retiring letting Hamish Brandon move into 7th chased by rookie Shane Stoney a second back. On lap 6 Brewster took 2nd at Duffus only for Tim Sleigh to grab the place back at Scotsman. This place swapping let Kyle Reid get a second clear. He raced away to win by over 2 seconds as the rest scrapped. Tim held off Steven Brewster who had David Sleigh on his boot lid from lap 6when he dived past Di Resta at the hairpin. On the drag to the line from the hairpin on the final lap Di Resta regained 5th from Hamish Brandon who had demoted him 2 laps

earlier, but then post race Di Resta was disqualified for being under weight. So just like buses you wait for one then two come along together so did Kyle Reid’s 2nd race win in Mini Coopers. Malcolm McNab was top newcomer but dropped to 8th after getting a 5 second penalty. Murray Muir was 9th getting past the newcomer class runner up Chris Reid late on. 1 Kyle Reid 9 laps in 9m45.34s (70.85mph); 2 Tim Sleigh +2.41s; 3 Brewster; 4 David Sleigh; 5 Brandon; 6 Shane Stoney Newcomers class: McNab. Pole Position: Kyle Reid. Fastest lap: Brewster 1m04.00s (71.99mph). Starters: 21. Race Three: 9 laps It was dull and the rain was spitting as the top 6 finishers were reversed on the grid. Shane Stoney had pole but Hamish Brandon led into Duffus from Shane. David Sleigh was 3rd at the head of a monster train of 12 cars and he went sideways on the slippery track at Clark on the opening lap. David dived into 2nd at Duffus on lap 2 and as the lap ended shot into the lead at the hairpin. Tim Sleigh was moving up the train 6th on lap 1 he was into 4th by lap 2 and broke away from them leaving Kyle Reid to fend off Steven Brewster and the rest. David led and eased away to be a second clear by lap 7 as Hamish held of Shane. Tim caught them on lap 7 and waited a lap before on the final tour going past Shane up the hill. He then dived into 2nd at the hairpin just before the flag. Hamish had a wide exit to Clark on that last lap and lost pace which helped Tim. These top 4 were 3 seconds clear of a tight 3 car scrap which was headed by Kyle Reid until late in the race when Steven Brewster got past for 5th but Malcolm McNab stayed 7th were he’d got to on lap 3. Ross Wylie had been 13th on lap 4 and made steady progress through the pack, he was 11th by lap 6 and 9th on lap 8, making up another place on the last lap as he took runner up newcomers spot behind Malcolm McNab who was a few seconds ahead of him at the end. David Sleigh‘s victory kept him at the top of the points table, but his brother Tim’s good weekend had seen him close the gap.

Stefan di Resta is a very quick newcomer

1 David Sleigh 9 laps in 9m54.30s (69.78mph); 2 Tim Sleigh +3.48s; 3 Brandon; 4 Stoney; 5 Brewster; 6 Kyle Reid; Pole Position: Stoney. Newcomers class: McNab. Fastest lap: Tim Sleigh 1m04.66s (71.25mph). Starters: 23. Kevin Pick

Legends Cars, Minis and Classics visit Oulton Park

The full 2.6 mile grand prix circuit was used as SMRC took 3 championships down to this excellent Cheshire track, attending in force a BRSCC meeting. went out after an incident at the start. Carol Brown was S cotti sh Legends Cars Champi onshi p charging, she was 2nd at the start of lap 2 and took the lead Heat 1: 6 laps 22 starters halfway round the lap. Ketterwell ran 2nd as David Hunter Kevin Ketterwell led away chased by James Holman, Carol moved up to 3rd to head a 5 car train. Into 5th came Nick Brace Brown, Chris Hynds and the pack. Alasdair Thom was at the he had started 15th. Lap 3 Brown led by a second from back limping and he retired on lap 1 as Ross Marshall also






Oulton Park Ou l to Par n k

Nick Brace chased by Carol Brown

Ketterwell as Dean Brace who chased his father had now taken 3rd from Nick, Hunter was a close 5th with Paul O’Brien now 6th half a second back after starting 10th. Lap 4 Nick closed on Carol then took the lead on lap 5 holding on to win by half a second a lap later. Carol was 4 seconds clear of Paul O’Brien who took 3rd on lap 5 from David Hunter who had benefitted from some shuffling in the pack. Gerard McCosh had worked his way up after a slow start when he dropped back to 13th on lap 1, then was 9th on lap 4 at the tail of a 7 car group, before running 7th on lap 5. Dean Brace regained a few places taking 5th on the last lap from Gerard who was going well. We had 5 cars retire as Darren Gaulton took 7th he started 4th dropped to 13th by lap 3 then fought back. Chris Hynds finished close behind him. 1 Nick Brace +0.6s 2 Carol Brown 3 Paul O’Brien 4 David Hunter 5 Dean Brace 6 Gerard McCosh Fastest lap D Brace 2m 16.5s Heat 2: 6 laps 21 starters Ross Marshall was on pole and led from Nick and Dean Brace who had Robbie Burgoyne on their tail. Dean passed Nick on lap 1 . On lap 2 they drafted each other and went past Ross going through the first corner Old Hall and down the hill at Cascades. Robbie had retired so a second back in 4th was Paul O’Brien chased by David Hunter. The top 3 stayed glued together Dean, Nick and Ross moving quickly 3 seconds clear as Paul and David chased. In 6th was David Allan but Carol Brown was charging. She started 16th and was up to 7th by lap 2. A lap later she took 6th but didn’t get any higher. Dean led until the last lap and only Nick was still with him as Ross had dropped back a couple of seconds. On the last lap the leaders came over hill top side by side and down to the second chicane . Dean held on there but Nick passed him within the last mile to win. Ross Marshall was caught on the final lap and dropped to 5th as Paul O’Brien and David Hunter went past him. Carol Brown was less than a second behind him in 6th, as David Allan finished a few seconds back in 7th. 1 N Brace +0.1s 2 D Brace 3 P O’Brien 4 D Hunter5 R Marshall + 2.2s 6 C Brown Fastest lap N Brace 2m.1.4s Final: 8 laps It was still dry but dull as the race started. Robbie

David Hunter took a good third in the final

Burgoyne led from pole into Old Hall with Scott Hynds chasing him. As the field dropped down Cascades to the 2nd corner Ross Marshall had moved from 8th to 3rd. He was leading as the field came over hill top with a mile still to go to the start line. Robbie chased him hard. On lap 2 Dean Brace was up to 3rd from 14th on the grid. Nick Brace was half a second behind him. David Hunter held 4th having passed 8 cars on lap 1. Carol Brown was next up she had started two rows behind David. By lap 3 Dean had Ross on his bumper as Nick was a second back in 3rd. Carol moved into 4th but David was around a second behind and not falling away. The leaders kept close Ross pressing, and then the dramatic last lap started. Ross led over the line as it started. Dean retook the lead at the first corner Old Hall. Nic then demoted Ross to 3rd down Cascades but Ross retook 2nd as they went to Shell hairpin. They were in this order coming over hill top and down to Knickerbrook chicane. The leader charged in and spun in the middle of it. He dropped to 6th as the top group were all close. Ross Marshall shot past and went onto win. Carol Brown nipped into 2nd as Nick was slowed by his spinning son. He lost more places as David Hunter and Paul O’Brien took 3rd and 4th. Dean was 6th, Chris Hynds was home in a lonely 7th with Gerard McCosh 8th having made up 5 places. 1 R Marshall 2 C Brown 3 D Hunter 4 P O’Brien 5 N Brace 6 D Brace Fastest Lap D Brace 2m 0.8s

Cel ti c S peed Mi ni Cooper Cup i n associ ati on wi th Yokohama Tyres, S uperchi ps, Wheel s Around Race 1: 15 mins 7 laps 27 starters

David Sleigh won both races at Oulton Park

Tim Sleigh was on pole but his brother David led from the start as Tim ran 2nd heading an 8 car pack. Kenneth Brewster was a racy 3rd. He ran side by side down the hill with Tim to the 2nd chicane at Knickerbrook. He was 2nd as lap 2 started and led the race at the start of lap 3. There were 10 cars in a long close line at the front. On lap 5 running 5th Ross Wylie spun off and kissed the tyre wall after Cascades the left hander half a mile into a lap. He stayed there, as Kenneth carried on with the Sleighs right behind, but now a second gap to Kenny McLeod, then another second to Guy Johnston in 5th who had Steven Clark glued to his bumper. Still close was Chris Reid with Malcolm McNab on his tail. On lap 6 Tim Sleigh moved into 2nd passing David. Lap 7 the last lap and Tim dived into the lead at the first corner. David took 2nd at Cascades 400 meters later. As the cars raced over the hill 1 mile later David was leading. He held on to the flag with Tim and Kenneth close behind. Less than a second covered them. Over 5 seconds later Steven Clarke ran 4th with Kenny McLeod a few cars lengths back. Malcolm McNab took 6th late on from Chris Reid. Fiona Wallace was 14th and Ladies Cup class winner, she had been behind Elaine Marshal on


lap 1 then moved into the class lead on lap 2, and pulled clear of her class rivals. David Sleigh won a memorable race, he said ‘ great race I really enjoyed that, Kenny had led for quite a way after I was slow at Druid’s, but you never know in Mini racing, the cars are close and even’. 1 David Sleigh +0.17s 2 Tim Sleigh 3 Kenneth Brewster 4 Steven Clarke 5 Kenny McLeod 6 Malcolm McNab Class winners; Newcomers S Clarke Ladies F Wallace Fastest lap D Sleigh 2m 7.9s Race 2: 15 mins 7 laps The top 6 finishers were reversed on the grid. Malcolm McNab led them all away as Kenny Mcleod on the front row was a little slow off the line. The pack chased round lap 1 and a fired up David Sleigh moved into 2nd by the end of the lap having started 6th. He was in the lead on lap 2 at Shell hairpin half way round the lap. McNab held 2nd from McLeod with Tim Sleigh and Kenneth Brewster all close. A second covered the top 5 with Kyle Reid leading a tight bunch of 3 cars chasing half a second back. Lap 3 saw Tim Sleigh take 3rd followed by Kenneth Brewster. Kenny McLeod now held 6th with Kyle Reid and Steven Clarke on his tail. Lap 4 Clarke moved into 6th. David Sleigh started to ease out a second lead as the 5 following5 cars stayed close. Next lap Tim Sleigh and Kenneth Brewster muscled past McNab who was also passed by Steven Clark. Steven Brewster was catching them, starting 9th he closed on Kyle Reid and was on his bumper by lap 6 running 7th. The last lap saw David Sleigh open out a 2 second lead as the rest scrapped. Tim kept Kenneth at bay then Steven Clarke took 3rd as the lap closed with Malcolm McNab a few seconds back in 5th. Steven Brewster took 6th on the last lap from Kyle Reid. Kenny McLeod was half a second behind in 8th. In 9th was Chris Reid, 6 seconds down the road but with Hamish Brandon on his bumper having passed Ross Wylie on the last lap. In the Ladies Cup Fiona Wallace won the class , she was 14th with Elaine Marshal only a second back but separated from Fiona by Michael Falconer. 1 D Sleigh + 2.7s 2 T Sleigh 3 S Clarke 4 K Brewster 5 M McNab 6 Steven Brewster Class winners Newcomers S Clarke, Ladies F Wallace, Fastest lap S Clarke 2m 6.6s

S cotti sh Cl assi c S ports and S al oons i n associ ati on wi th Yokohama Tyres

Race 1: 15 mins 8 laps 19 starters Andrew Smith’s Morgan shot into the lead beating poleman David Holroyd’s Elan 26R away. He quickly opened out 2 seconds lead which he slowly increased as the race went on. By lap 7 he was 4 seconds clear then eased up on the last lap as the Elan got within a second and a half by the flag. The Elan had been chased all the way. Robert Marshall had his MK2 Escort on his tail. The gap yoyoed from 3 to 10 car lengths, and Robert finished top saloon less than a second down in 3rd. Nic Boyes had qualified an amazing 4th in his Mini Cooper but

Raymond Boyd powered up from the back of the grid

was out dragged in the charge on lap 1. Donald Laird had it on lap 1 his Elan chased by Jimmy Crow’s Escort which had started 9th. On the move was Raymond Boyd. He started 19th and last but his 911 was soon up through the field. He was 7th on lap 1 then 4th on lap 2. He didn’t get any further as Robert Marshall was slowly getting further away and was over 10 seconds ahead of him at the finish. Donald Laird held off Jimmy Crow all race and 1.5 seconds was the gap between them as the race ended. Kieron Baillie brought his 1600cc Escort into 7th . He had started 15th, and worked his way up the pack. Nic Boyes held 7th from lap 2 a second ahead of Robin Benn’s 3 litre Capri. They were around a second apart for 4 laps then Benn closed up on Boyes but Baillie had caught them. He went past Benn on lap 7 at the first chicane and took Nic Boyes on the last lap . Benn had a moment at Old Hall on lap 8 sliding with wheels on the grass but he survived in 9th. Alex Montgomery took 10th his MGB GT V8 was on its own as he dropped George Leitch’s Fiesta but was well back on Benn’s Capri. 1 Andrew Smith (Morgan) +1.5s 2 David Holroyd (Elan 26R) 3 Robert Marshall (Escort) 4 Raymond

Boyd (911) 5 Donald Laird (Elan) 6 Jimmy Crow (Escort) class winners, Smith, Marshall, Boyd, Laird, N Boyes(Mini) Holroyd, Fastest lap R Marshall 2m 3.8s Race 2: 15 mins 8 laps Andrew Smith was smartly away and leading on lap 1. He had a new chaser. Raymond Boyd was 2nd the 911 starting rapidly. Robert Marshall held 3rd as David Holroyd’s Elan 26R was 4th and starting to drop back. Marshall kept a few cars lengths behind Boyd as Smith pulled out 3 seconds lead by lap 3. Holroyd was 5 seconds behind already and quickly drifted further back. The top 3 remained in touch with Boyd closing the gap on the final lap to under 2 seconds. In 5th all race was Donald Laird with Jimmy Crow in his 2 litre Escort one to two seconds back before he made closed a little on the last lap. Kieron Baillie kept on Crow’s bumper and pressed him most laps before dropping a couple of seconds in the last 2 laps. Robin Benn had his Capri ahead of Nic Boyes’ class A Mini from the start. Nic was on his bumper lap after lap they were nose to tail each lap and were under half a second apart at the end. Alasdair Coates brought his Jensen Healey home

Classics and Minis at Croft BTCC Meeting

It was the BTCC meeting with big crowds and good racing plus live ITV 4 TV coverage for Sunday’s races.

S cotti sh Cl assi c S ports and S al oons i n associ ati on wi th Yokohama Tyres Race 1: 12 laps 23 starters

Willie Toyeʼs TR8 entertained the crowd

Mark Campbell (TR4) led from the two Morgans of Russell Paterson and Andrew Smith, chased by Robert Marshall’s Escort. Smith dived into 2nd on lap 2, but Paterson was tapped by Barry Riddell whose TR8 was a close 4th. Smith and Campbell were close all race with Smith getting past mid race and taking a good win. Robert Marshall had a lonely run in 4th as he got clear of Willy Toye and Raymond Boyd. Nic Boyes was in top form as he pulled away from the other class A runners and took a fine 9th in his Mini. 16 cars finished , unluckiest driver was Donald Laird who had a half shaft go on his Elan in Friday testing, so no race. His 100% class B winning streak was over as class B went to Kieron Baillie’s MK1 Escort for the first time this season. Newcomer Bruce Weir ran well to finish 8th in a Lotus Sunbeam behind Jimmy Crow. 1 Andrew Smith (Morgan) +2.9s 2 Mark Campbell (TR4) 3 Russell Paterson (Morgan) 4 Robert Marshall (Escort) 5 Willy Toye (TR8) 6 Raymond Boyd (911)

Robert Marshall had two fine third places

10th having dropped a place to Andy Walker’s Triumph early on at the second chicane he repassed him and George Leitch on lap 6. Walker dropped back to 15th as Bruce Weir took 12th in his Lotus Sunbeam passing Roger Motherwell’s Alfa Sud on the last lap. Dave Beecroft’s Dolomite Sprint chased round with them and was 14th, half a second behind Motherwell. 1 A Smith + 1.8s 2 R Boyd 34 R Marshall 4 D Holroyd 5 D Laird 6 J Crow Class winners; Smith, Boyd, Marshall, Laird, Boyes ( Mini) Holroyd, Fastest Lap Smith 2m 0.3s

Kevin Pick


Class winners, Smith, Paterson, Marshall, Boyd, N Boyes (Mini), Keiron Baillie (Escort) Fastest lap R Paterson 1m 35.2s Race 2 10 laps 22 starters

Jimmy Crow being caught by Russell Paterson late on while Willie Toye gets a little help from the Marshals in the background

Andrew Smith led the field away bit halfway through lap 1 Mark Campbell was past and leading. The TR4 was chased hard by the two Morgan +8s of Smith and Paterson. On lap 5 Paterson took 2nd as Smith went wide exiting the hairpin. Campbell opened up a 2 second lead by lap 9 and looked like the winner then he spun off, letting the Morgans through. Paterson took the win a lap later with Smith close behind. Campbell recovered to be 3rd. These 3 were well clear of the rest. Raymond Boyd beat Robert Marshall away from the grid and kept the place all race though they were never more than a

The Class A dominating Mini Cooper S of Nic Boyes


23 JUNE 24 Croft Cro

few seconds apart. Barry Riddell worked his way up to 6th in the TR8 and pulled away from Jimmy Crow. But Crow dropped back on lap 7 letting several cars past him. Robin Benn and Bruce Weir were nose to tail in the closing laps as Benn’s Capri just held off Weir’s Sunbeam Lotus. Nic Boyes was closing on them at the end as he had got past Keiron Baillie on the last lap to finish 9th a second down on Weir. Willy Toye had an eventful race in his TR8, opposite locking slow corners spinning off and being pushed back on by Marshals as he finished 14th having run 5th on lap 4 after passing Marshall then it went pear shaped 2 laps later after Marshal has repassed him. 1 R Paterson + 0.5s 2 A Smith 3 M Campbell 4 R Boyd 5 R Marshall 6 Barry Riddell (TR8) Class winners; Paterson, Smith, Marshall, Boyd, N Boyes, K Baillie Fastest Lap Paterson 1m 34.8s


Cel ti c S peed Mi ni Cooper Cup i n associ ati on wi th Yokohama Tyres, S uperchi ps, Wheel s Around

Race 1: 10 laps 25 starters Carl Bradley turned up with a new car, he has plenty of experience in one make racing and it showed. Steven Clarke led lap 1 from David Sleigh but as the cars swept round Crofts fast turns on this flat circuit, the pack shuffled. By the end of the lap David Sleigh led from Carl Bradley, Kenneth Brewster and Tim Sleigh. On lap 2 Bradley hit the front and held the place to the flag. Unusually 5 cars retired through mechanical woes, and there were no stops through accidents. Tim Sleigh battled past his brother as George Orr racing Minis for the first time moved up from 6th on lap 1 to finish 4th. The Fiesta ST driver was adapting well to this championship. Hamish Brandon and Malcolm McNab grabbed 5th and 6th.

Wylie and David Sleigh running nose to tail behind him. This became a 6 car battle as Tim Sleigh and Carl Bradley stuck with them. David Sleigh moved up to 3rd on lap 3. Lap 4 George Orr hit the front, he stayed there for 2 laps them McNab was back in the lead. Tim Sleigh and Carl Bradley went past Ross Wylie on that lap. The Sleigh brothers swapped places on lap 7, Tim was now 3rd. The top 6 were Hamish Brandon won the Newcomers in both races

1 Carl Bradley 2 Tim Sleigh 3 David Sleigh 4 George Orr m 5 Hamish Brandon 6 Malcolm McNab Class winners; Newcomers M McNab, Ladies Elaine Marshall Fastest Lap K Brewster 1m 43.8s Race 2: 10 laps 25 starters

Malcolm McNab leads the pack on his way to winning race 2

The top 6 finishing cars were reversed on the grid. This put Malcolm McNab on pole. He drove a superb race. He led from George Orr with Ross

Race 1 Conditions were dry. The ST leaders race was not exactly exciting, but the same could not be said of the XRs! Scott Robertson was off the line and away on his own leaving Dave Colville lonely in second throughout the race. Peter Cruickshank did a cracking job in third until lap 3 when Blair dropped back to 6th behind Wayne, then George Orr got past Peter. This left the XR2s of Peter and Wayne in a race long battle and it was a great race! Blair found himself in the middle of a pack of hard fighting XRs. In front of him were Peter and Wayne and behind were Craig Taylor and Hamish Smart and so it continued to the line. Dave Colville: “It was extremely dull. That’s Scott’s fault because he ran away. He didn’t want to stay and fight with me.” George Runcie: “I’m now speaking to George Ultra Quick Runcie. Tell me about your race.” “Maggie, my race was one of the best I’ve ever had, despite being punted off on lap 7. I’m absolutely delighted – I’ve improved my times through practice – qualifying was just awful for me – and I’ve improved by 3 seconds. I can only thank Dave Colville for talking me through between qualifying and the race. What he told me let me gain 3

OTHER RACES AT CROFT Bri ti sh Touri ng Cars

The Minis queue up to get back into the pits after having fun

still all nose to tail. Kenny McLeod had been less than a second behind them for the first 6 laps. Then the man on the move arrived. Kenneth Brewster rocketed up from the last row of the grid in a storming drive. He was 10th on lap 3 having started 24th. By lap 5 he was 8th having passed Chris Reid. Kenneth took 7th from Kenny on lap 6 but he couldn’t close the gap to the leading group. Back with the leaders Malcolm McNab resisted George Orr, then Tim Sleigh who took 2nd on lap 8. Carl Bradley grabbed 3rd on lap 9 at the hairpin and David Sleigh nipped past George as well. On the final lap Carl door handled past Tim Sleigh at the final corner, the slow hairpin, to take 2nd. The top 5 were covered by less than 2 seconds. McNab took

Fiestas at Cadwell Park

Quite a few of those racing had never experienced Cadwell before and they were all in agreement – it’s an awesome circuit. Blair Murdoch had a big off in qualifying. He lost it on the start up the mountain, walloping into the tyres and flipping onto his side. He emerged undamaged from the wreckage and the car was fixed in time for him to race.

the flag for his first win, and he deserved it. Elaine Marshall took the Ladies class again running well finishing a strong 12th as 21 finished and 4 retired. 1 M McNab + 0.8s 2 C Bradley 3 T Sleigh 4 D Sleigh 5 G Orr 6 Ross Wylie Class winners; Newcomers M McNab, Ladies E Marshall Fastest Lap C Bradley 1m 43.7s

seconds.” “A light bulb moment” “It was an absolute light bulb moment.” Scott Robertson: “Maximum points, no excitement.” “Oh there was. Have you seen the track. I love it.” Craig Taylor: “It was enjoyable. Had a good start and was keeping up with Peter and Wayne, then the tyres went off a bit and I slowed down a bit and Hamish caught me. Other than that I kept him behind me and I’m happy to take third.” Blair Murdoch: “I was enjoying that race because the first few laps with George and Wayne behind me I was racing in my mirrors and defending – good fun.” “Then you let Wayne past.” “Unfortunately yes, but I tried to get back past him and I nearly managed on the last lap but he made himself very wide.” “How’s the car feeling?” “The car’s feeling fine after having been on its side this morning.” “You must be glad there was a lot of time before the race to let everyone get the damage sorted.” “Yes – it was only sorted half an hour before the race.” George Orr: “Having had your first taste of the circuit in qualifying and finding a lot more speed in the race.” “A superb track! I loved it! I had problems with the car in qualifying. The catalytic convertor had collapsed a bit, so I’ve got that sorted. I really enjoyed it and I loved the track.” Wayne MacAulay: “Fantastic race with Peter.” “I was hoping I could have given him a bit of a push in the corners, but I couldn’t quite catch him.” Race 1 - 12 starters 1 Scott Robertson (ST) + 7.2s 2 Dave Colville (ST) 3 George Orr (ST) 4 Peter Cruickshank (XR2)


Gordon Shedden leads the Touring Cars

Gordon Shedden won race 2 in his Honda Civic and took second in race 1 to keep up his Championship challenge. Jason Plato took race 3 in the MG after retiring in race 1. Gordon moved to within 1 point of team mate Matt Neal at the top of the table. Porsche Carrera Cup Rory Butcher took a brace of wins and was awarded driver of the day. The Porsches enjoy a good representation from Scottish drivers including Glynn Geddie who was in the top 4.

Kevin Pick


5 Wayne MacCauley (XR2) Cadwe ll 6 Blair Murdoch ParkCa (ST) XR dw Newcomers class Par ell k H Smart Fastest lap (ST) Robertson 1m 46.6s (XR2) Cruickshank 1m 49.5s




Race 2 The track was wet and Wayne was smiling broadly. Dave Colville had a dreadful start, gifting second to George Orr. Peter Cruickshank, directly behind Dave on the grid, was bogged down completely. He could only look on as Wayne and Blair, then Craig and Hamish whizzed past him. Worse was to come on the first lap when they entered the mountain chicane. Blair spun in front of Peter. The front of Blair’s car took a pounding in the crash – much, much worse than his crash in qualifying. Peter managed to avoid Blair but could not get his car to start again, so he was marooned with no damage but no engine! The safety car was deployed, rather than restarting the race. George Orr developed a problem with his brakes and when Scott braked slightly early on the first left hander up to the mountain. All locked up Orr tapped him and round they both went. Fortunately Scott exited the track on the left and George right so no real damage was incurred apart from a lot of lost time getting back on the track. Meanwhile Wayne emerged from behind the trees on the start straight with a huge lead over Craig. Dave Colville had spun and obviously been

Scott Robertson won race 1 with ease

up to some nonsense out of our sight as he took a while to appear. So much change in so little time! Wayne was in his element and had a huge lead over Craig in second until Dave deposed Craig, but Wayne’s huge lead remained undiminished – he’s magic on a wet track! Other real stars were John Sheridan and Stephen Ward who were driving extremely well and quickly in difficult conditions. Scott , as expected, came storming up through the field after his off. Driving at a blistering pace he crossed the line just after Dave – no mean achievement from second last John Sheridan: “You must be chuffed to bits!” “Absolutely fantastic!!! It was great, though it was

treacherous round the back (up the mountain). You could see a film of antifreeze on the track from when Blair crashed. ” Stephen Ward: “Peter had some control of that car!! I came round the back of him when Bair had smashed up. Peter was skyting everywhere and had great control of it. He really controlled it well. I got fourth, so I’m delighted!” Wayne MacAuley: “We backed off because I definitely thought it would be red flagged, then the safety car came out. It was a great race – great fun!What an absolutely fantastic win!! I’m happy with that one.” “It played beautifully into your hands.” “It really did. I was lucky not getting caught up with them, but I kept it together.” Scott Robertson: “It was a lovely spin going in to the mountain.” “Yes, it was a lovely tap I got from behind.” “It was a cracking drive afterwards.” “I wish I had woken up like that at the start of the race – might have had a better one. But what can you do. It was one of these things.” George Orr: “So, an ABS malfunction.” “I spotted my ABS light coming on and was taking it quite gingerly. Scott braked a wee bit earlier than he’d done the lap before and the minute I braked they just locked. I was a passenger from there on.” “Scott

Rainmeister Wayne MacCauley won race 2 outright

was perfectly ok about it.” “I went and apologised to for it. It’s just one of these things, but the two of us managed to finish – him much better than me.”

Race 2 - 12 starters 1 Wayne MacCauley (XR2) + 10.0s 2 Dave Colville (ST) 3 S Robertson (ST) 4 Craig Taylor (XR2) 5 John Sheridan (XR2) 6 Stephen Ward (ST) XR Newcomers class Sheridan Fastest lap (ST) Robertson 2m 04.1s (XR2) MacCauley 2m 08.5s

Legends Cars go to Anglesey

Ross Marshall took 3 wins, and Paul O'Brien had his first 2 wins as the championship raced in Wales. They were joined by former National Champion Lee Fitzpatrick and current National top racer Ben Power.

Race 1 Lee Fitzpatrick raced away to win. Carol Brown was in good form to take second from Ross Marshall with Ben Power not far behind. Paul came home in 5th place with Ross Mickel and David Hunter close behind. Ross Mickel was back out for the first time this season and was soon on the pace. Kieran Gallagher came up from the back of the grid all day. He had a good drive finishing in 14th. Round 5 Heat 1 6 laps 21 starters 1 Lee Fitzpatrick +4.1s 2 Carol Brown 3 Ross Marshall 4 Ben Power 5 Paul O’Brien 6 Ross Mickel Fastest Lap Lee Fitzpatrick 1m 20.5s

Race 2 Ross Marshall started from the front along with Ben Power. They had a great race, constantly swapping places and it went down to the wire. Ross took the lead down the back straight to hold on for the win. Lee Fitzpatrick worked his way through the pack to get 3rd and also set the fastest lap. Carol Brown had a good battle with Robbie Burgoyne and Paul O’Brien finishing just behind them. Round 5 Heat 2 6 laps 21 starters 1 Ross Marshall +0.16s 2 Ben Power 3 Lee Fitzpatrick 4 Robbie Burgoyne 5 Paul O’Brien 6 Carol Brown Fastest Lap Lee Fitzpatrick 1m 21.4s

Final The pack raced away swapping places for the first couple of laps. On lap 4 Carol Brown and Robbie Burgoyne got past Paul O’Brien. This battle allowed Paul to nip past Carol into 2nd place just behind Robbie. On lap 5 Paul drafted Robbie down the back straight to pass him and took a small lead. On the

Paul OʼBrien took his first wins in the Championship

last lap Lee Fitzpatrick came through and closed in on O'Brien, making it close but Paul held on for a good win. Round 5 Final 8 laps 21 starters 1 Paul O’Brien +0.16s 2 Lee Fitzpatrick 3 Ben Power 4 Carol Brown 5 Ross Marshall 6 Robbie Burgoyne Fastest Lap Ben Powers 1m 21.1s

Sunday 24th June Round 6 Race 1 Ross Marshall was on pole, he drove well as Lee Fitzpatrick chased him. Carol Brown, David Hunter, Robbie Burgoyne and Paul O’Brien had a great race for 3rd place with plenty of action but on the last lap David spun his car. Carol came through to 3rd, followed by Robbie and Paul while David restarted finishing 6th. Round 6 Heat 1 6 laps 20 starters 1 Ross Marshall +0.4s 2 Lee Fitzpatrick 3 Carol Brown 4 Robbie Burgoyne 5 Paul O’Brien 6 David Hunter Fastest Lap Lee Fitzpatrick 1m 20.07s

Race 2 Paul O’Brien and Carol Brown were on the front. Paul led for every lap while Carol was close on his bumper. Robbie and Ross Mickel kept the pressure


Maggie Miller



on for many laps until Ross Marshall joined Anglesey them. Paul stayed in the lead to take his 2nd win of the weekend by a whisker. Lee caught the front runners and was close behind in 2nd place. Ross was in 3rd with Carol just missing out on the podium in 4th, Round 6 Heat 2 6 laps 18 starters 1 Paul O’Brien +0.18s 2 Lee Fitzpatrick 3 Ross Marshall 4 Carol Brown 5 Ross Mickel 6 Robbie Burgoyne Fastest Lap Lee Fitzpatrick 1m 19.8s

Final Ross Marshall and Lee Fitzpatrick contested the race with Gerard McCosh a close 3rd. Carol and David had a good tussle with Robbie Burgoyne and Ross Mickel. Paul O’Brien was with them too. Robbie got the best of this group and was 4th position from Carol while David Hunter came home in 6th. Round 6 Final 8 laps 18 starters 1 Ross Marshall +0.19s 2 Lee Fitzpatrick 3 Gerard McCosh 4 Robbie Burgoyne 5 Carol Brown 6 David Hunter Fastest Lap Fitzpatrick 1m 19.6s

Carol Brown was in the leading group all weekend


AGM Dakota Hotel South Queensferry 29th May

There were 12 committee members and around 20 SMRC members who were addressed by new Chairman Hugh McCaig. He said ‘ a lot of changes have taken place since we last met’. Hugh went on to outline the work done and the changes now in place. There is a new Competition Secretary, Graham Brunton and a new club and membership secretary Heather Brunton. Russell Paterson had also been elected Vice Chairman. Hugh said there was a new club web site about to be launched, and on line race entry is being worked on. The club accounts were passed, and Hugh went on to praise the input that Adrian Hamilton had contributed to the committee when he was a member of it. Adrian brought up the club’s liaison with sponsors and Hugh felt this needed to improve. Hugh said the club was going forward and would improve its operations. He wished Graham Brunton every success in his new role.

New SMRC Web site

The drivers had a great time and were well received by the Irish race fans. Andrew Smith enjoyed the track and was chased by Robert Marshall in both races. Stan Bernard was back with his 911 and charged to third in race 1. In race 2 Raymond Boyd was top


The new web site is now up and running, a project managed by Russell Paterson. It has new graphics, which sees more information, plus in car footage and new style page layouts. There’s some good old race photographs from Jim Moir, and plenty of information including news updates, club contacts, and sections on championships, how to get involved and all the championship points.

Classics in Kirkistown, N. Ireland Scottish Classic Sports and Saloons



21 Kirkistown

Race 2 15 laps 1 Andrew Smith 17m 5.8s 2 Robert Marshall 17m 7.1s 3 Raymond Boyd, Porsche 911 17m 15.2s 4 Stan Bernard 5 Keiron Baillie 6 Tim Reid Fastest lap Smith 1m 7.0 Starters 14

To t a k e a d v a n t a g e o f t h i s e x c e l l e n t o ff e r y o u m u s t o rd e r v i a t h e t e l e p h o n e o rd e r line on 08435 070 858. Yo u c a n a l s o re q u e s t a n e w G P R a c e w e a r catalogue. Check out the latest items o n l i n e a t w w w. g p rd i re c t . c o m To g e t y o u r 1 0 % d i s c o u n t o n a l l i t e m s except Hans devices and carbon h e l m e t s q u o t e re f e re n c e S M R C a n d y o u r c l u b m e m b e r s h i p n u m b e r.


Hugh McCaig

019686 76406

(Chairman - email:

Russell Paterson

07979 911 111

(Vice-Chairman - email:

Graham Brunton

07778 169512

(Competition Sec - email:

Kevin Pick

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Sandy Denham


Nic Boyes

Bernard Buss


Nick Clarke

Andrew Smith took a brace of wins in Kirkistown

Porsche as he outgunned Stan to grab 3rd. Driver of the day was the impressive Kieran Baillie. His Mk 1 Escort was well suited to the former airfield track as he took Class B twice. He was under pressure from Tim Reid’s Marcos but held on. Jim Grant made his season debut and drove smoothly as usual in his Elan. Nick Boyes took a less than normally supported Class A in both races.

Race 1 15 laps 1 Andrew Smith, Morgan +8 17m 8.9s 2 Robert Marshall, Escort 17m 11.0s 3 Stan Bernard, Porsche 911 17m 11.7s 4 Keiron Baillie, Escort 5 Tim Reid, Marcos 6 Jim Grant, Lotus Elan Fastest lap Smith 1m 6.2s Starters 14

Kieron Baillie was on top form, 2 class wins and Driver of the Day


Gareth Davies

Kate Haston

0131 334 2000

01361 882322

0131 441 2698 01324 556541

Andrew Morrison

Last issue no-one got who the single seater was. The driver was Douglas Thomson.

The bonus question, how many pairs of brothers are racing in Mini Coopers so far this year? The answer is two pairs. This issue tell me who is driving the Scottish Road Saloon in the early 80s and what is it. For a bonus let me know what the car behind is. Answers to your Editor by September 9th email or ansaphone 0131 332 8287

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