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Truth be told, this has the look of just another Klein balloon, the sort of notion he's floated endlessly as premier, with no discernible change in the system. And he may yet be overruled by his own MLAs, who fear a backlash from the electorate. Look, every premier is talking about doing something to fix the health system. B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell is checking out Sweden's two−tiered system, and vows to amend the sacred Canada Health Act in his province to link service to sustainability. Besides, the notion of multiple−tiered treatment is increasingly a Canadian reality. And there are increasingly extreme examples of treatment denied and accessibility compromised inside the public system. Don't speak French? You will be denied care at five clinics in Ontario. Not a woman of colour? A women's clinic in Toronto will turn men and white women away for falling outside their mandate. For the time being, Harper is correct to do nothing but watch and wait, hoping Klein's forward charge into uncharted territory will be followed by a hasty retreat. Stay tuned.



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